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Freemasonic Dialogue: Conversations and the Science of Speculative Freemasonry

By Fahim A. Knight-El

This is perhaps my fifth or six Blog article that this writer has written relative to various Internet Masonic dialogs that he has had with Freemasons and non-Masons alike. This writer over the years has found some of these conversations intriguing and provocative and worthy of publishing and presenting to the broader cyberspace community in order to provoke further discussion. This article is considered part 2 to a recent article that this writer published on May 20, 2010 titled, “Freemasonry: Questions and Answers”. The topic of Freemasonry seems to always generate a sizable amount of sidebar conversation (perhaps because of the mystique and allege secrecy associated with the order) where as Freemasons and laypersons who have read my many articles and writings on Masonry have from time to time sent me email correspondences approving or disapproving certain historical or Masonic contentions that I have made relative to Speculative Masonry (the study and science of philosophical Masonry).

This writer views critique and critical assessment of ideas as being a healthy practice and often real truth is found somewhere in the middle of the proponent of an idea and the antithesis of that idea. Critical analysis challenges us to be better scholars and intellectuals and it is this objective process that holds the conveyor of ideas accountable; in particular if those ideas are made available for public consumption and evaluation. Scholarship requires a higher level of intellectual due diligence and it should be met with equal scrutiny. This writer is constantly looking for effective ways to communicate ideas and to maximize the intent of his Keeping it Real Think Tank forum, which is foremost designed to teach and educate those who were made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self (the so-called African American and all people of good will).

This writer make no apology for being an African Centered scholar and fully understand his duty to teach civilization to the uncivilized; in particular to those of humanity who have become the footstool and cannon fodder for the 10% (bloodsuckers of the poor), the hidden culprits who are responsible for manipulating and deceiving the 85% (masses of the people). Freemasonry is such a comprehensive and complex topic that it never can become an exhaustive subject of discussion and the hundreds of emails that I have received is evidence of this contention.

This article as stated above like some of the past Masonic dialog evolved from various email interactions, which this writer has had with a wide spectrum of people. He has chosen to Blog publish some of these conversations to share with his Blog audiences. This writer doesn’t mine teaching and sharing this ancient knowledge one on one, but we live in a global society where we can used various mediums which to present our knowledge and wisdom to an expansive audience. This writer has received comments and questions from every sector of the world and has in the past taking on some of the best intellectuals in academia and laypersons when it comes to the topic of Freemasonry, as well as other topics. This writer also has also come to realize that many of my email conversations could be used to further reach and teach those who are perhaps looking to learn more about this mysterious fraternity known as the brotherhood of Freemasons.

However, this writer, make no claim as being an authority on this subject, but what this writer does bring to these discussions is a wealth of research and personal experience in which these two variables affords me the opportunity to engage others and feel comfortable offering a scholarly opinion on the subject of Freemasonry. My specialty is African history, and there is no doubt that the origin of civilization is in Kush (Ethiopia) and Kemet (Egypt) and to make this contention is to also accept that Freemasonry had its origins in that part of world (the home of the Master Builders); this is what distinguishes me and my writings from many mainstream Masonic writers and historians.

I have never accepted that Freemasonry had its origin and beginnings in England in 1717; how could it have been? When the Great Pyramids is historical evidence and proof positive that the Nubians understood the science of Operative Masonry long before the Europeans exited the Dark Ages in which there was ancient enlightenment and illumination coming out of Kush and Kemet, thus that set Greece and Rome (these two nation represents the pinnacle of European society) into motion.

There would not have been a science called Geometry (which is the philosophical foundation of Speculative Masonry if it were not for Imhotep, the builder of the first step pyramid and father of medicine). There would not have been a Pythagorean theorem, if it were not for those Kemites who introduced the Greek Sages to the science of numbers and mathematics—A square + B square = C square which forms the leg of a right Triangle (the greatest representation of this mathematical reality is in Kemet). The greatest evidence of this science could be seen by observing how the pyramids and temples were constructed based on physical and metaphysical principles used to erect these houses of God (I am not referring to that mystery God that does not exist). This writer years ago read a book written by Al Dickens titled, “Uncle Yah Yah: 21st Century Man of Wisdom” which led me to these great truths.

Hippocrates was not the father of medicine (the Eurocentric manipulators have lied and distorted the facts of history), but the Greeks and Romans stole Kemetic (Egyptian) culture and falsely proclaimed that they gave civilization to the world (just as the western world bought into this lie, so has the institution of Freemasonry). Dr. George G.M. James book titled, “Stolen Legacy” should be prerequisite reading for all black Freemasons, in particular and all Freemasons in general, from the 1st degree to the 33rd degree because without this understanding Black Craft Masonry will forever linger in historical limbo and will always think of itself as a subordinate and asterisk ensign order, as opposed to being the mothers and fathers of all civilization (let there be light).

They even hired a Zionist academician named Mary R. Lefkowitz who authored the book titled, “Not Out of Africa” to assess aspects of Freemasonry and its so-called historical correlation to the Afrocentric led movement. Lefkowitz research on Masonry was shoddy and it was clear that she lacked a sizable amount of knowledge relative to properly analyzing the evolution of Freemasonry and historical implications Kemet had on this institution. All of Freemasonry has to be re-taught because the truth does not lie in the ritual, the ritual is only a symbolic enactment of two people’s history (the original man and the Caucasian), in which the Original man was hit in the head (he is the true Hiram Abiff that was brought on a westerly course and was slain at high noon) and does not know that he was the true Master Builder—his legacy predates the building of King Solomon’s Temple and only if he knew his history could he adequately be invited into the Inner Chamber and know that his history exceed 6,000 years—the Masonic journey only makes them Moslem Sons.

This writer perhaps most celebrated article was titled, “Freemasonry (Moslem Sons) and Islam: What Do They Share?” First published in 2004 and this writer has been in many debates with grafted Arabs and even some of their “Negro” flunkies who professed Sunni Islam. We as a people of African descendent are not Arabs and we have allowed these imposters to impose their religious will on the most ancient of people. We allowed them to study for 35-50 years in order to be called Moslem Sons and wear the greatest and holiest flag of the Uni-Verse—sun, moon and star. Question: What is the birth record of the said, Nation of Islam?” Most of my Muslim critics try to critique Freemasonry from an Islamic theological paradigm and fail to understand that religion is to shallow and it lacks objectivity, it is more concern with protecting and defending dogmatic patterns of thought more so than offering critical evaluation.

Brother Carlos-El: “Bro Knight, I've just read the email conversation you had with Bro. Kedar. It is interesting to say the least the extent to which you both researched your points. My name is Bro. Carlos Z. Shows. James O. Dogan Lodge No. 38 IF&AMM.”

