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By Fahim A. Knight-El  

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This Blog came about due to an Internet debate that I had with a fellow Prince Hall Brother named John Hairston on the topic of John G. Jones Lodges and 'regular' versus 'irregular' (clandestine) Masonry. Brother Hairston manages an Internet Blog site called Quill and the Sword (, he hails from the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Washington and Jurisdiction and is a member of J. C. Logan Lodge #53 Free and Accepted Masonry in Seattle, Washington. It appears that Brother Hairston is in various Masonic appendant bodies. I received a message/response on my Blog on April 23, 2014 from Brother Hairston relative to a said article that I had written titled, “John G. Jones: The Masonic Clandestine Argument Just Will Not Go Away”. Brother Hairston styles himself as a Prince Hall Masonic historian and appears to give lectures and talks on the origin and history of Prince Hall Masonry and these type brothers are often very dogmatic and zealous about their so-called scholarly intentions in defense of Prince Hall Masonry as being a standard bearer and an authority on what is determined to be “regular” Freemasonry, and its relations to Black Freemasonry in the United States in general.
Their research are often weighted with old primary source documentations and, which is in dire need of a fresh and revisionist interpretation; yes, objectivity and empirical outcomes are always the scholarly purpose and goals for those who consider themselves pure scientist or social scientist in which my comments are not meant to compromise the value, credibility and integrity of PHA scholars using all the available data in order to try and piece mill this scattered and fragmented history. They view this history as being sacred and is above reproach in which some of this information dates back prior to 1784. But I have always argued that many of them are fearful of critiquing and condemning the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) for imploring white supremacy ideology, a gross violation of Masonic principles and I will always consider their past historical conduct as being irreconcilable and for over 200 years allowing Prince Hall Affiliated Masonic status to linger in obscurity as an unrecognized body of Masons, which to this writer this remains an unpardonable sin (where is the atonement, responsibly and reconciliation?). 

They stood to be condemned and it was their racism being disguised under the cloak that the historical records of the 18th century were at best ambiguous and obfuscate and even contradictory. I have mentioned this in previous blogs that in 2010, the white Masons of North Carolina, after 138 years of institutionalized segregation and racism passed a formal resolution recognizing and declaring Prince Hall Grand Lodge and its jurisdictions of North Carolina as a regular body of Masons. But in order to get the PHA resolution for recognition passed amongst their white membership, they had to change the ballot system rules, because in all prior white North Carolina Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry balloting on this issue their membership voted down Prince Hall Masonry (reference:Dan Weatherington and Ric Carter; Recognizing Prince Hall: An Eleven Year Journey to Honesty).

They even had this big Masonic celebration on the capitol grounds in Raleigh, North Carolina where Negroes were invited to have some fried chicken and watermelon in fellowship with the sons of their former slave masters children and where they forgave their white Masonic brethren. They read resolutions and signed Masonic mandates of declaring and recognizing Prince Hall Masons in the State of North Carolina as a “regular” body of Masons. Thus, none of the resolutions declared that an injustice had been done and for this I could never celebrate with them affirming our right to be called “legitimate Masons”. But our Grand Master Milton ‘Toby’ Fitch thought this event to be a great day in the history of Prince Hall Masonry (finally white folk recognized us as full Masons and we were over jubilated to be in the house with white folk) but I was one PHA Mason who stood in opposition and protest (a fellow brother called me in order to invite me to the recognition celebration and I told him hell no because had nothing to celebrate). 

Many like Brother Hairston have deep seated interest in researching the origin of Prince Hall Lodge number 459, that transitioned into African Grand Lodge # 1, that laid the initial legal structure and framework for the establishment of Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Boston, Massachusetts, which rest on the legal Masonic jurisprudence that Prince Hall petitioned the United Grand Lodge of England and received a legal charter empowering him to confer Masonic degrees and legally practice the ancient and modern principles and forms of Freemasonry. It was a traveling Irish military lodge who had the authority to elevate and raised Prince Hall and fourteen other men of African descent from the Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees (initiated, passed and raised) on foreign land and this to would stand to reason and surmise that Prince Hall received this privilege and honor from this defeated group of white Masons, because he perhaps had demonstrated loyalty and patriotism to the Crown during the American Revolutionary War—he may have even fought side by side with British soldiers against the American Colonies (there still is so much that we just do not know about Prince Hall’s past).

