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The KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK asked me to write more in detailed about my views on Black Liberation Theology, it seem to have aroused a lot of Americans during this 2008 presidential election. This writer had written an article on March 31, 2008 titled. “JEREMIAH WRIGHT AND THE AMERICAN DILEMMA: HE IS NOT AMERICA’S PROBLEM" The media became somewhat obsessed with Reverend Jeremiah Wright after discovering his controversial ministry, teachings and his twenty (20) year association with Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic Party presumptive presidential nominee. This over exposure of Reverend Wright just did not happen in a vacuum, but this was systematically orchestrated by some shrewd and conniving manipulators. The media is controlled by one source and they have the ability to mold and shape public opinion—disinformation and propaganda are two of their covert ploys. These mediums are designed to control the thinking of the people. The media was attempting to draw a political wedge between Senator Obama and Jeremiah Wright in order derail Senator Obama's political momentum and besmirch his character and bring into question his judgment, credibility and integrity based on association with a so-called leftwing militant clergy in Reverend Jeremiah Wright. This writer believes that even the Dean of Black preachers Dr. Gardner C. Taylor would only nod his approval of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a true Christian revolutionary.

In truth, if black folk were honest, there was nothing Reverend Wright said that is not preached in the historical black church tradition both past and present or in black seminaries across America. This writer has visited Shaw University Divinity (Raleigh, North Carolina), one the Historical Black Colleges and University (HBCU) many times and has had intellectual dialoged and interactions with divinity professors at this black seminary; moreover, the black experience in the curriculum is directly correlated to the Christian theological creed. This is an essential component to Black Liberation Theology as a school of thought. Yes, sometimes there is an intellectual infusion of black theology and politics coming together to give meaning and to make sense in a world that is full of earthly contradictions. Reverend Jeremiah Wright should have been applauded for his honesty and forthrightness in evaluating and assessing United States Foreign Policy and expressing a critical analysis of 9/11. America as a nation and President George Bush were wrong to attack Iraq and Afghanistan, two innocent nations and people just to steal OIL and OPIUM, which has cost the United States taxpayers over three (3) trillion dollars.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been speaking TRUTH TO POWER for over forty (40) years and those that were familiar with his social Gospel ministry knew of his good reputation as a defender of the “have nots.” Reverend Wright has always given decisive and critical analysis of the social, political, and economic systems of America, as well as, in particular how these dynamics have affected African Americans. Reverend Wright's theology was socially and spiritually relevant, it wasn't just the ordinary Christian philosophy based on the pie in the sky doctrine that you can not attain until after you die. But his theological position and work amongst black people were extraordinary, it was no different than the ministry of Jesus the Christ—the liberator of the least of these.

Some do not want to admit or to fearful to admit that for the most part black Christianity and white Christianity are two distinct and different theologies, yet they both share the Holy Bible and the “Christian religious” experience as their fundamental basis. But the historical experiences of both people black and white, in particular in the United States and the Western Hemisphere are strategically overlooked by some theologians and social scientist when evaluating Christianity in order to perpetuate the similarities and the homogeneousness in order to justify Christianity’s humanness, it has not always been that humane towards black people neither has Arab-specific Islam. The oppressor and the oppressed do not view or share the world from the same lens and they both have two opposite worldviews. Black Liberation Theology evolved out of a social and political disparity of injustice and racism. The Black Christian church has always been confronted with social contradictions that exist in the United States, which some ministers, denominations, and theologies have dealt with these dilemmas from a conservative perspective and/or have chosen to confront the contradictions in a more radical and non compromising manner. Black Liberation Theology was a response and reaction to white denial. (Reference: C. Eric Lincoln and Lawrence H. Mamiya: “The Black Church in the African American Experience”).

This writer started studying the likes of Reverend Albert Cleage (Jaramogi Abebe AgyEman) over twenty-five (25) years ago who authored two monumental books relative to Black Liberation Theology titled, "Black Christian Nationalism: New Directions for the Black Church” and “The Black Messiah." Cleage (1911-2000) was the founder of the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Detroit, Michigan, and also founder of Pan African Orthodox Christian Church, a Black Nationalist Christian organization that placed emphasis on black values, black principles, mores, and folkways and reinterpreted the Bible to reflect an African Worldview, as opposed to the Eurocentric interpretation given to us by our former slave masters children. Minister Malcolm X in his 1964 speech titled, "The Ballet or the Bullet" mentioned Albert Cleage as a significant Christian personality in the liberation struggle of African Americans. (Reference: Alistair Kee; “The Rise and Demise of Black of Black Theology).”

Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., in the early 1960s coined the phrase "Black Power" and defined himself as the “baddest Nigger” on Capital Hill. Many have attributed the slogan "Black Power' to Kwame Ture (Stokley Carmichael) former chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and honorary member of the Black Panther Party who was given the honorary titled of minister of information, but Congressman Powell was the first to echo black power. Black Liberation theology began to make its greatest leap as a systematic theology during turbulent 1960s. Many black clergy were faced with the question of, how do we make Christianity relevant in the context of the social and political upheaval in the United States?

The United States was in unjust war in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, racial tension was tearing the nation apart and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was preaching non-violent social change and using the tactic of Civil Disobedience to agitate the status quo. King on August 28, 1963 led the March on Washington in which over two hundred fifty thousand demonstrators were galvanized to dramatize appalling political, social and economic conditions in America. Dr. King was a preacher by profession and a well trained theologian who had earned a Ph.D in religion from Boston University. He used the Bible as his text to criticize United States Foreign Policy and the Bible gave him enough ammunition to condemn domestic oppression, injustice and paralleled black’s struggle to those suffers written of in the Bible. Dr. King was not necessarily a proponent of Black Liberation Theology, but his social theology and activism shared a deep similarity and compatibility to the philosophical tents of Black Liberation Theology, which spoke to the oppressed. (Reference: Gayraud S. Wilmore; “Black religion and Black radicalism”).

This is a layperson's analysis of the developments of Black theology. The writer will admit that this research, by no means, is an exhaustive analysis of Black theology. On the other hand, this article does articulate the perspectives determined by the Black theological process. This analysis looks at how Black theology deals with the major institutions, such as God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and the black church. The analysis, presented in this article relies largely on the scholarship of experts on the subject: theologians, religious scholars, sociologists, and philosophers. From the start, it would be necessary to provide, for the reader, a distinction of two major concepts: theology and religion.