“In my short time travelling, the importance of being properly Chartered never comes up in a random meeting of a brother, PHA or other. I myself being recently raised IF&AMM, have not experienced this acceptance or lack thereof by a brother chartered differently. Be that because of a lack of knowledge of the weight that being under a charter recognized by the UGLE holds, or just neither brother being apart of a lodge that has one is unknown”.

“My question is simply this in the eyes of a white mason am I considered to be a clandestine due to the fact that I am an IF&AMM? I'm asking in general. I'm sure that it may differ from brother to brother. Yet I can help but to wonder if I were to go to a European/Caucasian Lodge with the proper signs, tokens or what have you would I be granted entrance even if completely being tested and passing?”

“Bro Kedar referred to some as being "book masons". Though I feel without at least being knowledgeable of the rituals, lectures, symbols and so forth how is it that you can know yourself to be a mason? Shifting ones concerns to what charter it is under or what GL recognizes your lodge is maybe something a more tenured mason would do”.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Brother Carlos-El: I pray and hope all is well with you. I did tell you that would give you a more complete response to your email and question upon touching back home. My Blog/article with Brother Kedar was very interesting on many levels. He had read my article titled, "Let There Be Light: There is no Brotherly Love Between Black Masons and White Masons"; I do not think Brother Kedar overly disagreed with the content and approach I presented in the article, but he as a Black Ancient Free and Accepted Mason (AF&AM) felt that Prince Hall Masons (F&AM) were some how practicing reverse discrimination and a form of intra-racism against Black non-Prince Hall Masons. Thus, Brother Kedar maintained that I had intentionally overlooked this problem, which in his mind was just as systemic as white Freemasons discriminating against so-called African American Masons and it deserved the same level of attention, as well as criticism. My position was that many Prince Hall Masons, perhaps are motivated not by racial exclusion of other Black Freemasons (I personal do not think race in this matter plays little to no part in how the Black order of Prince Hall Masons treats other black non-Prince Hall Masons). But the questions of Grand Lodge recognition perhaps has been the fuel that was driving this allege dispute between Prince Hall Masons and non-Prince Hall Masons”.

“Prince Hall Freemasonry evolved out of a history of American racism and white supremacy and in some white Masonic quarters were denied the rights to fellowship and to be recognized as "true" Masons until approximately 1991. I as a Prince Hall Mason have always felt it was our mis-education that led us to think that we needed white Masonic approval in order to feel whole and complete and for almost two centuries Prince Hall Masons have been on this campaign seeking white Grand Lodges recognition. We have bought into this mentality that other Black non-Prince Hall Masons must be "irregular" or "clandestine" if they do not belong to the now "recognized" Prince Hall order. However, I do believe that all Masons have a responsibility to protect Freemasonry from fly by night clandestine Masons who give all Freemasonry a bad name and who uses Freemasonry to exploit gullible persons who desire to share in the rights and privileges of being a Mason. You are a member of International Free & Accepted Modern Mason (IF&AMM) and there are many white Grand Lodge jurisdictions that you would not be allowed to sit in their monthly communications and would be denied a Masonic welcoming. Moreover, in some of the deep southern states your non-recognition could be twofold--race if you are black and if these white Masonic jurisdictions view IF&AMM as being an "irregular" body of Masons; however, both instances could affect how you would be received as IF&AMM brother. Now, on the other hand Prince Hall Masons in some jurisdictions still do not recognize IF&AMM as a legitimate body of Masons and have raised questions about its charter. But I think we as Black Masons have to find respectful ways to overcome these artificial barriers that create disunity and find agreeable ways that we can work together as Masonic brothers in spite of our disagreements. My brother, I pray and hope that I have somewhat answered your question and have given you a reasonable explanation. I remain open to further conversation and is always willing to share the knowledge that the Creator has blessed me with”.

Bro. Michael Berkley: (so-called Former Prince Hall Mason who relinquished his membership and joined a clandestine Masonic order headed by Dr. Malachi Z. York-El and administrator of Internet site called Zoser Research Society). “So you purposely slander. As we already know PHA is clandestine. So stop stating unknowns as if they are empirical evidence. This is called defamation. In fact, UGLE just recognized yall on their webpage after President Obama got in office. Why? Are you truly a researcher or slander?”

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Bro. Berkley, perhaps you have not read my post that I linked you to; I am not concern about what the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) perceptions of Prince Hall Masonry is or isn't; thus, that is the precise point that you and brother Griffo missed in our initial debates (Reference Fahim A. Knight-El blog postings titled, “Table Talk With an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason: My Views on Dr. Malachi Z. York and Black Freemasonry" and "My Rebuttal: To an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and My views on Dr. Malachi Z. York-El PART 3"). White Masonic approval has never been on my agenda. Now, since you know this insignificant information relative UGLE and PHA may be you will look at PHA a little more favorably since you viewed UGLE as the criteria which to determine, if PHA was a "regular" Masonic entity. This was your argument and now since that argument has rendered itself as being legally invalid and in reality the core of your argument has been deconstructed based on that decision”.

E.P. Grondine: Fahim – “Once again for you it is always black/white, when in the real world people come in all flavors. While focusing on the minutae of Masonry, you loose sight of the universal goals (from Wikipedia) :Despite the organisation's great diversity, Freemasonry's central preoccupations remain CHARITABLE WORK within a local or wider community, MORAL UPRIGHTNESS (in most cases requiring a belief in a Supreme Being) as well as the development and maintenance of FRATERNAL FRIENDSHIP – as James Anderson's Constitutions originally urged – amongst BRETHREN [those working on CHARITABLE WORK and MORAL UPRIGHTNESS]. As far as religious belief and masonry goes (once again from Wikipedia): Candidates for regular Freemasonry are required to declare a belief in a Supreme Being.[28] However, the candidate is not asked to expand on, or explain, his interpretation of Supreme Being. The discussion of politics and religion is forbidden within a Masonic Lodge, in part so a Mason will not be placed in the situation of having to justify his personal interpretation.[29] Thus, reference to the Supreme Being will mean the Christian Trinity to a Christian Mason, Allah to a Muslim Mason, Para Brahman to a Hindu Mason, etc. And while most Freemasons would take the view that the term Supreme Being equates to God, others may hold a more complex or philosophical interpretation of the term”.
“In closing, I think that you may find charitable works to be particularly rewarding for yourself, and I hope you find your path to them”.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Good evening E.P. Let me at least address a few of the comments that you have made relative to my article on Freemasonry. I believe that as human beings, we are mere products of our environment and the experiences that we have gathered along the way helped shaped and mold us into who we have become”.

“My experience, in America and my ancestors’ experiences were inextricable tied to race. I am a social critic and I see nothing wrong with discussing the topic of race and/or racism; thus, for to long this discussion has being socially off limits and even taboo to discuss; yes the topic of race is one of those painful chapters in the history of the United States and I do not think we should continue to be in denial and rob ourselves of entering into and engaging in a civil debate and discussion relative to race”.

