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By Fahim A. Knight-El

President Barack Obama and his warmonger cabinet members have already decided to invade and declare war on Iran (Iran has been a big discussion in the Situation Room—the question is when will the attack begin), they have created a template and blueprint with the 2003 Iraq War as the model for future war deceptions and the toppling of their agent Saddam Hussein provided them with a new war draft (they have only received little resistance from the American people and to be quite honest with you these Devils don’t give a damn anymore about public opinion). If the United States goes to war with Iran just like Afghanistan and Iraq, it would further overly tax the America taxpayers with more senseless war debt. However, by me knowing what kind of agent Saddam Hussein was, he got very little sympathy from this writer, when his former U.S. bosses betrayed and then trampled over him. There is no doubt in my mind, that he was a ruthless United States lapdog and international agent who in the long run probably got what he deserved (but I am still saying this cautiously) and as much as I despised the United States aggression and imperialism, it was difficult for me to shed a tear for Saddam Hussein and his rogue government who spent decades on the CIA payroll and betraying the interest of Islam and the Iraqi people.

Yet, I will always stand in solidarity with the innocent people of Iraq who were guilt of nothing other than sitting on the second largest known oil reserve in the world. The innocent people of Iraq has paid a very heavy price because of the United States and Western nations greed to dominate and control the global oil resources in the region, but in particular in the Middle East and the African nations oil reserves. The Iraq War has led to over a half million Iraqis losing their lives at the hands of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. I recently heard Council on Foreign Relations agent, Senator John McCain this past week beating the war drum and using political provocative propaganda against Iran and is trying to militarily set President Obama into motion to attack Iran prior to his presidential reelection with an objective to use this deceit to derail Obama’s presidential re-election bid.

But as I have stated in recent and previous articles, lest not be confused about Obama, he has already been promised another four year presidential term (and he has been mandated by the Hidden Hand to go through the motions and appear to give credibility to the concept of U.S. Democracy—the one man, one vote scam) to over see the global affairs of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger. Lets ask the United States Government, a very simple question: explain to us in specific terms, detail and length of how and what threat does Iran poses to the United States of America. Obama knows that Iran does not pose a threat to the United States National Security interest, however, the political propaganda is getting more massive and deceitful than it has ever been in the last month and the United States military is perhaps gearing up to attack Iran. Don’t be fooled this is about gaining control over Iranian oil—I do not blame the interest holders, when are we the Sheepel who consistently allow ourselves to be duped is going to wake up from our slumber? When are we going to wake the hell up and not send our sons and daughter to fight unjust wars for the Super Elitist?

I cannot say it any plainer they are only being used as U.S. Foreign Policy Tools—better yet ask this ‘Negro’ president will he sign his daughters, Malia and Sasha over to joining the United States military infantry squads and/or if they receive a military greeting’s letter informing them that they have been drafted in the U.S. Military will he be enthusiastic about them fighting for the Invisible Rulers. Furthermore, will he patriotically send them to foreign lands to fight and die to make the world safer for democracy.

I do not view dissention as being anti-government and/or against United States Law, I see it as the highest act of freedom that we have as United States citizen and I will do all that I can to continue to fight for that right for all Americans. I do not think because a person disagrees with the policies of the American Government that this position should be viewed outside United States law because one openly expressed disagreement (or dissent) of political opinion (this is fundamentally American and the basis of how the U.S. Constitution is legally structure). This in the long run gives way to a healthier government and society. I have always cautioned my critics for using open-end loose language of implying censorship because a political pundit expresses disagreement with the Status Quo; this could one day easily and eventually backfire on them. Now, I explained in one article titled: “Freedom of Speech: No Such thing it has a Price” about the importance of Free Speech, which is protected under the First Amendment Right to the United States Constitution. I do respect the laws of my birth and home which is the United States of America and yet at the same I feel that I have the right to detest some of those same laws and render legal and political criticism without being fearful of persecution and/or government retaliation (I know there are consequences for all of us who disagrees with the status quo).

President Obama’s ruthless Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (she is worst than a trained killer and assassin) knows that international embargoes and economic sanctions are ineffective within today’s global paradigm, in particular when it comes to isolating oil producing nations, because the oil commodity is beyond sanctions based on global need and its often western consumption that weakens these type international embargoes and sanctions—they have always violated international law when it comes to the acquisition of oil. For example, Libya under the leadership of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was afflicted with United Nations and United States imposed sanctions for decades, but France and Italy, two close United States Allies were steadily buying Libyan crude under Qaddafi's ruler-ship, like there was no tomorrow. When it comes to oil there are no true friends or permanent enemies (just paying customers) and within the recent schemes of United States diplomacy they cannot sit idly by and wait on sanctions, embargoes and talk diplomacy to weaken a nation that they might-be in conflict with. The short and long term measures of international sanctions have been proven to be ineffective in so-called punishing international leaders and nations for demonstrating bad behavior (they now send Drones as their latest attack weapons).

International imposed sanctions failed in Bosnia, Libya, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Syria, Somalia, etc. But after the disposing of Saddam Hussein in 2003, they decided to change strategies and tactics; however, I keep reiterating that after the 9/11 hoax everything on the national and global scene changed forever. They have used the 9/11 hoax to transition the thinking of the people (to unconditionally support the New World Order and the Global Agenda) and overturned what was once considered at least being publically ethically and morally wrong for the government to openly talk about killing and assassinating Heads of State, this was unheard of just twenty five years ago. We can remember just yesterday that the president in order to declare war would have to seek approval from the United States Congress (so-called representatives of the people) not that this procedure really meant anything, but it did give the appearance of balancing authority and establishing a checks and balancing process.

But we know that all wars are declared outside of the Oval office and Capitol Hill—who gets jumped on are decisions made by the heads of the Dynastic Families. The sad thing is that most people do not have a clue about what is taking place. Let me interject this, no one is safe anymore and we have allowed our government to venture into a Fascist paradigm in the name of fighting international terrorism and so-called radical Islam. They can now make political and military decisions without the consent of the American people—these are truly dangerous times that we are living under and they are about to get a lot more dangerous. The American public for decades was shielded from having firsthand knowledge of knowing about the possibility of a hit on a Head of State or some other sensitive target—these covert operations were under the secret guidance of the Central Intelligence Agency. 9/11 has changed all of this.

Many do not yet realize that we have had transitioned into a quasi police state pursuant to some of the new reactionary laws, legislation, enactments and Executive Orders such as the United States Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act. We have to take into account the legal and political climate that we live under. The United States Justice Department, Central Intelligence Agency, State Department, local police departments and the business of U.S. National Defense have been empowered with unlimited authority since the 9/11 hoax.

But many people, scholars and laymen alike who venture into this type of research are constantly leaving a window open when it comes to the question of Dynastic Family Rule and their global domination (I often use my research and evidence to closed the door—because it is proof positive that the evidence lead us directly to the door steps of the Conspirators). Now, there are some that still seem to be a bit unsure of whether or not there exist a present motive for these Invisible Rulers to still exist and operate —I maintain that their motive have been the same throughout human history i.e. power and greed this has been their consistent Modus Operandi.

The evidence is clear that there is a small Cabal of men and women who seek to shape, guide and determine the global affairs of humanity. Some will always try to dismiss this type conversations/research as mere conspiracy theory, and then seek to minimize the credibility and accuracy of who is behind the curtain (it is this contention that keeps the puppeteers shielded in disguise).

For example, the economy did not collapse because of coincidental economic circumstances or because of the housing market going belly up and/or the Wall Street (Fortune 500) international banks defaulting because of the national debt and reckless consumerism. Let me ask a question, who do we owe the debt to and who is behind the debt? Yet, someone had the power to call the debt-in and then even had the ability pass it on to the American taxpayers (perhaps 3-5 generations of unborn Americans have already accumulated a debt that they did not incur) the bailout of the international banks was criminal and a stickup of the American people.

The power and deceit of the Federal Reserve (a private money changer institution, which has no legal ties to the United States Government) that wears the title “Federal”, but function outside of the rules, enactments and laws of the United States Congress and even the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has no legal obligation to report nor answer to the United States president. And since the Federal Reserve is a private corporation who owns and control the Federal Reserve?

Thus, for many years, its Board of Directors were a secret (and even the Twelve Central Banks that make up the Federal Reserve was once a big secret until it was exposed and uncovered) and even today Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court nor the Executive branch of the United States Government can call for an audit or even conduct a due diligence oversight of the Federal Reserve (this private ‘government’ entity functions with immunity and sovereignty) and also it has been proven that the Federal Reserve Act was unconstitutional.

Who are the hidden names and faces that posses the power to dictate the United States and global monetary policy and has the ability to continue print Fiat money and worthless currency to the detriment of American citizens? They control global interest rates and inflation and determine who eats and who starves. What has been the political and economic consequences of what took place in 1913 on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia in which the international bankers conducted a silent international coup d' tat and literally subverted the United States Constitution and gained total control over our system of money.

May be some of you think these events still fit into the category of "historical possibilities" and/or even conspiracy theory. U.S. Currency was once backed by gold and silver, but in the 1930s someone had the power to move our monetary policy off the gold standard, which is interpreted to mean that our U.S. Currency is valueless. Almost every political, economic and social crisis is induced and is not happenstance occurrences that have set these things into motion. But who has the power to do that? We did not arrive at our economic depression in 2008 (yes we are in a depression which in reality is no different than the Great Depression of 1929 and not a recession they use certain language to keep us Sheepel under control and in lax mode) because of bad domestic and international investments. These chain events were orchestrated by the Hidden Hand.

