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by Fahim A. Knight-EL

There has been a lot of discussion on one of the African American Prince Hall Masonic web sites relating to the U.S. Dollar bill and the United States Seal, as far as, decoding the meaning and interpreting of the symbolism, and for many of us in the broader community; we would have considered the discussion they were having as an old discussion. However, what is considered old information to some, might be considered new to those who have yet to come in contact with certain information, which leads us to accept that what is considered "old" or "new" information should be viewed as relative terms.

A brother named Octavius S. Davis-El who is a 33rd Degree Mason from the PHAmily website wrote this message: “To my sisters and brothers, the words were said last night (Referring to President-Elect Barack Obama’s victory speech after defeating Senator John McCain for the office of president),"Out of many one." Let us think on these words. Annuit Coeptis meaning Out of many one, it's on back of your dollar bill. "It is time to build and reinforce our society". Davis had suggested that the Latin terminology Annuit Coeptis meant "Out of Many One" but actually E-Pluribus Unum (which translate from Latin to English is interpreted to mean "Out of Many One.” But upon being corrected, he humbly accepted that he had erred and made a mistake and quite graciously accepted being corrected.

There was another brother on the web site who identified himself as Dr. Michael Murphy who I am assuming holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph. D) in some discipline, but this was his response and correction to Davis-EL; "Hi again Brother Davis, When one earns two Bachelors Degrees at a Catholic University, one has to take Latin. I double checked what I thought was the correct translation, and confirmed it.""The Latin words "Annuit Conceptis" literally translated means announcing the birth or in the case of the dollar bill; "Announcing the Birth of the New World Order". The Latin words "E Pluribus Unum" means "Out of many; one" Forgive me brother-man. I hate raining on your oratory parade, but consider it a helpful instruction in the Latin Language."

Dr. Murphy was correct in his language translation and since Brother Davis-EL had made this error on a public forum, then I saw no reason why he should not have been corrected in a public way. But I did feel that he laid down to easy and this is what led me to do this research and bring forth this knowledge, but many of the responses after Dr. Murphy's correction of Davis-EL comment were in agreement with Dr. Murphy because we thought that an authoritative voice had spoken. However, perhaps none of them were willing to put in the research to verify or go after the historical evidence to further explain this Latin concept E-Pluribus Unum and why it was incorporated in the symbolism on the United States Currency and how did this relate to Freemasonry. This subject needed a little more scholarly attention than a bunch of yes men agreeing with Dr. Murphy, but what about offering an empirical investigation. This writer did not respond on day that these comments were being made relative to the U.S. Seal and U.S. Currency, it wasn’t that if he lacked the knowledge to have responded. But these were surface comments being offered and I desired to wait until after doing the research and then only would I offer Dr. Murphy and Davis-EL a legitimate response that would be well thought-out and well researched. Here is my response.

But many of the questions that people were posting had been thoroughly dealt with by the likes of Manly P. Hall and other Masonic scholars, as well as by those who research and study esoteric and occult topics have produced a wealth of information relative to interpreting the meaning of the symbolism and the story behind the United States Currency; in particular, the symbolism on and behind the United States Dollar Bill and the United Seal. (Reference: Mustafa El-Amin; Freemasonry: Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny”).

The author Paul Foster Case in his book titled, "The Great Seal of the United States" analyzed and decoded the inner meanings of the numerology and interpreted the Masonic symbolism that is not readily accessible to the naked eye and he gives us the esoteric duality There is little doubt that the majority of the so-called Founding Fathers—Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington were Freemasons and the majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 were Masons and those 40 or so original signers of the United States Constitution, which fourteen (14) were Masons. These so-called enlightened men formulated the Rule and Guide of our legal and Jurisprudence structure. Many of these early Freemasons had been raised and initiated under the Grand Lodge of England. These “American” Masons who were ordinarily Caucasian and of an Elitist aristocratic society were given open Charters and Dispensation to set-up and organized duly chartered Masonic Lodges within the Continental America, which automatically received full recognition and approval from the Mother Lodge of England. (Reference: David Ovason; “The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital: The Masons and the Building of Washington”)

These enlightened men based on the symbolism of the United States currency seemed to be infatuated with occult and esoteric knowledge, the historians have not produced any evidence that the Founding Fathers had ever made any pilgrimages to Kemet (Egypt), but their knowledge seemed outside the ordinary and represented a "higher science."

It was rooted in the ancient wisdom of books written by authors of the likes of Manly P. Hall such as "The Secret Teachings of All Ages;" Hall stated, "European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the Mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government, for the signature of the Mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United States of America. Carefully analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols, chief among them the so-called American eagle—a bird which Benjamin Franklin declared unworthy to be chosen as the emblem of a great, powerful, and progressive people. Here again only the student of symbolism can see through the subterfuge and realize that American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventialized phoenix, a fact plainly discernable from an examination of the original seal. In his sketch of the "History of the Seal of the United States," Gaillard Hunt unwittingly brings forward much material to substantiate the belief that the original seal carried the phoenix bird on its obverse surface. . .” (Reference: Manly P. Hall; "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" pg xc and xci)

Hall continues: “Not only were many of the founders of the United States Government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe, which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated and for the most part unknown--and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestleboard setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishments of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception." (Reference: Manly P. Hall; "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" pg xc and xci).”

This writer wonders who were these individuals that Hall referred to as, "they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe;" were these the money changers who had financed both sides of the American Revolution—the international bankers who have always had a vested interest in the various Orders because of their ability to function as closed societies and the old penalties assured that what took place in the lodge stayed in the lodge based on the solemn oaths. This relationship between Freemasonry and the Power Elite have been mutual in a lot of regards.

Although, the Money Changers hoodwinked those of the Order because their involvement was never based on the three basic principles that under girds Freemasonry—Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth (Prince Hall Masons is based on similar principles Brotherly Love, Morality and Friendship), but money hoarding and controlling banking and finance were their true intent and objectives. Freemasonry became a convenient institution which to shield the inner-workings of some sinister individuals who had established blood descendent dynastic Orders and had become intertwined with visible Freemasonry. (Reference: David Icke: “The Biggest Secret”).

Some historians maintained that the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" was evidence of such covert organization and individuals that had systematically devised a high tech manipulation and deception plan of a group of wickedly wise, secret society, and sophisticated money changers that have duped humanity. However, their are others who say such a contention is mere nonsense and there is no reliable evidence that such a sophisticated plan ever existed and the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" was a fraud and a undocumented conspiracy theory hoax; just as the Priory of Sion. (Reference: William Guy Carr; "Pawns In The Game").

But nevertheless, what is undeniable is evident that their are some unseen forces, cloaked behind many different fronts and layers of deception and in deed they have the entire planet in a stranglehold. Thus, the so-called recent economic meltdown is not a meltdown at all; this economic crisis is one of their ploys to strangulate the ignorant masses by cutting off the life blood of society, which is its money flow in order to create confusion and human chaos while these profiteers are laughing at us Goyims and are continuing to rake in untold wealth at the expense of our misery. (Reference: Dr. John Coleman: “Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of the 300”).

Freemasonry as a Order might be innocent of such charges but is perhaps more guilty by historical association and as a passive entity in which in many cases have allowed the Invisible Rulers to use their Lodges not as a resting place, but as untouchable shelters who could communicate in a different language of symbolism—a word, sign and token, but their power and will transcended even the authority given under the 33rd Degree; offered under the United Supreme Council (this writer is not referring to African American 33RD Degree Masons because they will never be invited into attaining even an understanding of such POWER). They (Invisible Rulers) functions with unthinkable power and wealth and with complete sovereignty; these Invisible Rulers literally run circles around Freemasonry.

Thus, even Theosophical wisdom that consumed the life of Helen Petrovna Blavatsky displayed in her monumental works "The Secret Doctrines: The Synthesis, Religion and Philosophy" and "Isis Unveiled." or George Fraser "The Golden Bough." in which these scholars of renown also pointed to Kemet (Egypt) as being the cradle of civilization; all the known disciplines and sciences have their origin.

The American Founding Fathers used the language of Latin to communicate, because Latin was the language that had high intellectual significance and it was an expression of philosophical academia which was very popular even up until perhaps the 1950s. A lot of preparatory and parochial schools and colleges and university required the language of Latin as an intricate part of the curriculum. But Latin is a young language in comparison to languages found in the East such Hebrew and Arabic which derived from the much older language of Amharic that was originally spoken in the Middle Eastern region including Mesopotamia. Perhaps the Hebrew language that Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus, the son of Joseph) or in Islam and the Arabic language Isa bin Yusuf (Jesus the son of Joseph) spoke over 2,000 years ago were clear indications that the letter “J” was introduced only about five hundred year ago. Jesus did not speak English nor Latin.

The “out of many, one” was rooted in the teachings of Kemet (Egypt) where the microcosm universe was viewed in the context of the macrocosm universe and although the latter was huge and expansive, but the human anatomy—and physiology was only a miniature reflection of the heavenly bodies that were reflected and in direct correlation to the universal laws of motion and order. The Kemites understood the Universal laws of Maat—harmony, balance, justice, equilibrium, and reciprocity. So these ancient principles that were being symbolically used to shield and admonish a superior culture spoke to a higher language and as far as the language of Latin being used to describe these ancient principles and symbolism; it was only considered an exemplar language in the West and it does little justice as far as interpreting and decoding what was being spoken and written in Kemet (Egypt). (Reference: Josef A.A. Ben Jochannon; “The Black man of the Nile and his Family”).

Some believe that the Founding Fathers were influenced by the Rosicrucian mystic teachings that were brought to America in 1693 by one Sir Francis Bacon who understood esoteric and occult lessons that were rooted in science of alchemy and the universal balance of Eastern philosophy versus Western philosophy. It was no more evident than under the teachings of Akhenaton (the father of monotheism) which the Rosicrucian followers embraced and had a keen understanding of what Kemet (Egypt) meant in the realm of philosophical thought and its cultural contribution to humanity . There is no doubt that the Rosicrucians had come in contact with Kemet (Egypt) and had copied their Rose Croix theories directly from the Egyptian Mystery Schools who were doing degree work long before Rosicrucians, the Scottish Rite and York Rite Orders were even a thought. (Reference: Nesta H. Webster; “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements”).