“We need an open and honest national discussion on the topic of race because there still exist so many cultural bias and serotypes that creates societal misunderstandings about people (and it is still unresolved), who may differ from ourselves in ethnicity, skin color, religion, gender, nationality, etc. It creates a healthier environment when people who differ from each other open themselves up for communication and dialog”.

“I have written many different type of articles on The Daily Grail internet website (TDG) and even if a particular article may not appeal to you; you must understand the World Wide Web (Internet) is a without boundaries medium that can be accessed by billions of people throughout the globe and I do not take this reality for granted. There is an audience for us all and I read many Blogs on TDG where other Bloggers have written Threads germane to their region of the world and talked openly about their cultures and heritages and yet I do not see the same type of criticism aimed at them’.

“I think if our subject matters are within the rules and guidelines of The Daily Grail internet website (TDG) and we are not being offensive to others; it should be considered fair game and if I enjoy critiquing and analyzing American style racism, why not have that type of conversation on the forum? It might bring some understanding to other people who may share those similar experiences or may introduce to others a view of America that they did not have”.

“The next point; this particular article was more about Freemasonry than the topic of race; race was a mere subplot in my analysis, but the intent of the article was designed to expose Freemasons, both Black and White to some knowledge relative to Speculative Masonry that has been overlooked and discarded by even mainstream Masonic intellectuals”.

“I thank you for the Wikipedia assessment of Freemasonry, but I consider Wikipedia the lazy man way out of doing stringent and empirical (counted and measured) research where as one have taking the time to investigate what the Masonic authorities have written and said about certain Masonic philosophy and tenets (I would find that approach a little more plausible)”.

“Wikipedia often is comprised of the masses giving their input on this web based educational Internet site and it’s not information that is gathered by scholars that has been tried and test by academic instruments. So often the information about Freemasonry attained on the Internet, is shoddy research and is often giving by people who think they know what Order stands for and is guessing (doesn’t it make better sense to gather primary source information). There is not many African Americans writing on Freemasonry and I see it as a void and I feel an obligation to weigh-in this arena of ideas”.

Brother Traveler 1906: “Bro. Knight-El---Peace and Greetings. I began traveling on, and ordered 21 books! I want to thank you for inspiring me to reawaken myself, and continue the process of Illumination. Some were books I had read, others were books named in your blog articles---for this, I am grateful.....

Next, I had sufficient time to check out the Keeping It Real Think Tank, as well as the Cushite Builders site. I went through EVERY month of your blog since Nov. 2007, and printed out each and every article. I then filed them in my extra file cabinet @ work, month by month. I am challenging myself to finish a month's worth of articles EACH week, until I am current to June 2010. The Cushite Builders may also attract my attention, once I complete my back readings of your articles. Anyone trying to Illuminate my people in a positive way is worthy of acknowledgment.

I really enjoy the blog (Keeping it Real), especially the ones pertinent to Freemasonry and its deeper meanings. I plan to finish the book on my desk---"The Shadow of Solomon", by Laurence Gardner, and will be anxiously awaiting my book orders.

I supported almost all of the authors you named in your articles, from Drusilla Houston, to Ivan Van Sertima, J.A. Rogers, The Infamous Willie Lynch, Keith Moore, G.M. James, Bro Zach Gremillion, Timothy Myers, along with quite a few more.......and the list goes on........ I will keep in touch, Brother, and please advise me of any and ALL new articles on your blog.......Hotep, My Brother, until we speak again.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Much love brother; I thank you for tuning into my Blog and as you probably have already found out there are plenty of interesting topics of discussion that I have posted. We all have a job, duty and responsibility to be the stewards of Black Speculative Masonic ideas unless we turn this noble obligation over to others to lead us in the arena of ideas. Sometime it takes another brother to spark us and I had brothers to spark me and it ignited a will in me to pursue certain course of actions. I am very partial to Masonic scholarship because we have to be in a position to tell our-story and not be intellectually victimized by their version of His-Story. Yes, the bibliography are sources that I have accumulated over the years and I get so many request from Freemasons and others about what books do I recommend, that I decided to write a Blog article titled, "A Glimpse Into My Library"; thus, as opposed to constantly re-answering the same question over and over again, about what books do I recommend. I now can refer and direct a person to that particular article. I knew that you would be familiar with some of the titles and I am happy to hear that you have ordered over 21 of the books that I cited in the article. My greatest treasure in my home is my library. Sometime I feel like quitting writing and in the same breathe I am subconsciously reminded to whom much is given, much is required and expected of. I know Brother Ezekiel Bey and Brother Ralph McNeil, Jr., are doing some great work with the Phylaxis Research Society, but our history is so vast and we need more qualified PHA scholars to delve into this great work of enlightenment. My brother, I have tried to locate Kessinger Publishing Company and it shooting me directly to Amazon Books; I am hoping that Mr. Kessinger hasn't made his transition (I purchased over $800.00 worthy of books on one order from him back in the early 1990s and I am still reading the titles in 2010); his mail order was a valuable resource (one book that stands out was titled, "Who was Hiram Abiff?" by J.S.M Ward)”.

Brother Hamiyd Harris: your a piece of shit i was born an Ansaar and your claims on him is deceitful and misguiding you claim 2 be an ex-nuwabian thats been with the community since the 80's everybody i know thats been down with YORK still consider ourselves ANSAARS not Nuwabians only outsiders and new people talk like that you were never a real member of our community and never will be. you tryna start your own teachings or something? to bad i was chosen the message will spread. Doc did a good job he raised a lot of GODs and your just debunking him your negative prince charles masonry and the all other form of modern masonry besides YORKS is false and is a stolen version of the ancient Kemet Masonic lodges. how much is the evil ones paying you? your tryna get paid so bad u down your teacher. yeah my pops hustled for doc York but now we got 8 acres and our own businesses maybe doc always knew you was a fake thats why you aint get nothing. you left empty handed while we stayed under the radar and came up. i know all his sons and they look out 4 my family so what if your wife left you for the truth obviously you were 2 weak mentally. You never had an overstanding. 85%

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Thank you for your comment; although, I disagree with your analysis and assessment. You appear to be very emotional, which renders your comments as being outside of what's logical and rational. Firstly, there is nowhere that I have ever stated as being a follower of Dr. Malachi Z. York-El and your assertion that I was, is very misleading and in-genuine. The ethnic, racial or nationality of Nuwabian was not an organizational classification that I bestowed on Dr. York's followers and organization (York called his followers a nation of Nuwabians). Thus, in many of his writings he spoke about taking his followers through many organizational transitions. For example, Sufi, Hebrew Israelite, Ansaar, cowboy, Aliens from a different planet, Sunni Muslim, Moorish Science, Native American, Kemetic Science, Nuwabian, etc. My brother, you can not blame me for writing the truth and most of all, I do not view any leader or organization as being above critique (those leaders who lead these type organizations often become Cult inspired leaders)”.

