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By Fahim A. Knight-El

This writer on April 22, 2010, traveled to Danville, Virginia which is approximately sixty (60) miles from my home; although, I had traveled to Danville on many other occasions prior to this date, but this Spring I went with my Third-Eye opened in which to observe and get a feel for where Clarence 13X Smith, Father Allah was born (it became a minor pilgrimage for me). This writer can only imagine what Danville may have looked like geographically and socially in 1928, when Clarence 13X entered the world. You can still feel in 2010, perhaps the racist aura that he may have experienced and the political, social and economic disparities between blacks and whites still exist some seven decades later. Although, segregation officially ended in 1954 and civil rights were further ensured with the passing of 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Bill. The slave mentality is still overwhelming amongst our people in Danville and the only light that I saw was a small Sunni Islamic Masjid named At-Taqwa Islamic Center; located at 120 S. Union St, Danville, VA. (Reference: Michelle Alexander; “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”). (Reference: Lord Jamar: YouTube Link: ). NOTE: HERE IS A LINK TO MY LATEST BLOG ON THE NGE:

I drove down highway 86 North from Hillsborough, North Carolina heading toward Danville and you can still see the rural and agriculture landscape where perhaps farming was still very much a part of that region of North Carolina and Virginia, which would have been no different than yesterday. Danville is a hilly town and with a blue collar flavor—it appears to be commercially depressed, but there’s evidence they are slowly moving towards urbanization. Perhaps the reasons that Father Allah migrated to New York (Mecca) were no different than what I was visualizing some sixty years later—social disparity. Black oppression was still evident and the culture was still steeped in all the symbols of white supremacy. (Reference: Chip Smith; “The Cost of Privilege: Taking on the System of White Supremacy”). (Reference: Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes; YouTube link:

There is organization in America, as well as in other parts of the world known as the Five Percenters or better yet known as the Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE). Thus, the founder of the group was named Clarence 13X Smith, a former follower of the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Clarence 13X Smith in 1963 defected from the Nation of Islam and others maintained that he actually received an indefinite suspension for repeated infractions that were deemed un-Islamic conduct such as gambling, drinking and smoking, etc (there is a lot of controversy of why Clarence 13X was ousted from the Nation of Islam). The Nation of Islam had strict rules of conduct relative to clean living—its followers were prohibited from consuming alcohol, eating pork, gambling, partying, lying, stealing, cheating, etc. (Reference: Wakeel Allah; “The Naked Truth: From the Goal Mind of Abu Shahid, the Elder of the Nation of Gods and Earths”).

Although, many of the early Nation of Islam followers were recruited from the correctional and penal institutions of America and became rehabilitated after hearing the life giving teachings while in prison. The best known convert who had spent a number of years incarcerated was Minister Malcolm X (who transformed his life in prison). (Reference: Alex Haley; “Autobiography of Malcolm X”).

I believe that Clarence 13X was attracted to the Nation of Islam and Temple Number 7 (Harlem, New York) because of the former street hustler and later turned Muslim, minister named Malcolm X who was able to talk their language and had nothing but respect and love for the ghetto life style—essentially it was this counter-culture life style that was always intriguing to Clarence 13X and not many Nation of Islam ministers understood it as well as Minister Malcolm X.

This was where Malcolm X earned the street nickname Detroit Red as a petty hustler (earning his street credentials) and he understood the rules and the lifestyles of those who sold dope, committed burglaries, committed robbery, thievery, ran numbers, con games, pimping and prostitution because he himself was part of many street enterprises in Harlem, New York prior to his Islamic conversion. The streets also were the best recruiting ground for the Black Muslim movement next to the prison system from its humble beginnings in 1930. (Reference: Dennis Walker “Islam: and the Search for African-American Nationhood; Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam”).

What was the mission of Master Wali Fard Muhammad? Which ultimately became the mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Father Allah Clarence 13X and the answer to the question was found in the lessons—the civilized man job, duty and responsibility was to teach civilization to the uncivilized. It was always a mission of salvation, in particular to assist those who were made blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of self by the 10%. Who is the 10%? Answer: “The rich; the slave-makers of the poor; who teach the poor lies—to believe that the Almighty, True and Living God is a spook and cannot be seen by the physical eye. Other wise known as: The Blood-Suckers of The Poor”. (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; Muslim Lesson No. 2 (1-40) pursuant to the 120 given by Father Allah, Clarence 13X).

Who is the 85%? "The uncivilized people; poison animal eaters; slaves from mental death and power, people who do not know the Living God or their origin in this world, and they worship that they know not what—who are easily led in the wrong direction, but hard to lead into the right direction". (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; Muslim Lesson No. 2 (1-40) pursuant to the 120 given by Father Allah, Clarence 13X) and (Reference: Pen Black; “Gods Earths and 85ers”

The Nation of Gods and Earths for over forty-seven years has not been able to totally shun this street reputation and this has led to mainstream media depicting the organization as a street gang. Thus, in most of the State and federal prisons across the wilderness of North America, the NGE is classified as a "security threat" therefore, the Devil disallows them from having access to various lessons and materials and if caught with Five Percenter information this would be considered being in possession of illegal contraband (deemed by the authorities as gang paraphernalia).

Yet, at the same time the Nation of Islam who is considered a religious organization is allowed access to the “Supreme Wisdom Lessons” in which the Nation of Gods and Earths incorporates these same lessons as part of 120 degrees. But even the Nation of Islam in many correctional institutions they have to go through Sunni Islamic Chaplains to gain access to their materials, who has assigned them as the so-called legitimate overseers over the Islamic prison ministry (many of them are Arab ass kissers and definitely are believers in that Mystery God).

Perhaps the United States Government can justify denying NGE its entitlement to being respected under the First Amendment Right, which is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to all “American” citizens and yet get away with discrimination because of the Nation of Gods and Earths non-religious affiliation. There would be a huge outcry if the Nation of Gods and Earths were a recognized religious organization and their constitutional rights were in violation, thus, you would have the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tearing the legal walls down seeking justice and legal retribution. However, some of the incarcerated members have brought lawsuits against the Federal Bureau of Prisons and State prisons for discrimination, committing civil rights violations and First Amendment obstruction.

Moreover, very few in the so-called mainstream society have ever heard of the Nations of Gods and Earth (Five Percenters). But most of those youngsters who identify with the Hip-Hop culture have been singing their rhythms and lyrics for years. Wikipedia online resource stated: “Early Hip-Hop acts affiliated with the Five Percenters, and who spread its teachings through Hip-Hop, include two highly regarded MCs of the late 1980s–early ’90s conscious rap era, Rakim of Eric B. & Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. These two acts, as well as some of their other contemporaries, infused Five Percent teachings and symbolism throughout their music and videos. This reputation brought fans of Rakim in particular to refer to him as "the God MC." Not soon after Rakim and Kane's heyday rose acts who were even more explicit with allegiance to the NGE, most notably Brand Nubian, Poor Righteous Teachers, and the Wu-Tang Clan. The popularity of these acts sparked a boom of new NGE students”.

There is Lord Jamar Five Percent album and many more Hip Hop artists who identify with the Five Percenters. (Reference: Felicia M. Miyakawa; “Five Percenter rap: God hop's music, message, and black Muslim mission”). Spewing out the mathematics and science found in 120 degrees lessons and building with the supreme wisdom and inspiring a new generation of Gods; where in the cipher knowledge (is not necessarily rooted in Judaism, Christianity and Islam) is born outside of religious theological structure. There is no organizational priesthood or ecclesiastic hierocracy (Prince Cuba in his writings has constantly reminded the Gods of this most important plank) associated with NGE and also unlike the Nation of Islam there is no centralized leadership or divine priesthood. (Reference: Michael Knight-Muhammad; “ The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip Hop, and the Gods of New York”)

Yet, the Allah School in Mecca in New York serves as a sort of decentralized headquarters where official Nation of Gods and Earths literature, books, programs, instructions and gatherings take place. The Gods come in peace and show and prove (the science of demonstrating one's ability to recite lessons and using mathematics and science to provide evidence for the credibility of the knowledge, which must be rooted in the 120 degrees lessons given to us by Father Allah (Clarence 13X). (Reference: Sunez Allah and CBS Alife Allah; "Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life").

