Thursday, April 30, 2009



By Fahim A. Knight-EL

This writer about a month ago was turning his television channels and just happened to turned to C-Span where the syndicated radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was giving a public talk. This writer has never heard Limbaugh give a complete public presentation because often the media gives us sound bites and snippets of information. However, this is often done for the ignorant and dumbfound masses by the media to systematically shape and mold public opinion and formulating a perception of a person and/or event for them without presenting them with all the facts which to make an intelligent assessment or evaluation. I had somewhat dismissed Rush Limbaugh a long time ago, as just some loudmouth rightwing conservative who was good at manipulating the fears of poor and middle class whites in order to hustle and pimp them to the bank.

But I must admit, I am guilty of judging Limbaugh from those same sound bites and in actuality had drew my opinions and conclusions of him from the mass corporate control media (this can be a dangerous trend for any free thinking human being). Thus, this is something that I often do not do, but most of his public comments after assessing them closer were reactionary, but like all Talking Heads their minds and tongues are controlled and their political views do not necessarily reflect any real political departure from the status quo (they are the first line of defense for the Invisible Rulers because they carryout the Art of Propaganda).

The majority of your Talking Heads are only agents of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberger, which these groups control all discussion (both pro and con). This writer suspects Limbaugh to be an agent of these groups. They pay him to socially and politically agitate and to appeal to the dissatisfied in order create pressure from the bottom and pressure from the top. Limbaugh uses his syndicated radio broadcast where he speaks to over forty (40) million people everyday giving his listening base the Gospel according to this self-proclaimed and self-righteous radio prophet who mixes a pure form of nationalism and a message of good ole American patriotism in his often contradictory diatribe of espousing conservative values.

People have bought into this idea that we have political ideological options within the United States based on our Democracy mainly being of a two party system—Democrat and Republican; this so-called affords us two ideological views or choices that are supposedly of different poles on the political spectrum. However, those that control and manipulate national and international debate always give the appearance to the ignorant masses that there are contradictory viewpoints being espoused (and to falsely lead you into believing that you have political choices). But in reality, according to Allen and Abraham in their monumental book titled, "None Dare call it Conspiracy" there is one debate and it is always carefully crafted to benefit the interest of the Invisible Rulers and the Dynastic Families. So whatever Rush Limbaugh says can not be viewed outside of this context and it does not matter how extreme his views may be; he serves one Master (in reality we all are servants of this small minority of Masters) and they have the money, power and influence to make the likes of Limbaugh a rising star. Who controls the media and what is their objective?

Some have deduced Limbaugh down to a mere entertainer in order to minimize his credibility and dismiss him as having no substance, as far as formulating and shaping public policy. This writer thinks a more appropriate and applicable label when referencing Rush Limbaugh should be pawn. But very few understand the chessboard game that is being played on the lives of humanity. Limbaugh is only a low-level sheep herder and he works in the interest of the Invisible Rulers. This writer considers all media talking heads as mere public entertainers even the ones that most people would deem as being serious and competent reporters such as: George Stepenolopous, Anderson Cooper, Charlie Gibson, Larry King, Barbara Waters, Mike Wallace, Roland Martin, Campbell Brown, Wolf Blitzer, William Bennett, Don Lemon, Kate Snow, Bill Maher, etc., they do not report independent of the agenda and script—they are more of entertainers than Rush Limbaugh (they put on great performances in front of the cameras).

These low level operatives are masters of luring the public to sleep by presenting media distractions and constantly dumbing down America. We should not just be asked to dismiss Limbaugh because of being labled and referred to as an entertainer, but we should be able to see that all these high profile talking heads are mere entertainers as well (the media talking heads put on good performances every night as anchor men and women so-called reporting the “news”). Limbaugh is not the defacto leader of the Republican Party, he is the leader and he is one of the few Republicans who have remained theoretically true to so-called conservative values and right about now, the party is looking for anyone to give direction to a divided and fragmented organization. Limbaugh has a big bully pulpit and there are many who look to him to shape the conservative argument and to talk the code language of white privilege and class espoused best in covert conservative racist ideology, but without directly engaging in political incorrect race baiting (he is really good at this). Thus, often the likes of a Limbaugh it is not what's being said that you need to pay attention, but it is often what aren't be saying that you must pay even closer attention.

