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When The Student is Ready: The Master Will Enter, His Name is Manly P. Hall

When The Student is Ready: The Master Will Enter, His Name is Manly P. Hall

By Fahim A. Knight-EL

When the student is ready, the master will surely enter; his name is Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990), it’s imperative that this writer let his readers know right off the back that my analyzing and assessing Manly P. Hall’s book “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” is no indication that I consider myself now prepared and ready for the Teacher. Moreover, I do not think myself or many others have proven themselves ready and worthy to receive these mystical lessons that the master teacher Dr. Manly P. Hall had awaited so patiently to impart to us adepts; that which will deliver humanity from unfound dogmas, stereotypes, misconceptions, religious ignorance, cultural bias, etc. Ultimately bringing us all to the understanding that humanity is one—we have more cultural similarities as described in these ancient mysteries, but we have often been led to focus on the label and not the substance and have ignored the science of etymology and epistemology. Therefore, we have settled for branch knowledge over root knowledge and this alone have hindered our ability to truly become enlightened. (Reference: Gerald Massey: “A Book of the Beginnings”).

Hall stated: “I have not attempted to twist the original writings to substantiate preconceived notions, nor have I distorted doctrines in any effort to reconcile the irreconcilable differences present in the various systems of religio-philosophic thought. The entire theory of the book is diametrically opposed to the modern method of thinking, for it is concerned with subjects openly ridiculed by the sophist of the twentieth century. Its true purpose is to introduce the mind of the reader to a hypothesis of living wholly beyond the pale of materialistic theology, philosophy, or science.” (Reference: Manly P. Hall; “The Secret teachings of All Ages” pg. 5).

Let me try to set the stage for this article and give my readers a little background information to how this article or blog came about. I had heard different lecturers over many years who were not part of mainstream academia and who had embraced alternative views of history; they would often quote or reference Dr, Manly P. Hall’s book titled, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" in which those lecturers time and again pricked my conscious and perhaps even more, my subconscious and it initially stirred a surface level curiosity about the man and his ideas. Hall stated: “To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books. It has always seemed to me that symbolism should be restored to the structure of world education. The young are no longer invited to seek the hidden truths, dynamic and eternal, locked within the shapes and behavior of living beings.” (Reference: Manly P. Hall; Secret Teachings of All Ages” pg 4.).

This writer had actually purchased the book about twenty years ago, and at the outset, my first examination of the book, was that it appeared to complex and comprehensive, and no doubt, at that time beyond my intellectual maturation and spiritual development. It was really above my attention span in which much of the philosophical theories, I found difficult to comprehend. The knowledge contained within "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" was rather to complex for me to absorb at that stage in my intellectual development. However, I would later find out that to truly understand and to grasp Dr. Manly P. Hall's work, one needed to have had a serious prerequisite of readings in the esoteric, Freemasonic thought and occult sciences, as well as some understanding of many more philosophical schools of thought. (Reference: Edgar J. Ridley; “Symbolism Revisited: Notes on the Symptomatic Thought Process”).

Nevertheless, I am a firm believer that knowledge is often dispensed in degrees and we as human beings are brought into certain realizations relative to knowledge at our own space and time. This process truly can not be accelerated or decelerated, although in the Western culture we have a lack of patience for allowing things to evolve within its own time and space. This writer twenty years ago just was not mentally ready and/or prepared to take on Manly P. Hall and "The Secret Teachings of All Ages." I shelved the book in the back of my library (out of sight, out of mind) for a very long period of time, but from time-to-time I would pull it and casually flip through the pages, but never giving it a serious evaluation or assessment. (Reference: Hilton Hotema; “Awaken the World Within).

Henry L. Drake who wrote the Foreword to Manly P. Hall’s book “The Secret Teaching of All Ages stated: “Adeptship is the state of complete spiritual maturity so far as this is possible to a member of the human family. Deficient in nothing necessary to a life of wisdom, the adept is sufficient to his own needs and capable of determining that course of personal action most likely to contribute to enlightenment. The adepts foreshadow the state of mankind when it will have attained the full release of its faculties and its powers. The adept is, therefore, the truly evolved of our species. Accordingly, the adepts, considered together as the citizens of an invisible empire of the philosophic elect, constitute the heroic elder brothers, the custodians and protectors of humanity. As the interpreters of the Mysteries, they are the true educators and illuminators. As the redeemed, the servants ­of Divine purpose, they comprise a powerful, creative and directive force in the world.” (Reference: Manly P. Hall—Foreword by Henry L. Drake; “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” pg. 2).

This writer also learned that certain books can not just be read and had to be studied there is a distinguishable differences relative to these two processes and "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" was one of those type books and masterpieces that required an intense study process over just reading. This book also will force the serous minded scholars to examine Hall’s work even closer by cross referencing other sources he refers to in his documentation and scrutinizing the research which to properly understand or further validate his philosophical contentions as being worthy of scholarly consideration. It is not that Hall offered anything new in the realm of the mysteries because much of what he gave us had originated in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and Cush (ancient Ethiopia) as lessons that were taught by the Sages, Gurus and Mystics of these two illuminating society and others have written about these things long before Manly P. Hall. (Reference: Gerald Massey: “Ancient Egypt the Light of the World”).

However, Hall, perhaps through a tedious intellectual process compiled and analyzed and put forth an incomparable comparative study of the world’s systems of myths, religion, customs, folkways, rituals, symbolism, etc., and for this he stands out as one of the greatest philosophers of our time. Hall must have been a serious spiritual being besides just being an intellectual and a Free Thinker to allow himself to become a vessel of truth, delving into the ancient mystery systems which to interpret them, as well as to decipher and teach the veiled lessons. He was not entrapped by “isms” nor did he allow religion or a system of belief to confine his thinking, but understood best that ideals are universal in scope. This writer was equally shocked and surprised to discover that Manly P. Hall was only twenty-eight (28) years of age when he completed this masterpiece and was unlettered. I had assumed that this body of work represented a lifetime study of many years of research and documentation; this alone speaks volumes of perhaps the type of mind that Dr. Hall must have had. (Reference: Jacob Boehme; “Concerning the Three Principles of the Divine Essence).

Kemet (Ancient Egypt) seemed to have fascinated this twentieth century philosopher because it had such an advanced culture, which evolved along side the Blue and White Nile River where these people flourished in all areas of human cultural progress. The pyramids still stands as proof positive that perhaps 20,000 years ago based on the architecture and mathematical precision that these ancient people had mastered a higher science of physics, geometry, astronomy and engineering techniques that are still unmatched in 2009. (Reference: Josef A.A. Ben Jochannon; “The Black man of the Nile and his Family”).

Perhaps Dr. Manly P. Hall was led to tap into a source of human energy and excellence that is undeniable that by far has left all of humanity baffled. The Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Turks, Arabs, British, etc., all have left their colonial imprint on Kemet (Egypt), but neither conquering culture have ever left with more than they received. How did the Ancient people of Kemet construct these magnificent temples, edifices and perhaps they were meant to be much more than mere burial chambers as they are described in the ancient coffin text? They laid the first stone in midair and maybe this was a form of asto-physics and superior to anything we know in the west. All I can say is open the book and allow the master to come in (your mind) and teach you. (Reference: Anthony T. Browder: “Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization”).