“I do not follow white Eurocentric Freemasonry, perhaps you have not taking the time to read all of my writings and materials on Freemasonry (just Google Search Fahim Knight Keep it Real) and you will quickly discover that abhor white Freemasonry because it represents a stolen legacy where the Nubians of Kemet was robbed of the Egyptian Mystery knowledge (but we also, the original people of the earth were made blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of self). You seem to be very passionate about your leader, teacher and guide Dr. Malachi Z. York-El; I can appreciate some of the good work that he has done to elevate the consciousness of the so-called African American. If you would have read all of my assessments non-emotional you would have ascertained that I have no disdain toward Dr. York, but on certain issues I had the right to disagree with some of the negative behavior which can not be overlooked (Dr. York was no perfect saint and he wasn't faultless). However, Dr. York followers desire to ethno-religious classify themselves, it is of very little concern to me. I am more concern about the unity of all black people and I extend my hand to you in peace love and black solidarity”.

Brother CM: “Peace Bro Fahim, its been a while brother, i know we talked a lot and i really enjoyed the dialog i thank you for putting me on with bro stone El as well, i had been studying with some brothers for a long while and as we separated they took a walk we were talking about doing together. it seems like even though i get mad flak from the Muslim brothers for thinking freely and understanding i still need to walk in that light officially i just got back to the city of Chicago and i want to find a house that will let me be a brother in fraternity and a brother in Islam. I don’t know any peeps out here in Chicago so, i guess i would like to know if you have any connections in Chicago or the surrounding city for that matter? also i live in a city that is soiled in Masonry(lot of white People) not that it matters but when it aint no color in the city im a skeptic. one of my guys told me its a difference between the 3 letter mason and the 4 letter mason like F & AM AF & AM can you shed some light?”

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Thank you good brother for contacting me and it is always good to hear from (it has been a minute). No, doubt most Sunni or Shia Islamic believers and followers will reject any talk or notion that you are considering membership into a Masonic Fraternity. Religion is often to dogmatic and sectarian in its approach to lend credibility to philosophical thoughts and ideologies that deviates from their religious worldview and this includes Islam. You perhaps will not find any so-called "mainstream Islamic" organization that is going to be sympathetic towards Freemasonry. Freemasonry will always be viewed by Muslims with suspicion and will always be declared un-Islamic. I have written extensively about the three lettered and four lettered Masonic Organizations on my Blogs. But in a nutshell there was a split with an expelled Prince Hall Masons named John G. Jones; this was perhaps in the late 1800s and Jones decided to establish his own Grand Lodge either in New York or Chicago (I am having a senior moment—memory lol). But Jones created a lot of Masonic interest from black non-Prince Hall Masons in which he came under the Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic title and lettering”.

“But these black AF&AM Masons have Grand lodges and subordinate lodges throughout the United States and other parts of the world and these AF&AM members see themselves as a body of regular Masons; although, Prince Hall Affiliated Masonry rejects them as a clandestine Masonic Order and whose Masonic charter is questionable and therefore illegitimate. Prince Hall Masons choose not have any relationship with these lodges that sprung up due to Jones defection from PHA and from their perspective had no Masonic authority to set up his Masonic Order. The Black AF&AM is a very fragmented entity and Prince Hall Masonry has had a very contentious relationship with this large number of Black Freemasonry in the United States. I do think that both sides have allowed emotionalism and old historical evidence to divide the AF&AM and F&AM (we as a people should be seeking unity, but I am not an official voice for PHA or AF&AM, these are my personal views). Chicago! You might want to throw that out on the Cushite Site Board because there are a lot brothers and sisters who from that area of the country”.

Brother CM: “Ok will do i just been having trouble signing in to the board. So you represent PH F & AM? How long has that been? I have brothers that speak highly of Scottish rites.”

Fahim A. Knight-El: “I have been an member of Prince Hall Affiliated Masonry for almost ten years. Let me say this, perhaps you could understand this a little better. Once a Master Mason (which is acquiring the third degree) reaches this sublime degree, in reality there are no degrees higher than the third degree of Master Mason. He has two Masonic routes to travel inside of the Prince Hall Order. A PHA Master Mason can go up the Scottish Rite side (which consist of 4-32 degrees) or choose to travel up the other side of the PHA latter which is called York Rite Masonry; I believe it is either 12 or 14 degrees; it is often called Red House Masonry and the terminal degree is affectionately called the Knights Templar degree, which is equivalent to a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason). Now, at that point the 32nd degree Mason and/or the Knights Templar degree can both petition the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (better known as the Shriners) for membership. There are some Masonic lodges who have declared their Masonic entity Scottish Rite Orders (majority of these are white lodges) from 1-32 degree as a Scottish Rite Order and make no true distinction or separation of the Blue Lodge (first three degrees) and practice these levels as a mere continuation of the knowledge”.

Brother CM: ‘I enjoyed your article. Do you believe that MST gives the same light as the Prince Hall Lodge? I was building with this brother who is a Prince Hall and he says they don’t give the right knowledge but, again I speak with those who came out of the lodge and they say that MST is right and exact. I was also looking for the brothers who are Muslims and apart of the Lodge”.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Thank you very much for your kind words and taking the time to read my work. You raised a very good question. There is overwhelming evidence that perhaps to suggest that Prophet Noble Drew Ali, leader and founder of the Moorish Science Temple, was a Mason and was elevated to the Mystic Shrine 32nd degree (pseudo Islam organization). Now! this is where it gets a little sticky; the full name of the Shrine is the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. You can discern from that name that at least in theory somebody was perhaps working with some real knowledge. The Black Shriners were formulated in 1893 and in most jurisdictions until recently black Masons and White Masons still had separate and apart Masonic lodges. So you can assume that Prophet Noble Drew Ali was initiated in an African American Shrine Temple; he was a was born around 1886 and was murdered around 1929 (note: Most Moors would argue that Prophet Noble Drew Ali died of Pneumonia). There is no doubt that the Shriners taught a generic form of Islam and perhaps this teachings inspired Prophet Drew Ali to search for greater truths after coming in contact with the Masonic teachings. But the Shriners uses the Holy Qur'an, refer to Islam, and make a lot of mention of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (PBUH) and was this Prophet Noble Drew Ali's first subtle orientation to Islam. Some could rightly argue that the Moors history goes back to the 8th century in North Africa and these black men had one of the greatest and significant reins ever recorded in human history, relative to Tarik Ibn Zaid and how the Moors enlightened all of Europe and brought a high civilization and culture to Spain, Iberia Peninsula and France. Others maintain that Prophet Drew Ali worked on the railroad and met perhaps Ahmadiyyah Muslims while working on the train and they began to expose him to Islam and others believe that he traveled to North Africa; in particular Morocco and Egypt and was initiated in the Egyptian Mystery Schools; where he learned the esoteric sciences and Islam and was given instructions to come back to North America and teach the lost-found Asiatic black man and woman in America Islam. But those of us who study Speculative Masonry can trace Masonry back to the Egyptian Mystery Schools and in recent times back to the date of 644 A.D. to the linage of Muhammad's (PBUH) son-in-law Ali Ibn Talib (may Allah be please with him). This is my take. On what site and where did you read my article? I am opening for further examination. What do you think?”