According to the “Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion,” theology comes from the Greek word "theos" (God) and "logos" (discourse or reason). Simply stated as, man's knowledge of God and His relation to the world. Hence, Black theology as interpreted by Joseph A. Johnson, author of the book, “The Black Preacher”, he explains: “Black—because of our enslaved fore-parents appropriated the Christian Gospel articulated its relevance to our freedom struggle with incisive accents that black women and men have sounded since. Theology - because our peoples' perception of human life and history begin with God, who works in the person of Jesus Christ for liberation from every bondage.” l

Black theology has both a systematic approach and a practical approach. The two forms of methodology will be articulated in more detail. Religion, on the other hand, refers "to an institution with a recognized body of communicants who gather together regularly for worship, and accept a set of doctrines offering some means of relating the individual to what is taken to be the ultimate nature of reality."2 The sociologists, C. Eric Lincoln offers a more functional explanation of religion, he suggests, "it is an effort to do for man what must be done to save him from the consequences of his dependency, his powerlessness."3

Tradition­ally, religion has provided the prime cohesiveness for the black community. It is in religion, where our fragmented communities are most institutionalized. When the African was brought to America as chattel, during the infamous slave trade, they represented a variety of sociological backgrounds. The European's "stolen" cargo was made up of people that spoke different languages and practiced different customs. Although the African's previous lifestyles were respectfully different, each would later share the same humiliations and limitations. As a result of stripping the captives of their identities, during this awful period of America's history, the African religious experiences had been shattered. The transplanted Africans were thought not to be "civilized" for religious training. It was common thought by the colonist that Africans were "too brutish, too ignorant, too unlike the English"4 to receive any religious instructions. As the black presents continued to grow, there became a need to offer a "religious" explanation for the existence of black men and women.

C. Eric Lincoln explains the slave's indoctrination to the Christian persuasion:. . . in 1700s the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, the missionary arm of the church of England, found itself with several dozen missionaries in this country without anything for them to do. . . the SPG missionaries argued that Christianity would reduce their (the slaves) proneness for lying and stealing and laziness and would in fact make them as faithful unto their masters as unto Christ himself.5

As the cry for "Black Power" became popular during the turbulent sixties, there grew an even greater since of urgency for a Black theology. It was on June 13, 1969, when the first statement on an academic Black theology was issued from Atlanta, Georgia by a group of religious scholars and theologians. Roy D. Morrison writes in the article, "Theology and Ethics,” . . . “in the seventh decade of the twentieth century, black thinkers moved into that arena known as theology." 6 Consequently, marking an academic start to erasing the myths and misconceptions in western religious instructions. The scholarship and research of the black theologian serves as the primary conductor of the systematic approach to Black theology. James H. Cone, one of the leading scholars of the subject, bluntly states, "The goal of black theology is the destruction of everything white, so that blacks can be liberated from alien gods." 7 A primary concept is that African-Americans and Africans throughout the Diaspora must refuse to let whites define what is appropriate for black religious philosophy. The notion of a colorless God does not benefit the promotion of Black theology. It is the conceptualization of a Black God that is key. Important because, “ . . the blackness of God means that God has made the oppressed condition Gods own condition." 8

Furthermore, Black theology symbolizes Jesus Christ as the black messiah, reminding black people in a most consistent manner that God through Christ takes upon himself the liberation of the suffering and humiliated. Olivia Pearl Stokes, author of the article, "Black Theology: A Challenge to Religious Education, “contends: Blackness is a symbol of the being, the humanity of black people in the context of the experience African and Afro - American, blackness has meant inferiority and oppression. Insofar as Jesus Christ was subjugated and humiliated without cause to save the world, he is recognized by black theology as the oppressed man of God who took upon himself the undeserved suffering of all oppressed people. . He is the black messiah who was raised from the dead to liberate the oppressed by the power of the God who delivered Israel from the hand of Pharaoh and revealed himself as a strong deliver and liberator from every oppression of human existence.9

Consequently, the black experience of oppression and exploitation serves as the background for perceiving the God of the Bible as the God of liberation. When analyzing Christianity as it is interpreted by its followers of the Diaspora, one must take a more objective look at the primary source of reference, the Bible. Black theology's hermeneutical (study of the interpretation of the Bible) position, according to Cone's Perspective is: “The Bible is the witness to God's self-disclosure in Jesus Christ. Thus the black experience requires that Scripture be a source of Black Theology. For it was scripture that enabled slaves to affirm a view of God that differed radically from that of the slave masters. The slave masters' intention was to present a ‘Jesus’ who would make the slave obedient and docile. . .Many blacks rejected that view of Jesus, not only because it contradicted their African heritage, but because it contradicted the witness of scripture.” 10

Considering the wickedness of the individuals who have tampered with Scripture, objectiveness must be applied when reading the Bible. The South African theologian, Itumeleng J. Mosala, emphasizes, "the insistence on the Bible as the 'word of God' must be seen for what it is: an ideological maneuver whereby ruling class interests in the Bible as in our society today are converted into faith that transcends social, political, racial, sexual, and economic divisions. In this way the Bible becomes an historical inter-classiest document." 11

To help serve the African of the Diaspora from becoming more persuaded by myths and exaggerations promoted by the Bible, Mosala recommends that, "a new exegetical starting point is established by black theologians ". . . anything else is a tinkering with what in fact must be destroyed." 12 The black church is undoubtedly the primary location, where the manifestation of black theology can develop. The church has been successful at a number of accomplishments, serving predominantly as the last existing fixture in our communities. Benjamin Mays, the longtime President of Morehouse College in Atlanta, tells about the stability of the black church during the period before 1933: The church was the first community or public organization that the Negro actually owned and completely controlled. And it is possibly true to this day that the Negro church is the most thoroughly owned and controlled public institution of the race .13

The black church is the domain of the pastoral minister. It is here, where the practical approach of Black theology is exercised. The practical approach is more compelling, more concrete, than the systematic approach. This methodology relies largely on the charismatic orator. It is the reverend's cadence and style of delivery that is oftentimes more lasting than the content of the sermon. Gayraud S. Wilmore, Dean and Professor of Afro-American Religious Studies at the New York Theological Seminary, challenges the black preacher, suggesting, "they need to be constantly reminded that the 'old religion' among our people had a powerful, though sometimes covert, social action and cultural renewal component that was utilized by our predecessors in lyceums, literary societies, benevolent clubs and abolitionist groups with the congregation..” 14

Black theology does have its skeptics and varying degrees of skepticism. Its principles are mostly challenged by fellow theologians and religious scholars. William Jones, a Unitarian minister, argues from the prospective of theodicy and black humanism. He questions, "if there is a God, why do people suffer (undeservedly)?"15 He continues his scrutiny, "since black theologians base their claims that God is the liberator of all the oppressed in the Exodus story, what proof, what historical example is there in the black experience to warrant these claims? For such claims to be justified, blacks should be able to point to events in black history which reflect the liberation acts of all the oppressed in the Exodus story, what proof, what historical example is there in the black experience to warrant these claims? For such claims to be justified, blacks should be able to point of events in black history which reflect the liberation acts of God. . Black people have no right to make claims on other people's histories' and base their hopes on them as if they were their own history, Since there is no historical event, to which, they can point to that shows that the biblical God is on their side as their liberator."16

In addition, to Jones' doubts, are more constructive analyzes, offered by fellow black theologians Cecil W. Cone and Albert Cleage. Cecil W. Cone, author of “The Identity Crisis in Black Theology” (1975), strongly contends that Black theology should build more solidly on the black religious experience and tradition, emphasis placed in this area would decrease the identity crisis in theology. Albert Cleage, author of “The Black Messiah” (1968), supports the installing of an even more dominate effort at promoting black nationalistic interpretation of biblical religion and the black church. However, a more easily detected shortcoming, is the ineffectiveness black theologians’ encounter when attempting to convey their scholarly analysis to the masses of Africans of the Diaspora. The unfortunate reality is that, theologians only seem to talk to theologians. Perhaps, because of its abstract nature, the lofty rhetoric, or the short time that it has been a practiced science, may attribute to its minimum attractiveness at this time.

