Tuesday, September 18, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

A good friend of mine, sent me a cartoon caricature depicting how President Obama has abused the taxpayer’s money for his own personal and family use. The photo had a picture of Malia Obama (daughter of President Obama) with braces on her teeth and it also highlighted a vacation that the president and his family took to Mexico; I initially did not know, if it was some type of rightwing propaganda, or some conservative political satire, but, nevertheless, when someone sends me something of that magnitude they will get a response from me. So I have taking my time to set the record straight and deconstruct whatever argument or intentions that were meant by sending me this commentary depicting Obama's so-called lavish spending. No doubt, I am the right man to put this type of political nonsense in check, as well as in political and historical context. Most times when I receive this type vitriol and vile venom, it is often deeply rooted in the history of American race politics in which it creates a false sense of racial solidarity between the 'Haves' and 'Have nots' in which the latter believes that they share an interest with that 1% Elitist segment who are the bloodsuckers of the poor (this class does not share racial or ethnic linage with anyone other than with a bloodline of an aristocratic Dynastic Cabal).

This causes the middle class and poor 'Have nots' in particular, Caucasians to often vote against their own interest by mistakenly believing they have a moral right to show solidarity with those who keeps their foot on all of our necks (this thought is the partial belief in a white manifest destiny). They have been duped into believing that Obama is for big government and that the democratic party is the party of government handouts. Let me navigate through the code language— moreover, many of them believe that poor blacks and poor Latinos will help to further wreck our economy by absorbing their tax dollars as members of government handouts, but it is racism that will cause them to vote against their own interest in which a large percentage of them are the beneficiaries of food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare and other government backed social programs. If these services were cut today many of them would be homeless and vagabonds across America. But they are driven by a deep seated hatred and will play the race card by doing the bidding of the Invisible Rulers.

It pains me to see how thoroughly humanity has been duped and we continue to walk around with blinders on our eyes. The unequal distribution of the wealth and resources have created a social and economic paradigm that has devastated the 'have nots', while a very small percentage of humanity possesses much more than they will ever need or use (President Obama like all prior U.S. presidents was appointed by this body of parasites and his policies reflects their interest). But we have allowed for this imbalance to take place throughout the world. I will tell you that I am not optimistic about the future of the planet because those who control the planet are steadily moving us sheep closer to the slaughter. My response to this is not that I am a supporter of President Barack Obama or possess some loyalty to the Democratic Party, but I am addressing it as a Free Thinker and one who has learned to think outside the box.

I think every president has enjoyed the privilege of being commander-in-chief. Thus, to my recollection all civil servants at least in the past were afforded with dental and health care and yes vacations, as well as various perks have always come along with the executive privilege of being president of the United States of America (taxpayers have always paid the office of president salary and benefits, thus, he is not the first president to have served under these terms). It is easy to place a peon like President Barack Obama under the microscope, but we do not place Henry Kissinger, Rockefellars, Rothschilds, etc., under the same microscope because many of us do not know where the real power lies. I am sorry to tell you this, they will never invite or allow a "Negro" into the inner workings of the Dynastic Families (he does not fit into their dynastic family bloodline and is not part of a linage of generational wealth). Obama like all past U.S. presidents are just figureheads and have no influence over the real decision making process which affects the affairs of humanity. Some have alluded that since becoming president that President Obama has been made and elevated to a 32 degree or 33 degree Prince Hall Mason (if he was, he would not have been the first American President in fact President Ronald Wilson Reagan was made and elevated to a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason while in office). I have not verified this contention, but most laypersons raise Obama's allege Masonic affiliation to imply and/or suggest that President Obama is working in the interest of the Illuminati and somehow Prince Hall Masonic Order and/or Freemasons in general are tied to some Satanic and sinister agenda to dominate the world. There are secret societies that factors into that equation, but Prince Hall Masonry is low on the totem pole when it comes global influential Orders.