History further, tells us that, if he was a Diaspora African from the West Indies, he may have once lived under British colonialism in the Caribbean and perhaps in the deep recess of his mind, saw himself as a Black Briton. These British and Irish Freemasons who were of Caucasian descent understood that in the 1770s blacks were still being considered subhuman, because of their status under Chattel Slavery and were being dehumanized by this vicious system (racial equality was nonexistent in 18th century America). Many free blacks and slaves fought on the side of the British during the American Revolutionary War that culminated with the signing of Declaration of Independence in 1776. Nevertheless, white men of this nation won and declared themselves free, it would be almost another one hundred years with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteen Amendment to the United States Constitution before black people were allowed to claim their freedom from the oppressive yoke of the United States of America.

I think most of my readers are somewhat familiar with the historical events of the Boston Tea Party in which British tyranny from its early inception 1606 would eventually become the order of day for these so-called 'New World' settlements (now make no mistake about the early European settlers, they were vagabonds, criminals and were the social dregs of British society who were expelled from Britain and were given a so-called new start in the “New World” by the King James and Queen Elizabeth of Britain)—these early American colonies survived, because they entered into agreements and pacts with the indigenous people who were in the Americas sixteen thousand years before the Caucasians ventured into this land. Great Britain had acquired a very extensive empire that stretched across almost every continent and it was even said that sun never set upon the British Empire based on vastness of land they had acquired around the world (raping, robbing and pillaging lands belonging to the darker people of the planet). But as the Thirteen Colonies grew and expanded, British rule was becoming increasingly repressive with the British imposing stringent taxing and tariffs (this was mercantilism at it is best) in which the colonies became angered and irritated that the British overseers and masters were imposing unbearable duties and taxes (they had mandates to increase the wealth and financial coffers of the king and queen of England by any means necessary)—this was the impetus and the spark that ignited the American Revolution.

Moreover, as I stated above this action was perceived by the colonies as being tyrannical and unjust and eventually led to a public rebellion in Boston (and in its New England colonies) where a group of dissident protesters organized (some historians have even suggested that these protesters were Freemasons), the protest led to organized dockworkers and ordinary citizens in Boston to begin throwing imported cargo back into the Boston harbor as a form of protest. This action in the modern context and time, would be considered a labor strike, but some of African slaves on plantations across this nation from 1555-1865 were some of the first ones who rebelled against harsh and forced working conditions of slavery—Chattel slavery was an evil institution, which led to insurrections and slave revolts—the tea protest and incident against unfair tariffs being imposed by the British Government sparked the American Revolution and many historians maintained that a black man named Crispus Attucks was first American to die in the Revolutionary War on March 5, 1770.

Prince Hall was a common name during this time in African American history in which some historians believe that his origin and roots were somewhere in the West Indians, but even this is unclear and historically unsubstantiated and other historians maintain that he was a free black who was abolitionist that worked and lived in around the Boston area and was an advocate of political and civic causes that impacted the lives of blacks. This much we do know, the Revolutionary War did not end slavery and after the war many blacks that fought on the side of the thirteen colonies were re-enslaved (they were promised their freedom after fighting on the side of the colonies and after the war ended were betrayed and placed back into slavery) and also there were some blacks who fought on the side of British Crown during the Revolutionary War and was giving the option to leave America and go to Great Britain to live as free black citizens, it has been recorded that a small number of blacks left America and did repatriate themselves into another foreign white country.

We also know that many of the original signers and framers of the United States Constitution were Freemasons including America’s first President George Washington (April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797) much of this his can be found in Alexandria, Virginia and Mount Vernon, Virginia, as well as in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and many of those white Elite and Aristocrats (property and landowners) of the 13 colonies who were invited to the constitution conventions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (the so-called city of brotherly love) were Masons. But the Confederate Southerners and Northerners based on the idea of white supremacy have always viewed blacks as inferior. Blacks were written into the U.S. Constitution as 3/5 of a human being—chattel. President George Washington could have used his Masonic influence to insure that at least free black men would be giving the legal right to petition white American Freemasonry lodges and he did not, but history tells us he too was a slave owner —they (meaning these white Masonic Founding Fathers) were not interested in extending the right to blacks to petition their American white Masonic lodges as equal human beings and allowing blacks to join white American lodges was only an afterthought and highly un-permissible.

