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By Fahim A. Knight-El

I have not had a good Build in some time and this caused me last week to pullout my ‘120 (degree) Lessons’ and started studying them as I once did some years ago. I must admit to my reading audience, I feel like a closet Five Percenter (may be I view myself more of an honorary member) who belongs to the Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE) because I have been a student of the "120 Lessons" for a very long time and it is this affinity that has kept me close to this culture in spirit and thought. However, it has been years since I attended my last Parliament, which was held in Asbury Park and Neptune, New Jersey (New Jerusalem). Also, just the other night, I started reading Michael Muhammad Knight's book titled, "Why I Am a Five Percenter", let me set the stage for my readers relative to Michael Muhammad Knight who considers himself to be a Five Percenter.  Firstly, he is a Caucasian who is also known in the NGE circles as "Azreal Wisdom"; I cite his racial and ethnic nationality because the Nation of Gods and Earths is commonly viewed as a Black Nationalist organization (and as an offshoot of its forerunner organization the Nation of Islam) by mainstream media—the thought of a 'white god' cannot be phantom by some of the black gods that I have spoken with, but there are others who have accepted Michael Muhammad Knight as a brother Five Percenter and he has the rights and privilege to attend Parliaments and free range to let knowledge be born. What he doesn't fully have is the raw street credentials that most of the Gods have attained which is always a plus on the street category side of things.  

Michael Muhammad Knight (Azreal) based on reading and assessing his history and relationship with the Nation of Gods and Earths that probably began in 2004, he seems to have won credibility amongst some of the leading Five Percenters over at the Allah School in Mecca, which is the Headquarters of the Five Percenters located in the heart of Harlem (MECCA) its address is as follows: Allah School In Mecca 2122 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.; New York, NY 10027. Knight has a serious intellectual and academic advantage over many grassroots members of the Nation of Gods and Earths because of his high level of literacy and academic training. His formal academic training was seen in his research investigative book titled, "The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-Hop and the Gods of New York", and if nothing else his scholarship has rescued the Nation of Gods and Earths from being a fringed organization that has lingered in obscurity relative to the academic community and now because of his academic treatise more so-called mainstream scholars are starting to take a serious interest in this fifty year old organization that has for the most part existed under the radar (the black community has always been very aware of the existences of the Five Percenters better known today as NGE). Let me also be clear about this Build my somewhat focus on Michael Muhammad Knight is not written with the intent of overshadowing the NGE with this white NGE scholar and leave my readers with the idea that he is a central focal point of the Five Percenters movement because he is not and I could have approached this article from many different directions minus my attention given to Knight.  

However, Michael Muhammad Knight is a serious student of religion and is, perhaps unmatched by most NGE members when it comes to having a knowledge of comparative religion. He also, has a serious grasp on traditional Islam—Sunnism, Shia, Sufi and other mystic Islamic theologies; yet, reading his book you get the feeling that he is entrapped by the mathematical truths, high science and the unorthodox path to enlightenment offered in the culture of the Nation of Gods and Earths. I believe in heart and mind inside the NGE, Knight found a level of conscious peace that he could not find in Sunni Islam; and although, many of the tenets contradicts what he had previously accepted and come to believe as a Sunni Muslim (nevertheless he views himself as a Five Percenter). However, the NGE seem to have a gravitational pull toward his inner spirit and it didn't matter about the conviction of his Shahada (the Muslim openly attest that there is no God, but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger). He seemed to have rationalized the Nation of Gods and Earths' body of philosophical school of thought as being equal to the Isma'ilis or seeing the NGE as a modern version of many of the Sufi Persian mystics schools of thought; perhaps to Knight these black street poets are viewed in the same realm of the writer of the "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran and possess the philosophical insight of a Jean-Paul Sartre or Rene Descartes.

I think Knight has found a sense of spiritual and intellectual comfort in the esoteric, Gnostic and occult interpretation of the "Supreme Mathematics", ‘Supreme Alphabet’, ‘The Student Enrollment (1-10)’,  ‘The Lost Found Muslim Lesson No.1 (1-14)’, ‘English Lesson No. C-1 (1-36)’,  ‘The Lost Found Muslim Lesson No.2 (1-40)’, ‘The Actual Facts’, etc., and he seemed torn between, perhaps his association with traditional orthodox Islam and his affinity towards this so-called movement that has been perceived by traditional Islam as being defined as heretic in its teachings and philosophy. I will never abandon the 'Lessons' regardless of how mainstream Islam view them and I think that would be Michael Muhammad Knight’s sentiments as well.

The Nation of Gods and Earth is considered to be a secularized culture with no system of clergy and/or clerics or systematic theology or philosophical edicts and tenets, which is not mandated and/or governed by a hierarchy leadership presiding as supreme Master Teacher or leader over the Nation of Gods and Earths (the Gods proud themselves of their Free Thinking, Independent and Sovereign minds, which to manifest and explore the truth without dogmatic boundaries). Thus, each God has Freewill to study and interpreted ‘120 Lessons’ as they please and tap into the mathematical sciences and master the Universal Intelligence to build and let knowledge be born. They don’t look to Chicago, Mecca, Rome, or Jerusalem for guidance—praying and turning to the East is not obligatory and they do not look to be led by Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam or any other religious cleric. The true Five Percenters respect Farrakhan and the Black Muslim teachings, but they adamantly reject being labeled and classified as Muslims and members of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam.

However, former NGE members such as Dr. Wesley Muhammad (aka True Islam) who authored the book titled, "The Book of God: An Encyclopedia of Proof that the Black Man is God" has straddled the fence and has made attempts to bridge the gap between the Nation of Gods and Earths and Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. Dr. Wesley Muhammad/True Islam now serves as a spokesman in the Nation of Islam and they have formed a quasi NGE ciphers called the ALLAH TEAM and subgroups called the Five Percent Nation of Islam that also includes Wakeel Allah who authored two definitive volumes on Father Allah and the Five Percent Nation both titled, "In the Name of Allah Vol. 2: A History of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters". Father Allah is probably turning over in his grave and denouncing Dr. Wesley Muhammad (True Islam) and Wakeel Allah for mixing mathematical truth (quantitative science that can be counted and measured) with unscientific theology (faith that often lacks reasoning) in their attempt to synthesize the Five Percent teachings into some formal Islamic school of thought (most Nation of Gods and Earths members reject any such notion).

Yet, as I have written in the past that both the Nation of Gods and Earths and the Nation of Islam shares a fundamental document called the "Supreme Wisdom Lessons" and other knowledge that originated with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Nation of Islam has a sacred theological value associated with the 'Lessons' these 'Lessons' originally were only given to registered Muslims and the NGE view the 'Lessons' as a philosophical secular set of catechisms that requires a full range of interpretations and definitely not limited to the theology of the Nation of Islam. Many of the Gods who are 50 years and older and even some younger Gods attained this knowledge in the American correctional and penal institutions. But do not think for once that there is not an apologists body of Nation of Gods and Earths scholars that represents the intelligentsia in particular, writers such as Allah Jihad who authored a definitive book on the NGE titled, "The Immortal Birth" and "Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life" authored by Supreme Understanding; edited by Sunez Allah and CBS Alife Allah; they represent legitimate voices inside the Nation of Gods and Earths and have undergone the study of the 'Lessons' in which this is also seen in another work co-authored by CBS Alife Allah and Supreme Understanding titled, "The Science of Self". There are some less flattering works such as "Gods, Earths and 85ers" authored by Pen Black.