Brother Sheik Robert Stone-El: "Peace Bro. Fahim, That was a most interesting post and exchange. I would love to get some information on the proof that Noble Drew Ali was a member of the Odd Fellows. The history in Moorish Science has it that Noble Drew Ali was exposed to esoteric Islam through the Ikhwan As-Safa and not Masonry. The reason that he chose to develop the Circle Seven as he did was because it expressed best the teachings of that of the Ikhwan As-Safa and could be produced easily for the Moors".

"I have studied Masonry as a non-member for years. While the M.S.T. of A., I believe compliments Masonry and offers a "final abode," if you will for Masons, I cannot say that Drew Ali really borrowed from it as much as it is assumed that he did. There were other orders that existed that made "adepts" and promoted Kemit, like the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. It was in existence prior to the founding of the Shrine (John G. Jones) and mentioned the red fez etc. Its teachings are actually more similar to M.S.T. of A. than the Masonic lodge".

"Now, I do acknowledge John G. Jones's writings on Morocco and the Fez. The Prophet Noble Drew Ali is reported to have told a brother that came to the temple with a Shriner's fez, "Brother, you do not need that now that I the Prophet am here." Then Noble Drew Ali took that fez off and gave him the plain red fez".

"There are a lot of variations in the M.S.T. of A. Some temples function using rules of order that may heavily resemble the Masonic lodge. Other temples do not. There is just variance in that regard. But one thing is for sure there has been a constant sharing and relationship between Moors and African American Masonry. As your writings show and I fully agree, it is important to keep the relationship productive as we have much more wisdom to learn in these last days".

Fahim A. Knight-El: Hotep Bro. Stone-El: "Thank you for this wisdom; I am a student of knowledge and I respect your perspective and I am very much open to learning. I love and respect the work of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and there is so much to be learned (I will never intentionally disrespect his honor). The Prince Hall Phylaxis Research Society in which Brother Ralph McNeil, Jr., mentioned that he has a new book coming out documenting that Prophet Drew Ali was member of the Odd Fellows organization. I personally had never heard of this in the Prophet's biographical history. Hence, I did not want to past judgment until the book comes out and I have had an opportunity to read the research. But thank you for reading the piece and giving me this constructive feedback".

Brother CM: “I had a link that was saved in my favorites (Islam and freemasonry) I hadn’t checked it in a while but I think you are doing a good service by enlightening peeps. I see you’re a moor, and a mason how did you come to that knowledge? Are you a Muslim also? I have a teacher that I just met a couple of months ago who is an older school cat that is an EL and also a nuwabian. He is building up with me, I had brought basically my entire library on my trip with me when I saw the EL and approached him. I have been a Muslim for 12yrs and started progress in my light about five years ago. The brother has been showing me and teaching me some Moor science and has told me soon I will walk through that door, wear the light in the way it is suppose to be worn (as above so below) this brother says the bros in the lodge wont tell you these things. I had read these things before meeting the brother in a book by Zachary Gremillion( FOUNDER OF THE ANCIENT GRAND LODGE OF KHEMIT) where he says that the truth is not given to us about who is the man or people buried in a shallow grave in the west, he says it is our history and our secrets that cant be sold to us like the Europeans and the P.H try to do. I am thinking of becoming a moor but the delay was that my light was initiated by Orthodox Islam so I had to free my mind I also was thinking of becoming a Mason but the delay was because of different things from the same house like one said I couldn’t be a Muqmin(believer) and be initiated in the house one said that all the reformers that where about nationalism was wrong. Some say the G is right and exact some say the Square or the Ka, aba is right and exact what you say”.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Thank you again for your questions (I might not be answering them all in a complete way but if not just shoot me some more emails and I will do my best to answer all your questions) and taking the time to read the article. I have been presented with this question over and over again by Muslims of all persuasions. I always point out that Islam is a religion (or a way of life) and it is a serious faith tradition beginning with Prophet Muhammad 570---632 AD (PBUH) and the revelation of the Qur'an, and there is no compulsion in Islam”.
“Islam does not have a "secret" theology and it is open to all who desire to investigate this faith tradition and to become a Muslim it only requires a prospective believer to take the Shahadah and by bearing witness "there is no God, But Allah and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah is his Messenger". There is no elaborate rituals like you will find associated with Masonry”.

“But I believe that Muslims mis-characterize Freemasonry as being a "secret society" and in my estimation they have a tendency of mixing truth with falsehood. Freemasonry is not a "secret society" but it is an organization that possess secrets and there lay the difference. The other misnomer is that Freemasonry claim to be a religion; it is a fraternity, brotherhood and function separate and apart from religion; yet religion is used to explain and exemplify ethical and moral lessons”.
“However, Muslims believe that Freemasonry teachings are anti-Islamic and the organization is Zionist inspired aimed at destroying Islam and it teachings are heretic. I have met many Sunni, Shia, and of course some Nation of Islam members who are active Prince Hall Masons and we have had some engaging conversations relative to Islam and their involvement into Freemasonry”.

“There are good arguments on both sides and it actually comes down to one making a personal decision based on a complete study course and research in order to determine whether or not you believe that becoming a Mason will compromise your Islamic beliefs. I can assure you this, Islam like all three major world religions are accepted into the body of Freemasonry”.

“Thank you for the question and if I can be of any further assistance; please feel welcome and free to email me back”.

Brother CM: “I had questions about which door to enter because of racism and hording of knowledge from one house to another. In my past I was told that is was Scottish and York but recently was told there is many different ways to go just wondering if you could shed some light”.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “I apologize for not getting back with you quickly; my daughter is a gymnast and we were out of town attending her gymnastic meet. Brother let me give it to you from the Prince Hall Masonic view. Once a brother has been raised as a third (3rd) degree Master Mason; we say there are two ladders that brother can choose to go up the left side, which is the Red House or Royal Arch Masonry, but properly called York Rite Masonry. This route of Masonry is more of the Christian side of Masonry and leads to the terminal degree called the Knight’s Templar, but most Masonic scholars teaches that you can not attain the "real word" in Masonry unless you climb the York Rite side. The Scottish Rite Masonry (the right side of Jacob’s ladder) starts at the 4th degree and ends at the 32nd degree. Both Masonic ladders eventually lead to the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (secret practice of Islam). Now, with my Masonic jurisdiction in 24th District of North Carolina, a third degree Master Mason can petition entry directly into the Shrine without climbing to become a 32ND Degree Mason or a Knight’s Templar. My brother, you already know enough to run circles around most of my Mason brothers because Islam requires study and it doesn't tolerate ignorance and it gives 360 degrees of knowledge, it completes the circle. Here is a link to an article I did on the Knights Templar, it might answer some of your questions and concerns you have.”