William H. Gross in article titled, "Rosicrucianism' A Religion or Not" {Christian} Rosenkruez traveled to Damascus where he remained for three years, devoting himself to the study of the occult sciences. He then sailed to Egypt where he continued his studies and proceeded to Africa where he acquired further information from philosophers. Christian Rosenkruez's travels also took him to Spain and finally to Germany to where he decided to share his studies and research with his own countrymen. He also decided to establish a society for cultivation of the sciences which he had acquired during his travels. (Reference: William H. Gross; "Rosicrucianism' A Religion or Not").

Some scholars even maintain that the teachings of the Kabala was the biggest influence on the Founding Fathers, but all of these philosophies had what became known as a Masonic theme. For example, phallic symbolism, fertility rites, agriculture rites, and Sun God Rites that evolved around the winter and summer solstice—birth, death, resurrection, and ascension. The story of Osiris, Isis and Heru was a story of antiquity which had been told thousands of years before the Christian version of Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus, the so-called Christ); in fact the Christians forged this ancient pagan myth and repackaged it as a divine phenomena that gave them irrefutable religious credence over other faith traditions. (Reference: Kersey Graves; “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors”). .

Moreover, based on the so-called story of Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus) and the Christian religious worldview; Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus) was supposed to have been the first world savior born of immaculate conception on December 25, suffered a brutal slaying, resurrected as an act of defying death and ascended (all this mythology was more related to birth and decline of the physical Sun). In Kemet all the structures of the pyramids were built around preserving the soul and is spoke to the higher lessons of the immorality of the soul. Wallis Budge in his book titled, "The Egyptian Book of Dead" (also known as 'Coming Forth by Day') provides us with these lessons. But Krishna, Mithra, Addonis, Buddha Apollo, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl and others shared this so-called divine phenomena long before Jesus the Christ (Yeshua ben Yosef). (Reference: John G. Jackson; “Introduction to African Civilization”).

The unfinished pyramid on the back of the dollar was this symbolic of the unfinished work of the Master Builder Hiram Abiff who was slain and left his unfinished work on the trestleboard? Perhaps the Founding Fathers saw themselves as a continuation of the majestic work that Grand Master Hiram Abiff started, which became interrupted by those who plotted its destructive end. These initiated men understood that nature and human life are but a cycle based on death and resurrection. They were inspired to take a so-called new nation and resurrected it from the ashes of war and conflict with its mother nation Great Britain. They borrowed the bird Eagle and/or Phoenix Bird from Kemet (Egypt) which was actually called the Benu bird. This majestic bird had many versions of its origin and the significance of its symbolism varied. (Ralph Epperson; “The New World Order”)

R.T. Rundle Clarke in his book titled, " Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt," stated: "In a sense when the Phoenix gave out the primeval call it initiated all these cycles, so it is the patron of all division of time, and its temple at Heliopolis became the centre of calendrical regulation. As the herald of each new dispensation, it becomes, optimistically, the harbinger of good tidings. During the Middle Kingdom the Benu Bird became the 'soul' of Osiris and the symbol for the planet Venus-the morning star Which precedes the sun out of the Underworld and is the herald of a new day. In spite of these minor roles, however, the Benu Bird continues to be 'he who created himself'-a form of the High God. In fact, Atum,Re, Shu and Osiris meet in the bird as the symbol of the godhead in time."(Reference: R.T. Rundle Clarke " Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt," pg 246).

Some historians have maintained that this mythological bird called by the Kemetic people as the Benu Bird (Phoenix) originated in Arabia and there were tales and myths that this bird had the ability to self create itself from death and even some have told that it was destroyed by fire and out of the ashes it resurrected itself to live five hundred (500) years. The Benu bird (Phoenix) bird is part of the symbolic degree of 33rd degree of Freemasonry, but is also tied to the Solar Deities based on the concept of birth, death, resurrection and ascension. The Founding Fathers were steeped in Masonic symbolism and made it the language of their new republic. They understood that these so-called New World settlers were some of the ones who were disallowed, despised and rejected (and if they hadn’t disavowed the Supreme Being their ultimate destiny would have been different), but one day would become the chief cornerstone of a new society and eventually a New World Order. Thus, they too represented Hiram Abiff and they understood that they were the Master Builders who were ordained to create a new civilization. This is why in our Capitol, the architecture layout from its roads to its monuments are reflections and a replica of aspects of Kemet (Egypt) from the Mall layout of the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, it is all laid out based on Masonic architecture in which a black man named Benjamin Banneker helped designed the United States Capitol. (Reference: “The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks”).

Anthony Browder in his book titled, "Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization stated, " The pyramid and the eye above it (which represents the eye of Heru-the son of God) clearly establishes an Egyptian link with the reverse of the Great Seal. The obverse of this seal is strikingly similar to the Nile Valley image of Heru, and the differences represent the cultural nuances which were unique to the United States. Above the eagle's head are 13 stars which arranged in the form of the Magen David, which is also called the Seal of Solomon. This is an ancient symbol that predates Judaism and represents two pyramids. The two pyramids symbolize the two pillars of Solomon, which play significant role in ritualistic masonry. They have been described by one Masonic historian, Dr. John A. Weisse in hi publication The Obelisk and Freemasonry, as "an imitation ­of two obelisks at the entrance of Egyptian Temples (as) the two towers on Gothic cathedrals and two steeples on churches.” (Reference: Anthony T. Browder: “Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization” pg. 203).

High Finance and Freemasonry have been interlocked because those that controlled world finance has used Freemasonry and the ruling classes found ways to shield their objectives by entering and setting up various ORDERS. The likes of Paul Warburg and Amschel Rothschild are just examples of Invisible Rulers and Money Changers who hid in various Illuminati fronts and of course the House of Rothschild; money and finance have always been their top priorities because like Amshel Rothschild stated over 200 years ago, “if I can control a nations money, I care not who writes its laws” (Reference: George Armstrong; “Rothschild Money Trust”)

The so-called first European Freemasonic Lodge was established in 1717 under the guise of Speculative Masonry, which some historians believe these philosophical lodges evolved out of Operative Masons who had established powerful Trades Guilds relative to protecting and setting guidelines to governing the training rights and privileges of their Craftsmen; this afforded these skilled artisan to have control over their labor and wages, which was tied to their learned building skills—knowledge, that was divided into three separate and distinct labor categories or designations—Apprentice, Fellow, and Master. Thus, each learned skill level was to be the determination of what kind of wages that a Craftsman could ascertain and warrant for his labor.(Reference: W.L. Wilmshurst; “The Meaning of Masonry”).

These Operative Masons developed a language of communication and actually was functioning as high powered tradesman labor union, over three Hundred years ago. The Guildsman established this tight knit brotherhood, a fraternity of sought of skilled Craftsman. Speculative Masonry (philosophical Masonry) copied and emulated the social structure of these laborers who did not admit or allow unskilled labors to capitalize off their system of networking. They established signs, tokens, and words which to determine one of their own. (Robert Lomas; “Turning the Hiram Key”).

However, in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) perhaps 3500 to 4000 B.C. Africans where teaching Geometry; the neophytes that were being taught in Egyptian Mystery Schools understood the meaning of the letter "G".Yes, Pythagoras studied and acquired his knowledge of geometry in Kemet (Ancient Egypt). These Africans had constructed magnificent edifices such as the Pyramids at Luxor, Gizeh, Cheop, etc., based on almost perfect mathematical equations observing the laws of physics and astrology, the Great Pyramid was constructed almost directly in the center of the earth. George G.M. James in his book titled, “Stolen Legacy” admonishes that the Greeks and other civilizations borrowed heavily from Kemet (Egypt).

The Founding Fathers perhaps came in contact with this ancient wisdom from their involvement in Freemasonry and they too borrowed its mythological and majestic symbolism as a language and model in which in 1787 to establish a new nation that had risen from the ashes of oppression and tyranny; no different than the dispute between Seth (darkness) and Heru (light) his twin brother. They even gave the city of Philadelphia where the Constitution Convention was being held a Masonic theme; Philadelphia is called the City of Brotherly Love. Yes, “out of many, one,” but unless you understand the Masonic Symbolism that has been so eloquently written about by Manly P. Hall then our level of understanding will continue to be surface knowledge in matters such as these.

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at

Fahim A. Knight-EL

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By Fahim A. Knight-EL

Should African people join “Black Greek” Lettered Fraternities and Sororities? This question has always been raised by the conscious community when it comes to the relevance of “Black Greek” Letter Fraternities and Sororities on college life and outside of black college life. This article originated with a Prince Hall Masonic brother named Robert McClendon, Jr., from the PHAmily website who asked me to write an article on “Black Greek” Lettered Fraternities and Sororities. This writer must admit that this topic was not high on my visible radar screen and I personally did not have much interest in doing such a subject, but from time to time, I do take leads from others, relative to doing research topics. Although, I may have not chosen this one as a topic, but nevertheless, it is a legitimate conversation within the African American community. Brother McClendon stated: “when you get a chance, we need you to break down this "Greek fraternity and sorority stuff" for our people. I read your take on Masonry not having the courage, but please elaborate on this whole idea of black people wearing Greek Letters and stepping and whole concept of assimilation. Appreciate it. I don't feel like taking these folks back to school. It's draining. Not that white folks won't tell the truth, but black folks just don't want to get it.”

Thus, during the early 1900s African Americans who were considered bourgeoisie and had bought into this equation of class and status—viewed in terms of caste significance and of upward socio-economic mobility ranking, as it was being espoused and set by standards of the dominant culture; and more specifically by the Caucasian Elite and aristocratic societies who were part of a privileged world of academia. George G.M. James in his monumental book titled, “Stolen Legacy” explored the historical and cultural exchanges between ancient Egypt (Kemet) and ancient Greece, in which James dismantled the myths and misconceptions that Africa gave nothing to world civilization and intellectually challenged the Eurocentric worldview that had falsely proclaimed that Europe had culturally enlightened the entire world to the detriment of other civilizations. (Reference: George G.M. James; “Stolen Legacy”).

James research placed Kemet (Egypt) in Africa, as opposed to being suspended into outer-space and somehow landed within the Middle East, but his work redefined Egypt and Africa as the mother of civilization where philosophy, medicine, astronomy, engineering, mathematics, art, music, architecture, religion, etc., originated and Greek philosophy was stolen from Kemet (Egypt) and reclaimed by the Europeans as their own. This writer could have ended this discussion by simple stating that biologically and ethnically Blacks are not Greeks and to call themselves “Black Greeks” is an insult and a dishonor to their own African heritage and culture and it is culturally inexcusable. (Reference: Cheik Anta Diop; “The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality”).