I do think in this new era of research and publishing, it has allowed the NGE message to be better communicated amongst the general public because since the assassination of Father Allah in 1969 up until the last ten years, it was difficult finding a body of collective Five Percent history in book form (even the '120 Lessons' were often disseminated from scattered and piecemeal documents). I personally was first introduced to the teachings and 'Lessons' of the Five Percent Nation from a brother who had done time in prison in which the 'Lessons' were often being transferred by another God via orally and/or who had handwritten copies of the ‘Lessons’ or were photostat copied. The Hip-Hop community poets and rappers such as Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, King Sun, Lakim Shabazz,  Nas, Brand Nubian and Lord Jamar, Erik B and Rakim, Method Man, Erykah Badu, Poor Righteous Teachers, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Roots, Busta Rhymes, Jay Electronica, King Sun, etc., who have been either members and/or sympathizers to the philosophical ideology of the Nation of Gods and Earths; they are the true ‘clerics’.

The Hip-Hop artists have served as the greatest ambassadors of conveying and teaching the ‘Lessons’ in a poetic genre and acquainting us with the NGE social and political views through musical lyrics. Many years ago, I became intrigued with the ‘Student Enrollment’ question: "Who is the 5% in the Poor Part of the Earth?" ANS: “They are the poor, righteous Teachers, who do not believe in the teachings of the 10%, and are all-wise; and know who the Living God is; and Teach that the Living God is the Son of man, the supreme being, the (black man) of Asia; and Teach Freedom, Justice and Equality to all the human family of the planet Earth. Otherwise known as: Civilized People. Also are: Muslim and Muslim Sons".

I like to reflect a lot in particular, when I find myself at a quiet moment and this allows me to physically enter into a spiritual space, which also allows me to tap into my subconscious reality and it drives me to embrace I SELF LORD AM MASTER (I.S.L.A.M).  I live in North Carolina, which has four seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter), I have over the years observed the beauty, we find in nature in particular, during the Fall or Autumn time in North Carolina as you travel west from the mountainous regions in and around Ashville, North Carolina during the months of October and early November—the range and hues of the leaves on the trees changing colors (bright yellow, orange, red, rust, brown, olive, etc.) and falling back to the earth, it is a stunning sight—nature at its best. It's one of the most beautiful metamorphosis that takes place in the scheme of nature that you would ever want to see (the time clock is relevant to the natural schisms of the positioning of the solar system). And as those leaves in the western part of the state continues to change colors and fall back to the earth—there is a continuance of the same natural occurrence taking place as you travel from West to East, the changing in nature starts to accelerate on its own timetable in the central and eastern region of North Carolina as well. 

Thus, duplicating the same natural phenomenon that takes place initially and early on in the mountainous region of the state. It is a very pictorial time of the year and people travel from all over the world to catch a glimpse of the external beauty of the various rays of colors relative to the leaves changing and the evolution of the seasons (it represents the perfect example of life and death). The earth is approximately 5 billion years old and this ecological paradigm must be as old as the earth itself. The teachings tell us that God self willed himself out of total triple darkness and from an atom of Light over 76 trillion years ago. Question # 9: ‘Why does the Devil teach the eighty-Five Percent that a mystery God brings all this?’ ANS. "To conceal the True God, which is the Son of man, and make slaves out of the 85% by keeping them worshipping something he knows they cannot see (invisible) and he lives and makes himself rich from their labor. The 85% knows that it rains, hails and snows; also, hears it thunder above his head, but they do not try to learn who is it that causes all this to happen—by letting the 5% teach them. He believes in the 10% on face value".

When we study our Solar Facts we are taught that, "Out of all of the Planets in the Solar Facts, only the Earth has a distance and a relative position with respect to the Sun that Born the Same, which is Understanding. This Understanding is the Resonance at which Life is manifest in this Solar System, which Fruit of the Seed of Knowledge shown on the Planet Earth. In fact, the Planet Earths attribute as far as distance is Born Understanding, or which is Borning a Child into existence. This not to say that Life can not exist on the other planets, or other points of view of the Light of the Sun of Man, its just that the Life that does exist in these other points of view has extra challenges of maintaining such a conditions to allow Life to flourish."

Wow, as a philosophical thinkers my mind is constantly turning just like the earth turns on her Axis and we who live in this part of the western hemisphere starts to receive lesser Sun Light (27 million degrees) as the earth begins its tilt away (23.5 degrees) from the sun, which is 93 million miles away from the earth, it is the degree of this tilt that starts the regeneration process of allowing death to occur in nature in order for that which is new to evolve and come to life (resurrection) in due season relative to how the earth orbits around the sun (that complete itself at 365 days). The days in the winter time gets shorter and the nights get longer as we in western hemisphere move closer toward the winter solstice (nature gives the appearance of death). This is the universal law of cause and affect; it also represents the scientific challenge to the question of, ‘who is that mystery God?’ ANS: "There is not a mystery God. The Son of man has searched for that mystery God for trillions of years and was unable to find a mystery God. So they have agreed that the only God is the Son of man. So they lose no time searching for that that does not exist" (Reference: Elijah Muhammad and Father Allah Lost-Found Muslim Lesson # 2. 1-40).

Father Allah was suspended from the Nation of Islam in 1963 or 1964 and went back to the streets of New York on a new mission other than just being an emissary for the Nation of Islam, but to win new recruits and allies for his budding Five Percent Nation; Father Allah and Justice started teaching the babies and the youth on the street corners—not Islam, but began teaching them the 'Lessons'; thus, before Master Fard Muhammad (this mysterious man prior to his disappearance in 1934 adopted many different alias such as W.D Fard, Wali Fard, W.F. Muhammad, Prophet Fard and many other alias); before this mysterious man disappearance he told the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that his name was 'W.F. Muhammad'. He stressed to Elijah that he needed to master and answer the ‘Lessons’ nearly 100 percent correctly before move on to said ‘Lesson’ number 1 (we must study the 'Lessons' to show our self approved). Master Fard Muhammad required that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to commit the 'Lessons' to memory, which was taught in the form of catechism (subsequently all Nation of Islam converts had to learn them in the same manner), because there would come a time that the Devil will take our 'Lessons' from us. Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught that Master Fard Muhammad came as a thief in the night (seeking that which was Lost, which was none other than the so-called American Negro and that Elijah was the first begotten of the dead) who made his presence known on July 4, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan and was a half-original man who was very light skinned and on the surface looked white and Caucasian.

Father Allah Clarence 13X started to question this half-original God who was being taught as having more theological validity than the original man. But in Father Allah’s mind Master Fard Muhammad’s genetic DNA and his lack of melanin content created doubt and suspicion relative to his higher god status because his ethnicity brought into question that he wasn’t a full original Asiatic Black man and this became the bases for Father Allah rationalizing his opposition to Master Fard Muhammad's Godhood status as it was presented in the Nation of Islam. Father Allah went directly to the 'lessons': Question: "Who is the Original Man: ANS: "The Original man is the Asiatic Black man, the Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the planet Earth, Father of Civilization, God of the Universe". 