I believe that I had originally purchased the book from a rare book curator and publisher named Kessinger Publishing Company located in the mid-west in a little town named Kila, Montana. Kissinger was a 32 degree Mason who found a serious market in specializing in republishing rare and old out of print books that dealt with Freemasonry, occult, esoteric, and Gnostic, etc. This writer purchased many rare books from Mr. Kessinger and I believe one of those books was "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" which was either originally published in 1928 and/or endorsed by the Philosophical Research Society, Inc. Los Angles California an organizational entity founded by Hall in 1934. (Reference: Hilton Hotema; “Man’s Higher Consciousness”).

The edition that this writer purchased was labeled as the Diamond Jubilee Edition and it was subtitled, "An Encyclopedia Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy Being An Interpretation of the Secret Teachings Concealed Within The Rituals, Allegories and Mysteries of All Ages" Then on second hand, I may have even published the book from a publishing house named American West Publishers; Carson City, Nevada; this entity also published books that would be deemed "conspiracy" theory materials.

The study of knowledge is an eternal journey that requires a lot of personal sacrifices and you can rest to sure, that this journey will take the seeker down many paths—spiritually, historically, socially, culturally, psychological, etc., in which each step will only turnover more evidence of what the seeker will eventually come to realize that the investigation for truth is infinite (which there is nothing new under the sun) and the search for knowledge has no boundaries or limitations. Manly P. Hall had reached this objective conclusion over eighty years ago and this is why it was easy for him to detach himself emotionally from these delicate topics, but allowed the historical evidence and facts of his findings do the talking for him. (Reference: H.P. Blavatsky; “Isis Unveiled”).

Hall stated: “I have studied the fragmentary writings of the ancients sufficiently to realize that dogmatic utterances concerning their tenets are worse than foolhardy. Traditionalism is the curse of modern philosophy, particularly that of the European schools. While many of the statements contained in this treatise may appear at first wildly fantastic, I have sincerely endeavored to refrain from haphazard metaphysical speculation, presenting the materials as far as possible in the spirit rather than the letter of the original authors. By assuming responsibility only for the mistakes which may appear herein, I hope to escape the accusation of plagiarism which has been directed against nearly every writer on the subject of mystical philosophy.” (Reference: Manly P. Hall; “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” pg 5).

The Ancients had evolved far beyond the material world because they knew the physical world had finite limitations and the lessons it provided perhaps pointed to the metaphysical, but very few or only a select few (Akhenaton, Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, Pythagoras, etc.) were willing to break off from tradition and explore the esoteric, Gnostic, occult, etc., lessons and they came to the same realization and conclusion, that the search for ultimate truths can only be attained by going into the inner philosophical chambers which is often shrouded in mystical and mythical allegory (it is the message behind the symbol that these enlightened ones were able to fully interpret and this is what differentiated them as Messengers—spiritual vessels given unto humanity) there lies the true message and meaning that allows you to tap into the human spirit and view the soul as the embodiment of all there is relative to the human essence. (Reference: H.P. Blavatsky; “The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy).

Drake stated: “Those who do not understand the spiritual sciences question their use of the unusual symbols, myths, and figures employed to conceal the essential teaching. Let it be remembered that these "clouds" were no part of the original doctrine, but were made necessary by intolerance and bigotry. The use of indirect communication was based entirely upon considerations. To remain unknown was the best way to prevent a repetition of the disaster which occurred to the Knights Templar. The “veils” which concealed the arcane of the Mysteries were not employed to cover ignorance, but to protect wisdom, and in Europe it was protected for a thousand years."

"The secrets of the Mysteries are obviously metaphysical, philosophical and esoteric relate to processes taking place within the fields of the human psyche during the practice of the spiritual disciplines. Discipleship ends in the attainment of an inner capacity suitable for the realization of the esoteric tradition. The disciplines, by expanding consciousness, give the initiate practical mastery over that which is learned and constant awareness as to the proper use of higher learning." (Reference: Manly P. Hall—Foreword by Henry L. Drake; “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” pg. 2).

The Human physical anatomy (mind, body and spirit) is a micro-reflection of the heavenly bodies correlated further to the inner mysteries and man was left to explain this phenomena by charting the sun, moon and stars (no one did this better than the Dogons of West Africa they had mastered Sirius A and Sirius B and the Kemites were equally competent in the area of study) which led them into astrology understanding the twelve (12) Zodiac Signs: Aries, Taurus Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn Aquarius, and Pisces,—fire, water, earth and air encompassed the Zodiac signs each setting of the moon and sun depicts how the tide ebbs and flow; yet simultaneously our entrance into the physical world is set in the stars (symbolic of the spiritual world), in particular our birth day (or earth day), month, year and which moon we were in, will ultimate effect and shape our human mental and social personality. (Reference: Dr. C. W. Roback; “The Mysteries of Astrology and the Wonders of Magic”).

Man corrupted these ancient mythos by trying to define time and space in accordance to the Lunar, Gregorian and Julian time charts—these systems of measuring time were imperfect. The celestial plain has always given us more questions than answers, but at the same time, it has always intrigued us to go further in our quest and to make every attempt to make sense out of the unseen power and forces. The unseen powers and/or that which effects us on the earthly terrain is the most sought after mystery. The science of the solar system and the Zodiac, as well as the science of astronomy—the lining up of the heavenly bodies has always impacted and factored into human nature. Some would argue that this school of thought is an exact science and I would agree, but that it still remains as one of the least known mysteries—our physical connection to the universal order of things and the numerical and alphabetical codes that works outside of our DNA structures and possess more determining imprint on who we are as spiritual beings, which still remains as one of the unsolved mysteries. Reference: Albert Churchward; “Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man”).

This writer for many years has tried to get into the mind of a Manly P. Hall; perhaps one of the most brilliant occultist and philosophers of all times and a master teacher (delivered over 8,000 lectures in a 70 year period)—who delved deeper into the hidden mysteries than any other scholar and he is constantly quoted and cited by Freemasonic thinkers, metaphysical intellectuals, Gnostics, New Age thinkers, esoteric travelers, etc. Hall used all the available data and he was not fearful of going after the unconventional data in which he gravitated towards the ancient wisdom and knowledge that has often been discarded by western scholars. Western man has always had a tendency to compartmentalize knowledge and view it from a linear perspective which to categorize what would be considered scientific and empirical (that which can be counted and measured relative to the scientific method) which to deem certain research as being scholarly or non-scholarly. (Reference: Godfrey Higgins; “Anacalypsis - The Saitic Isis: Languages, Nations and Religions).

Drake stated: “if these sacred academies imparted only scientific, intellectual, ethical doctrines somewhat in advance of their time, they could produce only scholars. The initiates of the esoteric tradition were never regarded merely as brilliant intellectuals. From white-walled Memphis to rock-hewn Ellora, they were honored as practicing a higher dimension of essential knowledge. History preserves the records of numerous persons, living in different times and in various places, who have exhibited a knowledge and skill which cannot be explained according to present standards of erudition. We cannot ignore the testimonies of such learned men as Pythagoras, Buddha, and Plotinus. Many of the noblest members of our race have expressed their profound admiration for the esoteric institutions flourishing in their own times. Not to recognize the esoteric sciences is to disregard most that has contributed to the advancement and improvement of the human state during the last five thousand years. There being a divine order of learning superior to mundane knowledge, and its being available—time is most appropriate for the further restoration of this sacred tradition." ." (Reference: Manly P. Hall—Foreword by Henry L. Drake; “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” pg. 2).

