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My Rebuttal: To an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and My views on Dr. Malachi Z. York-El PART 3

My Rebuttal: To an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and My views on Dr. Malachi Z. York-El PART 3

By Fahim A. Knight-EL

This article which I will now consider it as Part lll to an article I had written last week titled, “Table Talk With an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason: My Views on Dr. Malachi Z York and Black Freemasonry” This article evolved out of an intense conversation I have had with a former Prince Hall Masonic brother named Michael Berkley who claimed to have been a former member of William E. Neville Lodge #41; Mannheim, Germany; Oklahoma Jurisdiction PHA, in which he was raised in a military lodge. I have no reasons to doubt him and I definitely could find out if this was so, but let me take him at his word.

He contacted me on July 17, 2009 via email and posed the below set of questions to me and we have had a few other subsequent email correspondence since the original email. Brother Berkley whom I am assuming renounced his membership as a member of the oldest black Masonic organization in America known as Prince Hall Free and Accepted Masons and joined what many Masonic authorities would consider a bogus, clandestine and irregular Grand lodge headed Dr. Malachi Z. York.

Dr. York is the leader of the Nuwaubian Nation and he set up a so-called Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Grand Lodge in Georgia. He knew that he could not claim a legitimate Prince Hall affiliation because he would have been immediately exposed. So Dr. Malachi Z. York claimed he was raised in a Masonic body that was founded by a former expelled Prince Hall Mason named John G. Jones, in which Jones disciples after the death of Brother Jones continued to establish Masonic lodges under his name and authority.

These lodges became associated with the Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Order and I am in no way implying that I consider AF&AM lodges as being irregular and clandestine. However, I am saying that Dr. Malachi Z. York had no official or recognized Masonic charter granted by an authoritative Masonic jurisdiction in which to function.

Thus, just from my few correspondence with Brother Berkley and Brother Kedar Griffo I view both of them as being highly intelligent men, but have been mislead by a sophisticated conman and cult leader named Dr. Malachi Z. York. Brother Berkley after reading by article accused me of slandering Dr. York, his leader, teacher and guide and he felt the necessity to question and examine me further based on my contentions relative to Dr. Malachi Z. York.

His set of questions or statements was more of a rebuttal and a defense for what he deemed as my inaccuracies. No, one is supposed to question and/or doubt these charismatic cult like personalities because they are akin to God. Nevertheless, in Part 1&2 of this discussion I recognized some of the value in Dr. York’s vast body of literary works, in which I have been an intellectual beneficiary. I openly admitted that the man truly knows Speculative Masonry and not many Masonic scholars can successfully debate him based on his level of study relative to ancient Freemasonry and his knowledge of so many ancient texts.

You can not help, but to be impressed with this man’s intellectual in depth knowledge in many philosophical areas. I do not think Prince Hall Masonry or the United Grand Lodge of England or any other well respected international Grand Lodges should place themselves as the sovereign authorities over determining what Masonic entities should be labeled irregular or clandestine, but yet I do not think bogus Masonic Orders should go unchallenged.

We have to find an acceptable way to mend, protect, and embrace all Masons as Masons regardless of some of the antagonistic history and discrepancies. Yet, at the same time we must continue to be vigilant and watchful of fly by night Masonic groups who are conducting fraudulent Masonic work and conferring Masonic degrees with no charter. This does gives all of Freemasonry a bad name and the brothers of the Craft have a responsibility to set the record straight. This is my response to Brother Michael Berkley.

Brother Berkley: Do you consider yourself a Historian?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: No. Not in a formal sense, I have never received the terminal degree of possessing a doctorate of philosophy (Ph.D) giving to those who have met all the academic requirements to be “formally” recognized as a historian. But degrees or formal education does not necessarily qualify one to be considered a historian. History in its simplest definition is the study of past historical events, dates and persons; I have found this discipline to be fascinating and rewarding to me. I would consider myself more of a layman-historian—one who enjoys the discipline and can appreciate the value of it as a social science. Yet, at the same time, like a historian embracing certain historical rules as it relates to the scientific method of writing and make every attempt to offer an empirical argument (what can be counted and measured). I always offer and provide documentation whereby the reader can have my sources and citations at their disposal, which to assess and evaluate my writings in order to verify and substantiate my information for themselves. (Reference: August Meier and Elliot Rudwick; “Black History and the Historical Profession 1915-1980”).