So many of us who have embraced "The Lessons" have become parrots and have committed "The Lessons" to memory as though this is the zenith of our intellectual matriculation and can regurgitate them back just like a train parrot (this writer is not downplaying the importance of the lessons having an oral tradition. Master Fard Muhammad (1877-?) required Elijah Muhammad (1897-1975) to learn the questions and answers to the Supreme Wisdom lessons (he was required to commit these lessons to memory) and had to answer (recite) each question and answer 100% correctly before moving on to said lesson number one.

It took him three and half years to master the lessons and from that point W.F. Muhammad had created a God who did not believe in the teachings of a mystery God that did not exist. Who is that mystery God? Answer: “There is not a mystery God. The Son of man has searched for that mystery God for trillions of years and was unable to find a mystery God. So they have agreed that the only God is the Son of man. So they lose no time searching for that that does not exist”. (Reference: Clarence 13X (W.F. Muhammad and Elijah); 120 Degree Lost - Found Muslim Lesson No. 2 (1-40); Question #10).

The oral tradition of learning the lessons and the memorization exercises are only part of the process in which we must ascertain the ability to interpreted 'The Lesson" and truly search out the practical and most inner philosophical meaning and then use the knowledge to build a spiritual and physical kingdom on earth by acquiring money, good homes and friendship in all walks of life. The knowledge (the 120) should move us beyond just convening at Universal Parliaments—we can not claim to be part of the Nation of Gods and Earths and not be empowered by the knowledge of self and demonstrate the power and essences of being a God. The lessons asked the question: “Who is the 5% in the Poor Part of the Earth?” "They are the poor, righteous Teachers, who do not believe in the teachings of the 10%, and are all-wise; and know who the Living God is; and Teach that the Living God is the Son of man, the supreme being, the (black man) of Asia; and Teach Freedom, Justice and Equality to all the human family of the planet Earth. Otherwise known as: Civilized People. Also are: Muslim and Muslim Sons".

This writer believes that Father Allah with all his heart believed that the Black man was God and this is why the Five Percent Nation do not preface their name Allah with Abdul (Arabic for servant) but Father Allah instructed them to wear the name of God (Allah). Father Allah understood that if we claimed to be the original man (father of civilization and God of the Universe) there was no other name that was more fitting to bestow on members of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Moreover, in 1963 he questioned the half original man Master Fard Muhammad's (the founder of the Nation of Islam) ethnicity and nationality who the Nation of Islam taught that "We believe that Allah (God) appeared in the person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July, 1930, the long awaited "Messiah" of the Christians, and the "Mahdi" of the Muslims". Clarence 13X allegedly declared that no half-original man could be God and this theological challenge is what many believed that led to his falling out of grace with the ranking officials at Temple Number Seven.

In Student Enrollment lessons (1-10) it is asked: Who is the Original man? Answer: “The original man is the Asiatic Black man; the Maker; the Owner; the Cream of the planet Earth-Father of Civilization, God of the Universe”. The lessons were enough convincing evidence where knowledge is born and was proof positive that the Nation of Islam's God-Head was a genetic hybrid and wasn't a full blooded original man. Master Fard Muhammad looked almost white and Clarence 13X felt this image was a theological contradiction.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad met Master Fard Muhammad (Wali Fard Muhammad) on July 4, 1930 and immediately established the Department of Supreme Wisdom (this became the first show and prove classroom), but these lessons were for registered Muslims only and it was the secret teachings of the Nation of Islam, which was closely guarded by followers of Messenger Elijah Muhammad and for thirty-four years no non-believer had access to the Lessons. But Father Allah, Clarence 13X after his suspension took the lessons to the streets and started teaching the youth outside of Elijah Muhammad's Temple number Seven structure.

Allah Jihad in his most revealing book titled, "The Immortal Birth" stated: "Allah took his message to poor, delinquent and hard-core street youth. Many of them were drug addicts, dropouts and incorrigible black youth that society had long since failed and given up on. Using the Supreme Mathematics and Alphabets, Allah taught them the meaning of their names, age (degree), why life was so hard and cold for the Blackman and other significant unpleasant facts. The First Born. His student he named Karriem, later to become Black Messiah. Allah chose him to be the first black youth with this knowledge because of his ability to attract the youth the community and because he was a black seed (meaning a dark complexion)”.

Allah Jihad continues: “Fundamentally to Allah's teachings was that the black seed was the first seed and most dominant. Since the number 'one' represents the principle of knowledge in the Supreme Mathematics, the black seed being the first seed was referred to as the 'knowledge seed'. Therefore, Allah understood that Messiah's nature was to be a source of knowledge. Messiah brought other black youth to be taught by Allah. Allah began by teaching nine black youth. The number nine represents the principle of 'born' in the Supreme Mathematics. Nine is the highest number in the numerical system, thus, it means to be complete." (Reference: Allah Jihad; "The Immortal Birth"; pp. 298-299).

The Nation of Gods and Earths considers themselves to be Free Thinkers and not part of the Islamic religion; yet their vicarious history of being an offshoot of the Nation of Islam; it has caused them to be labeled as heretic and a blasphemous organization (no different than the Nation of Islam) relative to how they are viewed by so-called mainstream Islam (in particular by Wahabbi led Sunnism). Some of the NGE members have gone to great lengths to try to distinctly separate themselves from the Nation of Islam, but what draws the two groups together are the lessons; Yet, simultaneously this is where they part company as well; the 120 Degrees (lessons) is taught by the Five Percent Nation as secular catechism, which is more steeped in Esoteric, Occult and Gnostics—this is more evident in the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet Lessons. NGE quest is to discern the scientific value and philosophical lessons being imparted in the 120 degrees. However, the Nation of Islam has always interpreted the lessons from a religious paradigm, which was more rooted in the Nation of Islam's historical and religious worldview and most of all correlated the 'Lessons' to the Bible and Qur'an in which a theological explanation was more important to how the ‘Lessons’ were going to be perceived and taught to the Lost-Found members.

For example, Master Fard Muhammad asked the question: Who made the Holy Koran or Bible? How long ago? Will you tell us why does Islam re-new her history every twenty-five thousand years? Answer: "The Holy Koran or Bible is made by the original people, who is Allah, the supreme being, or (Black man) of Asia. The Koran will expire in the Year twenty-five thousand; (nine hundred eighty years from the date of this writing).The Nation of Islam is all-wise and does everything right and exact. The planet earth, which is the home of Islam, and is approximately twenty-five thousand miles in circumference. So the wise man of the East (Black man) makes history or Koran to equal his home circumference---a year to every mile. And, thus, every time his history lasts twenty-five thousand years, he renews it for another twenty-five thousand years". (Reference: Clarence 13X 120; also W.F. Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad: Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 2 (1-40)).

The NGE is much more interested in the secular value—science, numerology and the mathematical equations of the 'lesson' rather than being overly concern about receiving the Holy Qur'an and Bible as theological guides given by some external Being (‘God’) to govern human existence relative to moral and ethical jurisprudence. Yet, many Five Percenters study the Qur'an and Bible, but often it’s done out of respect for knowledge and not out of some religious conviction. The Nation of Gods and Earths have tried to vehemently distances themselves from such groups as the Five Percent Nation of Islam and the Allah-Team; these "NGE' persons and groups have tried to attempt at synthesizing the Nation of Islam's theological teachings along with the secular NGE culture ideology by correlating and bridging the ideological gap between these two organizations by making an effort to meshing—the sacred and secular realms of knowledge. I think both organizations need their soverign independence from each other.

Dr. Wesley Muhammad (aka True Islam) and Wakeel Allah, the author of two books, titled, "In the Name of Allah Vol. 1: A History of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters" and published a second volume of the same title. Wakeel Allah scholarship represented a galvanizing of scattered Five Percent lessons and history, which was for over three decades the ‘120 Lessons’ were only complied as photostat carbon copies (my first introduction to lessons were handwritten copies), which was dispense and taught orally.