I am quite sure Dr. Manly P. Hall's body of work has had many pundits and critics over the years, but I know as his present day critics will continue rise, I am even more than confident, that his work will continue to stand up under philosophical scrutiny. His investigations and having the scholarly desire to know, led him to delve into some aspects of research which at time would have been considered taboo—magic, secret society, astrology, anthropology, religion, Freemasonry, symbolism, New Age, art, biology, architecture, Egyptology, cryptogram, philosophy, sociology, ancient studies, mysteries, mythology, mystic sciences, social science, paleontology, spirituality, ancient medicine, human anatomy, zoology, etc. These studies led to the compilation of a huge volume of esoteric, metaphysical, occult and Gnostic knowledge in the assemblage of one book titled, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages". The book consist of forty-five (45) chapters and over 1,970 pages of research that covers Kemet (Egypt), India, China, Pacific Isles, Asia, Africa (note Egypt is Africa), Australia, America, Native America, Persia, the people of Central and South America, etc., it represents world history and the story of civilization. (Reference: James George Frazer; “The Golden Bough: The Study of Magic and Religion”).

Hall had written a number of books, but none is more celebrated than the “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.” For example, he authored: ““America's Assignment with Destiny,” “Arhats of Buddhism,” “Initiates of Greece & Rome,” “Light of the Vedas” “Masonic Orders of Fraternity,” “Mystics of Islam,” “Orders of the Great Work – Alchemy,” “Orders of the Quest – Holy Grail,” “Orders of Universal Reformation - Utopias Sages of China,” “Adventures in Understanding,” “Buddhism & Psychotherapy,” “Codex Rosae Crucis - D.O.M.A,” “Dionysian Artificers,” “First Principles of Philosophy,” “Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians,” “Guru, By His Disciple,” “Healing: The Divine Art,” “Lectures on Ancient Philosophy,” “Lost Keys of Freemasonry," "Man, Grand Symbol of the Mysteries,” “Mystical Christ,” “Old Testament Wisdom Pathways of Philosophy,” “The Phoenix,” “Questions & Answers,” “Sages & Seers,” “Secret Destiny of America," "Self-Unfoldment by Disciplines of Realization,” “Twelve World Teachers,” “Ways of the Lonely Ones,” “Words to the Wise,” etc.

What did Manly P. Hall realize that most of humanity has yet to understand about this delicate station we call life? He come to understand that there are planetary vibrations which creates balance and every force or motion has a direct and equal opposite reaction that is defined by the laws of physics (motion and order) and from this phenomena cultures sprung up in which some even had the ability to defy the laws of the universe giving us a glimpse into the mind of the Creator (God is man and man is God). (Reference: Yogi Ramacharaka; “The Philosophies and Religions of India”).

Manly P. Hall stated: “Mystical speculations about God, the world, and man occupied the minds of many ­medieval scholars and theologians. They conceived creation itself to be a symbol or a figure through which the Divine Will manifested its purposes and intention—thus by analogy, the world revealed God, and man revealed the world. The human himself was a microcosm—a miniature of the cosmos. After the collapse of the pagan cultural institutions, it was unlawful to teach classical learning or to advance scientific knowledge contrary to the prevailing scholasticism. To avoid persecution and at the same time perpetuate for the benefit of qualified disciples the more advanced formulas of the ancient wisdom, the sacred truths were presented symbolically through the beautiful engraved devices of the emblem writers.”

The ancient masters of Kemet (Egypt) in one sense had evolved to the point that they did not see themselves separate from "God" in fact they accepted and understood that they were "God". This view had very little correlation to western thought; it was not based on a duping or used in an imperialistic manner to create an imbalance in the natural order of things, but just the opposite, it served as a model of human potential. Let me briefly mention the Masonic Order in which Western Freemasonry without doubt, perhaps could not exist without the mythological and the mystic teachings that evolved out of Kemet (Egypt) and the Freemasonic ascension over other schools of thought and Orders is a direct result of someone tapping into occult and esoteric wisdom of Kemet (Egypt). Freemasons borrowed the ancient symbols and have even incorporated the ancient language in their modern Masonic rituals and Manly P. Hall who was a Mason was trying to tell the York Rite and Scottish Rite Masonic bodies that true Masonry is one knowing what is behind the Symbolism. However, sadly many Masons have never heard of Manly P. Hall and they have the ritual, which is liken to have signs and symbols with no substance, but by not studying the likes of Hall; they do have the key to unlocking the veiled inner secrets of Freemasonry (Reference: Albert Pike; “Morals and Dogmas”).

Also, he came to understand that all living things have purpose and most of all he realized the interconnection and the interdependency of what is above, is also beneath, as well as the relativity that Ancient man has always had within the natural order. The Secret Teachings has giving us as scholars and laymen more than a glimpse into a world of that which still little is known because metaphysical science is still somewhat shun. Yet, similar spiritual systems which have been duplicated either at the Creator’s will or perhaps sprung up by having physical contact in which the environment and the power of the universal order of things guided distant peoples and cultures to draw similar conclusions about the solar system, celestial bodies, human nature, regeneration, and even about certain characteristics associated with ancient deities. (Reference: The Three Initiates; “The Kybalion: The Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece”).

James Morgan Pryse stated: "Mythology is the science which treats of the myths that deal with the action of the gods or beings conceived as divine or possessed of divine attributes. The mythology of a people is a collection of myths, which not only describes their gods. but also their religious customs and practices. Among primitive people there are evidence that each tribe or people had a primitive religion and ritual, which was a prescribed form or method for the performance of religious or solemn ceremony. We find this extant with savages of today, who have not come in close contact with civilization. A myth among primitive people was a traditional story told about the creation and nature. The forces and objects of nature were personified, usually as gods, demons, giants and the likes.” (Reference: R.H. Charles; “The Book of Enoch”—translated from the Ethiopic Text in which a sermon on the mount was included in the back of book by James Morgan Pryse).

There is still so much that we do not know or understand and we are still trying to discern about all the ancient secret teachings that have been revealed throughout the ages of time. No matter how much knowledge and wisdom we will acquire along our journey, travels and paths; yet we will always remain an Adept and Neophyte of this vast great school of learning that is shrouded in the mysteries and veiled in the esoteric. Dr. Manly P. Hall dared to go far beyond the symbol, allegory, simile, metaphor, etc., which to guide us into challenging concepts, traditions, customs, rites, rituals, and to accept that there is an origin of antiquity for every practice and thought that each culture embraces and call their own. This student of learning still does not know if he is properly prepared to meet the Teacher. (Reference: James Redfield; “The Celestine Prophecy”).

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at

Fahim A. Knight-EL

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The Square and Compass: Masonic Tools, How Many Know How to Use Them?

The Square and Compass: Masonic Tools, How Many Know How to Use Them?
By Fahim A. Knight-EL

The Square and Compass, these are truly fascinating tools, (conventional, mystical and enigmatic) perhaps as symbols they are often associated and identifiable with the Speculative Masonic Sciences which is the philosophical framework of Freemasonry. The Masonic Historian Allen E. Roberts gives us an account of a manufacturing company that applied for a corporate patent with the U.S. Patent office and was denied the use of the Square and Compass, as its corporate logo. This legal precedence would forever assign the interlaced Square and Compass as a symbol belonging to Freemasonry, at least within the United States. But since that time, the symbol has almost become universally accepted as a Masonic emblem. .” (Reference: Allen E. Roberts; “The Craft and its Symbols: Opening the Door to Masonic Symbolism”).