The establishment of the so-called “Black Greek Lettered” Fraternities and Sororities were imitations that modeled after Elitist Caucasian Greek Lettered societies in philosophical scope and organizational intent including adopting the cultural models of their counterparts. The majority of the “Black Greek” Lettered Societies were established after the 1896 infamous United States Supreme Court Decision of Plessy versus Ferguson, which ushered in Jim Crow Laws of segregation and institutionalize racism. These laws advocated the “separate but equal” doctrine and it allowed the practice of racial segregation and legal discrimination against African Americans in the United States. Blacks were prohibited and denied membership into white fraternities and sororities and this led to them establishing their own so-called “Black Greek” Lettered Societies such as: Alpha Phi Alpha (1906), Kappa Alpha Psi (1911), Omega Psi Phi (1911), Phi Beta Sigma (1914), Iota Phi Theta (1963), Alpha Kappa Alpha (1908), Delta Sigma Theta (1913), , Zeta Phi Beta(1920), Sigma Gamma Rho (1922)—better known as the “Divine Nine.” (Reference: Lawrence Ross, Jr.; “The Devine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities”).

This is how Lawrence C. Ross who authored the book titled, "The Devine Nine” and who is an authority on “Black Greek” Lettered fraternities and sororities describes these societies in this manner: “America's black fraternities and sororities are a unique and vital part of 20th century African American history. Since the creation of the first fraternity in 1906 at Cornell University, they have provided young black achievers with opportunities to support each other, while serving their communities and the nation. From pioneering work in the suffragette movement to extraordinary strides during the Civil Rights era to life-changing inner-city mentoring programs in the 1990s, members of these organizations share a proud and vital history of brotherhood, sisterhood, and service.” (Reference: Lawrence Ross, Jr.; “The Devine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities” inside cover flap).

Ross continues: “Today, America's nine black fraternities and sororities are two-and-one-half million members strong and among the most powerful and influential groups in African American society-with chapters at major universities and colleges across the country, including Stanford University, Howard University, and University of Chicago. Many of America's most prominent business leaders, scientists, politicians, entertainers, and athletes took their first steps toward making a difference in the world in a fraternity or sorority.” (Reference: Lawrence Ross, Jr.; “The Devine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities” inside cover flap).

George G.M. James advocated that the study of history and humanities needed to be intellectually revamped and there is perhaps no other source (Stolen Legacy) written by an African American scholar which has led to such a critical evaluation and assessment of Greek and Roman culture than this book. Thus, most critics and pundits of “Black Greek” Lettered Societies, almost always uses James’ research as a legitimate point of argument to show forth the greatness in African Kemetic people who taught all the Greek philosophers directly or either indirectly in the Egyptian Mystery Schools. African people have no justification in the 21st Century to still be calling themselves “Black Greeks” when it was the Nubian- Egyptians who enlightened humanity and not the other way around. Yes, there comes a time in history that we must demonstrate courage and the moral intestinal fortitude to depart and breakaway from tradition; in particular if new information has arisen, which renders past information and ideas as being obsolete, outdated and irreverent in spite of how painful the process may be, it becomes necessary to make the transitions—correct the wrong and allow these organizations to move forward within the proper cultural context. (Reference: Asa G. Hilliard, III; “The Reawakening of the African Mind).

Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities in 2008 must debunk the cultural and historical worldview of their founding fathers and mothers of these organizations that were established over one hundred (100) years ago, which reflected the political, economic, and social reality of white superiority and black inferiority based on that time in history and space. Many apologist of these “Black Greek” Lettered societies are always quick to point out the positive history and legacy of the good that has been made by these organizations in the areas of community outreach, academic pursuit, public service, mentoring programs, donated scholarships to underprivileged children, soup kitchens, etc., their philanthropy efforts are undeniable and the good that they do, is commendable and must be applauded by us all. Most of these so-called “Black Greek” Societies were founded on pristine principles of academic excellence and service to humanity.(Reference: Gregory S. Parks; “Black Greek-Letter Organizations in the 21st Century: Our Fight Has Just Begun”).

This writer was very proud of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc, in 1995 during the organizing of the Million Man March, which was headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Sigmas stood front and center by lending their resources to Dr. Benjamin Chavis-Muhammad and the Nation of Islam in organizing the march. I believe Chavis-Muhammad is an honorary member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, but nevertheless they played a huge role in logistics and organizing this event on a national level. Their efforts were commendable. Also, this writer can not forget the Omega Psi Phi Urban Radio Talk Show Host, Tom Joyner and the Tom Joyner Morning Show who has done yeomen’s work in the area of using his forum to give African American students that attend a Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) scholarship money; indeed often Joyner challenges his Omega Psi Fraternity brothers to give back and to put your money where your mouth is.

We will never discard the good work that they have done and continue to do, in the area of service; there is no doubt that the founders had good intentions and perhaps based on that time period saw fit to extract from the dominant culture, a model of excellence, thus emulating the names and practices of white Greek societies—Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities arrived as that beacon of light for the uninitiated black race. These early “Black Greek” Lettered Societies were very selective in its membership, they initially only recruited what whites referred to as “uppity Negroes” who oftentimes came from very light skinned miscegenation relationships and for many years it was difficult for very dark skinned blacks to gain membership into these black societies (there were exceptions, if your were dark skinned but came from a prominent named black family who was economically prosperous). Blacks were practicing a form of intra-racism within African American race based on the spectrum of pigmentation and the system of racial hierarchical that was created by white America. (E. Franklin Frazier; “Black Bourgeoisie”).

We must continue to always honor the original founders of these societies because in one sense they were visionaries who desired to elevate African American people politically, economically and socially, but the present, mandates that we take the next step in our cultural and historical development, which is to rename our “Black Greek” Lettered Fraternities and Sororities in order to incorporate the language and symbolism of the Metu Neter (Hieroglyphics) that which was written and spoken in Kemet (Egypt) 10,000 years ago. Africans will no longer be referred to as “Black Greeks”—there was a wise saying that was inscribed on the walls of Temples (pyramids) in Kemet, it read “MAN KNOW THY SELF” this was perhaps the greatest knowledge that were being taught in the lower chambers and upper chambers in the Mystery School curriculum. Kemet (Egypt) should be the new focus in re-establishing our “Black Greek” lettered Societies based on African values and African principles. (Reference: Ra Un Nefer Amen; “Metu Neter: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation”).

The term “Black Greek” should immediately become a term of yesterday because we must understand that change is constant and anything that becomes static, it dies. Tradition dies hard, but this writer believes that the time has come to end a century of cultural and historical mis-education and pursue social progress with the highest level of political correctness. All of humanity has an obligation to respect the fact that we live in a cultural melting pot and cultures have infused in all respect—but Marcus Garvey said it best “Africa for the Africans at home and abroad" and he said, One God, One Aim, One Destiny."

James wrote: “a system of re-education, in order to stimulate and encourage a change in the attitude of races toward each other In combining their efforts, both , races must not only preach and teach the truth that the Mystery system of the African Continent gave the world philosophy and religion, and the arts and sciences, but they must see to it that all false praise of the Greeks be removed from the textbooks of our schools and colleges; for this is the practice that has blind-folded the world, and has laid the foundations for the deplorable race relations of the modern world. (a) The name of Pythagoras, for instance, should be deleted from our mathematical textbooks: in Geometry, where the theorem of the square on the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is called the Pythagorean Theorem, because this is not true. (b) we must point out to the world the deception in attach­ing the authorship of Socrates to the precept 'man know thy­self'; and in attaching the authorship of Plato to the four car­dinal virtues; since Socrates obtained the self-knowledge pre­cept from the Egyptian temples where it was used as an in­scription; and Plato reduced the ten virtues of the North African Mystery system to four (c) we must also prove to the world that the doctrines of the so-called Greek philosophers originated from the ancient Mystery System of North Africa. (Reference: George G.M. James; “Stolen Legacy” pg. 156).

This writer can re-call a very recent experience he had at one of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) with an African American college student who he had just witnessed was a part of a “Black Greek” Probate ceremony (this is a public ceremonial and festive tradition where the neophytes who had endured the pledging process and had so-called crossed over the hot burning sands, is presented to the general public as a newly made fraternal brother or sorority sister, and has earned the right, as a recognized member of these various “Black Greek” Societies where these new pledges may put on step shows and other activities, upon completion of the probate they are ordinarily showered with gifts and congratulatory wishes) and this brother who had just pledged one of the Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and I said to him, “peace African”. He became upset and angry that I had called him African as opposed to calling him Greek, but I saw this same student moments later and someone said, “ what's up newly pledge Greek” and this young man responded more favorably. The movie “Stomp the Yard” gave us somewhat a look into Black Greek Fraternity and Sorority life and culture. For example, stepping may not resonate with white Greek Fraternities but it is big with Black Greek Fraternities and Sororities, it is an intricate part of character of these societies.