This adversarial and antagonistic Masonic history between Black Masons and White Masons would not be resolved for another 200 years. I cite this historical background as a basis and foundation to understanding the political, economic and social climate in early America that, perhaps affected Prince Hall and the coming about of black Freemasonry in the United States of America, in particular and so-called black America in general, which means the Masonic actions and Masonic decisions that Prince Hall made was not created in a vacuum. Prince Hall, if nothing else was a visionary and must be applauded for his courage to establish a separate and sovereign Masonic order, because he understood the American rules of racism and segregation. All present day black Masonic orders of the United States of America owe a debt of gratitude to Prince Hall, as a Black Masonic pioneer and all these black Masonic orders that came about later should include in their history the legacy of Prince Hall, thus, giving honor where honor is due.

I am of the opinion, that the Irish Military traveling lodge, also knew that it would be highly unlikely that Prince Hall and his fellow black Masonic brothers would not be received by white American Masons and I am also of the opinion, based on my studies that they assisted Prince Hall in formulating his petition to UGLE to receive a charter from the Grand Lodge of England in which history tells us that African Lodge number 1 did receive either a Masonic warrant and/or a full charter from the Grand Lodge of England and there exist an original copy of this document in the archives of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge in Boston, Massachusetts and this is proof positive and irrefutable evidence that Prince Hall had the legal Masonic right to function as an established recognized Masonic entity.

Yet, from 1784 up until Hall’s death in 1807 and many years later a debate ensued mainly by our white Masonic brothers who stated that there were evidence that Prince Hall and African Lodge # 1 was once giving a charter of sort, but at some point this black Masonic order was stricken from the Masonic roll and it became difficult to trace Prince Hall Masonic linage back to United Grand Lodge of England and therefore, the white Masonic orders in the United States of America passed mandates in almost every Masonic jurisdictions characterizing Prince Hall and his black Masonic order as being illegitimate and irregular. These irregular Masonic classifications created a hostile future and environment for black Prince Hall Masons in the United States and the non-recognition by white Masons led to Prince Hall lodges being labeled as clandestine and unworthy of the Masonic rights and privileges afforded to so-called ‘mainstream’ white Masonic lodges. I think as harsh as their actions were against Hall and his mission, we as revisionist historians and social scientist have found this decision by white Masons to be appalling; but Prince Hall used the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive, which to build and create one of the most powerful and respected Masonic institutions in the world—he was not stuck on seeking integration and begging white folk for acceptability (let me in boss I will be a good Masonic Negro)—Dr. Carter G. Woodson stated in his book the Mis-Education of Negro some us foolishly believe that the white man’s ice is colder than the black man’s ice.

Hall had giving us a legal Masonic charter and for 200 years, we thought that we needed white Masonic approval to appear as whole—we know and practiced everything they knew—the signs, symbols, words and tokens as the Masonic landmarks in fact there would not have been an ancient Speculative Freemasonic school of thought, if it were not for the knowledge that Greeks stole from ancient Kemet (Egypt) who were of Nubian descent and the Egyptian Mystery Schools according to Dr. George G.M. James in his monumental book titled, Stolen Legacy and they took our knowledge to Greece and Rome. I do not follow white Masonic philosophy or their ideology, why were Negroes in Prince Hall Masonry so concern about what white Masons thought of them? and many in my Jurisdiction they run from me (I intentionally keep the temperature hot and I refuse to make ignorance appear comfortable in my presences)—Freemasonry isn’t just about getting drunk off alcohol, thus, the obligations an the initial lodge training that I received in the Blue Lodge was serious (for me it wasn’t just about being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and letting this limited knowledge end my journey). But I heard ancient remnants of wisdom and great mysterious about this knowledge being echoed that went back to the ancient of days. Many of us after being raised to the third degree of Master Mason have thought of this ending our Masonic journey and our quest for knowledge (we shamelessly stopped  studying), but my raising enticed me to wanting to know more about this ancient craft.