This is what Roberts wrote in his book titled, "The Craft and its Symbol: Opening the Door to Masonic Symbolism" stated: "One of these symbols, with which you are familiar, is the Square and Compasses—the "symbol of Freemasonry." This has been recognized and accepted as the Masonic emblem from of the 18th Century at least. The United States Patent Office took note of this in 1873. It told a flour manufacturer, and the world. ‘This device, so commonly worn and employed by Masons, has an established mystic significance, universally recognized as existing, whether comprehended by all or not, is not material to this issue. In view of the magnitude of the Masonic organization, it is impossible to divest its symbols, or at least this particular symbol—perhaps the best known of all—of its ordinary significance, wherever displayed." The manufacturer was denied the use of the Square and Compasses as a trade-mark.” (Reference: Allen E. Roberts; “The Craft and its Symbols: Opening the Door to Masonic Symbolism” pg. 12).

This writer has always wondered, why would the Freemasons choose the Square and Compass as their primary organizational symbols? What is it about this set of interlaced symbols that sets it apart as being the most fitting which to characterize Speculative Craft Masonry? (Reference: W.L. Wilmshurst; “The Meaning of Masonry”).

The Masons teach that the Square is emblematic of morality. Wikipedia defines morality as: "a code of conduct or belief which is held to be authoritative in matters of right and wrong. Morals are arbitrarily created and subjectively defined by society, philosophy, religion, and/or individual conscience."

Masonry is defined by most Masonic scholars as a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. How does an Operative Masonic tool become associated with morality? Morality is steeped in the question of right and wrong, in which behavioral scientist and philosophers have debated and written volumes of intellectual treatise on the concept of morality. Thus, this writing is not meant to assess or further analyze the concept of morality beyond the superficial of accepting it with in the scope of the Masonic worldview.

The Masons teach that the Square and Compass represents morality, friendship and brotherly love which is the basis of their philanthropic mission and organizational motivation; this is also carried out in the Masonic charge of Brotherly love, Relief and Truth. American Freemasonry has what is considered immovable jewels—the Square which is a jewel worn by the Worshipful Master in the East, it is he who is supposed to be a moral standard bearer for the entire Masonic Lodge and he represents the Light of the lodge, which is styled as Wisdom; the Level is a jewel worn by the Senior Warden in the West and he is paradoxical to the fullness of the light that emanates from the Worshipful Master in East, but is universal styled as strength—the setting Sun in the West complimenting and completing the rise and fall of the day; the Junior Warden sits in the South (also representative of the Sun crossing the meridian) and is styled as beauty, which is associated with Equality and is epitomized best by the Plumbline—denoting uprightness. But all of this has an even deeper astrological and celestial interpretation which is based in the science of the winter solstice and the summer solstice. (Reference: John G. Jackson; “Man, God and Civilization).

A good number of People who have no idea or understanding of what Freemasonry is or isn’t, but if the majority is shown the Square and Compass more often than not, many will immediately associate the symbols as being Masonic symbols. This is the power and the subliminal association that mental conditioning has in culture and societal predisposition that is rooted in the human subconscious to formulate symbols as a representation and connection to something tangible and in some cases intangible. (Reference: Robert Lomas; “Freemasonry and the Birth of Modern Science”).

Miranda Bruce-Mitford who authored a book titled, "The Illustrated Books of Signs and Symbols" stated: SIGNS OR SYMBOLS? “A sign is an object or idea that represents or points to something else in a fairly straightforward way. An advertisement, for example, reminds us of the product it is promoting; a' road sign indicates conditions ahead; and a gesture expresses a mood. As the modern world challenges our sense of identity, we often adopt signs to define ourselves, for example by donning badges or brand-name clothing. A symbol is clearly linked in function to a sign, and the two words are often used interchangeably, but symbol generally has a deeper meaning. A symbol is something that through its nature or appearance reflects or represents another thing more profound than itself. A fire, for instance, may symbolize the flames of the sun, which itself has qualities of warmth, light, and creative power, and is thus equated with life force and masculine creative strength. The creator gods of mythology, who possess these very qualities, are usually linked to the sun. On a small scale, objects such as the candle or lamp can be also related to the imagery of the sun. A symbolic image is thus linked to many interpretations.” (Reference: Miranda Bruce-Mitford; "The Illustrated Books of Signs and Symbols" pg. 6).

However, other than Freemasons none have such an affinity and appreciation for these working tools (24 inch gauge, plumbline, common gavel, trowel, square, compass, setting maul, spade, etc., other than craftsmen and architects or perhaps those who are part of the building trades perhaps would be able to appreciate the value of these Operative tools. It is taught in the majority of the Masonic lodges that these tools are best explained in the ritual work as mere emblematic symbols giving to higher lessons in human conduct—used and taught to make good men better. For example, if every Mason properly internalized the moral principles that is uttered throughout their Masonic traveling this will get them closer to human exemplary by always working to, "square their actions by the square of virtue" and learn to "circumscribe their desires and keep their passions within due bounds toward all mankind.” (Reference: Malcolm Duncan: Duncan’s Ritual of Freemasonry”).

This is the struggle that each newly made Mason is confronted with and in essence, it is the struggle that all of humanity is faced with—the struggle to overcome our human defects and our imperfections in order to work towards mastering our internal and external flaws. Moreover, just as the square is used to perfect the erecting of a physical structure—man has to strive for the perfection that is seen in the Great Architect of the Universe (the Supreme Being) and he is mandated to erect his life on moral and ethical principles, which gives him the best opportunity to serve himself and humanity. (Reference: Rollin C. Blackmer: “The Lodge and the Craft”).

The Masonic scholar Robert Lomas in his book entitled, “Turning the Hiram Key: Rituals of Freemasonry Revealed” Stated: “'Allow me, once more, to point out the emplacement of the Compasses and Square. When you were but an Apprentice both points were concealed from your sight. Then as a Fellow of our Craft, one point was revealed, showing you had further to travel before you could achieve the full understanding that Masonry can offer. Now you are about to enter the sublime condition of a Master Mason, the full scope of the compasses are revealed to you, in order that your spirit may encompass the mystery of the centre.” (Reference: Robert Lomas; “Turning the Hiram Key: Rituals of Freemasonry Revealed” pg. 142).

If he follows and master these principles he will come to understand what the ancient people of Kemet (Egypt), China, Persia, Babylon, Suma, etc., understood which is the evolution of man transitioning and evolving into becoming god. Western Freemasonry got its official start in Europe in 1717, but the Egyptian Mystery Schools predated Western Freemasonry by some thousands of years in which European Masonry—Greece, England, Ireland, France, Scotland, etc., owe a debt of gratitude to their Nubian Sages and Masters of Kemet (Egypt). But at onetime in Europe to attain the Entered Apprentice degree it would require the adept to have studied for three (3) years, the Fellowcraft degree would require five (5) years and the Master Mason degree would require a study process of seven (7) years.

