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Dr. Henry Louis Gates and the Rude Awakening; Racial Profiling, Crime and Criminalization: What is the Solution?

Dr. Henry Louis Gates and the Rude Awakening; Racial Profiling, Crime and Criminalization: What is the Solution?

By Fahim A. Knight-EL

Just recently the distinguished professor Dr. Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr. was arrested at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts on the campus of Harvard University. Dr. Gates and his daughter were returning from a trip abroad to China, but upon arrival to his home; he immediately noticed that his front door was jammed (he asked his limousine driver to assist him) and after experiencing problems with gaining access to the front door of his home. Thus, he proceeded to the back door where a neighbor called 9-11 to report two suspicious black men (but according to the released 9-11 tape the caller did not say two black men) breaking and entering. (Reference: Derrick Bell; “Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism”).

Someone could rightly argue that the neighbor was being vigilant and prudent in notifying law enforcement authority of something that she perceived to be suspicious and looked like criminal intent. Her actions under ordinary circumstances would be considered to be nothing short of a good neighbor doing the right thing, as far as being the eyes and ears of her neighbor’s home, in particular in their absence. (Reference: Cornel West; “Race Matters”).

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a Harvard University tenure professor and is world respected in the field of academia, as a historian and a social scientist and has taught at this prestigious Ivy League University for over fifteen (15) years. Dr. Gates is one of the most recognized faces in particular on Harvard University campus and if not in all of America in general. (Reference: Claud Anderson; “Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search for Power and Economic Justice”).

The attending law enforcement officer asked Dr. Gates for his identification—he eventually gave the officer two pieces of i.d—Massachusetts drivers license and an official Harvard University i.d. which verified that he was the resident of that said location and also that he was an employee at Harvard University. Gates alleges that after showing the officers proof of residency and identification, the officer was still not satisfied and continued to harass Professor Gates and demanded that the professor step outside of his home, in which it was further alleged that Dr. Gates began to express racial epithets at the arresting white officer. Racial Profiling is defined by McGraw Hill Online Learning Center as "the practice of constructing a set of characteristics or behaviors based on race and using that set of characteristics to decide whether an individual might be guilty of some crime and therefore worthy of investigation or arrest"
(Reference: Michael Eric Dyson; “Race Rules: Navigating the Color Line).

The officer eventually arrested Dr. Gates and charged him with disorderly conduct where he was handcuffed and taking into police custody. These bogus charges were eventually dropped by the Cambridge Police Department before the case could be heard in a court of law. This incident is important on many different levels because the professor himself characterized his treatment and the arrest as racial profiling. Perhaps to the arresting white officer it did not matter to him that Dr. Gates was this renowned Harvard professor and may be in his own socialization experiences he viewed Professor Gates no different than he and most of white America views the larger segment of African American men. (Reference: Ronald Weitzer and Steven Tuch; “Race and Policing in America: Conflict and Reform”).

The media consistently criminalized black men as being dangerous and larceny prone. Thus, you can almost view any six o-clock news program within most major cities across America and you will always see young African American men seen in handcuffs, gangbanging images, peddling drugs, committing robbery, committing violent assaults, arm robbery, etc., projected as social deviants. These images become inculcated in the psyche of a society that has been steeped in a history of racial injustice and discrimination and worst yet it reinforces racial bias and old stereotypes. (Reference Haki Madhubuti; “Black Men, Obsolete, Single, Dangerous?: The Afrikan American Family in Transition”).

Many whites and even some blacks are arguing that the racial playing field has somewhat being made, level, balance and equal with the election of America’s first African American president in Barack Obama. Some are even foolish enough to believe that America with the election of President Obama has no more race issues. This writer has consistently argued with other bloggers from different countries and nations that have bought into this false visual illusion that America has remedied its over four hundred fifty year old racial dilemma. What else possible could blacks want from the United States Government even 2009?

President Obama on July 22, 2009 during his prime time health care speech to the American people, which at the end of the speech; he was asked by a reporter to weigh in on the Professor Gates incident. The president was very critical of the Cambridge Police Department and somewhat supported his friend Dr. Gates version of the incident without having all the facts. I must admit to my readers, as much as, I appreciated President Obama’s candor and honesty, but as commander-in-chief he exercised poor judgment and feeble diplomacy relative to his remarks in this matter.

Someone should have advised the president to never weigh-in on a local issue with such conviction and absolute definitiveness, and as a trained lawyer this is something he should have already known (his comments were based on shear raw emotions and were outside of the statesmen aura that encompass being the president of the United States). President Obama is a political animal and after realizing that his comments were being challenged by powerful and influential police lobbies and police unions he recanted his statement. This had the potential to politically backfire and blowup in his face and you better believe conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of Fox News were licking their chops and were going to exploit the president’s comments to its least common denominator.

The president defused this potential political fiasco by becoming proactive and inviting Dr. Henry Louis Gates and Police Sergeant James Crowley to the White House for a beer and he was now serving as mediator, as opposed to being a lightening rod for racial tensions. But here is were I stand—President Obama’s original comments were perhaps his honest feelings and I believe the conversation about race and racism have to start from a point of honesty and not be swayed by what is politically correct. Gates and Crowley are symbols of a much larger debate and although, these two individuals having a beer with President Obama does represent a sensible gesture in this matter but serves only as symbol without real substance. But it will have little to no impact on the larger debate of race in America that has been circumvented and evaded for over four centuries and I do not think having a beer with the president is the solution to this intriguing dilemma—race in America.

President Bill Clinton at least established a ceremonial office called the Race Commission where he appointed African American historian the late Dr. John Hope Franklin as the chairman. This office was put in place to study and examine race relations, but no real initiatives came out of the office of Race Commission because those that set it up was dishonest and had already prescribed preconditions relative to the perimeters of the race debate. For example, I did not believe that Dr. Franklin had the latitude to inject reparations in the discussion and without this essential plank there can be no real discussion relative to race in America. (Reference: John Hope Franklin; “Mirror to America: The Autobiography of John Hope Franklin”).

Earlier this year President Obama and the United States refused to attend the World Conference on Racism that was held in Geneva, Switzerland. Some believe that the United States was capitulating to Zionist interest because the conveners of the conference had defined and characterized Zionism as a form of racism and of course the Israelis deemed this definition as unacceptable. This also led to the Israelis along with Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, and Australia boycotting the World Conference on Racism. Perhaps all these European nations that did not attend should have attended and due to their absence they may have missed some teachable and learnable moments.

Shame on these nations and this includes the United States of America and Israel for demonstrating this type of arrogance and irresponsibility in their nonparticipation in one of the most important discussion that still confronts humanity, which is racism. These nations made all types of excuses for their derelict in duty and many are guilty of racial atrocities ranging from ethnic cleansing, extermination, genocide, etc. They do not want to have to answer to what is morally right and/or be exposed to the entire world as practitioners of past or present racial injustices. (Reference: Eric Mann; “Dispatches From Durban: Firsthand Commentaries on the World Conference Against Racism and Post-September 11 Movement Strategies”).

The United States was using Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadingjad attendance as a smokescreen for one of the reasons of why America should not participate. How could the United States first black president having the largest bully pulpit in the world miss this golden opportunity to dialog with the world on the topic racism? Surely his absence should not be viewed as an indication that America has no problems in that area.

This latest incident with Professor Gates served as proof positive that this over 400 year old problem is still very much unresolved and since America has never had a serious conversation about race she will forever be haunted by her dark past. If initially President Obama felt that Dr. Gates was perhaps racially profiled, this is a sign that even the man that holds the highest office in the world wasn’t prepared to overlook the Gates incident as having the possibility of being tainted and motivated by race. The United States did not attend the World Conference on Racism because it has not come to grips with its own racist historical past and our government knew that the history of Chattel Slavery—and the history of racism, discrimination and social injustice would not escape international scrutiny and this historical denial forever leaves room for incidents like Dr. Gates to continue to garner headlines because of the emotions of an unresolved historical past.

Blacks want total freedom, justice and equality—let’s start with reparations for 310 years of slavery and forced labor that gave America her start, which propelled America to great economic heights. We do not want just a conditional weak and no real substance apology from the U.S. Government and allow this meaningless overture to be used as a placate to overlook the greatest criminal act ever committed in human history—Chattel Slavery. (Reference: Raymond Windbush; “Should America Pay?: Slavery and the Raging Debate on Reparations”).

President Obama recently visited Elmina Castle in Ghana, Africa as a black man whose part African descendent but who can easily trace his father’s roots to a tribe in Kenya, Africa where his grandmother (father’s mother) and family still lives in this village. But 40-50 million African Americans ancestors who exited the door of no return, have no way of determining (yes this writer is familiar with the DNA science that allows blacks to be tested in which this at least points to a region of Africa that African American may have originated) who their African ancestors on the continent of Africa were. (Reference: John Henrik Clarke: “Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust”).

Perhaps white America is still in denial of the magnitude of this crime—it robbed a people of their humanity. This writer does not have the time for the victimization game as many liberals and conservatives try to hurl out when this conversation seems to surface in order to minimize and deemphasize the magnitude of the crime. Black people were literally stripped of their land, culture, language, religion, etc., and unlike the Jews we have no home and a language we can call our own.

Elmina Castle, the old slave dungeon off the coast of Accra, Ghana represented the demise of Africans being forcibly transported to an alien country by an alien people. What type of people who would commit such a heinous crime?

Perhaps seeing and visiting Elmina Castle would have more effect on First Lady Michelle Obama than on her immigrant husband. He is more sympathetic to the Jewish Holocaust than he is to the African Holocaust. There is no Holocaust that measures in comparison to the 310 years of Chattel Slavery that has almost destroyed a people’s culture linkage to a home that they can call their own.

This incident with Dr. Gates is just a reminder that you can not legislate social attitudes—racism is a disease and the cure just does not lie in passing laws; but, how do we change the psychology of a society that historically evolved based on racial prejudices which created racial dynamics that is still very much unresolved in 2009? Dr. Gates arrest should remind these African American Elitist and the petit bourgeoisie blacks that their class, economic and social status do not render them any exceptions from the overt and/or covert racial rules in America. (Reference: Naim Akbar; “Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery”).

Chip Smith in his book titled, “The Cost of Privilege: Taking on the System of White Supremacy” stated, “Louis Gates, the distinguished Harvard professor, commented at the times he has been stopped by the police for being at the "wrong the place at the wrong time"- or more accurately, as a result of racial profiling­. His experience fits with the unfunny joke: "What do you call a black Ph. D.? "A n _________.” Similarly, while the O. J. Simpson case showed that wealthy defendants can pay their way out of even the most heinous charges, it also showed that a prominent black person can have evidence manipulated by racist police - just as readily as the ordinary people are arrested ­in Philadelphia and LA during the 1990s whose cases were eventually reversed for the same reason.” (Reference: Chip Smith; The Cost of Privilege: Taking on the System of White Supremacy”).

Thus, being black in America, it is what is, and although privilege and class have their benefits, but race always supersedes these variables and Dr. Gates recently found this out the hard way. This incident I hope will serve as a good teachable moment and if nothing else it has reminded us all that yet we have made tremendous progress in America, but the incident like the one that took place with professor Gates is a quite reminder that in reality, hasn’t much changed in spite of the vast social, economic, and political progress blacks have made since their arrival to these shores of North America. (Reference: Tim Wise; “White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son”).

Policing, the judicial system and criminal justice system have to find better ways to alleviate the social antagonism that seems to always exist between the “system” and African Americans. I remember right here in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina a few years ago the former Governor of Virginia Douglas Wilder was harassed and thrown to the grown by white security personnel at RDU Airport while he is yelling that he is the former Governor—for the record this brother is very light skinned complexion and is perhaps less than one generation removed from a white ancestral line. But this did not matter, he was viewed and treated no different than any other black man in America.

It appears that sensitivity and diversity training pertaining to law enforcement officers still is not enough to sensitize some white law enforcement into understanding the culture, and race/ethnic backgrounds of non-Caucasians who might be confronted with violating the law. Moreover, we are just as suspicious of white authority figure because of the lack of trust that exist between the two races and cultures and often there is a feeling that law enforcement does not have our best interest at stake—these historical and cultural differences creates tension and often time this leads to African Americans having a higher percentage of arrest records and eventually higher percentages of convictions. However, unlike Professor Gates, the poor do not have the economic resources or the political clout which to wage a public relations battle or to finance a competent legal defense. (Reference: Steve Holbert and Lisa Rose; “The Color of Guilt & Innocence: Racial Profiling and Police Practices in America”).

