Tuesday, September 6, 2011



By: Fahim A. Knight-El

We are just about to embark upon the 2012 United States Presidential election; what happened to the 2008 slogan that then candidate Barack Obama so eloquently sold the American people on, "change that you can believe in"? Many Americans thought that President Barack Obama would usher in sweeping political and social reforms and change the political landscape of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (for those who do not know that is the address of the White House) into an oasis that would be rooted in justice and the citadel of a new government, with new vision and fresh approaches to solving the national and international problems facing the globe. However, he has walked the American people step by step toward completing the New World Order Agenda according to the plan of those who assigned him. President Obama has been one of their (Invisible Rulers) most recent loyal servants and he has worked their plan to almost perfection (moving the ignorant sheep closer to slavery). Most so-called African Americans have allowed this pawn to charm them into giving him a blank political check (we love the Devil because he gives us nothing) to operate without any respect and loyalty to them and it is evident that the whites who helped put him in office also feel betrayed by his ineffectiveness to move the nation forward.

However, some of the political stonewalling and filibustering is more steeped in the history of American racism and this seems to be the undercurrent that is driving Whites dissatisfaction (even they do not know that they are doing the bidding of small hidden powerful Cabal who are the decision makers of the world) with President Obama rather clear cut and distinct political disagreements. He has been one of the most disrespected presidents in the history of American politics and most of the attacks from the his political peers (left and right) and the media have been racially motivated and I am not going to overlook this variable (America is a racist nation by systematically design).

The Invisible Rulers have already committed to giving him another four years in office (these decisions are made outside of the ignorant electorate) as president of these United States of America (he has been a very loyal servant and they have the power to reward and punish their servants). Some have never heard of Dr. Carroll Quigley, the former professor of Georgetown University and former mentor of President Bill Clinton who authored one of the greatest books of the century titled, "Tragedy and Hope" in which Dr. Carroll Quigley lays out the sinister plans, motives, and objectives of the Invisible Rulers. So do your own research and scholarly due diligence to verify or discredited what I have written and perhaps you can prove to me that there is no Hidden Hand and from that point I will not ever write anymore articles pertaining to this issue—the Hidden Hand. But wait one minute Gary Allen and Larry Abraham in their book titled, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" drew the same conclusion of Dr. Carroll Quigley and yet John Coleman in his book titled, "Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300", also drew the exact same conclusion as the above said authors.

The Invisible Rulers spent over 500 million dollars on Obama's campaign in 2008 (no U.S. presidential candidate has ever raised that type of money for a campaign) and it is anticipated that President Obama is looking to spend over one billion dollars on his reelection bid; both figures will continue to set records for money being spent on a U.S. presidential campaign (the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have unlimited financial resources and RED SHIELD is directing the political and economic course of the planet). The Rothschilds have invested a lot of resources into President Obama and the boys/girls who are their low-level operatives in every sector in government and they are not through receiving their financial returns from this investment. They win regardless who sits in the Big Chair in the White House whether it is a Republican or Democratic president, it does not matter because it was their money and influence that placed them there (they care not what type of government is in operation as long as they control the system of money and finance).

Let me digress a bit, I have had people to continuously ask me do I think President Obama represents the anti-Christ (they keep us distracted with Nostradamus type predictions), the anti-Christ were those Money Changers that Jesus turned over tables and opposed them in the Temple and even to this day they have wrapped their manipulative and oppressive tentacles around humanity (this powerful minority has the entire globe in a chokehold). I personally do not put any credence into trying to religiously decode, a so-called holy book (Bible) that was written (authorized) by King James in 1611 A.D. where he and his court distorted and lied, as well as rearranged the book to fit the interest of the British aristocratic and elite and ultimately the Roman Catholic Church. I am definitely not looking for man named Jesus who has been dead for over 2,000 years to return to earth with a crown on his head claiming to be the prophetic king who will deliver us to some promise land (these all fairy tales based on myths and lies). Yeshua Ben Josef (Jesus the son of Joseph) was a righteous prophet and most of what they attribute to Yeshua Ben Josef (Jesus the son of Joseph) ministry is outright lies and distortions, but the teachings of Constantine (he setup the modern day precepts of Christianity at the Council of Nicea in 325. A.D.) has been infused in order to keep people under control and it has been successful from the annals of time.