There you have if the 3-5-7 and those who study numerology perhaps could delve deeper into the science of these numbers. The three (3) symbolizes the stations of the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden; the five (5) symbolizes the five schools of architect—Tuscan (Hearing), Doric (Seeing), Ionic (Feeling), Corinthian (Smelling) and Composite (Tasting); the Seven (7) symbolizes the Seven Liberal Arts—Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy.

This writer can not imagine what the timeframes of the adepts of the Egyptian Mystery Schools may have been in order to be considered qualified and met suitable proficiency standards to be passed on to the next study level. This perhaps was a much better system of Masonic learning (requiring more time spent studying under the Masters and internalizing the mysteries) for the adept (candidate) attaining suitable proficiency and then moving on to his next level of assignment. (Reference: Manly P. Hall; “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”).

We all have an internal numerical and alphabetical code, but that is truly another subject for another time. Freemasonry has many signs and symbols, but there is none that is more identifiable with Freemasonry than the Square and Compass, it embodies an extensive and massive liturgy which speaks to the esoteric, occult, Gnostic, etc., ideas that encompasses Masonry as a philosophical school of thought. In a book titled, "Symbolism of Freemasonry" stated, " The square and compasses have no intrinsic power. They are tools invented by human beings to help them exercise the power they know they possess to shape reality. Symbolism makes the meaning of these tools clearer by depicting them as images of the mind that conceived and created them. The square and compasses are symbolic to the extent that they represent in a material form the shape and skill of the human soul."

Thus, each Masonic degree from the first degree to the 32nd and I am even assuming that honorary 33rd degree which is conferred by the United Supreme Council also has a set of working tools associated with this Masonic body. But its in the first three degrees—Blue Lodge Masonry, in particular after neophyte has earned the Sublime Degree of Master Mason that the working tools are inculcated and this is where the foundation of Freemasonry is truly embedded in the psyche of the neophyte as he is being brought from darkness to light.

Robert Lomas in “Turning the Hiram Key: Rituals of Freemasonry Revealed” further stated: “The Square represents the independence of the brain’s autonomous systems of arousal and quiescence. The compass symbolizes a tool to measure, control; and understand their responses. Together the square and compasses combine to form the lozenge shaped handle for the key. It is linked by a square-section shaft to the symbol of the centre, the shape which engages with and unlocks the Glory there. It is a circle bounded by two pillars and represents the balance between light and darkness, good and bad, arousal and qui¬escence, the centre and the periphery. At the middle of the circle is the point from which you can no longer err.” (Reference: Robert Lomas; “Turning the Hiram Key: Rituals of Freemasonry Revealed” pg. 374-375).

The Freemason will eventually learn that each symbolic Operative Masonic tool has an equal philosophical and spiritual representation that is steeped in the esoteric and possess a lot of ancient wisdom that will take him on a knowledge search and a traveling journey that is guaranteed for a life time. If he was serious about his initiation and possessed a willingness to always be in search of more Light in Masonry. This statement alone does not require intellectual stagnation and it definitely lends itself to being beyond the intellectual dormant status of static motion. Many after being raised from a dead level to a living perpendicular on the Square—90 degrees upright (plumb, level and square which typifies the Moral Man), and is giving all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining to meeting all the Masonic requirements, which to be granted the third degree and highest degree in Masonry affectionately referred to as the Master Mason degree. (Reference: Born In Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry”).

They naively believe that they have acquired all there is to know and learn about Masonry, and cease to study further, which ultimately deprives them of the spiritual and philosophical benefits that undergirds Speculative Masonry—also in doing this they will never come in contact with so many of the ancient texts, which will give him more pieces to the Masonic riddle.

These ancient lessons are dramatized by rituals and perhaps are more accurately conveyed in ancient text such as "The Egyptian Book of the Dead (properly titled: "The Book of Coming Forth by Day: The Ethics of the Declarations of Innocence "). They lose sight of the many sublime lessons that is shrouded in the mystical teachings and the first thing a newly raised Masonic brother desires to do, is show off his Square and Compass emblems on his persons or apply the symbol to the back of his vehicle, as though this makes him a Mason (he immediately forgot that he was first made a Mason in his heart which was to teach him that the value of these pristine lessons are to be used internally to foster self-improvement). (Reference: Edmond Ronayne: “Master's Carpet or Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical”)

His Masonic knowledge is limited and he has forgotten that on the Entered Apprentice level, that he was giving a new name which was Caution (he did not understand that he was giving this name in the Northeast corner of the lodge symbolizing a place of darkness and un-enlightenment). His guide directed him during the circumambulations, spoke and answered for him (the candidate was hoodwink and cable-towed); he was instructed to trust in God and his guide and no harm would come to him. This is a vulnerable position, but the moral lessons will one day go far beyond his vulnerability on that day when he was initiated. (Reference: Albert Pike: "Morals and Dogma").

The newly made Master Mason should be required to ware this title of Caution and remain in silence (when questioned; his response should be “I crave”) because he is without the light (knowledge) to explain or defend the ancient rites, rituals, sacraments, history, signs and symbols, etc., that he swore to uphold, which embodies this vast school of thought that is embedded in the philosophical sciences of all the ancient texts.

The Masonic working tools are rooted in physical building construction tools and instruments, which Speculative Masonry borrowed from Operative Masonry. The ancient builders were magnificent craftsmen and the testimony of their workmanship can be seen in the architecture edifices of both ancient Kemet (Egypt) and Ancient Greece. But unlike Operative Masons of old, Speculative Masonic thinkers understood the duality of the natural order of things (spiritual and physical). They were astute enough to know and understand that the physical world always has a direct equal and opposite counterpart that is discernible in the spiritual realm. (Reference: Albert Churchward; “Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man”).

This writer in 1997, refurbished his home and added 1,500 hundred square feet of new construction to a 950 square feet existing structure, which was part of the renovation process. He had never built anything to this magnitude before and was very naive about the construction process, as well as, serving as his own General Contractor. He later admitted that perhaps he was more ego driven about this project rather than exercising rational thinking because the complexity of the task immediately manifest itself in his lack of building experience, which often slowed the project down. However, it was his job and responsibility to assemble the team of subcontractors and organize the various aspects of the construction phases, as well as pull the various work permits from thegovernmental municipality.

The writer hired an old carpenter named Mr. Willie Robinson who had over fifty years of building and construction experience mainly in carpentry. He understood the science of rough carpentry and finish carpentry and all the other building trades. I relied heavily on Mr. Robinson for his expertise throughout this project, he was really the real manager and I was his protégé. He kept his carpenter square very close to him—which was an L-shaped set square that is used for plotting right angles during the construction process. Sometimes referred to as a builder’s square, the carpenter’s square is a flat square that is often made with steel or aluminum, and is relatively lightweight. Carpenter’s squares are often employed in the construction of walls, in the installation of roofing, and with a number of furniture construction projects."

"The carpenter’s square of today usually measures twenty-four inches by sixteen inches, which is the largest dimensions ever associated with the tool. Typical rafter square and roofing square models in the 19th century tended to measure eighteen inches by twelve inches. Smaller squares are also available, and may be ideal for smaller jobs."

The square that my carpenter Mr. Robinson used, it was revered by him and he lived by (there was no other tool that he depended so heavily on during the various construction stages) its mathematical accuracy, it even became intriguing to me, as a novelist and layperson working beside Mr. Robinson for ten months. This writer tried to learn and study as much as this writer could about this most valuable working tool. I must say, it was not an easy tool which to effectively master. But I also must admit even as a student, when it came to mathematics, I was never the sharpest knife in the draw.