Yet, in the teachings, it was taught that Master Fard Muhammad gave his racial and ethnic identity of being from Mecca, Saudi Arabia and was from the linage of the Quraish tribe of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah of 1,400 years ago. Fard Muhammad initially did not teach Elijah Muhammad Islam (he initially was given the name Elijah Karriem) but he placed high demands on teaching Elijah to internalize and commit the ‘Supreme Wisdom Lessons’ to memory. The "Lessons" in my opinion, took precedent over the teaching because they were rooted in the science of the Universal Intelligence. Elijah Muhammad has stated that Master Fard Muhammad taught him day and night for 3 1/2 years and he and the Master had an enjoining room and he got up late one night to peep through the key hold to see if Master Fard Muhammad was asleep—only to see Master Fard Muhammad peeping back at him.

Some historians have argued that it was two things that got Father Allah (Clarence 13X) excommunicated and kicked out of the Nation of Islam—his so-called blatant disrespect for the "Restrictive Laws of Islam", which was a set of rules established by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that governed moral and ethical conduct of the believers who received their 'X' and became registered Muslims in Muhammad’s Holy Temple of Islam and the Nation of Islam. Minister Malcolm X was head of Temple # 7 (Harlem, New York) when Father Allah joined the Temple (Father Allah's wife actually joined the Temple before he did) and by all accounts Minister Malcolm X and Captain Yusuf Shah (Captain Joseph) were strict disciplinarians and governed the Temple in an authoritarian manner. Some have written and even living eyewitness testimonies have stated that Clarence 13X loved to gamble and consume alcohol, smoked cigarettes and marijuana, as well as chased women, which went against the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's strict code of conduct teachings. It was alleged that it was Minister Malcolm X who placed him in F-Class and suspended him for un-Islamic conduct.  

The Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percent Nation) founded by Father Allah (Clarence 13X) who gave us the ‘120 Lessons’ as a tool to be used to go after the eighty-five percent (85%) those who were made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self.  And in my discourse, I strive to be Right and Exact with the understanding that all truth is based on mathematical reasoning and irrefutable logic that can be proven in no limit of time, then it begs to reason that all truthful knowledge is interconnected and interrelated (okay lets show and prove).

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in DurhamNC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@ Copyright © 1999 – 2014

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Friday, October 25, 2013



By Fahim A. Knight-El

Who was really behind the U.S. Government shutdown? This unceremonious event caused the U.S. economy to lose over 24 billion dollars during the so-called sixteen (16) day government shutdown. Will someone please tell me what sense does this make when here is a nation already strapped for cash and has become one of the leading debtor nations in the world; unless those in control had some covert manipulative scam in the inner workings, which has gone undetected by the masses and has yet to readily reveal itself relative to the unseen agenda. I suspect the same culprits who were behind the government shutdown, are the same ones behind inducing all past social phenomenon and will continuing having their hands in determining the future direction of humanity.

The Confederates in the U.S. Congress are bent on destroying America's first black president by any means necessary, even if it means, holding the American people hostage and if these good ole boys totally had their way, it would be easy to imagining them summoning federal and state troops and seizing the White House (imprisoning the sitting president and his cabinet) and declaring Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and may be even Ohio as the 'New U.S. Capitol'.  This is the type of vitriol and mean-spirited hatred that is running through the veins of some of these modern confederates who dresses up in dark business suits and neck ties (and is called senators and congresspersons). 

Yet, I do think when the government fails the people, as in the government shutdown case and did not act responsible towards the political and social interest of the American people then there should be a provision in the U.S. Constitution that gives the people the legal right to suffer no unwarranted tyrannical and oppressive actions by lawmakers who were intentionally being derelict in their duties to defend and protect the United States Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies (the actions of the U.S. Congress posed a clear and imminent danger to the overall stability of the people and the U.S. Government). I am not a legal or constitutional law expert, but perhaps some would argue that this type of language is already covered in the U.S. Constitution. The government shutdown should have been viewed as a breech and compromise of U.S. National Security, but these elected low-level operatives were allowed to just walk away from this economic disruption and the elected government officials led sabotage only became a sign of business as usual. Many of them continued to receiving their government salaries (taxpayer’s money) during the shutdown. I am all for the right to dissent and I believe that dissension brings about balance to governmental power and authority. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and others, their dissention were racially motivated coupled by an attack on the poor and simanteously ensuring that the wealthy continues as the beneficiaries of our misery. This was nothing but a shrewd game of chess that has been rigged like some Las Vegas poker game and the winners have already been predetermined (the cheating is so sophisticated and high tech that it cannot be detect by the naked eye).  

Now, the conventional response to this type of derelict in political duty would be that our focus should be on organizing grassroots voter's mobilization strategies and devising tactics and establishing a real political movement in order to effectively bring about change. I am intentionally hinting at Third Party Politics which has always been stifled by the power of the two corporate political parties. What political strategies after this debacle do we have to alter the upcoming midterm elections and change the faces of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate? However, the two corporate parties wield so much power and influence in which I lost optimism in the voting process along time ago. I will continue to echo this, our vote don't mean a damn thing, it is just an exercise design to keep the masses pacified and believing that we have the influence to determining how we desire to see our democracy shaped by engaging in the electoral process (what an ideological sham) .

The true wealth holders of the United States and the globe, they do not cast ballots, but it is they who determine the outcomes of all influential elections and all big elections are won and lost in their financial and political interest. Voting has never been about the empowerment of the masses, it is only a symbolic illusion to give the impression to the U.S citizens of being a participatory democracy and government led by the people. I was taught in my eight grade civics course that this was what made our democracy unique, which set us apart from other forms of government. But it was because of my personal brainwashing and indoctrination (public education) that early on naively entrapped my thinking (it was design to make all of us robotic), it was drilled into me that Communism and Socialism as forms of government did not allow the people to openly disagree with the State (no doubt U.S. propaganda at its best—destroy young fashionable and impressionable minds from having the ability to ever become critical thinkers).

They trained us to believe that we so-called enjoyed a high level of freedoms and individual rights under our American system of democracy (capitalism has away of creating illusions and it confuses fact from fiction)) and it has always been easier for us to point out the oppression and atrocities that have taking place on distance lands and have difficulty coming to grips with our own oppression being carried out under the banner of democracy. Yet, since 9/11 the United States has become a totalitarian form of government (and a police state) and President Obama is equal to any Despot that has entered into recent world history.

The American people are steadily losing all of their civil liberties and we have become so dumb down that we are applauding the government and do not have a clue that this new level of heighten security has very little to do with domestic terrorism or global terrorism; this is well documented in Noam Chomsky work titled, "Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest For Global Dominance". The sun is just about to set on western society and her decline is inevitable. Obama has issued in a new form of imperialism, which in reality, is a continuation of George W. Bush's Foreign Policy agenda (Bush Doctrine)—either you are with us or against us—this is the ultimatum that Islamic and Developing Nations faces today in particular, those that disagrees with the U.S. present day political course and have the courage to express some type of independence and sovereignty such as Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Yemen and a few others are immediately demonized and isolated. Obama’s era should be called ‘Drone Diplomacy’ he is responsible for high level international assassinations, as well as using drones to reap havoc in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa, which has led to the killings of innocent people around the world.

