Thursday, December 20, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

I like most Americans was touched by the shootings and murder of 20 young children and 7 adults in Newtown, Connecticut that took place on December 14, 2012, this type of violence seems to be unconscionable and it becomes even more painful knowing that these little small children could not defend themselves and we asked the question, what type of person would commit this type of horrid and horrendous atrocity against the vulnerable and innocent? (We are still searching for answers a week later). I have a school age daughter and I as a parent cannot imagine receiving the type of news that the parents received in Newtown this past Friday—this was truly a heartbreaking incident for all of us who consider themselves human and no amount of words are adequate enough to grant comfort and relief to the parents who lost children and loved ones in this act of senseless violence. It has forever altered people's personal lives and it has shattered the belief and notion that schools and school districts have the ability to protect and secure our children. Also, the Newtown community will never be the same again—so knowing this I weep along with the nation.

I tell my daughter every day how much I love her and I do not need the media or some talking head shrink to remind me of the importance of telling my daughter how much I love her. I blame the Newtown tragedy partially on the reactionary objective of the military industrial complex, induced debt scenarios and organized economic enslavement models, the psychological state of our nation has dwindled to an all time low. I wanted to layout a different perspective of a society that is being systematically programmed (through technology and education) and, as tragic as the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was; perhaps the blame is much deeper than the propaganda machines and talking heads are willing to admit. They will use these type incidents to promote gun control (yet the root of the problems will never be truly assessed). I will continue to support our second Amendment right to the U.S. Constitution—the right to bear arms and we do not need government to impose anymore laws and restrictions on the American people. Yet, I do agree that certain type of weapons should not be readily available to everyone and perhaps we need to modify our laws relative to assault weapons. But many of us are not willing to surrender our guns to the government and I am a card carrying member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and I am a staunch believer of stand your ground and self-defense. Thus, disarming the people, but readily arming the State is a scary and troublesome notion for me because I do not trust the government; the more weapons the government has the more repressive they will become in particular, if the people cannot defend themselves this will move our nation even closer to being a total police state. Nevertheless, with the formulation of the National Defense Authorization Act, Homeland Security, U.S. Patriot Act, Military Commission Act, etc., we are already a police state (although many of us do not know it).

They also, will continue to promote a culture of fear by promoting disinformation and propaganda about so-called Islamic terrorism and radical Islam (creating False Flags) justifying illegal assaults (foreign and domestic) and at the same time eroding our civil liberties. I think that the people in the United States are becoming increasingly disillusioned and desperate (we have been totally stripped down and the sad phenomenon is that we have volunteered to be willing participants in our present status) and this has led our nation to becoming a social tender box ready to explode on itself. This type incident, that took place in Newtown will inevitably increase in the coming days. They have outsourced the United States economy to Asia and Mexico (people's right to earn a living has been compromised because of greed); the Federal Reserve has devalued our currency and monetary system and Ben Bernanke is steadily leading us into purchasing more debt while the U.S. dollar does not have the value to sustain the level of credit that is covertly being shoved down the mouths of the dumbfound.

But the talking heads have already diverted and shifted the conversation towards mental health and people will as usual dismiss these types of crimes as isolated incidents being carried out by mentally ill individuals of our society. For example, high unemployment, less opportunities, inflation, burden by un-repayable debt, massive amounts of homes foreclosures, escalating taxes, etc., these variables will be overlooked in this debate, because it exposes the real culprit who desires to hide as though they have no idea why people are committing these acts of violence—they are the social engineers of the violence. Yes, I believe the above stated social issues can lead to stress and a breakdown in mental health and equally cannot be overlooked (America has decided to treat the symptoms and not the disease). The government often uses distractions to shield its manipulation and cover up its fail obligation to the people; our government should and must shoulder some of blame with what took in Newtown, Connecticut.

The U.S. government under Bill Clinton started the public policy trend of cutting funding to mental health hospitals and treatment centers. They saw this as a way to save the federal government money, but the result of such public policy has increasingly raised its head with people committing random acts of violence because the mentally ill has been let loose throughout America and many are walking time bombs ready to explode. Bush and Clinton policies has led to millions of mental health patience being forced to the streets (mental health facilities were forced to close their doors) and others entered the criminal justice system; living on the streets without receiving proper medications and mental health therapy. I am not a clinician or mental health professional, but certain things are just basic common sense and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this thing out. Many of them should be in long term inpatient facilities and not walking the streets of America. And the real debate get lost, which is people have become more disillusioned and apathetic about their social, economic and political predicament—this should be the real conversation. The U.S. Government has robbed us as a nation of our-self-worth and the right to a legitimate national pride .

This past year the city of Chicago has stayed in the news with tens of people daily and weekly have been murdered on the streets of Chicago (it has now become the homicide capitol of the United States); often these homicides consist of blacks and Hispanics in which some of them have been school aged children who were gunned down on the mean streets of Chicago. Many attributed this wave of crime as being gang or drug related, whatever it is, it really doesn't matter because it still constitutes the lost of human life to acts of violence (over 30 thousand people lose their life in the United States to gun violence every year). We live in a culture where violence is sensationalized and glorified that is being played out on the big screen and war games are simulated in video games and our children have become immune and sterile to violence, the culture has produced robots and we are lacking the capacity to love and express human feelings. This syndrome creates personal and societal detachment—they have engulfed themselves in a fantasy world of killing and using high powered combat and military weapons, as well as high powered explosives duplicating strategy and tactic used by the military to hunt down so-called terrorist in the video games our children are playing. We have given them the technology of play station, I-phones, I-Pods, Smartphones, etc., allowing our children the technological ability to download movies and have access to violence twenty-four hours per day and not counting what they get on the social media sites (this is the power of the Internet). The lyrics in music have violence and this perhaps is the greatest programmer designed to shape and mold the thinking of our young people.   

Violence has always been glorified in western culture and the psychological and sociological ramifications of such, is the negative affect of what we saw that took place in Newtown this past week. The killer must of had ice water running through his veins (or he was a coward of the worst kind) to gun down such young children six and seven years of age using a high powered assault rifle and/or have our culture rendered us to be so emotional detached that we cannot differentiate that something is humanly and morally wrong with slaughtering and killing of children. The president of the United States is from Chicago (he served in the U.S. Senate from the district of Illinois), however, he has yet to go back to his home church of Trinity United Church of Christ where he was spiritually nurtured by Dr. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the Black Liberation Theologian and give his condolences to these black mothers and fathers who have lost love ones to crime and violence (the president’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and present mayor of Chicago has failed dismissal as the mayor over this gangster city). And sadly there has not been a national outcry or national mourning for the victims and their families, it was an easy decision for President Obama to go to Newtown because it was politically expedient. These inner city victims of gun violence are poor where race, class and privilege (there lack of) have not garnished the type of national attention that Newtown has received this past week.

Yet, I am more angered by our government who stand as the biggest hypocrites in this debate relative to gun control and violence. Our government under the Military Industrial Complex has unjustly murdered innocent children in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have been killing indiscriminately (may be black, brown, red and yellow children losing their lives are not considered as valued and sacred as white loss of life). Aren’t they children too? But very few in the West have shed tears for the innocent and defenseless in these two foreign countries that have suffered massive unprovoked attacks from the United States and the West. U.S. Foreign policy leads to millions of children suffering with little to nothing to eat because the International Monetary Fund and World Bank manipulates wealth relative to which nations receives so-called assistance and which nations do not receive; this equation often has nothing to do with morality or the question of humanity, it is rooted in philosophical and theoretical concept of rugged capitalism—shear greed and the global suffering index is factored and calculated by the markets on Wall Street.  They set the supply and demand tables and often these foreign loans are directly backed by a nation's natural resources as collateral. It is about making money at all cost and it does not matter how many children die because of the unjust wealth equation. Why doesn’t President Obama shed tears for his father’s homeland of Kenya where his paternal lineage is rooted?