This writer became so intrigued with the building trades that he enrolled into Durham Technical Community College and took three carpentry and building courses, which to learn a little more about the square and other Operative tools. This of course, helped me to better understand the principles of Speculative Freemasonry by studying its Operative Masonic origin. I was able to visualize the physical principles by engaging in Operative Masonry and simultaneously was able to correlate its Speculative counterpart with a better understanding and with more intellectual accuracy. Reference: Martin Wagner: “Freemasonry Interpreted”).

Mr. Robinson would constantly yell out to make sure that whatever we were configuring that it met the mathematical test of being plumb, level, and square—these principles are the foundation of building and to deviate from these building principles of horizontals, perpendiculars and right angles can be chancy; thus you run the risk of erecting a structure on defected mathematical principles. (Reference: John Michael Greer; “The Encyclopedia of Secret Societies”).

There in the middle of the Masonic Square and Compass is another powerful symbol, which is the letter "G" which denotes that these working tools are based in the science of Geometry, which is one of the Masonic Seven Liberal Arts—Geometry treats of the powers and proportions of magnitudes in general, where length, breadth and thickness are considered, from a point to a line, from a line to a superficies and from a superficies to a solid. Building or the use of the carpenter square was rooted in mathematical equations and morality is synonymous with uprightness. The Square and Compass is truly a rule and guide, but in deed Masons used them for a more noble and glorious purpose of building human character. (Reference: E.R. Johnston; "Masonry Defined").

In the "Masonic Quiz Book" we find questions and answers concerning the Ancient Egyptians and the Great Pyramids: Question: "From what people are most of our Masonic symbols taken?" Answer: ".From the Egyptians, who formed the world's oldest civilization."

Question: "What country of ancient times was the cradle of all the mysteries?" Answer: "At one time Egypt was in possession of all the learning and religion that was to be found in the world. It extended to other nations the influence of its sacred rites and esoteric doctrines."

Question: "Who built the Pyramid of Gizah and for what purpose?"Answer: "Khufu, for the study of the stars."

Question: "What are the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Gizah?" Answer: "Its base is 761 feet 8 inches on each side and it is 485 feet high. It was built of large stones, none less than thirty feet long and five feet square quarried at a great distance, transported hundreds of miles, crossing the river Nile, and raised to their lofty position in the structure by methods unknown to the engineers of today."

Question: "What is Alchemy?" Answer: "A so-called division of chemistry, treating of the art:

Question: "By what other name was the science of Alchemy called?"
Answer: "The Hermetic Philosophy, because it is said to have been first taught by Hermes Trismegistus in Egypt."

Question: "Who was Pythagoras?" Answer: "One of the most celebrated of the Greek philosophers" Question: "How many years did Pythagoras have to wait for initiation into the hidden mysteries of Egypt?" Answer: "Twenty (20) years."

Question: "What is the forty-seventh (47th) problem of Euclid?" Answer: "In any right angled triangle, the square which is described upon the side subtending the right angle, is equal to squares described upon the sides which contain the right angle."

Question: "To whom were the Greeks indebted for their inspiration in architecture?" Answer: "From the great builders in Egypt.

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Fahim A. Knight-EL

Saturday, August 1, 2009



By Fahim A. Knight-EL

Who is responsible for putting humanity in their present political, economic, and social predicament? And, what is their ultimate plan for the globe? Many in the United States, in particular and around the globe in general, have never stopped to ask the quintessential question of, who did this to us and where are they taking us? Some would argue that the nature of this question is far beyond humanity’s ability to conceptualize and reason. Nevertheless, having to answer this question with clarity and intuitiveness will require the displaying of a mental in depth beyond being just a casual thinker. (Reference: Daniel Estulin: "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group).

Only a person who is in search of truth and knowledge would take the time, which to analyze and assess all the political, social and economic trends in order to make sense out of this control madness and determine the truth for themselves. But, why is it that so many of humanity do not have a clue or an inkling of what is taking place right beneath their eyes? Perhaps is it that they do not desire to know or may be they have been thoroughly deceived and duped that they lack the ability to decipher truth from falsehood and to ask them to at least investigate in order to determine the cause and effect of their oppression might be asking a little to much. This writer admits that for me to make this type of statement could be interpreted that I lack optimism in the human family’s ability to overcome the Invisible Hidden Emperors line of attack. (Reference: Gary Allen and Larry Abraham; "None Dare Call it Conspiracy").

Many use the ignorant excuse that they do not believe in conspiracy theories and neither do I, but after doing an empirical investigation and combing through many pages of research materials, I am thoroughly convinced that all the political, economic and social crisis both past and present have been systematically induced and in reality, very few things of a social nature is mere coincidental. Dr. John Coleman in his monumental book titled, “Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300” stated: “Who are the conspirators who serve the mighty all-powerful Committee of 300? The better-informed of our citizens are aware that there is a conspiracy and that the conspiracy goes under various names such as the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Round Table, the Milner Group. To them the CFR and the Trilaterals represent most of what they do not like in regard to domestic and foreign policy.” (Reference: John Coleman; The Story of the Committee of 300” pg. 4).

But the hidden forces possess the power and influence to keep humanity distracted and therefore, keeping them ignorant in the area of exercising critical thinking. This benefits the agenda of the Hidden Emperors and their diabolic plan to continue to drive humanity into deeper servitude. Coleman furthered stated: “What we did find was that the people walk in great darkness, mostly not caring or bothering to find out where there country is headed, firm in their belief that it will always be there for them. This is the way the largest population group has been manipulated to react, and their attitudes plays right into the hands of the secret government.” (Reference: John Coleman; “The Story of the Committee of 300;” pg. 1).

The collapse of the United States economy and the world economy were only strategic moves on the chessboard. These well thought out steps are designed to give the appearance of wrecking the money system and creating U.S. and global panic and fear; while at the same time instilling total desperation amongst the world's financial markets and people. This is when they profited most, in other words, the more misery they create the more money they are projected to make. (Reference: Jim Marrs; "The Rise of the Fourth Reich)

This writer came across an article which was one of the best critical evaluations and examinations of the United States and global economy that I have read in recent times. The piece was written by Robert Morley entitled, “World Prepares to Dump the Dollar" published on July 21, 2009 in online magazine called

This is some of what Morley stated: “Japan is America’s second-most important creditor nation—lending the U.S. billions of dollars each year. If Japan won’t lend unless America pays it back in yen, then China and other major lenders may quickly follow suit. This would eliminate America’s ability to use inflation to cheat on its debt payments. America’s debt burden would soar, interest rates would jump, and national default—Argentina-style—could be staring America in the face within months instead of years.”

Morley continued: “America is making a terrible mistake which will result in the greatest fall in all of mankind’s history!” Tim Thompson wrote for the Trumpet in 2000. “As soon as America is no longer a safe place for foreign money, that money will be gone. And once the foreign money is gone, it will leave us with a mountain of debt that we cannot repay.”
Somebody is interested in creating a new world scheme or better yet a New World Order, but the masses of people are dumbfounded and truly think that the lost of their jobs, property and assets, etc., is just the result of a "bad economy" whatever that means and in their minds this will soon blow over. They are in for a rude awakening. They seem to think the vanishing of jobs and the downward spiral of capital is interconnected and for good measure many are quick to inject the inflation equation (they are right about these assumptions, but have no idea that these variables are also induced). (Reference: David Icke: “The Biggest Secret”).