However, the dismantling of the United States Government has been in the making for over forty years; even this was in the making before President Obama was even a thought of becoming president—for decades the United States was the number one creditor nation in the world and now we are the number one debtor nation in the world (perhaps you all did not know that China owns a large percentage of the U.S. debt and in reality the Rothschilds own all of the U.S. debt). And in the last twenty-five years, we have slipped from being the number one nation in math and science—now the United States is number 29th in science and 35th in math relative to other industrialized nations (you see to blame Obama for this is the highest order of duping and hypocrisy). Our ability to compete in a global economy will continually decline because our educational model is obsolete and there is no direct correlation to where the world is headed; thus our educational system is in shambles and our curriculums are outdated, which will continue to impact our place on the world stage. We have falling behind politically, socially and economically because we are victims of the 'dumbing'down process in which our children cannot compete with China, Japan, India, Korea, Thailand, etc., and this has impacted our global position and station in the world. Our literacy rate will continue to affect how jobs are being created and our ability to compete on the highest level with other civilized nations will continue to decline.

We cannot blame President Obama for the outsourcing of our economy to Mexico and the Far East and our Middle Eastern Oil/energy dependency—these things were in the making a long time before Obama took his seat in the Oval Office. Perhaps many of you have forgotten that Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush initiated the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA and GATT), which helped to dismantle the U.S. economy. These low level operatives worked in the interest of the Hidden Hand, if you all really desire to know who is behind this bad economy, it becomes imperative that you study the likes of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers (and you will immediate take notice that President Obama is not the blame). Historically speaking the Rothschild sons strategically took different European countries, which to carryout their plan to dominate world finances and control banking houses the world-over, e.g., Anslem Rothschild took Frankfort, Solomon Rothschild took Vienna, Nathan Mayer Rothschild took London, Charles Rothschild took Naples and James Rothschild took Paris. History bears witness to the success of this plot because the Rothschild family trust presently has their tentacles wrapped around the whole of humanity. These powerful men of historical significance and their now present day descendants’ carryout their globalization plots within organizations that are more powerful and influential than world governments. It is they who are truly behind the escalating national deficit and the Fall of America; and not President Barack Obama. The Federal Reserve, Bank of London and the Central Banks are responsible for manipulating debt and national and global monetary policy (not Barack Obama in fact he and all other presidents since 1913 had to answer to these Hidden Emperors). Neither Romney nor President Obama can create wealth, this notion is outside of their job description and pay grade.

Now, for starters, the Federal Reserve is a private corporation and not a governmental agency, but yet this institution wields more power over how the economy (global and domestic) is going to fair by determining interest rates and the flow of money. Ben Bernanke answers to no one in which the Congress nor the President can order an audit or conduct any type of external oversight over how the Federal Reserve functions (the Federal Reserve Act violates the 16 Amendment of the United States Constitution). All U.S. presidents have served at the pleasure of the chairman of the Federal Reserve. We need to first ask ourselves, who do we owe this debt to? And who in 2008 had the power and ability to call the debt in? Very few economist or social scientist will tackle these two questions because, it would lead them into some unchartered waters and this leaves us to sift through information that is being disseminated by so-called conspiracy theorist in order to determine the truth (I have found people like Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones as being somewhat credible at least they continue to make us aware of the False Flags). Corporate and mainstream media is absolutely pathetic and has a bias towards supporting the status quo and its design to keep us under control and misinformed about the issues. Just recently the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gave his solution to resolving the economic situation that has been plaguing the United States since 2008, which was printing more money that is not backed by anything and keeping interest rates low. If Bernanke was serious about creating real wealth again and stabilizing our monetary woes he would have recommended to congress that they implement legislation to put our nation’s currency back on the gold standard and since the 1930s which marked our departure from U.S. currency being backed by gold and silver, it has continuously led to the economic demise of the United States of America and the world economies.