President Obama is not permitted to show any love and sympathy for his own people unless it’s approved by the Rothschilds. How many official trips has this so-called black president made to Africa as a goodwill ambassador, if nothing else it would serve as a good symbolic gesture that one of our native sons have come home as the most powerful president in the world to pay homage to his history and culture; just imagine a Jewish president not visiting the State of Israel this is unimaginable (in fact imagine any sitting U.S. President not visiting Israel).  However, he sees us as an inconsequential people who are loyal to the Democratic Party and he does not have to act responsible to the 'Black Agenda' because we are the only people that vote party and not issue. It is political suicide for blacks to be represented as registered Democrats at a 93% clip (this allows the Democratic Party to take our vote for granted). They constantly show us pictures and read stories about the stark poverty in Africa, but they do not tell us the true story of why children are lacking food, adequate health care (suffering and dying from curable diseases), poor education, and the millions that die each year from starvation. Africa could be the breadbasket of the world, but poverty is being systematically induced by international bankers who are more interested in commodities and stealing other nation’s natural resources based on greed and exploitation.

I weep when I see children in Africa, Asia, Central and South America with swollen bellies and some lying Christian charity comes on the Idiot box (code name for television) and asking the public to make monetary donations in order that they could feed hungry children for less than a dollar per day in U.S. currency (it comes under the guise of humanitarian aid and philanthropy, but often it is theft by deception). These missionaries are often part of the problem stealing in the name of Jesus Christ and doing it under guise of religious propaganda. The donated money never makes it way to the suffering people, but it finds it way into corporate Christian ministries in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, etc., while the masses of the people in these Developing Nations continues to suffer under oppression and poverty (servicing the poor is a lucrative big business). I weep for the children who are victims of this type of politics and who will go to bed hungry every night and many will die because they have been reduced to expendable baggage.

President "Slick Willie" Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush was suppose to oversee the charity/fund that was earmarked for the nation of Haiti (the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere) and the people of Haiti after the devastating 7.0 earthquake, which rocked and destroyed this impoverished island nation in 2010. Men, women and children lost their lives and after the BBC, CNN and the world media outlets left Haiti and cameras were cut off, the attention of the devastation waned (Haiti once again dropped off the radar and went back to its insignificance status). Haiti still has not received the billions of dollars in private and foreign aid that was donated to assist the people affected in the Earthquake tragedy. Clinton and Bush diverted most of that money into their own private financial coffers; Wycliffe John, the Haitian-American singer and entertainer who ran for president of Haiti did not realize that he was no match for the type of criminals and crooks that Clinton and Bush were. There was nothing in place to hold them accountable when it came to dispersing more than needed aid to Haiti but the premium on black life is lowered and Haitian children will continue to die because of U.S. Foreign Policy. Thus, immediately after the cameras went black and the international stage was moved children went back to dying from malnutrition and lack of medical attention and for the most part no one cared. Yes, I weep for the children and not just for the children that were murdered in Newtown, but those who will never receive the of media coverage who are dying and murdered under the systemic practices of racism and greed. Most of that relief and disaster money still has not arrived to the people of Haiti as I write this article.

The only solution is that there must be an equal redistribution of the world's wealth with the world’s people, it is criminal that 95 % of the world's wealth is in the hands of a measly 1% of the population and it is this variable that is driving people crazy. President Barack Obama gave a news conference shortly after the Newtown massacre and he seemed emotionally touched by the lost of life for those young innocent American children who lost their lives. But I have never seen him shed a tear for the innocent Palestinian children who were killed in Gaza by Zionist forces and/or lament over the victims of U.S. servicemen who have been unjustly murdered because of U.S. imperialism and neocolonialism; that is not to mention those Muslim women and children—victims who were raped by U.S. Servicemen, moreover committing all manners of sexual assaults, which grossly violates the laws of Islam (aren’t they human to?). But no one has shed a tear so my prayers go out to these victims and families and I pray for healing, as well as I pray that God change the energy of the universe. My thoughts right now are beyond the Mayan calendar and the predications associated with the 12-21-12 date, (the beginning of the winter solstice) and their predicament (his 6,000 year rule was due to come to end according to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s teachings and I believe we are at that time). The Mayan calendar does not predate the Kemitic (Egyptian) system of time as far as recording astronomical and future predictions, the ancient people of Kemet were the first time setters. I put my trust in the originators of time and the calendar.

Fahim A. Knight, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Sunday, December 16, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

Let me remind the naysayers relative to me telling them in particular, in Blog Sphere, perhaps two years before the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections that President Barack Obama would be reappointed to the office of commander-in-chief by the Invisible Rulers and Hidden Cabal and it would not be our vote to determine his ‘reselection’. His first presidential term was awful and very reactionary for the poor and oppressed, but he was only acting in concert with the Hidden Hand as a tyrant and Despot to put forth a much more important agenda of solidifying America’s Foreign Policy strategy. Obama’s policies has rendered an objective that no one in the world is safe anymore in particular, those in opposition to the Global Agenda—the labels of terrorist and Islamic extremist is nothing but smokescreens and decoys, which allows them to justify military assaults often on innocent people and nonconforming governments who yearn to breathe free. For example, the assassination of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin-Laden; people quickly forget that he was a long standing CIA operative in which during the Afghan conflict with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), he received U.S. financial aid and U.S. made weapons in order to arm the Mujahideen and the Taliban in their ten year arm resistance against Russian occupation and aggression. So Bin-Laden was not a stranger to the United States Intelligence Agencies or to the top brass of the United States Arm Forces— he was initially handpicked by the CIA. But lets not be duped Osama Bin-Laden has been dead for over eight years in which he probably died of kidney failure or some other medical aliment; thus, the U.S. Navy Seals did not kill Bin-Laden as the U.S. propaganda machines have suggested.

Also, the Drone murders of Imam Al-Awlaki of Yemen and his son was more about sending a message to the world that the U.S. would use all measures to destroy their enemies and the boundaries to attain this mission was limitless.  I have consistently maintained that President Barack Obama is one of the most dangerous U.S. presidents of all times; you kind of knew what to expect from President George W. Bush he talked loud and did nothing, but Obama has proven that he walks with a big stick and is cold blooded. The world should come to expect much more of the same for the next four years. He has methodically and covertly waged a war against Islam since he was put in the Oval Office in 2008 no different than President George W. Bush, which should assure the ignorant that it does not matter if the president is a Democrat or Republican the results will often be the same—the rich gets richer and poor gets poorer (the politicians works in the interest of their paymasters).The Hidden Hand who placed President Obama in office did not find it necessary to change puppets in the White House; they were overly pleased with his staged performance for the last four years (Obama’s foreign policy and domestic policies reflected the interest of the Invisible Rulers he does not give a damn about the poor and oppressed).