I will never be recognized by those in my Masonic District (and be voted for the Master Mason of the year award based on my scholarship, although they are true beneficiaries of my work), because they are afraid of white folk and afraid of the knowledge that I represent and they feed me with a long handle spoon. But I am very comfortable with the knowledge that the Creator has blessed me with. Many of them read my material under the bed and hide; they whisper to me in private how much they appreciate my Masonic scholarship and my past Worshipful Master Brother Derek Burgman (I have always liked and respected this brother) who is now the Deputy Grand Master in the 24th Masonic District in North Carolina, perhaps even to this day, he does not know nor realize the impact that he had on my Masonic development (and my Masonic instructors the late Brother Alvis O. Grady and Brother Sammy McCullers for the patience they had with me for almost eight months of training). I felt they truly prepared me for the mission that I am on today; I don’t do this research for me. But I do it for my Prince Hall family as a representative of Doric Lodge # 28 in Durham, NC.

For example, I think it is time to write a new chapter in our Masonic history as Prince Hall Masons and not to be fearful of rethinking sensitive and controversial issues that are germane to black Freemasonry in America relative to the question of “regular” and “irregular”, in particular the one-hundred (100) year old dispute and conflict with John G. Jones Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry and devise a plan and strategy that would allow open communication and extend an olive branch of brotherly love in order make every attempt to resolve this outdated and irrelevant issue. It does not benefit Black Masons, in particular and Masons in general, to be in-fighting over who should be labeled 'clandestine' and/or a 'regular 'body of Masons. I will admit this, and have always admitted this, that there are some clandestine Masonic orders, which are undeserving to be legitimized by Prince Hall Masons, because they do not have a recognized charter and have strayed from practicing the landmarks of Masonry (and we should not legitimatize any clandestine Masonic group). I think if we were truly practicing the principles of Masonry and understood the foundation of Speculative Masonry, it would be easy to study the symbolism of the Five Points of Fellowship and use it as a model to place the human dimension back into the equation. I still maintain that John G. Jones did not commit an unpardonable sin. David of the Bible killed another man for his wife. But God did not forsake David and we must be willing to entertain forgiveness and free ourselves of the unwarranted social baggage and allow others to seek redemption in terms of liberating ourselves.

It's really not about my position on John G. Jones, but I am advocating ways to solidify and coalesce Black Masonic unity. I think most of the black Freemasons (or so-called African American Masons) who visited my Blog and have read my work should be astute enough to know that I am fully aware of some of the charges and accusations that were made against Brother John G. Jones and some of them no doubt were inexcusable. But this brother has been deceased for a very long time. Yet, no doubt John G. Jones his Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Order is still functioning and nevertheless, Prince Hall critics would argue that it does not matter that these lodges have demonstrated a historical longevity (they still will be viewed by PHA as possessing a bogus origin because their Masonic charter is considered invalid) and in spite of their Masonic prolonged existence they will always be viewed as “irregular” and “clandestine” by Prince Hall Masons.  

I as a Prince Hall Mason have been a part of some spirited and passionate debates coming from other Prince Hall brothers pertaining to their position on clandestine Masonry. But I have not allowed those arguments to deter me from remaining open and having a willingness to be objective and it has caused me to part company with many of them on this particular issue. Some of my Prince Hall brother critics, have falsely accused me of betraying my obligation because we have strict regulations against Masonically dialoging with those Masons that are considered clandestine Masons and for me to raise the question of recognition and legitimacy of an “irregular” body of Masons is equalvent to Judas Iscariot betraying Jesus, the Christ. I am very familiar with the Phylaxis Society site Commission on Bogus Freemasonry in which Brother Ezekiel Bey (owner of BlueLite Internet site that caters exclusive to PHA Masons and his staff has complied a list of Bogus Grand Lodges and subordinate lodges). I respect my friend Brother Ralph McNeal, Brother Emanuel Stanley and Brother Ezekiel Bey (and perhaps all of them would disagree with me on this issue, but I consider myself a trailblazer and a fighter for change). And there are others inside of Prince Hall Masonry that have written critiques of John G. Jones and I applaud their essays and commentaries as well. But that does not curtail me from pursuing a course of black Masonic unity. I am just very passionate about creating a Black United Front and we should not allow our social or political status to hinder this clarion call for unity in spite of our differences.