The validity of black theology is not the most important element. Rather, the reality and relevance of its purpose is its most important feature. Mari Evans, writing as a young poet, captures the essence of a liberated religious posture in the poem, “Speak the Truth to the People”, she writes: the world; 5) to develop panoramic images of our experiences in the black churches. The black church is also faced with changing roles. In order to remain a viable factor, each black church must create its own community outreach agenda. without a sense of mission, the black church will become useless temples of hope, if it does not evolve within the context of an ever changing political, social and economic world—change is not stagnant it is constant. The black church must adopt new platforms which to continue to address the needs of their challenging congregation.

In an article written by Hollie I. West, "Down from the Clouds,” recent innovative ideas were discovered. "In Detroit the Joy of Jesus ministry has no congregation, cleans yards, restores houses, tutors youngsters, sends kids to camp and combat crimes The six-denomination Congress of National Black Churches, based in Washington, is working to establish economic development and anti-drug programs for individual churches in the District of Columbia, San Diego, New York City, Memphis, Atlanta, and Chicago.” 18 Innovative programs will strengthen the black church, thus creating a more stabled forum for Black theology to evolve.

Fundamentally speaking, Black theology seems simple to promote to the "lost" African of the Diaspora, but a more in depth analysis indicates otherwise. There has to be a restructuring of ideology implemented by each of the "lost" peoples of Africa. Not until individuals seek to expand their own knowledge of their existence will Black theology become a more dominant persuasion. It will be incumbent upon the black church and members to utilize its greatest potential. Black theology must take seriously the suffering and cruel treatment that its people are victims of.

However, Black Liberation Theology will always remain viable, as long as racism and injustice exist and the black church will continue to have the job, duty and responsibility to answer with a critical and decisive voice, unless it renders its-self useless and obsolete. Black Liberation Theology is not a racist doctrine or teachings of hate, but it affirms how black people see God and the prophets and interpret religion from their own theological definitions. This writer enjoys the Ministry of Dr. Pastor Frank Reid III of Bethel AME Church in Baltimore because Dr. Reid’s sermons are practical and relative to his black congregation worldview, it represents messages of a collective conscience and a collective experience rooted in the black tradition. This writer loves good ole southern black preaching; although I am far from being religious, but my spirituality helps me embrace all truth regardless of the paths and labels we apply to the Creators existence. This writer must admit he detest mega preachers and ministers such as T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Fred Price, etc., and many more like them; these religious gangsters, pimps and crooks are robbing their congregations blind and many of them are to ignorant to know what is going on. These prosperity base ministries are only designed to financially empower these ego driven ministers to the detriment of a suffering black masses. They live bourgeoisie and lavish lifestyles selling the greatest con game ever invented—religion.

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight


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Conspiracy Theory: Makes Sense To Me; What About You?


By Fahim A. Knight

The very nature of mentioning the word conspiracy ordinarily evoke two different reactions; one being of denial, disbelief and rejection; moreover, often there is a fervent position to protect the popular view because there exist in the human psyche a deep seated belief and trust that our governments (or other entities of authority) will not do what the conspiracy theorist are maintaining. However, secondly, there is a much smaller minority of people who study certain past historical trends and are more than willing to explore the possibilities of an alternative view by delving into questions that are not expected to be entertained by an indoctrinated and ignorant masses. Graham Hancock on his website stated: "Each day scientists learn more and more about our species and its past, often turning up new evidence that challenges the accepted views and received wisdom of long-established orthodoxy. But because we live in an 'Information Universe' it is no longer the professional academic alone who is privy to such disconcerting news. Since the advent of the worldwide web the old intellectual monopolies have been broken. Now we all have the opportunity, if we choose to take it, to challenge habitual assumptions and to play a part in piecing together the puzzle of who we are and of our forgotten past".

John Michael Greer in his book titled, “The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies” stated, “Behind the ordinary history of the world, the facts and dates that most of us learn in school and forget immediately thereafter, lies a second, hidden history of secret societies, lost civilizations, sinister conspiracies and mysterious events. This shadow side of history has become a pervasive theme in the popular culture of recent years, drawing widespread and far from unreasonable sense that the official version of reality presented in schools and public media is a political construction meant to favor some at the expense of others. In an age of politicians who manipulate facts for their own benefit, scientists who invent data to advance their careers, and scholars who let prejudices all too obviously shape their judgment, only the foolish- or those with agendas of their own-accept the claims of authority blindly.”

The utilization of deductive reasoning is implored by the conspiracy theoretician, which to assess and evaluate the allege 'facts' and often drawing what is deemed as "unconventional" conclusions. The thought is being guided by intuition and a moral compass, which is geared towards finding the truth. No different than like a good private investigator that has put in the research time and has gathered enough evidence to make a reasonable inference about a subject. The findings more than often will likely be a deviation from and contrary to the popular version of the truth relative to an event that may have taking place in history. There are some who confuses anything “secret” as being conspiratorial and draw a false assumption that it represents cloak-and-dagger which might be the furthest thing from the truth. People can have secrets and not necessarily be planning anything sinister. However, one of the fundamental components and elements of the conspirators is there ability to conceal secrecy and manipulate past, present and future reality by veiling, cryptic, mystifying and creating a covert clandestine system which to or not to disseminate information.

These secret motivated groups or individuals can appear in society as some formal organizational entities or as some loose social order, which both mindsets share agendas of creating a pretext for the truth in order to maintain influence and prerogative over those who have been duped. The only obvious difference, is one may be formal and other informal in their internal and external workings but the ultimate objective is the same. There is one central theme that drives the conspirators, which is cloaking the truth by any means necessary and never revealing some of the diabolical schemes to the uninformed masses. In this world, perception means everything and reality means absolutely nothing. We have been conditioned to take things at face value and are frowned upon for raising the essential questions of how, where, when, who, why and most of what if? The conspiracy theorist for raising these questions will be quickly labeled insane, irrational, kooky and often dismissed as a lunatic that is psychologically deranged. These false characterizations are done to further lure an unassuming public to sleep and the active and/or latent conspirators are allowed to further hide without any real public scrutiny or ideological challenge. Many do not believe that there are some invisible forces (historical and present) shielded behind many barriers of deceptions that have had a hidden hand in defining history and altering history with a motive of forever distancing themselves from the reality of the masses, yet influencing and dictating their enslavement.

The authors Gary Allen and Larry Abraham in their book titled, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" stated: "Those who believe that major world events results from planning are laugh at for believing in the 'conspiracy theory of history.' Of course, no one in this modern day and age really believes in the conspiracy theory of history--except those who have taken the time to study the subject. When you think about it, there are really only two theories of history. Either thing happen by accident neither planned nor caused by anybody, or they happen because they are planned and somebody causes them to happen. In reality, it is the 'accidental theory of history' preached in the unhallowed Halls of Ivy which should be ridiculed."

For example, was September 11, 2001 truly accidental and/or incidental history, which involved nineteen (19) allege terrorist—hijackers or was this historical event well planned out and under the covert guise of some powerful conspirators possessing unseen motives, which to produce a certain cause and effect. This writer never believed that the three thousand (3,000) fatalities were the intended targets they were mere victims of the casualties of War nor was striking the World Trader Center aimed at disrupting the business of the financial capitol of the world—New York City and its flow of money. They have the ability to create smoking mirrors.