However, Mitt Romney would have been an equally good servant, it was not his 47% comment blunder that got him into trouble because those who manipulate humanity agrees that not only is 47% of the U.S. population is expendable, but they believe that 85% of the American population is no of use to them in which this same equation could be applied to the entire globe—he like President Obama would have served the international banks and the Hidden Hand well (this is one of the first perquisite to becoming president of the United States). Look at what President Obama has done: conquered Islamic North Africa and assassinated Muammar Qaddafi, the President of Libya (he was definitely a friend to so-called African Americans and the Nation of Islam), perhaps was the last standing Pan-Arab and Pan-Islamic nationalist on the continent of Africa. They did not desire for Qaddafi to advocate and deposited in the minds of so-called sub-Sahara Africa (black Africa) the concept of a United States of Africa—this idea and thought of a federalization Africa (the Senegalese scholar and intellectual Cheikh Anta Diop espouse this concept over 40 years ago) would have automatically empowered the richest and wealthiest continent in the world this idea made him a dangerous man to western imperialism (black America lost a friend in Qaddafi, but we know who was behind his assassination and as always hide their dirty hands behind their backs). Obama has set the United States in the best position to manipulate and control one of the most vital oil reserves on African continent which is Libyan oil wells.

Now, President Obama as of recent openly admitted that the U.S. Government is actively supporting the opposition forces in Syria against the legitimate government of Syria. Just imagine if a foreign agent was involved in the internal domestic affairs of the United States, not to mention being involved in destabilizing our government—this would be met with extreme resistance; yet the double standard is that we can mingle in the affairs of other international governments as though we have a moral and divine right to do so. Many of us already know that it has been the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Israeli Mossad instigating and fueling the fire in Damascus (one of the most ancient cities in the world). Damascus as an ancient land is tied to Judaism and Christendom and Islam—Peter, Paul and even Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph) walked this strip of historical Holy Land, it is now, consumed by war, death, bloodshed and internal strife. Perhaps one of the most essential persons in all of Islam was Hazrat Bilal Ibn Rabah, a Nubian Ethiopian slave who under Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (570 A.D.- 632 A.D.) rose to become the first Muezzin (caller to prayer). Hazrat Bilal is buried in Syria and there is a tomb erected to his legacy and memory.

The question is, will Russia and China sit idly by and allow the United States to conquer another Middle Eastern nation? If the truth be told Russia and China had been arming the old man Hafez Al- Assad prior to his death for many years during the Cold War period. He ruled Syria from 1971 to 2000 and was closely aligned to the Warsaw Pact, but was at times closely tied to France and Western Europe. The United States will be leaving Afghanistan after 10 years as a defeated force; we have wasted billions of taxpayers’ dollars to gain a part in the Central Asian opium dope trade that was the only objective that I could detect—these senseless wars will continue to contribute to the rise of an escalating U.S. national deficit. But this is not to suggest that wars are not profitable—it has been wars and conflicts since the invasion of Grenada (1983), Panama (1989), Iraq Gulf War (1990), Somali (1993), Afghanistan War (2001), Iraq War (2003), etc., wars and other skirmishes that have kept the United States economy from collapsing—wars are part of the big business pyramid scheme.

The Taliban and so-called Al Qaeda cells have used the terrain of their country to defend and wage counter war strategies against a much more sophisticated and technological fighting machine as the United States of America—they used the same strategy to defeat Russia. It is not coincidental that the majority of these conflicts and wars are happening in Muslims and Islamic countries in particular those who refuses to bow to western influence and/or are sitting on valuable natural resources—Central Asia—Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq are the examples of lands that have valuable commodities. Obama in less than four years has pushed the military industrial complex much further than all his predecessors—Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. President Obama has proven to be a formidable warmonger.

Thus, unlike President George W. Bush, he will be able to truly say mission accomplished and he has completed most of the unfinished work of George W. Bush. President Obama has a shrewd foreign policy, which is rooting out any leader or heads states from the old guard paradigm—this strategy is really no different than former imperialist agenda of old and putting in place a new class of puppets who will be loyal to the furthering the New World and the Globalist agenda—the old guard leaders had become expendable. I have argued that there was no need to alter the U.S. presidential office—President Obama has accepted and follow the agenda to almost perfection. They relish the fact that he is a great communicator and he has the ability leave his audiences spell bound but politically vulnerable (talking loud and saying nothing)—his masters the House of Rothschild and the International Bankers have a clear path to continue manipulating global financing.

They are using Obama as an agent which to establish the 'New Jerusalem" (this represents a Triangle of Deception) and he has willingly accepted the mission to destroy the infidels (who are the infidels?)—this statement use to be rooted in religious dogma, but today there is a secular brotherhood that is rooted in Globalism and One World Government, it is they who are directing the affairs of humanity. They are using a man of color against other indigenous and original people of the earth because he lacks the knowledge of self, history and culture. Thus, once they topple President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, although he is not the real issue, their focus will immediately turn back to Iran and Ahamadinejad and nor is it totally about Iran's quest to attain an atom bomb or nuclear bomb, it is not even about can Iran be trusted to act responsible with having weapons of mass destruction in its possession—it is more about oil, money and ultimately greed. It is about keeping the Middle East and the Islamic world playing field unleveled when it comes to them having the ability to militarily defend themselves. But who gives Europeans and Israel the right and authority to determine other sovereign nations right to self-determination and from the lens of people of color—black, brown, red and so-called yellow people—this represents the epitome of white nations imperialism.

There is a covert master plan in the working to be at war with Islam and to keep the masses distracted into thinking and believing that the U.S. is fighting terrorist Al Qaeda cells and the complexity of the wars give the appearance to be isolated on individual nations with no unified collaborative theme that show forth the expansiveness of the war on Islam (the only formidable enemy of the West since the collapse of USSR in 1989). This strategy and tactic have even lured most of the Muslim world asleep—many of them to do not fully understand that all of Islam is under attack.  America is a weaken nation because she no longer controls her currency; the Fiat Money system has run its course there is nothing left to keep it propped up and the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke is consistently creating an economic illusion by lowering interest rates. This is systematically being done to keep the Sheepel engaged in debt and credit—falsely making us believe that the economy has made a recovery while this allows the international bankers to keep that noose tightly around our necks. Since 2008, they have reduced the American people to a symbolic class of obsolete and expendable useless eaters, the sad phenomenon is that they don't even realize what has happened to them and still trust that the government has their best interest at stake—by the end of 2013 they are about to come into a rude awakening, we are merely cannon fodder. The Dynastic Families and the international banks gave us a glimpse into their power and control in 2008 by showing us the negative affects of an induced economic meltdown.

But these blood oath taking Dynastic Families they see themselves as Gods on earth and there is an effort to keep the bloodline pure. For example, Princess of Wales Diana (Spencer) of England was assassinated because she had crossed and breached the potential of mixing the royal bloodline with a non-Britain who had no ethnic or racial kinship or biological affiliation with European Royal Family blood linage and his alien seed could never be allowed to enter the Royal Priesthood. Princess Diana relationship with a perceived heretic such as Dodi Al Fayed (full name was Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed) was considered blasphemous and a compromise of the royal hierocracy heritage. It is not permissible for white royal blood to mix and mingle with Semitic and/or Nubian blood.  It also did not matter Dodi Al Fayed’s father Mohamed Al-Fayed was a billionaire, but his wealth was insignificant and of non-comparison to the British Royal Dynastic Family (Mohamed Al-Fayed relative to the players on the chessboard was a peon).

The assassination of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed was about extinguishing the possibility of an Egyptian linage (son) entering into the British hierarchical Royal Family; remember Princess Diana was only 36 years of age when she was assassinated and Dodi Al Fayed was only 42 years of age when he was assassinated, it was conceivable that they could of had children. Muslim and Islamic Royal Blood could have potentially changed the political, economic and social paradigm of how the Royal Court has been structured throughout British history. Now, to the layperson this on the surface may appear to be the epitome of racism, but one must read Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s book titled, " Isis Papers" she maintains that there is a quest for white genetic survival, but deeper than that, there exist an Elitist Order of major families throughout the world who is cloaked behind a wall of symbolism and secrecy that has an agreed pact to keep wealth exclusively amongst this Invisible 1% percent population. What is their motivation power and greed? As well as drive us Sheepel further in bondage and modern day slavery.