Brother CM: “Its bout that time for me to head back to the states.”
“What do you know about Westminster Abbey? Im on my way to London looking for some of their jewels?”

Fahim A. Knight-El: “It is always good to hear from you. I do not know much about Westminster Abbey, but I do know a lot of our history and culture artifacts from Kemet ( Egypt ) are in the various museums through out the United Kingdom ( Great Britain ). I know Al-Islam has grown tremendously in London and Freemasonry is viewed a little different by the British Parliament; thus, all Masons have to officially register their Masonic membership with British Government unlike the United States in which your Masonic membership is a private matter”.

“Remember the first European Lodge was started in England in 1717 and I am quite sure there is a serious non-visual and perhaps visual Masonic influence in the country. I personally kind of lost respect for the British Government back in 1986 when the Zionist Jews exerted there influence and denied Minister Louis Farrakhan entry into the nation because he was being falsely accused of being anti-Semitic; not that I agree with everything Minister Farrakhan says”.

“But he was denied entry into London and was detained at Heathrow Airport and some years later the British Government passed a resolution permanently banning Minister Farrakhan from ever gaining entry into London, which this writer believes that this decision was being driven by powerful Jewish international lobbies and at the head of it was Zionist instigation”.

“My brother, I am quite sure you will see some things and know right away and recognize them as part of connecting the dots. There is an author who wrote a book titled, "The Secret Founding of America" named Nicholas Hagger (a Masonic writer) and he is from England . You might want to Google search him and see if he is available for public engagements (he actually lives and work in the house in England where the plan was hatched to come Jamestown, Virginia 1619 in search of the so-called New World)”.

Bro. Salih Muhammad: "As Salaamu Alaykum; have just read a very interesting piece that you wrote. I was watching the Malcolm X movie and it occurred to me that Elijah Muhammad had to be affiliated with freemasonry...And I was correct according to your research....How many other prominent figures in the African American community has taken black folks to the brink of freedom and left them stand there excepting the crumbs off of the tables of the elitist....I am sunni Muslim Alhamdulillah and many will feel the wrath of Allah....In the Quran it states that man should not take the words of Allah for financial gain...May brothers of the Prince Hall Masonic Order stand firm and speak the truth to the masses of people before it's to late....As Salaamu Alaykum”.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Bro. Salih Muhammad: Thank you for taking the time to read my article titled, "Freemasonry and Islam: What do They Share?" and to give me your assessment. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a Freemason and I am of the opinion that a sizable amount of the Nation of Islam's theology and culture was borrowed from Masonic philosophy and it has been this Masonic interdependency that evolved side by side with "Black Islam" in America. I must make this distinction Prince Hall Masons within the Blue Lodge (the first three degrees) level do not know the truth relative to Islam, but those that go up (High Degree Masons) the Scottish Rite (4--32) degrees and on York Rite side (Knights Templar) who petition membership in the Mystic Shrine (Shriners) are exposed to the Holy Qur'an and the Sunna. Thus, I do believe they have an obligation to help elevate humanity in accordance to the principles giving to us all by God and failure to do this could be perceived as being sinister. Muslims of all persuasions also have an obligation to reach out to the Masons and help to lead them on the straight path and work to break this antagonistic relationship that exist between Islam and Freemasonry”.

Bro. Salih Muhammad: “As Salaamu Alaykum...Allah guides whom he wills and set astray who he one will ever encompass anything of his knowledge except whom he wills....We are only limited as mankind to the knowledge that we have....The mastering of mystism is by the decree of Allah to further lead man from the straight path....and it is a covenant of the accursed Shaytan that he will lead man tempting him in his weaknesses of arrogance and lust of power, sex, money and the likes.....The true knowledge is that nothing exists without the will of Allah....And that our days on this earth are numbered....The Shaytan knows this and deceives man to believe that he will reign forever.....Freemasonry knows this...and it is contrary to the purpose of control....The less a person knows the more he is apt to be control....The practices of Elijah Muhammad is that he taught Malcolm X from his knowledge and not from the source in which he derived his warped ideology....If you recall Malcolm X would always quote that Elijah Muhammad said such and such....It is my opinion the the Templars Knights found nothing more than the Quran from the prophet Solomon...and knew that the entire existence of mankind to live in peace and tranquility lies within the text....But you cannot stop what is already divinely inspired to occur....All we have to do is proclaim it openly in all the corners of the world and from the mountain tops that Islam is the true way of life...implement the Sharia across the world....elect a khalifah. Destroy capitalism and the notion of democracy and just tell the truth....Islam is the true guidance and no will be saved except by Allah's permission....As Salaamu Alaykum”.

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Bro. Derek Burgman (Deputy Grand Master of 24th District North Carolina, and Past Worshipful Master of Doric Lodge 28 in Durham, NC and Potente of Zafa Temple 176): Just wanted to inform you that today begins the Islamic Holy Month called Ramadan. Thus, this is the time that Muslims throughout the world celebrate the revealing of the Holy Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad (570 AD-632 AD), which is the same book that is revered by both organizations (Mystic Shrine and Islam). It took Allah (God) twenty three (23) years to complete this glorious revelation to Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon him) via the Angel Gabriel. The Muslims do not partake nor indulge in consuming of foods or intoxicants during the day light time hours in observance of the month of Ramadan. This is a challenge to all our brothers of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine to not just fashion, which is not just to casually use Islamic terms in our ritualism, but have little insight to what the shrine ritual is leading us toward. When we recite the "Victory Ceremony" which is the Al-Fatiha (the opening book of the Holy Qur’an) this is one of the most powerful verses in the Qur’an and should not be taking lightly by the Shriners. We are asked the Questions; Why does a noble have to travel over the hot sands? Where is the Shrine located? We are giving the Answer: On the coast of Arabia near the Red Sea; In order to worship at the Shrine.......Question: Why were you requested to do this; Answer: As a token of my renouncing the wiles and evils of the world, and be granted permission to worship at the shrine." All of this dialogue goes deeper than did we ride the camel and how did we tie him. This month called Ramadan is holy and sacred and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah will be please to have all the entire Prince Hall Shriners to participate in this glorious month long fast. We have to truly move beyond lodge and temple ritualism and began to live the principles that are given to us in our Shrine Lessons. There must be at some point positive dialogue between Islam and the Shriners. Remember the Altar: the Holy Qur’an is opened on the 38th chapter and the Bible is opened on the 1st Chapter of the book of JOB. What does this truly mean? Just a few thoughts. Es Salmu Aleikum.”