But we have an even greater problem, which is some of our state governments and elected federal government officials have been hijacked by far rightwing Tea Party conservatives who are putting forth a reactionary political agenda.  Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and his rightwing Tea Party Constituents are only convenient patsies put in place by the Hidden Hand to further carryout the agenda of the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds disguised in the name of being so-called good American patriots who are leading the charge for liberty and a decentralized Federal Government. The poor is not the enemy to the stability of the United States of America, but Paul knows the driving force of America’s economic instability are the international bankers (if he didn't know he could have just asked his father former Texas Congressman Ron Paul surely daddy Paul understands the Triangle of Deception), but these type pawns are about political self-interest and they are paid informants to keep the charade going. Gary Allen and Larry Abraham in their book titled, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" the authors maintained that the Power Elite systematically apply pressure from the bottom and pressure from the top (interpreted to mean they control the militant radical thought as well as the conservative thought and everything else in-between).

Yet, Senator Paul's home state of Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the union (plagued with high unemployment and is simanteously a haven for Big Corporate Shelters and is an anti-workers union state) when it comes to per capita income. Why would the U.S. Congress, John Boehner and the Republican Party and President Barack Obama and the Democrats desire to see the 'havenots' even more destitute? The Wall Street Bankers never loses they often profit more during times of fear and panic—they have the power to summons the president and the Speaker of the House (often it is their lobbying money that has financed U.S. Congressional leaders and these puppets are mandated to hear and obey). The decisions they are mandated to make, are not about the feelings and emotions or interest of neither the voting electorate nor their loyal constituents—American politics is about money and the positioning of power. The two-party system functions from the same premise, which is to do nothing to interfere or impede the interest of the wealth holders; therefore the laws and rules are written to ensure wealth will continue to flow in their coffers uninterrupted. Perhaps many of you might even believe that the GOP and the Democratic Party are politically different and fail to understand that both parties only serve the interest of Fortune 500 companies and the Super Elite.

This is moving us closer to the final frontier in preparation for another Great Depression. How prepared are we to having to deal with food being rationed out, no running water and/or electricity, as well as the government declaring Martial Law? The government is broke and strap for cash (they must find ways to jettison useless human baggage and the poor has become expendable). The federal government doesn’t have the financial reserves it had just 50 years ago but the dismantling process started many years ago, I advise my readers to go back and read Alvin Tofflers book titled, “Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave”; corporate down sizing and corporate outsourcing were calculated business decisions in which the social scientist (at least the wise amongst them) knew early on that this trend would have a tremendous negative affect on the economic, political and social outcome on the future of the United States to remain a world economic superpower. This along with massive debt has rendered at least five unborn generations who will be plague with digging themselves out of a hold that was created for them by those who practice greed as a trade and was not concern with America’s future.  

This ultimately isn’t about who has the best fiscal plans (neither party has a real solution to solving the 17 trillion dollar national deficit—its greed that has brought the global economy to its knees that 1% who controls 99% of the world’s wealth is the most dangerous sector to the freedoms of all humanity. It is China that is keeping our government afloat in which we will never be able to fully pay the debt back and a total economic collapse of the United States economy is on the immediate horizon and is inevitable and at the same time they are steadily sensitizing the poor even more with their own poverty. They actually used the 9/11 hoax to steal massive national and international monetary reserves (huge amounts of gold and silver were never recovered) that were housed in underground vaults beneath the World Trade Center—Larry Silverstein and the Secret Cabal got off like fat rats in a cheese factory—Federal Reserve Bank of New York was a key player in this deception.  

The American people life styles since 2008 have depreciated. Some have this faint idea that these crisis are going to blow over and we are going to return to pre 2008 living standards, but many of us have not taking notice that we have economically digressed to almost substandard living conditions that will soon equal to what we (the working poor and the middle class) see in developing nations (or what Capitalist and bloodsuckers of the poor refer to as 'Third World' nations). We have allowed the Elitist and the Hidden Hand to move towards stripping us bone raw of the wither all to exist as human beings (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness). They are now consistently passing on the debt to the poor by blaming the 'havenots' for America's economic woes and using our elected officials in congress as front men to dupe us into believing that President Obama and the Democratic Party are responsible for the escalating national deficit. Just ask yourself, who do we owe this astronomical debt?

This article was not written as an apologist and in defense of President Obama or to exonerate this operative because he too works in the interest of the Hidden Hand and is very much down with the duping. Most people are not familiar with the Bank For International Settlements (the mother of all Central Banks) located in Basel, Switzerland, which dictates how the global Central Banking systems functions and determine the value of the world currency, but most of all dictates the inflation index—they allow the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England to infuse the printing of worthless currency as a short term monetary solution to propping up their economies in which the Federal Reserve Chairman knows that this is not even a temporary fix, but it is this variables that will also fuel future wars and the stealing of defenseless nations resources (this is the real objective behind those that manipulates the global flow of money). The printing of worthless currency should be outlawed, it is this phenomenon that also feeds the necessity for the Military Industrial Complex. For example, Syria, Mali, Iraq, Egypt and Afghanistan are prime examples of this agenda—the entire African continent is in trouble in particular, as resources becomes more scarce weaker nations will become prime targets for exploitation by Eastern Powers and Western European Powers.

The European Common Market and the power of the Euro have lost value in Europe and around the world because similar to the United States Dollar it is driven not solely by global markets and/or how well commodities are performing, but wars/debt/famines are the primary social variables that impacts on the economic and financial projections of how the Euro performs. European nations in recent history have not created sustainable domestic and international trade surpluses in which could prohibited what we saw taking place the last few years in Greece—a European nation on the brink of economic collapse—this could have had a serious domino affect throughout the entire European region. This also includes European nations such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.  

Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve authored a monumental book titled, "Alan Greenspan: The Age of Turbulence" who was appointed to the Governors of the Federal Reserve by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 and served until 2006. Mr. Greenspan was one of the most brilliant 'Money Changers' of the 20th century; yet I was taking aback after spending a few weeks reading a 531 page book written by this global economist guru in which he did not dedicate one paragraph to explaining how the Central Banking system function. I read the book because I was in search of some inside information relative to international banking and the Federal Reserve System. How much money is enough money?

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK ( located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Thursday, October 10, 2013



By Fahim A. Knight-El

Let me start this article off by sharing this principle: Whatever Path that we are on and, perhaps unknowing to the majority of humanity this march had already been preordained before we embarked upon our earthly trek and even started before our birth conception); and it's not accidental or incidental nor even coincidental of where we are in space and time. We are supposed to be on our journey, whatever that may be and wherever it has taken us up until that point in our lives and the beauty in it all, it does not necessarily means this is where the journey begins or ends. But in the essence, of space and time relative to the universal order of things various Paths are shown and given to us as principles of spiritual preparation. These lessons will eventually give us meaning to this thing called life and as we travel our personal journey, the road will eventually continuously reward us with enlightenment (in particular the Prepared Ones and those who are opened to receive). I am a living witness that it will always provide us with some answers along the way—experienced through trial and error. However, as I just stated wherever, we are in mind, body and spirit, it will always provide us with the acknowledgement of the Now. It is only our experiences good, bad and/or indifferent, which gives life meaning and purpose in particular, those experiences that we have already had, and those that we will eventually have in the future and beyond, that will move us along in our spiritual journey; and this is the only true reality and it was this that brought me some years ago to the crossroads with organized religion.

This reality, will at time cause us to debunk some things in order to clear a way for another necessary Path, but each step along the way will either validate the truths that we have previously found and embraced, or require us to rethink those positions. I think those of us who professed to be awake and conscious, see all forms of religion as being reactionary; however, this at times can deny us the opportunity and privilege of being the beneficiary to walking into a sanctuary where truth and enlightenment may be taking place. I think Western Christianity has this negative stigma and it becomes difficult to see beyond the church historically serving as the chief vessel of white supremacy, oppression and global tyranny. Yet, I do think it is shallow not to investigate and determine for ourselves, if there is some real philosophical, theological and spiritual validity being offered by whomever regardless of the title and label of the institution.