If Yeshua Ben Josef (Jesus, the son of Joseph) has not returned after all these centuries he is not going to return and if he did return the Western world would be shocked to know that he was of Nubian (Black) lineage and an African Hebrew Israelite (their wise social scientist and religious scientist already know this fact), but they have hidden and shield this knowledge for over 6,000 years. This fact alone relative to the ethnicity and nationality of Jesus (some always argue what difference does it make and if it makes no difference why not tell the people the truth) would dismantle some of the prophetic and historical lies that have been told and written by western theologians and reinforced by governmental institutions in order to keep the masses confused and asleep (they taught me in Sunday school as a child to know the truth and the truth shall make you free). Why would they hide the truth?

Let me give it to you plain, Jesus (Yeshua Ben Josef) was a Black man and he looked nothing like the artistic rendition giving to us by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (better known as Michael Anglo). The original Palestinians were not Semites and the entire so called Middle East what the Greeks called Mesopotamia were lands belonging to black people and we who study truth understand that geographically only the man made Suez Canal separates the so-called Middle East from North-East Africa (in essence the Middle East and Africa are one land mass and one people in which I am speaking long before these bastardized people called Arabs or half-originals came into existence). It was through centuries of miscegenation that they became the light-skinned ruling class (lets not get it twisted they are not the original inhabitants of the so-called Middle East or North Africa). They are imposters according to Dr. Chancellor Williams in his monumental book titled, "Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C to 2000 A.D." and Dr. Wesley Muhammad in his book titled, "Black Arabia and the African Origins of Islam".

Just look at what this pawn has done he and the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and various U.S. military entities have duped the American people into believing that U.S. Naval Seals invaded the sovereign territory of Pakistan and assassinated the so-called Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin-Laden. But the Bin-Laden script and images were created in Hollywood or the Pentagon in order to improve President Obama’s public approval ratings amongst a disillusioned and dissatisfied American populace and to a lesser extent it worked to perfection; this alleged assassination of Bin-Laden gave the good ole boys something to cheer about and after the incident American patriotism was running rampant. Thus, every now and then the American good ole boys need something to rally around and there was no other RED MEAT with this type of appetizing fervor than Osama Bin-Laden—feed them a heavy dose of media propaganda and perhaps for a brief moment they may even forget about their own personal economic, political and social misery.

The Invisible Rulers led us to wrap ourselves up into the American flag and singing songs of God Bless America, while they are deceptively sticking the dagger deeper into hearts of innocent and vulnerable American people. President Obama and the CIA played the best card they thought they had in the deck; after all Bin-Laden had been a so-called fugitive for over 10 years and former President George W. Bush spent almost eight years making Bin-Laden the poster boy for terrorism (placing millions of dollars of bounty money over his head) in between hosting formal dinners with Bin-Laden's Saud Royal family members (the reactionary Islamic Wahhabi monarchial ruling class of Saudi Arabia) and the gatekeepers of protecting United States imperialism in the so-called Middle East and serve as lapdogs for U.S. interest in the region. The timing of so-called killing Bin-Laden before the 9-11 tenth year anniversary was a duping designed to bring closure to a decade of turmoil that was embodied in the created image of the Bin-Laden/Al-Qadea boogieman syndrome and their so-called efforts to destabilize the United States Government; this was to ensure the American people that there was a new Big Sherriff (nostalgic of John Wayne movies) in charge and no one can escape the long arm of American so-called justice and this included Bin-Laden.

We who study numerology know that the number 9 represents completion and when you leave the 9 you are entering into a new beginning. Some people even ten years later still believe that external terrorist (Arab Muslims) attacked the World Trade Center, the capitol of the international business district of the world on 9-11 and it still has not dawn on them that the real terrorist who attacked the American people on 9-11 was our own government. However, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Robert Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Richard A. Clarke, George Tenet, Rudy Giuliani, Bernard Kerik and host of others (low level players) are criminals of the worst kind—they are directly responsible for the 9-11 hoax that killed over 3,000 Americans. Yet, they drove off into the sunset while the Money Changers and Profiteers amassed trillions of dollars at the expense of human lives and personal property.