This writer was sought of delighted this incident happened to Professor Gates because so often some of our black professionals have forgotten from whence they came and incidents like this will remind them that in America to a certain degree prestige and money is not necessarily this great equalizer—African American race is lumped in the same category. Many of these “Negroes” make every attempt to join the white world and once he/she is neglected or rebuffed they are quick to incite other blacks into believing that they are victims of racial discrimination. But in reality, other than skin color, the masses of black people have nothing in common with these elitist blacks. This class of African Americans uses blacks when it is convenient to further their political, economic and social agenda. Professor Gates received what he needed, which was a wake up call and you will never find me carrying no picket sign and fighting on behalf of this reactionary Negroe. (Reference: E. Franklin Frazier; “Black Bourgeoisie”).

Majority of the criminal behavior can be correlated to the economic divide. There has to be a redistribution of wealth in the United States, where Black people and so-called minorities can equally share in the benefits of acquiring a good education, training, adequate homeownership, profitable employment or are taught what it means to acquire ownership of businesses.

Justice is surely not blind in America and it is no coincidence that over 75 % of the prison inmate populations are black and Hispanic; it’s by design because I do not believe these races have a higher propensity to commit crimes more so than any other race or nationality.

There has been a lot of talk in United States about finding innovative and creative ways to bringing under control the staggering U.S. prison population of 2. 3 million; we have the largest amount of people incarcerated than any other industrialized nation in the world. You can not reduce the prison population unless you aggressively work to change criminal racial profiling on the street level; thus, where law enforcement unjustly targeted young black males for arrest, this is the initial stage of bringing Blacks into the criminal justice system and it becomes a feeder system for the Prison Industrial Complex. (Reference: “Blacks in the Criminal Justice System”)

The next issue is that most Black criminal defendants upon entering the judicial system receive poor legal defenses because of not having the financial resources to hire private legal counsel and is often granted a state appointed counsel in whom many of these public defenders have to manage huge caseloads and are overworked and have limited resources at their disposal. This ordinarily leads to so-called minorities and poor defendants receiving longer and stiffer prison sentences more so than other races.

America cannot reduce the 2.3 million-prison populations, unless they first deal with certain variables—economic, class, race and the educational situation in this country. The cycle of poverty and social despair is rooted in a system of injustice, unfairness, inequality and prejudice which have always catered to white privilege to the detriment of the elevation of those who looked different from the dominant society and culture. The entire industrial prison complex idea is very profitable and big business and even the privatization of prisons are extremely rewarding to those companies that bid on these state and federal prison contracts

African Americans "economic disadvantage status" often render them victims in a very profitable system. In approximately 1987 the United States Congress and the United States Courts passed the Sentence Reform Acts, where the U.S. Courts and the United States Department of Justice (Federal Bureau of Prisons) passed a law that required all convicted defendants shall be mandated to serve an 85% active sentence term of incarcerated in federal custody for violating federal stature (also many state department of corrections adopted the 85% active prison sentencing rule for defendants who were convicted of violating state law). This legislation and law is interpreted to meaning that convicted federal and state defendants (the majority which is black and Hispanics) will be committed to serving longer prison sentences without the benefit of parole (the Department of Justice has actual phased out the US Parole Commission).In addition, Congress passed mandatory sentencing guidelines, moreover stripping U.S. Judges of judicial flexibility in the areas of determining sentencing length and terms. It has been a criminal justice travesty for first time offenders who entered US Courts having misdemeanors and perhaps did not belong in prison and was more deserving of an intermediary sanction. However, these individuals were receiving active prison sentences based on United States law and policy.

The federal government, state governments, and local governments have disinvested (since the early 1980s) in our youth and this has had negative implications in the urban communities across the United States of America where poor and oppressed African Americans live. For example, we grew up in a time where the various governmental entities saw the need of having neighborhood recreation centers in which you had the opportunity to re-channel that youth energy into structured play—by engaging in table tennis, checkers club, chess clubs, wrestling clubs, swimming, baseball, football, cheerleading, basketball, sewing and knitting classes, track and field, etc.

Moreover, often the recreation centers personnel served as role models and for many of us they provided a father image that we did not get at home. These things were provided within the recreational centers that played and intricate part in our socialization process and overall social development. We could almost count on structure everyday Monday thru Saturday from 3:30 pm-8:30 pm.

The United States Government found it to be more profitable to invest in the prison industrial complex and the military industrial complex, as opposed to supporting local municipalities that were providing positive social direction and keeping black youth occupied and off the streets; these recreation centers were safe havens that insulated us from being caught up in violence and drugs and negative behavior.

Also, gangs were not as pervasive as it is today, but some thirty (30) years later street gangs are pervasive throughout our communities and schools. So, young African Americans have this additional peer pressure to deal with and it has almost consumed an entire generation of our children and created a sense of disillusionment. We are confronted in poor black urban areas (not just in north, but the south, east and west as well) with an astronomical high school dropout rate, truancy, teenage pregnancy, high homicide rate (between the age group of 12-30), suicide rates amongst teenagers have risen ten fold, high, communicable disease rate of HIV/AIDS and other STDs are steadily on the rise, teenage drug addiction, gang affiliation, etc. We just can not throw dollars at this problem and expect a positive social outcome and not take a hands on approach in resolving these issues plaguing America:

Our focus also has to be saving the youth and exposing them to a socialization scheme beyond their involvement in street gangs. We refer to this as taking preventative measures and trying to reach our youth before they become a criminal justice statistic. We have to establish relationships with local school districts, where perhaps so-called problem children are identified and we have to find resources to offer intervention and mentoring program (big brother and big sister programs). This calls for establishing successful community outreach relations—community based partnerships relative to building bridges with churches, civic groups, community organizers, recreation departments and demanding more from our most precious commodity—athletes and entertainers, in particular high profile Hip Hop Rap Musician getting thems to endorse the goals and objectives of our programs and this alone will win the program huge credibility. This strategy will automatically lower the incarceration and recidivism rate amongst this young and vulnerable population.

The majority of the people who commit crimes often do it as a tool of survival and trying to overcome poverty and society neglect. We have to attack illiteracy and find methods to overcome our own privileged life styles and not appear so distant from the community based on our own status, class and economic stability, which becomes irrelevant, if the masses are poor, suffering and oppressed. Thus the people we are seeking help have to see us as being believable and genuinely concerned about their humanity.


1). We need to find people (civic groups, business groups, political groups, religious groups, African Centered study groups, educational groups, etc.) who share the reality that there is a problem, which has reached epidemic proportions and strategize on how we can address these problem, one community at a time and/or one section of town at a time. This will require the faith community, elected officials and just grassroots—ordinary people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and go to young brothers and sisters in the streets and establish a dialogue in order to find out, what is it that we are not doing as parents, ministers, imams, teachers, etc. WE NEED TO LISTEN TO THESE YOUNG BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO ARE IN THE STREETS. Let them tell us what we can do better as a community.

2). We need a small economic system in place where once we establish relationships with our youth; we can offer them a legitimate way to earn money because many of them are taking part in criminal behavior in order to earn money by hustling, stealing, selling drugs, etc., and in some instances this is the economic livelihood of families. Many of them are part of the Hip-Hop Culture and love Rap music; you can entice them by establishing small studios and allowing them to use their creativity to make Rap demos and if nothing else ask the community to purchase their music and help those who have serious musical potential and talent to marketed and promote their demos to the various music labels within the professional music industry. Music (Rap) appears to get most young African Americans attention.

We should open up our Church Life Centers and allow youth to have free play and openly promote that these facilities are open to the public. Seek black men and women who would volunteer a small portion of their time to this cause of salvation. We really do not have much choice, if we are serious about our people. Back to the music we have many old heads in our religious organizations while back in the world was engaged within the arena of entertainment and they can be mentors for these young aspiring Rap artists in our community looking to breaking into the industry. We can establish studios in our churches.

3). We must call for a GANG TRUCE and ask these young men and women in our community to come and sit and have dinner and shower them with unconditional love. Tell them that we need their help to stop the killing. Connecticut use to be or it might still be, the number one GUN MAKING CAPITOL in the U.S. (Colt and Smith and Wesson) was huge gun makers in Connecticut . Why can’t we ask these GUN MAKERS to donated some of their monetary resources to assist in reconstructing our community by investing in the most vulnerable and the least of these by building safe haven centers and asking the local governments to provide them with tax credits and/or other incentives for their investment?

4). Athletics: We must get back to establishing church league basketball teams (in particular Midnight basketball Mon-Sat high crime days and hours), but recruiting players from the church and the community. Let’s ask the members of the church to adopt one child and ask those in our community to financially adopt one child. Some of our children have never gone to a professional basketball game (or a professional athletic event period); we must be willing to expose them to a world outside of their community.

5). We might even have to become a little more innovative by giving away money and literally paying students who remain in school, in particular those that are matriculating academically. This will serve as small incentives to keep them motivated or purchase the latest X-Box game or pay for latest blackberry phone fully loaded for a year; if a child is willing to commit and turn their lives around then these things become small investments.

6). Lets buy back the guns and/or trade the guns for computers and video games and/or give away free Rap concert tickets to youth who unconditionally turn in guns; we must do anything to stop the killing.

Minister Farrakhan asked black men at the Million Man March to make a pledge.

I pledge that from this day forward, I will strive to love my Brother as I love myself.

I pledge from this day forward, I will strive to improve myself spiritually, morally, socially, politically and economically for the benefit myself, my family and my people.

I pledge that I will strive to build businesses, build houses, build hospitals, build factories, and enter into international trade, for the good of myself, and my people.

I pledge, that from this forward, I will never raise my hand with a knife or a gun to beat, hurt, or shoot any member of my family, or any human being, except in self-defense.

I pledge, that from this forward, I will never abuse my wife by striking her or disrespecting her, for she is the mother of my children and the producer of my future.

I pledge, that from this forward, I will never engage in the abuse of children--little boys or little girls--for sexual gratification. But I will let them grow in peace to be strong men and women for the future of our people.I will never again use the 'B' word to describe any female, but particular my own black sister.

I pledge, that from this forward, I will not poison my body with drugs or that which is destructive to my health and well being.

I pledge, that from this forward, I will support Black newspapers, Black radio, and black television. I will support Black artists who clean up their acts to show respect for themselves and respect for their people, and respect for the ears of the human family.

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,

Fahim A. Knight-EL

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My Rebuttal: To an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and My views on Dr. Malachi Z. York-El PART 3

My Rebuttal: To an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and My views on Dr. Malachi Z. York-El PART 3

By Fahim A. Knight-EL

This article which I will now consider it as Part lll to an article I had written last week titled, “Table Talk With an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason: My Views on Dr. Malachi Z York and Black Freemasonry” This article evolved out of an intense conversation I have had with a former Prince Hall Masonic brother named Michael Berkley who claimed to have been a former member of William E. Neville Lodge #41; Mannheim, Germany; Oklahoma Jurisdiction PHA, in which he was raised in a military lodge. I have no reasons to doubt him and I definitely could find out if this was so, but let me take him at his word.

He contacted me on July 17, 2009 via email and posed the below set of questions to me and we have had a few other subsequent email correspondence since the original email. Brother Berkley whom I am assuming renounced his membership as a member of the oldest black Masonic organization in America known as Prince Hall Free and Accepted Masons and joined what many Masonic authorities would consider a bogus, clandestine and irregular Grand lodge headed Dr. Malachi Z. York.

Dr. York is the leader of the Nuwaubian Nation and he set up a so-called Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Grand Lodge in Georgia. He knew that he could not claim a legitimate Prince Hall affiliation because he would have been immediately exposed. So Dr. Malachi Z. York claimed he was raised in a Masonic body that was founded by a former expelled Prince Hall Mason named John G. Jones, in which Jones disciples after the death of Brother Jones continued to establish Masonic lodges under his name and authority.

These lodges became associated with the Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Order and I am in no way implying that I consider AF&AM lodges as being irregular and clandestine. However, I am saying that Dr. Malachi Z. York had no official or recognized Masonic charter granted by an authoritative Masonic jurisdiction in which to function.

Thus, just from my few correspondence with Brother Berkley and Brother Kedar Griffo I view both of them as being highly intelligent men, but have been mislead by a sophisticated conman and cult leader named Dr. Malachi Z. York. Brother Berkley after reading by article accused me of slandering Dr. York, his leader, teacher and guide and he felt the necessity to question and examine me further based on my contentions relative to Dr. Malachi Z. York.

