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By Fahim A. Knight-El

I like most Americans was touched by the shootings and murder of 20 young children and 7 adults in Newtown, Connecticut that took place on December 14, 2012, this type of violence seems to be unconscionable and it becomes even more painful knowing that these little small children could not defend themselves and we asked the question, what type of person would commit this type of horrid and horrendous atrocity against the vulnerable and innocent? (We are still searching for answers a week later). I have a school age daughter and I as a parent cannot imagine receiving the type of news that the parents received in Newtown this past Friday—this was truly a heartbreaking incident for all of us who consider themselves human and no amount of words are adequate enough to grant comfort and relief to the parents who lost children and loved ones in this act of senseless violence. It has forever altered people's personal lives and it has shattered the belief and notion that schools and school districts have the ability to protect and secure our children. Also, the Newtown community will never be the same again—so knowing this I weep along with the nation.

I tell my daughter every day how much I love her and I do not need the media or some talking head shrink to remind me of the importance of telling my daughter how much I love her. I blame the Newtown tragedy partially on the reactionary objective of the military industrial complex, induced debt scenarios and organized economic enslavement models, the psychological state of our nation has dwindled to an all time low. I wanted to layout a different perspective of a society that is being systematically programmed (through technology and education) and, as tragic as the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was; perhaps the blame is much deeper than the propaganda machines and talking heads are willing to admit. They will use these type incidents to promote gun control (yet the root of the problems will never be truly assessed). I will continue to support our second Amendment right to the U.S. Constitution—the right to bear arms and we do not need government to impose anymore laws and restrictions on the American people. Yet, I do agree that certain type of weapons should not be readily available to everyone and perhaps we need to modify our laws relative to assault weapons. But many of us are not willing to surrender our guns to the government and I am a card carrying member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and I am a staunch believer of stand your ground and self-defense. Thus, disarming the people, but readily arming the State is a scary and troublesome notion for me because I do not trust the government; the more weapons the government has the more repressive they will become in particular, if the people cannot defend themselves this will move our nation even closer to being a total police state. Nevertheless, with the formulation of the National Defense Authorization Act, Homeland Security, U.S. Patriot Act, Military Commission Act, etc., we are already a police state (although many of us do not know it).

They also, will continue to promote a culture of fear by promoting disinformation and propaganda about so-called Islamic terrorism and radical Islam (creating False Flags) justifying illegal assaults (foreign and domestic) and at the same time eroding our civil liberties. I think that the people in the United States are becoming increasingly disillusioned and desperate (we have been totally stripped down and the sad phenomenon is that we have volunteered to be willing participants in our present status) and this has led our nation to becoming a social tender box ready to explode on itself. This type incident, that took place in Newtown will inevitably increase in the coming days. They have outsourced the United States economy to Asia and Mexico (people's right to earn a living has been compromised because of greed); the Federal Reserve has devalued our currency and monetary system and Ben Bernanke is steadily leading us into purchasing more debt while the U.S. dollar does not have the value to sustain the level of credit that is covertly being shoved down the mouths of the dumbfound.

But the talking heads have already diverted and shifted the conversation towards mental health and people will as usual dismiss these types of crimes as isolated incidents being carried out by mentally ill individuals of our society. For example, high unemployment, less opportunities, inflation, burden by un-repayable debt, massive amounts of homes foreclosures, escalating taxes, etc., these variables will be overlooked in this debate, because it exposes the real culprit who desires to hide as though they have no idea why people are committing these acts of violence—they are the social engineers of the violence. Yes, I believe the above stated social issues can lead to stress and a breakdown in mental health and equally cannot be overlooked (America has decided to treat the symptoms and not the disease). The government often uses distractions to shield its manipulation and cover up its fail obligation to the people; our government should and must shoulder some of blame with what took in Newtown, Connecticut.

The U.S. government under Bill Clinton started the public policy trend of cutting funding to mental health hospitals and treatment centers. They saw this as a way to save the federal government money, but the result of such public policy has increasingly raised its head with people committing random acts of violence because the mentally ill has been let loose throughout America and many are walking time bombs ready to explode. Bush and Clinton policies has led to millions of mental health patience being forced to the streets (mental health facilities were forced to close their doors) and others entered the criminal justice system; living on the streets without receiving proper medications and mental health therapy. I am not a clinician or mental health professional, but certain things are just basic common sense and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this thing out. Many of them should be in long term inpatient facilities and not walking the streets of America. And the real debate get lost, which is people have become more disillusioned and apathetic about their social, economic and political predicament—this should be the real conversation. The U.S. Government has robbed us as a nation of our-self-worth and the right to a legitimate national pride .