Brother Berkley: If so, what makes you a Historian?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: I believe my above response answered this said question. I began some years ago to assess and evaluate political, economic and social trends that were not being adequately addressed by the mainstream media and press. I have a deep and sincere love for Black people—African people, but I have always felt that traditional African American historians and social scientist were so caught up in their schooling and academic training and coupled by them lacking the knowledge of self that they often put self interest above the liberation of black people.

Knight-EL continued: I believe that it is incumbent upon those who have acquired the knowledge of self to act. So I began to act and take on topics that Negro Historians were to coward and to ego driven to address or too fearful of coming against the status quo because of risking the potential of losing favor from our former slave master’s children. The things that I write and say are totally outside the box, if you have read all my blogs as you are claiming, then you could testify to that fact. You accused me of slandering Dr. Malachi Z. York-El in my article titled, “Table Talk With an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason: My Views on Dr. Malachi Z York-El and Black Freemasonry.”

Knight-EL continued: No you can not point out one thing that I said that would be considered slander. I wrote the article as objective as possible, but there are some things I disagreed with Dr. York-El and also there were others who I cited explained their disagreement with Dr. York-El. Thus, it is against United States law to commit libel, slander and/or defamation of character against an individual that is intentionally, willfully and maliciously causing them reputable harm to their character and good name. I did not do that in my article and in the age of the U.S. Patriot Act and the Military Commission Act you have to be more careful of the many ways to violate U.S. law. I was not involved in the Federal Grand Jury convening and I did not testify against Pops one of his own sons got that ball rolling. However, Brother Kedar Griffo in one of his responses provided a YouTube clip and link where some of the people who testified against Dr. York-El recanted their statements. I provided Bro. Griffo’s response to my reading audience in which many have had the opportunity to review the YouTube clip. This is one of the small examples of fair and balance reporting that I offered in this dialog.

Brother Berkley: How does a Historian put together her/his documents?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Historians do this by reviewing the past available historical record and documentation, which requires an assessment and evaluation of the past historical data and record. Thus, like a good private investigator you follow where ever the data leads you to and you make every effort to detach yourself (objective reporting versus subjective reporting) from the subject in pursuit of attaining an impartial hypothesis (or coming close as possible to attaining the truth). You also make every attempt to incorporate primary and secondary sources, as part of your validation process. Moreover, whatever the outcome may be, it was not necessarily determined by you, but the research proved to be the indicators of facts or non-facts relative to a historical investigation. (Reference: Earl E. Thorpe; “Black Historians: A Critque; A Revision of Negro Historians in the United States”).

Brother Berkley: Are you a military veteran?

Knight-EL replied: No, I have no honor for the white man’s arm forces. We (Africans living in America, Blacks, Nuwaubians, African American, etc., whatever we define ourselves by are not truly “Americans.” The 13th Amendment so-called freed African people from Chattel Slavery (1555-1865) and the 14th Amendment so-called made us citizens and gave us due process and equal protection under the law. However, the United States Congress has to vote ever so often to ensure that we remain U.S. citizens. This is after 310 years of slavery where America has become a great nation on the backs of a past system of free black labor, in which no economic reparations and financial retributions have been made to the ex-slaves of this nation; although Chattel Slavery ended over 150 years ago.

Knight-EL continued: This is sheer hypocrisy that the victims of the greatest criminal act in the history of humanity their citizenship requires the affirmation of the signing of Congressional legislation every fifteen years. No, I can not honor the red, white and blue until blacks are giving the justice by which they are due. The United States Congress recently issued black descendents of slaves a weak official governmental apology, but made no offer to repair the historical damage. I will not allow myself or my children to be used as political tools of U.S. Foreign policy by being drafted or joining the volunteer U.S. military in order to fight to keep the Superrich in power.

Knight-EL continued: Who laws, customs, rules, enactments, etc., are we defending and upholding? And most of all, whose sovereignty are we truly fighting for and upholding by declaring ourselves to be U.S. soldiers? If you survive and decide to become a career soldier, you might get a “good” retirement pension while the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DeBeers and Oppenhemiers advance their dominance and control over the world treasures based on your un-daunting patriotism. Where is our nation that we can call our own—one that is is worthy to fight and defend? I am a conscientious objector and I do not give damn about the white man’s military system. (Reference: Randall Robinson: “The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks”).