I read a recent blog article were George Bush was listed in the line up next to the Rothschilds (I immediately started laughing because someone was giving the public gross false misinformation). Let me clarify for my reading audience that George Bush and all of his prototypes are nothing but low lever operatives and agent provocateurs who work for the likes of the Rothschilds and the Twelve Dynastic Families who rules the world. It was an insult to see some of the billionaires listed in the link as being on the same power line with the Rothschilds (believe me they are not). I refer you to more accurate sources if you truly desire to understand the Circle, in a Circle, within a Circle (the true Hidden Hand)—George Soros or George Bush can not even shine the shoes of the Dynastic Family members.

The first book that I would recommend to you all is John Coleman's book titled, "The Committee of 300", Larry Abraham and Allen's book titled, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" and Carroll Quigley’s book titled, "Tragedy and Hope" these sources will give you a much better understanding of the faces and the power schemes that truly rule the world. I think that many are still not clear on whether a not there exist a present day motive for the Invisible Hand to still exist and operate behind the cloak of darkness—there is, it’s the same one that they have been operating off for centuries, which is power and greed.

I cite the above sources because they will provide my reading audience with a better understanding of this complex issue at hand. I am very passionate about this subject and I do not think there have been many more so-called African American bloggers that have been as passionate about this subject as I have and I am not making these points from some ego driven mindset. I know that the evidence is empirical and objective enough to demonstrate proof positive that our history and world events are being induced by hidden external forces.

I don’t think that the Club of Rome, House of Rothschild, Carlyle Group, Bilderberg, Milner Group (the Round table), Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral commission and there are many other hidden elitist subsidiaries that are under their control is just a part of my imagination, but these forces are real. Many people use the term Illuminati in a broad sense because it sounds like something cute and New Age to echo, but in reality do not have a clue to what they are talking about. Some even try to connect Open Freemasonry as the foremost Illuminati organization the world-over today and ignorantly talk about secret societies in the same breathe; moreover, many do not have a clue that the power Elite uses organizations as Freemasonry as mere fronts—they do not factor into real power dynamics.

The American revolution, in particular was a well organized and crafted ploy and it did not represent the changing of power and rule, it gave the appearance of a break between Great Britain and its colony nations, which eventually became the United States of America—the merchant class eventually under Mercantilism and the War of 1812 went to war again to regain international money interest. Some historians have traced and documented that it was Freemasons who actually led and were the focal point of the American Revolution because it was they who led the instigation of the war under the guise of the Boston Tea Party.

Let me drive this point home, the United Grand Lodge of England was established in 1712 or 1717. The British was already big in the Occult, Esoteric and Gnostic societies—they left the United States in charge of one of their Masonic brethren named George Washington, the first president of the United States of America who was initiated into the brotherhood of Freemasonry, his ultimate loyalty would be more to the United Grand Lodge of England, perhaps than to the interest of the newly formed citizens of this newly established Republic and just coincidental the allege Illuminati agent Weishaupt formed the "Order of Perfectibilists" on May 1, 1776.

Who gave the United States order of Freemasonry their charter and did Washington and the many other (Founding Fathers) Freemasons who helped frame the United States Constitution were they directly under the influence of the British Invisible Hand? At times these Orders are deeply intertwined with the covert schemes of the Dynastic Families and the Bank of England that was established in 1694, which makes it second oldest central bank in the world.

The Federal Reserve somewhat modeled itself after its mother bank, which is the Bank of England these two nations are/were inseparable even to this date. The British Royal Dynastic Family and the Paul Warburgs, J.P. Morgans, Harrimans, etc., and many U.S. Banking Houses were directly tied to the wealth of the Bank of England. This was all part of the duping and deconstruction of a once stable and viable United States Market and economy (the Invisible Hand and the international banks often induces misery in which they financially profit even off the worst of crisis), it also led to us importing more than we were exporting creating deficits that has left our nation and economy upside down. The Elitist made these moves on the chessboard out of greed and the American people do not have a clue as to what has happened to them. We the useless eaters have become obsolete in the larger scheme of things.

But I think if we are making the argument from the rugged views of western capitalism and social Darwinism—this perspective renders less optimism for humanity relative to the question of economic, political and social justice. Some Western scholars who question and oppose my research is done from a basis of emotionalism and cannot phantom that we have been played on—their opposition often speaks to the raw emotions of western man's instincts which have governed their social behavior and global interactions since they have been on the planet (during the duration of which his 6,000 year history speaks for itself). This (Western) psychological paradigm has been more rooted in greed and exploitation—many native and indigenous people lived in harmony under a system of justice and equality; they accepted and embraced the importance of the universal laws, these societies would only kill to supply and sustain their existence as members of the food chain, but the hording of resources was outside of these many nations social structure.

What else can be driving the collapse of humanity other than greed (which is rooted in a false class system and structure), but there is enough resources to allow all of humanity to not go to bed hungry, have adequate health care, access to clean and sanitized water, livable housing and suitable shelter, etc. The lack of humanity to have access to food, clothing and shelter is being done, because someone is the beneficiaries of humanity's misery and it’s profitable to keep a segment of humanity in this predicament. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once stated that he knew something was wrong when he realized that over 70 percent of the earth was water and we have to pay for water. The western media demonized him as a communist for relating to something inside him that led him to challenge what was ethically and morally wrong. It had nothing to do with a Marxist analysis.

I think we have had some good examples of human beings who saw the world beyond the rugged individualism that many of us have come to accept as the 'norm'. Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, etc (there have been many countless more of the human family who are faceless and nameless that arrived at the same conclusion) where human examples embraced a high level of spirituality and left us with examples of models of human excellence.

My worldview has been determined outside of how we in the West perceive authority, wealth, power, class, etc., in which it is these things that have fostered and contributed partially to the behavior that I have described above and has created an antagonistic contradiction throughout human history. I am optimistic that we as human beings who are Homo Sapiens Sapiens still have the ability to transition beyond a survival of the fittest paradigm (the planet is turning against us and this is evidence that something is terrible wrong, but we still have a choice which to line ourselves with the natural order of things or be destroyed). I think we have the potential to rise above this model.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

I have been somewhat keeping up with the Republican presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul (all pawns of the Rothschilds and Rockellars may be I should exclude Dr. Ron Paul from this indictment). However, they all are out of touch with the common people and their reality have been dimed because of the blinders they have agreed to wear as potential candidates who are in quest of the assignment to be the next out front low level operative for the Rothschilds (they could have just consulted me and I could have told them that President Obama has already been selected to serve his masters for another four years and remember I have been telling you all that our vote don't mean a damn thing); for start, most of the above mentioned politicians are wealthy and cannot relate to the struggles of the poor and oppressed (the plight of ordinary common folk). They are constantly talking about the economy and projecting to balancing our national deficit on the backs of the poor, and the poor are so dumbfound and foolish, they think that they have a shared political and economic interest with the rich and wealthy (lets be clear these millionaire politicians are considered peons and powerless in lieu of their bosses—the Hidden Hand—the true wealth holders).

Ashahed M. Muhammad in his book titled, "The Synagogue of Satan" stated: "The economic health of the United States is in trouble with unemployment at the highest level in years. The members of the Synagogue of Satan are economically insulated from that which befalls the masses of the American people as a result of their investments in foreign land and contracts delivered through bid-rigging in support of the American Empire and its unrestrained war machine. Politically speaking, the different branches of government, including members of his staff are involved in numerous scandals. Information leaks at the highest levels of government are prevalent. Each week new lies and more memos are uncovered, more deliberate deceptions are being revealed causing the people of America to have little confidence in the government. Most Americans believe that the government lies regularly. A government which lies to its people is not a government at all. This continues to undermine its effectiveness." (Reference: Ashahed M. Muhammad; "The Synagogue of Satan"; pp. 21-22).

The Talking Heads (liars and manipulators) have thoroughly convinced the Neocons rightwing conservatives and the outright ignorant that America's economic crisis was created by to much government handouts earmarked to the poor and oppressed and they believe that it has been the so-called subsidy of the poor that has wrecked the United States economy (this presumption is rooted in American style racism and bigotry and is allowed to fester because of unresolved racism within the United States). But they are too cowardly to mention that it is the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers that have the global economy in a stranglehold and it is they who have wrecked the U.S. and global economy and not the poor. However, to state this fact, it would shift the conversation to how true power is being perceived and carried out by a small minority of individuals who literally Rules the World (but no politician dares to expose these hidden vipers).

They control the money and most of all they control the global debt and if one controls the world debt, money then becomes secondary in the grand scheme things— Eustace Mullins in his book titled: "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve stated: " The editorial page of the 'New York Times', January 18, 1920, carried an interesting comment on the federal Reserve System the unidentified writer, perhaps Paul Warburg, stated, 'The Federal Reserve is a fount of credit, not capital'. This is one of the most revealing statements ever made about the Federal Reserve System. It says that the Federal Reserve System will never add anything to our capital structure, or to the formation of capital, because it is organized to produce credit, to create money for credit money and speculations, instead of providing capital funds for the improvement of commerce and industry. Simply stated, capitalization would mean the providing of notes backed by a precious metal or other commodity. Reserve notes are unbacked paper loaned at interest.” (Reference: Eustace Mullins; "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”; p. 119)

The flow of money is channeled through two main sources, the Bank of London and the Federal Reserve, which the entire world crisis are being orchestrated by these two untouchable entities and their puppet Central Banks subsidiaries. It is these two powerful institutions that determine wars, famines, calamites, international conflict, etc., they even decide how the global financial markets fluctuates, in particular which nations wins (prosper) and loses (suffer). The international bankers and the Dynastic Families never lose.

