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 By Fahim A. Knight-El

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Donald Trump’s election to the White House has created a negative frenzy amongst black people and as well with some white people inside of America (black people have really taken his election to the Oval office hard). Some Blacks are losing their minds about having to live under a Trump led presidency; many have taking to social media to lament their feelings and frustrations and in most gossip circles from the barbershops to the black churches, there is an overwhelmingly fear about Donald Trump, it has gotten to the point that with some black people, you cannot even have a civil conversation about Trump without it turning into an argument—they have no objectivity when it comes to this man. Trump during the campaign made some racist comments and blacks being a marginalized people who understands racism and Jim Crow better than any other people in America took offense and are sensitive about someone whose rhetoric reminds them of a dark historical past in America.  I too share their collective concerns as a so-called black American.  They are angry and feel alienated and do not know what their next future step should be as so-called citizens of the United States as we move forward post Barack Obama. I am one so-called American Negro who can care less about Donald Trump, because I know his ancestors history and know his nature. Many top level black politicians and entertainers have chosen to boycott his inauguration ceremony and other blacks have been threatened to be blackballed, if they are caught being Lazarus and eating the economic crumbs that falls from trump’s powerful financial table (the rich man’s table).

Steve Harvey is one of these Negroes who thought that he was above reproach and went to the Trump Tower as a clown and buffoning, grinning, ‘Samboing’ and publically embracing Trump and he has received what he called an unexpected backlash from the black community. He did not realize the tension and dissatisfaction and resentment blacks have towards trump. I personally think Trump won the election fair and square because his campaign message resonated with the white electorate and even white people could see through lying Hillary and Trump was able to galvanize snuff dipping, tobacco chewing, Confederates who lived in the North and the South to back him. He gave them a vision “Lets Make America Great Again” and they bought into it and white men came out the woodwork in record numbers (America in 2017 is truly a divided nation). Black Americans had a GNP of 1.5. trillion dollars last year in which, we have the wealth and expertise to turn our economic, political, and social condition around overnight. We should say thank you, Mr. Trump and thank you to America—give us our owed monetary reparations and five mineral rich States and let us go for ourselves as a free and independent people. I have a lot of respect for the Nation of Islam, their teachings and their program. I find myself engaged with various sectors and splinter groups of the Nation of Islam. But I must admit, I have always been intrigued by the knowledge of Minister Louis Farrakhan.     

Minister Louis Farrakhan is intentionally walking a type rope, because he has to explain away Donald Trump's ascension to power to his followers and not appear to be to accommodating to the Trump message and aura. Farrakhan is a well learned and wise man, but many in the ranking file of the Nation of Islam have not caught up to Minister Farrakhan's broad based theological and political views of the world, but there is little doubt in my mind that he knows how the world functions (but he has to spoon feed his membership base). If we believe that Allah came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad (this represents an article of faith in the prescribed theology); the Messenger taught that the white man's 6,000 year rule ended in 1914, in which his power has been on a steadily decline (this was written about in Elijah Muhammad’s book titled, The Fall of America), but he was extended a grace period. So Master Fard Muhammad has allowed Trump to fulfill a divine purpose in 2017, because he taught that only 100℅ dissatisfaction has the power to bring about 100℅ change (white people inside the United States voted for Trump as their electoral candidate, because they felt that he was the best candidate to move their white supremacy agenda forward by breaking blacks dependency on the U.S. Government) he represented the type of change that is important to their mindset (shrouded in 'let's make America Great Again 'was deeper message rooted in the code language of white supremacy).

Yet, the New World Order and the One World government advocates saw him as being the prepared one to rearrange the global axis by shifting the world towards abandoning nationalism for white world supremacy, which would be rooted in neo-globalist ideology that will erase Pax-Americana and destroy how the world was structured after World War II (his ultimate objective is to extend Henry Kissinger's international ideals relative to how future global wealth and power will be dispersed). Trump represent the spiritual wickedness in high places and the principalities that he stand for are diametrically opposed to Allah and he has the potential to lead the United States and the world into our next deadly and bloodiest war, which would have ever taken place in the annals of time—world War III. Minister Farrakhan understands Globalism and Globalization, but as a spiritual man, it is his duty to invoke Master Fard Muhammad into the divine scheme of things because we created the white man as a scientific experiment, which was carried out by Yacub. Thus, he is actually a made man and during the 600 year grafting process, his nature evolved as a spirit that would be just the opposite of Allah and the original people.