This writer loves Black College Basketball and there is a huge black basketball tournament called the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) tournament, a NCAA Division II tournament that is perhaps one of the largest basketball tournaments in the United States, which is more of a large black college family reunion that includes a lot of festivities including “Black Greek” Fraternity and Sorority step shows. It is indeed a sight to see, as far as the social bonding and the impact these societies have on “old heads” and “new heads.” Here is a YouTube link from “Stomping the Yard”,GGLR:2006-39,GGLR:en&q=stomp+the+yard&um=1&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&resnum=4&ct=title. But this writer has always enjoyed the CIAA Tournament and the festivities, and it is difficult to explain this to outsiders who have not experienced black college life; however, the fact remains African Americans are not “Black Greeks” and this alone makes these organizations unacceptable and fundamentally wrong. This writer will not succumb to the continued mis-education of young impressionable black minds out of an emotional appreciation for these festivities; they can continue this, but the philosophy and names of these Black Greek Societies must be rooted in African values and principles. Sam Cooke the legendary soul singer said it best “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

This African American student response to me was a microcosm and an indication that he lacked the knowledge of self and kind, but the problem was systemic and far beyond that young man’s reaction towards me. He perhaps had no idea that Herodotus, Hippocrates, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and all the great Greek philosophers and free thinkers had learnt their world altering knowledge and wisdom from his Nubian Kemetic (Egyptian) ancestors. Some who read this article may not know that Black Greek Lettered Fraternities brand their neophytes (new members who have crossed over in the fraternity) with fraternity symbol on some part of the body (a practice of self mutilation). They brand their members with permanent fraternal symbolism as to say you are the property of this organization and you belong to us. This writer abhors such a practice because it takes me back to Chattel Slavery (1555-1865) where the vicious white slave masters would brand his black slaves as if they were livestock and that his chattel belonged to his plantation and no one else could claim his slave property, but him because the markings identified certain Africans as belonging to a certain slave master and plantation. This practice of branding was inhumane yesterday and it is inhumane today. This writer looked up the definition of Brand and one of the definitions stated: “Mark on criminal or enslaved person: history formerly, a mark made on the skin of a criminal or a slave, especially to identify the owner”

Dr. Naim Akbar who is a psychologist on the staff at Florida State University and author of the book titled, "Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery" he stated: "Slavery was 'legally' ended in excess of 100 years ago, but the over 300 years experienced in its brutality and unnaturalness constituted a severe psychological and social shock to the minds of African-Americans. This shock was so destructive to natural life processes that the current generation of African-Americans, though we are 5-6 generations removed from the actual experience in both our social and mental lives. Psychologists and sociologists have failed to attend to the persistence of problems in our mental and social lives, which clearly have their roots in slavery. Only the historians have given proper attention to the shattering realties of slavery, and have dealt with it only as descriptive of past events." (Reference: Naim Akbar; “Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery”).

The crossing of the hot burning sands—this is symbolic and geographically talking about the rugged and difficulty of those who we forced to walk 2,200 miles across the hot Arabian Desert (years ago before hazing was outlawed it was mentally and physically challenging for a Neophyte to cross the hot burning sands into a “Black Greek” Lettered Fraternities and Sororities , but today they are just certificate card carrying members who paid money to join and was required to remember the history of the organization; when I came along years ago that paddle made pledging a very difficult task) and this no more evident than in the ritual of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Shriners) which they acquire the knowledge of this process and then play these silly games with the Islamic religion. But it was taught more fully and given a complete explanation by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. The “Black Greek” Lettered Fraternities and Sororities have failed to understand just as the Freemasons, which is their parent organization of the “Black Greek” Lettered Fraternities and Sororities; which they both failed to understand that all this history and culture belongs to the original man. The five schools of architecture style that is relished in the Fellowcraft degree of Freemasonry (Second degree Middle Chamber lecture)—Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan and Composite did not originate in Greece and Roman. But in Kemet who gave enlightenment to the entire world.

Yes, the Seven Liberal Arts—Grammar, Rhetoric, logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy and Music had its origin’s also in Kemet (Egypt); European scholars such as Albert Churchward in his monumental book titled, "Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man" verify and substantiate that Kemet (Egypt) had fed the entire world civilization. Also, Gerald Massey in his book titled, "Ancient Egypt The Light of the World" he to took the cradle of knowledge and civilization back to Kemet (Egypt), Manly P. Hall who authored the book titled, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" and he also pointed the ancient wisdom back to Kemet (Egypt) and lastly, Sir Godfrey Higgins in his book titled, “Anacalypsis: An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages.” Therefore this is nothing that we made up, but from Kemet (Egypt) sprung world civilization and most of these scholars of antiquity have written treatise that documents the complexity and majesty of a society that is unduplicated in their contribution towards humanity. All knowledge and wisdom originated in the East and to the East lies the answers to solving our cultural dilemmas and stagnation. (John G. Jackson; “Introduction to African Civilization’).

Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Phi Alpha and other “Black Greek” Lettered Fraternities and Sororities do have Egyptian symbols and language in their ritual, which they reference Kemet (Egypt). Shahid M. Allah stated: “The Greek letter of Delta, with the sorority’s symbols, resembles a triangle. This is the same shape that this organization’s members use as a sign, which is formed by making a pyramid (triangle) with the pointers and thumbs of both hands. We need to take a second look at the sign made by the Deltas because there is much significance below the surface value of it. . . Some of the Supreme Wisdom of the Great Pyramid has been incorporated into the esoteric orders like the Order of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.). The Eastern Stars are the female auxiliary to the Masons. This women recognize the above mentioned hand gesture of the Delta's as the "Sister's Sign," or "The Sign of Martha." It is done by raising the triangular shape (made with the fingertips) to a parallel position with your eyes. This sign represents Martha's appealing to Jesus Christ, after the death of her brother Lazarus. "Believest thou this?" is the question asked when an Eastern Star sees a woman holding up this sign. Hence, there is a resurrective value in the pyramid sign that the sorors of Delta Sigma Theta hold up.” (Reference: Shahid M. Allah; “Take A Second Look”) and also reference Paula Giddings book titled, “ In Search of Sisterhood: Delta Sigma Theta and the Challenge of the Black Sorority Movement”.

Sherrod N. Gresham in his book titled, “Prominent Prince Hall Masons on the Philatelic Materials: Stamps, First Day Covers, and Post Cards” stated, “On March 2, 1784, African Lodge #1 petitioned the Grand Lodge of England, the Premier or Mother Grand Lodge of the world, for a warrant (ort character), to organize a regular Masonic lodge, with all the rights and privileges thereunto prescribed. The Grand Lodge of England issued a character on September 29, 1784, to African Lodge # 459, the first lodge of blacks in America.” (Reference: Joseph A. Walkes; “Black Square and Compass: 200 years of Prince Hall Freemasonry).

Prince Hall, a free black man of Boston, Massachusetts was initiated and raised as a master mason by a traveling British Military lodge in 1775 along with fifteen other free black men. In addition, Prince Hall received an official and legitimate Masonic Charter from the Grand lodge of England on September 29, 1784, which led to the establishing of African lodge Number 459. This was perhaps the first black fraternity in America and all the Black Greek Lettered Societies owe their ritual (Reference: Walter M. Kimbrough’ “Black Greek 101: The Culture, Customs, and Challenges of Black Fraternities and Sororities”).

Dr. Carter G. Woodson (a Omega Psi Phi member) the father of Black History Month, which was originally Black History week, wrote a profound little book in 1933 titled the “Mis-education of the Negro” and Woodson wrote about how African Americans were mis-educated and taught to admire and appreciate all other people’s culture and history but themselves. This of course was systematically done to instill self-hatred and foster a disconnection to one of the oldest and luscious histories to be found any place in the world. Thus, black people during the Transatlantic slave trade and the Middle Passage Africans were systematically stripped of their religion, names, values, folkways, mores, etc., and most of all denied the right to their own culture and heritage for 310 years (1555-1865). Some Africans resisted this forcible enculturation process, but out of survival many became inculcated within a system of white supremacy. (Reference: Carter G. Woodson the “Mis-Education of the Negro”).

Molefi Kete Asante in his book titled, “Afrocentricity” stated: “Some of us have been asleep so long and so deeply that we were not able to heed the words of Cheikh Anta Diop and Chancellor Williams (Diop, 1974, 1978; Williams, 1974). But when the New York Times came out with the story that Nubia had an older civilization than Egypt it validated the Afrocentric histories of Diop, Ben-Jochannan, and Williams in the minds of even the most stubborn Eurocentric Africans (Ben·Jochannan, 1972). Numerous writers have challenged the basic premises of Afrocentricity by expounding a Eurocentric viewpoint of everything from culture to the origin or civilization. The African writers who have mimicked such Eurocentric formulas are unable to think in an Afrocentric frame of mind. As result, they relinquish their thoughts and research to Eurocentric purposes, and consequently deny their own humanity. Enslavement of the mind is the most pernicious kind of enslavement because the person so enslaved will never be able to see clearly for himself. Breaking the mental chains only occurs when a person learns to take two sets of notes on almost everything encountered in the Western world. (Reference: Molefi Kete Asante; “Afrocentricity” pg. 40).

The BOULE (Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity) is perhaps one of the first black Greek letter fraternities that was founded in 1904, but most of its founders were Prince Hall Masons and/or had strong Masonic affiliations. The term BOULE means “advisor to the king”. Steve Cokley is considered the authority on the BOULE, he has a video series titled, “Boule Buster: The Plot To Destroy Black Education”. Frontline Magazine did an article titled, “Boule” stated, “We know the Illuminati (Rhodes/Rothschild secret society) also goes by the name, the ROUND TABLE GROUP the Boule, which created the 8 black fraternities and sororities (now known as the Divine Nine). Rockefeller is a subdivision of the Rhodes/Rothschild or New World Order regime.” Charles H. Wesley who was a prominent Prince Hall Mason wrote the definitive history of the Boule (Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity) titled, Reference: Charles H. Wesley; “History of Sigma Pi Phi, first of the Negro-American Greek-letter fraternities”).

This African-American secret society is a “powerful” fraternity and sorority known as the BOULE which is a Freemasonic type organization that attracts some of the top black politicians, intellectuals, business persons, etc, and those who are considered influential and part of the black bourgeoisie.

W.E.B. Dubois preached and advocated that blacks should pursue a classical and/or Liberal Arts education, as opposed to Booker T. Washington espousing technical training. Dubois model was geared towards sending 10% of the black population to the universities and colleges of higher learning with an objective of attaining liberal arts education and coming back to the black community and help to elevate the race. Dubois and historians called this theory the “Talented Tenth” theory (Reference: W.E.B. Dubois “The Souls of Black Folk”). Also, there is an interesting book written by Charles H. Wesley, titled, “The History of Alpha Phi Alpha: A Development in College Life” that deals African American race, class and the pursuit of education.

The Boule has been known for attracting the African American Talented Tenth for now over a century; it was described this way “the quintessential brotherhood for African-American men." The incoming Grand Sire Archon, New Orleans banker and financier Charles Teamer, says the Boule "is unique because no other organization brings together so many talented leaders--sometimes you have in the same room the mayor and the biggest educational and economic leaders in town--and no other organization provides such an unparalleled opportunity to mentor, change structures, and build bridges." He says his administration will concentrate on mentoring, creating new international connections and moving networking to another level.

