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By Fahim A. Knight-El
America is never going to change, when it comes to African American people and although, Cam Newton has transcended so many things, but being black in America disallows us to transcend racial stereotypes and discrimination—we still live under the rules of modern Jim Crow. It does not matter how great we are, they expect us to conform to the rules of white supremacy in order to be accepted within the good ole boy and good ole girl clubs, you have to change your voice, how you dress, what you eat and quietly embrace white culture and this will get you that big contract, Madison and Fifth Avenue advertisement deal—trust me I get that and we should exploit those markets, but not at the expense of our manhood and our identity.
I am a black man and I am proud to be a black man—I am educated have some money not a lot and yes I got some Ghettos in my family, we all do (hell I am by-product of Ghetto sociology and psychology and I am not a shame to admit it) but it is all about who we are and the black experience.
I do not eat pork and not much fried food, but when I get with my family, we are going have some fried chicken, collar greens, fried fish, potato salad and someone is going to bring some beer and some liquor (and one of my brothers, sisters or cousins are going to yell out let this damn party begin) and for desert a sweet potato pie.
Now, some whites do not have a clue about black culture, we also are going to have some good old school music and good new school music and like Cam we are going to dance and celebrate the occasion (that is ordinarily how we celebrate the Super Bowl and any other festive event, but for us African Americans this Super Bowl is even more special, because we have a black quarterback sitting at center stage).
My point is Cam Newton, is part of the black experience he is connected to our collective struggles as a people and I think it is unfair that the white media keeps besmirching him because of who he is—he is from the Hip-Hop culture generation and we should allow this young man to express himself without being vilified. Newton shows his philanthropy spirit by each touchdown he scores, he takes the ball and give it to a kid in the stands and most of those kids that have received those balls have been white children. But I guess that does not count.
I am dire heart basketball fan, but of recent years I have become a huge football fan. I just like Cam Newton’s approach to the game, but I think my seventeen year old daughters likes him a lot better than me (damn it she is fascinated with Cam and when he comes on television daddy do not get any love, it all goes Cam’s way). I think my wife to is a secret admire of Cam also.
Yes, I have become a Carolina Panther fan over the years mainly, because of Cam Newton being a high proficient black quarterback who is a phenomenon athlete who was a former Heisman Trophy winner at Auburn University and has won on every level. But often athletes transcend sports based on the political and social culture we live under (Cam is doing this in his own way).
But lets be clear Cam Newton is not the first black quarterback to play in National Football league (NFL) and in the Super Bowl. Perhaps, some of the younger audience on Facebook and social media have never heard of Doug Williams out of a little black school named Grambling State University (SWAC—HBCU Conference) in Louisiana that has turned out some top black football players in the past and where the legendary coach the late Eddie Robinson coached what seemed to have been like a century and perhaps might still be the most winning college football coach of all times. Doug Williams won a Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins and I can remember the scrutiny that Williams was under as a black quarterback.
The white dominant culture has started to say some racial hate-filled mean-spirited things against this young black quarterback Cam Newton, because he dares to be different, thus, race is always a variable and those who are the beneficiaries of what social critic Tim Wise calls white privilege once again is seeking to dominate how the world views this young gifted and black extraordinary athlete (here is a kid who stands about 6 foot 6 inches and weigh about 260 pounds in which he is bigger than some defensive ends and moves like a cat). He has the skills to stand in the pocket, or get outside the pocket and/or beat you with his legs (he is actually a triple threat quarterback).
Let me remind you all he is not the first black athlete to dance in the end zone. I am older enough to remember Billy “White Shoes” Johnson of the Houston Oilers and Deon “Primetime” Sanders (a two sport athlete) they put on mere concerts in the end zone. But for some odd reasons Newton’s dancing seems to offend some white people. Their notion of offensiveness is rooted in white racism and historically black men had to play the roll of being docile and accommodating to the white power structure (perhaps it is these norms and values that still governs their attitudes towards black men).
The symbolism of Cam Newton’s dancing, it is a sense of personal expression and I do not need boss to tell me when and how in the hell I am supposed to celebrate. Now, Cam Newton is not a social activist, he is not a Curt Flood or Jim Brown (the Hall Famer and former Cleveland Brown running back who has always stood on issues of social justice); Cam is not Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale (Black Panther Party) and he is definitely not Muhammad Ali one of the greatest athletes of all times who viewed himself as a militant social activist. Ali openly stood for social justice and was willing to the pay the political price.
Cam Newton is not a member of the 1968 American Olympic Athletes who during the awards ceremony in Mexico City Games where the three black tracking and field stars raised their black glove fist in a black power gesture in solidarity of the Black Power Movement that was taking place in America.
Yet, I am not surprised of the racism and bigotry he is experiencing thus, look at what has taking place with America’s first black president in Barack Obama—our brother has been disrespected although he holds the highest office in the world (even his disrespect is rooted in American style racism) so Cam Newton is in good company. Many of you might remember that at one time in the National Football League, they said that the position of quarterback was reserved for white players only, because they said blacks were not intelligent enough to master the playbook, read coverages and lead the team.
Nevertheless, James Earl Harris, Randal Cunningham, Warren Moon, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Steve “Air” McNair (Alcorn State—HBCU), etc., proved the racist critics wrong, that in deed we had the intelligence to be the signal caller. Cam Newton will prove them wrong this coming Sunday when he demonstrates not only his superior athletic ability but his superior intelligence as a black quarterback. So white folk and black folk put on your dancing shoes, because Cam is going dance the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl win, and my favorite Cam Newton dance is the twist (I think Jackie Wilson and James Brown would be proud of Cam's dance steps).
Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at,

Debate: Clandestine Masonry Talking Points

Debate: Clandestine Masonry Talking Points

By Fahim A. Knight-El

This Blog was very interesting, in particular how it came about and the way that I answered these questions within this debate might even give the appearance that Brother Knight-El had totally flip-flopped on the issue of regular verse irregular Freemasonry in which I have always tried to be objective and open to this conversation. Although, most Prince Hall Masons will automatically denounce black non-Prince Hall Masons as being clandestine and it has been a divisive unsettling argument for centuries with some of these various Masonic entities and groups. But this clandestine Mason and/or a clandestine sympathizer decided to push the envelope with me and I have had previous dialogues with this brother, but on this occasion he seemed to have wanted to challenge me on Prince Hall’s legitimacy and their historical affiliation with the United Grand Lodge of England.