For example, China’s rise to global prominence and dominance, has not taking place because the Chinese is functioning outside of the global established ‘House Rules’ in fact, it’s just the opposite, thus, many have been fooled and duped into thinking that the Chinese recent economic and military prowess is taken place because of some unperceivable phenomenon has occurred—that has evolved out of our present world history in which China is fulfilling a new incidental destiny of becoming the modern global leader and superseding the West in this new paradigm (this history is being carefully crafted, monitored and controlled by the Dynastic Families). This like all other events is under the direct control and dictates of the Invisible Rulers. So it is made to appear that the Chinese has overtaken Russia, United Kingdom and the United States as the new global economic superpower (do not be fooled by the United States borrowing ploys and appearing to be in debt to China, it’s much more to this equation than meets the naked eye). The Chinese Elite and even the North Korean Elite are under the direct control of the House of Rothschild (these Communist leaders are mere fronts and many of them live extravagant bourgeoisie life styles at the expense of the Lumpenproletariat) their new so-called global status are allowed to take place within the scheme of the money masters plans and global machinate.

These Invisible Banking families uses the Federal Reserve to regulate and control the global monetary system—Wall Street is only a financial front where the Invisible Rulers allow the Classes the opportunity to play high corporate stakes within the stock market, which is no different than the poor ‘wannabes’ that gamble in Las Vegas—neither realize that the deck is stacked against them. The public financial markets are no real indication of how the global economy is fairing because the masses are not allowed to see or know who is pulling the trading index purse strings—the Dow Jones Industrial Average, National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq), Standard and Poor's (S&P) and the New York Stock Exchange in general, these financial indexes are insignificant and they do not reflect the accuracy of the national and international financial markets. They use Wall Street as a tool to continue having the masses to chase 'Fool's Gold' and it keeps the Capitalist idea propelled as being front and center in the minds of the American people. Many still think that the United States economic crisis is going to blow over (they foolishly see this economic crisis as temporary) and they have visualized that United States corporations will eventually becoming back to our nation and they have failed to accept and realize that America has changed forever and it will never even closely resemble the America that we once knew over fifty years ago—factories and manufacturing, decent wages, labor unions who truly fought for workers rights, pension plans, stock incentives/options, paid health care plans, etc. But in trusting our government the American people have become destitute and disillusioned; our jobs and future (even our children’s futures) have been outsourced to India, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Korea, Thailand and to other developing nations. Many would like to blame President Barack Obama for our present predicament and not realize to even to think this way, is playing directly in the hands of the Rothschilds and the money changers. We cannot even blame former President George Bush for our nation’s present economic status this ordeal has been in making for decades, but my contention still does not absolve Obama and Bush of the role and part they have played in the recent demise of the United States.

We have ignored writers such as Dr. Ravi Batra who authored the book titled, “The Great Depression of 1990” Amazon on-line Publisher weekly stated this about Batra’s economic predictions: “Southern Methodist University economics professor Batra bases his prediction of a "great depression" around 1990 on a pattern of 30- and 60-year recession-depression cycles in the U.S. dating back to the 1780s. He cites factors leading to the stock market crash of 1929 that also are present today: intense concentration of wealth, a depressed farm economy, heavy speculation, bank vulnerability, protectionist trade sentiment and fiscal corruption. The author relates all this to a theory of India's social scientist Prabhat Sarkar who divides human experience into ages of "laborers, warriors, intellectuals and acquisitors," the latter with their "merger mania" being dominant today. Batra's defensive formula for weathering the next slump includes such steps as converting one's assets (home and all) into cash, which, if widely followed, could bring on recession all the sooner. He does, however, propose a tax plan, admittedly unlikely to be adopted, which could puncture the Federal deficit and make a true depression virtually impossible”.

Also, I found Alvin and Heidi Tofflers book titled: “Creating A New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave” to be intriguing in which they layout how our political and economic systems have made and continue to make historical transitions, but I do not think that the masses of the people understood that after 9/11 America and world had changed—these shifts were well documented in 1994 in the above said book written by the Tofflers. We did not realize that what took place in 2008 relative to the downward economic spiral was preplanned, it was not just a so-called global economic meltdown that occurred by happenstance, but it represented the dawning of a new era in which a true paradigm shift had taken place right before our eyes—out with old and in with the new.

They constantly feed us propaganda which maintains that it has been social government entitlements (handouts) to poor that has caused our insurmountable national deficit, which is steadily escalating and the rightwing conservatives believe that, if we cut social programs, it would allow us to balance the budget (these liars are dangerous because they are constantly misleading white people and appealing to their raw emotions). Yet, the U.S. wealth holders will continue to receive tax breaks (and other financial incentives) and Congress will continue to enact laws that protect and shelter the rich to the determent of the poor and the Have nots. All the global financial crisis are induced to intentionally and systematically create panic and fear in order to allow the Invisible Rulers (Hidden Hand) to take another step on the chessboard and continue to make money hand over fist.

William Greider in book "Secrets of the Temple" stated, "The question of who owned financial wealth--or who not--was the buried fault line of American politics. The wealth holders whose money circulated through Wall Street markets were an untypical minority of Americans, with distinctly different economic interest than the majority. The distribution of wealth was the subtext beneath nearly every important economic question that faced the government, yet it was seldom discussed in politics. Political leaders, instead, treated wealth like a taboo subject, cloaked in euphemisms, as if the hard facts of who owned capital might excite class jealousies they could not satisfy or raise questions about the system for which they had no answers." (Reference: William Greider; "Secrets of the Temple"; pp. 37-38).

We must understand that the different moves being made on the global chessboard is about maintaining power in which the Invisible Rulers have mastered the art of deception and propaganda in order to keep us sheep in line and in control (for centuries they have done a good job at this); they have the power to drive humanity because of debt that have been imposed on them. Many of my thoughts comes from a life body of research and experience in which has led me to think outside the box and confront my own fears relative to the possibility of "What if" (many choose to dismiss the notion of "conspiracy") and my empirical findings have led me to accept that there are some powerful hidden forces driving humanity, which is unknown to humanity (the sheep does not even know that they have been hoodwinked and cable-towed).

The New World Order and Global Agenda is real and there are many major (really not many major players—just 12 players that makes up the inner circle of Dynastic families that control the world) and minor players (low level operatives) who are responsible for carrying out their bidding such as President Barack Obama, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, etc., and host of other Rothschild agents that occupy seats in Congress, Supreme Court, presidential cabinet positions, business leaders, international leaders and there are many who are nameless and faceless. No, one person and/or group of people have all the answers to the puzzle, but through visiting different websites and engaging in certain alternative research this allows us to at least consider knowledge and information that is outside the mainstream media in order to determine the truth and not be swayed by United States propaganda. It is this approach that may further assist us in objectively connecting the dots and making more sense out of these well thought out agendas and plans being put forth by the enemies of truth.

They must continue to instigate wars and global conflict because it is the only variable left which to give life to United States Stock Exchange and prevent the total economic collapse of our government. However, ultimately the economic collapse of the U.S. economy is inevitable. President Barack Obama nor does the Republican Party have the solution to the crisis; the crisis is much larger than themselves in which they are agents of the Power that created the economic predicament. The entire political, economic and social paradigm has changed within the United States. Thus, as you know 9/11 was a set-up designed to disarm the American people politically, economically and socially in which 43 days after 9/11 the President (George W. Bush) and the United States Congress imposed the U.S. Patriot Act and this action rendered the United States Constitution as a worthless piece of paper. These type actions have eroded the basic rights of us as citizens and deteriorated our civil liberties; we have been stripped of what the U.S. Constitution use to grant its citizens.

We ignorantly applauded America's so-called war on terrorism, but did not realize that the real war was against the citizens of this country. They passed the Military Commission Act, Enemy Combatant laws, Anti-Terrorism Bill, and the latest of these treasonous and seditious acts was the Obama administration passing the National Defense Authorization Act, etc., and most of all implemented Homeland Security initiatives that violated the United States Constitution and the civil liberties of the American people. The entire so-called economic crisis was induced by the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign relations; moreover, these organizations have historically taken the concept of organized crime to the next level, but the said organizations functions with the highest level of prosecution immunity; they are above all nation’s laws and rules. Who stole the wealth?—they actually legislatively stole the U.S. wealth in 1913 and culminated in the 1930s when the politicians working in conjunction with the international bankers strategically moved the U.S. monetary system off the gold standard (which meant the U.S. Dollar was no longer being backed by gold and silver) and some 80 year later capitalism has lost its ability to expand and produce.

Tony Brown in his book titled, “Empower the People: Overthrow the Conspiracy That is Stealing Your Money and Freedom" stated: "The conspiracy to inflict a central bank on the United States stretches back to the very birth of the nation, as we have seen. it did not succeed, however, until the beginning of the twentieth century. The 'booms and busts' of the late 1890s and the panic of 1907--manufactured by the bankers—led to the loss of jobs, homes, and confidence. This economic uncertainty, together with a sustained propaganda campaign by the bankers was enough to convince the public that the government lacked the financial expertise necessary to manage the nation's money. The mystique of money had been created and used to flim flam the people into accepting the separation of money and state. The politicians in Congress either bought the lie or were bought off." (Reference: Tony Brown; “Empower the People: Overthrow the Conspiracy That is Stealing Your Money and Freedom"; p. 135).