This past year the city of Chicago has stayed in the news with tens of people daily and weekly have been murdered on the streets of Chicago (it has now become the homicide capitol of the United States); often these homicides consist of blacks and Hispanics in which some of them have been school aged children who were gunned down on the mean streets of Chicago. Many attributed this wave of crime as being gang or drug related, whatever it is, it really doesn't matter because it still constitutes the lost of human life to acts of violence (over 30 thousand people lose their life in the United States to gun violence every year). We live in a culture where violence is sensationalized and glorified that is being played out on the big screen and war games are simulated in video games and our children have become immune and sterile to violence, the culture has produced robots and we are lacking the capacity to love and express human feelings. This syndrome creates personal and societal detachment—they have engulfed themselves in a fantasy world of killing and using high powered combat and military weapons, as well as high powered explosives duplicating strategy and tactic used by the military to hunt down so-called terrorist in the video games our children are playing. We have given them the technology of play station, I-phones, I-Pods, Smartphones, etc., allowing our children the technological ability to download movies and have access to violence twenty-four hours per day and not counting what they get on the social media sites (this is the power of the Internet). The lyrics in music have violence and this perhaps is the greatest programmer designed to shape and mold the thinking of our young people.   

Violence has always been glorified in western culture and the psychological and sociological ramifications of such, is the negative affect of what we saw that took place in Newtown this past week. The killer must of had ice water running through his veins (or he was a coward of the worst kind) to gun down such young children six and seven years of age using a high powered assault rifle and/or have our culture rendered us to be so emotional detached that we cannot differentiate that something is humanly and morally wrong with slaughtering and killing of children. The president of the United States is from Chicago (he served in the U.S. Senate from the district of Illinois), however, he has yet to go back to his home church of Trinity United Church of Christ where he was spiritually nurtured by Dr. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the Black Liberation Theologian and give his condolences to these black mothers and fathers who have lost love ones to crime and violence (the president’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and present mayor of Chicago has failed dismissal as the mayor over this gangster city). And sadly there has not been a national outcry or national mourning for the victims and their families, it was an easy decision for President Obama to go to Newtown because it was politically expedient. These inner city victims of gun violence are poor where race, class and privilege (there lack of) have not garnished the type of national attention that Newtown has received this past week.

Yet, I am more angered by our government who stand as the biggest hypocrites in this debate relative to gun control and violence. Our government under the Military Industrial Complex has unjustly murdered innocent children in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have been killing indiscriminately (may be black, brown, red and yellow children losing their lives are not considered as valued and sacred as white loss of life). Aren’t they children too? But very few in the West have shed tears for the innocent and defenseless in these two foreign countries that have suffered massive unprovoked attacks from the United States and the West. U.S. Foreign policy leads to millions of children suffering with little to nothing to eat because the International Monetary Fund and World Bank manipulates wealth relative to which nations receives so-called assistance and which nations do not receive; this equation often has nothing to do with morality or the question of humanity, it is rooted in philosophical and theoretical concept of rugged capitalism—shear greed and the global suffering index is factored and calculated by the markets on Wall Street.  They set the supply and demand tables and often these foreign loans are directly backed by a nation's natural resources as collateral. It is about making money at all cost and it does not matter how many children die because of the unjust wealth equation. Why doesn’t President Obama shed tears for his father’s homeland of Kenya where his paternal lineage is rooted?