They have accumulated all but a fraction of the world's wealth; I am referring to hardcore currency. For example, gold, silver, diamonds, and various raw materials that is being housed in secret vaults throughout the earth and this time when they call the debt in there is going to be blood up to the horse's bridle because of the infusion of more worthless currency will inevitably cause for another collapse of the United States and Global economy. The paper money that we are using as the monetary medium of exchange will be completely worthless and the global currency for the most part also will have no value. The United States now has to consult the interest of China because the Chinese Renminbi has become the de facto currency relative to being the international monetary reserve and no longer can the U.S. Dollar claim this throne, which has become increasingly valueless in the scheme of providing monetary confidence to the global economic market. But lets not be totally fooled by this, although, China functions at a high level with currency autonomy and sovereignty, however, that is not to imply or suggest that the People's Bank of China doesn't have to succumb to the game of the Central Banking system. China’s economic strength and power lie in China having the largest gold reserve this will eventually bring them in conflict with the Jew and compromise the secret pact that exist between the Chinese Elite and the international Jewish Bankers. Those who control the global money system do not believe in Communism, Socialism, Democracy, or religion—their political system and god is money.

Just recently The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), which functions as a sovereign government and these large corporate financial conglomerates do not abide by any nations law and rules—they function above them. HSBC was accused of laundering money from Iran, which has United Nations sanctions and United States trade embargoes this was clearly in violation of the Bank Secrecy Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act. The United States Treasury Department Timothy Geithner, a banking guru and former employee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, he did not pursue any punishment or legal action against HSBC. The United States Justice Department and the U.S. Secret Service, as well as the office of Homeland Security agencies so-called did not know how to handle this massive banking breach and criminal misconduct. HSBC was making huge profits from the Iranian oil trade and was transferring Iranian money all-round the world including in the United States and Great Britain in which this so-called London base banking giant was exposed, but ultimately got away with breaking the law.

No HSBC official was indicted for committing this banking crime other than a measly 1.9 billion dollar fine assessed (HSBC bank made trillions dollars off Iran and Mexican drug lords who were also laundering dope money through HSBC bank). HSBC walked away from this crime with violating U.S. banking laws receiving just a slap on the wrist—this was a clear example of how international banks and bankers are above the law. The U.S. Justice Department said they did not even know how to legally proceed because the tentacles of the money deception were to complex and too comprehensive. Yet, if a private citizen would have been engaged in trading and doing illegal business with Iran and if caught they would be facing a long term prison sentence and demonized as doing business with America’s alleged enemies (this would be viewed as treason and sedition). But international bankers get a free pass to violate U.S. law. This incident which had its inception in 2006 under the Bush administration and carried over to the Obama administration—both Wall Street lackeys who take their orders from the International Banks—did nothing to curtail these den of thieves and bloodsuckers of the poor. There are 16 Central Banks who meet every day and they determine the world's prosperity and misery index; they do not consult President Barack Obama, Kim Jong Un (Supreme leader of North Korea), Ma Ying-jeou (president of China), David Cameron (prime minister of Great Britain), Vladimir Putin (president of Russia), Francois Hollande (president of France) and/or any of other G-20 nation. International Banks are the true Supreme Leaders.

Fahim A. Knight-El, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Friday, December 7, 2012


African Slavery and the Civil War: There are two sides to the Story; Here is a Black man’s perspective

By Fahim A. Knight-El

I was looking for a way and entry into writing and presenting this Blog in order to paint a historical picture about my views on African Slavery and the Civil War (1861-1865). This article sprung from two prior articles that I had recently written dealing with the States petitioning the United States Government for the right to secede from the Union—those articles can be linked at and the second article can be linked at: . And I then looked to the right of my computer and in my home, I have this really nice portrait of Fredrick Douglass and simanteously one of his most memorable and controversial speeches came to mind: “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July”; so I only find it fitting to open this discussion with a quote from that speech by Douglass delivered over 160 years ago. I have read many mind altering and life changing speeches by Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington, Elijah Muhammad, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Minister Louis Farrakhan, Huey P. Newton, Minister Malcolm X, Kwame Ture, and any other great black orator that you could ever think of; nevertheless, Douglass' speech on the meaning of the 4th of July, is unmatched by any of them. Just keep this in mind, Douglass was saying what Minister Louis Farrakhan is saying in 2012; he was speaking these decisive political and social truths in 1852. Here is a small segment of Douglass speech:

“What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelly to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciations of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade, and solemnity, are, to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy—a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices, more shocking and bloody, than are the people of these United States, at this very hour”.
“Go where you may, search where you will, roam through all the monarchies and despotisms of the old world, travel through South America, search out every abuse, and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me, that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival”.
Let me first make the most important premise in which we must first understand that Chattel Slavery (1555-1865) was evil and an immoral institution (and a crime against humanity) and even in 2012, we still cannot fully assess the inhumanness and the wealth this illegal cargo accumulative for the wicked profiteers. Most American historians begin slavery with the date of 1619 when the Dutch initially imported 20 African slaves to the English colony of Jamestown, Virginia (but what they do not tell you that it was this 64 year period that made dignified Africans into Negroes).  But the first African slaves actually arrived to the Americas and the United States in 1555 on a slave ship named Jesus of Lubeck also known as the 'good ship Jesus' piloted by Sir John Hawkins (Some have traced this interchangeable name to John Hopkins; the name of John Hopkins University in Baltimore). The slave ship Jesus was a 700-ton ship purchased by King Henry VIII from the Hanseatic League, a merchant alliance between the cities of Hamburg and Lubeck in Germany. Twenty years after its purchase the ship, in disrepair, was leant to Sir John Hawkins by Queen Elizabeth. Yisraylite stated: “Hawkins, a cousin of Sir Francis Drake, was granted permission from Queen Elizabeth for his first voyage in 1562. He was allowed to carry Africans to the Americas "with their own free consent" and he agreed to this condition. Hawkins had a reputation for being a religious man who required his crew to "serve God daily" and to love one another. Sir Francis Drake accompanied Hawkins on this voyage and subsequent others. Drake, was himself, devoutly religious. Services were held on board twice a day”.

The Portuguese prior to Great Britain getting involved in the African slave trade were the first maritime slavers who took a very small number of West African slaves to Lisbon, Portugal and introduced African slaves as a commodity (but more like Indentured Servants in which the Portuguese were amazed by their physical endurance). The Catholic Church under Pope Alexander VI (1493) and later Bishop Bartholomew Las Casas (1517) religiously blessed and sanctioned slavery in which the Spanish and Portuguese were initially at the forefront of the African Slave trade. They also signed the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 legally sanctioning the greatest strategy designed to carryout Western imperialism—literally believing that they had the power and authority and most of the divine right to divide the world up between two white European nations. Spain and Portugal in addition, signed the Papal Bull of Demarcation where these two nations drew and imaginary line dividing the world between these two European powers. Spain was awarded all the territories  in the so-called "New World" interpreted to meaning all the lands in the Caribbean, Central and South America with the exception of Brazil were awarded to Spain under King Ferninand V and Queen Isabella 1 rule.