His set of questions or statements was more of a rebuttal and a defense for what he deemed as my inaccuracies. No, one is supposed to question and/or doubt these charismatic cult like personalities because they are akin to God. Nevertheless, in Part 1&2 of this discussion I recognized some of the value in Dr. York’s vast body of literary works, in which I have been an intellectual beneficiary. I openly admitted that the man truly knows Speculative Masonry and not many Masonic scholars can successfully debate him based on his level of study relative to ancient Freemasonry and his knowledge of so many ancient texts.

You can not help, but to be impressed with this man’s intellectual in depth knowledge in many philosophical areas. I do not think Prince Hall Masonry or the United Grand Lodge of England or any other well respected international Grand Lodges should place themselves as the sovereign authorities over determining what Masonic entities should be labeled irregular or clandestine, but yet I do not think bogus Masonic Orders should go unchallenged.

We have to find an acceptable way to mend, protect, and embrace all Masons as Masons regardless of some of the antagonistic history and discrepancies. Yet, at the same time we must continue to be vigilant and watchful of fly by night Masonic groups who are conducting fraudulent Masonic work and conferring Masonic degrees with no charter. This does gives all of Freemasonry a bad name and the brothers of the Craft have a responsibility to set the record straight. This is my response to Brother Michael Berkley.

Brother Berkley: Do you consider yourself a Historian?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: No. Not in a formal sense, I have never received the terminal degree of possessing a doctorate of philosophy (Ph.D) giving to those who have met all the academic requirements to be “formally” recognized as a historian. But degrees or formal education does not necessarily qualify one to be considered a historian. History in its simplest definition is the study of past historical events, dates and persons; I have found this discipline to be fascinating and rewarding to me. I would consider myself more of a layman-historian—one who enjoys the discipline and can appreciate the value of it as a social science. Yet, at the same time, like a historian embracing certain historical rules as it relates to the scientific method of writing and make every attempt to offer an empirical argument (what can be counted and measured). I always offer and provide documentation whereby the reader can have my sources and citations at their disposal, which to assess and evaluate my writings in order to verify and substantiate my information for themselves. (Reference: August Meier and Elliot Rudwick; “Black History and the Historical Profession 1915-1980”).

Brother Berkley: If so, what makes you a Historian?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: I believe my above response answered this said question. I began some years ago to assess and evaluate political, economic and social trends that were not being adequately addressed by the mainstream media and press. I have a deep and sincere love for Black people—African people, but I have always felt that traditional African American historians and social scientist were so caught up in their schooling and academic training and coupled by them lacking the knowledge of self that they often put self interest above the liberation of black people.

Knight-EL continued: I believe that it is incumbent upon those who have acquired the knowledge of self to act. So I began to act and take on topics that Negro Historians were to coward and to ego driven to address or too fearful of coming against the status quo because of risking the potential of losing favor from our former slave master’s children. The things that I write and say are totally outside the box, if you have read all my blogs as you are claiming, then you could testify to that fact. You accused me of slandering Dr. Malachi Z. York-El in my article titled, “Table Talk With an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason: My Views on Dr. Malachi Z York-El and Black Freemasonry.”

Knight-EL continued: No you can not point out one thing that I said that would be considered slander. I wrote the article as objective as possible, but there are some things I disagreed with Dr. York-El and also there were others who I cited explained their disagreement with Dr. York-El. Thus, it is against United States law to commit libel, slander and/or defamation of character against an individual that is intentionally, willfully and maliciously causing them reputable harm to their character and good name. I did not do that in my article and in the age of the U.S. Patriot Act and the Military Commission Act you have to be more careful of the many ways to violate U.S. law. I was not involved in the Federal Grand Jury convening and I did not testify against Pops one of his own sons got that ball rolling. However, Brother Kedar Griffo in one of his responses provided a YouTube clip and link where some of the people who testified against Dr. York-El recanted their statements. I provided Bro. Griffo’s response to my reading audience in which many have had the opportunity to review the YouTube clip. This is one of the small examples of fair and balance reporting that I offered in this dialog.

Brother Berkley: How does a Historian put together her/his documents?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Historians do this by reviewing the past available historical record and documentation, which requires an assessment and evaluation of the past historical data and record. Thus, like a good private investigator you follow where ever the data leads you to and you make every effort to detach yourself (objective reporting versus subjective reporting) from the subject in pursuit of attaining an impartial hypothesis (or coming close as possible to attaining the truth). You also make every attempt to incorporate primary and secondary sources, as part of your validation process. Moreover, whatever the outcome may be, it was not necessarily determined by you, but the research proved to be the indicators of facts or non-facts relative to a historical investigation. (Reference: Earl E. Thorpe; “Black Historians: A Critque; A Revision of Negro Historians in the United States”).

Brother Berkley: Are you a military veteran?

Knight-EL replied: No, I have no honor for the white man’s arm forces. We (Africans living in America, Blacks, Nuwaubians, African American, etc., whatever we define ourselves by are not truly “Americans.” The 13th Amendment so-called freed African people from Chattel Slavery (1555-1865) and the 14th Amendment so-called made us citizens and gave us due process and equal protection under the law. However, the United States Congress has to vote ever so often to ensure that we remain U.S. citizens. This is after 310 years of slavery where America has become a great nation on the backs of a past system of free black labor, in which no economic reparations and financial retributions have been made to the ex-slaves of this nation; although Chattel Slavery ended over 150 years ago.

Knight-EL continued: This is sheer hypocrisy that the victims of the greatest criminal act in the history of humanity their citizenship requires the affirmation of the signing of Congressional legislation every fifteen years. No, I can not honor the red, white and blue until blacks are giving the justice by which they are due. The United States Congress recently issued black descendents of slaves a weak official governmental apology, but made no offer to repair the historical damage. I will not allow myself or my children to be used as political tools of U.S. Foreign policy by being drafted or joining the volunteer U.S. military in order to fight to keep the Superrich in power.

Knight-EL continued: Who laws, customs, rules, enactments, etc., are we defending and upholding? And most of all, whose sovereignty are we truly fighting for and upholding by declaring ourselves to be U.S. soldiers? If you survive and decide to become a career soldier, you might get a “good” retirement pension while the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DeBeers and Oppenhemiers advance their dominance and control over the world treasures based on your un-daunting patriotism. Where is our nation that we can call our own—one that is is worthy to fight and defend? I am a conscientious objector and I do not give damn about the white man’s military system. (Reference: Randall Robinson: “The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks”).

Brother Berkley: My name is Michael Berkley. I am a displeased former member of William E. Neville #41; Mannheim, Germany; Oklahoma Jurisdiction PHA initiated, passed, and raised July through September 1991. Likewise, I am a student of Dr. Malachi Z. York. After reading your blog, I decided to question you. I am also open to you questioning me.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: It is always my pleasure to meet another Prince Hall Masonic Brother. Yes, my blog relative to Dr. Malachi Z. York-El has been posted on various websites and you and I have had a few email conversations leading up to this response. No, doubt when you write for public consumption and for a broad based audience, it is only fair that people should be giving the opportunity to question and examine your thesis and theories. Thus, it is fair for people to offer a critical rebuttal or evaluation of something that you may have written in which they may disagree with. I have no problems with respectful disagreement and civil discussion. You have every right to defend your leader, teacher and guide in Dr. York-El against any perceived inaccuracies. No, person or leader and this includes Dr. Malachi Z. York-El is above critical analysis. Those that think so are perhaps motivated by Cult like motivations. I learnt along time ago how to think for myself.

Brother Berkley: Moreover I recall as an E.A. receiving the Bible quote Matt 7:7 so I have attempted to live by this quote since the leader of my study group presented it to me. Additionally I call myself a displeased former PHA member not a disgruntle member because I learned many positive and negative lessons in my travel with PHA. Before I recognized Masonry, I was interested in the teachings of Louis Farrakhan with the NOI. Unfortunately in my Army unit, we were threatened to stop watching him by our superior officers and sergeants... Later I found that they were PHA Masons. Anyway my mind was opened to improving myself and helping Black people. Then I was introduced to PHA and became interested because of this simple quote, “We take good men and make them better men.” Since my mind was already prepared to become better and help Blacks, I joined.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: The Entered Apprentice degree is rooted in 133 Psalms of the Old Testament. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments. As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.” The 1st degree of Freemasonry draws its theoretical basis and inspiration from that particular scripture. Freemasonry is a beautiful system morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Yes, I understand your superior officer’s opposition to Minister Louis Farrakhan’s teachings. You took a United States Government oath to uphold, protect and defend the United Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Knight-EL continued: Thus, even the Nation of Islam by-laws does not permit an active U.S. serviceman, membership into their organization because you are bind by the oath of the white man’s law. You were considered government property and they controlled your mental and physical being as long as you wore that uniform. Minister Farrakhan perhaps is considered an enemy against the state and as a serviceman you had one master—your U.S. Arm Forces Superiors. This incident as you describe it had nothing to do with some of your superiors being Prince Hall Masons.

Knight-EL continued: If any of you had any sense you would not have joined the Devil’s army anyway. Their actions and opposition was about enforcing patriotism and keeping you under their codes of conduct and upholding their flag and constitution. Where is your own flag and constitution and nation—where we can say 30-50 million so-called American Negroes belong? What is your recognized nationality and identity that is accepted within the United Nations as other sovereign and civilized people of the earth? We are 21ST Century slaves with a Negro president leading us into further enslavement. I know what time it is, how about you? (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; “Message to the Black Man in America”).

Brother Berkley: Although I didn’t appreciate the treatment I received, I realized many brothers had gone before me. Similarly, I wanted to know the meaning of the information I received. No one seemed to know what it exactly meant, but they made us memorize the unexplainable ritual. In fact, they stressed brotherhood and the importance of the Honorable Prince Hall who was a Military soldier. They stressed the fact of the Honorable Prince Hall fighting for the rights of Blacks. Also they explained politics and religion should not be spoken about in the lodge. Interestingly outside of the lodge was where all the hatred was seen towards other Black Masons. Although they claimed Masonry began in Africa, they seemed to want recognition from England. This was very confusing, but I realized most members of PHA are bigots and hypocrites to their own race.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Some of what you say here is valid and you will not get an argument from me relative to some of Prince Hall Mason’s being mis-educated. I wrote an extensive article titled, “LET THERE BE LIGHT: THERE IS NO BROTHERLY LOVE BETWEEN WHITE MASONS AND BLACK MASONS” in 2007; challenging the white Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and challenging the black Prince Hall—Free and Accepted Masons. No my article was not about seeking acceptance of the white man’s Masonic order; I was challenging a mindset and warp thinking. Here is the link to that particular article http://www.dailygrail.com/node/5743.

Knight-EL continued: This article created some uncomfortable circumstances for some of the PHA Masonic hierarchy and many Prince Hall Masons called for my head for raising certain points. I am a man and I do not worship the PHA Grand Master or any other ranking Masonic official. They are only human beings just like myself subject to error and shortcomings like me. I view Pops no different, he was only a human being and was subject to human error. There is a lot I can tell you, but I will leave it alone. You all keep making this ridiculous accusation that Prince Hall discriminates against other Black Masons. Yes, if they are bogus and giving black Freemasonry a bad name, they should be run out of town. Dr. York established a bogus Masonic Grand Lodge and yes he was challenged by many Masonic entities in the United States other than Prince Hall Masonry. The Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Order did not embrace Dr. York and various other Masonic Orders questioned his legitimacy.

Brother Berkley: Was PHA considered to be “Regular” before 1994?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Prince Hall Masonry was considered “Regular” as early as 1784 and there is a long history of racism and social antagonism that have existed within the United States. Many freed black men fought in the American Revolution—some fought on the side of the thirteen colonies and others fought on side of Great Britain (the Crown), which helped America gain her independence in 1776.

Knight-EL continued: In 1775 Prince Hall and the fourteen other black military soldiers were initiated, past and raised and made Masons by a white Irish European military lodge in Boston, Massachusetts and this much we know is undeniable. This fact is irrefutable, but based on segregation and racism, American Masons did not receive black Masons as brothers of the Craft. Prince Hall Petitioned the Grand Lodge of England for a charter and a Masonic dispensation to function as a legal black Masonic entity and it was granted. He received the charter for the establishment of African Lodge 459 and later African lodge number 1 was convened.