Yet in 2008, the economic depression was a real life phenomenon (at least it was made to appear that way) caught the American people totally off guard and unprepared to deal with the new face of a New World Order. The collapse of the housing market and the so-called default of the international banks, these were only symptoms to a much larger problem, which was rooted in greed and political deception. This allowed the value of money to be compromised and the once most powerful currency (United States Dollar) had at a blink of an eye had lost its redeemable value; perhaps this was one of the most devastating criminal act ever committed against the American people, which was allowing the Invisible Rulers to take total control over our monetary system. The U.S. propaganda aimed at Syria and Iran has very little to do with either of these nations posing a threat to the interest of the United States or Israel, it's more about creating economic sustainability in order to make an attempt to salvaging a dying U.S. economy that no longer has the ability to expand and produce as it once did less than fifty (50) years ago.

The Warmongers fully understand that war is very profitable and it's very good for the stock market and the oil commodity is one of the most valuable assets in world and this will lead U.S. imperialist forces into Iran; it will have nothing to do with the United States national Security or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s ambitions to construct an atom or nuclear bomb. America is in deep economic trouble—it does not matter who is the president because the decisions to alter and shape humanity's lives are above Obama’s pay grade and any other past or future U.S. Commander-in-Chief pay grade. I do not know if President Barack Obama knows all that is taken place around him, but there is no doubt U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have direct access to real shakers and movers. President Obama must also know because he was chosen and selected as their man, to further their national and global agenda.

Reverend Pat Robertson in his book titled: "The New World Order" stated: "Because most average voters do not understand money, they will blame their economic woes on their political leaders and will, by the same token, credit their leaders for prosperity. Therefore, if any group has control of a nation's money, it has the power to create economic conditions that will bring success or ruin to elected officials . . . If the power to create money is taken away from those whom the nation has elected to guide its destiny--the president and the Congress--then the people will have lost their democratic control. Obviously a nonelected body, serving terms that do not coincide with the terms of the presidents who appoint them and whose actions are not controlled or audited by Congress, does great violence to the carefully crafted systems of checks and balances that our founding fathers established in the Constitution." (Reference: Pat Robertson; "The New World Order"; pp. 118-119).

According to the book titled, "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" they have had a 310 year (1555-1865) economic advantage over other civilized nations do to African slave trade and labor whereas some of the most prominent present day financers were the beneficiaries of the African Slave Trade. There is a very good source written by Randall Robinson titled, "The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks". But perhaps more germane to the United States is a deep seated historical racist sentiment (agent provocateurs like Rush Limbaugh who advocates racism on his talk show in code language) who consistently play the race card by insinuating and implying that it's so-called African Americans and Latinos who are responsible for putting our nation in this present economic predicament (this liar’s mouth is controlled by the paymasters). This allows the real culprits the ability to continue to hide and continue to make money off humanity's misery and racial divisions. These liars have the audacity to continually attack President Barack Obama as though he is the problem (he only has a minuscule roll) and if the American people voted him out today that would not solve all our economic and political problems. If Obama leaves office today, it will not solve America's economic downward spiral, the problem was not caused by President Barack Obama and it is much bigger than him. He may be the president of the United States of America, but he takes his commands and orders from the Hidden Hand and in reality he has no power other than what they give him.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Monday, March 12, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

How does Black Freemasonry in the United States accommodate those black Masons who are conscious and awake and are about knowledge? I continuously receive a great deal of email messages from Freemasons who are dissatisfied with their lodge, Shrine Temple , Consistory, etc., membership and affiliations in most of the Upper Houses of Freemasonry. This Blog came about due to a disenchanted (this might actually be to strong of a word to characterize this brother’s important sentiments) Prince Hall Masonic Brother out of a PHA lodge in Baltimore, Maryland and Maryland Masonic Jurisdiction. I will call him Brother X, for the purpose of this article; Brother X (I did not get Brother X’s permission to cite him by his real name and identity and i did not know how comfortable he would be about me writing this blog with mentioning his real name and lodge affiliation. So I chose not to mention either (his real name or lodge), but after completing this Blog I am going to send Brother X a link to my Blog: . He had contacted me, about two years ago on April 13, 2009 and at that time he hadn’t been raised and I think that he was at the Second Degree and Fellowcraft stage of his travels (I did not engage him in a true Masonic dialog at that time because the Internet is not the place where we should have certain conversations). But he emailed me again on September 23, 2011, a very enlightened email, which was well written and well thought out. There was no doubt that Brother X had acquired the knowledge of self and he seem to be well read in African Centered literature and history. Yet, he chose the Path of becoming a Mason and I knew that after reading both of his email messages that he was going to have some intellectual challenges because most Black Masonic Orders are students of white Masonic thought and their Masonic foundations are built on the theories of Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, etc., which is Greek culture (the basis of all Western Freemasonry).

Dr. George G.M. James informed us in his monumental book titled, "Stolen Legacy" that the Greeks stole their knowledge from ancient Kemet (Egypt) in which Kemetic civilizations predated the Greeks by thousands of years. There would be no 47th Problem of the Euclid, if it was not for Imhotep, the world's first mathematical genius who had mastered the Square and Compass, the science of Geometry originated in Kemet (Egypt) and not in Greece. The minute that I received Brother X's email, I knew that he was an outside the box thinker and that perhaps most members of his Prince Hall lodge in Balitmore were not learned Masons, let me clarify this statement: They (PHA) are some of the most learned brothers in black America because of the quality of membership it attracts such as doctors, lawyers, professors, businessmen, law enforcement officers, judicial officials, ministers and all manners of professionals, yet most of them lack the knowledge of self and are not rooted in their culture and heritage, which makes them ill-equipped to teach that which they do not know. Some of these new wave of brothers like Brother X who are awake and are joining Freemasonry represents a new mindset and there will be many more like him who will be coming to black Freemasonry and if we are serious about retaining these type brothers, it going to require us to up our game. You have brothers who are joining the Masonic ranks who are members and/or have been exposed to the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths (the Five Percenters), Nation of Islam, Moors, Pan Africanist, Kemitic Science, Hebrew Israelites, Black Cultural Nationalist and who desire to be more than ritual Masons.

When brothers do not receive the proper LIGHT from the Worshipful Master or from the Senior Warden and Junior Warden (the principle officeholders of the lodge) and/or the Past Masters this is an outright indictment and jeopardizes the future progress of the order—these type brothers desire more than attending a lecture at Prince Hall Day and attending some backwards Church in honoring Saint Johns Day and eating a chicken dinner or a chitterling dinner afterwards. They are merely thirsty for knowledge. Where is the Masonic instructions? They want real knowledge, the type of teachings, which is rooted in the history and culture of African people. It was the works of John Henrik Clarke and Cheik Anta Diop, Ivan Van Sertima, Yosef Ben A.A. Jochannan, Chancellor Williams, J.A. Rogers, John G. Jackson and activist like Elijah Muhammad, Kwame Ture, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Malcolm X , Clarence 13X (Father Allah), Louis Farrakhan, etc., that helped to raise my conscious level and there is no doubt in my mind that true Masonic knowledge sprung from the Original man. I am one of the few black Masonic writers in all of black Freemasonry who is willing to tell the truth and stand on the truth (I do not believe in sugar coating). I do not subscribe to Eurocentric Freemasonry and my legitimacy is NOT tied to the recognition of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). How could it be when these Robber Barons raided the libraries at Alexandria in 332 B.C. and heist the Nubian knowledge and took it back to Greece and then reclaimed it as their own.

When the French General Napoleon Bonaparte arrived to Kemet (Egypt) in the early 1800s according to the French scholar Count Volney in his book titled, "Ruins of Empires" who maintained that Napoleon blew the face off of the Sphinx because of its Nubian (Ethiopian) racial features. They still desire to hide the truth from the Original man. There are really two types of Masons those who are knowledge seekers and desire to continually elevating their conscious level by constantly desiring to purse knowledge and it's was evident that Brother X was from this class of men. Thus, I have always been very partial to this class of men because I think it is they who represents the highest aspirations of what Freemasonry is supposed to be about and anything less than this is hypocritical. These men had often acquired the knowledge of self by being awaken by the great knowledge of African Thinkers and Intellectuals—I too was touched by that school of thought that was inculcated in empirical historical theories of the African Centered concepts of analyzing our worldview by viewing Africa as a subject and not just as an object; this position was enlightening to me and it ultimately gave me a new and different paradigm as far as viewing the world.

The second group are the ones who see Freemasonry as nothing but a social fraternity (no different than the Black Greek Fraternities that you can find on most college campuses and universities, in particular Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU): Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Sigma, etc.) where partying, drinking alcohol and an over indulgence in socialized behavior. Freemasonry is supposed to be a much more serious fraternity than these college based societies. What should separate the two, is knowledge; the former desire it and latter prefer to keep the lodge ignorant and blind.

It led me to read materials that were considered outside the box and there was one brother in particular who owned and operated the Know Book Store in Durham , North Carolina, his name was Dr. Bruce Bridges and he also conducted a study group that was called the Culture Awareness Seminar and early on he became my mentor who exposed me to the power of knowledge. I was reading books written by John G. Jackson like “Introduction to African Civilization” and learning about the great African Empires of Nubia ( Egypt , Sudan , Ethiopia , etc.) and also about the intellectual and cultural and intellectual dominance of African civilizations like Ghana , Mali and Songhay. People would travel from around the world to sit under the Nubian scholars at the University of Sankore in Timbuktu . Also, there was a Nubian scholar named Ahmed Baba who owned one of the most extensive libraries in the world and scholars from Europe would come and sit at the foot of Professor Ahmed Baba; one of the top professors at Timbuktu . How could one be a student of Freemasonry and not be able to see and make the connection with these illustrious civilizations built by the Nubians? For example, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) represented one of those oldest and most splendid cultures in the history of humanity that typified the science of Operative Freemasonry and Speculative Freemasonry (the two theoretical foundations of Craft Masonry)—the testimony lies in the mathematical (scientific and spiritual codes) construction of the Pyramids.