You do know that they create global misery in order to make money and these lowdown bastards are so dirty that the so-called first responders in the 9-11 crisis in New York—police, EMS workers, Fire workers, Emergency Management personnel, etc., who risked their lives at Ground Zero in order to save other lives (while Larry Silverstein and the boys were calculating how much insurance money they were anticipated on collecting after the 9-11 hoax) are suffering from lung ailments, cancer, Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and various other illnesses and can not even get the needed medical care from the United States Government or the state of New York (if this isn't criminal what else is). The Invisible Rulers viewed them as being expendable and mere causalities of war and have turned their backs on these once deemed Americans heroes. Perhaps you all should have listened to Michael Jackson's track titled, "They Don't Care About Us".

But many White Americans thinks that their skin color makes them immune to the dirty tricks of the government and they believe that their citizenship makes them real "Americans" and further believe that the government serves their best interest (how foolish can they be). The Bloodsuckers of the poor keeps them thinking that they are a privileged people and he uses this strategy to divide and conquer and they know that the ignorant will never rise in opposition to his ruler-ship (these people are cunning and wicked). So President Barack Obama excited the American people with these CIA images and backroom video games depicting how they killed Osama Bin-Laden (propaganda and massive lies and CIA has known for over five years that Bin-Laden was dead and most of the Muslim world knows that Bin-Laden has been dead for quite awhile). What the United States Government fail to understand, is that they are not fighting terrorist organizations or terrorist individuals, but they do not realize that they are fighting an idea and this is the massive battle that they can not win. He died in Afghanistan and/or Pakistan from poor health and was not killed by American Navy Seals.

The images they gave the American people was right out of the CIA text book and then wanted us to believe that they were following Islamic law by allegedly wrapping Bin-Laden's body and burying it at sea before the sunrise of the next day in respect of Islam. These hypocrites have no respect for Islamic law; the Bin-Laden allege assassination ploy was only a deception to make it appear that President Obama did something big and he wanted to appear tough on terrorism; the propaganda machines wanted us to believe that he ordered the hit on public enemy number—Bin-Laden. This alleged incident would afford him with tough guy credibility and give the appearance of having a willingness to haunt down America's enemies. This propaganda was a slick and well crafted public relations (they consider this tax money well spent) ploy which was designed to set the political stage for his re-election campaign. President Obama can now announce that it was his administration that killed the number one terrorist in the world; something the wild, wild west cowboy George W. Bush could not do.

OPEC is nothing but a front for the powerful Seven Oil Sisters (the oil masters) who decides how crude will impact the supply and demand—they keep us peasants (make them pay high commodities premiums for their misery) thinking that foreign oil demands are the root causes of the oil dilemma confronting the Far East and the Western World. Although, the United States overly consume relative to the world commodities resources, the global balance of power is being fueled by greed and it was clear evidence by 2008, they have literally created two class of people, the haves and the have nots—there is no middle class and the politicians of the United States now got their eyes set on attacking the most vulnerable—the poor and defenseless. President Obama inherited a bad economy from George W. Bush and he like Bush surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs agents (members of the House of Zion and House of Rothschild big money changers).

This question about a debt ceiling and trying to bring the 14 trillion dollars national deficit under control is nonsense and ludicrous. Who is behind this over 14 trillion dollar deficit that America finds herself confronting in which Congressman John Boehner and the Tea Party politicians in congress wants you to believe that the Democrats created the financial woes of our nation due to out of control spending. They find no problems in attacking the middle class and poor elderly workers (the most vulnerable of our society) who paid into social security and are now subject to losing their financial subsidy and Medicaid benefits. President Obama and the Republican led House of Representatives know that the problem isn't governmental waste on the poor and so-called poverty based programs (this is minuscule in the amount of waste relative to how much money, the money changers have stolen from the American taxpayers).

But the Federal Reserve and the twelve Central Banks that comprise the Federal Reserve has deceptively stolen the wealth of our nation and flooded the financial markets of the world with worthless currency (paper money that has no value)—the continuous printing of money (Fiat system) that in reality has no monetary value has contributed to the economic misery of the United States and the world. It isn't the poor that is ripping America a part, it is the greed of the Rothschilds and various powerful Money Changers that have systematically brought our nation to an economic decline. But rest to sure, President Obama and Congressman John Boehner will not utter one word in condemnation of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and the power this one man possess over humanity should be considered a crime. Congress can not legally audit the Federal Reserve according to the language written in the Federal Reserve Act which violates the United States Constitution and not even the president has the authority to intervene in the financial affairs of the Federal Reserve and nor does congress or the United States Supreme Court has subpoena power over this powerful entity which to bring them into a court of law. Here lies the problem and all of our low-level operatives politicians are in bed with the Dynastic Families and know to attack the Federal Reserve would mark doomsday for their political careers. So the poor becomes convenient and vulnerable while the Invisible Elite seeks to financially capitalize from the projected misery that is coming down the pipe, which has been induced by themselves.