I purchased a small book over ten years ago titled: "Slavery and Catholicism", authored by Richard Roscoe Miller, which was ironically published by North State Publishers in Durham, Carolina in 1957. This publishing company is probably defunct, but this was one of the best sources on the Catholic Church's role in slavery that I have ever read. These signings led to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Middle Passage where anywhere between 15 million to 100 million Africans were transferred (as human cargo) by force to the Western Hemisphere (Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad and Dr. John Henrik Clarke often referred to it as the 'black holocaust'); Dr. Clarke documents this in his book titled: "Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust". Dr. W.E.B. Dubois in his monumental book titled, "The Suppression of the African slave-trade to the United States of America, 1638-1870", estimated that 7-9 million Africans (most Afrocentric historians would view Dubois numbers as being conservative) were sold into bondage in which this research served as Dubois PH.d dissertation and for those who might not know that Dubois was the first African American to earn a PH.d from Harvard University in 1895.

Yet, even prior to slavery in the Antebellum South it was the Massachusetts—Plymouth Rock (remember the famous slogan of Minister Malcolm X who said we did not land on Plymouth Rock, But Plymouth Rock landed on us) in around the Boston area where Chattel Slavery begin to flourish (so initially slavery was a Northern institution before the Mason-Dixon line was drawn; I am referencing the early 1600s) and although slavery was a primary southern institution, but many northern slave investors, brokers and financers were heavily involved in the business side of slavery (Reference: Nation of Islam Historical Research Department; "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews", Vol. 1 & 2). Historian C. Vann Woodard in 1955 wrote an interesting book titled: "The Strange Career of Jim Crow", where he maintained that Jim Crow was more of a northern phenomenon, than a southern institution (Woodard was challenging the notion that the north was more liberal and less racist towards black people).  Also, J.A. Rogers in his book titled, "Africa's Gift to America", maintained that before Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862; blacks had already started to rebel against the institution of slavery, thus, there were internal tension festering between white slave plantation owners and black slaves who desired to be free.

Perhaps one of the most famous slave rebellions took place in 1831, in SouthHampton County Virginia under the leadership of Nat Turner in which Turner believed that God had spoken to him in which he was given the mission and vision to liberate the slaves and he and some other slaves went on killing spree to free themselves from the yoke of slavery; killing slave masters, plantation owners and their families indiscriminately. Turner and his men were eventually subdued, but not after they had killed hundreds of white plantation owners. Turner was eventually caught and hung. And there were other prior rebellions such as in 1739 the Stono (named after the Stono River) Rebellion near Charleston, South Carolina led by a slave named Cato or Jemmy this was supposed to have been one of the largest organized slave insurrections in American history. Thus, after the Stono rebellion was squashed by a white militia which led to the hanging and decapitation of many of the slaves who participated in the Stono Rebellion. I was given a book titled, “Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America”, it literally brought tears to my eyes as I surveyed these pictures of blacks who were lynched in the United States. The events of the Stono Rebellion led to the 1740 passing of the Negro Act which essentially prohibited Africans from being imported directly from Africa into South Carolina because the white plantation owners and slave masters believed that during this time period of the African slave trade that many would be African slaves had military training due to the many internal civil wars on the continent and this posed a threat to their rule based on these slaves fighting ability who were being transported to southern slave ports.  Historian Herbert Aptheker In his book American Negro Slave Revolts, (1943), estimates that over 250 slave rebellions occurred in the United States between 1619 and 1865.

Many do not know that there was only one successful slave revolt that took place in the Western Hemisphere and that took place in Haiti, which 1804 this black island nation became sovereign and independent of white rule. The Africans of Haiti fought the French and became the first black independent Republic in the Western Hemisphere; thanks to great generals and military tacticians such as: Toussaint L'Ouverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Henri Christophe, Alexandre Petion—great Black Haitian revolutionaries. I am a constant visitor to the historic District Savannah, Georgia (one of the largest slave ports on the eastern seaboard, perhaps where my African ancestors were kidnapped and sold as slaves in the United States. But a few years ago my sister-in-law Benita Gamble and Brother Jabari Moketsi was spearheading my wife's side of the family reunion, which was the Dunlaps in which the venue took place in Beaufort, South Carolina Low Country. It was by far one of the best family reunions that I had ever attended—relative to my wife’s side of the family; I do not eat shell fish, as far as crabs, shrimps, oysters, lobsters, scallops, crow fish and frogmore stew, etc., (this was one of the main delicacy in South Carolina Low Country). My sister-in-law had brought this brother in from Savannah, Georgia named Brother Jamal Toure (Savannah is about 45 miles from Beaufort) as a presenter to do a retracing of their family genealogy (it was a beautiful thing to hear and see—this was show and prove at its best.

Brother Toure owns and operates Day Clean Journey Tour Company and he specializes in African American (although I use this ethnic term and racial classification he and I know this to be a misnomer because we are not African American, but we are still in search of a nationality) tours in Savannah (Do not go to Savannah unless you look up Brother Jamal Amir Toure his tour is worth the price of admission). Nevertheless, it is often the ties of relationships that has the potential to expand our horizon and at times helps us to further connect the dots. Brother Toure as our tour guide took us to Franklin Square where there is a beautiful royal bronze monument which is dedicated to the free Haitian soldiers in which in 1779 according to historical records 500 of them joined the American colonist in an unsuccessful attempt to drive the British from Savannah in coastal Georgia. Writer Russ Bynum a writer for South Florida Times in an online article titled, “Monument Dedicated to Haitian Soldiers in the American Revolution” quoted Daniel Fils-Aime as stating: “This is a testimony to tell people we Haitians didn't come from the boat,’’ said Daniel Fils-Aime, chairman of the Miami-based Haitian American Historical Society, one of many Haitian Americans who came to Savannah for the dedication. “We were here in 1779 to help America win independence. That recognition is overdue.’’ America not only owes black folk a debt of gratitude, but the Island nation of Haiti should be treated with the utmost political dignity and diplomacy, as opposed to with contempt by the United States Government—they are still punishing Haiti for defeating Napoleon Bonaparte and this is why Haiti has remained the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

The bronze monument depicting black patriotism and heroism is a testimony of loyalty and bravery that is often overlooked in these racist discussions of patriotism and liberty discussion—that is now rooted in the recent secession debates. I do know that the Confederate and Unionist, perhaps viewed the history of the Civil War entirely different yesterday and today. Randall Robinson former head of TransAfrica authored three very good books titled, An "Unbroken Agony: Haiti, from Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President", "The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks", and "Quitting America", all three are must reads and 1829 David Walker wrote his "Walker's Appeal, in Four Articles; Together with a Preamble, to the Coloured Citizens of the World, but in Particular, and Very Expressly, to Those of the United States of America, Written in Boston, State of Massachusetts, September 28, 1829" .

So there was growing social tension amongst some of the slaves who desired to be free by any means necessary. Most of this has been documented by American historian Kenneth Stamp in his book titled, "Peculiar Institution", and Stanely Elkins' book titled,"Slavery: A Problem in American Institutional and Intellectual Life",. So I believe the Civil War (1861-1865) was inevitable and it was going to happen whether it was Lincoln or some other social or political phenomenon (the quest for black freedom was starting to rise as a social antagonistic contradiction). However, Lincoln was extremely intelligent, he knew that if he so-called freed slaves in the South this would serve as a strategic and tactical political maneuver employed as an objective of weakening the South; although the South in theory had already succeeded from the Union and Lincoln had no jurisdiction and/or power and authority over the governance of South—yet both sides, the North and South used the black slave as a political football.