In a work titled, "Rape of the Constitution: Death of Freedom" authored by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn stated, "You ask and ask again, 'What can I do?' Herein we tell you that which you can do. The time for letting 'someone else do of your work is finished--you will stand forth and participate in the journey of God or you will be passed by. Your Constitutional rights as written by the Founding Fathers are being replaced by the New Constitution which is already in operation without your realization of the same. You have a right and obligation to know that which is in store for you at the hands of the conspirators for the New World Order, and further obligation as a citizen, to act. You have been people of the lie far to long, my friends and it has all but cost you every vestige of freedom. . . Do nothing, and you had better increase your prayer time, for it is serious indeed. The projected prophecies are at your door and it is time you recognize your enemy!"

This writer heard Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, former minister of Mosque number 4 Washington, DC once deliver a speech at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina and he stated that the United States Government systematically uses the "Big Lie" theory, which is an established strategy and tactic used by them to systematically turn lies into facts (if there is any such thing) which is then perceived and eventually accepted as being the truth; in particular using scholars, think tanks, intellectuals, scientist, media (Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger group, Trilateral Commission, Carlyle Group), etc., as the vehicles to carry out this deception to a predestined end.

Academicians bring further validity to the Big Lie theory by showing forth doctored empirical data and allegedly taking hypotheses through the rigor and stringent methodical test instruments required for the designation of scholarly research, which to determine, if it meets the standards of scientific proof. The objective is to lead some prominent and respected scholar to intellectualize the Big Lie by quoting, documenting and imploring citations in well respected scholarly academic journals and books. This is one method they use to turn the lie in the "truth" and people readily forget that initially there were no basis to the lie and then more and more credible researchers cite the lie and just like that they have transformed a lie into an acceptable documented 'truth.'

In a small pamphlet published by the National Alliance titled, "Who Rules America? The authors stated, "Because there are differences in degree, however, most Americans fail to realize that they are being manipulated. Even the citizens who complains about 'managed news' falls into the trap of thinking that because he is presented with an apparent spectrum of opinion he can escape the thought controllers influence by believing the editor or commentator of his choice. It's a 'heads I win, tails you lose' situation. Every point on the permissible spectrum of public opinion is acceptable to the media masters--an no impermissible fact or viewpoint is allowed any exposure at all, if they can prevent it. The control of the opinion molding media is monolithic. All controlled media--television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, motion pictures--speak with a single voice each reinforcing the other. Despite the appearance of variety, there is no real dissent, no alternative sources of facts or ideas accessible to the great mass of people which might allow them to form opinions at odds with those of the media masters."

Yet through the art of persuasion (subliminal seduction), it is easily adopted as our new standard of truth in which we are prepared to fight and defend, its allege integrity and validity. Moreover, there is a false and misconstrued belief that there exist a moral, ethical and love for the positive development of humanity that is shared amongst the classes, and the powerful and the powerless are on equal footage. Those that perpetuate conspiracies do it out of maintaining dominance and control and with an interest to subjugate and never allow anyone who is not invited in their paradigm and power schemes to create any thought that could perhaps alter the balance of power. They will go to great lengths to discredit, assassinate, imprison, bankrupt, cause sickness, publicly ridicule, etc., and use all sought of dirty tricks to get their diabolic agenda across.

Funk and Wagnalls in their standard Dictionary defined Conspiracy in this manner: "An agreement between two or more persons to do an evil act in concert; secret combination of men for evil purpose." The objective of the conspirator is to hide the truth about something be it a historical event, or person that might be in a position to expose or reveal something that might uncover a deception and expose some deep seated secrecy that might enlighten those of us who have been made ignorant for the purpose of maintaining power and manipulating our personal, as well as the social, political, and economic reality for their benefit.

Truth has the ability to alter the balance of power by eliminating and/or isolating and uprooting past agreed truths that were formulated as false control mechanisms to shield evidence that might-be pointing to the contrary. It almost becomes sinister and borders on being treasonous to offer or suggest a point of view, opposite of the one being advocated by the status quo. The status quo has the masses of the global population conditioned that oftentimes they do not even have to defend their contentions. Moreover, those who are being deceived by the conspirators will often run to the defense of the conspirator and serve in opposition to anyone attempting to expose their chicanery.

Dr. John Coleman is his revealing book titled, "Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of The Committee of 300" stated, "My hope is . . . better, clearer, and wider understanding of the conspiratorial forces ranged against this nation will come about. That hope is being realized as more and more young people are beginning to as questions and seek information about what is REALLY going on. It is difficult for people to comprehend that these conspirators are real and they have the power I and many others have attributed to them. Many have written to ask how it is that our government does nothing about the terrible threat to civilization. The problem is that our government is PART of the problem, part of the conspiracy and nowhere and at no time has this become more clear evident than during the Bush Presidency. Of course President Bush knows precisely what the Committee 300 is doing to us. HE WORKS FOR THEM. Others have written to say, "We thought we were fighting the government." Of course we are, but behind government stands a force so powerful and all-encompassing that intelligence agencies are even afraid to mention the name 'Olympians.' "

This writer became aware and accepted the fact that there were conspiratorial forces working in our midst and it was no more evident than after the assassination of Minister Malcolm X on February 21. 1965 and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968; these two single historical incidents led me to believe that after years of research and investigation that their deaths were not mere accidental history neither were the trigger-men or assassins acting as mere self-righteous zealots working and looking to absolve the United States of two radical and antagonistic voices. These two black Civil Rights leaders were targets of a United States Government Conspiracy and after discovering the government's hand in these assassinations. It led me to re-access how I would view this whole notion of conspiracy theory school thought in the present and the future. The former F.B.I Director J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a governmental agency in the 1960s and 1970s were part of a conspiracy to silence militant black activist and in King's case not so militant voices during the turbulent Civil Rights struggles.

The United States Government led the public to believe that James Earl Ray acted as the lone shooter in King's assassination and now years later more and more facts are being revealed that perhaps there were Top Level Governmental officials involved in Dr. King's murder. Minister Malcolm was a militant and radical spokesman for the Nation of Islam and it has been revealed that the three Muslim assassins of Minister Malcolm X were US Government agents. The Hit on Minister Malcolm X was ordered by Top Level individuals in the US Government and they even sent agent provocateurs to infiltrate Elijah Muhammad's movement and disrupt his effectiveness as a black protest leader. It was this history that confirmed and affirmed for me that conspiracy theories are more than worthy to be taking serious and given credence as a legitimate school thought and discipline, and should be offered on the university level like any other curriculum of study, as opposed to being met with suspicion and skepticism.

Some believe that the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc., function as an invisible government with powers and sovereignty unmatched by independent nations of the earth and this super-Elite have pulled the purse strings on all major world events and they answer to no one, but themselves. Moreover, some even correlate these Dynastic Families to the covert agenda that is written about in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" in which there exist a diabolical conspiracy to rule over every facet of humanity's lives—be it political, social, and economic, but there are others that view the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" as a mere hoax and fraud made up and possess no credibility which leads to a world wide Zionist Jewish Conspiracy. The Conspiracy Theorist do not mind entertaining sensitive topics like this and weighing the evidence and allowing the evidence to be the determining factor and not being swayed by so-called 'mainstream' or 'traditional history'.