This slick maneuver that was recently made by Bernanke will give a glimpse of false economic forecast for our nation (further luring us to sleep while the international banks keeps us confined to debt), but it will give the prior appearance to the November presidential election that President Obama is moving the nation forward. This chessboard move was well calculated by the Hidden Hand and it’s designed to make Obama appear as being more presidential and, therefore, creating a political environment in order to make him more electable (given the illusion that he is fixing the American economy and that our nation is headed in the right direction). Bernanke’s move to create more money out of thin air was strictly a matter of political and economic timing and it was a partisan tactic shrouded under the guise of issuing economic relief, but it was another covert example of the government’s duping tactics. Although, the likes of Bernanke and all past Federal Reserve Chairmen’s have no loyalty to political parties, their loyalty was to money and they can give a damn who was the president and what his party affiliations was and/or who sits in congress may be because they are the taskmasters of both political parties.

Moreover, each candidate and party works in the interest of the Money Changers and there is no such thing as a democracy of rule that guides the United States any longer; those days are long gone. How does printing more worthless Fiat money factor into stimulating economic growth and it surely does not begin to address that insurmountable national deficit? But guess what, Bernanke is a very shrewd business man and he knows what the negative results are going to be by given the Federal Reserve permission to continue the printing of worthless currency. He also know that this move is going to eventually heighten inflation and cause more national and global misery—yet they even make humanity's misery profitable for themselves, but may be Bernanke is acquiescing to the private stockholders (can you imagine that our monetary system is in the hands of a hidden cabal and that the United States President and the U.S. Congress has no say so over our monetary system). Bernanke actually gives the president and congress orders (the Federal Reserve chairman has unlimited power). The Cabal are international banks (twelve that makes up the Federal Reserve) that determines wars, famines, global financial markets, the value of gold, diamonds and all the precious metals and minerals of the earth, they determine who shall become president/prime minister, they are behind the dope trade, they are behind the rise and fall of the oil commodity, etc.

A. Ralph Epperson in his book titled: "The New World Order" stated: "Therefore, the business cycle is caused by those who control the money supply. And the purpose of the business cycle is to take property from some and to give it to others. Those who know what course the money supply is going to take are certainly able to take advantage of their prior knowledge. That means that those who causes inflation can also can also prevent it. The controller of the money supply in the United States is the privately owned Federal Reserve, {called by this author the Private Reserve} and their purpose is to use their ability to cause business cycles through inflation and deflation. . ." (Reference: Ralph Epperson; "The New World Order"; pp. 281-282).

I hope that you all do not think that President Barack Obama put us in this present day mess. Let me refresh you all memory a bit. Thus, in 2008, six weeks before the presidential elections President George W. Bush sent the American people into panic mode by telling them that some of the biggest and most profitable banks and financial institutions were on the verge of economic collapse (I maintained that we should have called him and Cheney's bluff and allowed the bottom to have fallen out and viewing the nations present economic situation it couldn't gotten any worse). Vice President Dick Cheney via Halliburton had all types of conflict of interest relative to the Middle East and George W. Bush was no different—they allowed Blackwater USA to function as U.S. Government contracted mercenaries who were killing Iraqis indiscriminately, looting and raping Muslim women all in the name of securing oil interest for the Bush-Cheney families. Blackwater was functioning outside of the rules of the Geneva Convention, U.S. Constitution, United Nations rules of engagement, which always led me to believe that they were a CIA and Pentagon front functioning from the military directives of the highest level of United States Government—they committed all types of crimes in Iraq and should have been court-martialed and at least indicted and convicted in U.S. Federal Courts.