Thus, I was minding my own business and was actually working on an entirely different Blog when Brother V.R. came knocking; I really thought that I had exhausted the regular verse irregular Masonry topic over the years, I had written numerous previous articles dealing with clandestine and regular Masonry and once again I had no intentions of writing anything else on this subject (I am really sick and tired of this argument). Brother V.R. had all these questions and comments, but I felt like his line of questions lacked objectivity and appeared to be bias and he also appeared to be a little irate about Prince Hall Freemasonry being in disputes with black non-Prince Hall Masons, as it pertained to Masonic recognition and he felt that it was wrong that Prince Hall Masonry had an unwillingness to sit down with Black clandestine groups who some were three, four and five lettered Masonic groups.

Bro. V.R. argument was not a new argument, it was the same old argument, that black non-Prince Hall Masons have historically waged against PHA, which they have consistently denounced Prince Hall Masonry for having a recognized charter issued by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and they argue against the credence of PHA being recognized  by a white Grand Masonic body and they believe that PHA flaunt this Masonic European standard as a heavy weight when viewing other black Masonic groups that have not been recognized by white folk. Now, as I have stated above, just reading my words and position from the lens of this debate, some of you might argue that Brother Knight-El has in deed flip-flopped on some of his initial positions on this issue, but I really just took the antithesis side in this debate, in particular to exposed how flawed Brother V.R. argument was when it came to discussing the topic of regular versus irregular Masonry.

He desired that we as PHA Masons should overlook Masonic linage and authentic charters relative to the importance of being sanctioned and commissioned by a competent Masonic Grand body having legal Masonic jurisdiction to empower them, however, to overlook this would be a gross error of immeasurable proportions. This is the basis of all Masonic ‘regularity’, which is being duly legal, constituted and legally chartered these factors and variables cannot be overlooked, nor can you get around them and in larger scope cannot be negotiated.      

Bro. V.R.: “Brother that is very unfortunate and sad. Before anyone ever uttered a degree I thought we were all brothers. You know I am almost certain that had these organizations been white, the problem would not exist. Clandestine or Illegitimate so says the white man”.

 Bro. Fahim: “Yes Sir, remember, we were systematically rob of the knowledge of self and made into Negroes and it is an uphill battle to get us reconditioned to fall in love with our people and ourselves. The dispute between Prince Hall Masonry and other black non-Prince Hall Masonry is a microcosm of the African American problem when it comes to unity amongst our black leadership and black organizations. It is rooted in the psychosis effect of Chattel Slavery and the Willie Lynch Syndrome. But this is why I work so hard to impart solid information in pursuing the truth. It is not just a Prince Hall Masonic problem, it is a much deeper problem rooted in all the above. Most of us love white culture and have adopted European value systems, in which Dr. Carter G. Woodson wrote about this in 1933 in his Book titled, The Mis-Education of the Negro.”

Bro. V.R.: “What I don't understand is that you know this and you won't acknowledge a four letter. Has a PHA ever sat in any four letter lodge to actually see what they do or is it more "Well England said they ain't doing it right so they ain't doing it right?" Don't you think a sit down between the two is long overdue brother?”

Bro: Fahim: “Peace Brother, yes I do agree, that it is long overdue, but we have to be very careful who we should recognize as a Masonic organization and/or as a legitimate Freemasonic entity. Let me remove race as a variable, thus, the bigger question is the determination of legitimacy of those black non-Prince Hall Orders (and by what standards are we going to use)—when viewing four lettered or five lettered Masonic organizations relative to regularity. For example, lets also remove the United Grand Lodge of England recognition from the equation as a variable, meaning let's take white folk out of the equation as well. The question still remains whether or not a four lettered Freemasonry group has a legitimate and legal charter due to be respected and accepted by other regular national and international Grand Lodges. We argue there must be some legal criteria in order to determine and assess who will be considered for the status as a "regular" body of Masons. Now, we have to defend and protect the integrity of our Craft, if not phony and bogus Masonic renegade groups will continue to pop up (with questionable charters) with an objective of duping potential brothers who might be seeking to make a petition to join a lodge. Many of these black non-Prince Hall groups, they only find it politically expedient and conveniently to raise the question of race as though Prince Hall Masonry is practicing reverse discrimination against them. What is missing in these groups’ arguments, is they are not Black Nationalist either in philosophical intent nor by mission statement, but when it is convenient they want the public to perceive them as such. Their motives are rooted in opportunistic jargon and really do not want us to question and scrutinize their Masonic lineage and origin. This is the real issue hidden behind all the overt and covert controversy”.

Bro. V.R.: “Here's the thing about removing white folk from the equation... YOU CAN'T. Last I heard, they are the ones who give charters. Now from what you tell me is that your lodge is right and exact. So the GL in England says that you are practicing your craft correctly,   based on their criteria. With that said, how is it that a three letter PH mason cannot walk into a 4 letter lodge and observe if they are practicing the craft correctly. Don't they have white masons from the south, who are legit,  that don't speak to any Black mason. God is logic missing in masonry?”