This is the fundamental question relative to how are 'regular' and 'irregular' lodges decided upon? Who gave the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) their charter? And what standards are they using today to determine who should be considered ‘regular’ or ‘irregular’ Masons? This is a rhetorical question, because I already know the answer; the only standard that UGLE uses in determining a ‘competent jurisdiction’ is that those ‘competent jurisdiction’ must be able to trace their Masonic charters back to white folk in England or Scotland (Negroes always need an affirmation from master) and we allow them to function and act as supreme and sovereign authority and determinist over the legality of deciding upon which Masonic entities will be classified and viewed as  ‘regular’ or ‘irregular’ Masonic orders. Here is the contradiction, why weren’t the white Masons charged with un-Masonic conduct unless one considers racism and white supremacy as upstanding and acceptable principles in Masonry?

Now, for the record within the English language and lexicon, amnesty is a form of forgiveness contrary to the assessments that many have tried to use to refute my argument (I thought that I would bring this to my reading audience attention). We as Prince Hall Masons after 200 years of being denied full Masonic rights and privileges by them, but we have found in our hearts to forgive them (let me say White Folk) and thought that it was important to be accepted and recognized by our 400 year old oppressor. John G. Jones did not commit the type of atrocities that for which black Masons forgave white Masons, but when it comes to another Black man and Mason, we would like impose a double standard. This represents the epitome of Masonic hypocrisy.

My position is and will always be rooted in Black Masonic unity and this premise is not going to change with me there is nothing any scholar can present to me that will force me to change this. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught me that history is best qualified to reward all of our research and studies.

I think Black Masonic entities such as the one founded by John G. Jones should be allowed to enter into an acceptable and agreeable covenant with Prince Hall Masonry (for example, our U.S. Commander-in-Chief President Barack Obama and even prior Commander-in-Chiefs engaged their foreign enemies in talk diplomacy—USSR, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, etc., and diplomatic treaties and accords are/were established). This is done on the highest level of international relations—enemies coming to the table to talk about their political, economic and social differences, but are willing to find common ground to move forward in lieu of peace. Many of the hardcore PHA brothers position truly lacks logic and reasoning; we should always exemplify the best of intelligence and use our principles in Masonry to breakdown artificial barriers and not find it conveniently to erect more ideological or philosophical barriers.

I am sorry; I do not personally recognize UGLE as the supreme and sovereign authority over black Freemasonry. But I guess, if you are white and Caucasian you have the right to exercise self-determination and in 1717 declared themselves the authority to formulate and organize what eventually became the first Grand Lodge of England. England and most European nations cannot represent for me as being the moral example of what Freemasonry is supposed to stand for, because of their past anti-African involvement in the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. Thus, in my eyes along with their Babylon (Baby-London) United States of America partners they have violated the true tenets of Masonry, which is rooted in equality, justice, brotherly love and is opened and guaranteed to all Free-men who is a man and is of lawful age and decided upon himself to take this step of his own freewill and accord. His race should not be a factor in making a Masonic petition and in the 1700s our first Grand Master Prince Hall's race should not have disallowed him for being afforded the rights to preside and govern over African Lodge #1 because he had a so-called legitimate charter.

It took these racist over 200 years to disband and do away with practicing Masonic racism and it was inexcusable behavior and without Masonic merit that Prince Hall Masonry had to linger in obscurity and wore the unholy label of being ‘clandestine’ and ‘irregular’ by their white Masonic counterparts. This is what I have detested more than anything else and PHA might even choose to suspend me and/or expel me, but I will not back down from these above contentions. We have always thought that we needed white folk to authorize and legitimize us (even to this very day African and African Americans still think they need white approval—is there no help for the poor widow’s son?) I pity the so-called American 'Negro' and his present day slave mentality. True free people do not look for other civilized people to lead them. So get up Hiram Abiff from that blow to the head and go back to the trestle board and shine as the true fathers and mothers of civilization.

Freemasonry was founded on the universal principles of brotherhood regardless of race, color, creed and/or ones religious affiliations. But may be our conditioning process fostered us to either subconsciously and/or perhaps even intentionally overlooked the fact that Prince Hall, the founder of Black Freemasonry who established Lodge # 459 and African Lodge # 1 came to fruition and was established, because white Masons denied him and other Masons of African descent the right to petition and join white American Lodges within the United States of America. This forced the abolitionist and freedom fighter Hall to establish an all Black Masonic Order that functioned with sovereign and independent of their white Masonic counterparts (this represented black pride and stood as a symbol of Black Nationalism). It actually could be looked at as one of the earliest Black separatist movement in America prior to Paul Cuffee, Martin Delaney, Marcus Garvey, Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Henry Highland Garnett, etc. White racism and white supremacy had little to no respect for the universal tenets and principles in which Freemasonry was supposed to rest upon—morality, friendship and brotherly love.