The former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, a former Goldman Sachs executive duped the American taxpayers in deveining up over 750 billion dollars (TARP money) deemed as bailout and/or rescue package (later ratified by the Obama administration) to so-called resolve the induced economic meltdown that was affecting international banks like AIG, Bear-Stern, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Chase Manhattan, etc. Bush and the Republicans were behind two wars—Iraq and Afghanistan that has caused the American taxpayers trillions of dollars. President Obama inherited these two costly conflicts, but make no mistake about it, he is a pawn also and he is no better than his wicked and diabolical predecessor George W. Bush and he agreed to the agenda to further move our nation and the world hastily towards a New World Order and a One World Government. Surely these unjust wars have helped contributed towards our national deficit and both administrations have continued to justify their legitimacy. Let me remind you that this was unprecedented that the U.S. Government mandated that taxpayers money would be allocated to financially bailout for profit and private corporations; moreover, something was terribly wrong with that scenario (now, this was an example of some big corporate welfare clients)—straight up government handouts. Bush and his rightwing cronies had deregulated Wall Street and under the Bush Tax Codes they were not paying their fair tax share relative to the amount of income these den of thieves were raking in and for those who do not know this is the real issue in the Obama versus Romney debate.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will not resolve America’s economic woes, if ‘elected’ president and vice president of the United States; this situation is far beyond being repairable because this crisis was systematically induced and no ‘elected’ politician has the power or influence to deviate from the Rothschilds plan (they are master liars and are playing on the emotions of the American people). But each party is playing the blame game, but the economic crisis is outside of their sphere of influence. Take it from me, your vote do not mean a damn thing, it will only continue to contributed to the international banks chokehold around the necks of the American people. These tyrants are in it for the long haul.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@ yahoo.com.

 Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Monday, September 10, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

The United States of America in the next couple of months will hold the 2012 presidential elections in which of late every place that I have gone, I am being constantly bombarded by African American voters registration volunteers who are canvassing the streets and neighborhoods seeking to register unregistered voters. I have gotten asked the same question, perhaps for a million and one time, which is, am I a registered voter? My response is always the same in which I ordinarily ask them why are they asking and in reality what difference does it make? (I was taught in grade school one should never answer a question with a question). I do understand one of the most important historical paradigm and that is, nothing is ever going to change for poor and oppressed people unless there is a redistribution of wealth and the Invisible Elitist 1% who controls 95% of the world's wealth is toppled (this is easier said than done) from that vanish point nothing is going to change—this systems creates the false illusion that voting can alter the Power Dynamic and this is the basis of the duping that keeps the masses in place and in check. The Invisible Rulers do not vote, but it is they who controls all the global political, economic and social affairs that affects humanity (the process of voting gives the ignorant and dumbfound masses the illusion that they factor into how government on all levels is being shaped and politicians make them believe that we live in a Democracy and that voting is sacred).

Now, in the world of political theory, very few could argue against the one man/woman vote process and imagine, if we could really see the affects of a democratic process where the true will of the people is being manifested in the electoral process. President Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address spoke some very eloquent words and truths when he stated we should be a: "government of the people, by the people, for the people”. What has happened to this concept? But I do admire their organizational and mobilization efforts, they do this because in their minds and hearts they believe in the concept of American democracy and they think that their vote counts and are oblivious to the Hidden Hand, which is an Invisible Elitist Class of men and women who determines who sits in Congress and in the White House and is behind molding and shaping public policy and it is their political decisions that counts and not your vote (I know for most people who live in the United States this is a hard pill to swallow). The Hidden Hand not only controls the American political system, but is behind determining the global political direction that impacts all of humanity.

I was a good student who in grade school and middle school use love Civics, if I did not learn anything in Clinton Place Junior High School, my teachers drilled in us that there were three levels of government in which the Founding Fathers believed that in order to have a government that would protect the concept of Democracy and freedom, it had to be rooted in the separation of powers (Executive, Legislative and Judicial)—this was once social studies 101, but the world has changed dramatically in the last eleven years and what use to be no longer is. The Founding Father’s political theory would ensure the American people that one level of government did not assume all the power and create a dictatorship, thus in theory the Founding Fathers created a political system of checks and balances (this was some profound wisdom that existed in 1784 and it says to me that these men were geniuses). However, we have witness the concept of democracy being rewritten after the 9-11 hoax (lets not be fooled these moves were well thought out and intentional) and President George W. Bush actually set a new political precedent that overturned everything in scholarly value and of political ethics that I had learned in my eight grade Civics class. President George W. Bush systematically shifted all the power to the Executive Branch of Government (the office of president) and could use the smokescreen of national security interest as a justification ploy and make all types of unilateral decisions in the area of Foreign Policy and even in domestic policy with no congressional oversight. This means that the American people has no voice and the people we sent to congress as our representatives have been deduced to window dressing and the president can now make decisions with no outside discussions other than with his cabinet members (our government now functions outside of the United States Constitution and is operating as a shadow government), in particular in my opinion this has become bothersome in the area of how the Executive branch of government has dealt with so-called international terrorism.