The social and psychological make up of the so-called African American (American black man and woman) and his present day behavior and dysfunctional conduct cannot be downplayed in relation to being tied directly to his 310 years of brutality and forced servitude in which they were victims of one of the most inhumane systems ever recorded in human history, which was Chattel Slavery (citing facts not crying victimization or seeking a pity party).

The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Middle Passage in relations to the inhumanness carried out on the slave plantation cannot be overlooked (I have documentation and proof of scholars who have provided us with empirical studies validating that the slavery experience was horrid and traumatic—the psychological effect is on-going). Our forcible travel to the Americas, as slaves, which historically has tied our roots to all the major and minor slave ports of South America, North America and the Caribbean region of this western hemisphere. We have to be open to receiving the knowledge of self because we were systematically made blind, deaf and dumb by a wise perpetrator of evil and not knowing this, places all of us at a disadvantage. There are still many so-called African Americans evoking the slave master's God and often fail to understand that our belonging to Christianity was forced upon us on the slave plantation; surely many of our African ancestors were not Christians. I cannot accept his religion nor his God; I can only accept and receive the God of the Oppressed and he definitely would not be in the form of no blue-eyed white God falsely depicted as Jesus.

I disagreed with Elijah Muhammad's son, Imam Warth Deen Mohammed on many theological and philosophical issues who in 1975 started revamping the Nation of Islam after the death of its patriarch (note: Those who are followers of Minister Louis Farrakhan do not teach or believe that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is dead) and in essence betraying his father’s teachings and mission. But Imam Mohammed started a campaign may be in the early 1980s called the Committee to Remove All Images of Divine (CRAID) and I have always felt that this was a good concept because the Eurocentric mind had for centuries perpetuated the inferior races being associated with dark skinned people and the so-called superior races being associated with white skinned people in which they portrayed themselves with the racial likeness of God in particular embodied in a Caucasian image of Jesus. 

Imam Mohammed’s CRAID concept was a challenge to how the Divine was depicted in western culture in which he believed these false images of the Divine have had a negative and devastating effect on human relations. Imam Mohammed went on a public crusade to remove all images of the Divine, but I do not think his efforts ever gained any serious steam (other than Imam Mohammed’s book titled, “An African American Genesis” and his CRAID movement there was not to much else that I agreed with the Imam on and I definitely did not accept his position on Sunni Islam). I also do not accept the white man's God or his religion of Christianity—it has always been the missionaries’ mission to rob the indigenous people of their minds and lay the theoretical framework for the imperialist and the colonialist to steal original people's lands and resources throughout the planet—this agenda is even being continued under the so-called African American President Barack Obama.

There is a historical and cultural collective conscious that bonds people of African descent and I advise all my readers to reference Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary’s book titled, “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing”. Our Black youths need to know: who, how, what, where, when and why they entered; moreover, and we cannot have this type discussion in mid-sentence and not give them the historical reason of why we are in this present day condition, as opposed to given them the abbreviated version and the watered down truth, why not give them the unadulterated truth with no chaser. The system of white supremacy cannot exist without blame and our present day political, economic and social status must be viewed in that context and the indictment of a criminal system that made us "Negroes" and vagabonds of the earth is justifiable. So I am challenging all of my readers to look deeper into black human personality and not just be surface thinkers and compassionate intellectuals.

Why are we in this present day predicament? And to understand this will give us an even greater understanding of the root causes of why present day black families have broken down, black men walking away from their families (wives and children), and our lack of love for one another, it now constitute a pervasiveness of violence seen among young black males between the ages 18-24. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that homicide has become the number one killer of young black males in this particular age group—the lack of opportunities, high unemployment, drug and alcohol addictions, poor housing, underfunded school districts and often the selling of illicit drugs are seen as the only way out of the black ghettos of America. These conditions have become systemic and it plays into the question of genocide and we must question, who is really behind this state of emergency? The vicious cycles of poverty and lack of real opportunity has created a permanent black underclass, which also includes poor whites and Latinos within this equation in the United States of America. But race and class gives other oppressed and marginalized people the false perception that somehow their racial status allows them to view themselves and their oppression from the realm of white privilege and it is this that separates them from other oppressed people in the United States of America (this is perhaps the biggest trick that keeps people divided in the U.S.). 

So-called Black leadership has failed to render any tangible solutions to these crisis facing black people other than preaching our dependency on the federal government—they have failed to adhere to the handwriting on the wall, which is, our government is bankrupt and we may see the end to social programs in the United States within the next decade. The so-called shutdown of the U.S. Government and the debt ceiling needing to be raised in order to keep the U.S. economy from collapsing and having global implications are clear signs that something terribly wrong has gone on inside of our government, it more importantly points to the fact that someone has the power to induce these type symptoms in order to profit from human misery. Senator Rand Paul and his Tea Party cadre will never attack the real enemies of American freedoms because to do this would represent the demise of his and their careers as a politician (no liberty is going to take place until the power brokers are dealt with). 

Therefore, it is easy to hide behind fiscal conservatism and attack the poor and scapegoat America’s economic woes to the least of these (poor people has no power to fight back). Yet, those who control the smoking mirrors will continue to masquerade under the guise of the Hidden Hand and Congressman Paul will do everything in his power to shield them from being exposed. I am of the opinion, that God himself would directly has to intervene in the affairs of men and women in order to deal with these diabolic evil forces that are governing and leading humanity. But here is the reality, since 9/11 and 2008 economic depression or conveniently referred to as an economic meltdown, it forced some of us to wake up, but most people will continue to be only good 'sheepel' and voluntarily led to the slaughter. The entire money system has been set-up to benefit the international bankers; they intentionally sold us a false bill of goods. Minister Malcolm X said in the early 1960s that the American dream was more like an American nightmare. There is no real ownership in America this is an illusion and they systematically carryout this illusion by selling us money (when you buy by credit they are actually selling you money) in which money of itself has no value, but it is given as an accepted form of medium of exchange.

The Congress would rather see a total collapse of the U.S. Government and its brought to its knees before working to establish a long term budget that serve and meet the needs of the American people (this attitude is beyond political opposition, but its rooted in the deepest sentiments of American style racism and they have determined to take no orders or directives from a America’s so-called black president). The Fall of America is at hand and it is inevitable because the pendulum has swung in the wrong direction for America and its 6,000 year rulership is coming to an abrupt end. Black Leadership in 2013 has to be innovative and creative in order for us to make the transition from 20th century ideas because 9/11 and the year of 2001 marked the beginning and demise of this world's order and it has forced us to move towards finding our place in the 21st Century concept of globalism. And this will be the indicator to determining, if we meet the challenges of survival and/or do we fizzle away as an obsolete people who has out served their usefulness and purpose.

The leadership and the United States Government should be focusing on how do we move our nation more towards this competitive and fast moving global economy. We were thirty years ago once the number one creditor nation in the world and now have become the number one debtor nation of the world. Something has gone terribly wrong with the course and plight of the political, economic and social direction of the United States of America. How willing are the people to truly move beyond a dumbfound Tea Party era that has taking our nation on a collision course and in collusion with a conservative and reactionary U.S. Congress who are behind shaping and molding public policy? 