There were a number of legal court battles where white Masons sued and took Prince Hall Masons to court for daring to have the audacity to wear Masonic regalia and publically display the Masonic Square and Compass at venues in the public domain. Moreover, Prince Hall's white Masonic brethren said Black Masons had no right to legally display any Masonic symbols, because Prince Hall Masons were considered ‘clandestine’ and ‘irregular’ Masons and this so-called status compromised their right to exist under the banner of a Freemasonry organization and entity (just take a moment and read the history of the Shriners Jubilee Day). So it was White Nationalism that drove this divisiveness, which was rooted in Jim Crow that was initiated with the 1896 Supreme Court decision of Plessy vs. Ferguson whereas the high court ruled that it was legal to practice segregation and discrimination in America and it was not until 1954 with the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, which overturned the Plessy decision and declared separate, but equal as being unconstitutional. Yet, the passing of neither the 1964 Civil Rights Bill nor 1965 Voting Rights Bill brought an end to segregation and discrimination in the United States of America.

The white Masons ignored the legal strides of our jurisprudence system, as it was litigated in the U.S. Supreme Court and continued for decades to practice institutionalized racism against so-called African American Masons. But some of my critics have always accused me of injecting race into the Freemasonic equation and but many of them have turn a blind eye and conveniently overlooking the fact that for over 200 years Black Masons and White Masons could not have interchangeable lodge visitations, because white Grand Lodges in the United States did not officially recognize Prince Hall Masonry. Now, this is not to say, that there have not been over the years some integrated Masonic Lodges in the United States of America where black and white Masons co-existed; these instances prior to 20 years ago were more of the exception rather than the rule. For example, in my Masonic Jurisdiction of North Carolina as I have stated above, it was just 5 years ago that after 138 years of racist segregation that North Carolina white Masons finally passed a decree recognizing Prince Hall Masonry as a ‘regular’ body of Masons. So I will beg to differ with my critics, because race has always played a very high and prominent role in American Freemasonry. I believe that as I write this article notwithstanding there are 9 Southern states that still will not allow a black Mason to enter their Blue Lodges, Shrine Temples, consistory, etc. My position on Black Masonic unity has plenty of merit.

No one gave the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) a charter to function and operate as an independent and sovereign body of Masons. Thus, they like all other self-determining people in history declared themselves the right to decide on their own Masonic plight by moving forward and determining they had the ultimate authority to pursue setting up lodges in the ancient and modern forms of Freemasonry by implementing and establishing their own Masonic edit and, therefore laying the historical foundation for others to follow. Perhaps since no Supreme Masonic governance body and/or 'competent Masonic Jurisdiction' issued them a Masonic Warrant, Charter or Dispensation to function in a legal Masonic capacity, then any charters and warrants that followed (meaning those issued by the UGLE) would be considered irregular. Now, I think that you all on this forum are smart enough to read between the lines. But I also know that our acceptance of this illegal duplicity is rooted in a much deeper psychosis, which is mis-eduction and self-hatred—this always allows for us to give Europeans and their culture a free pass.

So No other Masonic entity had the right to do exactly what the United Grand Lodge of England did, if you understand what deductive reasoning is either you would objectively conclude that England had every right to establish itself as a 'competent Masonic' jurisdiction or what they set-up by mere reasoning is illegal and/or legal in which affords others this same Masonic right and privilege. But not only this, the UGLE would eventually impose their Masonic will on the world over. I write this article unapologetically, I do not practice nor follow the tenets of the UGLE or any other European Masonic body; once I accepted the knowledge of self, it was clear that what the so-called African American Masons were following was distorted and a perverted version of Masonry and I truly desired to look to the East and at least investigate the Ancient schools of thought that evolved in Ancient Kemet systems that predated Eurocentric learning and initiation systems long before the Caucasian exited the Hills and Caves sides of Europe.