May be we have been so thoroughly duped and that we do not see that this is a scary era and some dangerous times that we are living under (surely our so-called leaders are not sounding the alarm). Both Bush and Obama had taken some military actions, which should have been consulted with the U.S. Congress (which translate to mean that the American people have no say so in this new era of globalism and One World Government)—the war in Iraq should have never been fought and the war in Afghanistan should have never been fought. I know we were convinced that Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden were coming to get us and we equally believed the lie that Saddam Hussein and the Revolutionary Guards were somehow behind 9/11 and bombing the World Trade Center. They constantly use all manner of misinformation and propaganda to mold and shape public opinion. Bush strategically used his executive powers of imposing Executive Orders while at the same time subverting the United States Constitution—it has been turned into a worthless piece of paper and Obama and all other presidents to follow will have no measure of accountability to the American people (these low level emperors will continue to be the political beneficiaries of these recent un-American activities).

I told one voter registration organizer that President Obama had already been selected for another four year term and she looked at me as though I was crazy because the presidential election is held in November and I was telling her this in September (I knew that she had never heard of the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, etc.), it is they who determines who will sit in the Oval Office and not the electorate. So from that perspective voting does not matter because the U.S. presidential political matter has been predetermined by an external powerful Cabal. President Obama as a low-level operative who has carried out his orders and assignments quite well on behalf of the Hidden Hand will be rewarded by them for being a good servant. President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney works in the interest of Wall Street and International Bankers (both of them are Rothschild’s agents), it is not politicians that runs the American Government, but it's corporate entities that stands as the true Power Brokers (in all actuality it’s just a few wealthy families that controls the United States) and it is their vision that means more to how our democracy is being shaped than the sentiments of the populace. Most Black people have allowed their emotions to dictate how they view President Obama and many have overlooked the fact that other than skin color, they share very little with this silent assassin, he has to be considered one of the most dangerous presidents of all times and has no loyalty or allegiance to black people or white people, his loyalty is to the Rothschilds.

I drew this conclusion after I read the National Defense Authorization Act that President Obama passed on December 31, 2011, this reactionary legislation makes the Patriot Act looks like child's play—indeed President Obama is a dangerous man and a political animal of the worst kind. I must let you know that the U.S. Naval Seals did not kill Osama Bin Laden as America’s media reported and this man had been dead at least eight years before the video game scenario was given to the American people so-called depicting the Al-Qaeda leader's assassination. The CIA Director David Petraeus should have been credited with being the executive editor of the piece that appeared on CBS-60 Minutes on September 9, 2012 that aired a segment/testimony of one of the so-called Navy Seals that participated in the assassination of Bin-Laden. If it was a secret operation and a highly confidential mission, which possessed classified information, why at this time would they have decided to share his allege testimony and face with world? The Navy Seal wrote a book titled: “No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden” under the pseudonym of Mark Owen. This CIA and Pentagon approved 60 Minutes television segment in my opinion was being shown at this time to boaster President Obama’s approval ratings as commander-in-chief. The Pakistanis could have verified the death of Bin-Laden some years ago, but when you have a people that can be easily duped by anything, it then becomes more of an appeal to their raw emotions of patriotism (get them rapped up in the flag and continue to lure them asleep with disinformation). Moreover, Obama plays them like a fiddle and although African Americans are his most loyal political base, they have been taken for granted by he and his administration relative to public policy (but guess what you Negroes will still foolishly cast ballots just because we desire to support America's so-called first black president and continually be politically orchesterized by this reactionary pawn).