The BOULE was originally styled after the Skull Bones Fraternity conceived as an organization that would contain the "best of Skull and Bones of Yale and of Phi Beta Kappa," In the keynote address, Archon Vernon Jordan Jr. (former aid to Bill Clinton and Civil Right leader) presented a 12-point program for personal and collective renewal, saying, among other things, that "we must create a new sense of community among our own ... bridge the growing economic gap within the Black community [and] re-Brown Brown to counter the long slide back into de facto segregation." We must also, he said, "constantly remind the new entrants into the Talented Tenth that their exciting jobs in corporate America and investment banking and in law firms are not the result of their grades and their ability and their school all by themselves. They did not get there by themselves ... and they have to know it."

The Skull and Bones of Yale University, the author John Lawrence Reynolds book titled, “Secret Societies: Inside The World’s Most Notorious Organizations” he assess this secret society by stating, “One, however, exerts day-to-day influence over the lives of virtually everyone on the planet, and it achieved this not with a tightly structured organization but via an association of privileged young men attending a prestigious university. Its existence is verifiable, its history is linked to MASONIC traditions and the ILLUMINATI objectives, its practices remain shadowy, and its activities are replete with suspicious behavior. It is Skull & Bones, a hatchery of American leadership whose members has not only achieved POWER and Prominence on a scale far in excess of their numbers, but retains their close bond throughout their careers, creating at least the semblance of a cabal and perhaps something much more than that.”

Now! The above assessment is real high degree Freemasonry because these OATH TAKERS of an Elite sector of our society have sworn to use their DYNASTIC influence (High Finance) that is tied too prominent banking families and have placed their Devotes in every decision making endeavor which to influence the political, economic and social reality of world society. The 33rd Degree in Freemasonry under Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is styled the Sovereign Grand Inspector General. This degree is an honorary and conferred degree and it is not up for petition; thus entry into this final and terminal degree is only at the recommendation of another 33rd Degree Mason.

The ceremonies and rituals of this conferment ordinarily include some of the most powerful men in the United States in particular and the world in general. We learn in the ritual a set of questions and answers that reads like this: QUESTIONS: Are you a Sovereign Grand Inspector General? ANSWER: By giving you the past word. QUESTION: Begin. ANSWER: Jacques de Molay. QUESTION: Hiram Abif. ANSWER: Frederick of Prussia. QUESTION: What are the meanings of the skeletons skulls, bones and torches in our Council? ANSWER: They serve to remind of the massacre of our ancestors by Philippe the Fair who delivered them to the most cruel tortures. QUESTION: Why do you appear in mourning armed with a sword? Answer: To mourn their loss and be ready to avenge them. QUESTION: Who established this degree? ANSWER: Our Illustrious Brother of Brunswick, Frederick, King of Prussia.
This writer wonder does the Skull and Bones and Black BOULE’ have a loose philosophical connection to The United Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Thirty-Third and Last Degree in Freemasonry. This writer resides in Durham, which the Mayor of the city William V. “Bill” Bell is a BOULE’ member and in a recent citywide mayoral race, Obama came to Durham and endorsed the black BOULE member and it left this writer inquisitive whether his relationship with BOULE’ Mayor Bell was based on them both being perhaps OATH TAKERS. A writer in Ebony Magazine who authored and article titled,“1904-2004: the Boule at 100: Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Holds Centennial Celebration” stated, “What makes the Boule's success all the more interesting is that it was founded as a secret or quasi-secret organization and did not seek public notice until the 1960s and 1970s”

On most of the white college campus throughout America; they had white only Greek lettered societies and organizations, in which their existed a long tradition of social and academic prosperity and social networking that ventured far beyond college life into the social, political, and economic lives of its members, as far as politically maneuvering and stationing its members in key positions through out society. The undergraduate mission statement for most Greek Letter Fraternities on the white college campus was getting drunk and partying and having a good social time, but many of these students were third and fourth generation Greek Letter Oath Takers and their parents were getting them prepared for the task of leading humanity (once they sobered up). The Skull and Bones was founded on the campus of Yale University in the year of 1832 and is perhaps the most powerful and influential college fraternity in America. Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities are miniature Skull and Bones organizations, but lack the real Elite networking, which is reserved for those individuals who will eventually be initiated in the REAL ORDERS (many are call, few chosen) such as the Bilderberger, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission this is the real brotherhood and sisterhood that rule over humanity and their membership is not based on race or ethnicity, but on an ideology that is rooted in the principles of GLOBALIZATION AND A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. (Reference: Gary Allen and Larry Abraham; “None Dare Call it Conspiracy”)

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at

Fahim A. Knight-EL

Saturday, November 15, 2008



Privilege, Race, Gender and Class

By Fahim A. Knight-EL

This writer believes in setting the environmental scene, in particular the historical background when evaluating and assessing a topic such as the Duke University Lacrosse Case; it is important to give the outside readers some demographics and social variables to help them to analyze the underlying issues of race and class that permeated this most controversial case. The city of Durham was founded 1853, which it gets its name from one Barlett Durham who was a medical doctor by profession. Durham is passionately called the Bull City and the City of Medicine. It has a sister city of the same name Durham, England.

But prior to medicine, Durham was considered a huge textile and tobacco town and thrived off African slave labor. The first established Tobacco Company was called Green’s Tobacco (which specialized in a tobacco crop that was called brightleaf, a sweet tasting tobacco) and Washington Duke, the patriarch of Duke University which was initially named Trinity College became big in the tobacco industry. Jewish Merchants entered at some point along with the Dukes and took the tobacco industry in Durham to the next level with the establishment of Liggett and Myers and American Tobacco companies.

Their wealth was amassed on the backs of African slave labor—these plantation owners such as the Camerons , Mangums, Seamans, etc., reaped huge amounts of wealth which set a quasi-Dynastic bloodline of inherited wealth that has been passed down from generation to generation amongst these aristocratic white families. Let me say this, right off the back—there is Durham and there is Duke University , a city within a city, which functions as the most powerful entity in Durham and perhaps in all of North Carolina; next to Bank of America which is headquartered in Charlotte, the second largest banking city in America .

Thus, just like under the institution of slavery Duke probably is the second largest employer within the city of Durham. Duke University answers to no one, but themselves; so just imagine for one moment a poor African American woman accusing three of the white aristocrat of a criminal act such as sexual assault—these boys were symbolic representatives of the prominent and prestigious Duke University. Duke University has had a history of handsomely rewarding their allies and friends and severely punishing their enemies and political adversaries.
Many lawyers in Durham will not even represent a plaintiff who has perhaps filed a legitimate legal grievance against a powerful defendant like Duke University because of the fear of political and/or economic reprisals. Durham is a city of approximately 44% percent Caucasian and 43% African American and next to Atlanta, Georgia per capita income Durham has it share of black millionaires and a powerful influential black bourgeoisie class.

Thus, at the turn of the 20th Century prominent black families emerged who were recipients of Duke philanthropy money led to establishing themselves in banking and finance, insurance business, funeral services, etc., black bourgeoisie families such as the Moores, Merricks, Spauldings, Willards, Pearsons, Warrens, Shepards, Kennedys, etc, stood front and center and many of these black entrepreneurs appeared to have been from miscegenation relationships. Booker T. Washington, the founder of Tuskegee Institute and the Negro Business League who visited Durham in the early 1900 stated he hadn’t seen nor found a more economic progressive Negro any place in the United States as the one he found in Durham. The Chicago University trained sociologist, E. Franklin Frazier who authored the book titled, “The Black Bourgeoisie” drew the same conclusion. Blacks in Durham at the turn of the century had established their own insurance company in North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, Mechanics and Farmers Bank and North Carolina Mutual Savings Company. (Reference: Andre D. Vann and Beverly Washington Jones; "Durham's Hayti").

Black Durham was thriving and Parrish Street in Durham was coined “The Black Wall Street” of the south. Also, black Durham had Hayti an economic and social hub where they owned two movie theaters, a printing press, black newspaper, a hospital, grocery stories, clothing shops, beauty schools, barber shops, clubs, etc., Hayti existed and functioned with complete autonym based on Jim Crow laws and segregation (1896-1965). They attracted James Brown, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Charlie Byrd Parker, Bobby Blue Bland, Otis Redding, Billie Holiday and since Durham was the home of Clyde McPhatter, Shirley Caesar and Pigmeat Markham all of them perfomed local acts because during that time of segregation many of these artists had no other choice but to perform on the ‘chitlin' circuit. (Reference: Earlie Thorpe; “The Central Theme of Black History).

Most historians refer to a thriving section in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 1900s as “Black Wall Street” in which in 1921 Tulsa Race Riot spearheaded by Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups and an entire black economic metropolis was burned down, which led to the killing of innocent men, women, and children in Tulsa. But Durham historically has been overlooked as the “The Black Wall Street” by some historians because of the infatuation with the sensationalism associated with Tulsa tragedy. (Reference: Jay Jay Wilson and Ron Wallace; "Black Wall Street").

Durham’s black leadership (many entered the black Boule on the ground floor in 1904, a fraternity modeled after the Skull Bones of Yale University that recruited bourgeoisie light skinned blacks —privilege and class) historically has always had a civil relationship with the white power structure, which was partially based on conciliatory and accommodation lines of acquiescence to power, but with a passive militancy under-girded by the White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) principled in bootstrap economic philosophy of pulling yourself up the economic and social latter by being thrifty, hard working and doing for-self. (Reference: Tim Wise; “White Like Me; Reflections on Race From a Privileged Son”

The white power structure did not view their economic passivity as threatening or confrontational within the social dynamics of power relations. The great non-traditional historian Joel Augustus Rogers in his book titled, “World’s Great Men of Color” dedicated a chapter to Durham’s black economic moguls and North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company. The founders of North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company in 1889 were John Merrick, Dr. Aaron M. Moore and Charles C. Spaulding. Merrick who was a barber by trade, served as the personal barber of Washington Duke. (Reference: Joel Augustus Rogers; "World's Great Men of Color").