But the ordinary citizen never asked is it possible that someone is orchestrating what we deemed as hardship and success. These crises are based on many variables, but there is one variable that supersedes all others and that is, who is behind the flow of money and who has the power to value and devalue national and international currency? (Reference: Henry Ford; “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem”).

Money of itself has no value, but someone for centuries have decided what value will be placed on mediums of exchange. For example, prior to 1913 the United States Dollar (USD) was equivalent to a gold and/or silver certificate—redeemable to the bearer on demand. Let me put this even more in laymen terms, it meant that you could walk into any United States bank and transfer your paper money into an equivalent amount in gold and silver (now currency had some real value prior to 1913), which was declared as authentic money. Thus, each printed U.S. Dollar (USD) was backed by an equivalent amount of gold and silver—this was the legal pecuniary structure of the U.S. monetary reserve system and I am quite sure that the Bank of England was structured in similar fashion. (Reference: Pat Robertson: “Right on the Money”).

If you took your present day Federal Reserve Note to your local bank and you told the bank teller that you would like to exchange or redeem this paper money for an equal value amount in gold. Many in the bank would not have a clue of what you were talking about and might pushed the silent alarm which to have you arrested for attempting to commit a fraudulent banking transaction. However, perhaps some old school bank employee would have heard of this practice and the request, it would not have appeared as asinine in comparison to person born after 1940. (Reference: Ahmad Thompson; "The King Who Has No Clothes).

So our money was devalued over ninety years ago and a fiat monetary system was setup which allowed—the printing of paper money (no value currency) with all the discretion given to the international bankers and the Dynastic Families in which this form of U.S. currency did not require the backing of neither gold or silver. They ridded the financial markets of paper money having any real value and simultaneously usurping and stealing all the worlds gold and silver. (Reference: Carroll Quigley; “Anglo-American Establishment”).

The Federal Reserve Act gave the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds complete autonomy and sovereignty to run the world treasurers with little to no interference from so-called sovereign governments and their bureaucratic procedures and processes. Lets fast forward, the United States Federal Reserve chairman who is Ben Bernanke (he is the real world's president) and from his office he has sovereign immunity which to function outside of U.S. law and jurisprudence system—the persons that are the officeholders of the seats on the Federal Reserve Board answers to no one other than their Dynastic Family masters. Did you know that President Barack Obama or the United States Congress have no authority over the decision making process of the Federal Reserve and United States Treasury Department? (Reference: William Greider; “Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country”).

Federal Reserve do not even have to disclosed their board meeting minutes and notes to the Congress or the taxpaying citizens (they operate and function in complete secrecy). They have no legal obligation to show forth transparency and isn’t required to be under any fiscal restraints or fiscal accountability and most of all the U.S. Government do not have subpoena power or any policing authority over the Federal Reserve which to bring it into a court of law. (Reference: Eustace Mullins; “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”).

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke appearing before the U.S. Congress and answering questions is only at his discretion (he has authority to appear or not appear) and his appearance before the banking and finance committee, is a laughable joke—he could tell congress to go kiss where sun doesn’t shine and there is nothing they could do. The U.S. Office of Management and Budget keeps account of the spending and financial status of all U.S. Governmental agencies, but there is one that is exempt—Federal Reserve from disclosing and isn’t required to reveal any of its financial records to the government or the American people. (Reference: Eustace Mullins; “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”).

In the book written by William Greider titled, “Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country” stated, “Yet as a political arrangement, the American money system was profoundly conservative. Control was concentrated in a relatively few hands-the banking system and the Federal Reserve-and was shielded from any interference by other interests. The national gov­ernment, the democratic equivalent of a sovereign, possessed the unique power to create credit and money, yet it delegated the power to others, a select group of private corporations that were licensed as commercial banks, without any specifications as to how the banks should allocate the credit.”

Greider continued “Who would qualify for loans and who would be denied? Which projects in the future were worthy gambles and which were speculative or redundant? The choices made by bankers had profound political consequences: which economic sectors would flourish, which cities and neighborhoods and regions of the country would thrive, and which ones would struggle or even perish. The Federal Reserve remained silent on those questions, adhering to a laissez-faire ideology.” (Reference: William Greider; “Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country”; pg. 64).

President Barack Obama is stumping to reform health care in America, but even after the biggest economic collapse in the history of America since the 1929 Great Depression (they use language like recession in order to settle the fears of the people) you would think that this would take priority over all else. President Obama has not said once, let us reform the Federal Reserve System, this is the problem which lie at the root of all the problems in America and around the world. (Reference: Webster Griffin Tarpley; "Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography").

The president can start by convening a special prosecutor, mandating an independent audit of the Federal Reserve and calling for Congressional hearings, which to dismantle this criminal cartel and indict its present and past officers with criminal conspiracy against the American people. (Reference: Eustace Mullins; “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”).

However, no puppet or low-level operative have the galls to call for a reforming of the monetary system and re-determining the global economic markets and rescuing the worlds monetary system from these powerful invisible culprits—to challenge how the flow of money will be disseminated will mark doomsday and will immediately be the necessary fuel for World War III. (Reference: Ravi Batra; "The Great Depression of 1990”).

The former President George W. Bush was the puppet that the Rothschilds used to transition the U.S. society and global society into a defenseless pulp by creating 9-11, if you do not know it by now, that 9-11 and attack on the World Trade Center was not committed by external Islamic Terrorist. Then reading this article might be new news to you and hopefully, it will assist you in developing a new-found mental paradigm. (Reference: Tariq Ali; “The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity”).

I and many others like me, believe without a shadow of doubt, that 9-11 was an inside hit carried out from the highest levels of U.S. Government. But whoever was responsible unquestionably was a lot more sinister than any radical militant Islamic groups seeking to wage Jihad against the United States and the West. (Reference: Noam Chomsky; Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance”).

But in all reality, even radical Islam is not a formidable
opponent to the mindsets of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, they use religious groups that have been demonized and publically ridiculed as patsies, in particular Islam and Muslims which since 9-11 have been consistently the target of U.S. propaganda. Then hide their dirty hand as though they are innocent. The bombing of the World Trade Center in New York was based on the Hidden Emperors desiring to restructure a world society—the social and political policies prior to September 11, 2001 were not intrusive enough for them and the government and its agencies needed unprecedented authority, which to circumvent the legality of the United States Constitution. (Reference: Ashahed M. Muhammad; “The Synagogue of Satan”).

The U.S. Patriot Act and other presidential imposed Executive Orders essentially served as a covert rewriting of the constitution. But unlike the founding fathers there would be no constitutional convention or delegates from the states voting and giving their input. These moves were being made deceptively and outside the democratic authority of the United States electorate.

They used the media to convince the ignorant to handover their civil liberties in the name of being better protected against the threat of a foreign enemy while at the same time we did not realize that the real targets of this surveillance and scrutiny were the American people.