If we continue to follow white Masonic schools of thought, it is my duty to make you aware that you are literally following a baby on the planet who has only been in existing a little over 6,000 years and to downplay the citadel of all knowledge, which is Kemet will render us a disgrace people to future so-called black Americans generations to come. This much has been thoroughly verified by Chelkh Anta Diop and Yosef Ben Jochannan and many of our revolutionary scholars who taught us that all knowledge evolved from the ‘African Origin of Civilization’. We are making some baby steps, because some of my Prince Hall brothers are at least starting to admit that no one gave the Europeans their charter in 1717 (this is huge and this admittance deflates the premise and foundation that only white grand Masonic bodies have the legal Masonic right to determine the question of ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’; I will never buy into this type of white paternalism). I think if we objectively look at how the United Grand Lodge of England was established and allow ourselves for a moment to just move away from our personal biases relative to how the UGLE was initially formulated, it would be easy to detect a Eurocentric form of absolutism and no one else has the right exercise a form of Masonic self-determination—this is ludicrous. I pity those who accept this as a golden rule.

This in my opinion, it is a much bigger argument than John G. Jones and his lodges and the question of ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’, it really sets a legal precedents for other non-Prince Hall Masons to use their own sovereign authority and power to establish and create their own Masonic reality. Let me set the record straight, because I know the mindset of zealots; it would be a total distortion and misnomer for anyone to suggest that Brother Knight-El, a Prince Hall Mason supports clandestine Masonry (no I am giving you all and others a lesson in critical thinking) and it is an outright lie for anyone to leave this conversation with that assertion. But I do advocate Black Masonic unity above all else and I also believe in talk diplomacy with other non-Prince Hall jurisdictions and perhaps we could find some common ground. I think it is very much immature to tell a Masonic organization such as Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry (John G. Jones this group is over 100 years old) the only option is to come before the PHA alter and be "Healed" for some they might find this to be a reasonable option and even I might in some instances agree with this stringent mandate, but what about those who are comfortable with being an upright man in the space which now they presently occupy.

The question of race in the United States relative to Freemasonry and the question of Brother John G. Jones and Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry are controversial topics with divergent opinions on both sides. I have said consistently and throughout other articles that I have posted on my Blog and have written numerous pieces advocating Black Masonic unity (this will continue to be my first priority and my personal crusade). So if anyone reads my works objectively, they will see this central theme throughout my Masonic writings—and also most of my writings have an African Centered basis that is steeped in Pan-African nationalism and cultural nationalism. Once again I make no apology for this position. What’s hypocritical is for Prince Hall Masons to embrace the racist and white confederate Masons in the United States of America, as their brothers (overlooking their past un-Masonic history and negative conduct towards Prince Hall as a Masonic institution and we have found convenient ways to ease the social and political tension with them, but are not willing to use this same diplomacy towards other non-Prince Hall African American Masonic groups).

But will not extend an olive branch to another black man who was raised and went through all the Masonic Houses and no doubt was once a Prince Hall Affiliated Mason in good standings. The history of Jones G. Jones is clear and we all know that he was expelled and/or suspended for various misconducts that went against our constitution and/or PHA Masonry code book (this much I agree with the argument and this history has been well documented). But if Negroes can forgive their former slave master’s children for committing crimes against humanity (slavery was a crime against humanity) in which there were no other crime in the Americas like the affect the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Middle Passage and Chattel Slavery had on African people, it lasted for 310 years. And we forgave them for these heinous or horrid crimes.

No, John G. Jones did not kill over 100 million Africans, separated black families, unmerciful raped our women—stripped us of our God; they introduced their version of Christianity and gave us a white Jesus to pray to knowing that by giving us this false image of the divine, it was designed for us to see him as our God and this systematic brainwashing has made us modern slaves and good Negroes for master even today on invisible plantation; they took our names, culture, tradition, folkways, mores and made us into Negroes. There was nothing Brother John G. Jones did in this dispute that amounts to the crimes that the white American task makers and colonial masters put on people of African decent. Yet, in our Willie Lynch mindset we have forgiving those who committed, perhaps one of the greatest atrocity to found any place in human history. Yes, amnesty and exoneration, and forgiveness should be top priority in assessing and evaluating John G. Jones linage Freemasonry. We cannot change the history that has already been written, but we the have opportunity to objectively come to the table and reach across the aisle in the spirit of unity and brotherly love and work to resolve this over 100 year dispute and move forward in the spirit of black Masonic unity.