Merrick had the ear of the Duke Tobacco extraordinaire and strategically used this personal relationship to solicit philanthropy help from one of the wealthiest tobacco plantation owners in south in order to aid in black economic enterprises such as North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company. Also, Washington Duke’s son James Buchanan Duke and other white philanthropist helped Dr. James E. Shepard (a two term North Carolina Grand Master of Prince Hall Masonic Fraternity) establish North Carolina Central University (formerly the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua) in 1909, the first African American state funded Liberal Arts University. White Rock Baptist Church (founded in 1866) which was once led by Dr. Reverend Mark Miles Fisher perhaps the most influential and prominent black church in Durham yesterday and today, along with Saint Joseph African American Methodist Episcopal Church (founded in 1869), which has always housed the black brain trust of Durham. (Reference: Dorothy Phelps Jones; “The End of an Era’)

African Americans intellectuals and the black political bourgeoisie founded the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People in 1935, one of the most effective political action groups in Durham and perhaps in all of North Carolina; they have over a seventy year continued history and have had a huge political voice in the life of Durham politics. The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black people has lobbied to get black and progressive candidates elected to city, county, state and federal offices. The recent November 4, 2008 election, it was Durham Committee that was instrumental in propelling a little known State Senator named Kate Hagan to the United States Senate defeating veteran U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole, a senatorial seat that was once held by the racist and controversial Senator Jesse Helms.

This election symbolically ended four (4) decades of Jesse Helms divisive politics and turned North Carolina from a Red State into a Blue State; newly elected Senator Hagan owes her victory partially to the African American electorate, which she received over 90% of the black vote. Also, North Carolina elected its first female Governor Beverly Purdue, but believe me, these high level politicians courted the Durham Committee for the endorsement of their candidacy. No doubt this political action group possesses political power to sway the electoral process in North Carolina.

Thus, in 2006 Dr. Lavonia Allison, Chairwoman of the organization of Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People who had endorsed incumbent Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong for District Attorney Re-election. DA Nifong was running against a formidable and competent former Assistant District Attorney Freda Black. Assistant D.A. Freda Black worked under former District Attorney Jim Hardin who has since been promoted to a judgeship and next to the Duke University Lacrosse Case they presided over perhaps the largest criminal preceding in the history of Durham, North Carolina—the criminal case of Michael Peterson, a former mayoral candidate and prominent novelist who was also employed by the "Herald-Sun" newspaper, the oldest newspaper in Durham.

Peterson was accused and convicted on October 10 2003 of murdering his wife in their over million dollar mansion by beating her to death with what police described as blowtorch and throwing her down a swirling staircase. This legal case attracted national and international attention and became a very high profile case. It attracted a British news outlet that had shot hours of court proceedings footage for a documentary and even "Life Time" television did a movie based on the Peterson story. Michael Peterson hired a formidable and high powered legal team led my Attorney David Rudolf; they even hired forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee who came to the public eye during the famous O.J. Simpson Trial, which Attorney Johnnie Cochran assembled the legal dream team. Simpson was allegedly accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The Los Angles, California Courts rendered a not guilty verdict against Simpson. (Reference: Michael Eric Dyson: Race: Navigating the Color Line).

Moreover, D.A. Hardin and Assistant D.A. Black presented a case, which the jury agreed that based on all the evidence and the legal standard of an unreasonable doubt, a jury found Peterson guilty of first degree murder of his wife Kathleen Peterson. Durham had never had this type of media coverage—CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Court-TV, TBS, etc., and various cable networks along with a host of newspapers—national and international print media and radio outlets surrounded the Durham County Judicial Building. This was unprecedented in the history of Durham until in March 2006 all hell broke loose with the Duke University Lacrosse Case where an African Americans stripper accused three white defendants who were members of Duke Lacrosse team of sexual assault that took place across the street from Duke University East Campus.

Durham is the home of the highly rated and former two time National Colligate Athletic Association (NCAA ) national champions Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team, which is a National Basketball Association (NBA)—unofficial farm team that is coached by future Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski who is considered a goodwill ambassador for the entire NCAA. The allege sexual assault had upended the squeaky clean reputation and character of one of the most well respected and sought-after academic university in the world and is passionately called the "Ivy League School of the South."

Duke possesses one of the most preeminent medical school programs in America ranked with the likes of Stanford University, and John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. It attracts faculty from around the world, as well as enroll students from all seven continents and has a very active alumni. Duke University by far attracts the upper crust of our society; it perhaps cost over fifty (50) thousand dollars a year in tuition to attend this prestigious learning institute. How dare an African American woman accuse three white students of sexual assault?

After-all this was Duke University, a symbol of power, privilege, class and exemplar center of learning. This writer knew the Durham Police Chief Steve Chalmers and some of the investigators handling the Lacrosse case. The allege victim Crystal Mangum who was a student at North Carolina Central University by day and was a stripper by night. Some believed that District Attorney Michael Nifong who was running for re-election as Durham's D.A. recklessly and in an abuse of office and power used the Duke Lacrosse Case as a political maneuver, which to lock up the African American vote by assuring this segment that he so-called wasn't going to allow race and class to interfere with pursuing justices for the allege accused victim. Nifong who is white and the three Duke University defendants were white and the alleged victim was African American. But Nifong re-election campaign weighed in the balance and some pundits maintained that he desperately needed the black vote to secure a victory and out of political expediency, he indicted the three alleged defendants of rape and sexual assault, which some believe he did not have sufficient criminal evidence to pursue this case. (Reference: Stuart Taylor and KC Johnson; “Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case”).

Some legal experts has argued that Nifong's criminal case from its inception lacked evidence of DNA and the physical evidence was not substantial enough to warrant a criminal indictment of these Defendants. Durham for months was the media center of the world;. It even made the Michael Peterson legal case appear as child's play. Perhaps because it had all the social and political ingredients that create sensationalism—really race and class was fueling this media blitz. All cameras were aimed at Duke University and the social tension was beginning to heighten on both sides. (Reference: Don Yaeger and Mike Pressler; “It's Not About the Truth: The Untold Story of the Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It Shattered”).

The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense in May 2006 and its charismatic leader brother Malik Zulu Shabazz came to Durham (this writer had the opportunity to sit and talk with Malik Zulu Shabazz and his assistant Hashim Nzinga) and led a peaceful march and demonstration on the campus of Duke University for justice. The black community was divided on the presences of the New Black Panther Party coming to Durham, but many loved Shabazz predecessor, the late Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, the former national spokesman of Minister Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam; therefore extending themselves to Shabazz and his group. Bruce Bridges of owner of the Know Book Store in Durham was partially responsible for the New Black Panther Party coming to Durham.

Thus, with all the media attention evolving around this case the grassroots of black Durham had never spoken because the talking heads were acquiescing to Duke University, a symbol of power and privilege and this little poor black alleged rape victim and her powerless community had come up against a formidable institution of wealth. The coverage of the Duke Lacrosse Case was sexist, racist and had misogyny written all over the unbalance converge. This writer is taking this opportunity to speak for the voiceless grassroots.

Duke University has the power and wealth to make things go away and many African Americans felt there were some legal mistakes, but they also knew and understood that Duke University had plenty of money and a long political arm. It was perhaps their influence that led to this case unraveling like it did. Thus, even the North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper's decision to drop all formal charges against the three alleged defendants; it has to be assessed within the dynamics of Duke University power and wealth—having the ability to promote any politician with upwardly ambitions and therefore Cooper's legal decision has to be viewed from that context.

This case in one sense, was more about class than race but that is not to suggest that race wasn't lurking in the midst of this legal unraveling. Many believe that the night in question relative to the alleged sexual assault incident—something did happen and we might never know what that something was. Black women and all women have been victims of inequality subjugation, sexism and sexual violation perpetrated by men, which the jurisprudence and the criminal justice system have not fully overcome gender bias and the good ole boy network. African American women historically were raped and assaulted, and were victims of violence for 310 years under the evil system of Chattel Slavery, in which it was against the law for black men to defend their wives and daughters.

The Duke University Lacrosse Case had a lot of historical and social precedence and in their minds the allege victim Crystal Mangum had no rights, duly bound that required a white man to respect. This history lies just beneath the surface and the Duke University Lacrosse Case personified the historical racial and social injustice of white power—the violence and oppression associated with a paternalistic ideology that has been shielded by privilege and wealth. Duke University, no doubt is a racist institution this writer, is writing as an insider who has had a relationship with this institution for many years and my critique is one that is up close and personal. (Reference: Chip Smith; “The Cost of Privilege: Taking On the System of White Supremacy and Racism”).

Duke University in my opinion, for years had been able to hide under the radar, but for a brief moment the Lacrosse Case exposed their pristine hypocrisy while at same time gave the outside world a look into a society that is divided on class and race. The African American Mayor of Durham William "Bill' Bell and all elected and appointed politicians are puppets of Duke University and all of them are fearful of rendering any real critique of Duke because of the potential of economic and political backlash. For example, Duke University used its enormous influence and power to punish District Attorney Michael Nifong and to set an example for other ambitious adversaries who might consider in the future of contesting Duke's power.

Nifong has been character assassinated and has been publicly ridiculed for daring to come up against this historical great tobacco rich and aristocratic dynastic family institution. The North Carolina Bar Association, which is controlled by Duke eventually, disbarred Nifong stripping him of his law license and ability to earn money. There has been more than a few lawsuits that have been settled and even Nifong himself has been sued in Civil Court. The real winners in the Duke University Lacrosse case have been the lawyers.

This writer also believes the victim Crystal Mangum who resides down the street from where I live, and I believe she was also paid off by Duke. Duke in one sense made her to go away. She has recently published her memoirs titled,”The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story" and willing to bet you she has been very selective at the advisement of her attorneys about how far she was going to go with telling the story because I am quite sure she had signed a clause with Duke University forbidding her of speaking or writing the truth. But everybody else has made money, why not the alleged victim?

Duke University has gone back to its isolation as a city with in a city and has once again refused to extend itself and reach out to the broader community. Moreover, right after the Duke University Lacrosse Case they were eager to exit their Ivory Tower and showed genuine willingness to constructively use their wealth and privileged to build outside alliances. And breakdown some of the elitist barriers which has caused divisiveness in the community that has led to the characterization, of there is Durham and there is Duke. This writer thinks that the Duke University Lacrosse Case gave us all a perfect teaching moment and an opportunity to learn how the perception of race, wealth and privilege were at best artificial contradictions that had created two societies in Durham.

But after the case became unraveled people hurried back to their comfort zones and those who refuse to acknowledge and accept the lessons of history are doomed to repeat those same lessons. This case in many ways was much bigger than Crystal Mangum the alleged victim because the issues of race, class and gender within the context of American society transcends what happened in March 2006 between a stripper and the alleged three white perpetrators. But where do we as a society go from here to redress the larger grievances and to uproot sexism, racism and class-ism the three prongs that lead to the propensity for human chaos?