Many Nation of Gods and Earths view both Wakeel Allah and Dr. Wesley Muhammad as straddling the fence and to use a religious terminology some NGE members view both of them as “hypocritics” and are not worthy to be called Five Percenters. Both of these Gods for some of the NGE members are just a little to cozy with Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (they do not desire for NGE to be co-opted by the Nation of Islam and this is very much understandable). Yet, their opinions of these above detractors, in my opinion, represents a fundamentalist disposition and it reminds us of how religious organizations are ran and it's slanderous to discredit other Nation of Gods and Earths members for deviating from "centralized" directives or what is deemed core NGE teachings (every God has the right to Build).

This writer is always open to a good "Build" and doesn't matter to me whether or not the NGE sees certain Gods as being credible; I am interested in the substance and content of the knowledge and not necessarily focusing on the personality. This writer has found Dr. Wesley Muhammad books titled, "The Book of God" and "Black Arabia and the African Origin of Islam" as very credible sources and I can personally care less about his connections to the Nation of Islam. If you are truly Free Thinkers, thus your quest for knowledge shall not know any intellectual confinement, but outside the box thinking is beyond intellectual limitations.

What is the Duty of a civilized person? ANS."To teach the uncivilized people, who are savage civilization (righteousness, the knowledge of himself, the science of everything in life-love, peace and happiness)”. The Cipher is a circle but the ancient sages and gurus saw the concept as a method of transforming a text in order to linking knowledge to the never ending sphere (“What is the birth record of the said, Nation of Islam?” Answer: “The said, Nation of Islam, has no birth record. It has no beginning nor ending. It is older than the Sun, Moon and Star”). We must come to the realization that truth and knowledge are seen as 120+120+120=360 degrees, the representation of a complete circle. Study your ‘lessons’ and show yourself approved.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Friday, September 17, 2010


Propaganda, Disinformation and Globalization Agenda

By Fahim A. Knight-El

These are very serious times in which we are living and the masses of humanity have no idea of the pending danger that lie ahead because of the systematic dumbing down of America. Perhaps there hasn't been a more affective tool used on humanity than the science of disinformation and the type of subtle and covert control this strategy has had on the thinking of humanity (perhaps no different than how the Communist propaganda of old operated); in particular in how people were expected to process information and most all how that information would be used to support the interest of the status quo in general. The United States has had a dubious and contentious relationship relative to the quest for racial justice and fairness (and social, political and economic parity). But disinformation has been an equal opportunity conveyer (it does not discriminate or make any distinctions based on class, race, skin color, national origin, language, religion, gender, country and any other variables that you can think of. It is an equal opportunity deceiver and manipulator of all people in which eight-five percent of the planet are victims. (Reference: Psywar: YouTube Clip;

Disinformation is defined as being: "Deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government or especially by an intelligence agency in order to influence public opinion or the government in another nation". However, there is a discernible difference between disinformation and misinformation. Misinformation is false or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally. It is distinguished from disinformation by motive in that misinformation is simply erroneous, while disinformation, in contrast, is intended to mislead.

People living in the United States have been lied to so convincingly and thoroughly that they will defend their slave status with their last dying breathe, as well as shield and protect the lie as if it was the unadulterated truth. They do not believe that their destiny is in the hands of a few and their present predicament is not coincidental and that someone is controlling every meaningful facets of our lives. (Reference: Psywar; YouTube clip:

Yet, at the same time by them being so thoroughly convinced that history is made accidental; it is difficult for them to accept alternative viewpoints other than what the status quo feeds them in the mass mediums—both electronic and print. They have been taught to view alternative information as unproven conspiracy theories worthy to be discredited without an objective investigation and the sad thing about this type of thinking, is that they do not realize that they have been part of a grand world conspiracy orchestrated by the likes of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, which to keep them under control as ignorant pawns.

Just look at the so-called economic meltdown in 2008, which made the American people more destitute and poor and at the same time further enriched the international bankers at the expense of the American taxpayers. They are not willing to look deeper at the real causes and affects of their condition of oppression, which would draw them to the conclusion that America's economic decline was neither coincidental or accidental (it has been well planned out by the wickedly wise and it was induced).

But little do most people know, that there are Invisible entities which possess the power to induce the rise and fall of global economic markets—they even determine the value of international currency—its strengths and weakness. Wall Street collapsed because the Rothschilds sort to establish a new economic paradigm and had intentionally stretched the world's debt to the limit (it had nothing to do with out of control consumer debt, although this variable factored in, but the markets collapsed because of financial greed at the highest level). The printing of worthless currency (U.S. dollars) was the number one factor that led to the compromise of the global financial markets and downward spiral of the free enterprise system. The Federal Reserve had deliberately inundated the global market with so much valueless money, which over flooded the world’s capacity to tie productivity as an equitable correlation to the amount worthless currency being dumped in which credit was not an option (the allusion of a safety net was gone). It naturally short circuited the global monetary leverage and nearly caused not a recession, but an economic depression; while the Chinese Renminbi and the Euro were gaining economic momentum, the U.S. dollars was continually to decline. This infringement simultaneously devalued goods and services globally (it was the chain reaction affect), which heighten inflation in the United States. (Reference: Ron Paul; YouTube clip:

The fall of America was inevitable and would have made the Great Depression of 1929 look like child's play. President Bush, President Obama and the United States Congress did not resolve the long standing systemic problems of the declining U.S. dollar. The U.S. taxpayers bailout of BIG Finance was only liken to putting a band-aid on cancer (we did not cure the problem, it was not even a temporary fix). The root causes of what led to the global economic meltdown in 2008 has not changed and therefore, our future economic forecast is futile and will continue to be disheartened until the Federal Reserve, Central Banks and Dynastic Families take the noose from around the necks of humanity (it is their decision of how money will flow and it has nothing to do with congressional enactments).

I am sorry to tell you that President Barack Obama can not solve our economic matters nor can the Tea Party candidates because they do not control the purse strings; thus only the purse string pullers can restore honor and dignity back to the American people.

The money changers prosper by creating misery (the collapsing of the housing market and financial markets were designed to benefit the Invisible Rulers to the detriment of the poor who will never be introduced as the ‘Pawns in the Game’). President Barack Obama doesn't have the solutions to the economic stagnation of a society that has lost its place as the leader in the global free enterprise market where for over a hundred-fifty years they ruled and dominated as the capitalist power to be reckoned with (America is now weak and is steadily losing its influence throughout the world). No, other nation had embraced and internalized the concepts of capitalism pursuant to Adam Smith's treatise as described in his monumental work titled, "An Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations" with the type of zeal and fortitude as the United States (but capitalism reached its peak fifty years ago and it no longer can expand and produce as it once had). (Reference: Psywar; YouTube clip:

Minister Ray Muhammad (who received his X in Baltimore and former Nation of Islam minister and laborer of Minister Farrakhan) shared with me some very interesting and eye awakened statistics, which sums up our predicament: 83 percent of all U.S. stocks are in the hands of 1 percent of the people.

• 61 percent of Americans "always or usually" live paycheck to paycheck, which was up from 49 percent in 2008 and 43 percent in 2007.

• 66 percent of the income growth between 2001 and 2007 went to the top 1% of all Americans.

• 36 percent of Americans say that they don't contribute anything to retirement savings.

• A staggering 43 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved up for retirement.

• 24 percent of American workers say that they have postponed their planned retirement age in the past year.

• Over 1.4 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009, which represented a 32 percent increase over 2008.

• Only the top 5 percent of U.S. households have earned enough additional income to match the rise in housing costs since 1975.

• For the first time in U.S. history, banks own a greater share of residential housing net worth in the United States than all individual Americans put together.

• In 1950, the ratio of the average executive's paycheck to the average worker's paycheck was about 30 to 1. Since the year 2000, that ratio has exploded to between 300 to 500 to one.

• As of 2007, the bottom 80 percent of American households held about 7% of the liquid financial assets.

• The bottom 50 percent of income earners in the United States now collectively own less than 1 percent of the nation’s wealth.