Dr. Rudolph R. Windsor in his book titled, "From Babylon to Timbuktu" stated: "Until comparatively recent times, knowledge that black Africa was the seat of highly evolved civilizations and cultures during a time when Europe stagnated was limited to a small group of scholars. That great empires such as Ghana, and later Mali flourished for centuries while Europe slept through the Dark Ages almost has been ignored by historians. Thousands of years before that, as Rudolph R. Windsor notes in this enlightening book, civilization began with the black races of Africa and Asia, including the Hebrews, who in biblical times were jet black. Then Western Europe had no nations as such, and its Stone Age inhabitants had the crudest tools and lived in caves. Because of the scarce literature on the contributions of blacks to world civilization, most people today hold the erroneous opinion that the black races have little real history. It was not known, for instance, that the ancient Hebrews, Mesopotamians, Phoenicians, and Egyptians were black. Now, a growing body of literature is presenting the illustrious history of the blacks enormous contributions." (Reference: Rudolph R. Windsor; "From Babylon to Timbuktu"; back cover of book).

The science of architecture, engineering, physics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, religion, etc, had its origin in Kemet (our Brother Anthony Browder verifies this in his book titled, “Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization”) in which true Freemasonry must be perceived and taught as a philosophy that is interdependent on various schools of thought other than Eurocentric Christianity—Kemet is the origin of it all. The Masons in American Freemasonry are beginning to isolate members in the Craft because they have gotten stuck on Christianity, the wrong type of Christianity (Thus, Constantine in 325 A.D. at the Council of Nicea set up Christianity and established a corrupt version of the Christian Creed). And many Masonic Jurisdictions are in direct violation of one of the most important Masonic Creeds (religion and politics should never enter the lodge), which Freemasonry is supposed to be a strict none religious institution (Freemasonry is not Church and it is not Bible Study)—I will never acquiesce to anything other than the universal principles. If we believe that Geometry represents the science of understanding life and next to God (belief in Deity). There is no other symbol that explores the depth of our connection with the metaphysical world and the physical world than through Geometry, which is the 7th letter of the Alpha-Bet and having great numerical significance with how our Eternal Lord laid out the Uni-Verse. All things of spiritual value is written in the Numbers and the Zodiac. Tap your brother in the lodge and tell him to wake up and truly stand perpendicular on the Square. Below is the dialog that that I had with Brother X, a Prince Hall Mason.

Brother X: (PHA Baltimore, Maryland): “Brother Knight-El, How are you? Its been a while since I wrote you last. I have been keeping up with your blogs. I recall one of the brothers mentioning that he would rather have knowledge than have a chair in the lodge. I can completely empathize with that brother. With time I've learned that a wise man considers his steps, but a fool believes anything. I did a lot of studying before ever considering the craft. There was a lot of books that shared much esoteric knowledge. However, after being raised and going to the regular meetings, it just seemed to be same ole' mundane stuff after while. All they discussed was business. It was always about a crab feast, a bull roast, a bus trip to Atlantic City, and pushing tickets. The brothers never hit on anything heavy or esoteric, yet this is an institution that prides itself in having esoteric knowledge and light. These brothers argue about ritual, but can't see what is hidden within it. The walk around like peacocks with there chests poked out and full of Masonic lapels or regalia and take pride in reciting ritual like a parrot, but have no idea what it means and are no deeper than a puddle on a city sidewalk”.

“We give praise to the Greeks in our ritual when talk about the 47th problem of Euclid, which is nothing but the Pythagorean Theorem which Pythagorus got from his twenty-five years of study in the mysteries in Kemet. They know the story of Hiram Abiff, discuss the positions of the sun at the opening and closing of the lodge when reciting the parts concerning positions of the worshipful master, Senior, and Junior wardens. They have candidates circumambulate around the lodge(following the path of the sun), but don't know what it really symbolizes. This is an astronomical science, but we never discuss these things. We raise candidates with the lions paw, but there are few brothers, who when asked, know why?”

“Masonry, much like the allegories taught in religion tells of the travel of the sun in its yearly procession of the equinoxes and the solstices. How the sun allegorically dies going into the fall (our 3 ruffians September, October, November), lies dead in the winter months (December, January, and February) , returns to life at the vernal equinox, but doesn't reach it's summit and full strength until the constellation of Leo, with it's paw, raises it back to its splendor and glory. Thus, being raised by the lions paw. Brothers argue all day about where Solomon's temple is located. However, spiritually we are taught that our body is the temple. The temple that houses the soul of man (Solomon), and to climb the winding stairs from darkness to light, or from ignorance to knowledge is to raise the serpentine fire or to climb Jacob's Ladder up the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column or until we reach the pineal gland where one receives the lost word or the king is returned to the throne of Egypt (Kemet). Solomon's name broken down phonetically SOL-OM-ON are three names of the sun as well”.

“I got frustrated with masonry for a minute. There are only a few brothers that I can count on one hand who really and truly study for esoteric truths. I realized before coming in to the lodge that the continual search for truth is a path that is less traveled, but I'm ok with it. I don't discount the brothers in the lodge. I know that everyone comes to the craft for different reasons. However, I have mentioned that there is more to it than just hustling tickets and crab feasts/bull roasts/cook outs. There is more than going over to the Shrine and drinking until you're incoherent. I have mentioned in lodge meetings that young brothers desire esoteric knowledge and they are guaranteed to come in and do an about face when hearing the same ole' surface level information. However, I know that I am here for a purpose, and I am going to get all I can get. I know that no institution has a monopoly or holds all the light in the word. A true traveler seeks knowledge where he may find it. I will continue to climb until enlightenment and oneness is reached. I've learned to build with those who want to build with me, respect all, and keep it moving”.

“With that said, I have recently petitioned the consistory. I wanted to know what books would you recommend before going in? I have “Morals and Dogma” and started reading through some of it as pike discusses the esoteric apsects from degrees 1 to 32. I read through some of Corrine Heline's book Mystic Masonry and Bible. There's a section where it goes over a summary of the degrees in the consistory and their symbolism. She speaks of traveling from Babylon (bondage and ignorance) to Jerusalem (liberation and enlightenment). I already know that a city often symbolizes a state of consciousness. I picked the Secret Teachings of All Ages back up and started looking at the chapter on The Tree of Sephiroth because I know that to climb the Kabbalistic tree is synonymous with moving through the chakras or climbing Jacob's Ladder until we reach the crown where enlightenment is achieved and one's consciousness is expanded.
I was thinking about purchasing Scottish Rite Masonry vol. I and II by John Blanchard or possibly a book called Ordo Ab Chao by an anonymous author. were two others that peaked my interest which were: The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon: A New Examination of the Qabbalah in Freemasonry
A Textbook in Advanced Masonry

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Good evening Brother, it has been a long time and yes I do remember and recall our correspondence, perhaps two years ago. I believe at that time you had not been raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Let me first, let you know that I feel and share your frustration and your assessment and analysis is also shared by many others around the country who are part of the Masonic family. I am going to give it to you as level and square as possible, which is when you have acquired the knowledge of self and kind prior to attaining the three Blue Lodge Degrees, it is difficult to buy into ignorance because your level of study is diverse relative to ‘symbology’, occult, esoteric, Gnostic, etc., and possessing the knowledge and understanding that it has been empirically proven that ancient Kemet (Egypt) was the cradle of intellectual civilization where this sacred knowledge was developed and disperse by Nubians (Black Africans and not Europeans). Many of our Masonic Lodge brothers who are principal officeholders have been mis-educated, what Carter G. Woodson called the "Mis-education of the Negro" and many refuse to take the scholarly journey to do the research and tie the science of Speculative Masonry back to Kemet (Egypt) and make the knowledge live and breathe amongst the Craft. Thus, this would aid in retaining an active membership as opposed to having an inactive lodge of dues payers who are financial, but beyond that have no obligation to doing the work that is required to make a lodge successful on many different levels”.

“Many like my self came to Freemasonry because we heard that there were some great truths and knowledge being imparted (this pricked our inquisitiveness). Knowledge is power. Moreover, because there is no real interest in research and study, the Masonic Houses have become a revolving door—there is nothing to hold the newly raised Master Mason's interest and it does not take long before a brother(s) to become disenchanted. Some of us who are voted and elected to serve in the East (Worshipful Masters) are often unqualified to hold such illustrious position and in most Prince Hall and Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic jurisdictions these position are bestowed and granted based on internal power clicks and often there is no qualification (or mandate) that will require that the Worshipful Master has acquired an extensive knowledge base, which is rooted in the history, culture and tradition of African people”.

“You are right, often we can demonstrate our ability to master the Ecce Orienti Masonic rituals (and can recite these lessons with precision and perfection), but lack the intellectual ability to interpreted, decode and breakdown the intrinsic meaning and message behind these physical lessons and be able to see their spiritual significance (this is the duality that has gotten lost). So the LIGHT of Masonry has become dimmed because it is an organization that is being led by ego-driven personalities who are motivated by the lust of power and it's their ignorance that has taking Freemasonry off its course. Yet, there is so much written and given in our various obligations that we affirmed to uphold and we did come to Freemasonry on our own Free Will and Accord (we asked one to be one) in which this is our institution and I believe change could take place in small increments”.