I think many black and white historians have depicted President Abraham Lincoln as this great emancipator, philanthropist and humanitarian who passed what appeared on the surface to be positive slave legislation, but in reality, Lincoln's motive was to cripple the South economically and incite blacks to become disrupted, which would ultimately affect an agriculture economy that functioned off slave labor. The Aristocratic white property owners incited poor white Confederates by imparting a false sense of white pride, which was rooted in the ideology of white supremacy and they had a mandate from god to ensure that Black slaves remained their property who was considered unequal to whites and according to the language in the U.S. Constitution; blacks were considered 3/5 of a human being. The Confederates built a racist patriotic theme of why they were going to war—to so-called defend their sovereignty, but beneath this argument and rationale was to maintain slavery which was rooted in racism and economics—this part of the equation even in contemporary debates is often overlooked (out of so-called political correctness) about the Confederacy, Civil War and States sovereignty and even in this present day secession movement debate, it is shrouded in constitutionalism and inalienable right to exercise liberty by choosing to secede from the United States and covertly hide behind the U.S. Constitution. Also the argument yesterday was not totally about States sovereignty, but this was the only route left to challenging the federal government, which was by breaking away and declaring themselves free of federal laws and legal restraints and continue to keep slavery intact as the economic lifeblood of the southern plantation system.

The wealthy white property owners financed and used the poor white Confederate soldiers as mere cannon fodder. It would actually become the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution that freed the slaves in 1865 and not the Emancipation Proclamation as many have come to accept. I think one must come to the realization that slavery was wrong and evil; it was justified based on theology and the American jurisprudence system (law and God). There is no other way to look at the ‘peculiar institution’; moreover, it was this compromised labor force that propelled the United States and the South in particular, to becoming extremely economically prosperous to the detriment of the African slaves who were victims of systematic brutality. Slavery gave the United States as a nation a 300 year economic advantage and made them into a superpower nation, but no retribution has ever been made to the ex-slaves (Reference: Ida Hakim, Dorothy Blake Fardan, Jamil Hakeem and Len Moritz; “Reparations: The Cure for America’s Race Problem”).

The Civil War (1861-1865) was fought to maintain this economic interest and the Confederate system would have been debunked years before the Civil War was fought, but the dehumanization process was the foundation and driving entity that kept those who did not see blacks/Africans as human beings during the de jure and de facto time periods of empowerment and it was this psychology that was so entrenched and the glue that held the Confederate ideology together by depicting white skin as superior and black skin as inferior. How could one ignore that racism and the Confederacy ideology were equally tied and yoked?—there was an interest to keep this system of inequality in place because it allowed for a set of norms to go unabated and the beneficiaries would always be the wealthy white plantation owners. It was a vicious system of control and people of African descent will never see any humanity in the Confederate justification of fighting the Civil War other than the understanding that racism undergirded this historical reality at that time in history in which America was a racially divided nation. The foremost State rights that the Confederate South wanted was to maintain slavery and having a free labor force to sustain a cash crop economy. The right to keep on enslaving black people was part of this priority. Thus, one must also understand that right after the Civil War, we ventured into the Reconstruction period from 1865-1877 what W.E.B. Dubois referred to it as "Black Reconstruction". Blacks gain an enormous amount of economic and political power in former Confederate States during this twelve year period only to see the hands of time set backed by political betrayal.

For example, PBS Pinchback became Governor of Louisiana and Blanche K. Bruce became a Senator of Mississippi and Hiram Revels also became a Senator from Mississippi, Robert Small (a Black Civil War Hero) and a five term member of the House of Representatives from the State of South Carolina became a powerful black political personality (Reference: Russell L. Adams; "Great Negroes: Past and Present"). This was proof positive that when the political and social playing field became equal African Americans soared to great political heights. Also during this same time period in1866 the Ku Klux Klan (White Knights) was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee to reset racial and black social progress back to the old South concept. The U.S. Federal Government betrayed the interest of Blacks by removing the Federal troops from the South and the South after Reconstruction became even more repressive. I believe that after federal government betrayed the gains of 'Black Reconstruction' it would not be until almost one hundred later in 1967 when Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts (Republican) was elected to the Senate that another black man would serve in this august body (Reference: W.E.B. Dubois; "Black Reconstruction in America, 1860-1880").

There were a lot of slavery Supreme Court decisions; the Missouri Compromise in 1850 and the Dred Scott Decision in 1857 declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional in which Chief Justice Roger B. Taney decision declared that no black slave or free person of African descent could ever be considered a citizen of the United States of America. However, Judge Taney's legal decision was in support of the southern institution of slavery and thereby fueling white plantation owners to stand their ground because according to them blacks had no legal rights and they would forever remain Chattel (property). The framers of the Constitution wrote and believed that blacks "had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the Negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit. He was bought and sold and treated as an ordinary article of merchandise and traffic, whenever profit could be made by it." The Fugitive Slave Act stated: "The 1793 act provided for an orderly return of runaway slaves. Under this law a master or his agent was empowered to seize or arrest a fugitive slave and take that fugitive before 'any judge of the circuit or district courts of the United States, residing or being within the state, or before any magistrate of a county, city or town' where the arrest took place. Upon satisfactory proof, the judge or magistrate was to issue a certificate of removal, allowing the master to return home with the slave" (Reference: Paul Finkelman; "Slavery in the Courtroom"; p. 59).

A white Abolitionist such as John Brown and Fredrick Douglass (1818-1895) was fighting for abolishment of slavery writing, speaking out against the evils and just outright agitating this system of injustice—many heard of the heroic and revolutionary work of Harriet Tubman (1820-1913) with the underground railroad freeing slaves from the United States up into Canada, she used to carry a 45 pistol and no slave was allowed to turn around and if you did she would kill you on the spot thus, could not risk a compromise in this freedom movement.

It was a racist fervor that was driving the southern Aristocratic plantation owners to dupe the Confederate mindset into thinking that they had a divine right to keep blacks in a lowly servitude position because in their mind the "Negro" was inferior. The poor rank and file Confederate bought the second part of the argument (hook, line and sinker) that it was a battle for States Rights and sovereignty (or Liberty and Freedom), but in all reality the Civil War was about money—an economic arrangement that had made huge white plantation owners extremely wealthy, which was rooted in racism.

Thus, even President Lincoln stated that if he could preserve the Union and maintain slavery he would have done just that. Lets not get it twisted blacks fought on both sides of the Civil War. We will always see the Confederate as a racist American dilemma in which people of African descent were forcibly worked for 310 years and no reparations were ever made to the ex-slaves. I will always stand against American style injustice and racism and to my last breath is taking to expose this human tragedy. I have always argued the inhumanity and immorality of Chattel Slavery and from that vanish point it does not matter what the Confederate intentions were or were not.  But we do know there was a historical crime that had taken place and the inhumanness of its affect was catastrophic, which devastated real people even to this very day. It is extremely difficult to overlook the reality of this 310 year crime and nothing could ever make African people whole again. I do not think the quest for States rights (sovereignty or secession) during the Civil War era even came close to superseding the importance of a segment of humanity enduring the tragedy of slavery. They were fighting for the right to be considered human beings and free from the yoke of this evil institution.

Fahim A. Knight, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Saturday, December 1, 2012


FACEBOOK: Big Brother is Not Only Watching You: He is Your Facebook Friend; These are Dangerous Times

By Fahim A. Knight-El

Facebook: the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security Agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies and the judicial systems are not waiting to ascertain and utilize this valuable and massive stored collection of data that is voluntarily being provided and ascertained from social media sites for future purposes (the strategy and tactic of immediate utilization is taking place in real time). There have been various criminal cases in the United States where Facebook accounts and social media information have been subpoena into courts of law and acquired information has been used by the government to convict people for alleged criminal misconduct. I have law enforcement friends and they tell me that the larger police departments around the country have cyberspace taskforces who principle responsibility and duty is monitoring the social networking sites. Why wouldn't they be interested in this massive data base and the wealth of personal and private information being shared?