The recent events (government shutdown) threaten the economic stability of the entire U.S. Government. There already exist a wealth disparity in which 95% of the world's wealth is in the hands of 1% Elitist population and it's this basic inequality that keeps poor, middle class and working class people fighting for economic crumbs (there must be a redistribution of the world's wealth and resources with the masses of the people). They have literally created two classes of people the "haves and the Have nots' Our immediate focus should be on how do we move, perhaps one of the most industrialized and technological nation’s in the world from being number 35th in science and 29th in math forward in the 21st Century. We are far behind China, Korea, India, Japan, etc., in the sciences and this is why we are lagging in technological advancement.

Most of our so-called leaders are cloned puppets who are always looking to appear politically correct and are often bought and paid for by corporate entities—this is where their interest lie. The best example would be Reverend Al Sharpton typifies and exemplifies the term opportunistic (here is his latest venture a new book titled, “The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership“); he is more concern about window dressing and what he and his organization National Action Network can get from corporate sponsorship, as opposed to championing real civil right causes to benefit the black poor and oppressed—these ‘Negroes are playing the money chase game and justice and freedom is a second distances to lining their personal pockets with corporate grants and other financial incentives. These type 'Negro' leaders are paid millions of dollars to keep the black masses under control and depended upon white America for food, clothing and shelter.

What would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. think of today’s black leadership who fifty years ago in 1963, perhaps delivered one of the most symbolic and iconic speeches ever to be spoken in American history (the ‘ I Have a Dream’ speech). The Fifty Year Commemoration Celebration of the March on Washington held on or about August 28 2013, was not even a shadow of the sacrifices that was associated with the King led civil rights movement, it has become a movement of nostalgic dreamers and have lost King’s ideas about transformation and activism—since King’s assassination the civil rights movement is at a point what I call political stagnation. Our political, economic and social conditions are worst off today than they were fifty years ago because they lured us to sleep with integration and sold us on the fight for accommodation and so-called inclusion as being the ultimate solution to social progress. 

However, Jim Crow laws, racism and discrimination forced African Americans to create a separate economy and to build independent enterprises (this should have led us by now to reassess and reevaluate the question of separation versus integration). I think history would prove that blacks were better off under segregation because it forced us to do for-self and to build black institutions. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad called integration a hypocritical trick indeed this man was a visionary in which he stated, “my teachings can be summed up in six words, ‘accept your own and be yourself’. King put it all on the line for the quest of justice and freedom and had reached a zone that only has been reserved for the prophets, spiritual teachers, gurus, sages, etc., where their lives were meant to have meaning beyond the ordinary, but would be called to shape and serve humanity in extraordinary ways. Many of us in two life times will never reach this ultimate spiritual place. King got there and he was able to meet Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad, etc. 

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated there were three things that the Caucasian did not teach us Black people: 1). The science of mating. 2). The science of warfare and 3). The science of business. They (the Hidden Hand and/or Elitist) have mastered the science of symbolism and is moving around quite effectively in systems of codes and has allowed them to built an internal and external networking system that further allows them to dictate high/low finance which constitutes their present day past global success; how business will play out and who are going to be the players, is beyond are allowable capabilities as pawns in their system. Their networking system is impenetrable because of class and race (we will never get an invitation into his Dynastic world because of the lack of generational wealth) and although, his present world looks to be striving and moving forward, but in reality it has reached its zenith and it is in a decline and downward spiral (his 6,000 year rule is coming to an end).

The United States Dollar is worthless and weak and the evidence of its vulnerability was seen in 2008, when the United States almost entered into a second Great Depression relative to the banking system and the financial markets experiencing a drastic meltdown. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said in "Fall of America" that when we see the automobile and the steel industries collapse that will be the indication his total economic decline was nearing (the pendulum has swung opposite and contrary to his favor). So me believing in this reality, it's difficult for me to advise anyone to follow after any of their economic models and using any portion of his success as a model would be a terrible mistake. The Messenger taught us for 44 years to get some of this good earth that we can call our own (land is the basis of wealth and sovereignty) and he also said that we should have money, good homes and friendships in all walks of life (but his most profound principle was get up and do something for ourselves). 

Yet, if I was a commodity tradesman or adviser, I would advise my people to secure and invest in gold markets (and silver) and even when the dollar totally falls, gold will still have value (this is why the wise amongst us are buying up the gold). Also, the concept of bartering should be explored where no currency is exchanged for goods and services, but skills, intellectual property and tangible goods are exchanged and interchanged as non-monetary forms of commodities. The Jews in Tel Aviv, Israel and in Europe, as well as the United States are heavily involved on every level of the lucrative gold market (most of these precious metals can be found right there in black Africa) and yet we have no trade arrangement with our people in Africa in which many are Muslims.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Sunday, September 29, 2013



By Fahim A. Knight-El

The United States of America was built on racism and injustice and our social experiences (values and morals) as a people were often shaped by the external world. This was superficial and often ego driven, it led us to view the world through a disdain prism which was rooted totally in a false subjective reality. When we began to grow internally and spiritually, we are allowed to free ourselves from the negativity of this world's order. The ancient masters understood this best in which brings me to the subject of Freemasonry, I embarked upon the Masonic journey some years ago; I was on a journey and search to find the truth and I was always curious about Freemasonry and prior to joining my intellectualism led me to research, study and learn as much as I could about the ancient fraternity. I learned very quickly that Freemasonry was a system of morality; veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. It possessed a lot of wisdom and old age knowledge, but beneath it all was three basic principles: Morality, Friendship and Brotherly love. The mission was to make good men better.

I have always felt, that we have an obligation to enlightened people with the truth and if nothing else to strike their curiosity to desire to research and study for themselves all knowledge (in particular the knowledge of self) and derive from research and their own life experiences what the journey is about. I know many of my conscious brothers and sisters already know and understand that we are God and like minds in particular, will not find this statement as being hereticThose of us who have been awakened have the ultimate responsibility to go after the 85% (those that have been duped by the bloodsuckers of the poor); the 10% are well organized and are carrying out their agenda—it is us who are failing in our duty (paraphrasing my Brothers of the Nation of Gods and Earths--better known as the Five Percenters: What is duty of the civilized man?)

I am always open to sharing what I know, with another Brother or Sister and offering whatever assistance I can to elevate one’s intellectual and conscious level. The topic of "clandestine versus regular Masonry", is a controversial topic and it's going to take some level heads on both sides of the equation to resolve this matter in the United States of America in particular, coming from Prince Hall Masonry and Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry (AF&AM). I am a Prince Hall Mason and there are many who belong to Prince Hall Masonic Order that will never engage in a discussion with non-Prince Hall Masons because of the label of ‘clandestine’, but I consistently receive a lot of email inquiries from ‘clandestine’ Masons and I am in constant dialog with them. Many would like to have better Masonic relations with Prince Hall Free and Accepted Masonry, but often the historical rift and division seems so wide and even I am not optimistic if there would ever be a reconciliation of sort, which will allow a reasonable discussion to take place in 2013. There is no doubt that Prince Hall Masonry is the ‘Big Elephant’ in the room and perhaps possesses more prominence than most other Black Masonic Orders in this country. However, there is a dark cloud over Black Freemasonry in the United States of America in particular, when it comes the legitimacy of black non-Prince Hall Masonic orders, which has stifled positive dialog among all Black Masonic Orders and has created a sense of organizational antagonism on both sides.