Brother Berkley: My name is Michael Berkley. I am a displeased former member of William E. Neville #41; Mannheim, Germany; Oklahoma Jurisdiction PHA initiated, passed, and raised July through September 1991. Likewise, I am a student of Dr. Malachi Z. York. After reading your blog, I decided to question you. I am also open to you questioning me.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: It is always my pleasure to meet another Prince Hall Masonic Brother. Yes, my blog relative to Dr. Malachi Z. York-El has been posted on various websites and you and I have had a few email conversations leading up to this response. No, doubt when you write for public consumption and for a broad based audience, it is only fair that people should be giving the opportunity to question and examine your thesis and theories. Thus, it is fair for people to offer a critical rebuttal or evaluation of something that you may have written in which they may disagree with. I have no problems with respectful disagreement and civil discussion. You have every right to defend your leader, teacher and guide in Dr. York-El against any perceived inaccuracies. No, person or leader and this includes Dr. Malachi Z. York-El is above critical analysis. Those that think so are perhaps motivated by Cult like motivations. I learnt along time ago how to think for myself.

Brother Berkley: Moreover I recall as an E.A. receiving the Bible quote Matt 7:7 so I have attempted to live by this quote since the leader of my study group presented it to me. Additionally I call myself a displeased former PHA member not a disgruntle member because I learned many positive and negative lessons in my travel with PHA. Before I recognized Masonry, I was interested in the teachings of Louis Farrakhan with the NOI. Unfortunately in my Army unit, we were threatened to stop watching him by our superior officers and sergeants... Later I found that they were PHA Masons. Anyway my mind was opened to improving myself and helping Black people. Then I was introduced to PHA and became interested because of this simple quote, “We take good men and make them better men.” Since my mind was already prepared to become better and help Blacks, I joined.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: The Entered Apprentice degree is rooted in 133 Psalms of the Old Testament. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments. As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.” The 1st degree of Freemasonry draws its theoretical basis and inspiration from that particular scripture. Freemasonry is a beautiful system morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Yes, I understand your superior officer’s opposition to Minister Louis Farrakhan’s teachings. You took a United States Government oath to uphold, protect and defend the United Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Knight-EL continued: Thus, even the Nation of Islam by-laws does not permit an active U.S. serviceman, membership into their organization because you are bind by the oath of the white man’s law. You were considered government property and they controlled your mental and physical being as long as you wore that uniform. Minister Farrakhan perhaps is considered an enemy against the state and as a serviceman you had one master—your U.S. Arm Forces Superiors. This incident as you describe it had nothing to do with some of your superiors being Prince Hall Masons.

Knight-EL continued: If any of you had any sense you would not have joined the Devil’s army anyway. Their actions and opposition was about enforcing patriotism and keeping you under their codes of conduct and upholding their flag and constitution. Where is your own flag and constitution and nation—where we can say 30-50 million so-called American Negroes belong? What is your recognized nationality and identity that is accepted within the United Nations as other sovereign and civilized people of the earth? We are 21ST Century slaves with a Negro president leading us into further enslavement. I know what time it is, how about you? (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; “Message to the Black Man in America”).

Brother Berkley: Although I didn’t appreciate the treatment I received, I realized many brothers had gone before me. Similarly, I wanted to know the meaning of the information I received. No one seemed to know what it exactly meant, but they made us memorize the unexplainable ritual. In fact, they stressed brotherhood and the importance of the Honorable Prince Hall who was a Military soldier. They stressed the fact of the Honorable Prince Hall fighting for the rights of Blacks. Also they explained politics and religion should not be spoken about in the lodge. Interestingly outside of the lodge was where all the hatred was seen towards other Black Masons. Although they claimed Masonry began in Africa, they seemed to want recognition from England. This was very confusing, but I realized most members of PHA are bigots and hypocrites to their own race.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Some of what you say here is valid and you will not get an argument from me relative to some of Prince Hall Mason’s being mis-educated. I wrote an extensive article titled, “LET THERE BE LIGHT: THERE IS NO BROTHERLY LOVE BETWEEN WHITE MASONS AND BLACK MASONS” in 2007; challenging the white Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and challenging the black Prince Hall—Free and Accepted Masons. No my article was not about seeking acceptance of the white man’s Masonic order; I was challenging a mindset and warp thinking. Here is the link to that particular article

Knight-EL continued: This article created some uncomfortable circumstances for some of the PHA Masonic hierarchy and many Prince Hall Masons called for my head for raising certain points. I am a man and I do not worship the PHA Grand Master or any other ranking Masonic official. They are only human beings just like myself subject to error and shortcomings like me. I view Pops no different, he was only a human being and was subject to human error. There is a lot I can tell you, but I will leave it alone. You all keep making this ridiculous accusation that Prince Hall discriminates against other Black Masons. Yes, if they are bogus and giving black Freemasonry a bad name, they should be run out of town. Dr. York established a bogus Masonic Grand Lodge and yes he was challenged by many Masonic entities in the United States other than Prince Hall Masonry. The Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Order did not embrace Dr. York and various other Masonic Orders questioned his legitimacy.