“Someone years ago planted the seed in me by introducing me to Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. John G. Jackson, etc., and I eventually heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad these enlightened stars (suns) shined upon me and eventually caused the seeds in me to take further root and germinate. My brother, where we are today does not mean that this is where we are going to be tomorrow. Our job, duty and responsibilities are to impart this knowledge to any brother who might have that tentative ear to listen and just plant seeds. The Masonic bureaucracy, it is what it is, and perhaps, if brothers like me and you can stay engaged and put knowledge in other brothers hands (introduce them to African centered books)—invite them to conscious and Afrocentric forums outside the lodge and be there to further connect the dots for them; may be we can slowly alter the paradigm (at least I desire to be optimistic). We should establish study groups where Speculative Masonry comes under the scrutiny and critique of it relations or non-relations to the Kemitic sciences and go after the origin of the symbolism and dismantle this Eurocentric version of Freemasonry. I came to Masonry for enlightenment because I initially identified the visible symbols as having an ancient origin. I have conveyed too many brothers that I did not come to Masonry to be involved in drinking beer and whiskey—partying seven days a week and delving into an abundance of social nonsense. Ok brother here is a quick response to your correspondence and Brother X keep on walking and traveling the path that you have chosen. Your knowledge is irrefutable, but sometime we have to demonstrate patience with our brothers and ask the Creator to help guide them to become better men and better Masons”.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Thursday, March 8, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

Sometimes at home or I may be driving and certain thoughts comes to me as I am sitting still and mediating and/or when I am asleep. I ordinarily do not keep a pen and pad next to my bed, so at times I try to recall what those thoughts were and may lose them from those two states (the conscious and sub-conscious state of being) when I attempt to translate those thoughts to paper and computer (but it's strange I really do not lose them, I can be doing something entirely different and those thoughts may resurface). I have been seriously reflecting on the events of the last 10 to 11 years relative to the Bush Administration and how we as American citizens have arrived at this space and time in our history. Some still do not know that President George W. Bush was appointed (not voted) to the office as president of the United States of America by Henry Kissinger as a favor to his father President George Herbert Walker Bush, the ex-CIA director and former president of the United States of America. Bush-1 was a loyal servant to the Hidden Hand and to the Seven Oil Sisters (this is the oil cartel who dictates the global oil flow and determines the petroleum pricing market and dictates to OPEC)—the Seven Oil Sisters functions as a Sovereign Government and functions with the highest level of criminal and political immunity and is above all nation’s laws, which all subordinate Oil producing nations and organizations are under their dictates. Bush-1 and Bush-II both went to war behind the smokescreen of combating so-called Iraqi aggression (which also allegedly included Iraq’s involvement in State Supported Terrorism) under the reign of their puppet and CIA agent Saddam Hussein relative to Kuwait.

Desert Storm which was started by George H.W. Bush and what appeared to be on the surface Bush-II instigated the Iraq War, which was based on toppling Hussein and disrupting the political, economic and social systems of Iraq by imposing our United States Military and imperialist will on the defenseless people of Iraq in which to colonize and occupy Iraq in order that George W. Bush could continue satisfying the political will and OIL interest of the Rockefellers—the ultimate objective was designed to gaining control over the Ramallah oil fields. If you do not know this by now, oil and geostrategic positioning in that region of the Middle East was the motivation of both Gulf State Wars and the region remains of great national security interest to the United States. Thus, not to mention in 2001 Bush invaded and attacked Afghanistan; it was evident that this warmonger was off the chain and they have used the CIA puppet President Hamid Karzai against his own people in Afghanistan. Who are we fighting, the Taliban or Al-Qaeda or both? And what is this war truly about—I will tell you this that President Hamid Karzai is the key player in the United States and Afghanistan Poppy Trade (dope) and he and Obama (United States Government) are international dope partners. Afghanistan does not pose any threat to the United States or its Allies. We are just throwing good money away to Pakistan, but the CIA is quite aware that Pakistan is a double agent, they share the same religious and political interest with the Taliban and this interest to Pakistan is just as important to being a U.S. allay.

If you remember in 2000 George W. Bush-stole the presidential election from Al Gore and it took the United States Supreme Court to decide in that presidential matter, although, the popular (the masses of the people) casted voting ballots for Al Gore. This confirmed for me the power of the Invisible Rulers who solidified their selection and our popular vote did not mean a damn thing in the 2000 presidential election (but let’s be clear either agent Gore or Bush both would have served the interest of the Invisible Hand with par excellence).

My writings are intended to exposing the chicanery and deceptions in our so-called 'Democracy' and showing that voting although appears to be an extension of the concept of democracy; however all presidents of these United States is selected and not "elected" by the American people. In my previous article titled, “Barack Obama the lesser of two Evils? The Cat and Mouse Game” I used African Americans as the model and perfect example of a people that have been duped by the Democratic Party in which their blind loyalty have not rendered them anything other than broken political promises. Many pundits of the government are not dealing with the root causes of why our society, which has reached an all time low politically, economically and socially is in this present predicament. We cannot continue to focusing on the symptoms and not understand and deal with the problem and expect to disentangle this complex web of deception. One of the Rothschild's stated over 200 years ago, I care not who write their laws, as long as we control their system of money. Our Democracy is no longer in the hands of the masses, but there exist an Elite few who are bent on greed and power and in reality they decide for us the course. Now, here is the 64,000 dollar question, who do you think is behind our present political and economic predicament?

Bush’s first official act was to be a pivotal player in the 9/11 hoax after only being in office less than one year, he would make history (his presidential approval ratings at that time was close to 40% and after they bombed the World Trade Center and the 9/11 hoax his approval ratings skyrocketed—yes, the World Trade Center bombing was an inside job, which had many covert agendas). He was also a low-level player in destabilizing the greatest economy, perhaps in the history of humanity. The bombing of the world Trade Center should have led to them: George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and a host of others being charged and convicted of sedition and treason against the American people. Their actions were a direct violation of the United States Constitution and Oath of Office—they lied to the American people in order to dupe them into thinking that foreign Islamic extremist attacked the World Trade Center and the United States. He would further lie and blame Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden for the attacks and then establish a 9/11 Commission to investigate themselves, how in the hell can the government investigate itself? All the evidence to date points to a detonation and the demolition style implosion took place inside of the World Trade Center. This is not conspiracy theory independent experts have drawn this same conclusion.

They got us to thinking that the 9/11 hoax was caused by 19 so-called Arab terrorist and what did we get from this false account other than the U.S. Patriot Act, Military Commission Act, the office of Homeland Security and the latest reactionary legislation established in the National Defense Authorization Act, but you good ole American Patriots have yet to realize that we lost all of our Civil Liberties in the name of national security (trusting the government). They (Ben Bernanke, Rothschilds, Henry Kissinger, etc.) bankrupted the country in 2008 (the collapse of the U.S. economy was induced and someone had the power to call the debt in) and the American people were made slaves to debt and now the master got them paying for it. We have nothing, but some of us are still wrapped up in that American flag in which you are still saying to yourselves “our government won’t do this to us”. Just look around you and the duping handwriting is on the wall. Do you think the present oil prices is skyrocketing because of OPEC and our dependency on foreign oil or do you think someone has the power to determine and influence Arab oil and it's not the corrupt Wahhabi Government of Saudi Arabia

Perhaps the next greatest crime was Bush and Colin Powell lied to the American people telling them and the world that Iraq had acquired Weapons of Mass Destruction (although the United Nations Weapons inspectors never confirmed this contention), which led to over six hundred thousand Iraqis losing their lives and over four thousand American soldiers lost their lives (fighting for the interest of the Elite Rothschilds and Rockefellers). Many after sacrificing their lives have come back to America physically and mentally mangled—suffering from handicaps that they have to carry for the rest of their lives; others suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Upon arriving back home they recognize that they had become expendable baggage of no further use to the government and now have to fight with the government an Veteran Affairs to get the help and assistance they need. These soldiers honorably wore the American uniform and carried the flag, but only to come back to America and found out they were only used as military foreign policy tools.

The next crime of great magnitude and one of the greatest False Flags in American history was the dismantling of the global financial system. Bush as a front-man played a role in how the Federal Reserve would rearrange the national and global debt. This action would not only robbed the Have nots of their money, but decimated their civil liberties (the 9/11 hoax relaxed the American people and allowed them to ignorantly embrace the U.S. Patriot Act and other reactionary Executive Orders and Legislation) and furthered enslaved the American people—without the use of ball and chain. Then he initiated one of the greatest governmental financial rescues in the history of the financial private sectors –Wall Street, which cost the United States taxpayers 2-3 trillion dollars; the beneficiaries of this scam or Bailouts went to some of the most prosperous and powerful elite financial institutions to be found any palace on the globe. Bush’s action only passed down a debt to 3-4 unborn taxpaying generations, thus, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherited a debt that they did not incur. Bush and Henry Paulson work diligently to get the so-called Bailout approved before he left office. President Barack Obama inherited massive scams and problems from the George W. Bush administration and lets not be deceived he was also a player in the Wall Street fiasco and scam when it was all said and done the American people were left holding the bag.

Unless the American people fully understand the complexity of who is behind the mask and understand that the puppeteers are pulling the purse strings relative to our national and global trends. These Invisible players have the power to create panic and fear and have the power to induce crisis that impact world events. President Barack Obama, as was his predecessor President George W. Bush was a low-level operative. Nothing else matters in these type discussions unless we are willing to think out side of the box. The concept of true 'democracy' has been dead for a long time; this is more like control 'democracy'. All world events are for the most part pre-determined (including our electoral process). Yes, come November 6, 2012 American voters are going to cast ballots in which we think this is the greatest exercise in a democracy and it is (but this article is designed to put things in proper perspective). But powerful groups like the Carlyle Group and the House of Rothschild determines who sit in the Oval office and not your vote.