Here is the dilemma that the present day Republican Party finds itself after eight years under Bush; President George Bush had an agenda, which he accepted as a low level operative to carryout, the hidden agenda of the Invisible Rulers in which this group do not have any loyalty to low-level party affiliations (conservatives or liberals). They had one objective which was ushering in a New World Order and a One World Government and he turned the conservative core values topsy turvy. We witness the national debt climb from five trillion dollars in 2000 when he took office to over ten trillion dollars when he left office in 2008. There was no fiscal responsibility and no fiscal restraints the hallmark signature of past Republican conservative Congresses and Republican Presidents.

Big government exploded under President George Bush, a Republican who's father George Herbert Walker Bush served as partner in crime with conservative maestro President Ronald Wilson Reagan, but none of this mattered because beginning in 2000 unknowing to the masses the world was being restructured and realigned under the leadership of George W. Bush; this would take precedent over all philosophical and political party motives. The Invisible Rulers made every available resource at George W. Bush disposal which to get all the strategic pieces in place relative to Homeland Security, Patriot Act, new military initiatives or powers, nationalization of banking and finance, revamping the U.S. Jurisprudence system, the massive monetary cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.

Bush gave the appearance of betraying all the fundamental principles that have traditionally represented the philosophy and ideals of the Republican Party. He represented big government at least in theory, a sharp departure from past Republican led governments. Bush perhaps had an assigned mission unlike any other commander-in-chief and most who belong to his political party were oblivious to the goal and objectives because even in the Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Milner Group, Carlyle Group, etc., there are layers, a circle, within circle. The external (the outer layer) members who belongs to these powerful organizations are not privy to its most secret inner workings (the hidden decision makers that are insulated and desire to be invisible). The likes of George Bush had a greater loyalty to these masters than he had to the Grand Old Party and this is what Rush Limbaugh does not understand or perhaps he does understand and is just part of the duping. His orders could have been to give the appearance that he is presenting the political anti-thesis (he is just part of the controlled argument equation).

Limbaugh at times appears to be a strict constitutional constructionist and he gives these passionate commentaries about the meaning and original intent of this great document and no doubt this resonate with the Second Amendment advocates who are not willing to give up their firearms. The United States Government uses distractions to corral the ignorant masses by constantly bombarding them with gun control propaganda, but the ultimate objective is to disarm the people and this is far removed from good public policy. Rush Limbaugh does understand that a weaken United States Constitution does not serve the interest of those who understand how vitally important it is for us to hold on to the Bill of Rights and fight for our constitution.

It is even sadder because very few high level Republican leaders have come out and said that former President Bush is the blame for the party being fragmented and in disarray and in the public eyes it cost the Republican party the 2008 election at least on the surface; Bush has not been characterized as a Benedict Arnold, perhaps the top level agents was well aware of his mission. Thus, during the 2008 presidential elections you would have thought he had the bubonic plague and Presidential Republican nominee John McCain did everything in his power to keep himself arms lengths away from former President George W. Bush because he was deemed a political liability. Bush could not stump for Senator McCain and he went through the motion as a lame duck.

There has been little political evaluation and criticism of Bush's none role in the 2008 election; it was like he did not exist and the political bagged he carried out weighed the possibility of any good he could have done to assist his party. This was a cold and calculated risk made by the New World Order proponents (let me assure you Bush's presidency was not a failure and within the grand scheme of things—Mission Accomplished). If nothing else they understand whoever is in the U.S. presidential big chair they win regardless. Limbaugh at least give the public impression that he is concerned about the political direction of the Republican Party and has enough emotional rhetoric to rally the troops back to the so-called clarion call of conservative ideals. Limbaugh has never held a public office, but he is in a position to be a flamethrower and wields tremendous political influence over elected officials.