Brother Berkley: Was PHA considered to be “Regular” before 1994?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Prince Hall Masonry was considered “Regular” as early as 1784 and there is a long history of racism and social antagonism that have existed within the United States. Many freed black men fought in the American Revolution—some fought on the side of the thirteen colonies and others fought on side of Great Britain (the Crown), which helped America gain her independence in 1776.

Knight-EL continued: In 1775 Prince Hall and the fourteen other black military soldiers were initiated, past and raised and made Masons by a white Irish European military lodge in Boston, Massachusetts and this much we know is undeniable. This fact is irrefutable, but based on segregation and racism, American Masons did not receive black Masons as brothers of the Craft. Prince Hall Petitioned the Grand Lodge of England for a charter and a Masonic dispensation to function as a legal black Masonic entity and it was granted. He received the charter for the establishment of African Lodge 459 and later African lodge number 1 was convened.

Knight-EL continued: Thus, with the Masonic structure in America either the initial Prince Hall lodge would have to be admitted within the body of American Masonry (white Grand Lodges) and/or function as an entity under the white Scottish Rite Masonic Order or the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (these two bodies are often interchangeably within the scheme of American Freemasonry), which was not within the rules and laws of the U.S. social structure and this also included the American Freemasonic Order. Prince Hall charter forced him to seek to build a black Masonic institution understanding that he was not going to get any acceptance letter from the white Masonic body within the United States extending him and the other black Masons membership into their all white lodges. The Transatlantic Slave Trade relative to the United States did not end until 1807 and Africans in America at this time in history did the best they could under some unbearable political, economic and social circumstances.

Knight-EL continued: Prince Hall probably did not know that it was his ancestors of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) that was the first to introduced the system of adepts initiations, rituals, qualified stages of learning, etc., to the world; in particular the Egyptian Mystery System which was based on a system of Ancient Wisdom and writings that went further back than PTAH, Amen-RA and even further than the Osirian Myth. Thus, if Hall saw the Grand Lodge of England as a credible Masonic body; it was perhaps his orientation, which was no different than the thinking of most blacks who were made slaves in the Americas and who after being made free in 1865 still followed the Caucasian's culture, mores’, folkways, norms, etc., even in 2009. Prince Hall did have the vision and wither all to establish a black Masonic order that has withstood the historical test of time for over two hundred years.

Knight-EL continued: Many Prince Hall Masons have sought out the true origins of Freemasonry and is breaking the Eurocentric Masonic grip that has suffocated our ability to go further and uncover more ancient systems of initiation and learning that truly predates the western world concept of Freemasonry. They only have a fraction and distorted system of Masonry. Many like myself are doing what we can to introduce brothers to this alternative view of Masonry and reintroduce him to what his African ancestor established over 20 thousand years ago in Cush and Kemet. While the Caucasian was still toiling in the Caucasus Mountains between the Black and Caspian Sea. (Reference: Tony Pope; article titled, “Our Segregated Brethren, Prince Hall Masons” web-link:

Brother Berkley: Another point, even though Dr. York may have used Dwight during his teachings of Christianity, this does not prove he was born Dwight York, which you stated. His name changed during each portion of his teachings. It makes no sense to have an Arabic name when the Hebrew school of thought is being taught and lived. Unlike those who claim to be one school of thought, Dr. York engrossed us in each school of thought so we could see its strengths and weaknesses. His methodology allowed us to understand the teachings and the mentality of the members of each altar including Freemasonry. I agree he utilized the teachings offered before him. Nowhere has he claimed to be the originator of any school of thought. This is a well overlooked point.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: It really does not matter to me, how his (York) birth certificate was drawn up or read. He makes claim that he only had one name York on his Massachusetts issued birth certificate. He changed has his names tens of times; I accept the man by whatever name he chooses to call himself by. He has that right to exercise self-determination, in particular after a people who have lost their land, names, culture, religion, God, etc., we have a right to reaffirm ourselves by reconnecting to a lost heritage—if some perceive that heritage to be Hebrew Israelite, Islam/Muslims, Moorish American, the Akan Ashanti Culture, Yoruba Nigerian culture, Christianity, Kemetic culture of Egypt, etc. I am not in a position to determine which culture and spiritual path is best befitting for the lost sons and daughters of Africa.