What makes Facebook and social networking sites valuable to the law enforcement community, is that this information is not part of a hardcore surveillance operations or some covert counterintelligence operation, but it is unsolicited information, which is voluntarily being given by Facebook users. Thus, ranging from photos (valuable identification of persons who might be a present person of law enforcement interest or perhaps a future person of interest)—this gives the government readily identification intell and based on your friends acceptance data that you have provided, it possibly broadens you’re list of family, friends and associates who also post their ‘confidential’ information on your Facebook page. It connects us to perhaps various links to people who know you and visa versa (of course most friends we accept on Facebook doesn't fit into that category of ‘friend’—they are cyberspace strangers).  We provide in other instances some of most intricate details about every aspect of our personal lives, who we are connected to in various locations and capacities, who our employer may be, what gangs, social clubs and civic organizations we may belong, who we are disputing with, etc., are routinely entered on people's Facebook pages. People who are in domestic disputes are hiring cyberspace private investigators to find and locate incriminating data against spouses; also there are those who uses social media to commit scams in which the Nigerians are masters of cyberspace crimes—conmen exemplars. No, this isn’t data that is waiting for some future misuse or perhaps waiting to fall in the wrong person’s hands, it is too beneficial in the here and now.

I do not think that most people know and understand how serious the world we live in and the times that we are living under. Their orientation to the world is overly consumed with social mediums and they are not often engaged in anything relative to critical thinking and are not aware of the social, political and economic trends around them. They are not reading information that will heighten their conscious level and are not a part of any movements or study groups where good information is being disseminated. They do not follow the various so-called counterterrorism legislation and laws that are being enacted by Congress, U.S. Courts and by presidential executive order. Most of us do not realize that we could immediately come under the U.S. Enemy Combatant laws—where our so-called due process is stripped from us and we find ourselves facing long term incarceration because of what appeared to be an innocent or not so innocent Facebook posting—image or language that allegedly compromises U.S. National Security and/or making statements in support of United States external foreign enemies as a post on Facebook; moreover, this could prove troublesome for American citizens under this new reactionary course that our government has taking.

They do not realize just like the so-called Al Qaeda terrorist that have been held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba since the 9/11 hoax and the Iraq War; and has been legally stripped of all of their rights as prisoners of war, this could easily be any ordinary American citizen. The National Defense Authorization Act (passed by President Obama on December 31, 2011) has broadened the United States Justice Department powers and legality to place United States Citizens in off shore custody prisons and incarcerate them in places like Guantanamo Bay, which is designated throughout the world. Our young social media networking brothers and sisters (our children) are having fun and do not have a clue that there is a sinister force paying attention to their postings and they are not looking to have fun. We as parents, family and elders in the community are going to have to find better ways to get our young people properly informed about the danger of social media. If not the U.S. Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, and Military Commission Act, etc., will be facing them, which is designed to feed them/us into the prison industrial complex. This is why in some of my recent Blogs, I overly stressed the importance of SHARING wisdom and Knowledge. My personal conscious journey or personal awaken  started when I was a 13 year old teenager and various conscious groups and individuals helped to facilitate leading me to thinking outside the box and developing a conscious level. This eventually led me to Los Angles, California where I met Dr. Maulana Karenga and Ashra Kwesi they too helped to connect me to Pan-Africanism, Nationalism and the importance of developing an African centered mindset. It was these and other collective experiences that have had that helped to shape my worldview. The Path that I am on today is by no means coincidental, it was those experiences that led me to this time and space. I do not perceive that social media will lead our young people into developing a meaningful worldview.

I know that, I have some recent conversations with other Bloggers and outright strangers about my resistance to Facebook; I wrote this piece on Facebook last year titled, “Facebook: The New Cointelpro: What Do You Mean By No Snitching? here is the link for those who might be interested. . But I know I/We live in the age of the U.S. Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and I will be intentionally and repetitively mention these Acts throughout the Blog because of their significance relative to our civil liberty. This young generation does not know nor understand the complexity of the world we live under. Their lack of understanding can render them and even some of us 'old heads" vulnerable, unless we fully understand that there has been a social, political, and economic paradigm shift even in how law enforcement view criminal science and we might get caught up out of sheer ignorance. I think the visible evidence relative to Facebook is clear; people are divulging huge amounts of information about themselves on this public social networking forum. I do not think that point can be argued and whether or not Zuckerberg could be covertly working in the interest of the intelligence community is questionable and perhaps debatable, But here is a the New York Times Internet article dated December 15, 2010 titled, “Person of the Year: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg” that raise a very interesting thought:

"The door opened, and a distinguished-looking gray-haired man burst in — it's the only way to describe his entrance — trailed by a couple of deputies. He was both the oldest person in the room by 20 years and the only one wearing a suit. He was in the building, he explained with the delighted air of a man about to secure ironclad bragging rights forever, and he just had to stop in and introduce himself to Zuckerberg: Robert Mueller, director of the FBI, pleased to meet you."

"They shook hands and chatted about nothing for a couple of minutes, and then Mueller left. There was a giddy silence while everybody just looked at one another as if to say, What the hell just happened?"

I think this gesture or non-gesture spoke volumes relative to FBI director Robert Mueller coming to visit Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook. Thus, to me the visit could have implied that thanks to you and Facebook intelligence gathering on people have become easier and more accessible. The masses have been made blind, deaf and dumb; many are having fun and do not have a clue that they could be contributing to a covert government espionage operation, which the collection of this massive data will eventually be used against them and others by the government.

I do not think we can overlook the sinister reality of Cointelpro (FBI counterintelligence program that was enacted by J. Edgar Hoover in the 1950s-1970s) as something of the past. I am providing the forum with the Wikipedia link defining and explaining Cointelpro: I have actual copies of FBI documents (thanks to the Freedom of Information Act) and books on the United States Government detailing how our government illegally spied, illegally wiretapped, printed false stories in newspapers, planted agent provocateurs in leftwing and rightwing organizations, staged assassinations, created internal confusion in organizations, etc. Facebook in my opinion is a social experiment whereas people are voluntarily providing the government with their own personal dossiers (in this manner there are no compromises relative to the question of civil liberties or constitutional rights).

Although, people have choices (I think this term has been deduced to a cliché), but they are not able to combat the propaganda and disinformation campaigns and therefore, we are constantly made pawns in the game. So, I do not trust Facebook and no one can convince me that 12-30 age groups are responsibly posting and they understand all the legal and technical ramifications that could come in the play. Big Brother is no longer watching us; he has been given a formal invite and received and accepted as a Facebook "friend" just click and accept. Moreover, and start sharing.

I really do not think there was anything new relative to President Obama constructing this recently talked about memo dealing with the possibility of “Internal Treats” and how the government was going to deal with government officials who would compromise sensitive and classified information that would bring into question our national security. The Obama Administration wrote some directives of how they are going to deal with ‘Insider Threat’.  I think myself and many other conscious persons over the last eleven years since 9/11 have been sounding the alarm about False Flags and the negative affect that the 9/11 hoax has had on the American people and the globe. Many of these initiatives had been put in place by President George W. Bush right after 9/11 in which he began dismantling how our government was structured based on the three levels of government, i.e., the Executive branch, Legislative branch and the Judicial branch—our government was structured this way to ensure Democracy and to add a dimension of checks and balances with the separation of powers.
Some would argue that the United States Congress, the elected officials of the people who were involved in passing the United States Patriot Act and establishing the office of Homeland Security gave the Executive Branch of government to much power (in unchecked Executive Orders, law enforcement powers, and was the Patriot Act essentially a violation of our Constitutional Rights?) and did this legislation actually upset the balance of powers we have in our three branches of government.