Bro. Fahim: Peace: “Good Brother, no white folk are not the only ones that grant charters. But historically speaking Prince Hall did receive a legal warrant and/or charter from UGLE in 1784 to operate as African American Freemasonry lodge # 459 (this was just a coincidental event in the history of race relations between black and white people during the 18th Century—the slave was viewed as powerless and the slave master was seen possessing all the power) that transitioned into African Grand Lodge # 1, it was just a historical fact that this traveling white Irish Lodge #441 raised Prince Hall and fourteen other blacks of African descendent to the status of Master Mason. Every Masonic charter must be based on Masonic jurisprudence to have some legitimate acceptability and/or you can just go over to Kinkos and draw up some Masonic documents that looks officials and claim that these are "regular" Masonic documents. But we will question, assess and evaluative those documents to see, if this lodge and its Grand Lodge is sanctioned by a recognized and legitimate mother Grand Lodge, and we will determine, if your charter was granted under a competent Masonic jurisdiction (and should we inter into Masonic intercourse with this body of Masons). So our argument is not exclusively tied to the white United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) serving as "Grand Bubba" over international Freemasonry. But once again remove them as I stated previously and lets look specifically at the origin of your charter and show and prove that your charter has legal standings and is accepted worldwide, if you cannot do this that will make your charter illegal and clandestine. Prince Hall Masons can walk into 41 states (Masonic Jurisdictions) within the continental United States and will be received, accepted and recognized as legitimate Freemasons, but there are nine historical southern Confederate states that still have not recognized Prince Hall. Many of these Black non-Prince Hall Masonic groups have no legitimacy with mainstream Masonry and find it conveniently to blame PHA for their woes (just show me the charter and resolve this matter). It is not whether or not you are practicing the Masonic rites, rituals and sacraments, etc., properly (you can get most of that from the Internet) the question still remains are they duly and legally chartered (or are they bogus?), Moreover, many of them are not seeking black Masonic unity, they are trying to squeezed through door by failing to meet the legitimate charted criteria.”

Bro. V.R.: “G, so being legitimate is based off of what? Being granted a charter by a grand lodge based off of what criteria? 9 states still don't recognize PH and its 2016. No one says anything about it? So do I have this straight. . . A GL will give a charter to a lodge and it will be legit right? What's the criteria for granting a charter?”

Bro. Fahim: “Peace: you are wrong about your assessment there are PHA scholars including myself, that have condemned the United Grand Lodge of England relative to this Masonic contradiction. I know you are a smart brother and I believe you understand white supremacy and it relations to black people. There are white and black churches in the south right here in the United States of America in 2016, that are still segregated and some white churches will not allow black membership or worshippers, but these racist actions, we dare not make the same social comparison, that we draw in the black and white Masonic debate. Lets say there are over 100 white churches across the deep southern bible belt that do not permit African Americans who are Christians membership into their houses of praise and worship, how hypocritical is this? However, as Christians our belief in God, Jesus and the bible is not predicated on whether not some white Christians still do not find us as a race of being worthy of fellowship with them and/or seek to deny us Christian brotherhood (many black churches and parishers just keep it moving). Yes. every subordinate lodge must follow the landmarks of Masonry and must have a mother origin relative to their Masonic linage of their charter. The Grand Lodge itself has to be duly legal and regular edit and their historical linage have to be traceable and verifiable by some grand body of competent jurisdiction. If not that Masonic Order will be labeled clandestine for now and forever. It does not matter how you might attempt to characterize Prince Hall Freemasonry, it is a legal, regular and constituted Grand Lodge with a verifiable Masonic linage. Now, there is no one that has been more critical of my organization (PHA in particular if they have been on the wrong side of an issue than me) and I have publically wrote and documented my points of disagreements even relative to this conversation that we are having. But I stand by Prince Hall Masonry being a legitimate Masonic entity. We will not embrace any black bogus or white bogus Masonic Grand Lodge. I have debated Prince Hall Masons and black clandestine Masons (the clandestine Masons, I ordinarily ask them to give me the legal history of their origin and charter and that will determine a lot about how the conversations goes). Furthermore, you cannot justify a black clandestine Masonic Order who is conveniently playing the race card by echoing that Prince Hall has a white authorized charter and they do not like us because our Masonic charter was initiated by a black man. Lets prove your contentions and if we meet on the level, Square and Plumb these are the Masonic criteria that we use and we refer to "Mackey's Jurisprudence"  if all else fails. What do you think?”

 Bro. V.R.: “Honestly I think that if Christians did not let someone of color based on the color of there skin then they are not Christian. So if a Mason doesn't want you in his lodge based on the same thing then his not a mason and that lodge should be shut down, but the powers that be haven't shut it down. That sends the signal that what they are doing is okay. You talk about lineage. Don't all lineages go back to England? If your brother is doing something wrong why would you not correct him? If he is in masonry for personal gain I understand why he is shunned. If in his heart he wants to make himself better then shouldn't three letters step in? God it only seems that masonry is based on lineage. Have you ever witnessed what a four letter lodge conducts?”

Bro. Fahim: Peace: the more explicit analogy that I was drawing and pointing to was how white supremacy has impacted not just Masonic institutions in the United States, but even our religious institutions (yes intent of what makes a Christians is not the arguable point with me but the level of criticism should be equitably dispensed, but this does not define the legitimacy of Christianity). Prince Hall whether or not 9 white southern States Grand Lodges have denied PHA as Masons in reality have no bearing on our legitimacy (thus even prior to full so-called UGLE recognition in 1995); Prince Hall had declared its sovereignty in 1784 and had functioned as a separate Masonic entity from Caucasian Freemasonry. But historical linage relative to the origin of a Grand Lodge will never be overlooked by Prince Hall Masonry. I have visited four and five lettered Masonic organizations that was recognized of having legitimate charters and were considered to be regular Masonic entities. Yes, their ritual work is very similar to our lodge work as three Lettered Free and Accepted Masonry. Yes, Masonry is rooted in linage and that is not going to change. If not any fly-by-night clandestine groups will be popping up and using Internet books and knowledge and Kinkos manufactured charters and often these bogus groups start selling factious degrees and they pose a great danger to the credibility of Freemasonry in the United States.  

Bro. V.R.:I'm simply referring to lineage because at one time you had argued this case. I believe your argument was something like "Who gave the power to the GL in England to sanction anyone." Yes it was something of that nature. If anyone is bogus you should know by action and not by name. You've changed your stance on this a little. But I see your point somewhat. If it's  so bad you PHA should shut PHO down.”