President Obama is not permitted to show any love and sympathy for his own people unless it’s approved by the Rothschilds. How many official trips has this so-called black president made to Africa as a goodwill ambassador, if nothing else it would serve as a good symbolic gesture that one of our native sons have come home as the most powerful president in the world to pay homage to his history and culture; just imagine a Jewish president not visiting the State of Israel this is unimaginable (in fact imagine any sitting U.S. President not visiting Israel).  However, he sees us as an inconsequential people who are loyal to the Democratic Party and he does not have to act responsible to the 'Black Agenda' because we are the only people that vote party and not issue. It is political suicide for blacks to be represented as registered Democrats at a 93% clip (this allows the Democratic Party to take our vote for granted). They constantly show us pictures and read stories about the stark poverty in Africa, but they do not tell us the true story of why children are lacking food, adequate health care (suffering and dying from curable diseases), poor education, and the millions that die each year from starvation. Africa could be the breadbasket of the world, but poverty is being systematically induced by international bankers who are more interested in commodities and stealing other nation’s natural resources based on greed and exploitation.

I weep when I see children in Africa, Asia, Central and South America with swollen bellies and some lying Christian charity comes on the Idiot box (code name for television) and asking the public to make monetary donations in order that they could feed hungry children for less than a dollar per day in U.S. currency (it comes under the guise of humanitarian aid and philanthropy, but often it is theft by deception). These missionaries are often part of the problem stealing in the name of Jesus Christ and doing it under guise of religious propaganda. The donated money never makes it way to the suffering people, but it finds it way into corporate Christian ministries in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, etc., while the masses of the people in these Developing Nations continues to suffer under oppression and poverty (servicing the poor is a lucrative big business). I weep for the children who are victims of this type of politics and who will go to bed hungry every night and many will die because they have been reduced to expendable baggage.

President "Slick Willie" Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush was suppose to oversee the charity/fund that was earmarked for the nation of Haiti (the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere) and the people of Haiti after the devastating 7.0 earthquake, which rocked and destroyed this impoverished island nation in 2010. Men, women and children lost their lives and after the BBC, CNN and the world media outlets left Haiti and cameras were cut off, the attention of the devastation waned (Haiti once again dropped off the radar and went back to its insignificance status). Haiti still has not received the billions of dollars in private and foreign aid that was donated to assist the people affected in the Earthquake tragedy. Clinton and Bush diverted most of that money into their own private financial coffers; Wycliffe John, the Haitian-American singer and entertainer who ran for president of Haiti did not realize that he was no match for the type of criminals and crooks that Clinton and Bush were. There was nothing in place to hold them accountable when it came to dispersing more than needed aid to Haiti but the premium on black life is lowered and Haitian children will continue to die because of U.S. Foreign Policy. Thus, immediately after the cameras went black and the international stage was moved children went back to dying from malnutrition and lack of medical attention and for the most part no one cared. Yes, I weep for the children and not just for the children that were murdered in Newtown, but those who will never receive the of media coverage who are dying and murdered under the systemic practices of racism and greed. Most of that relief and disaster money still has not arrived to the people of Haiti as I write this article.

The only solution is that there must be an equal redistribution of the world's wealth with the world’s people, it is criminal that 95 % of the world's wealth is in the hands of a measly 1% of the population and it is this variable that is driving people crazy. President Barack Obama gave a news conference shortly after the Newtown massacre and he seemed emotionally touched by the lost of life for those young innocent American children who lost their lives. But I have never seen him shed a tear for the innocent Palestinian children who were killed in Gaza by Zionist forces and/or lament over the victims of U.S. servicemen who have been unjustly murdered because of U.S. imperialism and neocolonialism; that is not to mention those Muslim women and children—victims who were raped by U.S. Servicemen, moreover committing all manners of sexual assaults, which grossly violates the laws of Islam (aren’t they human to?). But no one has shed a tear so my prayers go out to these victims and families and I pray for healing, as well as I pray that God change the energy of the universe. My thoughts right now are beyond the Mayan calendar and the predications associated with the 12-21-12 date, (the beginning of the winter solstice) and their predicament (his 6,000 year rule was due to come to end according to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s teachings and I believe we are at that time). The Mayan calendar does not predate the Kemitic (Egyptian) system of time as far as recording astronomical and future predictions, the ancient people of Kemet were the first time setters. I put my trust in the originators of time and the calendar.

Fahim A. Knight, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El


kenny said...

Excellent thoughts Fahim.

You need a wider audience in your community. There's a lot they could learn from you.


Thank you Kenny, I appreciate the comment. My mission is to wake people up and many in the African American community have been totally blinded by the deception, propaganda and disinformation. Sometime I feel like I am yelling in the wilderness, but we will continue to shake the dry bones in the valley.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El