What gives the Hidden Hand and the Invisible Rulers power and authority over humanity is their ability to implore various strategies and tactics such as subliminal seduction. The dumbing down process in reality is so overwhelming and yet we have "Freewill" at least in theory (however once the Talking Heads shape and mold our opinions on the morning, afternoon and evening news) we become volunteer active participants in our own duping and very few have demonstrated the intelligence or discipline to exercise the type of will that could halt this neo-servitude status in which we find presently confronting all of humanity. I do not think the freewill theory holds up when you look historically and presently at humanity's active participation in their own demise (yes we have choices, but even the choices have systematically been arranged where the outcome is already predetermined to benefit the status quo which is often to the detriment of the individual. I know people have the right to exercise freewill, but that doesn't mean they even understand some of the choices and decisions that they make.

The root cause of what has taken place is embedded in a consistent historical theme that has always been carried out by the Dynastic families (to the detriment of the ignorant Have nots—the ‘Sheepel’). The media and their agents consistently have us focusing on the political behavior of the low-level operatives and puppets, but they never make mention of who and where they believe the real power lies (surely not with the 'elected' politicians of either party). The Democrats and Republicans are giving assignments (by their paymasters) they have no real decision making authority and their agenda is written and orchestrated for them by the "Committee of 300". Someone is practicing political manipulation and deception on a high level. To truly understand the deception one need to first be able to do the research in order to answer the: who, what where, when, how and why questions. If you are serious about understanding the present predicament, it will always lead you to the doorsteps of the Rothschilds and the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission. There is no way around the power of the Hidden Hand and the Invisible Rulers.

I am a student of knowledge and embracer of spirituality. The essence of one’s humanity is deeply rooted in their history and from those experiences we evolved. But unless we fully understand what I have stated in the above paragraph our mental reality will remain bleak, in particular when it comes to analyzing and critiquing how and who is shaping the world—our thoughts, ideas, vision, etc., are being covertly manipulated and we really have very little independent thoughts of our own. They have truly done a masterful job of keeping humanity in the dark and ill-informed, which allows them to continue to run circles around us. The time is run out and it's about to get a lot worse—money and credit has dried up, unemployment is off the charts and the U.S. economy has been outsourced. Let me tell you from the gate that American and global economy isn’t going to get any better' our fate has been sealed by Hidden Hand and I do believe it is going to take a mighty God to overthrow these evil Emperors. We must wake up from our slumber and reclaim our destiny in order to give our grandchildren and great grandchildren something to look forward to other than debt and misery. The time is now.

However, I just do not think that people really know how serious the present world we live in and the times that we are living in. Their orientation to the world is overly consumed with social mediums and they are not often engaged in anything relative to critical thinking and are not aware of the social and political trends around them, which negatively affects us all. The masses are not reading information that will heighten their conscious level and they are not apart of any movements or study groups where good information is being disseminated. They do not follow the various so-called counter-terrorism legislation and laws that are being enacted by Congress, the Courts and by presidential Executive Order. They do not realize that they could immediately come under the U.S. Enemy Combatant laws—where our so-called rights to due process could be stripped from us and become incarcerated because of something we said or wrote on a Blog or in a public speech, which could render our freedom being snatched away from us at the blink of an eye.

They do not realize just like the so-called "Al Qaeda terrorist" that has been housed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba since 9/11 and has been legally stripped of all of their rights as prisoners of war, moreover, this could easily be anyone of us. And not to mention as I stated above the recent legal ramifications of us possibly coming under the National Defense Authorization Act (passed by President Obama on December 31, 2011) which has broaden the United States Justice Department powers and possesses legality to place United States Citizens in offshore custody prisons and in places like Guantanamo Bay designated throughout the world. Many people still in 2012 do not have a clue of what the U.S. Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Military Commission Act, etc., is all about, but many of us will eventually find out real soon as the government continues to become more repressive.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Monday, March 5, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

I was having a conversation with an African American elderly gentleman and his wife, perhaps approximately a month ago, they were in their late 60s and we got on the conversation about voting, in particular the conversation shifted quickly to how proud they were of the accomplishments of President Barack Obama becoming the first so-called black or African American president of the United States. Many African Americans who are over sixty years of age had accepted that they would never see a black president of the United States of America in their life time. Thus, many blacks over 60 years old view President Barack Obama since his presidency, as a fulfillment of time in which his presidency represents the struggles and sacrifices they made in the area of social justice and equality—that was carried out in boycotts, walking picket lines, sit-ins, stand-ins, etc., they feel that their protest against racial segregation and their fight for integration and inclusion broke down many social barriers in order to achieve access to public accommodation and Civil Rights. This reality for them in 2008 came full circle by manifesting itself in President Barack Obama being elected to the highest office in the land and they were proud of this accomplishment. Many like them had grown up in the segregated South under divisive Jim Crow laws and their lives had been shaped by American style racism and this evil had without a doubt affected their worldview and it is understandable. I too as a black man growing up in America share their sentiments.

They have visualized President Barack Obama’s presidency as the fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King's, Jr. dream (many blacks even saw his ‘election’ as the fulfillment of prophecy of course I wasn’t willing to go that far) and has embodied him to be the final pay off of the struggles they made in the civil rights movement. They ignorantly determined that he is good because they somewhat share a partial quasi ethnic lineage (President Obama's father was African) and as a people who were robbed and kidnapped from Africa (although first lady Michelle Obama share more of a kinship with black Americans than her husband Barack Obama), we are constantly looking for symbols that we can identify with. However, many African Americans are not willing to look beyond his skin color and objectively assess and critique his public policy and his political decisions as commander-in-chief of the United States of America over the last three and half years (to determine the credibility of his presidency relative to whether or not he has enacted public policy that was in line with the Black Agenda). He seems to be more sensitive to everyone else agenda other than his own people. I have to tell it like it is. President Obama and his Handlers are quite aware of the cultural and political sensitivity of his most loyal constituents and most of all they fully understand black folk’s allegiance to him as a collective voting bloc and the Democratic Party. This factor will only better set them up more for political manipulation in this an upcoming 2012 presidential election by the Obama's administration and the Democratic Party.

This translates to mean unlike all other ethnic groups inside of America, we do not effectively use our political bloc to leverage our power (get something from the deal other than unfulfilled promises) in which to affect national and foreign policy and we allow the Democratic Party to take our vote for granted. Most blacks always justify their loyalty to the democratic party as being a case of the lesser of the two evils—they may have a very good point in this up coming presidential election because the candidates: Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul really there is not much to choose from in the presidential race and this includes President Obama (they are all Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg front-men and agents) in reality, the political agenda and script for next four years has already been written and set (the 2012 presidential election has already been held outside of the American electoral process and President Barack Obama has already been given a second term, which means your vote does not mean SHIT, it is the Rothschilds that determines who becomes president and not your vote. Tell your neighbor that you heard this by way of Fahim A. Knight-El Blog of the few so-called African American truth tellers. These so-called American Negroes sit in church every Sunday listening to some ignorant handkerchief head Negro preacher telling them about some mystery God in the sky that does not exist and keep us remaining the cannon fodder for other civilized nations. The preachers are an intricate part of the dumbing down process that is a big part of keeping us ignorant to how important, it is to know of the paradigm shift. Our people need knowledge and truth and not just a Sunday morning disco of no substance and sending the people away with a hooping sermon of hot air. These are serious times that we are living under.

For example, our black President Barack Obama on December 31, 2011, passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), perhaps the most reactionary piece of legislation since President George W. Bush and Congress imposed the United States Patriot Act 43 days after the 9/11 hoax (there are many false flags waving throughout America). The NDAA is one of the greatest infringements on American civil liberties since the 9/11 fallout in which they have strategically and tactfully used the 9/11 hoax to get the American people to voluntarily surrender their civil liberties, which has render the U.S. Constitution null-in-void and most all rendered the American people legally defenseless. They have done a masterful job of creating panic and fear in the name of national defense. NDAA is not another piece of political and legal ammunition designed to combat counterterrorism (from the American people’s vanish point we have been thoroughly duped into believing the NDAA was put in place as a legal apparatus to better fight international terrorism and Al-Qaeda and America's external enemies; however, it is more like they laid the groundwork to apprehend American citizens that are deemed dissidents by the government). The NDAA was put in place to check ordinary citizens who get out of line. There should have been a huge outcry from the American public demanding that this Executive Order or legislation be rescinded. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) should have filed a federal law suit under our present civil rights laws because the government has truly become all intrusive under the banner of Homeland Security and has trampled all over 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

We do not realize that we (us, you and I) could immediately come under the U.S. Enemy Combatant laws—where our so-called due process is stripped and we are incarcerated with no formal charges, no rights to an attorney, no bail and (other than a U.S Government accusation being held over our heads) we could be held captives in an indeterminate state or status; no different than the so-called "Al Qaeda terrorist" that has been housed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba since 9/11 (imprisoned with no legal rights and without due process) and has been legally stripped of all of their rights as prisoners of war, moreover, this could be the status of the average American citizen based on the language written in the National Defense Authorization Act, which has broaden the United States Justice Department powers and empowered them with the legality to place United States Citizen in offshore custody prisons and in places like Guantanamo Bay which has been designated throughout the world. The assistant editor of the "Final Call" newspaper Ashahed M. Muhammad in January 10, 2012 wrote an interesting article titled, "National Defense Authorization Act lays foundation for targeting political dissenters, activism" (Reference Final .