Bro. Fahim: “Peace: Brother, no. I have not changed by position or stance nowhere in this discussion relative to my initial position and stance on the United Grand Lodge of England; I said then and now, that I have no respect for white Masonry and UGLE, that has always been my position and always will be my position. But what is different in this conversation, is that I have expanded my approach specifically to draw out of you what constitute clandestine and irregular Masonry (your argument appeared to be more of rationalizing and totally overlooking the importance of Masonic linage and charters) and I did not want you to recklessly overlook the most important pieces to the legitimacy of a Freemasonic institution, which is historical linage and the origin of ones Masonic charter. Thus, there is no other evidence more essential and valuable to establishing if a Grand Lodge is duly legal and has authentic documentation to prove that it has been empowered by a competent jurisdiction. Once again, if you removed race as a variable that will not dismiss the fact that you must have a legal and sanctioned charter other than one that was printed at Office Depot (and we conveniently state that it was granted by a black man as though that is enough to claim legitimacy and simultaneously denounce PHA for having a white granted charter—I do not think so). So I have not changed my position, because I will always remain an advocate of black Masonic unity even with non-Prince Hall Masons, but none us believe that this course will be easy and yes part of those discussion will evolve around origin of linage and charters in order to move forward, if nothing else in the spirit of operational unity and establishing a covenant. If these talks were to take place some black bogus Masonic groups would perhaps be dismissed immediately and determined to a fraud and we will not seek recognition with them. Now, this is my personal opinion and I have argued this in my writings on John G. Jones a founder of a black Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic organization, which has been in existences over 100 years should be allowed to enter into an agreement with Prince Hall Masonry, if nothing else based on longevity and accepted as a regular body of Masons. I think the entire controversy of the National Compact and Prince Hall Origin and Prince Hall Affiliated Masonry is just to complex for me to decipher at this time.” 

Bro. V.R.: “What exactly happened with Mr. Jones? Was it that he got expelled as a mason so that meant ever lodge he started after that was bogus? Is this the case?  I'm sure some of your PHA bros countered your argument with "Longevity don't count. You can be clandestine for a long time." Lol. It is what it is G. While I was writing this email I asked a 4 letter if 3s and 4s get along now. He said that's been squashed for 4 or 5 years. We're from the south so I wouldn't know how it is were your at. I also asked an older older 3 letter PHA raised in Washington. He said there wasn't an issue. What exactly happened with Mr. Jones? Was it that he got expelled as a mason so that meant ever lodge he started after that was bogus? Is this the case?” 

Bro. Fahim: Yes, John G. Jones was a former Prince Hall Grand Master of the State of Illinois and by profession, he was an attorney who was expelled for un-Masonic conduct. It is too much to discuss, but some of his controversial can be Google. But it is sought of a contradiction, because the PHA shriners the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine rituals were established and written in 1893 by John G. Jones and Rolet Pasha in which, although he was expelled, we still recognize his name and still use his ritual work in the Shrine Order. Jones had a number of high profile violations that went against Prince Hall codes of ethics. Yes, theoretically every lodge he founded thereafter, would be considered clandestine and irregular; he claimed to have received a Masonic charter from Romania. Brother John Hairston, a PHA brother that I debated on my Blog is the authority on this. Also, our Grand Historian out of New York Brother Ezekiel Bey have written and exposed Jones Masonic legitimacy. But personally speaking I still think we should move beyond this in particular with this clandestine group.  
Bro. V.R.: "You can be clandestine for a long time." Lol"

Bro. Fahim: “Yes, you will be clandestine because of the illitimacy of your charter and those will always remain as the valid Masonic rules in order to function as regular Masonic entity your charter and linage has to have legal validity”.

Bro. V.R.: "It is what it is G"

Bro. Fahim: That's a true logical outcome relative to this conversation.

Bro. V.R.: “While I was writing this email I asked a 4 letter if 3s and 4s get along now. He said that's been squashed for 4 or 5 years.”

Bro. Fahim: “This statement is not true nor is it factual, we have not officially squashed any of this controversy with black clandestine Masonry in the United States. I will admit that there are different racial attitudes relative to the terms conservative and liberalism (geography dictates these private held positions). PHA Masons and black clandestine Masons have no formal agreement, but within Freemasonry there is the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction and the Northern Masonic Jurisdictions in which the latter is a lot more social inclusive and there are a set of different norms and attitudes with brothers up North and this has allowed for more of a passive coexistences between PHA and black clandestine Masons in particular and Masonry in general, in the northern regions of our country”.

Bro. V.R.: “Bro. V.R.: “Aside from our "lineage" conversation, if you walked into your lodge today and told your brothers that the Black Man is God, how would they take it? Could you be kicked out of masonry for a remark like that?”

Bro. Fahim: “No, if he stated that the Black man was God he would not be kicked out of PHA Masonry, I personally was raised on that contention and I still believe that the black man is God and I am still in my lode and in good Masonic standings. If a Mason claim his personal Deity to be the black man, he will not get shun for that belief. There is no doubt in my mind based on white supremacy, they systematically colored the scriptures an associated the Divine with being white skinned and of European Caucasian origin, but I know these were lies designed to make himself superior and people of African descent inferior. Yet, I still believe that we should not allow these clubs, fraternities, sororities, and oath taking organizations to keep us as a people divided; I will always be for a black united front in spite of our political, economic and social differences.” 

Bro. V.R.:Hmmm. Something in me wants to cross and give back to my community, but one rule is you must believe in a higher power. To me that higher power is potential ever man has, it's the refinement a man goes through to become his higher self. I'm not sure this logic would make it in a lodge. Could you shed some light bro?”

 Bro. Fahim: “Peace: Brother, everyone that petition a PHA lodge must believe in Deity and/or in a Supreme Being. This plank gives the potential brother candidate a wide range and philosophical freedom to express these things as they see fit relative to free thinking. We teach that Freemasonry is a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols (this is the true definition of Speculative Masonry). But Masonry rest on three basic principles—morality, friendship and brotherly love. Thus, the question was posed on the 1st degree of Masonry to me: Where were you first made a Mason? In my Heart. We pride ourselves in making good men, better men”.

Bro. V.R.: “Am I correct in thinking you got 120 before becoming a mason? I hear people don't talk about religion in the lodge but if you go York Rite you do...”