This leads to the United States banking and monetary system which some believe has been co-opted by these Dynastic Families and this evidence points to an even larger conspiracy or is it just perhaps coincidental that one (1) percent of the population (or more like 300 families) control over ninety-five (95) percent of the world's wealth and resources. These topics in my opinion are worthy topics of discussion, but traditional schools of thought will not critique and analyze the International Banks and the power of the Central Banks who rules and govern the world with an Iron Fist. The conspiracy theorist has the uncanny ability of taking us out of our comfort zone and getting us to think, which is something to few of us do, because it is so easy to have others that think for us. If we ever wake up from our slumber we will be shocked to know how dumbfound we have been.

John Lawrence Reynolds in his book titled, "Secret Societies: Inside the World's Most Notorious Organizations" stated: "It's fine entertainment for those who suspect that their lives are manipulated by unseen powers. They seek evidence like seedlings craving light, even when the source of light is somewhat less illuminating than the sun. According to conspiracy buffs, every decision regarding your economic well-being, your position in society, the condition of your health, and the institution that governs your life rests in the hands of enigmatic men--they are almost always men--whose identity is either concealed from view or hidden behind a mask of benign public service. Nothing you think or do is yours alone to decide."

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


King Solomon’s Temple: The Basis of Freemasonry

By Fahim A. Knight

The Middle Eastern conflict and Freemasonry are uniquely tied together, it all evolves around and is correlated to King Solomon (1024-967 B.C.E), the son of King David (1107-1007 B.C.E), the Holy City of Jerusalem, and the Temple at Mount Moriah. Thus, over seventy-five (75) percent of the Freemasonic worldview and philosophy is constructed on the building of King Solomon's Temple. But the historical accuracy of the Masonic Solomon’s Temple does not totally lineup with secular history or biblical history as recorded by each school of thought, from the Masonic point of view part of this historical legend is based on mere allegory, symbolism, simile, metaphor, prototype, etc. However, King Solomon's Temple still remains as one of the most marvelous and fascinating topics of antiquity and in contemporary thought; and is perhaps one of the most talked about edifices in the world and throughout human history. (Reference: Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas; “The Hiram Key: Pharaoh’s, Freemasons, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus” pg. 26-35).

Thus, the Freemasonic worldview and philosophical (Speculative Masonry) justification to exist rest almost totally upon this ideological foundation, in which Freemasonry is structured on the Legend of King Solomon's Temple; looms high. The core tenets and beliefs that inculcate the Masonic allegories from top to bottom perhaps would have a difficult time existing without the legends, myths, and truths that are associated with the mythical and mystery of King Solomon's Temple, that once sits in the Holy City of Jerusalem and now forever buried due to human imperfection. (Reference: W.L. Wilmshurst; “The Meaning of Masonry” pg. 138-216).

The city of Jerusalem is deemed the city of peace, however, it has been quite to the contrary for the past 4,000 years; it has been defined by war and religious strife and political anarchy. The Jews, Christians and Muslims have fought bitter wars over the right to claim ownership and custodial entitlement to Mount Moriah. All three Abrahamic faiths have assembled theological and dogmatic authenticity to explaining why King Solomon’s Temple personifies a Jewish, Christian, and/or Islamic religious worldview. Freemasonry which incorporates the teachings of the Torah (Old Testament and the five books revealed to Moses), and the Gospel or Ingil (New Testament revealed to Yeshua Ben Yosef). (Reference: Mustafa EL-Amin; “Freemasonry: Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny” pg. 96-115).

The Masonic claim to King Solomon's Temple is a lot less controversial and without the overt political and antagonistic contradictions that exist amongst the three major faith traditions, but nevertheless the sacred edifice of King Solomon's Temple lie the basis for Freemasonry to exist. The three Blue Lodge Degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason) and this writer suspect the majority and subsequent degrees (4th-32nd and Royal Arch Degrees) to follow, will still adhere to the theory and philosophical trend of emphasizing the fraternal importance of King Solomon's Temple.

The Entered Apprentice is brought from “darkness to light” on the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple, the Fellowcraft after showing acceptable proficiency in the first degree is elevated to the Middle chamber and finally to the sublime degree of Master Mason, which is styled the Holy of Holies and the Sanctum Sanctorum. This is also related to the Guild workers, Stone Masons and the Operative Masons of old who took great pride in setting a workman's standard that each tradesman were neither received or passed without having the proper qualification because ones craftsman knowledge led to one being able to require higher wages for their knowledge and labor. (Reference: Barnes & Nobles Publishers; “Symbols of Freemasonry” pg. 6-30).

King Solomon's Temple was built on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem and some have maintained that the Ark of the Covenant where Prophet Moses (received the Ten Commandments is somehow connected to this land and Mount Moriah as it pertains to Moses and the Tabernacle. However, there is a much older civilization with a much more advanced culture and evolution that existed in Cush (Ethiopia), Africa, which were the Coptic Christians and Falasha Jews who were practicing a form of Christianity and Judaism long before Moses, Abraham and Yeshua bin Yosef (Jesus). (Reference: Ella J. Hughley; The Truth About Black Biblical Hebrew Israelites (Jews).

However, one must understand that the so-called Middle East is a misnomer and it is the man made Suez Canal that separates Africa from the Middle East, which was created to cause ethnic, racial and religious confusion and division. The Muslims and the Christian claimed that God (Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, etc.) instructed Abraham (2078-1903 B.C.E) to sacrifice his son on top of Mount Moriah ; however, depending upon one's faith tradition will determine whether that son was Isaac (1978-1798 B.C.E) or Ishmael (1992-1855 B.C.E). These various interpretations led to biblical and Quranic elucidation, and justification of the rightful heirs to this church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc., to claiming King Solomon's Temple as their own. Also, the descendants of Ishmael became those people known today as the Arabs (who occupies Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, etc; the Palestinians and the Israelis (Jew) have been fighting for centuries over a sacred strip of land called Israel by the Jews and is called Palestine by the Arabs , but the real owners of this land is the original man (the Nubian Hebrew Israelite) and he has yet to take his rightful place. (Reference: Drusilla Houston: “The Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire)

These two so-called Semitic People (Arab and Jew) are actually from one ethnic and/or biological linage which is the seed of Abraham—Isaac and Ishmael. They are newcomers to this ancient land and territory. Some scholars believe that the present day Al-Asqa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, etc., is built on top of the ruins of the original King Solomon's Temple site, which was built by King Solomon according to the Old Testament Bible in 975 BCE and when Jerusalem came under Babylonian ruler-ship in 586 BCE the Temple was destroyed. (Reference: John Michael Greer; “The Encyclopedia of Secret Societies” pg. 592).

The next Temple on this site was rebuilt in 515 BCE, by Zerubbabel who was politically tied to the Persian Empire and served as Governor of Judah. The third and the most magnificent of the three Temples was built by King Herod in 18 BCE and it to, was later destroyed along with the Holy City of Jerusalem during Jewish revolt against the Romans in 70 CE. (Reference: John Michael Greer; “The Encyclopedia of Secret Societies” pg. 592). The Israeli Government in 1967 granted the Muslims full custodial rights over this controversial piece of Holy Land and religious site, which was built by THE ORIGINAL HEBREW ISRAELITES (Africans) and later rebuilt as the House of Omar.