I have no respect for the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) for whom we have sought their Masonic approval for over two centuries—working and fighting to obtained recognition from European Masonic entities is a disgrace and a shame in the eyes of our ancestors. We in the 21st century, a so-called free people still seeking approval from white people, it represents a despicable act. I am willing take on all the PHA Grand Masters on this issue and I will defeat all of them, because my position is rooted in the universal order of good and the universe is using me as its vessel. Also, send me all the PHA scholars my way as well and I will intellectual handcuff them as well.

Lastly, I have written tens of articles on Freemasonry and am more than capable of discussing every facet of this ancient philosophy. However, what distinguishes me from other Prince Hall writers and scholars, is that I have acquired the knowledge of self. And I do not look to European Freemasonry to guide me nor my thinking. The Black man is the original man (the world's best keep secret, is that he is God) and all knowledge sprung from the cradle of civilization, which is Africa. What I found to be greatest threat to Freemasonry is the level of ignorance and the lack of tolerance. I am student of Masonry and I feel compelled to bust up the Willie Lynch thinking and behavior that exist amongst so-called 'Negro' Masonry. I feel equally compelled to challenge the slave mentality that exist amongst some of us who proclaim to be Masons. Freemasonry is a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Finally, my humanity will not allow me to deny and dismiss other Masonic entities based on them being three letters, four letters or five letters. Let common sense prevail and perhaps level heads will eventually come to the understanding that Black Masonic unity would only strengthen Masonry and not tear it apart.

Let me first sincerely thank all the brothers who had giving me input and whether I agreed or disagreed with their various opinions within these conversations, nevertheless they were insightful. It represented that at times that we were on opposite ends of the pole, but that is not necessarily a bad thing—it creates a sense of intellectual healthiness. I respected everyone’s right to maintain their opinions, but I pray that I did enough to challenge them to consider elevating their thinking and not be fearful to think outside the box and as we ended these conversations—the only victory would be, if both sides said enough and represented our positions to the best of our intellectual ability and allow others to decide where the truth lie.

There is no compulsion in Freemasonry when it comes to a Masonic Brother who is in good standings to be obligated to do anything. Thus, this includes a brother having the right to attend every communication meeting or none—this should not be held against a Masonic Brother who is in good standings and therefore all of the Masonic rights and privileges should be his, that is typical Freemasonry etiquette and we serve at the pleasure of our right to remain in good standings. Yeshuaa Ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph) instructed us that the temple of God is within—no physical structure has the ability to determine intelligence or our level of humanity. Thus, often attending meetings, perhaps only makes us good ritual Masons, but my focus is delving into Speculative Masonry and this is what separates me from most Prince Hall Masons, in particular and Masons in general.

I am not to ego-driven and arrogant, that I cannot learn, but I am not impressed with ones appendant Masonic bodies affiliations or one’s title; I am equally not impressed with how many Masonic Houses that one belongs, but what impresses me the most, is the level of ones knowledge and most of all the level of their humanity (this is the only criteria that I have found relevant in my Masonic travels). Some will falsely accuse my analysis of being a threat to ‘regular’ Masonry, because of my opinions and views, but if you truly understood Speculative Masonry (philosophical Masonry) this science allows us to explore a diverse spectrum of ideas and schools of thought and we should not limited ourselves to this expansive ideological field of Masonry.

But what becomes dangerous to Freemasonry, is when we stop allowing others the right to disagree and not allowing them to intelligently cite their disagreement even if it’s opposite of the popular version of the truth and they should be able to do this without the threat of reprisals. There is no room for censorship or censuring just, because a Brother Mason takes the antithesis position in a debate in order to bring balance and clarity and even point out positions that might be flawed and/or in some cases have proven to be valid. I do not put out disclaimers, I vehemently standby every word that I have written in this Blog. I only have to answer to the Supreme Deity and not man, truly a man should be judged by his works, deeds and actions. The principles of Democracy looms high in Freemasonry and it is this principle that allows us the right to exercise a sense of Masonic freedoms—we learned very early that there were two subjects that was not allowed to be discussed in open lodge, which was religion and politics. I have a lot more to say.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El