Knight-EL continued: Thus, with the Masonic structure in America either the initial Prince Hall lodge would have to be admitted within the body of American Masonry (white Grand Lodges) and/or function as an entity under the white Scottish Rite Masonic Order or the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (these two bodies are often interchangeably within the scheme of American Freemasonry), which was not within the rules and laws of the U.S. social structure and this also included the American Freemasonic Order. Prince Hall charter forced him to seek to build a black Masonic institution understanding that he was not going to get any acceptance letter from the white Masonic body within the United States extending him and the other black Masons membership into their all white lodges. The Transatlantic Slave Trade relative to the United States did not end until 1807 and Africans in America at this time in history did the best they could under some unbearable political, economic and social circumstances.

Knight-EL continued: Prince Hall probably did not know that it was his ancestors of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) that was the first to introduced the system of adepts initiations, rituals, qualified stages of learning, etc., to the world; in particular the Egyptian Mystery System which was based on a system of Ancient Wisdom and writings that went further back than PTAH, Amen-RA and even further than the Osirian Myth. Thus, if Hall saw the Grand Lodge of England as a credible Masonic body; it was perhaps his orientation, which was no different than the thinking of most blacks who were made slaves in the Americas and who after being made free in 1865 still followed the Caucasian's culture, mores’, folkways, norms, etc., even in 2009. Prince Hall did have the vision and wither all to establish a black Masonic order that has withstood the historical test of time for over two hundred years.

Knight-EL continued: Many Prince Hall Masons have sought out the true origins of Freemasonry and is breaking the Eurocentric Masonic grip that has suffocated our ability to go further and uncover more ancient systems of initiation and learning that truly predates the western world concept of Freemasonry. They only have a fraction and distorted system of Masonry. Many like myself are doing what we can to introduce brothers to this alternative view of Masonry and reintroduce him to what his African ancestor established over 20 thousand years ago in Cush and Kemet. While the Caucasian was still toiling in the Caucasus Mountains between the Black and Caspian Sea. (Reference: Tony Pope; article titled, “Our Segregated Brethren, Prince Hall Masons” web-link: http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/po).

Brother Berkley: Another point, even though Dr. York may have used Dwight during his teachings of Christianity, this does not prove he was born Dwight York, which you stated. His name changed during each portion of his teachings. It makes no sense to have an Arabic name when the Hebrew school of thought is being taught and lived. Unlike those who claim to be one school of thought, Dr. York engrossed us in each school of thought so we could see its strengths and weaknesses. His methodology allowed us to understand the teachings and the mentality of the members of each altar including Freemasonry. I agree he utilized the teachings offered before him. Nowhere has he claimed to be the originator of any school of thought. This is a well overlooked point.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: It really does not matter to me, how his (York) birth certificate was drawn up or read. He makes claim that he only had one name York on his Massachusetts issued birth certificate. He changed has his names tens of times; I accept the man by whatever name he chooses to call himself by. He has that right to exercise self-determination, in particular after a people who have lost their land, names, culture, religion, God, etc., we have a right to reaffirm ourselves by reconnecting to a lost heritage—if some perceive that heritage to be Hebrew Israelite, Islam/Muslims, Moorish American, the Akan Ashanti Culture, Yoruba Nigerian culture, Christianity, Kemetic culture of Egypt, etc. I am not in a position to determine which culture and spiritual path is best befitting for the lost sons and daughters of Africa.

Knight-EL continued: Dr. York-El gives off an inference that he is all knowing and all wise. Dr. York-El philosophical schools of thought are heavily interdependent on other schools of thought that preceded his—some ancient teachings and other modern schools of thought. For example, he borrows a lot from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Father Divine, Master Fard Muhammad, Shaykh Al Hajj Daawud Ahmad Faisal, Daddy Grace, Prophet Cherry, Noble Drew Ali, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, etc. Dr. York, also have studied many schools of thought that truly did not originate with him. But most Cult leaders desire for their gullible followers to believe that they are constantly manifesting an original thought.

Knight-EL continued: Many of these Cult type organization and leaders specialize in mind control and using subliminal seduction to control by requiring the utmost obedience. No one is allowed to question the “leader” and Pops promiscuity sexual conduct and sexual appetite allowed him to go afoul. Jim Jones led his gullible followers to drinking cyanide cocktail drinks and committing suicide. This is an example of the type of power and control these charismatic cult leaders have over their flock. Many of them are master pimps and hustlers—got it (pimping) down to a science and have become millionaires living in huge mansions, eating the best cuisines, wearing robes of silk, sleeping in presidential suites, wearing expensive Hong Kong tailored suits, Italian hand made suits, decorated in gold purchased from Zionist Jews in Israel who has rape and robbed Africa, owning custom made vehicles, possessing huge sums of money in Swiss Bank accounts, owning hundreds of pairs of hand made reptile shoes, etc. Moreover, while their followers are often poor and have been sold a dream of riches, which they can not attain on earth—while like a whore is forced to bring all their money home to the Black pimps called the black leaders. I am sorry Sir, I detest these type Negroes and many ways they are worst than the white man in actions, deeds and conduct. (Reference: Robert Rohan; “Holding York Responsible").

Brother Berkley: Was your name always Fahim A. Knight-EL?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Yes, my surname "EL" It was done out of recognition and historical understanding of the so-called African American lineage and our connection to the blackmoors lineage of North Africa and there are legal grievances and rights that could be addressed under this title of sovereignty. The name addition identifies that I am a Moor; thus, not in the narrow since of following or a part of a formal Moorish religious group or sect, but in the broader since of accepting a recognized nationality. However, I have always loved and respected the work of one of my teachers Prophet Noble Drew Ali (Abdul Sharrief Ali) who raised the question of nationality in early 1900s relative to Africans living in America who were stolen and kidnapped from their native home of Africa. The name addition is an indication of a personal evolution. I hope my response answers your question. (Reference: Sheik Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey; “Noble Drew Ali: The Exhuming of a Nation”).

Brother Berkley: You quoted Ezekiel Bey, “Are you aware of the legality of Grand lodges? These Grand lodges operate illegally when it comes to Masonic authority. Enoch was a break off from Hiram Grand lodge, which was set up by John G.. Jones who was a suspended Mason from the Most Worshipful Grand lodge of Illinois.” Regardless what you think of who is legal or not, PHA’s history is shaky.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: This is not shaky historical information, it is well documented by black Masonic writers and white Masonic writers who have written on Brother John G. Jones relative to Prince Hall Masonry and the black Masonic experience in America. Thus, at least, you did not deny this fact. I also view Brother Ezekiel Bey as a credible Prince Hall Masonic Historian who has written numerous of scholarly papers on various aspects of Prince Hall Masonry. Lastly, he was quoting Dr. Malachi Z. York-El and his testimony of how he so-called entered Freemasonry. Thus, if a Masonic brother is not in good standings and go out and setup a renegade Masonic organization or lodge and start without an authorized charter; yes this is not only a clandestine Masonic body, it meets all the standards to be called irregular.

Knight-EL continued: My brother, imagine if I left the Nuwaubian Nation in negative standings and I self-proclaim myself as head of a new Nuwaubian Nation and countered Dr. York-El’s right to legitimacy. This act would be viewed asreactionary and sinister—some would argue brother Knight-EL does not have the authority nor the legal right to come in the Nuwaubian name. This would be deemed deceptive practice on my part. Men do these things because we are often ego-driven and it always eventually lead to our demise.

Knight-EL continued: Jones was a suspended Prince Hall Mason from the state of Illinois Grand lodge district and if Malachi Z. York-El was raised by a disciple of Jones named Charles Tensely, then Dr. York is not a true Mason because he was raised by an expelled and excommunicated Masonic organization that had no Masonic authority to function as such. Please refer to the said link http://www.thephylaxis.org/bogus/johnjones.php and article written by Brother Ezekiel Bey. Now, we have the legal authority to heal a clandestine, if he makes application and give him a legal chartered raising (lol). My above critique should not be viewed as an attack and indictment on all Black Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Orders.
Brother Berkley: To this day, I want to know why John G. Jones was suspended. Was it because he showed intuitive since he established the Shrine for PHA?Or was it jealousy because he was more educated on different mystical schools of thought?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: It really does not matter; your statement may have a plausible validity. But on the other hand was Brother John G. Jones suspended because he was disobedient to the Prince Hall Masonic Code book and constitution. Thus, all organizations have an organizational structure and often there are agreed by-laws that governs the organization. If a person violates the rules then suspension could be one of the punitive sanctions that a Grand Master could impose or a Masonic Judge may impose on the violator based on the level of their infraction. I am not that familiar with the Masonic jurisprudence system to give you a definitive answer.

Brother Berkley: Then you stated Dr. York was a member of the Black Panther Party, which is untrue. He had students who were members of the BPP. I was groomed by one of his students who recently died but was a member of BPP. He left the BPP to walk with Dr. York in 1967. So your researched information is false. My mentor also explained how Dr. York was raised by the Honorable Charles Tensely 33° because he was there. They met at the important time of 3 P.M., which was a normal meeting time for 33°. Likewise, your claim of only a Grand Master can make a Mason on the spot is false. I experienced 33° making Masons on the spot in the Military especially in Korea when the Washington Jurisdiction of PHA was being established. They called it “Specials”. With this said if a person has permission within his Jurisdiction, it can be done. Those are the unwritten laws most Masons don’t know about.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Dr. York-El has claimed many things and most of what he claims can not be verified; so if you say his Black Panther affiliation can not be verified. Then what can be verified about this man? His descendent linage is questionable, his name is questionable, where he was born is questionable, what year he was born is questionable, what he teaches is questionable; is he a pedophile child molester is questionable? Did Pops fathered over a hundred children by different women?Perhaps military lodges function different than mainland lodges. I crave.

Brother Berkley: Recall PHA Masonry is not the only Freemasons who have information so Dr. York didn’t have to receive information from a former member of PHA. It’s ashamed to know the history of England and the U.S. and look at the plight of PHA to be accepted by England. This act is similar to blacks being called communist. There is still a problem with fact of the Revolution War, which causes a problem with PHA wanting recognition from England. It would have been more reasonable for PHA to receive acceptance from the Grand Lodge of France who respected Blacks. This can be seen in the History of WWII and the giving of the Statue of Liberty.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: I have never claimed that only Prince Hall Masons have knowledge and information, what I have learnt relative to the science of Speculative Freemasonry was not given to me by a Worshipful Master, Past Master, Potentate or a Grand Master. I have been blessed to acquire the type of knowledge from many external sources and Sages, which allows me to run circles around most Masonic heads of houses (I can do this because many of them refuse to study and they lack the knowledge of self and kind). This is not a self-righteous statement nor am I being intellectual arrogant and I am not ego driven.

Knight-EL continued: Most Masons who joined the Blue Lodge and after being raised they become disappointed because there is no real Masonic research and teaching being dispensed. So my brother Masons attend Masonic Communications meeting twice a month to hear the cadence giving by the Worshipful Master in the East, the Senior Warden in the West and Junior Warden in the South, along with the Senior and Junior Deacons. The same things are discussed week after week. Brothers began to lose interest because often the lodge leadership has no vision and brothers shortly after being raised dropout of the lodge.

Knight-EL continued: We have to do a critical assessment of ourselves and establish meaningful avenues which to retain our membership. The Shrine is called the “Play House” of Masonry where Negroes sit and drink whisky and beer and chase women and maintain that they have crossed over the hot burning sands. They put more effort in the social aspect and put very little into Speculative Freemasonry and developing that spiritual temple from within. The Shrine teachings and doctrine is a total disrespect towards the religion of Islam. Islam does not condone alcohol, eating swine, adultery and fornication. What we are taught in the Shrine is a contradictory to one of the three major world’s faith traditions. I am given it to you as straight as I can give it. I do not mince words and some of what I say might not settle well amongst the Craft. It really does not matter to me. Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again. (Reference: Mustafa El-Amin; Freemasonry, Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny).

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-EL

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Table Talk With an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason: My Views on Dr. Malachi Z. York and Black Freemasonry

Table Talk With an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason: My Views on Dr. Malachi Z. York and Black Freemasonry

by Fahim A. Knight-EL

This blog came about due to an interesting dialog this writer has had with a gentlemen named Brother Kedar Griffo, a Masonic Brother who is a member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Order; he stated he belonged to Essene #2 Most Worshipful Zoser Grand Lodge, A.F.&A.M; Wisconsin, MI (I am assuming he meant two separate States Wisconsin and Michigan as the locations of Zoser Grand Lodge). I Google searched the said Grand Lodge and could not locate any information on this so-called Masonic entity.