Moreover, Minister Farrakhan sees him and his mission and purpose no different than when Yacub was playing with two pieces of steel (magnets) and immediately recognized that there was a scientific dictum that involved a magnetic attraction—polarity (positive and negative); this displayed attraction (is the religious symbolic equation of good and evil).We were taught the nature of the Devil from his origin coming out of the hills and caves-side of the Caucasus Mountains in Europe between the Black and Caspian Seas and his relationship to the Island of Patmos; he was a created man from the weaker germ and he was given a 6,000 year period to rule over the original man and the planet and he would create havoc, mischief and destruction on the earth.  This evil disposition was genetically coded in his DNA, so from a mere psychological and sociological standpoint his human behavior has been anything but human. His mind from the size of his brain and coming from an origin of cold and unforgiving climate are factors into the big head scientist Yacub who created him and prescribed what his purpose would be. 

Trump has mastered this scientific principle and knows his purpose, and has been crafty enough to have transformed these powerful values into a political thought, that has created a political movement amongst white people (his other mission and goal is to attempt to continue to extend his 6,000 year rule). So I believe, Minister Farrakhan has the ability to look deeper into the white man's nature because he is one of the few living Muslim leaders and Black religious scientist amongst us who has mastered the "Supreme Wisdom lessons"--this knowledge I am speaking of  goes deeper than 120 degree lessons taught by the Nation of Gods and Earths, which allows him to decode, breakdown, interpreted and give his followers a divine roadmap, which to follow and better understand Trump's ascension to the office of being the most powerful world leader on the planet, it is not coincidental. But not many of us have the strategic and tactical ability and/or skills in chess to affectively play both sides of the chessboard. Chess is a strategic war game (one of the most highest mental exercises relative to strategy) and our black leaders don't have the vision to understand and predict the next moves on the board (Trump is laughing at us black and white people while he continues to run circles around us). Minister Farrakhan knows that we are really at war, but if he truly laid out his understanding of Donald Trump's divine and diabolic purposes, it would scare some of his follower away and definitely scare lost-found blacks away. He has to think for some of them and put things in terms that they could understand and receive. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad did say that there were some wise Moslem Sons who were Caucasians in which this select group of white men whom are high degree Masons and have climbed Jacobs latter beyond and outside of 33rd degree of knowledge, they would be given certain privileges, which is associated with the original man (the black God).

Dan Brown who authored the books titled, Lost Symbol and Da Vinci Code he knows a lot more about these various hidden layers of secret societies and this is why he protected himself by shrouding the in depth secret prophetic, religious, royal blood, secret society, etc., research in the form of a novel, which absolved him of the responsibility of being held to higher academic standards that are ordinarily associated with research being offered by those who have obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph. D), which in turn would have required his research to have huge amounts of citations and evidentiary proof and demonstrating the rigorousness and the empirical value; this scholarly negligence left a lot to be desired relative to laying out what led him as a scholar or researcher to have drawn such objective or subjective conclusion about such a misunderstood and powerful topic relating to ancient secret societies and their body of wisdom. Thus, it becomes a literally travesty for him not have provided scholarly documentation and real proof in a fictional literary body of work that exposes centuries of old royal bloodline connections, which goes further back than the Essenes (yet I do understand fictional work isn't subject to the same literary standards of a historian).  And how wealthy Elitists created dynastic Royal Families that later on would be extended even deeper to the Rothschilds and global international control of the world's wealth, as I stated above who has been allowed to hide behind Freemasonic societies such as the Scottish Rite and York Rite Masonic Orders. 