Thus, unfortunately, we do have some ‘clandestine’ Masonic groups that give Freemasonry a bad name and reputation. I am always telling brothers to do their own due diligence prior to joining any lodge and to be sure that the organization has a legitimate and recognized charter by some grand body of competent jurisdiction empowering it work, which authorizes them to practice the landmarks of Masonry. It cannot be a fly-by-night charter with no recognizable Masonic lineage. I chose to join a Prince Hall (PHA) lodge because they truly have a legitimate warrant/charter that goes back to 1784, so in that department they left no doubt about their history and legal right to authorize degree work, etc., and function openly as a body of Masons. I received this part of my experience with open arms; yet I had been a knowledge seeker prior to joining Prince Hall Masonry and although, the brotherhood respected me as a Free Thinker, it has become tedious work to move my brothers from knowledge stagnation after they have been raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason (third degree). I found myself introducing external knowledge, which gave more life to the science of Speculative Masonry and allowed them to put the historical pieces together and reconstruct Masonry from the history and culture of black people (the original Master Builders who proceeded the mythological story of Hiram Abiff) and upended the Eurocentric version of Freemasonry. This was challenging and it still remains a challenge because of the brainwashing that has occurred with people of African descent. But the PHA grand lodges and PHA Masonic history is solid; however, I do wish that they would use more of the original principles found in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) in the ritual work and may be it is true you cannot have everything in Masonry in one house.

I have made every attempt to open dialog between Prince Hall Free and Accepted Masonry and Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry (AF&AM). I have tried to present objective information and focused more on writing about the subject from a non-bias perspective. I know there are a lot of ‘clandestine’ Masonic Orders out there, who uses the principles of Masonry to dupe the innocent and they are often hustling and running con games in order to benefit themselves financially and monetarily. These type brothers give Freemasonry a bad name and it compromises the good principles of Morality, Friendship and Brotherly love, which encompasses the foundation of Freemasonry. Some may disagree with Prince Hall Masonry because they are very particular about legal Masonic Charters and Dispensations, but this idea protects and weed out those fly-by-night Masonic Orders. Masonry is a beautiful system of Knowledge that is embedded in the ancient wisdom of the original man; if taught properly you could see the links between the Nation of Gods and Earths, Islam, Kaballah, Judaism, Christianity, Kemetic science, New Age, etc. Now, we all have an obligation to challenge those who falsely use Masonry by standing properly on the Square. We have to know which way we are traveling.

I am going to use the term 'amnesty' loosely when referring to Brother John G. Jones, the former Prince Hall Grand Lodge official from the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F & A.M. State of Illinois who was ex-spelled, excommunicated, and suspended in 1904 (Reference: Ezekiel Bey; ( Jones was also one of the founders of Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine in 1893 better known as the black Shriners. I think this conflict and/or disagreement took place over 100 years ago and 'amnesty' should be granted as a step in the right direction, but this also will require AF&AM of the John G. Jones Masonic lineage to view this from an egoless perspective. For example, it should not be said, "who does Prince Hall Masonry think they are to issue our founder historical 'amnesty?' "; this would be the wrong approach to all of us who are willing to go forward for the sake of unity and to bring forth an amicable resolution in this divisiveness—there has to be some give and take on both sides of this argument.

Prince Hall Masonry should just issue an 'amnesty clause' and wipe their hands clean of this historical Masonic disagreement with their former Grand Lodge officer Brother Attorney John G. Jones and enter into a covenant with John G. Jones lodges and establish recognition, which would only serve the good of all Masonry. I know my Brothers Ezekiel Bey and Emanuel Stanley over on the Prince Hall Masonic Blue-Lite Research Discussion Group would, perhaps disagree with many of my contentions and of course they would not sanction this type of discussion and even my Brother and friend Ralph McNeal, Jr., might even disagree with my contentions in this matter as well, but the soul singer and follower of Elijah Muhammad, Sam Cooke wrote and sang the song that ‘A Change is Gonna Come’.  However, this issue has historically lingered on for decades and the wounds from the breakup has never been healed, rectified and/or atoned for and, therefore, even in 2013, we are still debating whether or not John G. Jones Masonic lodges should be considered a 'regular' body of Masons and to me this is ludicrous.

I would agree with my pundits that essentially this is an old argument, but what's ironic about this argument, is that it just won't go away. I think it stays on the Black Masonic radar screen because the historical debate still remains very much unresolved and continues to serve as an artificial barrier that impedes Black Masonic unity. I think what I have proposed above is just one way of settling these disputes and allowing other Black Masonic brothers to be granted full and complete recognition and once and for all rid ourselves of these useless squabbles. I think John G. Jones Grand Lodges (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons) and Prince Hall Grand Lodges (Free and Accepted Masons) should desire to end this so-called legitimacy debate once and for all; by Prince Hall Masonry issuing an olive branch and rescinding and/or exonerating all the historical charges/allegations waged against Brother John G. Jones by passing a binding resolution declaring that Jones’ suspension and excommunication be rescinded and grant him all the rights he earned before the fallout (of course 100 years later this will only serve as a formality).

Yet, as I stated above by granting him amnesty could perhaps begin the healing (of course even this would only serve as a formality as well) and allow this part of our Masonic history to be ever put to rest. But let me be clear, this proposal and resolution will not absolve John G. Jones Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic lodges of their independence and sovereignty, however, it will allow us to recognize each other, establish visitation, attend ritual work and raisings, etc. The John G. Jones Masonic charter would be recognized and accepted by Prince Hall Grand Lodges and let this serve as plan of allowing these Masonic Orders an avenue to work towards establishing better relations with each other. I know that there are Brothers who are Prince Hall Masons and they will always view Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry as a ‘clandestine’ order and there are brothers who are of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons would probably say who cares what PHA thinks of us. We have to move beyond those polarized positions in order to demonstrate to our grand children and great grand children that a body of black men took positive steps to end the Masonic Willie Lynch Syndrome. (Reference: Fahim A. Knight-El Blog:

I think we as former enslaved people of African descent were definitely brainwashed and division on the plantation was advocated over unity and togetherness (this is recorded in the Willie Lynch letter and although many have dismissed this as a forged document, but it adds up the Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome theories). Yeshuaa Ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph) and better known in western society as the 'Christ', he taught a ministry of love (love is one of the most often mentioned words in the New Testament). The working tool (Holy Bible) in most Western Freemasonic lodges are assembled on the alter in conjunction with the Square and Compass; the Bible is not placed on the alter as a religious guide nor is it meant to represent a dogmatic symbol of the faith of Christianity. Yet, many wise men would agree that pure and unadulterated truth is found in the principles of all the great religions (not necessarily in the theological interpretation) that borrowed from the various philosophical schools of thought, which have been used to set up moral and ethical guidance for humanity. This is no better represented in the most accepted definition of Freemasonry that I have found. I think there are many definitions floating out there about what Freemasonry is and/or isn't. But this is the one that resonates with me: Freemasonry is a beautiful system of MORALITY veiled in ALLEGORY and illustrated by SYMBOLS. This definition encompasses and tells us that morality has to be the foundation that undergirds our Craft—our mission is rooted in Morality, Friendship and Brotherly Love.