This Talking Head has a loyal following base and not many today's Republicans command the ability to move and sway the party base like this low-level operative. Limbaugh understands you must give the people what they want and right now his base wants fire and brimstone. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana was supposed to be the new rising star of the Republican Party, but how can you trust a man who has refused to publically acknowledge his East Indian heritage and culture. He is also a Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger, and Trilateral Commission member. They sent him out as a gofer to rebuttal President Barack Obama's State of the Union address and his performance left a lot to be desired.

The Republicans just refused to lay the nation's blame on President Bush and this lack of critical assessment has left them with no defense and they appear politically disorientated. Rush Limbaugh is the only Republican pundit with a platform and they would not admit to this, but the state of Republican Party rest in the direction he will take it or may be I should say, the direction his hidden paymasters will order him to take the GOP. Limbaugh was quoted as saying he hopes President Obama fails; this writer also hopes he fails, but let me clarify this statement; he was selected to further the New World Order and the One World Government agenda. Therefore, this writer can not in good conscious laud his success because his success marks the total demise of global humanity. The G-20 Summit was held recently in Europe, which was billed as a convening of twenty (20) of the most powerful governments on earth; their hidden objective was to tweak and continue to work out the kinks relative to the One World Government initiatives.

These summits are led by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Oppenheimers, etc., in which the international financial crisis is being driven by this hidden invisible Elite. This really has never been about the conservative versus liberal, it was more about a paradigm shift, in which none of the old arguments would factor into the minds nor influence this unstoppable trend of globalization. Thus, perhaps you have not notice, but nothing would resemble the world that we are rapidly leaving behind. Limbaugh knows this appeals to the raw emotions of the political right—their fears and their patriotism.

The last administration trampled all over the core values and principles which has traditionally glued this party together with such reckless abandonment, it created a leadership vacuum. Limbaugh recognizes this better than any other so-called conservative voice in America and he is forever seizing the moment to give political and philosophical direction to a party that is struggling for an identity. They truly yearn for yesteryear and Limbaugh has the ability to create a nostalgic fervor like no other present day conservative personality.

The appointment of Michael Steele as the first African American to head the GOP National Committee and perhaps the appointment was a counter to the Democratic Party nominating and electing President Barack Obama as our first African American Commander-in-Chief. But even in 2009 Steele does not have the right skin color to mend a Republican Party whose ideology is historically steeped in southern Confederacy, which is a reflection of a collective conscious. This statement in no way implies that the Democratic Party has differed in their policy initiatives toward African Americans; nevertheless, let us not digress to race and lose focus of the real issues which operates outside of the parameters of race. This is the trump card that the real enemy uses to keep humanity divided and has the ability to shrewdly manipulate the unsolved emotional history of race relations in the United States for their diabolic benefits.

These manipulators have plenty of use for the likes of a Rush Limbaugh. They uses him to appeal to the deep seated and unresolved emotions of a society which created racial havoc for over 310 years. Limbaugh reasons and secure their psychological guilt by making the victims appear as the criminals and the criminals appear as the victims, but this is all done by strategic design. No one is listening to the Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele (I know for sure African Americans aren't listen to him) and the majority of his white constituency do not trust him as the man with the master plan which to once again return the Republican Party into a formidable political machine.

The party has lost its political swagger and the leadership void has further propelled Limbaugh as the man of the hour. Steele a couple of months ago tried to write Limbaugh off as a mere entertainer and he would later come back to make a public apology. Limbaugh as the big Republican political cheese put him on blast, as to say, "the power rest with me and not with you." This induce economic crisis has render politics as usual as being obsolete because the rules of the game has changed. Walter Fauntroy an old confidante of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, use to say good politics was being in the room when the money was being divided. I guess Limbaugh would like to blame America's economic depression on the poor and 'have nots' and use them as the scapegoats for America's economic woes. I wonder has he read the "Protocols of the Learnt Elders of Zion" and I wonder, how would he be perceived if he attacked American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Zionist with same fervor that he attacks blacks and Latinos?