There is a Prince Hall Masonic brother named Zachary Gremillion out of Louisiana who authored one of the most profound books that I have ever read on Freemasonry titled, “The African Origins of Freemason” and he is the founder of a non-Masonic Order called Imperial Cushite Order, Ancient Grand Lodge of Khamet, which attracts Black Masons and conscious brothers and sisters who have come to the conclusion that although Prince Hall Masonry, in particular and Masonry in general, serves a purpose it is not suffice in the scheme of going to the root of Freemasonry and uncovering the ancient symbols, relics and rituals that had their origin in Kush and Kemet. I do consider myself a member of Imperial Cushite Order, Ancient Grand Lodge of Khamet and after conversing with brother Gremillion, I consider him to be a credible individual. Here is the link to the Order’s website http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CushiteMasterBuilders/ . (Reference: Zachary P. Gremillion; “African Origins of Freemasonry”).

Also, I am in contact with many, many Freemasons from around the world and last year I met one brother of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM) named Joseph Ferguson and we have had constant dialog ever since. We have shared Masonic thoughts on various aspects of Speculative Freemasonry. Thus, on April 9, 2009 he sent me an email asking me my opinion on Dr. Malachi Z. York and in part this article was sparked by brother Ferguson’s enquiry. He is the Worshipful Master of an AF&AM lodge in Dallas, Texas and he did not blink an eye in extending me an invitation to sit in open lodge. I consider Brother Ferguson a friend and we are not caught up in the AF&AM and F&AM debate—I see him only as a brother Mason and I am quite sure he views me in the same light.

Nevertheless, let me digress no more; Brother Kedar Griffo had read my article titled, "Let There Be Light: There is no Brotherly Love between Black Masons and White Masons" which was published by a Masonic Internet Web magazine called Journey to the East http://masoniceducation.blogspot.com/2008/01/is-there-no-help-for-poor-widows-son-by_18.html and It has been placed in the library archives of the United Grand Lodge of England. Brother Kedar took issue with me on certain points that I had written but I will allow my readers to read his words and my responses relative to this conversation. Also, I am not going to rehash the article in this introductory section, but if my readers are interested in the article just access my Keeping It Real Think Tank blog. (Reference: Corey D. B. Walker “A Noble Fight: African American Freemasonry and the Struggle for Democracy in America”).

I suspect that Brother Kedar Griffo is a member of the Nuwaubian Nation under the leadership of Dr. Malachi Z. York because he seemed very passionate and defensive about the philosophy, mission and how Dr. York was being perceived by outsiders such as myself. This discussion being viewed in the larger context is about Freemasonry within the United States and within the smaller discussion it is about Black Freemasonry and Dr. Malachi Z. York and the Nuwaubian Nation—their worldview relative to black freemasonry. (Reference: Malachi Z. York; “The Book of Light”).

Brother Kedar whom I must admit was fair in his critique and evaluation of my article; although, there were many points, which we disagreed. This writer does not know if this Grand Lodge which he claimed to belong even exist and/or if it does whether or not it would be considered “regular”, "irregular" or "clandestine" (I am using these terms rather loosely) Masonic entity. It really does not matter to me because most Masonic Jurisdictions and this includes Prince Hall Masons have focused to much on legality and/or chitchat of which groups have the right to Masonic legitimacy.

Malachi Z. York (born Dwight York born on June 26, 1945) was either a former member (this statement is more hearsay) or a sympathizer of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the late 1960s or early 1970s. York was once a member of the Black Panther Party and there is no doubt that Panthers founders Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale were influenced by the Nation of Islam, in particular by Minister Malcolm X. York established the Ansar Pure Sufi which transitioned into a Black Nationalist group called the Nubian Islamic Hebrews.

His philosophy represented a synthesizing of the teachings of Black Muslim theology and Black Hebrew Israelite philosophy, which evolved into a larger, but distinct group called Ansaaru Allah (translate helpers of God) Community, a nationalistic Orthodox Sunni Islamic movement based in Brooklyn, New York. I will not try assess and evaluate the many personal name changes that Malachi Z. York has gone through and the many organizational philosophical transitions his movement and organization have made over the years. They are to numerous to name and to complex to comprehend. (Reference: Peter Lamborn Wilson: Sacred Drift: Essays on the Margins of Islam”).

He taught that he was a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (pbuh) and Caliphate Ali Ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) of Arabia 1400 years ago and he also tied him self as a direct descendent to the Sudanese Royal Mahdi family (Muhammad Ahmad Al-Mahdi 1884-1885). York made a number of pilgrimages to Sudan and Egypt in the 1970s and 1980s and was so-called embraced by the high Imams of Sudan, Africa as a descendent of Muhammad Ahmad Al-Mahdi where he so-called studied mystic Sufi Islam and Shia Islam. (Reference: Allah Jihad; “The Immortal Birth”).

York's critics and pundits perhaps would view this enigmatic leader as being an atypical cult leader and personality who was a charismatic leader that manipulated the innocence of his gullible followers—the Savior syndrome mentality led to blind devoutness. Dr. York has written some very enlighten and insightful scrolls (books and knowledge); in fact he has probably authored over five hundred books and manuscripts on various philosophical, theological and esoteric topics. I have a number of his books in my library and he does gives some good historical information and he has a keen knowledge of theology (I respect his level of intelligence and his ability to uncover knowledge, but I disagree with the Savior complex). (Reference: Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips; "The Ansar Cult in America").

I believe it was in the late 1980s or the very early 1990s in which the larger Orthodox Sunni Muslim Community in New York labeled him as a fraud and hypocrite and that he was not teaching the true principles of Al-Islam. There was a Muslim scholar named Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips who wrote a book titled, "The Ansar Cult in America" exposing Dr. York who at that time went by the name of Imam Isa Al-Haadi-Mahdi, as a pseudo Islamic leader who was pimping and hustling his followers. York countered Phillips book with a book of his own titled, “The Cult: Rebuttal to the Slanders”. (Reference: Malachi Z. York; “360 Questions to Ask an Orthodox Sunni Muslim).

This antagonistic relationship with the broader Islamic Community frustrated Dr. York. York who eventually renounced Islam, as well as Christianity and Judaism (Hebrew) and started studying and teaching Ancient Egypt (Kemet) or Kemetic Science and took great interest in the pyramid builders. He also started studying Freemasonry and claimed to have been raised in the 1970s in a Masonic Grand Lodge Jurisdiction of New York, but I do not think his Masonic credentials were ever verified.

Brother Ezekiel M. Bey, Grand Historian of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of New York; quoted Dr. York as stating: “I was Initiated (Masonry) in 1970 at Masonic, King Solomon Lodge No. 4; 1215 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, New York. Then I (York) was passed at Enoch Lodge on Putnam and Nostrand Ave. in Brooklyn and raised at the same under Worshipful Master Charles Tensely 33rd degree. I was crossed at Mecca 11 Desert Georgia, oasis Macon by Noble T.W. Smith Jr. 33rd/95 degrees. . . (Ezekiel M. Bey asked) Are you aware of the legality of Grand lodges? These Grand lodges operate illegally when it comes to Masonic authority. Enoch was a break off from Hiram Grand lodge, which was set up by John G. Jones who was a suspended Mason from the Most Worshipful Grand lodge of Illinois.” (Reference: Allah Jihad; “The Immortal Birth”) and (Reference: Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips; "The Ansar Cult in America").

However, Bro. Kedar stated, “Dr York got his charter from the Pride of Georgia, he did not just arbitrarily decide to jump into freemasonry and create a lodge. You sir have it all wrong again, that's why I keep saying to you, do your own research and stop relying on others to instruct you. Therefore to set the records straight Ramses II was affiliate with the Pride of Georgia. Now you must remember there are 1000s of Nuwaubian men, so how easy would it have been to initiate, pass and raise these men and open up Grand Lodges. So it was done.

But do not let any of this contradictory information of whether or not if York was a legitimate Freemason mislead you. He perhaps could have walked to all the Masonic alters and gave the signs, words, and tokens for all the degrees from the 1st degree to 33rd degree represented in the United Supreme Council, as well as run circles around most learned Masonic scholars and philosophers of all the Masonic houses. (Reference: Malachi Z. York: “Debates About Freemasonry”—Series Book 12).

I kid you not, none of the present day Masonic intelligencer would have been a credible foe or match for York’s in depth knowledge and wisdom. Thus, this writer believes he had acquired some of the knowledge from Cowan (A person who wishes to learn the secrets of Masonry without experiencing the rituals or going through the degrees) and eavesdropping by recruiting disgruntled Masonic brothers that betrayed their obligations and they gave him ritual books, Masonic monitors, code books and many instances taught York signs and passwords.

Yes, he knows all the signs, words and tokens and could give them with the utmost accuracy (he also was a great student of the ancient wisdom and writings—this level of study and the pursuit of knowledge separated him from most Masons because many after receiving the three Blue Lodge Degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason) often do not continue in their quest to delve deeper into the science of Speculative Freemasonry (this is truly a life journey of study). The true secret to Freemasonry is that there is no secret and it is opened to all who are willing search and do the knowledge. (Reference: Malachi Z. York; “The Nubian Islaamic Hebrews: Our Symbol”).

He founded two Masonic type Orders called the Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek and the Ancient Egiptian Order." Dr. Malachi Z. York served as the Supreme Grand Master, but I still do not believe that he had a legitimate charter or dispensation to function as such. He purchased a huge track of land in a little small town called Edenton, Georgia in Putnam County and built small duplicate structures of the pyramids (Tama-Re) of Ancient Kemet (Egypt) where he continued to teach various philosophies. (Reference: Malachi Z. York; “Sacred Tablets of Tama-Re”).

Many of his followers lived on the compound under a communal setting. York called his new group Nuwabians and he began to teach that blacks were descendants of the Native Americans and Moors of Africa. He adopted two new names to reflect this ideological transition—Nayya Malachizodoq-El, and Chief Black Eagle. He understood that the Native Americans were a recognized nation of people within the U.S. and the Moors both had legitimate legal grievances (signed under President Woodrow Wilson incorporating Moorish Science Temple of America as a legal entity)) in which the United States jurisprudence system had been forced to entertain. For example, these nations of original "Americans" had a right to legal sovereignty and Dr. York desired to use these two ethnic and nationality claims to acquire certain lawful rights and privileges for his black Nuwabian Nation that was guaranteed under United States Law. (Reference: Malachi Z. York; “The Constitution of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors (UNNM) ).

I believe he was a highly intelligent man, but absolute power, absolutely corrupts. He was accused of various charges of having sex with minor age girls at his compound and he is now serving a 135 years sentence at the Super Max Federal Prison in Colorado for allegedly committing these unlawful acts. However, this writer knows that the United States Government has never abandoned its tactics and strategy of Cointelpro (imprisoning militant black leadership, assassinations, disrupting black organizations, sending agent provocateurs spies and stool pigeons to neutralize their effectiveness, etc.) which former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover implemented in the 1960s and 1970s against militant, radical and progressive black leadership and black organizations. Many in the black community believe that Dr. York was a victim of a U.S. Government conspiracy. (Reference: Zecharia Sitchin; “The Wars of the Gods and the Men”).

The advancement of Speculative Masonic science is a dying art and as opposed to these various Masonic entities focusing on meaningful things such as expanding Masonic research; they have relegated their focus to arguing whether not a Masonic entity has a legal charter to function. However, this writer would assume that to the Masonic Craft this perhaps would be an important and relevant issue of discussion. This writer has edited the various email correspondence in order to put this discussion in some format in which to share this dialog with my blog audience. This first article will represent part 1 and part 2 of this discussion and I am hoping to find the time to present you with perhaps a part 3 of this discussion in the near future. This article or format is based on question and answer. (Reference: Robert Lomas; “Turning the Hiram Key: The Rituals of Freemasonry Revealed”).

Brother Kedar Stated: "I'm sure that is true, but putting aside racism. Prince Hall still was not issued a grand charter to execute the full by-laws from the GL of England (UGLE) therefore they still would be considered irregular and/or clandestine."

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: There lies the problem you can not put aside racism which has translated into American style White Supremacy. Your statement implies we should casually overlook the root cause of American Masonic antagonism, which was created by a system of racism. This renders your overall analysis as being flawed because it was racism that fostered in the greatest crime ever committed in human history Chattel Slavery (1555-1865) relative to African people. Perhaps how white Masonic bodies view Prince Hall Masonry is more important to non-Prince Hall Mason than to those who are part of the Craft. Yes, the United Grand Lodge of England has recognized Prince Hall Masonic body as body of “regular” Mason. Please refer to brother Paul M. Bessel Website he is a Prince Hall Mason scholar who documents certain legal action as such: http://www.bessel.org/masrec/phaugle.htm (Reference: Joseph Walkes, Jr. “Black Square and Compass 200 Years of Prince Hall Masonry”).