Just reason with me for a moment, can you imagine President Obama and/or any other U.S. presidential candidate who refuses to accept and embrace the Jewish agenda—this would be political suicide; although, there are only six million Jews in America and there are over 40-50 million blacks in America, but this powerful minority always factors into the national and international direction of the country; they ensure that the Jews and Israel will always be top priority for any candidate who wishes to sit in the White House. Some would classify this as a mere Zionist agenda, but I view it as smart politics (and to point this out is not anti-Semitism—I am member of the original Jewish Nation those Nubian Hebrews who have been written out of biblical history—these Hebrews were practicing Judaism long before Moses received the revelation of the Torah; reference: Jose V. Malcioln; “The African Origins of Modern Judaism: From Hebrews to Jews”). Blacks in the United States of America has very little clues to how to rise above mediocrity and leverage their voting bloc to dictate their own agenda and influence how politicians will handle affairs that are germane to their interest (they could benefit by studying the Jews). There is no political lobby in the United States that comes even comes close to the power and influence that the Israeli lobby wields over America’s body of politics.

Although, the voters registration organizers claim to be non-partisan and non-political affiliated, but it's clear that these young voters registration volunteers were definitely pro President Barack Obama—the way they pose their questions you automatically felt that they had a liberal agenda and bias towards the Democratic Party. Many of them have blinders on and do not desire to see the political and economic apathy that exist among the downtrodden and more amongst the once middle class Americans who had for generations embraced the American dream in which to only see it come crumbling and tumbling down in 2008. Yet, what strikes me about a society that was built and constructed on racism—white people will vote against their own interest and do not understand that the arch Deceivers conveniently uses them to maintain racial division and this has historically factored into their agenda; keep the white poor thinking that they have a shared interest and kinship with the Invisible Elitist and therefore, it becomes easy to divide and conquer the class of have nots, in particular, if they believe that its a vote against blacks and Latinos—this type of action and behavior proves that racism is an imbedded disease in the United States. Many of this mindset believes that the black poor are the problem that has caused the United States of America to collapse on itself because the mass media keeps them duped and selling them on distractions—they understand the subliminal power of scapegoat, which feeds the racist mentality and have even caused many of them to embrace Mitt Romney who belief system as a member of the Church of Latter Days Saints (Mormon) has to be consider a cult that possesses an anarchist and anti-Christ theology in which Joseph Smith teachings is without a doubt, is outside of mainstream Christianity.

Yet, President Barack Obama who was condemned for being associated with the Black Liberation Theologian and minister of Trinity United Church of Chicago, Reverend Jeremiah Wright; moreover, after attending Reverend Wright's church for over nineteen years the Powers-that-be forced Obama to repudiate his long time friend and spiritual confidante. Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s message in my opinion, was more consistent with the true teachings of Yeshuaa Ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph whom the Christian world refer to as Jesus Christ)—like Reverend Wright, Jesus was a spiritual revolutionary who missions was to alter change in an unjust society—Wright like Jesus understood the importance of teaching a social Gospel. But in a racist society very few of the right-wing Republican and Tea Party conservatives have demanded that Mitt Romney denounce his religious association with the Mormon Church in order that he may be perceived more "American" this is the overt double standard (what is good for the goose should be good for the gander). What do the Rightwing Christians share with the Mormon Church? They share the thread of racism, the Evangelical Right sentiment is rooted in the ideology of southern confederacy in which many claim to be Christians and believers in the Bible—these same hypocrites used the Bible to justify Chattel Slavery (1555-1865) and up until 1978 Blacks were viewed as a biblical curse people in the Mormon’s theology and from its inception the Mormon Church prohibited so-called African Americans from membership. But the so-called Evangelical Right of the Confederate south shares that exact same theological views as the Mormon Church relative to Black people—curse are the descendents of the biblical ‘Hamites’.