Bro. Fahim: “Peace: I am going answer your question this way; when one refer to the 120 degree Lessons giving by Clarence 13 X Smith (or better known by his followers as Father Allah) this automatically connects one to the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percenters). I have never been a member of NGE, but I am a student of knowledge and I have always respected the NGE teachings. But I have always pride myself of being a seeker of 360 degrees of knowledge in which this view has led me on a journey to many paths and the journey has assisted me in my search for truths and wisdom. There are no degrees higher than the three blue lodge degrees and the Master Mason degree; yet there are auxiliary and Appendendent Orders such as York Rite Masonry or Scottish Rite Masonry (we called them climbing Jacobs latters in Masonry). Yet, one on the outside always confuses the so-called higher degrees such as 32nd degree or 33rd degree as being superior to the Master Mason or third degree it is not superior—the degrees in the upper houses should be viewed laterally and not vertically relative to power and knowledge. I going to stop right there”.

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


By Fahim Knight-El

A). Plan of Investigation:

We now live in a society that has entered into a new political, economic and social paradigm, which has evolved along side globalism and the age of information. This transition somewhat had its beginnings with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, which brought an end to the Cold War and ultimately led to the changing of world orders (the Cold War ending would eventually lead to the present day war on Islam being disguised as a war on terror). The United States entered into a series of wars and conflicts in the early 1990s, in particular in Desert Storm and Desert Shield and in 2001 and 2003 beginning with the Iraq War and two years later our invasion of Afghanistan, which has led many of us to believe, that the U.S. had other ulterior motives other than national security interest such as controlling these nations natural resources and establishing themselves as permanent occupying forces in this vital strategic region of the world. Some Americans also believed that Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden posed an eminent danger and threat to the United States national security interest (President Barack Hussein Obama has been more dangerous to world peace than both George W.H. Bush and George W. Bush). The war on Islam, culminated with the attack and bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Thus, after viewing and reading about the 9/11 event, which killed of over 3,000 American citizens and our ongoing conflicts with radical Islam and Muslim extremists, it was this event that led me to think deeper about being an American and the question of patriotism (I started question who was really behind the 9/11 hoax and what would be the culprits short term and long term goals relative to the American people, in particular and the globe in general?). This writer believes, that patriotism must be rooted in ones loyalty to something greater than themselves. It first must be tied to a theory and belief that there is nothing greater to uphold than a willingness to pledge allegiance to a God, people, nation, flag and noble causes in which one is even willing to live by and/or die by. This disposition must be undergirded and supported by the embracing of nationalism and are willing to uphold the values, standards, principles, laws, codes of conduct and all that governs our jurisprudence system and our Democracy without compromise. There is no room for treason and betrayal, if our sovereignty is rooted in the fundamental principles of Freedom, Justice and Equality (this would make it difficult for ISIS and/or any other anti-U.S. government entity to appeal and recruit U.S. citizens who are willing to commit treasonous acts, sedition and/or subversive actions against our government, if the government was ruled by the people and was for the people).

This writer, thinks that for real patriotism to exist in America in 2016, there must be a level of tolerance, that is taught on the primary school levels (and continued to be infused on the secondary levels of education) in which young impressionable minds are exposed to the diversity of cultures, races, nationalities, religions, etc. Also, alleviate the negative stereotypes and propaganda about people who may differ from us (yet I am not optimistic that we will ever achieve a pluralistic or multicultural society, because of white supremacy) and allow the American people to have a dissenting voice and create more avenues where ideals, thoughts, opinions, beliefs and differs of philosophy and views can be freely and openly debated not just in the ivory towers, think tanks, corporate media, and in the halls of congress, but on the grassroots level. People need to know and understand why we should and/or should not back our government foreign policy agenda (in particular, if it's deemed reactionary and tyrannical) and is it worth risking our lives in the name of false flag waving by suiting up militarily and going to foreign battle fields to fight for causes that are in the interest of the Super-Elite (these U.S. soldiers are only being used as tools of U.S. Foreign Policy) and those who control the systematic tentacles of Western Capitalism—many U.S. soldiers are haunted upon returning back home to the U.S. (plagued with PTSD) and once they discover the truth they become politically disillusioned; their patriotism is often shattered and brought into question after witnessing the injustices being inflicted on innocent civilians in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia (wars are never fought in the interest of the poor and the have ‘nots’ they are fought in the interest of the Invisible Rulers). The teachings of civics and social studies have to be improved to reflect that we have entered into a New World Order, that is more dangerous and volatile than when the Thirteen Colonies fought the Revolutionary War against Great Britain, Civil War and when the Founder Father set down in 1787 and finalized framing of the United States Constitution.

The so-called war on terror and terrorism have to be an intellectually engaging conversation whereas there are objective critical analysis being rendered (not persuasive propaganda giving to mislead the American people and the globe) and allow the American people to determine whether, we can embrace and trust that our government and nation has provided us with all the facts relative to the true motives behind these induced wars and conflicts. Until the U.S. Government does this, they do not deserve to have our un-daunting loyalty to uphold, defend and protect the United States Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies. This can only take place, if we begin educating young people on matters of Homeland Security, U.S. Patriot Act. Military Commission Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Anti-Terrorism Act, etc, and how the U.S. Government has created a police state (which is slowly moving us closer to Martial Law) in the name of national security interest in which has absolved it citizens of civil liberties (the American citizens have lost most of their Constitutional rights and they do not even know this because of the power and influence of the dummying down process ). They have rendered the U.S. Constitution as a useless piece of paper and have covertly rewritten the fundamental basis of our jurisprudence and the original constitutional standards of law. It is our duty and obligation to reinspire our citizens to study the brilliance of the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the U.S. Constitution and in doing so, it will this possibly reinvigorate a new generation of patriots, that will have no interest of becoming an enemy combatants or joining onto America's enemies, but will serve as true U.S. Patriots and defenders of righteousness. They will be more interested in upholding the freedoms that were initially guaranteed to all so-called Americans based on law (now, we have been subject to the rule of a Shadow Government). Thus, if we adhere to the above there will be no more need to administer oaths and swear-ins, but our loyalty and patriotism will forever be rooted in our hearts.