Brother Kedar Stated: "All the great writers as you say were actually great Eurocentric researchers whose goal was to inform the masses that India was the true originator of all universal knowledge. With this said, it is understandable why men like Fard Muhammad called the African man, Asiatic Black Man because of India being on the continent of Asia. In the writings of Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall, and C.W. Leadbeater to name a few, they distinctively praise the Hindu ideology as the rightful owners of the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Moreover, Africans were not considered as able thinking humans keeping these authors from including blacks in the methodology of higher knowledge."

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: It really does not matter what conclusion they drew because our scholars have proving that Africa or Egypt (Kemet) and Ethiopia (Cush ) fed cultural enlightenment to the entire world. Dr. Ivan Van Sertima in his book titled, "Africa's Presences in Early Asia” and in his monumental book “They Came Before Columbus” and Drusillia Dunjee Houston in her book titled, "The Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire" verifies that before the miscegenation onslaught these original people occupied what is called Asia and for that matter the entire planet. They were the original people of these lands and others long before the Indo-Europeans.

This could be visually seen in the Dravidian's (dark skinned Africans in India). Master Wali Fard Muhammad (1877-?) perhaps posed in his examination to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the most essential question: "Who is the Original Man?" (The Asiatic black man, the maker, the owner, cream of the planet earth, Father of Civilization, God of the Universe). Yes, the Asiatic Black man, in which these above scholars verifies that Muhammad understood something with much and far reaching historical implications. Brother Runoko Rashidi who authored a book titled, "The African Presence in Asia, Australia and the South Pacific" further validates the presences of the Asiatic Black man in these lands. (Reference: Zachary P. Gremillion; “African Origins of Freemasonry”).

Brother Kedar Stated:” I’m glad you agree, now when are we gonna see a symposium or simply a letter from you addressing this issue with the same vigor you addressed European masons. As it would seem to me, this would be your first focus and not chastising whites for not accepting you. Why not embrace all African Masons first, recognize your own first. We don't need Caucasians to acknowledge us publically, we already know they do but my other question is, why is it important to PHA to be recognized by Europeans? All the great scholars you've mentioned, Duse Ali, Marcus Garvey, Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad didn't look to Europeans for approval, they did their own thing and was very successful at doing so.

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: No, you got it wrong Prince Hall Masons who are learned know and accept that Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali and Elijah Muhammad were Prince Hall Masons (for the record this not a fact, but attained via deductive reasoning). How can we turn our backs on our Craft brothers who made tremendous contributions towards the advancement of black humanity. There are some and I am in communication with quite a few that have a thorough knowledge of self and fully accept these men call for freedom, justice and equality. You are talking to a Prince Hall Mason who accept these icons. Thus, all of them are my teachers. I think the door swings both ways; it is not just incumbent upon Prince Hall Masons to embrace other black Masons, but there should be an opportunity for a two-way dialog. (Reference: Keith Moore; “Moorish Circle 7: The Rise of the Islamic Faith Among Blacks in America and it's Masonic origins”).

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: I must say your point on this matter sounds a bit emotional. Perhaps you have some specific examples, which you are working from. I am open for dialog and I think it is unfair to characterize and charge an entire body of Prince Hall Masons of discriminating against other black Masons who are non-Prince Hall Masons, this is a huge stretch. No, what make you think that an institution that has been around since 1784 need white Masonic recognition (no this is not a fly by night organization). Our legitimacy was declared over 200 years ago and the United States Supreme Court in 1929 legally declared our sovereignty as a Masonic body. (Reference: David L. Gray; “Inside of Prince Hall”).

Bro. Kedar stated: Another point that is comical to me; the majority of PHA (Prince Hall Affiliated) do not know the proper passwords to the different degrees. Europeans could not pronounce Syretic and Ashuric words. Therefore some of the passwords in the rituals are wrong or are definitely mispronounced. PHA is following Caucasians who could not pronounce Arabic/Hebraic words when all they had to do was go back where it originated to find out the proper pronunciation and meaning. Yet they are following folks who don't know the words and their meanings themselves"

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: I do not think anyone that I know does not understand or think Prince Hall Masonry was not effected by Eurocentrism. I have told you in the other responses that some of your points are valid. This is one of those valid points. But lets be clear, Masonry and its language goes further back than 1717 into the Egyptian Mystery Schools (of Kemet). Hebrew and Arabic according Ra Un Nefer Amen in his book "Metu Neter" identifies the Kemites as communicating within the great temples with the highest of spiritual languages, which is the Metu Neter from which all languages sprung. The Mystery Schools predated Islam and Judaism (or Hebrew Israelite); thus, these are truly baby languages according to the scholars of linguistic. So not only has Prince Hall Masons been duped but show me a Masonic lodge that is giving the passwords—In the Metu Neter our original language. (Reference: Ra Un Nefer Amen; “Metu Neter: the Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation”).

Brother Kedar stated: I say absolutely PHA has bought into European Masonry and Eurocentric thought refer to the last paragraph above. This still doesn't negate the fact of stuff rolling down hill. As I read this email, I still find you holding on to the ideology of who is legit and who isn't.

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: My brother I can not determine who is considered a legitimate Mason (other than "yours for mine" and one being tried, never denied and ready to be tried again"). I have relationships with Masonic brothers who are AF&AM, International Free and Modern Masons and other Masonic lettering. Your statement has no basis with me; thus, I am not that shallow. This is what you are in denial of, the majority of your American and European lodges had bought into a Eurocentric Masonic ideology. I do not know any African Centered Masonic lodges. I am not saying they do not exist.

Brother Kedar stated: "Yes I'm sure some do give masonry a bad name, but so does PHA. What about the internal strife currently going on in PHA, please see the link here http://www.aeaonms.org/phpBBCMS/index.php. I am A.F & A.M. yet I’m defending the rights of all Africans to be treated just by their own. I included that I was A.F & A.M. in my signature block in my initial response. You are still giving a great effort to hold on to the Eurocentric ideology of charters, and the fact still remains the Honorable Prince Hall never received a charter to regularly administer degree work. Matter of fact the true knowledge is given from mouth to ear not book to eye so this statement means most Masons, PHA or other, are not Freemasons but well memorized book masons without true guidance from a master. Why does PHA not have their own rituals published in a book form?"

Fahim A. Knight-El Replied: Dr. Carter G. Woodson wrote a profound book in 1933 titled, "The Mis-Education of the Negro" the problem your are citing is systemic and its far beyond Prince Hall Masons. Our self-hatred did not start with Prince Hall Masonic contradiction; yet we all were bit from the same snake and there are Prince Hall Masons who are oblivious to the power of unity (Garvey said it best "One God, One Aim, One Destiny). This can get a little sticky because Masons communicate in "darkness" and "light" based on agreed signs, tokens, and words. How much would your book differ from Duncan Rituals, Lester Book Looking to the East or the Ecci? No, it is not about Prince Hall Masonry writing a ritual book; the Masonic symbolic language is universal and what good is it to alter this imperfect system just to say Prince Hall has its own ritual book. Prince Hall and AF&AM basically work the same ritual and this allows the three lettered and four lettered Masons to formerly recognize each other in accordance with our ancient principles. (Reference: Timothy Myers; “The Huevolution of Sacred Muur Science Past and Present: A Theoretical Compilation”).

Brother Kedar Stated: I'm sure this does exist, yet I'm also aware of brothers being made Masons who had/have not taken oaths, weren't initiated, passed nor raised. I.e. the late great MLK, Jr. by brothers of PHA John Wesley in Atlanta by them giving his widow the late Coretta Scott King a Masonic certificate. How should this be received? Or does his civic work eliminate the need for such? Also in the early 90's different PHA military lodges, i.e., Washington, would give all the degrees in one night. This practice was called a special and was administered by several Grand Inspector Generals.

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: Yes, only a Grand Master of a Masonic Jurisdiction can make a Mason on sight. This practice is not just germane to Prince Hall Masons. For example, AF&AM made former President Ronald Regan an honorary 33rd degree Mason. He did not go up the ladder of Scottish Rite or York Rite. Moreover, this practice is an old political practice where class and prestige have come into play and Masonic Jurisdictions have done this quite regularly throughout time. But your comments give off an implication that Prince Hall Masonry has done something that is un-Masonic. Upon a Mason being made a Mason on sight he is immediately giving the rights and privileges of any brother that is raised. Now! These are Masonic powers invested in the Grand Master and within the Masonic legal code. You are not a Prince Hall Mason (lol unless you were 'Healed"). Where is your primary source proof that a Prince Hall lodge dispensed 1-32 degrees in one night? (Reference: Robert I. Clegg; “Mackey’s Jurisprudence of Freemasonry”—revised the original book written by Albert G. Mackey; titled. “Jurisprudence of Freemasonry: The Written and Unwritten Laws of Freemasonry”).

Brother Kedar Stated: "Again, if Prince Hall is still irregular according to white lodges, then those white lodges are looking at prince hall as having Kinkos or Wal-Mart charters as well."

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: Will not revisit this point; refer to answer number one in this email.

Brother Kedar Stated: I'm glad you feel your God has sent you on a mission. I would hope that mission also entails embracing and accepting your own before you attempt to agitate, expose others. Or do you not feel those who are not Prince Hall are not your own and therefore outside of your god's will? You stated earlier you have the gift of the pen, how can you be encouraged to pen an article on accepting non Prince Hall masons? Should not one clean their house before accusing another?"

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: No doubt to whom much is giving, much is required and expected of. Yes my body of work speaks for itself. I sent you some samples of my Masonic writings. Please cite one African American AF&AM historian or social scientist that is writing on Masonic subjects comparative to my body of work that I sent you. I fully understand the importance of acquiring the knowledge of self. You perhaps did not have a clear picture of me and there are many Prince Hall Masons who think the same way that I do. The articles that I sent you will further deconstruct your argument and it is to teach us that we can not assume anything about anyone (we should not place people in a box; this is wrong and unacceptable).

Brother Kedar Stated: "LOL, I find it comical that he would ask them for join him but didn't ask his brothers (non Prince Hall) to join him first. Then after all is said and done, he was still rejected according to what you wrote below. So again, why keep trying to integrate them but reject those who look just like you do? As you stated below, you are still wearing the label of irregular and clandestine to Europeans, but your efforts have not turned you to your own self and kind for reconciliation and uniting. I find that disheartening. Do you feel it better to be accepted by Caucasian masons than being accepted by your brothers who are not PHA?"

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: It is my understanding that AF&AM is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic Masonic body; interpreted to meaning there are many black AF&AM Masons (unless you are telling me that the black and white AF&AM are split). The political overture was a formal alliance/recognition if you will between all AF&AM at least in our Masonic jurisdiction (this included recognition of black and white Masons). I did know we should have made a separate and apart resolution with African American Masons inside the AF&AM. Shed some light.Brother Kedar stated: "this was just in North Carolina what about PHA worldwide? Recognition is one thing, have they granted PHA a grand charter? Once again you fail to recognize Prince Hall was only given a charter for African Lodge #459 not any African Grand Lodge or Prince Hall Grand Lodge."

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: This is old and out dated argument. This matter has been Masonic and legally resolved. What is your point?Brother Kedar Stated: "Exactly, we don't have 20-30 more years of racism towards one's own race because they are not PHA."

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: This will require us working together as a people of African descendent to re-educate our people. This is just not a Prince Hall Masonic problem, but it is a pandemic problem that was directly related to 310 years of systematic brutality. Like Minister Malcolm X use to preach, we lost our names, our culture, our religion, our God and by the way we act many of us even lost our minds. You must understand racism is coupled by a system of power and institutions and it is carried out in a systematic objective manner relative to those two prone. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explains the tentacles of white supremacy in her book titled, "The Isis Papers". Blacks do not fit into term of Racism (how can we; we are a powerless people). (Reference: Michael Bradley: “The Iceman Inheritance: Prehistoric Sources of Western Man’s Racism, Sexism and Aggression”).

Brother Kedar stated: "I disagree, the Koran/Quran does not state this. If Muhammad became the first Muslim, who witnessed his shahadah, according to tradition there was only He and Jibriyl (Gabriel), additionally, he wouldn't have said "Muhammadan Rasullah" as that would be speaking in the 2nd or 3rd person, he would have said "ana rasullah" meaning I am the messenger of Allah. Additionally the other four pillars are what makes a person a Muslim according to the Quran, although they are not listed all together the five pillars are the things that makes one a Muslim. Just taking a shadadah does not make one a Muslim, it puts one on the siratul mustaqim but does not fully translate into being one, just as being initiated and passed does not make one a Mason. All steps have to be taken."