Donald Trump like all prior and past commanders-in-chief will have already been led around Banneker City taking first to the Masonic House of Temple Shrine in D.C. (Scottish Rite of Masonry Supreme Council 33 degree Southern Jurisdiction, USA) where he gets to see the entombed bodies of Masonic leaders such as J. Edgar Hoover and Albert Pike and other high level Masonic leaders and governmental figures where their bodies lie in glass bullet proof cases and others are buried in the wall; Trump was  reintroduced to the meaning of the spread wings of the Double headed Eagle ceremony and giving a sublime lecture and ceremony on the true meaning of the Kemetic Benu Bird (known by the Greeks as the Phoenix Bird who was destroyed and killed by fire but rose and was resurrected from the ashes—great meaning and significance in Masonic eschatology). He took an oath to be the latest white Elitist Knight and European defender of keeping in line with the mission of the last leader of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay (and he was told what he needed to do to revenge the death of Hiram Abiff) and he became oath bind to continue the legacy of defending the Catholic Church and Jerusalem from these so-called Muslim and Islamic infidels (Trump sees himself battling in the new age Crusade war against the Islamic world, a war that the West cannot win). He has been invested with all the secret Masonic tokens, passwords and signs and is obligated to hear and obey the Grand Master and if he was not a Mason he was made one on sight (in this respect he is second in charge). He has also been given the hidden symbolic meaning of the architecture designs and layout of the Capitol grounds and the celestial and numerological meaning meaning of the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument and how the U.S. Capitol, White House, the Mall, etc., are designed on Masonic geometric scales based on Kemet (and how ancient Egypt is laid out) from the Potomac River and the city of Alexandria, it all has deep esoteric Masonic meaning.

Trump was shown the bible that the first United States President George Washington took his Masonic oath, he first placed his on the tool and guide as a Masonic brother and later as the president of the United States of America (this country’s philosophical ideals from the U.S. Constitution on down has been heavily influenced by Freemasonic thought). Thus, unbeknown to the public some of the past U.S. presidents and those international Masonic entities have all ready been assembled by the United Grand Lodge of England who has visited the United States to assist in the elevation of Trump into the great Occult, Esoteric and Gnostic global mysteries.  The first lesson to him will be to always appear Christian in public and a patriot, but he has been invested with a universal knowledge that works both along side religion and outside of religion—he will eventually get to see the well preserved tomb of Yeshuaa Ben Yosef and learn the true racial reality that God is black. Thus, once he secretly visited the Pope at the Vatican (where part of his ritual and oath will be kissing the pope's ring as a Masonic symbol of loyalty to the decrees and edits of the Roman Catholic Church, they will reveal to him the hidden Masonic secrets of Yeshuaa Ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph) that Dan Brown wrote about and Pope Francis will send him to Jerusalem to receive future instructions in the mysteries where he will be allowed to pray at the great Mosque known as the House of Omar by kneeling East toward Mecca and Medina paying homage to the Kaaba. 

Elijah Muhammad taught that they (Moslem Sons) would be allowed to come amongst us because they would have submitted to Allah and would live a peaceful and righteous life outside of their nature. The Messenger also taught, we should teach separation over prayer (powerful point). Minister Farrakhan understands that Trump by the permission of Master Fard Muhammad is going to bring about a separation. Minister Farrakhan knows this man's nature (Donald Trump) as a divisive Patriot this will be the best chance the Nation of Islam will ever have when it comes to negotiating the five States solution and other sovereignty concessions. So he is playing both sides of the board to keep us emotional so-called African Americans in his favor by not appearing to embrace anything Trump is putting forward, but simultaneously keeping all potential options on the table. He is the only black leader that stands as a match for Trump because he was taught the knowledge of self and taught who God and the devil were. Farrakhan has the wisdom, insight and the backing of Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to checkmate Trump who is part of the wickedly wise.