• Average Wall Street bonuses for 2009 were up 17 percent when compared with 2008.

• In the United States, the average federal worker now earns 60% MORE than the average worker in the private sector.

• The top 1 percent of U.S. households own nearly twice as much of America's corporate wealth as they did just 15 years ago.
• In America today, the average time needed to find a job has risen to a record 35.2 weeks.

• More than 40 percent of Americans who actually are employed are now working in service jobs, which are often very low paying.

• or the first time in U.S. history, more than 40 million Americans are on food stamps, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture projects that number will go up to 43 million Americans in 2011.

• This is what American workers now must compete against: in China a garment worker makes approximately 86 cents an hour and in Cambodia a garment worker makes approximately 22 cents an hour.

• Approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States are living below the poverty line in 2010 - the highest rate in 20 years.

• Despite the financial crisis, the number of millionaires in the United States rose a whopping 16 percent to 7.8 million in 2009.

• The top 10 percent of Americans now earn around 50 percent of our national income.

What kind of shit was this that the poor and 'have nots' were called to bailout the Dynastic Families (the wealthiest one percent in the world). Who in the hell induced this crisis (if you do not know that the so-called global economic meltdown was carried out systematically between Harry Paulson (the former Goldman Sachs executive), the former United States Treasury Secretary and Ben Bernanke Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve (lets not be mistaken they did not give the order to dismantle the global economic system--they were only assigned roles to play and nothing else). (Reference Rod Parsley: YouTube clip

They literally stole the world's reserve and the little accumulative wealth that American people had amassed. But I am going to allow you into a little secret, Bush did not steal an election in 2000, the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral commission appointed him over Al Gore (they have appointed all world leaders and in reality there is no such thing as democracy—one man, one vote). Although based on the electoral process Gore had won the 2000 presidential election, It did not matter in the grand scheme of things. But in reality both of these low level operatives would have served the Invisible Rulers interest well and with top priority.

George W. Bush appointment as president was actually a favor given on behalf of his father, George Herbert Walker Bush for his fifty years of loyalty or more to the Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations and no doubt the senior Bush had earned his allegiance and paid his dues to his powerful masters. He served as an ex-CIA director and former president of the United States and was a long standing member of the Skull and Bones (the organizational progeny of the Knights Templar). President George W. Bush's presidency was merely a political favor to his father and nothing else. But he would also prove to be a valuable asset to the New World Order and the One World Government Globalization agenda and schemes.

No other president had achieved as much as Bush did to further the globalization concept and transitioned the entire globe into a new era (globalization) where the exploitation of labor and wealth (natural resources and human resources) took on an entirely different meaning—labor would be outsourced to developing nations (the new slave did not have to be uprooted, the product would be transferred to where ever he/she was on the four corners of the globe), along with corporate downsizing and the American middle class dissipated as the access to credit dried up and the outstanding national debt left Americans upside down, while the same banks and mortgage holders foreclosed (stole the people’s dreams) on the American housing market. It was these same vipers who after selling us elastic currency and outlandish interest rates became the beneficiaries of the American people’s misery. Woe to the hypercritics.

President George W. Bush most outstanding contribution was his role in the 9/11 hoax in which he should have won an academy award and no other president had ever played such a pivotal role in rearranging the world (the world changed in many ways after 9/11). Bush was giving the ultimate task of dismantling an old system; his first meaningful assignment was to be invited in (standard operational procedure) as a figurehead in destroying the World Trade Center, the financial capitol of world. The New York branch of the Federal Reserve after 9/11 took possession of the real money—gold and silver (all of this was prearranged). Bush and his handlers also stole trillions on top of trillions of dollars of the world’s currency (gold and silver) that were housed in underground vaults beneath the World Trade Center (the robbery actually took place before the bombs were detonated). This was enough tangible currency that could have allowed for us to go back to the Gold Standard monetary system (currency being backed by precious metals—gold and silver). But not many of our elected officials possess the courage to challenge the unconstitutionality of the Federal Reserve Act and revamp our monetary policy (this is the type of patriotism that this writer supports). The United States monetary system since 1913 has been placed in the hands of private international bankers, which is a clear violation of our constitution. (Reference: United States Economy Collapsing; YouTube Clip

Bush may be unpopular amongst the American people, but he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents to ever take the seat in the Oval Office. Invisible Rulers have stated to Bush as it was written in the New Testament in the book of Matthew (Matthew 25:23): "Well done, you good and faithful servant!' said his master. "You have been faithful in managing small amounts, so I will put you in charge of large amounts. Come on in and share my happiness!'

They started putting the pieces in place under President Bill Clinton who started the globalization process with the initiatives of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and he was prepared in the mid 1990s to issue a new currency at the behest of the Dynastic Families. This was endorsed by his long time friend and Mexican agent President Vicente Fox, but the peso had little exchange value and they were not going to empower this poor developing nation with same equality along side Canada and the United States (they took the strategy back to the drawing board and is still working out the kinks—no doubt the Amero is going to happen and nations without borders is going to happen). The only reason Mexico was included in these plans because of oil resources, labor and the proximity of physical geography. (Reference: International Bankers to Dominate the World; YouTube Clip;

The Power Elite use all forms of mass media and they determine for us how we will perceive persons, places and events and what is going to be our reaction to the decoys and manipulation schemes, which are always designed to further advance their control over humanity and to enhance their financial interest. (Reference: Eustace Mullins: "Who Owns the TV Networks"). This tactic and strategy have proven to be more affective than dropping bombs and war and the persuasiveness is much more far reaching because it represents the highest form of mind control (the real battle is won on the psychological war front). Those who possess the power and authority to control ideas and move humanity just like suckling babies in different directions (shaping and molding public opinion) are deceptive wizards.

It was disinformation that led the United States into Iraq in which the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had outright lied to the America people and claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction; although the United Nations Weapons Inspectors did not substantiate or verify this alleged and false allegations.

President George W. Bush and General Colin Powell (two low level pawns) intentionally lied and misled the American people (propaganda at its best) and the world into believing that it was a war on terrorism and our assigned enemies were coming to get us. But no one informed the ignorant American masses that the Rockefellars and Rothschild instigated both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and allowed the wars to move forward under the pretext that Osama Bin Laden and radical Islam blew up the World Trade Center on 9/11 (big lie theory). The dumbfound masses were gullible and manipulated into believing that they had a patriotic interest to defend "freedom" so-called against Muslim and Islamic aggression.

The Invisible Rulers are masters at playing on the emotions of the ignorant whereby they use our sons and daughters as tools and agents of United States foreign policy (they actually are agents of the Rothschilds). They become instruments of the economic, social and political interest of the various Dynastic Families. These Dynastic Families are ruthless and are hidden under layers of deceptions—function within a circle, within a circle and within circle. They possess multi-objectives and agendas, but none perhaps more sinister than their goal of controlling all the world's wealth and resources.

The two above mentioned wars were about the international bankers and Dynastic Families gaining complete control over currency extracted from two valuable and lucrative commodities which possess more value than gold, which was oil and poppy plant (heroin).

Adam Weishaupt in 1776, the patriarch of what has been deemed as the modern so-called secret society movement had its inception over 200 years ago. He was a Canon Law professor at Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany who created an organizational structure which laid the foundation for the New World Order and globalization theory to take root (they formalized the plan and agenda in 1967). These enlightened and illuminated men envisioned themselves as earthly "Gods" over humanity and they adopted ancient initiation rites and rituals which to preserve hidden power and control over the ignorant majority.

The Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Rosicrucian, Egyptian Mystery system, etc., predated Adam Weishaupt concept of secret society. But the similarities have to be viewed from how the agendas were always correlated to high finance and power. This writer is of the opinion that Weishaupt and his later predecessors borrowed how members of the above groups valued their oath taking and protected their signs, passwords and tokens. No one penetrated the inner workings of these societies who hadn’t taking an oath and weren’t properly initiated.