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: I am not an Islamic Cleric, but you can not compare the Masonic ritual to one accepting the religion of Islam. This is what you missed in the original article; Islam is a religion and Freemasonry is a fraternity; it is liken to comparing apples to oranges. Religion is a personal matter and you learn very quickly in the lodge that there are two topics, which were off limit in theory—religion and politics. So I am not hear to argue religion. I got problems with organized religion period. (Reference: Mustafa El-Amin; Al-Islam, Christianity and Freemasonry). Brother

Kedar stated: "According to the book written by Dr. York, Rebuttal to the Slanders, he posted his birth certificate issued out of the state of Massachusetts and it doesn't state "Dwight York" it just says " York ". When was Dr. York a member of the Nation of Islam, what temple, what years? We do know Clarence Jowars Smith aka ALLAH of the 5% Nation was a member of the NOI and it's documented but where is the documentation on Dr. York. The Ansaar Allah community was more Shiite oriented because they accepted Ali as the rightful Khalifah, which is more in line with Shiite Islam as opposed to Sunni Islam which made Abu Bakr the Khalifah. I'm not sure who you're getting your information from, maybe Bilal Phillips but anyone who knows about so=called orthodox Islam knows one of the major differences between Shiite and Sunni Islam is about the rightful heir called in Islam Khalifah."

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: Perhaps Dr. York should have been more honest and forthcoming with his innocent followers. You see, I do not buy into the Savior syndrome complex. Yes, I have read Bilal Phillips work and I have read some of Dr. Malachi Z. York’s works and I guess you are subtly implying Dr. York is above critique. My brother these so-called Saviors are not above critical assessment and evaluation. The majority of York 's information resembles and in one sense a carbon copy of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This is undeniable; I have a clear understanding of the differences between Shia Islam and Sunni Islam. Please refer to the article I sent you titled, "Freemasonry and Islam: What do they Share?" It was not me who ran him out of New York , it was spearheaded by Imam Siraj Wahhaj. He signed his name as Reverend Dwight York in 1989; thus this is what he called himself. I guess it depends on which Dr. York you are referring to: I have known him as a Disco Singer, American Cowboy, Alien from another planet, Muslim—Sufi, Shia, Sunni, Hebrew Israelite, Moor, Native American, Grand Master of a Masonic Order, Teacher of Kemitic science, etc. He probably confused his followers more so than me and I am not being judgmental, but some of these cats are just religious hustlers and pimps. Now, he is incarcerated and Nuwabian movement is splintered and just about dead. They do no know which way to turn. Looking for the Savior to lead them.

Brother Kedar stated: “Would not the same titles of cult leaders be bestowed on Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali and Elijah Muhammad based on the black leader model you mentioned above. The same goes for divine prophet or messenger. Additionally all Muslim Arabs teach that they are direct descendants of Muhammad, nothing new here. The Mahdi, Muhammad Ahmad, of the Sudan taught he was a direct descendant of Muhammad, so if Dr York is related to the Sudanese Mahdi, then would he not be related to Muhammad as well? I also understand that the Prime minister of Sudan came to visit him in Brooklyn on numerous occasions, so that has to account for something as a Prime minister of a country (Sudan) is not some trivial government position, it is in fact almost like President. Would you not agree? So my question would be, how would a "cult leader" like York be able to convince a Prime Minister of the Sudan to come visit him in a ghetto like Brooklyn ? this is definitely not atypical."

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: Why did Dr. York abandoned his Islamic teachings and his so-called ethnic lineage to the Sudanese Mahdi family and Prophet Muhammad? I would not have had a problem with his ethnic heritage (he was just so contradictory). I know he had to lead us through different movements and organizations to get us to the ultimate truth. (lol). Cult if we can define it by Western definition perhaps would encompassed ancient civilizations such as Egypt (Kemet), China, India, Persia, etc., in which the majority of our present day religions, cultures, and sacrament rites proceeded, developed and evolved as we know it in the West from these various ancient societies. (Reference: Kersey Graves; “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors).

Knight-EL continued: Our media perception of Cults are unfair, bias and possess negative implications, but religion is more or just as guilty of creating fanaticism, human division, war, extremism, intolerance, human suffering and doing it all in the name of God. There is one name for it, religious totalitarianism. Yes, Cults have inflicted similar acts of man’s inhumanity to man; but even in these instances religion is not permanently subjugated and dismissed as being inheritably evil and unredeemable. However, Cults that violates the so-called societal norms based on the political, economic and social rules that create similar infractions are doomed to a lifetime of ridicule and unacceptability. (Ungodly: Reference: Bill Osinski; “A True Story of Unprecedented Evil”).

Knight-EL continued: The more I gather my thoughts and how we define Cults, it is evident that the two—meaning organized religion and Cults share some similarities in the overall concept of religiosity and both are more closely akin to the mandate of having to unconditionally adhere to a set of agreed values that are closely guarded, which certain aspects isn't up for discussion and/or negotiation. However, in Western culture, we are taught, assuming that if a group or organization is defined and characterized as a Cult—there is a negative stigma or connotation attached and we automatically compartmentalize this to be something that has deviated from mainstream thought and function within the realm of a subculture or counter-culture. (Ungodly: Reference: Bill Osinski; “A True Story of Unprecedented Evil”).

Knight-EL continued: It was what the Western world perceives as Cults that gave life to religion, a lot of religious folklore and mythology teachings are steeped in the tradition and histories of Cults. There is little doubt in this writer's mind that the majority of our religions, if closely examined parallel more ancient civilizations. Cults have subtly bought into the language of definition as assigned by the status quo and as religion continues to gain societal momentum; the so-called Cults have not reminded the religious zealots that they owe them a debt of gratitude.Brother Kedar stated: "So is Dr. York considered a great writer? Or does he need to be considered scholarly within the Eurocentric school system and write articles that will be accepted as peer review?"

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: Those are you insecurities not mine.

Brother Kedar stated: "What are the true principles of Islam? Again I refer back to the Quran as guidance. It states five pillars, so if Dr. York told his students to follow the Quran then what is the problem. You also have to remember this is the same crowd that said The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (THEM) was not teaching "true" Islam. I’m sure they said the same thing about Noble Drew Ali. I read Bilal Phillips book and I also read the Rebuttal by Dr. York. Have you read the Rebuttal to the Slander's book? I think the same racism you tried to expose in Freemasonry is at the meat of this. In Dr. York’s books he makes all the Prophets/Angels black or in his people's image and Arabs have a problem with this. They are just as racist as Europeans. As they claim the Black stone in the Ka'aba was originally white and turned black because of the sin it absorbed. They claim Bilal was an Ethiopian slave and notice the Arabs attack dog is called Bilal Phillips. As if Muhammad was not black being he descended from Kedar who descended from Hagar the Egyptian. Additionally, does not the Quran say Adam was made from black mud, so how could Muhammad be a descendant of Adam and not be black or have black skin? So it doesn’t surprise me that they use someone like Bilal Philips a Muslim convert to attack Dr. York, but even in his attack he wasn't saying anything remotely related to what Dr. York teaches. I'm not privy to what Mr. Phillips exposed on Dr. York, maybe you can enlighten me on that one. Yet I do know about the racism in Islam. I have a friend I met in Turkey who made Hajj and while travelling in Bekka, he was treated poorly as they thought him to be an Ethiopian. So of course racist Arabs and their flunkies would try to silence anyone who is a black nationalist that speaks Arabic, translated the Torah, Injiyl and Quran. This person is definitely a threat to all fake religious leaders."

Fahim Knight-EL replied: I applaud Dr. York for giving us some magnificent religious and theological history. He connected the dots for me on many subjects. Thus, the Wahhabi Muslims influence is the ones that control the Islamic ideology in America and around the world because the corrupt Saudis have power over the Islamic funding. Yes, Islam has become more Arabism than Islam, but most Muslims want to overlook the Arab racism in Islam. However, wherever there exist a black and white dynamic through out the world; you will always find the dark skinned people subservient to the light skinned ruling class. I was personal friend to Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad (former National Spokesman of the Nation of Islam under Minister Louis Farrakhan) and he traveled throughout the Middle East and North Africa; he shared with me how dark skinned Africans were treated negative in Mecca , Saudi Arabia during Hajj. So I agree with Dr. York on this issue. (Reference: Chancellor Williams; “The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D.”).

Brother Kedar stated: "Elijah Muhammad said he was a Mason, in what legally constituted lodge was he made one? The same goes for Noble Drew Ali. If Dr. York’s credentials are questioned then shouldn't all black leaders who claim to be masons be questioned with the same zeal? Or does this standard only apply Dr. York? If you look at the back of some of his older books, you would see the compass and square on the back of the older books. To my knowledge, he never denied being a Freemason. The name of the Masonic Lodge he founded was Ramses II as I know the first WM of that lodge and he said it was never called Celestial Lodge. I'm not sure of the legitimacy of the charter as I never viewed it. Yet again, I ask, has anyone seen the charter that THEM and Noble Drew Ali were initiated under? However I refer back to my earlier post about Freemasonry originating in Egypt .

Fahim Knight-EL replied: You are mixing up truth and falsehood here. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Prophet Noble Drew Ali did not found nor established a Masonic Order (Dr. York founded an Order and you and I know he had no charter other than what he made up). They both (Ali and Muhammad) were initiated in Prince Hall lodges; you can see the Masonic interdependency in both movements—the Nation of Islam and Moorish Science Temple of America. They both borrowed some of the Masonic rituals and teachings. (Reference: Yvonne Haddad and Jane Idleman Smith; “Mission to America: Five Islamic Sectarian Communities in North America”).

Brother Kedar stated: "Yes this sounds a lot like what Noble Drew Ali taught and I'm sure there are members of the MSTA (Moorish Science Temple of America) who are now Nuwaubians. Or was Dr. York a member of MSTA as it was claimed earlier that he was NOI since his doctrine closely resembled theirs? By the way, NOIs (Nation of Islam) doctrine resembles MSTA (Moorish Science Temple of America) doctrine, was Master Fard Muhammad a member of MSTA?"

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: Yes, Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad could have been affiliated with the Moorish Science Temple of America in some capacity. But there is no convincing evidence that they were. Some Moorish Science Temple of America brothers refer to Elijah Muhammad as Elijah Poole-Bey and they argue that Elijah Muhammad was a Moor. Dr. York was being a little more sophisticated than that; he understood the title of Moorish Sovereignty and comprehended the legality of the United States Constitution relative to the Moors—black’s nationality being Moorish American. He saw the bigger picture, i.e., land, reparations and an accepted Moorish nationality under the Caucasian legal system. So Dr. York-El Moorish connection wasn't about his loyalty to the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the original Moorish Science Temple. This was more about a legal grievances and historical manipulation. (Reference: Isa Al-Mahdi—aka Malachi Z. York; “Who is Nobel Drew Ali?).

Brother Kedar stated: "Yes I’m aware of the charges, but have you also seen that the witnesses have recanted their testimonies and some were threatened by the government, see link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsQDfGb9-aE. Wasn't the Honorable Elijah Muhammad accused of sex crimes as well, isn't this the reason Malcolm X left the NOI? Yet to defend the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, doesn't the Quran say you can have up to 4 wives and as many concubines as you can afford? So using his holy book the Quran wouldn't the Honorable Elijah Muhammad be right and Malcolm and those who slandered be wrong for their accusation? I mean I'm sure when Malcolm was travelling abroad and meeting with African and Arab foreign dignitaries he had to know that Muslims practiced polygamy. So why the double standard with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?"