Now, here is a small peep into Donald Trump's end game. Just take notice of all the billionaires and multi-millionaires that he has recommended and appointed to his cabinet and office, it is all by design to hasten the moving of America and world towards a Have and "Have nots" reality and widened the wealth disparity between the rich and poor and create new parameters for the sheeple and their goal to implement modern day slavery. His U.S. Treasury selection came out of the Goldman Sachs financial culture in which they have their tentacles wrapped around the entire globe and is involved in every market. They are the new financial masters of exploitation. They dictate how the money game is played on Wall Street and have unlimited access to the thinking and moves of the Federal Reserve Bank and are allowed inside global financial information, which gives them the latitudinal advantage in the international markets(this is equivalent to putting the fox over the hen house)—this is criminal and scandalously and is outside of the the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) who has regulations and works in collaboration with the laws put forth by the Federal Trade Commission. Their regulations are a joke in which these Elitist are above U.S. law and they never go to jail for breaking and violating SEC regulations.

They operate as a financial global cartel that have unlimited power the world over. They use Wall Street as a front to stage and/or upstage the global markets by manufacturing economic disinformation and propaganda to empower certain nation’s currency and weaken other nation’s monetary value—they enrich themselves in downward and upward spirals of the Global economy. Goldman Sachs is one of the most powerful international banks in the world. Henry Paulson and Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke and most of these money changers have served in the interest of this international bank. Donald Trump as a New York based real-estate Mogul has brokered international real estate deals through Goldman Sachs. Trump will continue to reward these financial Elitist while serving as the United States commander-in-chief. The brokering of deals will be expanded on unprecedented business levels for a private bank; Donald Trump does not see conflict of interest, he only sees wealth building and the acquisition of money. Those who voted him into office was blinded by the slogan "Lets Make America Great Again" and for them they believed in white nationalism and their ignorance have allowed them to ignore Trump's real loyalty which is to globalism and he doesn't completely share the racial dynamics in the sense of the modern definition of race, but make no mistake about it he is the beneficiary of race (white skin has always served as privilege in the United States relative to race relations) no one breaks this phenomenon down any better than the social critic Tim Wise in his book titled, White Like Me.

Donald Trump has already betrayed their political and economic interest by creating a money loyal administration whose religion is greed and accumulating of wealth by any means necessary. Trump does not give a damn about the white masses who are considered useless eaters. He used white supremacy code language to coerce his voting electorate to vote against their own interests (he was a master of subliminal seduction). Trump works for the Hidden Hand and they had determined many years ago according to a Club of Rome report that I read a few years ago, that there would be a transitioning into a New World Order that was initiated in1968. So Trump knows there are no jobs in particular in the manufacturing realm coming back to America, which like the other Developed Nations, we have transitioned into a tech based economy in which many of the white poor who supported and voted for Trump are under educated and will not be included in this new workforce paradigm. This is the notion of the power of American style racism. The question of race is unresolved in America and because of this it continues to allow political demagogues like Donald Trump to manipulate race to move and invite white people into divisive spaces and the wealthy are beneficiaries. Most of his voting constituents do not have the intelligence to interpret and decipher the Global end game that Trump is aiming towards. Race has truly blinded them.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at  




Peace brother, I want to know if you can't list some books that can be good for knowledge of self and African history.


Peace: Brother Credle thank you for reaching out, it is one of the most frequent asked questions that I ordinarily get. So a few years ago I actually wrote a Blog on the forum titled, "What's In Your Library? Here is a Glimpse Into Mine" back on April 16, 2010. Please go through the previous archives and pull up that topic, it lays out a number of books and sources that I will recommend.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El

ZK Green said...

Great post. Your words opened my eyes and mind to hidden truths. I look forward to reading more of your work. God Bless.


Peace: Brother ZK Green, thank you for your kind words. This is what we do on this Blog site, is to provide sound information that will hopeful spark us to go further in our quest for knowledge and truth. Thus, I have always felt the need to do my part to awaken and enlighten people to the truth, in particular black people who were systematically made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self. Thank you sharing and I encourage you to keep on visiting us and taking part in this great knowledge that has been passed down by those who have gone before us.

Stay Awake Until Meet Again,
Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El