Some have asked me questions about my views of the illuminati and secret societies and not realize that the Federal Reserve is a secret society and fits the description of an Illuminati organization. Their board members are often elected in secrecy and they do not provide the United States President or congress (the people) with board minutes from their meetings and answers to no one but themselves (there is no government oversight or checks and balances). No outsiders are allowed to sit in these highly private and confidential meetings, it was just recently that Bernanke allowed cameras into a few of the non-session meeting rooms of this private corporation. So you do not have to look very far there is a secret society displaying the name "Federal" right in our backyard.

People throughout world initially viewed President Obama in the realm of possibility and optimism and he had overwhelming international approval unlike any American commander-in-chief in the history of our republic. President Obama like any well crafted product was good looking, engaging, articulate, personable, intelligent, etc., (he was Harvard University trained) and most people bought into his image and people wanted to believe that in many ways that he was different than past presidential candidates (man were they fooled). They even believed that Obama was elected president because they had cast voting ballots and many even to this day still have no idea that their vote did not mean a damn thing—their candidate was handpicked and selected long before the ignorant masses went into the booth to pull the lever. Thus, a very small and powerful Elitist Cabal invited him into the outskirts of their influence and power—these Hidden Individuals do not believe in the concept of democracy or even honor the United States Constitution (this is the part of the Tea Party argument that is skewed and many of them have not realized that our government has been hijacked and our politicians have betrayed our constitution).

I voted for President Obama (but I totally understood that the exercise was just an illusion and my vote did not factor into getting him elected) that this because I am an anti-war advocate and he promised the American people that he would amicably end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and stop the killing of innocent people in these two Islamic societies. Almost four years later we still remain as an occupying force in Iraq and the stench of American imperialism is pervasive. His agenda to continue to steal the Iraqi's people oil was a mandate given to him by the Invisible Masters and was outside of his control, but at least the Bush and Cheney families shared in the wealth of the oil theft in Iraq because they had generational ties to energy and petroleum cartels. I would ask my readers to just reason with me for just a moment—we were told that Iraq's former President Saddam Hussein posed an imminent threat to the interest of the United States and Israel and we invaded Iraq on the false pretense that Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Who should be held accountable for these lies which have led to the destruction of this ancient society?

President Obama lied to the American people and his agenda has only been an extension of the Bush Doctrine in which to continue robbing the American taxpayers in my opinion is an impeachable offense. Will the American electorate hold this pawn accountable. He received over 95% of the so-called African American vote (unrewarded loyalty); we ordinarily vote a long color line as long as the candidate is a Democrat and it is this phenomenon that makes the African American a very vulnerable electorate bloc and historically has been taking for granted by the Democratic Party Hustlers and Pimps. I have heard Reverend Al Sharpton, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and black opportunist place President Obama above political critique and above reproach. This Negro is nothing but a gatekeeper and I applaud Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley for challenging this agent provocateur.

Lastly, we live in highly technological and global economy and I heard President Obama sounding like former President Franklin D. Roosevelt from the era of the New Deal movement in the 1930s in reference to addressing the jobs and economic crisis confronting America (these ideas are obsolete). He is talking about building roads and bridges and infrastructure as the solution to America’s economic woes as though this is the solution to resolving America’s economic dilemma. He is not talking about building industries and establishing manufacturing which to utilize the vast resources of America to put the American people back to work. We as a nation import much more than we export and it’s this trade deficit that has helped to weaken our nation. The Invisible Rulers have put America in this economic predicament and there is nothing that President Obama can do to alter their decision, but get on his knees and beg the Rothschilds to reconsider their decision to wreck the global economy and it is only they who posses the power and influence to alter this present course of history. Our economy has been systematically outsourced to India, Thailand, Mexico, Korea, China, Vietnam, etc (this strategy was formulized out of greed). Sorry Mr. President building roads and bridges isn’t what’s needed to stimulate our economy and keep us at a Superpower status and not have the vision to make us once again a self-sufficient nation. We need more economic innovation than that. WE THE PEOPLE: GIVE US BACK LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@ yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El