Potente Brother Derek Burgman: “It is always good to hear from you, and as always informative. These are questions that my son & I, who is of the Islamic faith have talked about for months. It is good that you are concerned with the relationship of the shrine and the faith. Are you interested in joining the Shrine? We could use a brother who has both the knowledge of the faith and the Shrine. I will speak to you soon. You are my Brother and it would be both an honor and for the good of the shrine, that when you are ready to join the shrine if you will allow me to sign your app. and when ever you want to email call or stop by it is no problem”.

Bro. James Tucker: “Fraternal greetings, I am very interested in finding information out about the Shrine, Knights Templar, and Consistory. Any information you could forward me would be greatly appreciated. I would like to thank you in advance for your assistance and have a Happy Holiday!James Tucker Mt. Hermon Lodge #35 Roanoke Consistory #248 Rofelt Pasha #175 King Solomon Commandary #14 MWPHGLNC”.

Fahim A. Knight_EL: “Bro. Tucker, Thank you for the contact. Have you read my piece titled, "Freemasonry (Moslem) Sons and Islam: What Do they Share?", if so or if not let me know. Also, my brother who referred you to me. Just curious”.

Bro. James Tucker: “I read your piece and this is why I am contacting you. So often I have learned that brothers join different houses not for the masonry(knowledge), but personal agendas(political) which causes the houses to divide. I rather have the knowledge than to hold a seat and be ignorant. Thanks for any information to help me continuing towards the EAST”.

Fahim A. Knight: “Thank you Brother Tucker: There are three great sources that you can order off Amazon.Com; There is a book written by a brother in the Shrine—PHA. The book is titled, "African Origins of Freemasonry: The True History of Free Masonry in Africa and its Resurrection Among Africans in the Diaspora" by Bro. Zachary P. Gremillion, "Freemasonry: Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny" by Mustafa El-Amin and AL-Islam, Christianity, & Freemasonry" by Mustafa EL-Amin. Let me know because, I have done so much research in this area and I have a lot of sources.”

Bro. James Tucker: “I read "African Origins of Freemasonry”: The True History of Free Masonry in Africa and its Resurrection Among Africans in the Diaspora" by Bro. Zachary P. Gremillion, and I have a question. Basically the Knight Templar are truly based on Eygptian or African knowledge? Also the European lodges in America are operating by dispensation or a warrant and not a charter. So why are we (North Carolina) looking for recognition??!!”

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Bro. Tucker: I pray and hope all is well. I know you and I have a few conversations via email in reference to Islam and Shrine Masonry. I sent you a link to a two part article and critique I wrote relative to Racism in Masonry aimed at Prince Hall Masonry. It was published on Looking to the East web site. I hope that the articles were helpful in a small way. If you have any further questions; please do not hesitate to let me know, if I can answer, I do not mind being of assistance. I have spent a sizable amount of time studying the two entities”.

Noble Bilal Abdul Muhammad: “Salaam my beloved brother, I wonder have we ever met. I remember going to the African festival up at Central Univ. back in the day. (Early 90's) or going to the Mosque outside the college when Dr Ridgely Abdul Mu'min was still up there. So if you were on the scene back then (1991-1993) we had to cross paths”.

“Allah has blessed you with the fire to research, please keep it coming. Have you studied any of Dr. Wesley Muhammad aka True Islam. I have followed his lectures for the past year! He reminds me of our Late Bro Min Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Same Fire and spirit! I haven't given up on our beloved Craft, but there are only a few who are a part of the AEAONMS who do any research. It's sad at least, and you are correct. Most just want to belong to the fun house!”

“I have taken a leave of absent from the mosque until the smoke clears. We are again at that point of "has he changed directions" My generation has either walked away from their post or stopped going. There are few who were members since 1990 or later. Either tired of the paper pushing or tired of changes. Is there any hope for our people? That old saying, if you want to keep a secret from a Blackman. Hide it in a book.”

“My point Bro. Fahim, it's your fire that is a guiding light for some of us who feel lost in a sea of ignorance! The Black conscience has almost disappeared! Well at least here in Dallas! I don’t count Kwanza! What happen to the old soldiers, like Bro Dr Na’im Akbar, or our wonderful brothers United Brothers & Sisters Book Store? So Brother Fahim, keep being that Light House! We see you shining!
Your Noble Brother, Bilal Abdul Muhammad aka Noble 2Step Monty”.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Thank you Brother Muhammad for you kind words of inspiration and encouragement. Yes, I was in Durham, North Carolina in the early 1990s and I am a graduate of North Carolina Central University; I think I met Bro Dr. Ridgely Mu'min Muhammad when he was teaching at North Carolina A&T State University in the late 1980s . I can remember when he used to go to small African Centered book stores promoting his book titled, “Amen: The Secret Waters of the Great Pyramid”. So, I have been around the knowledge for some years now, but can not say whether or not we have ever met. But I have always been partial to the life giving teachings and perhaps these teachings have had the greatest impact on my present day worldview. Yes, Sir in my article on this Blog site titled, “The Kemetic Origin of Freemasonry: The Signs and Symbols Do not Lie”, this is what I stated about Dr. Wesley Muhammad (True Islam) “No, scholar makes this case any better than Dr. Wesley Muhammad in his monumental book titled, "Black Arabia and the African Origin of Islam" he debunks this myth that the so-called light skinned Semites were the original occupants of Kemet (Egypt) and Saudi Arabia and furthermore, he geographically and ethnically traces these allege distinct people and cultures to one original source (a unified African continent with a synthesis culture and knowledge base). The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us, that the earth belongs to the original man and this fact is irrefutable. Dr. Muhammad is perhaps one of the most intelligent young scholars that I have the privilege to read in a very long time. He writes and scholarly defends the black experience, in particular and the Nation of Islam's theology in general. There is no Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE or Five Percenter) nor Nation of Islam scholars of his equal. Dr. Wesley Muhammad is brilliant and we need to pay more attention to his pen”. (Reference: Wesley Muhammad; "The Book of God") and "Black Arabia & The African Origin of Islam."

Bro. Mario Baylon Jr: “Dear Bro Knight, Thank you so much for leaving a "comment" on my blog. I do appreciate your comments, a well written and researched article. Instead of publishing it as a comment, it is possible for me to publish your comment as an article in my blog? I will also search for your web site as well, which I am sure you will have to better propagate and educate not only African-Americans but all those wished to be enlightened".

"I am fully aware of the the Masonic schisms, not only among white-American and African-American Masons, but also among Masons of same race. Very recently in the Philippines, a number of Lodges in the province of Cavite have decided to form their own Grand Lodge and were labelled as "clandestine" and "irregular" by the Grand Lodge of the Philippines (GLP). We have lodges that pre-dates the American sponsored GLP (the Mother Grand Lodge of which is the Southern California Jurisdiction), and still hold its allegiances to either the Scottish Grand Lodge or the Grand Oriente - Spanish Grand Lodges".