There is no need to change the White House decorum or change the president, the present man who sits in the Oval office from their vanish point has done a masterful job. Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta are actually running and determining United States Foreign Policy. They went into Tunisia (this was only an initial tester to soften up the region)—they ended Honsi Mubarak’s reign over Egypt, a once strategic ally to Israel and the U.S., they assassinated Colonel Muammar Qadaffi and got control over Libyan oil fields, and the wild, wild west cowboy George W. Bush invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein in a kangaroo court and took control over the Ramallah Oil fields. He also invaded Afghanistan (another important geo-strategic region in Central Asia) to take control over the poppy (this occupation is based on the Dope Trade) plantations. Now, the Obama administration is using massive propaganda against Iran and its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This conflict like most international conflicts that place are initiated by the United States and the West, it is often about gaining control over other nation’s resources in these above cases it was mainly about oil and geo-strategic positioning to re-colonize the Middle East and so-called sub-Sahara Africa and gain direct control over the wealthiest continent on earth. Some conscious individuals who blog on other progressive forums seem to think that Iran and the United States could be in business together and further believe that they are possible co-conspirators in the recent international oil price gouging that have seen oil prices skyrocketed in the United States and around the world.

This is what Kenny’s Sideshow ( stated to me: “I rarely link Gordon Duff at VT but he makes some points that can be thrown in the mix. Take with not just a grain but a block of salt. Is Iran in on this 'confrontation' to keep the oil prices high? Is Israel heavily invested in oil futures? Even if Iran is in on it, they would be taking a big chance that they would not be double crossed.
Rumors that Iran bought nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union have been around since the early 90's. I don't know but it's plausible and perhaps the ultimate deterrent. I guess higher gas prices is better than WWIII. Regarding the 'war' on Islam: Santorum is a typical war mongering liar As someone keeps reminding me, truth understood by the masses about the 9/11 false flag is the key in ending all this madness” This is what this pawn President Barack Obama has done on the international front in less than four years. He is one of the most dangerous presidents of all times.

I do not put anything past the CIA and of course they specializes in duping—portray Iran as posing some type of imaginary and imminent danger toward the United States and Israel get the Talking Heads talking about how dangerous Iran is to global security—use the propaganda machines in which the Talking Heads are good at swaying public opinion toward U.S. Governments interest and demonizing America’s so-called enemies. But the objective is to manipulate the oil market by justifying an artificial crisis and inflate oil prices—these decisions are made out of greed. Yet, it still remains difficult for me to accept that Iran and the United States are in cahoots together, although money and power has been known to create a union of strange bedfellows. Also, they desire to openly militarily attack Syria, but China and Russia are close allies to Syrian President Bashar Hafiz Assad—he has been one of their best war machine customers. However, take a moment to assess America’s propaganda relative to Syria—They are constantly stating on the news (we know who controls the news) that Assad is killing his own people in the streets; moreover, this has become a familiar theme at least in how they portrayed the disturbances in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt before they moved in on these Muslim and Islamic societies. Someone please tell me, what were these above international crimes about? These are clear examples that Africa and the so-called Middle East is under attack and the Europeans are ravaging these people’s nations and resources in the name of working to establish so-called democracy. The warmongers are beating the war drum again and I believe that Iran and Syria are next on the war agenda.

Ron Paul has said some innovative things relative to the Federal Reserve and in his own way has taken on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (very few politicians have done this) and has publically exposed perhaps the greatest money changer (shakedown) institution in the world—the reality is that all the global misery is being created from the office of the Federal Reserve, but it appears the masses of people desire more of the same by opting to remain participants in the two party system. For example, I do think the Occupy Wall Street movement has not impacted or changed how American voters view all these corporate sponsored candidates running for president. Surely they must know and understand that the corporate politician’s interest is to continue feeding the Machine (international bankers) and to keep the 99% (the masses of humanity) fighting for crumbs that falls from the rich man’s table and scratching for their existence. We have not heard one of these corporate sponsored Republican presidential candidates come right out and say that I support the Occupy Wall Street movement; this should tell us that they don’t give a damn about the 99% percent, their interest is protecting and securing the interest of the 1% (this is who financed their campaigns) and maintaining the status quo. So we will "vote" one of their operatives into office and it will remain business as usual in which the wealth will remain in the possession of the traditional wealth holders (this hidden class who consider themselves all sovereign and above all the nation’s laws).

The entire political process is nothing but a sophisticated game and scam that is being played on the have nots designed to keep the 99% powerless with a voting lever in one hand, which assures they remain happily powerless—after all they voted. Gill Scott Heron and Curtis Mayfield was singing and telling us some of these things in their lyrics 40 years ago. Perhaps many are oblivious to the fact and do not understand that voting will not change the condition of the masses of people (voting is designed to keep the masses pacified). It’s only an illusion. Power has always been about maintaining privilege and class and not about the true essences of how democracy is going to be carried out (this is secondary). These bloodsuckers of the poor are not willing to part ways with controlling the monetary reserve (the money system) and the global resources. The Republicans and Democratics are one in the same; the two party system was not designed to ensure democracy, but to only give the appearance of given the American people political options and alternatives. This system is rooted in capitalism and greed where the major means of production and distribution is controlled by the Rothschilds—greed is driving the decision making in our so-called democracy and No one has the power to alter the present economic paradigm. These money changers are wicked and deceitful.

But AIPAC gave Ron Paul the litmus test and he buckled—they accused him of being anti-Semitic and he began to soften his rhetoric. Yet these same forces who claim to be against bigotry, racism and anti-Semitism, but you have not heard them utter one word condemning Mitt Romney and his association with the Mormon Church (Church of Latter Day Saints) and their past racist theology taught against so-called people of African descent. They held these views up until 1978 that African people were inferior and they justified these contentions with biblical scriptures. Why haven’t the Anti Defamation League (ADL) and the National Association for the Advancement Colored People (NAACP) joined forces and condemned presidential candidate Mitt Romney for being connected to a right-wing theology and church? Why haven't the black leadership of America raised the issue? Thus many of these same 'Negro' leaders that were quick to condemn President Barack Obama for his association and involvement in the Ministry of Reverend Jeremiah are silent on repudiating Mitt Romney for his association with a racist church organization. Reverend Wright who taught a Black Liberation theology and it was good for the souls of black people. I am a student of Reverend Wright’s theology and I have always supported his social Gospel approach of teaching, the teachings of Jesus, the Christ (Yeshua Ben Yosef) and making Christianity relevant in lives of the black downtrodden.

However, none of them have stood front and center to focus public attention on Romney’s association with the racist Mormon Church. I am just pointing out a double standard. The white establishment and even some of the "Negro establishment accused President Barack Hussein Obama of being a Muslim (in a white supremacy society being Muslim disqualifies an American citizen from being considered for president, but being Catholic and part of sexual perverted church where pedophiles reign high you stand a better chance of being electable) —I will say this Obama's mentor Reverend Wright was definitely influenced by the life given teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and there is little doubt in my mind that President Obama was sympathetic to the teachings of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. But those who control the power inside of the United States and world flipped him.

They all have found the poor easy targets to vilify because they are without defense. These cronies want us to believe that the poor had caused the escalating national deficit and it is easy to use the poor as the scapegoat of America's economic woes, but these damnable liars will never tell the people that America and Europe are in this present economic condition because of the international monetary decisions made by the Rothschilds and implemented by the bank of International Settlement in Switzerland. It is not Medicaid, food stamps, Medicare, Social Security and/or any other social program that have caused the collapse of the American system (this is being orchestrated on a much higher and sophisticated level). But the politicians (they know their place) can play on this, as well as incite the ignorant (the 85% who has been intentionally been made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self by 10%) and if they curtailed all government subsidy programs tomorrow, it still will not factor into balancing the national budget. There is a deficit because of greed and profiteering by a small group but powerful class of men—who in 2008 altered the world, it was they that sent AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear-Sterns, Goldman Sachs, etc., and the visible banks into a downward economic spiral, which was carried out under the watchful eye of former Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson and President George W. Bush. This was all part of the scam (they are also behind the recent economic collapse of the economics markets affecting nations of the European Union—they control the Euro and the European money systems from the Bank of England).

These same culprits prematurely gave President Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize (what has he done up until this point deserving of such prestigious award other than served in state government in Illinois and served briefly in the United States Senate and claimed to have been a community organizer in Chicago?). Thus, surely these credentials did not standout as an individual who had gone far beyond the call of duty in which his work and legacy had made such a contribution that it already has and will impact humanity in a decisive way long after he is dead and gone. Perhaps there will and shall be a question mark about his significance being enshrined amongst some of greatest humanitarians and philanthropic geniuses ever recorded in modern history—recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. I personally did not think that he was worth of such lofty honor.

Some would argue that he was the first so-called black president of the United States of America and this alone is significant enough to have awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize honor that was bestowed upon him in 2009. But lets be real, if the decision to grant him a Nobel Peace Prize was on the variable of race (first black president) alone then this should have heighten our suspicion and in my opinion, it did appear up until that point that there was nothing else significant about his career other than the fact that he was hand picked by the Hidden Hand as the first black president. Let me be fair here all United States presidents were handpicked so this phenomenon was not just germane to President Barack Obama. I know that most of what I have written will be tough for those African Americans over sixty to swallow. They just cannot imagine that a so-called black American has the audacity to write and publically criticize President Barack Obama, the first black president. Also the invisible powers for the most part are not a part of the lexicon of the majority of the black community and have very little understanding of their influences over the political, economic and social global systems. And as far as I am concern they just cannot fathom that their vote and the electoral process is rigged and that there is no such thing as democracy. Sorry to tell you Patriotic Americans your vote do not mean a damn thing.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El