The religion of Islam was placed at the center of the world stage after September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center Towers in New York City in which sixteen (16) of the nineteen (19) alleged hijackers were Saudi Arabian nationals (a so-called U.S. allied nation), as well as being Arab Muslims. However, this investigation will mainly examine whether or not the aftermath of the 9/11 crisis created an atmosphere of hatred, bigotry, discrimination, harassment, prejudices, racism, etc., aimed at Muslim Americans and did it lead to Muslims and Middle Easterners (as well other Muslim ethnic nationalities) being unjustly and negatively stereotyped based on their faith tradition, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. My examination of this subject was to consciously make every attempt to move away from the political and the theological arguments and controversy associated with Muslims and Islam in particular, the ongoing disputes that the West has with so-called radical militant Islam and the so-called War on Terror. Nevertheless, my research at times will briefly mention some of the historical and ongoing antagonisms in order to clarify a historical period, but will not give lengthy analysis in this direction, which could lead to a compromise of objectivity, because of the emotionalism that has been garnished on both sides of this issue.
However, the 9-11 incident is more of a recent phenomenon, therefore, it must be viewed from a contemporary analysis more so than from a long standing historical contention that has withstood academic scrutiny and time. This writer thinks, that it will be years and even decades before historians (and/or social scientist) can completely assess and historically evaluate this event from a political, economic and social perspective by using all the available data and drawing a reliable hypothesis by which to truly determine what happened on September 11, 2001 (all the facts are still not-in); however, one thing for sure we cannot trust the evidence presented in the 9/11 Commission Report. And the impact 9/11 incident had on the United States of America and the globe (perhaps no other recent historical event has shaped this new paradigm and simanteously created a new normal as did 9/11). My research admittedly will be narrow in scope and lack a complete comprehensive study in which my investigation will just focus on stereotypes (racism, discrimination, lack of tolerance, etc., aimed at Muslim Americans) associated with the aftermath of 9-11 in which the mass mediums reported that the alleged culprits behind this devastating event was so-called carried out by militant and radical Muslims. Many believed they (Muslim terrorist) had a political agenda of destroying America and disrupting our monetary system.

B). Summary of Evidence:

Prior to the 9-11 incident there were quasi historical tensions already in existences between Muslims and the West—the United States and Europe had divided the world up between whom they deemed ‘good Muslims and “bad Muslims”. Moderate Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and even Iraq were by the West standards considered to be good Muslims and yet, there were Islamic states such as Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.,[1] who were deemed rogue nations and part of the axis of evil. And the so-called ‘good Islamic states” were reflected in the United States foreign policy and in how U.S. foreign aid, military assistance, and humanitarian assistance were dispensed and these nation had more accessibility to immigration (and was immune from being labeled and propagandized of being involved in state sponsored international terrorism and this kept certain Arab States from being imposed with U.S. and U.N. economic Sanctions and embargoes). Yet, foreign tension between the United States and the Muslim world continued to be acerbated by the U.S. unbalanced foreign policy interest [2] which had been evident for some time relative to the Islamic world. The former Iranian President Ayatollah Khomeini called the United States the ‘Great Satan’ and journalist Salman Rushdie countered Khomeini's demonizing rhetoric towards the U.S. with his book titled, Satanic Verses. These type war of words in my opinion, led us to the door step of 9-11and eventually to ISIS, as well as, the long standing conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis in which many Muslims believed that the U.S. Middle East foreign policy was lopsided in favor of the Jews. The United States and the West has picked a fight that ultimately they cannot win, because they believe that those deemed U.S. Enemy Combatants (the U.S. internal enemies) had to be radicalized by some extremist militant Islamic cleric and fail to accept that Islam is unlike any other religion in the world what drives them is injustice. Here is a people that loves death more than they love life, and its two billion of them around the world [3].

Thus, even the media reporting of these various Middle East conflicts between the Shia and Sunni sects, which depicted acts of violence where as radical militant Muslims were killing their own people (some of this reporting was always shrouded in disinformation and propaganda in which to make it appear that the Muslims are lawless and barbaric people), but beneath the religious and political strife and schisms was an overriding rhetoric signifying a deep hatred for the United States and the West (and lets not forget the fact that the CIA has always served as the chief instigator in the Middle East affairs). The U.S. (under President George H.W. Bush) in 1990 and 1991, also went to war with Iraq and Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War 1 (Desert Storm) over issues relating to Kuwait[4]. And later in 2001 the U.S. was engaged in another war in Afghanistan (with another Muslim country) with the so-called Taliban and Osama Bin-Laden. These wars became a public relations nightmare for Muslims and Islam, in particular but also to the West in general, this has led to the United States being engaged in wars in that region of the world for over fourteen years that still has no clear cut objectives (the U.S. has been seeking to end these deployments for the last seven years since Obama took office but to no avail and we have steadily witness an increase in military build up and has become a burden to U.S. taxpayers). Yet, it has always been bothersome to me in how the western media were reporting these conflicts in which again in my opinion, created psychological negative stereotypes in the minds of many American citizens that Islam and Muslims were at war against the American people and that they had a political vendetta to kill, disrupt and destroy the American way of life[5].

Many Americans have never heard of Al-Jazeera Television (Middle Eastern, Islamic, Arab, etc., network that reported Middle Eastern news outside of the perspective of western journalism) and their opinions of Muslims and Islam were not being shaped and molded by biases western media sources[6]. Thus, before the 9/11 tragedy there was an initial attempt to blowup the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993 eight years before 9/11 with the objective of killing innocent American people and causing massive collateral damage.

This failed plot was led by Ramzi Yousef and five other co-conspirators, which was deemed a terrorist attack using 1,336 pounds urea nitrate–hydrogen gas enhanced device that eventually failed but did not ultimately meet its intended destructive objective of so-called mass murder of American citizens, but did kill six people and wounded over a thousand.