The media even accused President Barack Obama of being a Muslim (just this accusation alone would render him unelectable and more so than that, it speaks to the negative stereotypes that Western society has towards Muslims and Islam) he did everything possible to distance himself from being labeled a Muslim and worst yet they have consistently questioned his American citizenship—they claim that his birth certificate is not authentic in which makes his presidential appointment unlawful and unconstitutional. I have said this over and over again he has been the most disrespected president in the history of the United States. President Obama in 2008 had the entire world in his hand and unlike any other president-elect the country and the world was energized—some truly believed that he represented hope and change; however, most American voters do not understand that the electoral process is a sham and whether the next U.S. President, is Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama, it has all been planned out to the detriment of the American citizens. But in the grand scheme of things it really does not matter because both candidates are pawns of the international bankers.

Mitt Romney desires to come across as a fiscal conservative—duping the so-called rightwing into thinking that he and Congressman Paul Ryan has found the solution to resolving the national deficit, which is the further dismantling of what former President Bill Clinton started with his Welfare Reform Bill and Crime Bill; both pieces of legislation were an assault on the poor and have nots. These high level politicians works in the direct interest of the Invisible Rulers and Hidden Hand—Bill Clinton policies sent more black men to prison than both President Ronald Reagan and President George W. H. Bush (it was the Democratic President Bill Clinton that gave the Prison Industrial Complex one of the biggest face lifts in American history). Romney claims that he is for smaller government, but he refuses to turnover his Internal Revenue tax returns for public scrutiny, where is his personal transparency? He wants to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and will not raise a fair tax proposition for his millionaire Wall Street buddies. He has made millions of dollars and perhaps have tax sheltered his income in Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Island tax havens off shore accounts. What is Governor Romney hiding? Yet, he wants to scrutinize the poor and the America's most vulnerable, but desire to give the 1% a free pass by implementing new tax codes to benefit this den of thieves. This behavior alone should render suspicion amongst the America taxpayers and the voting electorate, but Romney and Ryan desires to hold the poor accountable, but he want even release his tax records.

President George W. Bush in acts of deceptions was worst than the Gangster Al Capone—cold blooded stickup man. The Rothschilds systematically used him to establish a New World Order right in front of our eyes in 2008 and six weeks before the 2008 Presidential election the Rothschilds induced a neo-Great Depression creating and causing a global economic crisis that led to the near collapse of the United States banking system and government. The ignorant masses felt for the housing bubble argument (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and irresponsible spending and debt accumulation that were being blamed on the working poor and middle class—the Federal Reserve and the Bank of London in concerted efforts along with the global Central Banks caused the 2008 economic meltdown and it had nothing to do with the reasons the media reported. They used the above argument to renegotiate our new terms of enslavement, which has created disillusionment and apathy amongst the American people.

I watched just a little of the Democratic National Convention this past week that was held in Charlotte, North Carolina (next to New York, it is the banking capitol of the south), but North Carolina is considered a right to work state where workers have no rights and labor unions is almost non-existent in this backwards state. People saw the bright lights of downtown Charlotte and visualized this as a progressive city, but I could have taking Obama to parts of West Charlotte where unemployment is 40% percent and crime is equal to any large metropolitan city (poverty runs rampant in the Queen City, it is actual a tale of two cities—one of wealth and one of poor and hopelessness). President Obama needs to win North Carolina and he fully understands that in 2008, he only won North Carolina by 14,000 votes (North Carolina is a pivotal state). North Carolina is still considered a Bible belt state and a few months ago North Carolina voters went to the polls to vote in primaries for Governor, state seats, county seats, school board seats, etc., but on the ballot was an amendment dealing with same sex marriages in which Obama endorsed this agenda, but this issue made way for strange bedfellows in North Carolina, the black church in North Carolina and the white Christian right in North Carolina voted down the same Sex Marriage Amendment in our state by 59% to 39% margin, it was not even close. The amendment was even endorsed by my friend and comrade Reverend William Barber head of the North Carolina chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). If this down vote was of any indication of voter’s sentiments towards the president, then he is in serious trouble in North Carolina. I really wanted to hear what slick Willie (President Bill Clinton) was going to say and true to form Clinton told the American people that the economy and world that we once knew is gone forever and never to return (this most important remark perhaps went right over most people’s head).

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@ yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El