These groups and societies would become perfect fronts for the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Morgans, Rockefellars, Mellons, etc., the operative word is "fronts". But this would only represent the visible layer and the real power brokers have always led the open society into believing that these symbolic benevolent and philanthropic societies were the actual movers and shakers of society while they conveniently hid behind the symbols and decoys and have gone undetected for centuries. Yet became wealthy and powerful creating banking houses throughout the world (House of Rothschild). Eustace Mullins committed his entire life studying and investigating the money trail and wrote a profound book titled, "Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. No one has exposed these sinister plots with more historical accuracy than Mullins. (Reference: Minister Louis Farrakhan: YouTube Clip:

But the least concern of the disinformationist is whether or not there exist evidence of truth (this is not a determining factor in rendering justice and taking a course of action that is rooted in ethics and righteousness) because since they control the media images and news; it is easy for them to make down appear up and up appear down (in their paradigm reality means absolutely nothing and perception means everything). Thus, very few people in world society possess the ability to unravel the tricks, lies and deceptions and make any sense out of what is taking place right beneath their own eyes.

The author and New World Order decoder William Cooper stated: "My research has shown, at this point, that the future laid out for us may be just about impossible to change. I do not agree with the means by which the powerful few have chosen for us to reach the end. I do not agree that the end is where we should end at all. But unless we can wake the people from their sleep, nothing short of civil war will stop the planned outcome. I based that statement not on defeatism but on the apathy of the majority of the American people. Twenty-five years ago I would have believed otherwise--but twenty-five years ago I was also sound asleep. We have been taught lies. Reality is not at all what we perceive it to be. We can not survive any longer by hanging onto the falsehoods of the past. Reality must be discerned at all costs if we are to be a part of the future. Truth must prevail in all instances, no matter who it hurts or helps, if we are to continue to live upon this earth. At this point, what we want may no longer matter. It is what we must do to ensure our survival that counts. The old way is in the certain process of destruction and a New World Order is beating down the door." (Reference: William Cooper; "Behold A Pale Horse; pp. 2-3).

This writer would like to be optimistic, but after reading Cooper's words and viewing present society in which the book was written over twenty years ago, it has created a sense of pessimism and a high degree of uncertainty for me. However, hasn't much changed relative to humanity having the ability to properly assess their lives and make meaningful changes since the publication of this monumental work. I think the conditioning process is so overwhelming that most people don't have the strength and courage to deprogram themselves and therefore, the indoctrination process is allowed to take further root, which will continue to influence one's worldview and it allows them to remain perpetual victims of propaganda.

We have learned very little from the recent deceptive ploys used in Afghanistan and Iraq (business as usual) because there is no resistance demanding that these wars are unjust and we can no longer defend a lie with U.S. tax dollars nor with the blood of our young U.S. soldiers. The propaganda machines are gearing us up for an attack on Iran and they have already convinced the ignorant that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is steadily acquiring nuclear technology and weapons and this alone is justification for American imperialism to invade another Muslim country. Who gives the United States supreme authority over who should or shouldn’t have nuclear weapons?

The media is always used to demonize leaders that don’t work in the interest of the United States. They will be lied upon and their political position will be misrepresented and distorted in order create doubt amongst his own people which to neutralize his effectiveness at home and abroad. The other covert political agenda of its intended victim is the U.S. citizens, which to create false patriotism amongst it citizens and get the robots prepared to fight and defend their master’s interest. The Rothschilds see war as being profitable and they desire to take more control over the Persian Gulf oil (its not about Iran acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction—doesn’t this script sound very familiar) and like Iraq they will instigate internal conflicts in Iran amongst various tribes and Islamic factions. The Central Intelligence Agency has been masters of this for years. They will feed the American people a heavy dose of anti-Shia Islam and anti-Sharia rhetoric and once again we will send our young men and women over to Tehran to die on foreign battlefields. Moreover, in order that the Seven Oil Sisters and the Dynastic Families could wrap their tentacles around more of the world's resources. Their objective is always theft by deception and all of your high level politicians are bought and paid for and work in the interest of the Committee of 300 in which all foreign policy is in the interest of the international bankers.

Perhaps if you did not know that their allegiance is to money and finance they can give damn about nation’s sovereignty. The Rothschild's had a ruthless motto we care not who writes their laws (jurisprudence is secondary), but as long as we control the money system (nothing else mattered). Lastly, we must wake up from our slumber and take a moment just to look around us and decide from that moment do I continue to blindly follow what is being spoon fed to me or do I seek another direction. Moreover, that’s truly rooted in the principles of liberty, freedom, justice and equality; the answer to these questions lies in one’s ability and willingness to fight which to remain free from the shackles of neo-slavery.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Burning Qur’ans and the Desecration of Synagogues, Mosques, Churches, Temples and other Religious Shrines is an Unholy Act

By Fahim A. Knight-El

This writer would ask his readers to just reason with him for just a moment as he evaluate this present day culture of intolerance; thus, on September 11, 2001, the entire world was altered due to a United States Government induced catastrophe, which fostered one of the greatest appeals to the fears of America, in particular and the world in general, and exposed the psychological vulnerability of a spoiled and disengaged people. The United States Government led us down the road of National Security and used the media to paint the religion of Islam and Muslims as terrorist and the natural enemies of the West and was inherently evil (and we needed to be protected from radical Islam). This writer has written various topics dealing with Islam, terrorism, 9/11, and the value of tolerance, thus, I went back through those various articles that I had written within the last three years and assembled what I characterized as some of the best quotes that I have offered relative to addressing this recent media controversy centered around Reverend Terry Jones, a pastor in Gainesville, Florida and his intentions to burn Holy Qur’ans on 9/11. (Reference: Reverend Terry Jones; YouTube clip

To remain silent in this charade renders us all as being complicit, it doesn’t matter whether or not you agree with Islam or disagree with Islam (it doesn’t matter what your faith tradition may be) because tomorrow it could be someone burning Torahs and the Gospel (new testament) as well as desecrating synagogues, churches, holy shrines and temples. We must let Reverend Jones and the world know that it’s wrong and is unacceptable behavior in a civilized society to burn other faiths religious texts. Many interfaith groups consisting of various denominations, clergy and religions have come together to make unified statements condemning this proposed act of burning Qur’ans as being immoral (not illegal) and to do this as a way of commemorating the ninth anniversary of 9/11 tragedy is totally insane. Everyone with a voice should speak out against this type of criminal activity.

This writer was glad to see President Barack Obama and United States Attorney General Eric Holder, as well as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other top level White House cabinet members have condemn Reverend Jones proposed burning of Qur’ans. Reverend Jones ignorance is steeped in the government's version of what took place on September 11, 2001 and he actually believes Muslims were responsible for the 9/11 hoax and it is this duping and deception that have led him to adopt such an outlandish measure of protest. This writer has therefore, pulled excerpts from previous articles that I have written and meshed them together within this article as a response to all this intolerable hatred aimed at Islam and Muslims that have been taking place since the proposed construction of the one hundred million dollar mosque near ground zero.

Why would a Christian preacher seek to burn the holiest book belonging to Islam (one of the three Abrahamic faiths) in which I am of the opinion that the desecration of any religious holy book or edifice should be considered a hate crime and punished under United States federal laws. However, this writer would agree that Reverend Jones has the First Amendment Right on his side (protection under freedom of speech and expression), but where is his ethical and moral compass relative to being tolerant of other religious faiths that might differ from his own and most of all being a Christian Minister of the Gospel; how does this factor into his worldview? Jones is appealing to what appears to be an undercurrent and sentiment that are rooted in a false sense of patriotism and is being highly irresponsible in inciting the good ole boys to commit this type of act, which will be viewed as offensive to over two billion Muslims throughout the world and will reverberate negatively even throughout the non-Muslim world. Reverend Jones has not taking into account the backlash this will have on diplomatic and international relations with Muslims throughout the world and their perception of the United States of America. (Reference: Rabbi Saperstein; YouTube clip

He has every right to openly disagree with Islam and I will defend his right as a dissenter to condemn and oppose Islam, but to desecrate the Muslim Holy book will create possibly many consequences and perhaps compromise United States national security abroad and domestically. This is wrong and we all have an obligation to condemn and repudiate this type of action and behavior as being sinister and un-American. Some time these type megalomaniacs are looking to create publicity stunts in order to draw attention to themselves and create a media frenzy which to build their personal statue amongst the dissatisfied group or organization that they are attempting to engage.