These various Arab and Muslim Jihadist became the poster boys of American enemies and the images would later play a huge part in desensitizing the American people relative to whether or not Arabs and Muslims after 9/11 were being protected by the United States Constitution and judicial system from discrimination, racism and stereotypes. Many Americans, as the United States Government were willing to overlook the legal rights (due process), civil rights, the United Nations international accords and all other systems of jurisprudence in the name of combating so-called radical extremist Islam or terrorism that had ventured onto shores of America. These sentiments were often in violation of U.S. law, but were being justified under national security concerns. Some United States citizens did not care that Arabs and Muslims were entitled to due process under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution (however, after 9/11 they had a lockup and throw away the key mentality).
Former Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania in his book titled, Countdown to Terror stated: “Civilization is at a disadvantage in the war on terrorism, as it is always harder to build than to destroy. Sixteen centuries ago the Roman Empire fell to barbarian invasions. Rome, with its cities, aqueducts, roads, and far-flung commercial empire, became a victim of its greater economic and social sophistication. The barbarians could sack cities and pull down aqueducts more easily than the Romans could rebuild them. Terrorists are the new barbarians. These new barbarians are far less numerous than the barbarians of old, but hold the possibility of far greater power in their hands because of the existence of WDM. America’s highest priority must be to defeat the new barbarians. If we want to avoid the same fate of the Romans, we must stop the next, possibly catastrophic terrorist attack against the United States[7].

 C). Evaluation of Sources:

 Behind the Backlash: Muslim Americans After 9/11 authored by  Lori Peek (Professor of sociology at Colorado State University) was published in 2012 and it probably would be classified more of a sociological study that looks at how various sectors of society respond to mass emergencies and disasters. But right after 9/11, she interviewed 140 Muslim Americans and others who gave telling testimonies in their own words about the harassment, violence and discrimination they experienced as Muslim Americans post 9/11[8]. Thus, in her interviews Muslims all shared a central theme of feeling scape-goated and unjustly blamed for a crime that they did not commit. Yet, she also pointed out that many Muslims were unjustly being labeled terrorist and this negative notion justified these various acts of discrimination that were aimed at innocent Muslim Americans. These prejudices after 9/11 led to Muslim Masjids and Mosques being attacked and desecrated, because there were so many cultural misunderstandings that existed between Muslim societies in East and Christian societies in the West after and before  9/11 incident. These misconceptions were shrouded in ignorance and fear based, which was enough ammunition to incite the uninformed and dominant culture zealots who were motivated by racial and religious hatred to inflict vigilante style justice on Muslims and made unfair generalizations against all Arabs and Muslims. Professor Peek gave this marginalized sector of our society a voice during an extreme time of intolerance and to expose the danger of allowing the pendulum to swing to far to the right. Thus, blaming an entire Muslim religious world community for committing a crime that killed over 3,000 Americans was wrong—and many Muslim Americans were very much sympathetic to the victims of this horrid crime that constituted a loss of human life and property.

Thus, according to Peek cultural ignorance and discrimination led to vigilante groups rising up and coming against Muslim Americans (seeking to become judge, jury and executioner), but they immediately began to show their ignorance by attacking and even killing Sikhs and Hindus in the United States assuming, because these people had brown skin, dressed in Eastern attire appearance, spoke with an accent and wore turbans, that they had to be Middle Eastern Arab Muslims and better yet terrorist. Sikhs and Hindus were mistakenly being racially and religiously categorized as Muslims and after 9/11 became targets of religious and racial discrimination and bigotry that were being fueled by the dominant culture. Many of the vigilante attackers were not even aware of the historical and religious antagonism that existed between Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus, but their racism and cultural ignorance that led to indiscriminate acts of violence against innocent people who became the victims of hate crimes (bigotry) and culture insensitivity
[9]. Peek stated: “Never before had Muslims been subject to such overt hostility from so many different corners. Not surprisingly, violent outbursts and discriminatory actions followed: Civil Rights organization recorded thousands of incidents of anti-Islamic and anti-Arab harassment, hate crimes and vandalism in the months following 9/11. In addition, to the attacks on Muslims and Arabs, public anger was directed at other religious and ethnic minorities who were mistakenly identified as ‘Middle Easterners"[10]. 

Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11 (Critical Cultural Communication) authored by Evelyn Alsultany. Alsultany points out that post 9-11 human rights should have been the main focus of scholars and politicians alike, but the media created a reactionary view of Arabs and Islam that was shrouded in propaganda. She maintained that media images of Muslims, Arabs and Islam shown on television dramas and cinemas often systematically fed into the western stereotypes and in which the portrayals of Muslims in the media catered to the ignorance and emotionalism of the dominant culture in which 9/11 had created. Her analysis included assessing Hollywood and television shows (the programming) according Alsultany either covertly or overtly negatively lacked telling the story and exposing the American people to the diversity that existed inside of the Islamic culture and did very little to debunk the old and new stereotypes that Muslims were ‘terrorist’ and were involved in acts of terrorism against the United States of America. Alsultany overall thesis desired to hold the media to higher standards and denoted that the major corporate mediums had an equal responsibility to offset the false and negative images that Muslims and Arabs were bent on terrorism by portraying other positive aspects of Muslim culture and lives in media. She believed that this may would have created more of an objective look at Muslims by the dominant culture post 9/11, as opposed to the reactionary hatred that spoon fed harassment, racism, violence, bigotry, discrimination and fostered a culture of intolerance[11]. This writer does agree with Professor Alsultany that media is a very powerful tool in shaping and molding public opinion, but I think she is a little idealistic, if she thinks western journalism is going to accurately and objectively tell the Muslim side of the story. This writer thinks she understands that we live in a political culture of propaganda and some believe that Muslim American were systematically being scape-goated for a crime that had levels of suspects and deceptions.