The Patriot Act, Anti-Terrorism Bill and other anti-Civil Rights policies gave the United States Government and the United States Department of Justice unprecedented authority; in particular over American citizens and the citizens the world-over in general. The Justice Department can now detain, conduct unwarranted searches and seizure acts (Illegally eavesdropping on private citizens without due cause), illegally arrest, concoct indictments via grand jury, seize real and personal assets, impose long term prison sentences, etc., if the government label you as a terrorist (this label could now be applied to ordinary citizens), the government has the right to treat you in any manner they deem acceptable and in many cases deny American citizens basic civil rights.

The American people have giving the United States Government this type of authority over them in the name of fighting terror. The Justice Department has developed terms such as “Enemy Combatant”, which allows them the legal ability to extradite American citizens who commit acts of terrorism and/or are in collaboration by way of a conspiracy with foreign dissidents on international soil (they even reinterpreted the Geneva Convention and rights giving to prisoners of war). They even have massive laws to deal with what the U.S. Government calls ‘Homegrown Terrorist’. The government now can use various legal and military techniques (specifically under the Military Commissions Acts of 2006) in its arsenal when it comes to so-called fighting terrorism. The have expanded the military powers of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to function beyond the scope of natural and manmade disasters; it now has the capability to function as a military arm who acts at the pleasure of the president and is on call just like the U.S. National Guard.

For example, wiring tapping, detaining suspected terrorist individuals without due process (violating the14th amendment), monitoring dissent activist and speeches (violating the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution), monitoring suspected violators banking transactions by expanding the powers of the United States Treasury Department. But many view this massive legislation, legal, and law enforcement build up and guidelines giving under the Patriot Act as being essential and necessary in the United States efforts to fight and combat terrorism and to secure its boarders and secure its international interest in the area of foreign policy and national security.

The Patriot Act redefined how immigration would be viewed and in the name of National Security and as a result, many new offices were founded and existing law enforcement office (FBI, CIA, ICE, DEA, ATF, IRS, INS, federal, local and state law enforcement agencies, federal, state, and local courts) were giving expansive authority in the name of so-called making the American people safer in this era of fighting terrorism. Thus, perhaps in doing so the question that remains is, did we compromise too much of our civil liberties in allowing the passing of the Patriot Act in 2001 and the Anti-Terrorism Bill and the Military Commission Act just as the citizens did in 1798 allowing the passing of the Sedition Acts?

The conservative Talking Heads appears to continually overlook the massive reactionary Executive Orders and legislation and laws that Bush enacted during his tenure that has brought us to this space and time. Bush and his administration waged some of the greatest assaults on American's civil liberties under the guise of the U.S. Patriot Act and under the Office of Homeland Security. So to lay this Big Brother and eroding of American civil liberties totally on President Barack Obama is a little disingenuous, but no doubt he has been as equally and or if not more dangerous than President George W. Bush. But make no mistake about this, Obama's policies are only a continuation of what Bush started, which was a war on the American people.

The former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura wrote about the False Flags and war against the civil liberties of the American people in his book titled, "American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us". So I think some of these pundits have hidden ulterior motives and many of them backed Bush in 2001 because they were duped into believing that we were at war with Islam and that Bush Doctrine (either you are with us or against us) had a motive of ridding the world of the "Axis of Evil" and crushing the so-called "Rogue Nations" thus, this type language was the epitome of Western imperialism. Americans applauded that we had attacked the defenseless nation of Iraq and Saddam Hussein and never thought twice that they were putting Executive Orders and laws in place to attack the ordinary American citizen.

The 9/11 hoax was used to compromise the United States Constitution and to strip the American people of any constitutional rights that were guaranteed to protect us as U.S. Citizens. They in particular wanted legal measures to offset our right to due process under the law (set forth in the 14th Amendment). They used fear and scare tactics to get us to accept and believe that Islamic Terrorist was coming to get us and that the Islamic so-called extremist had compromised our National Security interest. No, Bush and Barack were coming to get our assess.

Yet, we are now moving toward 2013 and 85 percent of the American people are still asleep and have no knowledge of what is going on around them (I do not feel sorry for us anymore, the handwriting has been on the wall for a very long time). President Obama in my opinion had sealed the deal with implementing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which has given him unprecedented and unilateral authority to bring the hammer down in any direction that he chooses. It is not about defining new legal perimeters to controlling internal threats and/or espionage—those legal measures are already in place.

I think those of us who live in the United States probably need to care about the course of action that our government has taking, because if the notion of dissent is going to be interpreted as treason, then just the idea along violates the legal ramifications and the bases of our jurisprudence system, which is the United States Constitution and will continue to give more way to the undermining of our Civil Liberties and our so-called basic rights granted to us as American citizens. Now, if we accepted the overall mood of our nation, it doesn't have any real political enthusiasm and/or gives us any optimism to resist. But those of us who live inside the United States of America should care because of the reactionary and dangerous public policy that has been enacted against the freedoms of the American people since 9/11. I think it is our God given right, as well as our constitutional right to continue to advocate and fight for Freedom, Justice and Equality. So, I disagree with those who desire to be silent and passive and not demonstrate dissent: I do not have far to look when it comes to justifying my disagreement and position with those who choose to be apolitical: Here once again are a few examples that should have all of us alarmed: The U.S. Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Military Commission Act, Anti Terrorism Act, that you are well aware, etc., and there are many more Executive Orders and Judicial legislation that has already been enacted against the American people. And eventually no one will be safe any place in the world.

David Icke Stated: "The human mind is the 'stadium' in which the global conspiracy is being played out minute by minute every day. That's the biggest prize of all for the Control System - to dictate what we think and so how we behave and perceive self and the world."

"Yes, you can control people physically in some situations if you have enough uniforms to do so, but you can't do that en masse because of the fantastic inequity in numbers between oppressor and oppressed. For the ultimate human control you need mind control." "There are so many ways that this is being done today and conscious awareness of that is the most effective defense from these external influences targeting the individual and collective psyche ..."

What gives the Hidden Hand and the Invisible Rulers power and authority over humanity is their ability to implore various strategies and tactics such as subliminal seduction. The dumbing down process in reality is so overwhelming and yet we believe that we have "Freewill", but we are often unconscious active participants in our own duping and very few have demonstrated the intelligence or discipline to exercise the type of Will that might have halted this neo-servitude status in which we find presently confronting all of humanity.

I do not think the freewill theory holds up when you look historically and presently at humanity's active participation in their own demise. Yes we have choices, but even the choices have been systematically and covertly arranged for us where the outcome is already predetermined to benefit the status quo often to the detriment of the individual and society at-large. I know people think they have the right to exercise freewill, but that doesn't mean they even understand some of the choices and decisions that they make. I also, know that there are many in Blog Sphere who are very informed but being informed (is not a light weight disposition) is not the rule, but the exception to the rule. Thus, the majority of society functions from a position of ignorance

Perhaps the largest population who is engaged in the social network site of Facebook is between the ages of 12-30—however the ages of Facebook users have considerably expanded in the last decade to a much larger demographic. However, the younger users have not acquired enough life experience and have not studied alternative perspectives to even know that covert danger could be lurking under the guise of Facebook and social networking. I just do not know, if they understand the principles associated with freewill versus naively and innocently dispersing personal and private information with little understanding of the possible negative backlash or consequences. Many full aged adults cannot adequately and responsible arrive at a happy medium relative to how much information should be shared on a public social networking forum.

Fahim A. Knight, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El