The Masonic scholar E.R. Johnston who authored a monumental two volume work titled, "Masonry Defined" stated: "Mosque of Omar, or the Noble Sanctuary--these splendid edifices on Mount Moriah covers portion of the space once occupied by the more brilliant Temple of Solomon. It is believed to have been commenced by Caliph Omar the first of that name, and father-in-law of Mohammed. Between the years of 638 and 644 and very much enlarged, beautiful and enriched, in fact, quite rebuilt by Caliph Abd-el Melek, in 686. It was seven years in building; the Muslims believe it to stand over the rock on which Jacob was sleeping when he saw the vision of the heavenly ladder, but it is still more sacred to them, as to us, from having been the sacred rock beneath the alter of Solomon's Temple, whereon the daily sacrifices was offered. During the time of the Latin kingdom in Jerusalem this mosque became a Christian cathedral, where the service was daily sung and an alter erected on the summit of the rock. The building was called by the Crusaders ' Temple of the Lord'." (Reference: E.R. Johnston; "Masonry Defined" pg 364).

Al-Aqsa Mosque may-be splendid in design and architecture layout but it does not compare to the original King Solomon's Temple. Prophet Muhammad (570 -632 A.D.) (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) in heavenly journey (physical or dream) is said to have traveled to Jerusalem and ascended to heaven. Islam considers Jerusalem the third holiest city in Islam. This writer can vividly recall in the late 1980s or early 1990s President Muammar Qadaffi and the Libyan Pilgrims were denied Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) by the Wahabbi Muslims but the Zionist State of Israel granted the Libyans pilgrims permission to make pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that in the House of Omar is where the true body and tomb of Yeshua Bin Yosef (Jesus—7-127 A.D.) is housed. Muhammad also maintained that the Vatican, the Pope of Roman, and the High Imams in Jerusalem have an agreed pact with Freemasonry (this writer is not referring to your average rank and file Scottish Rite, York Rite members or my brothers of Prince Hall Order of Free and Accepted Masons). But a monetary fee is paid to the Pope and the Pope issues the Masonic Brother a traveling pass that is honored by the Imams of Al-Aqsa Mosque who in turn allow the Freemasons to physically see the well preserved body of Isa bin Yusuf (Jesus, the son of Joseph). (Reference: Nasir Makr Hakim: “The True History of Master Fard Muhammad” pg. 71-93).

Elijah Muhammad stated, "His body lies in a tomb in such manner that it reflects in four directions. This was done to keep the enemies from knowing just what direction the real body is laying. No Christian is allowed to see the body, unless they pay a price of $6,000 and must get a certificate from the Pope of Rome. The Tomb is guarded by Muslims. When Christians are allowed to see Jesus' body, they stripped of weapons, handcuffed behind their backs, and well-armed Muslims guards take them into the tomb. But, They leave the House of Omar without a doubt that the images portrayed of Isa Bin Yusuf (Jesus) are false and many learn for the first time that Isa Ben Yusuf (Jesus) was an original man. Muslims, the brothers of Jesus can go to see his body at anytime without charge." (Reference: Malachi Z. York; pg 289)

Muhammad taught and wrote that "When Joseph heard of his son Jesus' death he came and got the body from the authorities. He secured some Egyptian embalmers to embalm the body to last 10,000 years. Joseph wanted the body to last as long as the earth (petrified) but was not able to pay for such embalmment. The Egyptian embalmers put the body into a glass tube filled with a certain chemical (known only to Egyptian embalmers) that will keep one's body looking the same as when it died, that is if they get the body at a certain time, for many thousands of years--as long as no air is allowed to enter the tube that the body is in. They buried the body in the old city, Jerusalem." (Reference: Malachi Z. York; "The Problem Book", which York compiled scattered Nation of Islam lessons given to Elijah Muhammad by W.F. Muhammad. This book contributes to the Original Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earth; pg. 288).

This writer was in communication with the secretary of the Southern California Research Lodge, in which he was trying to submit a Masonic research paper and the secretary of the research society email back and said in essence, that the name of the research society was misleading; they were not involved in Masonic research because it is a dying discipline and ritual work is emphasized over the study of Speculative Masonry (Philosophical Masonry).

Secretary Norm Leeper who is a Past Master stated, “Freemasonry has largely lost it course. It is steeped in a ritual that few know anything about. There is no such thing as Masonic education in any meaningful degree. The roots of Masonry go back much further that the creation of the Grand Lodge in 1717 and has existed at least since 1390 the approximate date of the Regius Manuscript. My personal feeling (not necessarily a belief) is that concept of Freemasonry has existed probably from the beginning of man. The idea that men are brothers is not a concept exclusive to Freemasonry, yet it took the trade of stonemasons to give it formation. Freemasonry began losing its way when its teachings were ritualized -- that is when Preston worked up his lectures and elaborated by such as Webb and Cross. We Masons have now taken a catechism to be an education. Our teachers are parrots of ritual without explanation. (Reference: Norm Leeper Southern California Research Lodge; email message March 26, 2008)

This is why true Masonic learning in the Blue Lodges for the most part ends once a Masonic class is raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason (third degree), but one should understand there is no degree higher than the third degree. Albert Pike is one of the most celebrated Masonic historians in the United States and throughout the world; in his Masonic Treatise in his book titled, "Morals and Dogma" describes part of Solomon's Temple this way as it relates to the Entered Apprentice Degree, "You entered the Lodge between two columns. They represent the two which stood in the porch of the Temple, on each side of the great eastern gateway. These pillars of bronze, four fingers breadth in thickness, were, according to the most authentic account--that in the First and that in the second Book of Kings. Confirmed in Jeremiah--eighteen cubits high, with a capital five cubits high. That is, the shaft of each was a little over thirty fifty eight inches in height. . .The capital were enriched by pomegranates of bronze, covered by bronze net-work, ornamented with wreaths of bronze; and appear to have imitated the shape of the seed-vessel of the lotus or Egyptian lily, a sacred symbol to the Hindus and Egyptians. The Pillar or column on the right, or in the south, was named, as the Hebrew word rendered in our translation of the Bible, Jachin: and that on the left Boaz" (Reference: Albert Pike: "Morals and Dogma" pg. 8-9).

The majority of Freemasons do not have a clue about the allegorical and symbolic steps they took, but have become engulfed in the ritual and did not realize the building of King Solomon's Temple possess a duality of meaning and interpretations. The Masons marveled over the physical edifice and fail to realize that the true Celestial Lodge is a building of the spiritual Temple and if constructed properly will prove far greater than the physical structure of King Solomon Temple. Masonry is about character building that is imbued in Morality, Friendship, and brotherly love.

The ancient Egypt (Kemet) established the Egyptian Mystery Schools and gave the world the Seven Liberal Arts (Grammar, Mathematics, logic, Rhetoric, Music, geometry, and astronomy) the sciences, which stands as the basis to human development. The Egyptians gave the entire world enlightenment. King David and King Solomon conceived the building of Solomon's Temple by having full knowledge of the greatest Temples at Giza and Cheopa. The legend of Hiram Abiff of Tyre known in Freemasonry as the greatest Master Mason to ever live and was entrusted by King Solomon to serve as the superintendent and technical overseer to building and leading the workman in their building of King Solomon's Temple. (Reference: Rollin C. Blackmer: “The Lodge and the Craft” pg. 181-191).