Knight-EL continued: Dr. York-El gives off an inference that he is all knowing and all wise. Dr. York-El philosophical schools of thought are heavily interdependent on other schools of thought that preceded his—some ancient teachings and other modern schools of thought. For example, he borrows a lot from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Father Divine, Master Fard Muhammad, Shaykh Al Hajj Daawud Ahmad Faisal, Daddy Grace, Prophet Cherry, Noble Drew Ali, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, etc. Dr. York, also have studied many schools of thought that truly did not originate with him. But most Cult leaders desire for their gullible followers to believe that they are constantly manifesting an original thought.

Knight-EL continued: Many of these Cult type organization and leaders specialize in mind control and using subliminal seduction to control by requiring the utmost obedience. No one is allowed to question the “leader” and Pops promiscuity sexual conduct and sexual appetite allowed him to go afoul. Jim Jones led his gullible followers to drinking cyanide cocktail drinks and committing suicide. This is an example of the type of power and control these charismatic cult leaders have over their flock. Many of them are master pimps and hustlers—got it (pimping) down to a science and have become millionaires living in huge mansions, eating the best cuisines, wearing robes of silk, sleeping in presidential suites, wearing expensive Hong Kong tailored suits, Italian hand made suits, decorated in gold purchased from Zionist Jews in Israel who has rape and robbed Africa, owning custom made vehicles, possessing huge sums of money in Swiss Bank accounts, owning hundreds of pairs of hand made reptile shoes, etc. Moreover, while their followers are often poor and have been sold a dream of riches, which they can not attain on earth—while like a whore is forced to bring all their money home to the Black pimps called the black leaders. I am sorry Sir, I detest these type Negroes and many ways they are worst than the white man in actions, deeds and conduct. (Reference: Robert Rohan; “Holding York Responsible").

Brother Berkley: Was your name always Fahim A. Knight-EL?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Yes, my surname "EL" It was done out of recognition and historical understanding of the so-called African American lineage and our connection to the blackmoors lineage of North Africa and there are legal grievances and rights that could be addressed under this title of sovereignty. The name addition identifies that I am a Moor; thus, not in the narrow since of following or a part of a formal Moorish religious group or sect, but in the broader since of accepting a recognized nationality. However, I have always loved and respected the work of one of my teachers Prophet Noble Drew Ali (Abdul Sharrief Ali) who raised the question of nationality in early 1900s relative to Africans living in America who were stolen and kidnapped from their native home of Africa. The name addition is an indication of a personal evolution. I hope my response answers your question. (Reference: Sheik Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey; “Noble Drew Ali: The Exhuming of a Nation”).

Brother Berkley: You quoted Ezekiel Bey, “Are you aware of the legality of Grand lodges? These Grand lodges operate illegally when it comes to Masonic authority. Enoch was a break off from Hiram Grand lodge, which was set up by John G.. Jones who was a suspended Mason from the Most Worshipful Grand lodge of Illinois.” Regardless what you think of who is legal or not, PHA’s history is shaky.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: This is not shaky historical information, it is well documented by black Masonic writers and white Masonic writers who have written on Brother John G. Jones relative to Prince Hall Masonry and the black Masonic experience in America. Thus, at least, you did not deny this fact. I also view Brother Ezekiel Bey as a credible Prince Hall Masonic Historian who has written numerous of scholarly papers on various aspects of Prince Hall Masonry. Lastly, he was quoting Dr. Malachi Z. York-El and his testimony of how he so-called entered Freemasonry. Thus, if a Masonic brother is not in good standings and go out and setup a renegade Masonic organization or lodge and start without an authorized charter; yes this is not only a clandestine Masonic body, it meets all the standards to be called irregular.

Knight-EL continued: My brother, imagine if I left the Nuwaubian Nation in negative standings and I self-proclaim myself as head of a new Nuwaubian Nation and countered Dr. York-El’s right to legitimacy. This act would be viewed asreactionary and sinister—some would argue brother Knight-EL does not have the authority nor the legal right to come in the Nuwaubian name. This would be deemed deceptive practice on my part. Men do these things because we are often ego-driven and it always eventually lead to our demise.