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: Yes the Holy Qur'an does admonishes that a Muslim can have up to four wives. But remember now at his latter stages of his movement Dr. York had renounced Islam; so your argument looses some credibility relative to using the Qur'an to justify his domestic life arrangement (now his position is more of a double standard). Minister Malcolm X was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in 1959 according to his autobiography "Malcolm X" the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made Hajj in 1959. Minister Malcolm X worked in the East (Egypt. Jeddah, Mecca, Palestine, etc.) as an emissary for Elijah Muhammad arranging his Hajj itinerary. Minister Malcolm was quite aware that Muslims men could take on four wives according to Islamic customs and his later opposition to Elijah Muhammad was more of a political stunt, which to separate and delineate himself from the Nation of Islam. (Reference: Elijah Muhammad—edited by Nasir Makr Hakim; “The True History of Elijah Muhammad”).Brother

Kedar stated: "Again, I ask when he was member of the Nation of Islam and what temple did he attend? I disagree that many of Dr. York’s teachings came from THEM, especially now, THEM never taught about Egypt nor Sumerians which seems now to be the concentration of his organizations teachings. The Savior syndrome is breed thru religion. Religious doctrines have this Savior syndrome, whether he be Ha Mashiakh for the Hebrews, Christos for the Christians and Al Masih for the Muslims, all have it and all have their people caught up in it. Even so called splinter groups like the Moorish Science Temple, NOI have the savior syndrome and last but not least Freemasons are anxiously awaiting "brother john". "

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: I do not think there any substantiated documentation or evidence to prove that Noble Drew Ali and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad were members of Prince Hall Freemasonry, which is the predominately African American Masonic Order. We know for a fact that the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM) was initially founded as an all white Masonic Order and based on the history of race relations in America—segregation and racism in many instances divided and separated blacks and white in all realms politically, economically and socially. (Reference: Andrew Hacker; “Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal”).

Brother Kedar stated: This was not the meat and potatoes theology of the NOI, so just because he touched on the pyramids does not make him an Egyptologist. That little bit of information is not something that is deep. Dr York has a whole book of Egyptians hymns written in MTR NTR also known as Nuwaubic to them. Dr. York built an Egyptian City complete with Pyramids. Dr York resurrected an Egyptian order called the Ancient Egyptian Order (AEO) I mean I can go on and on and on but I know you get the picture. The same Nasser that was implicit in getting the last black Pharaoh Anwar Sadat killed. Qadaffi is an Italian parading as a Muslim as I'm sure you know the original Libyans were Negroid and those currently there are nothing more than Italians who came to Libya and conquered it.

Brother Kedar continued: “You cite two European looking African Muslims. Yet you couldn't cite any Negroid African, how sad ;-(. Both of these men are still the physical manifestation of the devil, regardless if one if from Egypt or Libya, neither are pure negroid Africans with woolly hair, broad noses and big lips. Just because a man is "close" to another man, doesn't mean his knowledge rubs off on him, additionally it doesn't make Nasser an Egyptologist just because he's the president of the Country. What kind of logic is that? So you have a problem with organized religion but you still follow a book that was organized by pale Arabs after the death of Muhammad that isn't in the correct order in which it was received. but you don't have a problem with organized freemasonry which also was created by men (companions), with certain rituals (salaat, hajj), mystical figures (Hiram Abiff, Muhammad) that has you doing charitable works (alms). Interesting.”

Fahim A. Knight-El replied: I disagree; I have lessons and teaching where the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is teaching on the Great Pyramids of Egypt and he is teaching on how the pyramids sit in the Center of the Earth on 13 acres of land. He wrote about how the stones were dug from a quarry 800 miles away and the Egyptians used a sophisticated system of hydraulics that is even unknown-to day’s scientist. He said the stones might have been transferred by sound. This is just a small portion of his teachings on Kemet. He was very close to the Egyptian President Gemal Abdur Nasser and even Muammar Qadaffi of Libya in the early 1970s who gave him millions of dollars in an interest free loan. Yes, all the above mentioned personalities (Ali, Garvey, Muhammad, etc.) they all have Savior syndrome and this is the problem I have with organized religion. (Reference: E.U. Essien Udom; “Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity”).

Fahim Knight-EL continued: The practice of racism perhaps evolved when the first African slave ship arrived to the shores of the United States in 1555 up until 1865 and even beyond the 1960s Civil Rights movement to where we are in 2009. White Masons in New England and Boston area in the late 1700s did not consider black men as freed men and many forever linked the history of Africans in America to that of Chattel Slavery and servitude; although, many Africans were Indentured Servants in the New England area and was freed after their servitude contract ended. Some of the early written Masonic Constitutions and code books were interpreted to preclude and prohibited a man being born in bondage and a man that is presently in bondage and who was not a freeman to be ineligible for membership in the Masonic Order. Some even interpreted this to mean that a man had to be born free and had no prior ancestral linkage to slavery in order to qualify for Masonic membership. (Reference: William H. Grimshaw; “Official History of Freemasonry Among Colored People of North America”).

Fahim Knight-EL continued: Thus, in 1700s most blacks were either born slaves within the United States or made slaves based on being captives and brought to the Americas via the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Middle Passage. So in 1784 a free slave named Prince Hall founded African Lodge Number 1, which later became African lodge #459. Prince Hall did receive a legitimate charter from the Grand Lodge of England, which invested him with duly and recognized authority to function as a black Masonic entity. Some pundits argue that the Grand Lodge of England gave Hall limited Masonic authority. Nevertheless, two Masonic Orders evolved side by side in the United States —one white and one black. (Reference: Sherrod N. Gresham; “Prominent Prince Hall Masons on Philatelic Materials: Stamps, First Day Covers and Post Cards”).

Fahim Knight-EL continued: I would like for my readers to reason with me, Prophet Noble Drew Ali (Abdul Sharieff Ali) was born in 1886 in Cherokee, North Carolina and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was born in 1897 in Sandersville, Georgia . These two black American Islamic leaders were born less than thirty years outside of Chattel Slavery and grew up during the height of the Jim Crow Era (officially 1896-1954). We can almost assume that from the historical evidence and timeframe that it was very highly unlikely that these two black men were members of a white Masonic Order in the 1920s and the early 1930s based on the internal racial politics of the United States during this time period. (Reference: C. Eric Lincoln; “The Black Muslims in America”—third edition).

Fahim Knight-EL continued: However, I do believe that both Ali and Muhammad based on their organizational teachings were connected to the Freemasonic Order and some of their teachings bear striking similarity to the Freemasonic worldview. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad by his own admission stated that he was once a Mason. Prince Hall lodges were very prevalent in the south and perhaps more than likely they would not have been considered for membership into a white Masonic Order and we can make an educated assumption that they perhaps were raised in an African American Masonic Lodge. But by no means am I oblivious to fact that there were other lodges including the Scottish Rite Order that did admit blacks in the deep south into their fraternal order during the Jim Crow period. (Reference: Adib Rashad; “Elijah Muhammad and the Ideological Foundation of the Nation of Islam”).

Bro. Kedar stated: “BINGO!! That's what I'm talking about "PROOF" and that is basis of Dr. York's teachings. "Proof". So now that you want proof I'm gonna go back to some of the questions I asked you previously and I want you to provide "Proof". Please provide proof that Dr York was a member of the NOI. Please provide proof that THEM and Noble Drew Ali were Prince Hall Masons. Please provide proof that Dr York was named Dwight York at birth. Please provide proof that anyone "ran" Dr. York out of NY.”Bro. Kedar continued: “Yet before going any further with presenting this philosophical apology, it seems to be ironic while analyzing your teleological argument, cosmological argument, or ontological argument( which ever you prefer) to notice the similarities between your approach and an introduction to philosophy or introduction to sociology textbook especially in the section marked #15. The problem arises (as will be expressed throughout this apology) the lack of original thought because the systematic destruction of the double conscious now being realized within the philosophy profession. Your research style is integrating our story with that of European history but eliminating the fact the Freemasonry philosophy or as you call it Masonry (Muslim son) is much older than any monotheistic religion. The fact you utilize Muslim son instead of Ma son is evidence of lack of ancient Egyptian (Tama-Re) or ancient Ethiopian (Cushite) knowledge because the mother and child were always an important concept until the European male dominance appears. Now back to our regular scheduled program.”

Fahim Knight-EL Stated: I am not sure I completely understand or follow brother Kedar’s thoughts and I do not claim to be an historian, but I do believe in order to be a good social scientist or historian it is imperative that you have a respect and understanding of what previous scholars have written by assessing and evaluating their scholarship (understanding of the historiography). Moreover, we learn to extract certain information in order to validate our thesis or to impart a critical analysis of previous theories in order to exposed their limitations or further substantiate truths by determining if they can stand up under empirical scrutiny. It is acceptable to use various scholarship as long as you give credit from which certain information originated by documenting and citing your sources—endnotes or footnotes. Brother Kadar's criticism of me quoting and using external sources either shows a lack of understanding of scholarly academic writing or he has the ability to create an original thought (there is nothing new under the Sun). (Reference: Ivan Van Sertima; “Great African Thinkers: Cheikh Anta Diop”).

Fahim Knight-EL continued: I have always understood that all knowledge points its way back to older and more ancient civilizations—Kemet (Egypt) and Kush (Ethiopia) is the root of most of our philosophical schools of thought. Dr. Malachi Z. York did not introduce anything new in that regard, Dr. Yosef Ben A.A. Jochannon and others were pointing us to Kemet and were heavily into Egyptology a long time before York became in gulfed in the Kemetic Sciences. John G. Jackson, Cheik Anta Diop, Chancellor Williams, etc., were teaching on Melanin and the pineal gland while York then known as Imam Isa Al-Haadi-Mahdi leading his followers towards Arab Islam under the banner of the Ansaar Allah Community. (Reference: John G. Jackson: “Introduction to African Civilization”).

Bro. Kadar stated: “Does make many valid points relative to how Freemasonry has been distorted by Eurocentric theories and many African American Masons who are members of the Prince Hall Order have no idea of the true landmarks of Masonry because many of them lack the knowledge of self. Thus, in truth no European Grand Lodge can legitimize the fathers and mothers of Freemasonry unless you lack the knowledge of self—Speculative (philosophical) Freemasonry had its origin in Nubian Kemet (black Egypt)—Manly P. Hall, Gerald Massey, Sir Godfrey Higgins, Albert Churchward, Albert G. Mackey, Kersey Graves, C.W. Leadbeater, JSM Ward, etc., and these scholars bear witness to this said origin of Freemasonry.”

Brother Kedar continued: “This website you provided just says you guys were recognized where the documented proof is. Where is the official correspondence from UGLE, you know 'PROOF'? Additionally this claim is discredited and refuted because according to the UGLE website they do not recognize PHA lodges, please see the link here http://www.ugle.org.uk/provinces/olodges/usa.htm and tell me which one of you are telling the truth or are you mixing "truth with falsehood". Mind you, this is an official UGLE website whereas your link is not.”

Fahim Knight-EL replied: There is no confusion for what it is worth Prince Hall Masonry has been recognized and accepted under the United Grand Lodge of England. Thus, as I stated before Prince Hall Masonry had affirmed itself over 200 years ago. Yes, Brother Bessel is the one that stays on top of these type matters. You can contact any Prince Hall Grand Lodge in the United States for further verification. Thus, since you seemed to be questioning my credibility and this should render your argument as a moot point. (Reference: Paul M. Bessel and Alton G. Roundtree, “Out of the Shadows: The Emergency of Prince Hall Freemasonry in America).

Bro. Kedar stated: “The black man originated in Africa before he migrated to Asia. Anthropologist Dr Leake and his crew have proven this. Therefore the Asiatic Black man could also be called the European Black man, American Black man etc as he also migrated there as well. You guys keep putting our "children" before us. Why not be called the Ethiopic Black man, the Sudanic Black Man, you know places in Africa along the Nile, or Nilotic Black Man. Asia is a "Johnny come lately" compared to Africa. African presence can be found all over the world not just Africa as the same scholar Dr. Sertima wrote extensively about the Olmecs who are found in the Americas.”

Fahim Knight-EL replied: You raised the question relative to Asia and I was only proving to you that the original man was in what you would call Asia Proper long before the miscegenation of the people who occupy those land and territories today. I cited three scholars (Van Sertima, Rashidi and Houston) who verified that there was an original man presence in Asia that is oftentimes overlooked by western scholars. But scholars like John G. Jackson and Cheik Anta Diop also verifies all of my contentions relative to those points.

Fahim Knight-EL continued: You relish in the term African, but I agree with the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad who stated in the “Muslim Student Enrollment” raised the Question: “Why Does the Devil Call Our People African?” “To make the people of North America believe that the people on that continent are the only people they have and are savage. He brought a trading post in jungle of that continent. The Original people live on this continent. And they are the ones who strayed away from civilization and are living a jungle life. The Original people call this continent Asia; but the devils call it Africa to try to divide them. He wants us to think we all are different.”

We are not “Ethiopians” this term or name was giving to us by the Greeks; these Europeans according to John G. Jackson called the people of “Burnt Faces” Ethiopians. So, this term and the term Africa was giving to us by Europeans, we are the ORIGINAL PEOPLE OF THE EARTH. (Reference: Sterling Means: “Ethiopia: the Missing Link in African History”).

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