Some Masonic historians maintained that Hiram Abiff worked with precious metals gold, silver, timber, stone, bronze, copper, etc., but the Square and Compass would be the working tools used in the Temple to determine plumb, level and square of the building, which is styled Wisdom (Worshipful Master), Beauty (Junior Warden, and strength (Senior Warden). (Reference: John G. Jackson: “Man, God and Civilization” pg 102-103).

Hiram Abiff, the Master Builder was prepared to complete the Temple and put his finishing touches on this sacred edifice, when a criminal conspiracy was hatched by fifteen (15) Fellowcrafts who were desirous of obtaining the Master Word that would allow them to enter other cities, towns, villages and foreign governments and qualify as Master Mason entitled to receiving higher wages. Moreover, after recognizing the danger and risk associated with a plot to murder Hiram Abiff and being fearful of the retribution coming from King Solomon, twelve (12) of the co-conspirators immediately recanted. (Reference: Malcolm Duncan: Duncan’s Ritual pf Freemasonry” pg. 103-114).

But three of these Ruffians used the same building tools that were employed to construct and beautify the Temple, but they were also utilized by the three Ruffians to cause a destructive end—death to Hiram Abiff. This is to teach the universal lessons of good and evil whether it is the story of Osiris and Seth or Cain and Abel man has the potential to vacillate between these two polarities—positive and negative. The three Ruffians did not desire to put forth the necessary work to acquire the proper signs, tokens and passwords which would allow them rightful entry. This writer heard Minister Farrakhan teach that jealousy and envy is the mother of murder. (Reference: Louis Farrakhan: “Self-Improvement: The Basis of Community Development” Study Guide for Registered Muslims).

The three Ruffians became envy and jealous that King Solomon did not choose them and chose to invest his trust in one of the most skilled builders of that day named Hiram Abiff in order to build the Temple. Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus) said the “Temple of God is within” They plotted to extort the master word from Hiram Abiff in order to commit forgery and deception, as well as obtained rights and privileges that were not earned or legally bestowed. (Reference: Malcolm Duncan: Duncan’s Ritual of Freemasonry” pg. 87-88).

This allegorical story or myth has played out in the legends of Mithra, Celtics Druids, Adonis, Apollo, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris, Jesus, Buddha, etc., in which the Hiram Abiff legend borrowed from much older civilizations and cultures. Kersey Graves in his book titled, “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors” does a comparative study and analysis of the various Sun Gods and he concluded that most ancient civilizations were interdependent on older cultures; thus, Egypt (Kemet) may have introduced certain moral lessons to the world, but every culture of renown identified with these Solar Gods in some form or fashion—they understood the power of the winter and summer solstice—death and resurrection. (Reference: Anthony Browder: “Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization” pg. 53-72).

The ancients embraced phallic schools of thought and respected agriculture rites, i.e., solar ceremonies, rights of passages, and most of all systems of human morality and ethics were instituted long before the three major world religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were established in their traditional forms. Reference: Yosef Ben Jochannon: African Origins of Major "Western Religions" ”).

The Master Builder Hiram Abiff legend should be viewed with much more significant than the Third Degree and Master Mason dramatization which is steeped in ritualism, but very few neophytes, Worshipful Masters and Grand Lodges truly understand all that this writer has written above. Many have never heard of Manly P. Hall, Albert Churchward, C. H. Vail, Godfrey Higgins, J.S.M Ward, Gerald Massey and have not taking the time to read and study Albert Pike’s treatise titled, “Morals and Dogmas” they ascend all the way up Jacobs latter (Masonic Travels) to the United Supreme Council of 33rd Degree, but it is only symbol without substance. Perhaps at some point this writer will tackle the Knights Templar and interpreted the 33rd Degree from Hiram Abiff, Jacques de Molay, Fredrick of Prussia, etc. (Reference: Alan Butler & Stephen Dafoe: “The Knights Templar Revealed” pg 207-214).

Hiram Abiff at High Noon became a victim of a horrid crime carried out by the three Ruffians who hit Hiram Abiff in head, murdering the Grand Master, but he held on to the password and demonstrated his loyalty to King Solomon and the Grand Architect of the Universe. The Masonic obligation was binding even if it meant death to the Grand Master Hiram Abiff. “My word is my bond and my bond is my life and before my word shall fail, I should give you my life.” How many of us live by our word and truly walk upward, ninety degrees and perpendicular on the square? The Masonic allegory and teachings are steeped in universal principles of morality. The three conspirators lacked character, integrity, and moral fiber, which is to teach us ultimately something about wayward human nature, but inside all of us is the ability to potentially demonstrate unconstructive human conduct. (Reference: Martin Wagner: “Freemasonry Interpreted” pg. 230-247).

We must be mindful to guard ourselves against the internal and external enemies, which is correlated to understanding the macrocosm and microcosm universe. Hiram Abiff trusted his laborers (Fellowcraft—Master Masons in training), but his attackers were initiated, Entered, and Passed; they had just enough knowledge and enlightenment to get past the Tyler who had instructions to only allow entry into the Temple based on the work and labor being instructed at that time. Hiram Abiff had incomplete work on the Trestle board and after witnessing work stoppage and confusion King Solomon became concern. (Reference: Robert Lomas: “Turning The Hiram Key” pg. 161-176).

King Solomon summons Grand Master Hiram Abiff, but later to find out Hiram Abiff was missing and had unfinished work on the Trestle board; this conduct was highly unusual for the punctual and reliable Grand Master. King Solomon sound the alarm around the court that Grand Master Hiram Abiff was missing. The enemy could come in all four directions and we must-be prepared to ward off our external and internal enemies. We should never abandon our name of Caution, it was given to protect you from yourself and others because a little bit of knowledge can prove to be dangerous. (Reference: Born In Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry” pg. 215-234).

Moreover, at the death of Hiram Abiff his body was taking to the South Gate, West Gate and East Gate and finally buried in the Northwest corner in the Temple and in the rubbish heat where there was No Light. But his body was eventually taking to a hill and buried in a shallow grave. King Solomon sent trackers to find Grand Master Hiram Abiff and after days of search these trackers were resting and next to their resting place noticed that there was some disturbed earth; there lie the decomposed body of Hiram Abiff. The Trackers notified King Solomon of the death of the Grand Master. King Solomon wanted the Ruffians who committed this crime against Grand Master Hiram Abiff caught and executed. (Reference: Allen E. Roberts: “The Craft and Its Symbols: Opening the Door of Masonic Symbolism” pg. 67-90). `

King Solomon also wanted a proper interment service and burial for the Grand Master. This story resembles the Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus) and Lazarus story in the Bible, which Lazarus had died and his sister Martha was lamenting at the death of her brother and when Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus) arrived she cried out to Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus), if you were present you could have saved my brother Lazarus; he told them to take him where the dead man lie. Lazarus had been dead in grave for three days and his body was decomposed and smelling. Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus) commanded Lazarus to come forth from the grave and wrapped in his grave garment Lazarus was resurrected from the dead. King Solomon used three grips (the eagle’s claw, the lions paw and the Master grip) and it was this grip that will not slip that raised Grand Master Hiram Abiff from a dead level to a living perpendicular on the square. (Reference: Gerald Massey: “Ancient Egypt the Light of the World” pg. 727-804)

The Master Word was lost at the death of Hiram Abiff, but King Solomon introduced a substitute word until future generations could find and ascertain the “real word” it is taught on the York Rite side in Royal Arch Freemasonry that only through these degrees that the “real word” is obtained. The Master Mason is given two words, but one should not be given but on the Five Points of Fellowship. The Hiram Abiff legend is also steeped and akin to the Ancient Egyptian Osirian myth, which is based on the fables of birth, death, resurrection and ascension associated with all Sun God cults and deities. (Reference: JSM Ward: “Who Was Hiram Abiff?” pg. 196-222).