I think the biblical Cain and Abel story was borrowed from the Kemetic (Egyptian) folklore of Aset (Isis), Osar (Osiris), and Heru (Horace), which was rooted in polarity—of negative and positive energy (charges) good and evil and viewed and dramatized as acts of human betrayal (recorded in Biblical tales such as the Cain and Abel story). I heard Dr. Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad once stated that we were ‘Negroes’ (the walking dead) before we accepted the truth and the knowledge of self; well, I am of the opinion, that the process of becoming God like is a tedious process and we cannot get there overnight and it will require us to be patient with one another and be willing to forgive each other when it is necessary. We must be willing to seek atonement and reconciliation with brothers and sisters that have fallen short of what the plumb, level, and square (the standard bearer that should be used to measure character in Speculative Masonry and were the sciences that gave perfection to operative masonry) represents for us who took the various oaths and charges that each degree required and mandated. I think from time-to-time we all need to revisited those charges and allow ourselves to soak in those pristine principles and verbally recite them. I too fell in love with the symbolism associated with the esoteric, Gnostic and Occult because it demonstrated the connective linkages of the ancient wisdom and knowledge that eventually gave birth to religion.

If a non-Prince Hall Masonic Orders has legitimacy, then they should be willing and have the capability of defending their charter, warrant and/or dispensation and demonstrate that they have the legal Masonic rights to practice the ancient landmarks of Freemasonry. Freemasonry isn't nothing to be played with and some of these crooked fake orders threatens the legitimacy of all Masons. I am about Black Masonic unity, but nothing bothers me more than to meet an allege brother who do not have legitimate Masonic credentials (he may even present me with 'yours for mine', but its a fake document from a irregular Masonic jurisdiction); yet if you can give me the token, sign and word unlike most Prince Hall Masons, I will still consider you to be a brother (but we are taught in Prince Hall Masonry not have Masonic intercourse with a so-called ‘clandestine’ Mason).

We as Prince Hall Masons unjustly whip other non-PHA Masons over the head, if they cannot trace their origin or charter back to the United Grand Lodge of England (I personally do not recognize the United Grand Lodge of England as having supreme authority over black Freemasonry and it is this view that separates me from the brain thrust of PHA Masonry). Now, keep in mind Prince Hall Masonry for over 200 years did not have full Masonic recognition from UGLE and it has only been in the last five to ten years that a UGLE decree was bestowed upon Prince Hall Masonry (although still in the United States there are, perhaps 11 States that have not recognized Prince Hall Grand Lodges as legitimate)—the battle of Prince Hall Masonry recognition has been won in small increments and has been on-going; the historical authorities would be Roundtree, Alton G., and Paul M. Bessel (2006).  “Out of the Shadows: Prince Hall Freemasonry in America, 200 Years of Endurance”. I would have desired for us to trace our Masonic origins back to ancient Kemet (Egypt) rather than settling on Eurocentric recognition. I also believe that once a Masonic order has proven themselves to be long standing and credible and has demonstrated a positive track record by following and implementing the Masonic Landmarks these credentials should allow them to be viewed and accepted as a legitimate and 'regular' body of Masons.

I wrote at least two or more articles on my Blog in which I was challenged in a debate by two of Dr. Malachi Z. York-El followers and scholars, Kedar Griffo and Michael Berkley (Berkley also claimed that he was a once Prince Hall Mason who I believed was raised in a PHA military lodge) they also both claimed to have been Masons connected to York’s 'clandestine' Masonic order. Dr. York was the cult leader of the Nuwaubians, a pseudo Black Nationalist organization that delved into many different philosophical schools of thought ranging from Islam, Moorish Science, Kemetic Science, Hebrew Israelite, Native American rites and culture, Metaphysics, Esoteric, Gnostic, Occult, Alien Space and UFOs diatribes, Christianity, Freemasonry, Rock and Soul Music, New Age, Western Cowboy culture, etc. He changed identities and names more than the average person drinks water. He is now serving a life sentence (convicted to 135 years) in Federal Penitentiary Colarado Super Max. Dr. York had purchased huge acres of land in a little rural town named Eatonton, Georgia and built a compound (architecture design was a replica of pyramids found in Kemet Egypt) for he and his followers—The U.S. Government accused him of multiple rapes of underage girls who were members of his organization, sex molestation of minor age girls, violating of RICO Statues, IRS tax evasion, etc.

However, perhaps unknowing to Dr. York, the U.S. Government sent agent provocateurs who may have infiltrated his inner circle and ultimately worked to set him up. He had been on the FBI watch list (Cointelpro and later the Homeland Security list) since he led a large Islamic group in the 1970s thru the early 1990s called the Ansaar Allah Community in Brooklyn, New York. I believe the government kept dossiers on the enigmatic Dr. Malachi Z. York-El but often these type ego-driven cult leaders almost always are trapped off by money, sex and lies (they become consumed by the world of materialism). Dr. York in my opinion, was a highly intelligent man and although, his brand of Freemasonry would be considered ‘clandestine’; he had the ability run circles around most high degree Masons because he was well studied and well learned. There was a lot that I disagreed with Dr. York (Pops), but he was a wise teacher and I am the beneficiary of some of his teachings and knowledge. But I still maintained that Dr. Malachi Z. York-El had established a bogus Freemasonic Order and his alleged Blue Lodge affiliation and the appendent and auxiliary bodies membership in which he claimed to have belonged were also clandestine and irregular. (Reference: Fahim A. Knight-El Blog:

These two said individuals had falsely accused me of hiding behind white Freemasonry in which in reality I have never supported or shown any allegiance to Eurocentric Freemasonry and have consistently denounced the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)—just go all the way back and re-read through my Blog archives. My research has always taking me back to ancient societies such as Kemet (so-called Ancient Egypt) and not Greece, Rome, or England, etc. The UGLE is a baby entity relative to being established in 1717. Yet, as I have maintained in this article and in previous writings, we are not going to allow nor give legitimacy to fly-by-night clandestine Masonic groups that have a questionable history and charter; and we have a duty to expose these type bogus Grand Lodges and jurisdictions that have an undocumented charter and questionable Masonic linage. (Reference: Fahim A. Knight-El Blog: )

Furthermore, I am not going to allow someone either to hide behind my opposition to the UGLE and try to justify their own clandestine Masonic existence. These bogus groups should be held accountable and exposed. I often receive tons of emails from brothers who were manipulated and deceived by these type clandestine groups and I have assisted many of them with getting on the correct Masonic track. So, I view the Prince Hall Phylaxis Society and work, as a valuable resource, but that does not take away from my skepticism of Prince Hall Masons acting as the authority in determining which other so-called Black or so-called African American Masonic group should be considered legitimate and a regular body of Masons.   

I do not have all the answers to these complex issues facing Black Masonic entities that were established after 1784. Prince Hall Masonic Order often act as the black supreme authority in these type discussions and sometime this position eschews objective and unbiased debate; thus, forbidding reasonable assessment and evaluation from those black Masonic orders of non-Prince Hall origin. Now, in the grand scheme of things, it truly does not matter because it isn't about what Masonic Jurisdiction you belong, or the type of Masonic emblem you wear on your finger or lapel or Square and Compass on the back of your car. But what matters is the quality of ones character. I will salute and recognize a brother regardless, if he belongs to a three letter or four letter Masonic organizations. I do not have too see the charter that he is under because his character should exemplify the power of the circumference of the knowledge, which will translate into him being an upright man standing perpendicular on the principles of Brotherly love, Friendship and Morality.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El