This writer took upon himself last Friday to visited the local Muslim Masjid named Jamat Ibad Ar-Rahman in Durham, North Carolina and I kind of went incognito in which not to draw attention to myself, I put on a Muslim fez in order that I might look like a Muslim in appearance; thus, this was during Juumah Service (Friday Prayer) and after making congregation Salat (prayer) the Imam spoke spiritual words of comfort. I did not hear some radical and/or militant version of Islam being spewed, but heard a message of tolerance being spoken from the Qur’an and sayings being quoted from the Hadiths (sayings of the prophet) and I must say I left satisfied that these were God fearing people who believed in their religion and were willing to live in peace and harmony with other non-Muslim communities. However, this is not to suggest nor imply that there aren't vestiges of Islam and Muslims who hate America and all that it stands for, and Jihad (holy war) is their ultimate motivation and agenda (no doubt militant radical Islam is a reality). The Muslims are celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan during this month, a time to reflect on Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) receiving the Qur’an as a revelation being revealed by Allah (God) via the Angel Jabril (Gabriel) which took twenty-three and one half years to complete. Moreover, the burning of Qur’ans during the holy Month of Ramadan (or any time else) will only stir up a hornets nests because it will be viewed as the ultimate disrespect against Islam.(Reference: Imam Warith Mohammed; YouTube clip;

Some have come against the Muslims and their having the right to build a Mosque and cultural center a few blocks away from ground zero and have exemplified intolerance toward the project and have argue that the Muslim Americans are not entitled to being protected under the First Amendment Right of the United States Constitution. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (the Imam and principal leader over the Mosque project) spoke on CNN last night with Soledad O’Brien (very unqualified to interview a mindset like Imam Rauf) and I think he articulated his vision and addressed the controversy surrounding the project to build the Mosque near Ground Zero. The Imam has done goodwill ambassador work in the Middle East and the Islamic world on behalf of the United States State Department (might even be a covert CIA Agent). (Reference: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf; YouTube clip

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, perhaps is an agent provocateur for the U.S. Government and probably is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberger, which means his objective isn’t really about any loyalty to Islam and Muslims, it is more about furthering the New World Order Agenda and globalization agenda; in particular if he is stomping for the State Department. The government views Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as an asset and will use him and his Mosque to serve their interest, that is the part that most pundits are missing.

The United States Government and the American media after the 9/11 crisis brought the religion of Islam front and center and subsequent to this incident, Islam as a religion would never be the same again. Islam prior to 9/11 had almost lingered in obscurity, in particular in the United States of America. Although, the religion of Islam claims about two billion adherents and is perhaps the fastest growing religion in the world, it’s projected in the very near future to surpassed Christianity as the number one faith tradition in the world.

Thus, as stated above Islam, Arabs and Muslims appeared front and center, as the number one topic of discussion within a nation that had become so ethnocentric and so culturally arrogant—no one outside of our sovereign boarders mattered. 9/11 created a hostile, insensitive and intolerable environment mainly aimed at Arabs, in particular but all Muslims in general, they were being viewed with suspicion and Muslim discrimination was going unabated. The American people perhaps already had some preconceived prejudices against foreign Muslims. Perhaps for no other reason than they were not Christians and some had followed the lopsided reporting of the Middle East conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians—and had accepted the propaganda that the Arab Muslims were bad people because they practiced a “strange” culture and prayed to a God other than Jesus Christ. (Reference: Interfaith Group and their response to burning Qur'ans; YouTube clip:

Perhaps there is something innately in us that drives the human psyche to view anything different as being not equally worthy for consideration and more prone to be ridiculed and subjugated by the dominant culture. For example, directly after September 11, 2001 hoax and bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City and it was declared by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the U.S. Department of Defense that Osama bin Laden and his Jihadist inspired movement of Al-Qaeda committed one of worst military tragedies and allege criminal acts on the shores of the continental United States—he was considered to be Muslim and Arab; it did not help that the Bush administration had espoused propaganda, which they intentionally induced and created a climate of fear within the United States that reverberated around the world.

The United States media depicted Arab Muslims as having a political and religious philosophy bent on destroying the West and had declared America their number one enemy. The Powers-that-be understood that in order to maximize their manipulation and deceitful ploys; they first had to create a culture of fear by blaming 9/11 on Arabs and Muslims in their scheme this was a perfect diversionary tactic—they picked a people who were different from the American dominant cultural and with a minority representation inside the country and was essentially powerless. The American people pre-9/11 knew very little about the religion of Al-Islam and the diversity of these ancient people, the religious politics, the various Islamic cultures, the various Islamic sects and schisms, etc.

Although, Muslims from West Africa had arrived to the Americas as captives and hostages of the Transatlantic Slave Trade as early as the 1500s and some historians maintained that the Moors during the 8th Century had voyages to the Americas long before Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci, Ponce De Leon, Vaso Da Gama, Hernando de Soto, Ferdinand Magellan, etc., and had established diplomatic treaties with the Native Americans in the Western Hemisphere before the coming of the European explorers. But in the late 1800s Muslims and early 1900s Islam formalized it-self and took root as a sub-culture and counter culture in the United States; with the exception of the Nation of Islam as religious movement, Islam up until September 11, 2001 had remained in obscurity, but 9/11 for better or worst changed that dynamic.

These prejudices after 9/11 led to Muslim Masjids and Mosques being attacked and desecrated because there were so many cultural misunderstandings that existed between Muslim societies in East and Christian societies in the West; these misconceptions were shrouded in ignorance and fear based, which was enough ammunition to incite the uninformed and dominant culture zealots who were motivated by racial and religious hatred to inflict vigilante style justice on Muslims and made unfair generalizations against all Arabs and Muslims. Thus, blaming an entire Muslim religious world community for committing a crime that killed over 3,000 Americans—constituting a loss of human life and property.

These vigilante groups immediately began to show their ignorance by attacking and even killing Sikhs and Hindus in the United States ignorantly assuming because these people had brown skin, dressed Eastern in attire appearance, spoke with an accent and wore turbans they had to be Middle Eastern Arab Muslims and better yet terrorist. So Sikhs and Hindus were mistakenly being classified as Muslims and after 9/11 became targets of religious and racial discrimination that were being fueled by the dominant culture. Many of the attackers were not even aware of the historical and religious antagonism that existed between the Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus, but their racism and cultural ignorance led to indiscriminate acts of violence against innocent people who became the victims of bigotry and culture insensitivity.

The dominant culture was fully aware that cultural ignorance would incite and infuriate a segment of our society that would be willing and capable of inflicting violence and creating social discord against a people that looked different and worshipped dissimilar. Many of these people already had negative convictions of Islam and Muslims, but perhaps had never personally met a Muslim, which to make an intelligent and rational decision about their religious culture, race and ethnicity that may have assisted them in debunking generalizations and unfair stereotypes that were being spewed by politically inspired entities. Many Americans had formulated their negative opinions of Muslims from Western media sources and made the ignorant assumption that all Muslims were “terrorist” and had a political vendetta against the West.(Reference: Interfaith group denouncing buring of the Holy Qur'an; Youtube Clip;

Our lack of spiritual development toward accepting and embracing the whole of humanity in all of its cultures expressions; renders us inheritably flawed in the spirit of human compassion and tolerance for all. The failure and unwillingness to make an attempt to comprehend and appreciate the beauty and the differences in people's—language, race, religious belief, nationality, etc., have placed humanity on a reckless, as well as dangerous social path.

The majority of Americans had formulated a negative perception of Islam based on sensationalizing of Salman Rushdie 1988 book titled, “Satanic Verses” in which the majority of the Islamic world viewed this book as heresy and blasphemous of Islam, Muslims and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Ayatollah Rullah Khomeini, the former president and religious leader of Iran declared Rushdie’s book “Satanic Verses” and Rushdie as enemies of Islam in which he placed a one million dollar bounty on the head of Rushdie, which sent Rushdie in permanent exile until the death of Imam Khomeini. Imam Khomeini also called America the “Great Satan” and it was these antagonistic media stratagem that America came to identify with Islam.