Limbaugh knows and understands that it is easy to ridicule a powerless people and know the political repercussion would be minimum at best. Moreover, just think about this, two United States Presidents (Bush and Obama) have given the world's corporate Elite over 161 billion dollars of the taxpayers money which automatically represents the enslavement of five unborn American generations (it is called passing the debt on). Limbaugh even during this economic depression is dependent upon advertisement dollars--

JPMorgan $25 billion; Citigroup $25 billion; Wells Fargo $25 billion; Bank of America $15 billion;

Merrill Lynch $10 billion; (NOTE) Goldman Sachs $10 billion; Morgan Stanley $10 billion;

Bank of New York Mellon $3 billion; State Street Corp $2 billion; Bank of Commerce $17 million;

First Financial Svcs $16 million; UCBH Holdings Inc $299 million; Northern Trust Corp $1.6 billion;

SunTrust Banks $3.5 billion; Broadway Financial Corp $9 million; Washington Federal $200 million;

BB&T Corp $3.1 billion; Provident Bancshares Corp $151 million; Umpqua Holdings Corp $214 million;

Comerica $2.3 billion Regions Financial $3.5 billion Capital One Financial $3.6 billion;

First Horizon National $866 million; Huntington Bancshares $1.4 billion; KeyCorp $2.5 billion;

Valley National Bancorp $300 million; Zions Bancorp $1.4 billion; Marshall & Ilsley Corp $1.7 billion;

US Bancorp $6.6 billion; TCF Financial $361 million; First Niagara Financial $184 million;

HF Financial Corp $25 million; Centerstate Banks Fla. $28 million; First Community Bancshares, Inc. $42 million;

Western Alliance Bancorp. $140 million; Webster Financial $400 million; Pacific Capital Bancorp. $181 million;

Heritage Commerce Corp. $40 million; Ameris Bancorp. $52 million; Porter Bancorp $35 million;

Banner Corp $124 million; Cascade Financial $39 million; Columbia Banking $77 million;

Heritage Financial Corp. $24 million; First PacTrust Bancorp. $19 million Severn Bancorp, Inc. $23 million;

Boston Private $154 million; Associated Banc-Corp $525 million; Trustmark Corp $215 million;

First Community Corp. $11 million Taylor Capital $105 million; Nara Bancorp, Inc. $67 million.

Limbaugh suffers from diarrhea of the of the mouth and he is constantly blaming the "liberals" for the economic, political and social troubles of the United States (this allows the real troublemaker to continue to hide and carry out their deceptive acts against all humanity). This pawn wouldn't dare tell the public that Henry Kissinger wields more power and control over the affairs of America and the world than President Barack Obama. He does not possess the intestinal fortitude to tell his gullible listening audience that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Oppenheimer, etc., the international bankers have induced this economic depression and credit crunch to further place that noose around our necks, chain and ball around the minds of their modern slaves. There is truly no honor amongst thieves and if the talking heads were to tell the people the truth their careers and the financial crumbs would dry up like stagnated water in a sizzling hot desert.

Limbaugh perhaps knows that someone possess the power and authority to call the debt-in, which is outside the framework of the Democratic process and is not bind by the U.S. Constitutional legal framework (this group functions outside of all sovereign and legal jurisdictions the world over). This writer predicts that Limbaugh influence will only increase because of the desperation and the hopelessness that has been created inside of the United States. People are looking for someone to lead them and provide them with guidance--the government has failed them and at the same time enriched the international bankers and their Dynastic families at the expense of the ignorant.

Limbaugh knows how far to go and he will not cross certain lines and he will never lay blame upon the real culprits. He is atypical of how western media functions; journalism is censored and it is highly controlled—they systematically feed us government propaganda in order to keep us confused and dumbfound. Limbaugh and no other western Talking Head can be trusted; they are the gatekeepers of our enslavement because they feed our minds sublimely with decoded messages designed to keep us politically ignorant and misinformed while they silently rule over all humanity without any real opposition.

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-EL