She stated,after 9-11 the news media and public alike seemed eager to debate, and to disagree about, about the manifold issues and anxieties unleashed by the terrorist attacks: whether the U.S. PATRIOT Act should be passed; whether Arab and Muslims should be racially profiled, detained and/or deported; and whether or not the extent to which, it was justifiable to suspend or violate the U.S. Constitution during a time of crisis. Political conservatives often argued—both in the harrowing days after September 11 and in the months and years following—that it was not possible to be both safe and free, that freedoms must be inevitably sacrificed in the interest of safety and security. These same critics typically argued that racial profiling was a reasonable and necessary method of law enforcement[12]. 
D). Analysis:

This writer, is of the opinion, that one cannot fully understand the negative stereotypes that some Americans had towards Muslim Americans in relation to the 9-11 attack that had unjustly killed over 3,000 people at the World Trade Center in New York City unless one understood the long standing historical race relations and dynamics that have existed inside the United States of America for over four centuries between white and non-white people before this tragedy occurred.

Our nation was founded upon racism and we do not have look any further than the genocide of the ‘Native Americans and Chattel Slavery[13].’ Racism is often the fuel that light and drives stereotypes—racism is best defined as: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races; prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior[14]”. It is often this social phenomenon that breeds negative stereotypes and lead to discriminating against people who may racially look different than the dominant culture, practice a different religion, and/or subscribe to a different set of values, mores, folkways and view culture totally outside the dominant Western concepts of culture[15].

The September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City was immediately declared by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Department of Defense and the State Department as and act of terrorism carried out by Osama bin Laden and his Jihadist inspired movement of Al-Qaeda, which committed one of worst military tragedies and alleged criminal acts ever committed on the continental United States—Bin Laden was considered to be Muslim and Arab (these variables alone were enough to incite American style ignorance). It did not help the Arab and Muslim cause viewing that Bush, our commander-in-chief and his administration had espoused a web of political propaganda, which they intentionally induced and created a climate of fear within the United States that reverberated around the world. President Bush was even quoted as saying ‘you are either with us or against us’[16].

The United States media had depicted Arab Muslims as having a political and religious philosophy bent on destroying the West and had declared America as so-called being the number one enemy of Islam. The Powers-that-be understood that in order to maximize their manipulation of the propaganda; they first had to create a culture of fear by blaming 9/11 on Arabs and Muslims (and their so-called Al-Qaeda terrorist network which has quietly justified their present day war on Islam) in their media schemes, this was a perfect diversionary tactic—they chose a people who were different from the American dominant cultural with a minority representation inside the country and was essentially powerless. The American people pre 9/11 knew very little about the religion of Al-Islam and the diversity of these ancient people, the religious politics, the various Islamic cultures, the various Islamic sects and schisms, etc., in which these variables were being naively overlooked[17].

But also there were rightwing conservatives and U.S. politicians and clergy as well as others who had a much different and a more sinister interpretation about blaming the allege culprits (in their minds these so-called culprits only had to be Muslim, practiced some form of Islam, and looked Middle Eastern in order to be blankly indicted by rightwing conservatives as terrorist) and felt in lieu of our national security interest, it was necessary to put in place laws, polices, rules and enactments in order to combat terror (Muslim discrimination was not at the forefront of their argument and the new vision they had for America post 9/11 did not include the U.S. Constitution)[18] and civil rights groups such as the American Civil liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center legally sided with Muslim Americans in many of these incidents and cases. Some of the language the rightwing conservatives were spewing was deliberately being used to incite our ignorance and fester stereotypes against Muslims and Islam (in my opinion this was dangerous territory, because it was beginning to compromise our civil liberties and without doubt tingling with violating the United States Constitution) —just because a person looked Middle Eastern, spoke Arabic, attended religious services at a Mosque, dressed in traditional Islamic garbs, etc., it was wrong to discriminate. But in the cesspool of cultural ignorance, it did not matter to some, that each American had constitutional rights in spite of their religious orientation, nationality or race (First Amendment Rights). However, the aftermath of 9/11 created a hostile, insensitive and intolerable environment mainly aimed at Arabs, in particular, but all Muslims in general, they were being viewed with suspicion and Muslim discrimination was going unabated.

E. Conclusion:

This writer, is of the opinion, that after the ending of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1989, it created another “Cold War” that became ‘hot’ (our politicians do not want to publically admit this but the United States, the United Kingdom and France have declared war on Islam) due to lingering historical and culture misunderstandings between the United States and the Islamic world, which had been steeped in suspicion, mistrust, betrayal and political and religious apathy. The allege perpetrators of 9-11 attack were Muslims and Arabs this alone stirred some of the American people into believing that Muslims and Arabs even inside America had declared war against the United States of America in which the media and the government were creating a climate of fear based on propaganda and enactment of public policy.

Tariq Ali in his book titled: The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads, and Modernity Stated: “The necessity to explain these reactions does not mean justifying the atrocity of 11 September. It is an attempt to move beyond the simplistic argument that 'they hate us, because they're jealous of our freedoms and our wealth'. This is simply not the case. We have to understand the despair, but also the lethal exaltation, that drives people to sacrifice their own lives. If Western politicians remain igno­rant of the causes and carry on as before, there will be repetitions. Moral outrage has some therapeutic value, but as a political strategy it is useless. Lightly disguised wars of revenge waged in the heat of the moment are not much better. To fight tyranny and oppression by using tyrannical and oppres­sive means, to combat a single-minded and ruthless fanaticism by becoming equally fanatical and ruthless, will not further the cause of justice or bring about a meaningful democracy. It can only prolong the cycle of violence.”20 

The immediate backlash became acts of discrimination, violence, harassment, racism, unfair stereotypes, etc., were being aimed at Muslims and Arabs as being blamed for the horrendous act of 9/11. They became victims of vigilante style justice and widespread hate mongering by the dominant culture (i.e., there were statistical spikes in physical assaults against Muslims, defacing of Mosques and Masjids, negative media portrayals that Muslim American were involved in terrorism) and one Christian Pastor even talked about burning Qur’ans in Florida as an act of detesting Islam and Muslims—the United States Government increased surveillance and sent agent provocateurs to spy even on ordinary Muslim American citizens. Yet, I do think that the U.S. Government had some legitimate concerns relative to national security issues and this variable was difficult to overlook, but this writer cannot accept or justify any sector of our society being unjustly discriminated because of race or religion.  

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at,


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