If culture is based on learned behavior then American propaganda machines had become the biggest influence and the determining factor on how people around the world, as well as those domestically are being perceived; in particular those deemed as America’s enemies and are their difference being exploited to accomplish a political end. These tactics were implemented to foster distrust and suspicion and to simultaneously falsely create a need and urgency for American patriotism and nationalism based on these perceived prejudices that were concocted within the culture of fear. The ultimate political objective was the old divide and conquer scheme—the wickedly wise could always play on the sensitive charged emotions that go along with culture ignorance and manipulate these misunderstandings to their advantages. This was the case in America with the Muslim community right after 9/11. These types of political fallacies have an even far more ranging implications—these cultural bias eventually would help shape America’s foreign and public policy.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Glenn Beck: The White Knight Who Rode into Washington DC on an Ass

By Fahim A. Knight-El

The social commentator Glenn Beck stepped outside of his familiar role as a television social critic and radio commentator and jumped onto the big stage calling a march on Washington. This writer initially wasn't going to waste his time analyzing and assessing Beck’s event, but it appears the corporate media is continually trying to give him and his event credibility. (Reference: Glenn Beck YouTube Clip Lincoln Memorial Speech:

This writer started officially blogging December 2007 and this article will represent my one hundredth (100) article and I had something a little different in mind which to commemorate this small feat. But as a writer who enjoys exercising critical thinking, I found it difficult to pass on giving my two cents commentary on the Glenn Beck fiasco. There are a lot more pressing issues of importance in America, which are impacting the political, economic and social landscape of a sin sick nation than me scrutinizing Beck. However, this writer was somewhat initially intrigued by the messenger Glenn Beck and his message because often the true climate and sentiments of the dominant society are to be found in the rhetoric and message of these fringe movements and organizations. (Reference: YouTube Clip:

Beck's stage persona at the Lincoln Memorial was a bit toned down from his usual rightwing and outlandish bully pulpit facade of spewing hate and divisive politics (Beck on this day appeared more diplomatic and conciliatory). He on this occasion cloth himself in a messianic garment—evoking God, religion, Bible, etc. This appeared to be a strange tactic and strategy by Beck; may be it was the Tea Party's way of reaching out to the religious right and using this forum as a measure of political consensus building, in particular as they look down the road to the presidential elections of 2012.

Beck's new spiritual evangelical decoy lacked conviction and passion. If you are going to profess religion and appear as a televangelist, he should have taken some lessons from Reverend Joel Osteen and/or Reverend T.D. Jakes on how to convey the principles of religious hustle (religious hustle is old and reliable trade, it has made many of the clergy rich and wealthy) and be effective doing so. Also if this is going to be Beck's new public approach he needed to at least take some theology and divinity courses in which to learn how to better package religious con. There are some effective ministers who could teach him all the tricks of the trade.

But Beck did say that he was short of money as his rally neared and with emotions he said he put it in the Lord's hands and like a good hustler from the pulpit he informed his congregation (I meant Tea Party constituents) that the Lord sent him a five to six million dollars blessing (he did not reveal who the donor was).

Beck understands that white America is dissatisfied and he has tapped into their dissatisfaction (only one hundred percent dissatisfaction can bring out about one hundred percent change) and they are ready to listen to anyone whom they believe can offer a solution to America's problems. Beck and the conservative gang desire for us to believe that America's problems started with the election of America's first black president and is requiring us to overlook the eight dismal years of President George W. Bush reign.

This writer is neither a democrat nor republican, I have no respect for the American electoral process, it has always been a sham and it allows the ignorant masses to believe and think that they are part of a participatory democratic process (American electoral process is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberger group). This statement qualifies my position and it allows my readers to be assured that I have no political bias or party affiliations. I have come to know and understand that the ballot and vote even in a so-called Democratic society is predetermined by the Invisible Rulers).

This writer, in his writings have been very critical of President Obama's administration and does not get a pass from me just because his skin is black and is hailed as the first African American president. But conservatives have this selective amnesia when it comes to exercising short term memory, in particular when it requires them to recall and take ownership of all the political, economic and social mess and wayward direction that President George W. Bush left our nation at the end of his presidential term.

The national deficit doubled under Bush from five trillion dollars to over twelve trillion, deregulated the govern rules for Wall Street (this contributed to the collapsing of America and world's economic markets) and Bush led us into two wars with the Islamic world—Iraq and Afghanistan (both were orchestrated to further enrich the Bush and Cheney clans with oil and dope money). Thus, many have just come to the realization that Bush left the American people with one of the worst economies in almost 80 years, which was not seen since the Great Depression of 1929. Glenn Beck up until this past Saturday wanted the American people to believe that President Obama was responsible for America's economic woes.

Also I was a bit confused about Beck's theme "Restoring Honor" I guess the premise of the theme was given to be rooted in the "pristine" values (exemplified in liberty and freedom) espoused by the patriotic principles of our nation's founding fathers. There is a deep seated nostalgic belief held amongst some Americans that the best ideological prototype of patriotism was imbued in those Americans who fought and died as patriots in the American Revolutionary War of 1776 and gallantly declared our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, which led to America's sovereignty. The establishment of the U.S. Constitution in 1787 embodies what American freedom means to the heart and soul of the compatriot and it is these historical events which many flag-wavers draw their inspiration.

But I as a so-called African American know that many of the Founding Fathers of the United States were slaveholders and this, in my opinion, is inconsistent with their historical and modern moral interpretations of valuing freedom and independence above all else. Yet at the same time these great patriotic American Statesmen did not value freedom for the millions of Africans (black folk) who were deemed Chattel Slaves (drawers of water and hewers of wood); this included our nations first president George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. (Reference: Glenn Beck on Dr. Martin Luther King and the Founding Fathers: (Reference: YouTube clip:

Beck galvanized the white disenchanted and I think that even he was surprised that over one hundred thousand or more white citizens (as the cameras scanned his massive crowd, I did not see much racial diversity present) heard his clarion call and traveled from various parts of the country to this venue in Washington DC. Beck had teased them on FOX Television and on his syndicated radio broadcast by inciting them and appealing to their raw emotions that something was un-American about the political direction our nation was headed; thus, characterizing our commander-in-chief as being a racist and socialist. He fed his constituency enough venom to create a cesspool of political poison to inject every white American with lethal dosages of high potent manipulation and deception (interpreted to mean just blame blacks and Latinos for all the problems plaguing America). (Reference: Tim Wise YouTube Clip:

Beck stated that when he picked the date of August 28 to hold his rally he did not realize that it was the date and place that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. perhaps delivered his most defining "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial. At least that is what Beck wanted us to believe and it was difficult for me to accept Beck's word that it was an innocent mistake based on his volatile, contentious and antagonistic history toward people of color; I did not find his explanation believable. Beck who is a professed Mormon (raised as a Roman Catholic left his upbringing religious denomination in 1999), a religious cult, (yet he has the audacity to question whether or not President Obama is a Muslim or Christian).

Beck did try to reckon with his perception of Obama’s theological worldview by prefacing it as being a theology of liberation. Jesus Christ taught a liberation theology—he condemned the oppressor Pontius Pilate and the Roman Government and his message was designed to liberate those who were oppressed. Beck doesn’t understand that whenever there is an oppressor and oppressed, it creates an antagonistic contradiction which has always justified the necessity for a liberation theology.

Perhaps Beck wasn't required to study African American history because the Mormon's Patriarch and founder Joseph Smith taught from the Bible that blacks were inferior and up until the 1970s (this type theology perhaps appealed to Beck’s conservatism) it was taught by the Mormons that black skin was cursed and inheritably evil. Dr. Daniel Poling, religious editor of the National Educational Association stated: "The essential Mormon interpretation of the Old Testament asserts that the African race descended from Cain. For his crime against his brother, Abel, a 'mark' was put upon Cain. Mormon theology teaches the idea that the 'mark' was a black skin. Thus, the skin color of blacks through all history is enough to condemn them on sight."