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Fahim A. Knight-EL

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The United States Foreign Policy: You Can Not Lay Down With a Dog and Not Get Up With Fleas

The United States Foreign Policy: You Can Not Lay Down With a Dog and Not Get Up With Fleas

By Fahim A. Knight-EL

This writer truly can not get over the American people allowing the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks to overtly stick us up for 750 billion dollars in which they first characterized it as bailout package for literally some of the wealthiest banking institutions and investment firms in the history of humanity. I don’t give a damn what name you call it by—rescue package or bailout; it was a ruthless holdup of the American taxpayers. The Freemasons during the first degree work (Entered Apprentice) of the Masonic ritual stripped the neophyte of all metallic substance, cable tow and hoodwink the candidate and you were told to trust in God and follow your guide (this places the neophyte in a vulnerable position). (Reference: Robert Lomas; Turning The Hiram Key).

The American people have been stripped naked of their money, not that the worthless piece papers had any value—these Robber Barons had stolen the true valued metal (money—gold and silver) back in 1913; now that was some real metallic substance and replaced it with Fiat money—a Federal Reserve note and this will soon be replaced by the new currency known as the Amero that is already prepared to be put into circulation. Yes, ignorance is a form of vulnerability and there is none more ignorant than my fellow Americans; in fact they are arrogant in their ignorance. This theft, we can not even called it a theft by deception or a hoodwinking—this crime (the 750 billion dollar bailout), in particular was committed in broad day light, directly before the American people's eyes and the eyes world. (Reference: William Greider; “Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country”).

This writer definitely characterize those low-level operatives (these are front men and window dressing agents) who led this crime—President George Bush, the United States Congress, United States Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, etc., as cable towing the American people, but do not be duped nor fool they are not the real forces behind pulling the rope/chain of humanity's enslavement. There is some real power behind these puppets. President George Bush has set everything in motion to continue receiving huge financial rewards for generations to come; not that the Bush Clan wasn't already financially secured—they have been tied to oil and energy for a very long time. (Reference: Eustace Mullins; "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve).

President Bush’s mission in part was to place the United States and world on a direct course of globalization and the one World Government trek; now this writer is fully aware that this agenda had been in placed long before President Bush’s appointment, but his work just about completed the process of humanity's enslavement. You have to ask yourself, why was this so-called economic depression and financial meltdown created? Yes, this writer said created or better yet induced; just as all these type crisis are manufactured in the laboratories of the Invisible Rulers. Some of us have been duped into believing that the Vanderbilts, Stanfords, Carnegies, Dukes, and even Bill Gates or better yet Warren Buffett, etc., are the world shot callers and fail to realize these billionaires are powerless front-men who work in the interest of some powerful hidden criminals. (Reference: William Domhoff; “Who Rules America”).

Secretary Henry Paulson and all the others must dance and answer to one tone—Rockefellers. A couple of weeks ago the United States Government nationalized a huge segment of the banking industry by so-called buying stock in private United States banks, but this decision should not be viewed separate and apart from the Federal Reserve or the Central Banks agendas. Thus, the so-called take over of American Bank industry by the U.S. Government was an illusion in order to further dumb down America into believing that the United States Government was working in the interest of the masses as far as resolving these crises, it was just the opposite—this was a luring of the sheep. (Reference: Penny Lernoux “In Banks We Trust”).

The taking over of these financial institutions was another step toward privacy intrusion and further governmental intrusiveness into the lives of American citizens. This bailout set the United States Government on a political and economic course no different than the post cold war Communist nation of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). The bailout and buying stock in private banks is nationalization and a form of socialism, but in this new economic deal the lumpenproletariat gets nothing and is left holding the bag. (Reference: Karl Marx; “The Communist Manifesto”).

This writer heard Senator Obama's Vice President running mate Joe Biden stated within six months as president, Senator Barack Obama's leadership is going to be tested. This is what Senator Biden actually stated: "Mark my words, the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

Did Senator Biden know something and/or was he perhaps privy to information as a long term member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and a Bilderberger member or had he received some information from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)? These powerful organizations and their Dynastic Family leaders have power and influence to create artificial crisis and no doubt Senator Biden was aware of this. Senator Biden made this comment with such authority and definitiveness; if anybody knows how the above Power Elite organizations operate, it would be Biden. He knows after thirty-five (35) years of involvement with these groups that they do have the ability to induce artificial crisis—to punish and reward humanity at their discretion, as well as, increase their wealth and global control over the affairs of humanity. Their power and influence is real. (Reference: Daniel Estulin: “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group”).

Bush is going to hand this mess over the next president and as bad as the economy appears to be the Invisible Power Brokers have the ability at the snap of a finger to turn this economy back on a positive spin and make their next appointed servant appear as a political genius sent from heaven. If you do not know let me inform you neither Senator Barack Obama or Senator John McCain had the power to change the United States and the world's economic woes. These type decisions are out of their control and way beyond their pay grades. No, window dressing politician has an economic plan that can resolve this matter unless it is prior approved by the Central Banks, Federal Reserve and most importantly sanctioned by the various Dynastic Families. (Reference: Gary Allen and Larry Abraham; “None Dare Call it Conspiracy”)

This writer was watching ABC talk show "The View" which he seldom watches, but from time to time, he does watch the show with his wife because she enjoys the show. Last week one of the hosts Elizabeth Hasselbeck was criticizing Senator Barack Obama which she often does and not that he should be placed above critique. But Elizabeth Hasselbeck some times says some ignorant and reactionary comments that are very rightwing in nature. Thus, on this particular occasion she was criticizing Senator Obama for his willingness to sit and talk with America's so-called enemies whom she describes them as dictators. Hasselbeck was actually repeating the political sentiments of Senator John McCain by stating his refusal to sit and talk with America's foreign enemies unless there were some established pre-conditions.Thus, even the thought of this, is a compromise of a nation's right to sovereignty and independence and self-determination. This type of foreign policy agenda is imperialistic and designed to stack the deck—which negates a two-way conversation between two sovereign nations. Hasselbeck's comments are tied to the culture of fear that was personified best under the Bush Administration and in her ignorant mind and worldview America has this divine right to impose her will on other nations and people.

This writer thinks that talk diplomacy is a good political strategy and a refreshing start and perhaps a welcoming position in the international community based on two wars—Iraq and Afghanistan that the Bush Administration has waged in the Middle East and Central Asia, which United States Foreign Policy has isolated a large segment of the Middle East due to its reactionary foreign policy.This writer wonders, what would be the preconditions that the United States Government would impose on other sovereign leaders and governments who disagrees with United States Foreign Policy? But this is the type of political arrogance, which has served to isolate the United States under George Bush for the last eight (8) years. No, sovereign head of state or leader should have to sign to a set of preconditions before he/she is allowed an official audience with the Executive Branch of the United States Government.

This writer thinks in that regard, President-Elect Obama should be applauded for viewing the world from a common sense approach and not be totally swayed by the ideology of the past Military Industrial Complex agenda that was inspired by a war monger. The United States Government is spending over ten (10) billion dollars a month on the Iraq war which has weighed heavy on the economy of United States and its people. This war clearly perhaps only had one real agenda which was stealing oil, but President Bush and former British Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair sold the world a false bill of goods—convincing the ignorant masses that Saddam Hussein posed a threat to world security and this alone gave justification for the Invisible Rulers to rip off the nation of Iraq's oil wealth. (Reference: Scott McClellan; “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception”).

Bush was led into these wars at the orders and dictates of The seven OIL SISTERS—Exxon, Mobil, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Standard Oil, Texaco, Gulf (As of 2005, the surviving companies are ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, and BP, now members of the "supermajors" group) (a corporate conglomerate and oil monopoly that rule the world with complete sovereignty); it was recorded just last month ExxonMobile in one quarter grossed fourteen (14) billion dollars in oil revenues. The Iraq War was never about ridding the Middle Eastern region of an allege dictator in Saddam Hussein whom the Bush Administration depicted as a "made man" and worst yet alleged that Iraq had acquired technology to manufacture Weapons of Mass Destruction in which it was also further alleged that Hussein had political aspirations of imposing his military will on the entire oil rich Middle Eastern Region.

This rhetoric was kind of strange because from 1979-1986 the United States Government via the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United Stated Department of Defense, U.S. State Department and our U.S. Military Apparatus had unconditionally armed Hussein and Iraq against the Ayatollah Rullah Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution. The United States and Israel had armed Saddam Hussein with germ, chemical, and biological warfare arsenals which he used against the Shia Islamic nation of Iran to kill millions of innocent Muslim a crossed his borders in name of United States and Israeli interest. (Reference: Ralph W. McGhee; “Deadly Deceits My Twenty-Five Years in The CIA”).

Hussein was a hired reactionary gun and a ruthless C.I.A agent who sold his soul to the devil and in the early 1990s he had developed amnesia and forgot who had empowered him and made him the dictator that he was. My grandparents had an old dictum that went something like this "boy do not get to big for your Breeches" interpreted to mean do not allow your ego to cause you to lose sight of reality. The ex-C.I.A. director Herbert Walker Bush (President Bush 1) made Hussein and gave him his mission. Hussein began to flex his muscles and had forgotten Bush was his boss and this is what led to Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990 and 1991. (Reference: Ralph W. McGhee; “Deadly Deceits My Twenty-Five Years in The CIA”).

The CIA had ran pipelines from Kuwait with the purpose of tapping into Iraq's Oil unbeknown to Hussein and U.S. had been stealing Iraqi Oil from across border without given him his financial cut; but eventually Hussein discovered that President Herbert Walker Bush had betrayed him. Thus, there is no honor amongst thieves. President Bush's decision to declare war on Iraq was about further securing the Invisible Rulers interest in the short term and long term because they could no longer trust their long time confidante and agent ally in Saddam Hussein who had begun to show ambitions far beyond what the CIA considered allowable.However, Hussein made the Seven Oil Sisters huge amounts of oil profits; after all he controlled the second largest oil reserve in the world the Ramallah oil fields. But at the same time he was selling oil to the Zionist State of Israel, while at the same time giving the appearance that he stood with the oppressed Palestinian people and Yassir Arafat and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO); he led on that he was in solidarity with the President Hafiz Assad of Syria and was so-called even sympathetic to Lebanon and Hezbollah.