"What I am trying to say here is that Freemasonry is not as perfect as we would like it to be. While we are trying, like our Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religious brothers, there is still a long way to go to put into practice "The Brotherhood of Man, Under the Fatherhood of God."

"I believe this is the gist of your comment, that we are not as united as a Fraternity. You are right sir. It is not my intention to portray our Fraternity as such. But we are trying to be that perfect Ashlar, everyday all we can do is try to be on the side of what is morally right and true, to be on the side of light and to see what that light is. I am sure you will agree with me that as imperfect beings, there is no way we can create a perfect institution, here and now; we can only strive to. This is also not to say that this is a justification to remain sinners and/or a rough Ashlar, far from it, it is our duty to be better men and human beings. To leave this temporal place a better place and make a difference. That I believe is what you are doing as well in your think tank".

Again, thank you for your enlightening comment and I will wait for your favorable response.


Bro Mario Baylon Jr
Lincoln Lodge No 34 (GLP)
Olongapo City, Philippines
Now residing in Woodcroft, Australia.

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Thank you brother Baylon: Firstly, for your kind words and your studious observation. Without critical evaluation and analysis we can not grow and our Craft as you so thoroughly pointed out is a work in progress and it is easy to point out the negative, but Freemasonry is beautiful institution when we practice the Truth, Relief and Brotherly love”.

“We as Masonic scholars have an obligation to search out Speculative Masonry in order discern out the hidden mysteries and present them in a scholarly manner which to elevate the Craft and humanity”.

“I felt in my Jurisdiction that someone had to socially agitate both my Caucasian and African-American Masonic brothers to abolish racism in Masonry because in 2008 it stands as a contradiction to the principles of Masonry. I did not hide, I actually sent the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (Caucasian) body and Prince Hall (African American) body in C/O of the Grand Masters because I wanted both sovereign Masonic bodies to feel a bit uncomfortable and perhaps this would lead to greater and productive dialog between the two Masonic families”.

“The topic of race is an uncomfortable topic, but we need an honest national discussion relative to race within the United States. I would like to believe that in North Carolina (USA) my article truly have gotten black Masons and white Masons talking. I make no apology for exposing this un-Masonic conduct because I truly believe in the pristine principles offered in our craft—segregation is wrong”.

“I think my article passionately expresses my sentiments, but I wanted to be scholarly and not to emotional about the issue. My brother I feel honored to call you my brother. Yes. You have my permission to publish the article on your site. Thus, once you publish the article could you please send me the link”.

Bro. Decode Reality: “No-one is asking you or anyone to overlook history, real history”.

“I read your post and wanted to offer a couple of brief points that you might think aren't related”.

“Recently I've been studying the phenomenon of 'honour killings' that take place in 'Islamic' societies. I concluded that the mindset that dictates the boundaries of behaviour of women AND men in these places is nothing less than extreme slavery. Anyone who is even rumoured to have stepped over those boundaries ends up dead”.

“Secondly, I read up about how in some parts of the world, songs and books have to be brought before government censors and their content examined”.

“I'm saying that to say this: the effects of generations of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism upon black people are real. Though at times I do wonder if in constantly re-affirming the history of our control that we are failing to acknowledge the freedoms we also have in the present? The victim of an honour crime or a Burmese citizen imprisoned for criticising the system would look at us and say 'You're FREE!'”

“The African-centred/Afrocentric movement of the late 80s and 90s was fantastic, I learned so much from it that the mainstream had suppressed. Many years on, one of my critiques of it is that in its zeal to redress the balance, it painted things in a very black and white way; there were no grey areas. The history of slavery and the role that black people played in enslaving each other, first via Islamic imperialism, is still very much understated. Perhaps less so now.”

“15 years ago, I was fortunate to attend a great conference in the UK. I heard people like Dr Patricia Newton (Nana Sekhmet) and James Small, and John Henrik Clarke also spoke. Sekhmet said in no uncertain terms "The problem of Africa is AFRICANS! African people don't want to recognise the glory of God that is within them" . She was and is 100% correct but you know something? There was a trickle of audience applause because I supect that many attendees had chiefly come to hear her expound upon what The Man's doing to the African race. So that they could blame and not take responsibility.”

“On this theme, James Small talked about how many of Africa's problems stem from its adoption of foreign ideologies, in the forms of Marxism, Christianity, Islam, etc. He said that "If any of those systems were going to bring us freedom, then we should have had a lot of it by now". Another thing that stuck in my mind was this, I quote: "We have people in government in Africa who are more dangerous to African people than any white person in Europe"

“I'm simply offering these observations as another side of the coin. I'm not telling you how you ought to think, which would be nonsense anyway; I just wanted to add a viewpoint that I don't think is heard enough in these kinds of discussions”.

Fahim A. Knight: “Thank you Brother Decode Reality for your analysis and critique. Let me first state this, yes, I can partially see your point and I am in agreement because it speaks to the highest level of personal spirituality. May be I and others are imprisoned by our collective consciousness, which is rooted in a historical experience that is still very much unresolved and we are products of our experiences (good, bad or indifferent). Perhaps if the proper redress were giving to past inhumane acts of Chattel Slavery, Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism and the rapping and plundering of ethnic peoples lands and resources from around the world; may be our collective approach as a people of African descendent would be different, but it is extremely difficult to overlook the 310 years of suffering. This history has left generations scarred in Africa and throughout the Diaspora. Racism and white supremacy is a disease and as long as it continues to play itself out in an institutionalized manner, then we have no choice in 2010, but to address these evils on whatever level that we may be on. It is still a physical struggle and psychological struggle because of the mental damage that white supremacy has had on the globe, in particular on people of color. So my and our empowerment can not be separated from our quest to still recognize and identify that there are still some political, economic and social hurdles yet to be overcome and we can not appease the enemy into believing that our struggle is spiritual and internal; while he still has his foot on our necks. We also, must understand that there are reactionary forces in Islam and there are reactionary Africans who are more ruthless than when Africa was under white rule (but lets not alleviate his role even in these matters). Thus, your core point on that matter is valid and we should take personal responsibility for our lives and condition. What took place in Africa was one of the greatest crimes in the history of humanity and healing after 500 years has left both the perpetrators and the victims scarred. We talk about this history as a cultural linkage and in these discussions there are always some type of transformation--the pain, suffering and our liberation is closely associated. I share this history with my children because they need to correlate their presences to a not so distance past; it doesn't matter how painful our history was they need to know and we can never stop talking about it. Lastly, I am comfortable in saying that you already had anticipated that this would, perhaps be my response”.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El