"Mormon doctrine lists another strike against the black community. According to their belief, the spiritual ancestors of black people failed to perform properly in their pre-existent state. In what Mormons call the 'War of Heavens' (in which Lucifer and about one-third of the hosts of heaven were cast down) some groups took a neutral position during this celestial conflict. Mormons are taught that these despised neutrals are the spirits that have inherited black people now living on earth." (Reference: C. Eric Lincoln; “Race, Religion, and the Continuing American Dilemma”; p. 149).

They were not permitted to hold priesthood positions in the church of Latter-Day Saints. Doesn't this theology sound similar to the teachings of the Knights of Ku Klux Klan? Perhaps Beck, the ex-substance abuser and drug addict was so delusionary in his civic and social studies classes that he missed that part of American history (the Civil Rights movement and the fight for desegregation). If so then his political ignorance and negligence are excusable relative to him usurping the date of one of America's great icons.

Let me come out with both gun barrels drawn and point them not just at Beck, but at the so-called big three Civil Rights leaders and organizations—Al Sharpton (National Action Network), Benjamin Jealous (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People—NAACP), and Marc Morial (National Urban League). How in the hell did black Civil Rights leaders allow this self-proclaimed prophet, Glenn Beck to hijack the historical setting of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., March on Washington, which was held forty-seven years ago at the Lincoln Memorial? (Reference: Al Sharpton on YouTube Clip:

However, if nothing else this writer supported Glenn Beck and the Tea Party’s cavalry having the right to peacefully assemble any place they please because the First Amendment of the United States Constitution grants them that right as American citizens. Thus, that much of Beck's agenda I was in total agreement (and would have stood shoulder to shoulder with him clinching the U.S. Constitution); he had every legal right to assemble at the Lincoln Memorial, although in black America's minds this date and place (August 28 at Lincoln Memorial) have always been reserved for the King March on Washington celebration.

This writer does not claim to know much about the process of securing a permit which to lock an event in on the mall grounds, but I am quite sure the United States Park Service and the bureaucratic entities have stringent criteria and mandates for organizations looking to assemble on the grounds of the capitol. I do not think Dwight E. Pettiford is still the chief of the U.S. Park Service police, but he spent many years on Durham, North Carolina city police department and may be he could have given me some insight on the process.

Glenn Beck and his backers evidently pulled the permit before Al Sharpton and the black Civil Rights organizers in which to hold their "Restoring Honor" rally on August 28. This writer was looking for criticism from black pundits who should have lambasted Sharpton, Jealous and Morial for derelict in duty for not doing their organizational due diligence to insure that the commemoration of Dr. King's day relative to the March on Washington would be honored in the true spirit of the march (only the Lincoln Memorial could have sufficed the spirit of the original intent) because I do not know if you can separate the historical symbolism (the setting and plot) from the message and the big meeting that Dr. King, A. Phillip Randolph, Roy Wilkins and Bayard Rustin called into existence in 1963.

Many black critics jumped all over Beck for intentionally attempting to co-opt the spirit of the Civil Rights movement, but very few had the courage to criticize these so-called black leaders for allowing Beck to sneak underneath them and embarrassed them by beating them to the permit. No one took any blame—Sharpton, Jealous, Morial, etc., had pie all over their faces that this white boy was standing where they should have been; giving an incoherent and rambling speech about American values. Beck doesn’t realize that what the conservative acclaim as American values are more rooted in mysticism of Freemasonry than the notion of Christianity because most of the Founding Fathers were Masons who had transcended the Christian faith and understood that the Supreme Deity was seen more complete in the context of the principles associated with the Occult, Esoteric and Gnostics teachings.

But lets be clear, Beck may be have stolen a day and got away with—he will never measure up to the Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; King after that speech left a nation mesmerized and eventually forced a nation to come the grips with remedying some of the past injustices inflicted on African Americans by forcing congress to enacting two of the most important pieces of legislation in modern U.S. history, which was the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill and 1965 Voting Rights Bill. Beck even went a step further he invited the slain civil rights leader’s niece, Alveda King as one of his speakers on the dais and what one must understand is that blood doesn’t necessarily validate whether or not family would embrace the struggle or betray struggle of a family member who was considered to be an iconic leader and figure in America history.

Beck was smart enough to hire some good black gospel and spiritual singers and must say the music was good, but it was overshadowed by what should have been taking place on that date, place and time and it left a sense of emptiness inside of me to see Beck standing there defining the American dream. Beck had a feel good session and nothing tangible evolved from the "Restoring Honor" rally; oh he did mention that this was a day to honor I guess falling American heroes who were part of special forces operations (I wonder how much of that six million dollars or more that Beck collected will he donate directly to military families).

I don’t know if the rally completely satisfied the red meat urge of Beck’s constituents and it appeared to have left the good ole boys not fully charged, after all many of them came to hear a fire and brimstone talk that would be full of racist antidotes and political cynicism.

Adam Serwer of the American Prospect is a guest blogger at the Plum Line Blog at stated: "All of which invites the question of why liberals wrung their hands so publically over Beck's spectacle, as though this event might actually dwarf the 1963 March on Washington in terms of historical and political significance. At this point, it's obvious that Beck's stunts have a self-conscious hint of irony to them. His increasingly messianic self-conception and his outsize comparisons between himself and important American figures seem deliberately designed to make liberals issue angry public denunciations, which only increase his profile and solidify his stature in the conservative movement, where Pissing Off Liberals is actually more important than anything else. He's figured out how this hustle works. What I don't understand is why liberals keep indulging him with their outrage."

The 1963 march on Washington led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was for Jobs and Freedom and forty-seven years later we are still asking our former slave master's children for jobs and freedom in 2010. Some of us are still looking towards the federal government to save us and we think that we have a sense of entitlement. Sharpton and the Civil Rights marchers convened at the historical Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in Washington, DC (the first black public high school in America) where syndicated talk show host Joe Madison served as the master of ceremony. I listened to a slew of preachers mount the rostrum and none of them offered any solutions to the 400 year old problem confronting America, which is the black dilemma. They were all reflecting on the "I have a Dream" speech and I was saying to my eleven year old daughter they needed to wake the hell up and move beyond what Dr. King said forty-seven years ago and demonstrate the ability to be proactive.

Dr. King grew in his analysis of the Vietnam War in 1967 and 1968 many of these Negroes who are professing King today rebuked him and condemned him for viewing the Civil Rights struggle as not just a national struggle, but an international struggle. Why haven't black leadership created jobs and industry for their own people and stop this begging the government for assistance and handouts?

Sharpton, Jealous, and Morial these Negroes live lavish petit-bourgeois life styles and it is insane to be pushing for a government sponsored jobs bill forty-seven years after King (what lessons have we learned since Dr. King’s assassination) and have failed to embrace the concept of doing for-self. The Civil Rights movement has to move beyond the symbolic image of Dr. King and the commemoration of great speeches in which year after year do nothing but continue to beg the United States Government for food, clothing and shelter.

Sharpton has positioned himself as the self-proclaimed leader of black America and yet he let Glenn Beck out maneuver him and really out maneuvered forty to sixty million African Americans and there he stood on August 28 at Lincoln Memorial delivering his “I have a scam” speech. Beck knew this was the date and place King gave his monumental speech, but this was a way of being disrespectful towards the history and culture of African American people. His ultimate objective was to create a frenzy and controversy amongst his Tea Party loyalist. Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity are really the new faces and voices of the conservative movement in America.

It is they who are molding and shaping the conservative political framework better than the National Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele. Let’s be for real there are very few Republican leaders that can galvanize close to one hundred thousand persons at a mass rally. Beck is not even considered to be a legitimate political voice and yet this television news host has demonstrated that he is a voice to be reckoned with in American politics. That doesn’t say much about the state of American politics or may be just to the contrary, it speaks volumes about who the real conservative players are.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

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Fahim A. Knight-El