Knight-EL continued: Jones was a suspended Prince Hall Mason from the state of Illinois Grand lodge district and if Malachi Z. York-El was raised by a disciple of Jones named Charles Tensely, then Dr. York is not a true Mason because he was raised by an expelled and excommunicated Masonic organization that had no Masonic authority to function as such. Please refer to the said link and article written by Brother Ezekiel Bey. Now, we have the legal authority to heal a clandestine, if he makes application and give him a legal chartered raising (lol). My above critique should not be viewed as an attack and indictment on all Black Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Orders.
Brother Berkley: To this day, I want to know why John G. Jones was suspended. Was it because he showed intuitive since he established the Shrine for PHA?Or was it jealousy because he was more educated on different mystical schools of thought?

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: It really does not matter; your statement may have a plausible validity. But on the other hand was Brother John G. Jones suspended because he was disobedient to the Prince Hall Masonic Code book and constitution. Thus, all organizations have an organizational structure and often there are agreed by-laws that governs the organization. If a person violates the rules then suspension could be one of the punitive sanctions that a Grand Master could impose or a Masonic Judge may impose on the violator based on the level of their infraction. I am not that familiar with the Masonic jurisprudence system to give you a definitive answer.

Brother Berkley: Then you stated Dr. York was a member of the Black Panther Party, which is untrue. He had students who were members of the BPP. I was groomed by one of his students who recently died but was a member of BPP. He left the BPP to walk with Dr. York in 1967. So your researched information is false. My mentor also explained how Dr. York was raised by the Honorable Charles Tensely 33° because he was there. They met at the important time of 3 P.M., which was a normal meeting time for 33°. Likewise, your claim of only a Grand Master can make a Mason on the spot is false. I experienced 33° making Masons on the spot in the Military especially in Korea when the Washington Jurisdiction of PHA was being established. They called it “Specials”. With this said if a person has permission within his Jurisdiction, it can be done. Those are the unwritten laws most Masons don’t know about.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: Dr. York-El has claimed many things and most of what he claims can not be verified; so if you say his Black Panther affiliation can not be verified. Then what can be verified about this man? His descendent linage is questionable, his name is questionable, where he was born is questionable, what year he was born is questionable, what he teaches is questionable; is he a pedophile child molester is questionable? Did Pops fathered over a hundred children by different women?Perhaps military lodges function different than mainland lodges. I crave.

Brother Berkley: Recall PHA Masonry is not the only Freemasons who have information so Dr. York didn’t have to receive information from a former member of PHA. It’s ashamed to know the history of England and the U.S. and look at the plight of PHA to be accepted by England. This act is similar to blacks being called communist. There is still a problem with fact of the Revolution War, which causes a problem with PHA wanting recognition from England. It would have been more reasonable for PHA to receive acceptance from the Grand Lodge of France who respected Blacks. This can be seen in the History of WWII and the giving of the Statue of Liberty.

Fahim A. Knight-EL replied: I have never claimed that only Prince Hall Masons have knowledge and information, what I have learnt relative to the science of Speculative Freemasonry was not given to me by a Worshipful Master, Past Master, Potentate or a Grand Master. I have been blessed to acquire the type of knowledge from many external sources and Sages, which allows me to run circles around most Masonic heads of houses (I can do this because many of them refuse to study and they lack the knowledge of self and kind). This is not a self-righteous statement nor am I being intellectual arrogant and I am not ego driven.

Knight-EL continued: Most Masons who joined the Blue Lodge and after being raised they become disappointed because there is no real Masonic research and teaching being dispensed. So my brother Masons attend Masonic Communications meeting twice a month to hear the cadence giving by the Worshipful Master in the East, the Senior Warden in the West and Junior Warden in the South, along with the Senior and Junior Deacons. The same things are discussed week after week. Brothers began to lose interest because often the lodge leadership has no vision and brothers shortly after being raised dropout of the lodge.

Knight-EL continued: We have to do a critical assessment of ourselves and establish meaningful avenues which to retain our membership. The Shrine is called the “Play House” of Masonry where Negroes sit and drink whisky and beer and chase women and maintain that they have crossed over the hot burning sands. They put more effort in the social aspect and put very little into Speculative Freemasonry and developing that spiritual temple from within. The Shrine teachings and doctrine is a total disrespect towards the religion of Islam. Islam does not condone alcohol, eating swine, adultery and fornication. What we are taught in the Shrine is a contradictory to one of the three major world’s faith traditions. I am given it to you as straight as I can give it. I do not mince words and some of what I say might not settle well amongst the Craft. It really does not matter to me. Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again. (Reference: Mustafa El-Amin; Freemasonry, Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny).

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-EL


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