9-11 gave the U.S president by decree unanswerable powers and authority which to function outside of International law and the U.S. jurisprudence system (also outside of the legislative and judicial branches of government). This is why and how a Guantánamo Bay could exist and all the Geneva Convention and United Nations rules that govern prisoners of war could be violated. This is how international foreign prisoners of War were being denied legal grievances through the international courts of law and if anything military tribunals would have been more legally applicable (referencing the Arab prisoners of war held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba). How could a captured prisoner of war expect to receive an unbiased legal hearing within the federal domestic courts of the U.S.? (Reference: Scott McClellan; “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception”).

But when you desensitize a nation of people into allowing you to violate the law, it is only a matter of time that even these entities will eventually collide. Moreover, 9-11 gave the government the green light which to invade the privacy rights of its citizens and bring into question our civil liberties because they convinced us, that they needed more authority over us, to so-called protect us from the terrorist. Yet, very few viewed this as an act of extortion and political blackmail, but this what it was. (Reference: Richard A. Clarke; “Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror”).

The writer has always been a lot more fearful of our own government than any international or homegrown so-called terrorist organization. Some may say this statement boarders on treason and try to bring into question my patriotism for my nation. I am a citizen of the United States of America and a defender of the United States Constitution in which I possess the legal right to standup against tyranny and in reality none of us should sit idly by and allow the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers to continue to wreck our economy. We have been deceive by our nation into believing that radical Islam poses a threat to—our national security and it is they that threaten the very legal fabric of the Founding Fathers ideas of a free and democratic society. (Reference: Richard Nixon; “Seize the Moment: America’s challenge in a One-Superpower World”).

However, many do not have the ability to detect that the eminent danger confronting humanity, is not the media created sensationalized enemies (militant Islam), but the Amschel Rothschild's sons that were dispatched to various parts of the world in the 1700s to setup banking houses which to monopolize the flow of money. (Reference: George W. Armstrong; “The Rothschild Money Trust”).

For example, the Rothschild sons strategically took different European countries, which to carryout their plan to dominate world finances and control banking houses the world-over, e.g., Anslem Rothschild took Frankfort, Solomon Rothschild took Vienna, Nathan Mayer Rothschild took London, Charles Rothschild took Naples and James Rothschild took Paris. History bears witness to the success of this plot because the Rothschild family trust presently has their tentacles wrapped around the whole of humanity. (Reference: William Guy Carr; "Pawns In The Game").

These present day vipers are the real threat to global peace and human equality. Their economic maneuvers had there inception over two hundred years ago, which gave them the preeminent voice and global decision making over banking and finance for many generations to come. All of the world’s currency is at their disposal and discretion. (Reference: William Cooper: “Behold A Pale Horse.”).

They decide how the European Common Market, Wall Street, the Asian Pacific markets, etc., will perform and the international trading indexes success and failures—be it the Chicago Exchange Board or the financial markets in London (London Stock Exchange) or any other global economic market. The United States national deficit is close to 13 trillion dollars, which is ultimately owed to the Rothschilds (and other powerful banking families) based on the unconstitutional arrangement of the Federal Reserve. (Reference: A. Ralph Epperson; “The New World Order”).

They (Rothschilds) are the ones who are the masterminds behind the U.S. Federal Reserve System and the all powerful twelve privately owned Central Banks (including the Bank of International Settlement, the mother of Central Banks) that have the power to print money and establish interest rates which to sell this currency back to the United States Treasury at astronomical interest rates. (Reference: Tony Brown; Overthrow the Conspiracy That is Stealing Your Money and Freedom.”

Dr. Reverend Pat Robertson in his book titled, “The New World Order: It Will Change the Way You Live,” stated, So much for the benefits of a privately owned, and to my mind unconstitutional, central bank. But since most people are not aware - the Federal Reserve System is owned by member banks, which in turn owned by private investors, it might be instructive to show who had stock in the Federal Reserve Board at its inception. Since, Federal Reserve Bank of New York was to set interest rates and direct open market operations, this bank was far more powerful than any other. Its first governor was Benjamin Strong, president Morgan Bank, and one of the participants at Jekyll Island. He brought the Reserve System into interlocking relations with the Bank of England and the Bank of France. (Reference: Pat Robertson; “The New World Order: It Will Change the Way You Live”; pgs 129-130).

Just ask the average American about, who do we owe this national debt? Thus, most trained U.S. economist know very little, to nothing about the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks and how they functions because it is not taught even on the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) level or the doctorial level. (Reference: John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy).

How could a so-called American institution be so powerful; yet its inner workings has remained top secret for so long? Let me be clear with my readers, this writer knows and understand that the U.S. Federal Reserve is not federal at all and although it is listed as a U.S. Governmental agency. (Reference: G. William Domhoff; "Who Rules America?").

It is a private owned institution in which the majority shareholders names are undisclosed and withheld from the American taxpayers, United States Congress and the from the United States president. If their names and identity is revealed, what would we soon find out and finding this out how will this impact our worldview? Why do they shield their identity? Are they of one ethnic nationality? Do they practice the same religion? (Reference: Carroll Quigley; “Tragedy and Hope; A History of the World in Our Time”).

Who are these Hidden Emperors and do they and we have a Rondevu with destiny? The 9-11 hoax solidified their continued domination over humanity where the potter shapes and mold the clay and the clay has no independent form within itself. We have been shaped by the Dynastic Hidden Emperors and we serve their interest better than any slave of yesterday. This cartel has always been driven by money and the lust of power; they were allowed to put us in one of the worst trick bags of all time. (Reference Texe Marrs; “Circle of Intrigue: The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati).

Bush could not complete the agenda because of the presidential time limits, but he set the table, given President Obama little choice which to deviate (not that this writer expected him to deviate because the Bilderberger group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations select presidents the world over) and like President Bush he continued to insure that the money changers will make money on all ends—front, middle and end based on how the Bailout money and terms were structured. (Reference: Daniel Estulin: "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group).

The American people did not see it coming, we already owe these profiteers over 13 trillion dollars and since our labor is tied to a monetary value, it easy to see that this debt has already been passed on to three or four unborn generations of American citizens—this should be considered criminal. (Reference: Aaron Russo; “American Fascism” DVD).

The American banking system has been co-opted by the U.S. Government (how and the hell can the Rothschilds purchase what they already own—yes this is double talk—hush-hush you did not hear it from me) and they have used the hard earned taxpayers money to become the principle shareholders in private banks and financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers, AIG, Bear-Stern, Merrill Lynch, Chase, City Bank (they already owned these front institutions), etc. Yes, the U.S. Government Bailout of these wealthy banking conglomerates was nothing but sophisticated “Tricknology.” (Reference: Penny Lernoux “In Banks We Trust”).

Now, if this is not a socialist model, then I have the power to resurrected Karl Marx from the grave. Imagine giving trillions of dollars to some of the most prestigious and wealthiest banks and financial institutions in the world. This move did not make any sense to me. Thus, unless those that have the power to call the debt-in had predetermined and threaten to pull the entire financial and economic rug from beneath our feet, if the U.S. Government did not agree to further strip its citizens down to the bone. (Reference: Karl Marx; “The Communist Manifesto”).

When are we going to wakeup and began to take our lives in our own hands and seek reprieve from our open enemies. These are truly some dangerous times that we are living in and our ignorance have become the dagger of our complicity which is leading to our destruction. (Reference: Naomi Wolf: “The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot”).

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Fahim A. Knight-EL