The United States Foreign Policy for the last four (4) years relative to Iraq has been strictly motivated by the obligation to ensure that the Invisible Rulers continue to reap huge oil returns on the their military investment and agreed pact with the reactionary ruling class of Baghdad. These ruthless vipers do not give damn about the billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers money they are spending per month to further enrich the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, DeBeers, Oppenhemiers, Morgans, etc. The Iraq war and those who set the agenda knew all along that Hussein did not posed an eminent danger to anyone; the CIA and the Israeli Mossad knew his military capability because they had sold him the majority of the weapons he had in his arsenal. (Reference: Andy Stern: “Oil: From Rockefeller to Iraq and Beyond”).

The propaganda machines showed us these gruesome and inhumane images of Kurdish people to the north in Iraq that had been killed by chemical and biological warfare. But no one shed a tear for these same inhumane tactics that Saddam Hussein had implored against Shia Muslims of Iran for over seven (7) years. The silence stood as a justification because Hussein was killing in the interest of the United States and Israel; thus, the Iranian Muslims were viewed as being expendable, but this is the kind of hypocrisy and double standard that exist in Middle East politics even to this day.

The United States was angered by Imam Khomeini in 1979 nationalization of the Iranian oil, which the Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (1919-1980) was so deep in bed with the Seven Oil Sisters neither of these entities could had ever envisioned that in 1979 it all would come tumbling down by Allah's permission. Let’s get real for one moment and stop listening to United States propaganda which keeps humanity deceived and clueless about how this world really functions. You can put all the Islamic Nations together and guest what; they still would not have the military and technological capacities of the Zionist State of Israel. So what this writer is expressing to you, no Arab State poses a danger to Israel this notion is only a media inspired myth. (Reference: James M. Day; “What Every American Should Know About The Mid East Oil”).

This type of propaganda is designed to create fear and uncertainty and it has compromised for over fifty (50) years the possibilities of a true Palestinian and Israeli peace solution that is based on freedom, justice and equality; there can not be any double standards in this discussion, if Jews and Muslims are looking for a solution to the war-conflict that has devastated peoples and land—the only thing left is honesty and to establish what is just in order to end human suffering on both sides. The land belongs to God. The Zionist State of Israel when it comes to military might is the one that walk's with a big stick in the Middle East. Thus, the United States tax dollars has armed this nation with some of the most sophisticated weapons and technology to be found any place in the world. (Reference: Jimmy Carter: “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”).

The United States Government (Democrats and Republicans) has been spewing the same illogical and reactionary propaganda that got us in this mess in Iraq, it is now being aimed at Iran and its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; they constantly uses these double standard arguments over and over again. This writer guess, if you have the bigger guns and control all the medium outlets, you ultimately have the ability to shape and mold world policy to your appeal. Who can make war with the Beast other than God Himself?This writer truly misses the pen and thinking of William Cooper, author of "Behold A Pale Horse" who the United States Government agents assassinated (murdered in cold blood) in Arizona just prior to the 9/11 hoax because they could not have a dissident voice like Cooper analyzing and dissecting their lies and tricks.

This brings me to the Presidential election of November 4, 2008 in which the United States citizens after 200 years elected its first African American President and Commander-in-Chief in Barack Obama. This writer was watching CNN news and at some point Wolfe Blitzer said lets cut across the chase, Senator Barack Obama has won the Presidential election of the United States of America. This election meant a lot of things to so many people, in particular to African Americans, a historical oppressed people who just forty-three (43) years ago received full rights to citizenship with the 1964 Civil Rights Bill and 1965 Voting Rights Bill. President-Elect Barack Obama to them represented a symbol of progress and hope after surviving 310 years of Chattel Slavery (with no retribution) and over sixty (60) years being under racist system of Jim Crow. (Reference: Randall Robinson; “The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks”).

Many Blacks cried and celebrated and viewed President-Elect Obama election as the greatest indication that their past Civil Rights struggles for justice and equality was not in vain. But as the media cameras scanned the world, people in foreign nations were equally jubilated and excited that the American citizens had spoken and chosen a junior Senator from Illinois that campaigned on change had won the highest office in the world. They too felt a sense of optimism. The world applauded and they too welcomed a change after eight (8) years of President George Bush, an administration that had isolated the international community based on the two unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a foreign policy that was based on arrogance and isolation. The American people did not desire to elect Senator John McCain who could never distinguish himself from President Bush's govern philosophy and ideology.

The American people and global community did not want another war monger as our Commander-in-Chief.President-Elect Obama is in similar position that President George Bush was in on September 12, 2001 (right after to the 9/11 hoax), when the world was at his disposal and the global community was prepared to be led by President Bush and the United States. The world was looking for a moral direction and a level of humanity, perhaps from the greatest modern nation on the planet earth, but President Bush’s ill-informed arrogance and failure to seized the moment led to a squandering of a positive period to his personal history and the world’s perception of the United States became compromised by America’s negative Foreign Policy positions. President-Elect Obama is in a great position to offer America and the world moral direction and a new and refreshing direction toward Foreign Policy initiatives. He literally has the world in his hands and the question is how will he handle this unique timing in the history of the world, which has been placed in his hands. Will he pursue a just course of political action or will he squander this unique opportunity to free America from the perception of tyranny, greed, and imperialism and use this opportunity to build a global consensus and lead by a better moral compass than previous United States Administrations.

This writer was more symbolically concerned about whether or not President-Elect Barack Obama had won the State of North Carolina because this State had not been carried by a Democratic Presidential candidate since President Jimmy Carter carried it in 1976. This was important because the former racist Senator Jesse Helms had influenced a reactionary racist political mood in the State of North Carolina for over forty (40) years and with Obama winning North Carolina brought a closure to the dark political era of the late Senator Jesse Helms. This writer applauded this more so than the selection of President-Elect Barack Obama.

But this writer also became equally bothered by President-Elect Obama choosing Congressman Rahm Israel Emanuel as his Chief of Staff and top political advisor; this political appointment automatically warrants suspicion because Congressman Emanuel who is Jewish which for me that is not a problem, but Congressman Emanuel politics and Foreign Policy positions do represent a problem. He is a Zionist with strong pro-Israeli affiliations and has been an unapologetic lobbyist for the State of Israel. The pundits have been secretly critical of President-Elect Obama’s relationship and political ties to American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) arguably the most powerful pro-Israel Lobby in the world and some believe that AIPAC financed President-Elect Barack Obama’s political ascension and he owes his presidential victory to AIPAC and the Jews. Some has gone as far as to calling him the first Jewish President of the United State of America. For example, how will Emanuel's Chief of Staff position influence President-Elect Barack Obama's Foreign Policy outlook, in particular in the volatile Middle East?(Reference: Nation of Islam Historical Research Department; “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”).

Rabbi Michael Lerner in article titled, “Rahm Emanuel is no reason for hope or celebration” dated November 7, 2008 published on-line stated, “This was no mistake on Emanuel’s part. Rahm Emanuel has a long history of militarist ideology behind him. His father was a member of the ultra-right- wing terrorist organization Etzel that killed British civilians as part of their anti-British struggle in Palestine in the 1940s. Emanuel, himself a citizen of Israel as well as the United States, has been one of several Congressional leaders enforcing the Israel Lobby consensus on the Democrats, in the process shutting out the peace voices that believe Israel’s security would be better served by the U.S. putting pressure on Israel to end the Occupation, move the Wall to inside the pre-67 boundaries, and remove the settlers from the West Bank or tell them to live there as Palestinian citizens.”

“It’s not just the pro-peace and reconciliation forces that are unlikely to be given a serious hearing in a White House in which Rahm Emanuel controls who gets to talk to the President. Emanuel will almost certainly be protecting Obama from all of us spiritual progressives and those of us who describe ourselves as the Religious Left-so that our commitment to single-payer universal health care, carbon taxes for environmental protection, a Homeland Security strategy based on generosity and implemented through a Global Marshall Plan, will be unlikely to get a serious hearing in the White House.”

Could and would Emanuel objectively advise President-Elect Obama on the best Foreign Policy approach relative to Iran and its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who the Israelis are constantly declaring this powerless Shia Islamic nation is a threat to their national security. Will Emanuel’s Zionist political aspirations lead the United States into another war, this time with Iran all in the name of defending Israel’s so-called right to exist. Emanuel's appointment does not give any room for optimism toward a new U.S. Foreign Policy agenda because often their dual citizenship status and oaths render them more loyal to Israel than the United States. President-Elect Obama does not understand this and will these same reactionary forces once again will be driving the U.S. Foreign Policy. How will Congress Rahm Emanuel advise President-Elect Obama on the Israeli-Palestinian issue as far as advocating equally and impartially for the Arabs and the Israelis? This is a dangerous appointment with far reaching negative political implications, but if you have been made blind, death and dumb to knowledge of self this appointment will go right over your head. (Reference: John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy).

Rabbi Michael Lerner further stated, “When these issues were avoided by Obama during the campaign, most of us spiritual progressives told ourselves, He’s just being political, but once elected he’ll reveal himself committed to the values that he whispered into our ears privately over the course of the past many years. The Rahm Emanuel selection is an early warning that the peace and justice agenda dropped by Obama after he won the Democratic nomination may be permanently on hold, and the progressives themselves may have to settle for access and flowery words at an inauguration address rather than the substance of change. For many of us, just the fact of having a brilliant young black man in the White House will be such a healing experience that we wont care about this newly emerging reality: unless Obama creates some other path to access and to public input into his policies by those of us who helped build his electoral success, or unless we organize to do so outside the framework of his campaign organization, we may be in for lots of disappointments.”

Then these same people will tell our brother that it is not politically expedient for President-Elect Obama to meet and talk with Father Michael Pfleger, Reverend Jeremiah Wright or Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, but is perfectly okay to meet and talk with Zionist. This writer thinks Father Michael Pfleger, Reverend Wright and Minister Farrakhan are bold truth tellers and I just find myself agreeing with their political positions. Black people off the record see this double standard and foolishness and the world sees this hypocrisy. President-Elect Obama is also in consultation with former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker; Central Banker extraordinaire for a possible Cabinet position and so it is getting more and more clearer who will be running the United States Government. Thus, the old faces and names that have always appeared throughout human history or at least since their arrival on the planet are showing up in great numbers in Obama’s cabinet. Do not get angry with the messenger for delivering the message and for pointing out that some damn body has a stranglehold on humanity. (Reference: Tony Martin: “The Jewish Onslaught: Dispatches from the Wellesley Battlefront) Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for

KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Fahim A. Knight-EL