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight

Thursday, June 5, 2008


"Politics, Race and How It Has Shaped the 2008 Election"

By Fahim A. Knight

The United States of America has come a long way, as it relates to race relations within this nation, but viewing the recent presidential campaigns; in particular between Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton, two democratic candidates, the variables of politics and race have been exacerbated. It is only timely and proper that we weigh-in on how these variables are playing out in the 2008 election. The Clinton campaign and even the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) themselves were probably shocked after the Iowa Caucus that a political novice and inexperienced Illinois Senator named Barack Obama had upended and defeated the established and political well oil machine of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Senator Obama went into Iowa according to the experts that monitors political polls, at least thirty (30) percentage points behind, the veteran Clinton after all; she had a very popular former president as a husband in William ‘Bill’ Jefferson Clinton. President Bill Clinton just sixteen (16) years ago had energized the Democratic Party in the same manner as Senator Barack is doing in 2008.

Clinton brought young people and minorities into his cabinet, in unprecedented numbers and he was deemed the "the first black president". Blacks in 1992 and 1996 had voted for President Clinton at a ninety-five percent clip and they seemed to connect to him like they were connected to President John F. Kennedy some thirty years prior. Clinton was charismatic, he was musically inclined and like the great Jazz and Blues musicians of the Bayou played a mean saxophone.

He had aligned himself with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) President Kwesi Mfume and the National Urban League and other traditional Civil Rights organizations; he even hired long time Civil Rights activist Vernon Jordan as a top advisor and close political confidante. Black leadership and the Congressional Black Congress had an open door to President Bill Clinton's White House, which was a relief from the hostility of President Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush’s White House.

The Clintons attended most high level civic engagements put on by black leadership. It was a political marriage made in heaven. I believe President Clinton became one of the first sitting United States President to visit Sub-Sahara Africa in an official diplomatic capacity. Although many black Americans and Africans got caught-up in the moment and did not fully understand that the continent of Africa was perhaps being viewed as the new strategic key in determining and altering the balance of power relative to decreasing the United States dependency on foreign Arab States for Middle Eastern Oil.

Just a little over a century ago King Leopold of Belgium led the charge in 1884 & 1885 at the Berlin Conference to partitioned Africa and carved Africa up into little tiny nation States at the disposal of the European Powers—Great Britain, France, Spain , Germany , Portugal , Belgian, etc. The Dutch East Indian Company, King Leopold, Cecil Rhodes, Oppenheimers, etc. They partitioned Africa based on the availability of exploitable natural resources, which became of great monetary interest and to the vital and strategic interest of the European Powers. They were not concerned of the short term or the long term affect these artificial barriers would have on the people, land, culture, etc., nor were they concerned about the short and long term political, economic and social predictions of their imperialistic actions on Africa. (Reference: John Henrik Clarke: “African World Revolution: Africans at the Crossroads”).

This writer said that, to say this—President Bill Clinton's visits to Sub-Sahara Africa was out of recognition that Africa still has a wealth of untold Oil reserves and exploitable natural resources. The United States dependency on Middle Eastern Oil is becoming steadily and increasingly volatile based on United States Foreign Policy in which the Western Governments have created a hostile environment between Islam and itself, it does not look good for Western interest.

The US invasion and occupation of Iraq is a condemned act by most Sunni and Shia Muslims throughout the Islamic world; the United States unconditional support of the Zionist State of Israel and possess an unwillingness to exercise balance and fairness toward the Arab Palestinians; this too is a sensitive area in international Middle Eastern politics that could potentially affect the politics of OPEC and Middle Eastern Oil distribution.

Islam is deemed unpredictable and for sure the Muslim populace do not always follow the political directions of its state leaders. For example, remember it was found that out of the nineteen (19) allege ‘terrorist’ on September 11, 2001, sixteen (16) of the allege hijackers and 'terrorist' were from Saudi Arabia. The Saud monarch from Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal AI-Saud, King Khallid, King Fahd, King Abdullah, etc., they all have had a friendly, diplomatic and capitalist relationship the United States up until 2008.

But sixteen (16) of the allege 9/11 so-called 'terrorist’ were Wahhabi Muslims. Often what is untold and the West does not understand about Islam and Islamic societies, is that often the Imams, Sheiks, Emirs, Ayatollahs, etc., possess more influence and power over the people than the secular state leaders. The United States must find other energy sources, which to alter their overwhelmingly dependency on Arab Oil. 9/11 if you believe the Western propaganda, as far as the attack of the World Trade Center was led by one of the United States staunch ally’s, the Saudis.

President Clinton and recently President George Bush visits to Africa, these trips should not be viewed as Goodwill Ambassador trips which to establish cultural exchanges between Africa's Foreign Minister of culture and exchanges and US Minister sitting down to discuss tourism and artifacts. No, these recent presidential trips to the second largest continent in the world were based on strategic and vital US interest, which the United States Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency need to get deeper into Africa as a matter of National Security because China is already in Darfur, Sudan cozying up to those thugs and Islamic dictators in Sudan and exploiting Sudan’s Oil. A few years ago they found Oil in Equatorial, West Africa and as political tensions increase in the Arab world—Africa is a viable option, ripe once again for foreign exploitation. The truth be told Africa is no match for the Seven Oil Sisters.

This writer does not know how we digressed from writing about "Politics, Race and How It Has Shaped the 2008 Election" but knowledge is connected and interrelated. No one has been more critical of Senator Barack Obama than as this author. I have dedicated two articles to analyzing and critiquing the man, mission and his politics; the first articles was written on December 2, 2007 titled, "Barack Obama: Who Does he Represent? Oprah Don't Understand" and the second article was written January 28, 2008 titled, " Barack Obama the Candidate of Change: The Party with the Same Old Game".

This writer initially was very cynical and pessimistic when it came to viewing Senator Obama as a viable candidate for the United States presidency. Thus, he was up against some legitimate low level political operatives that had served the Hidden Hand quite effectively. For example, Rudolph Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City who was a key player in helping the Hidden Hand re-alter United States history, in particular and world history in general, by aiding and abetting in the 9/11 hoax, while Larry Silverstein and the Cabal claimed trillions of dollars from this hit. Now! That do not factor in the international bankers and their profit incentives from 9/11 fiasco. Mayor Giuliani as this writer has stated in previous articles should have won an Oscar for his role as lead actor and his Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik should have receive one for best supporting actor.

This writer truly believed that Giuliani services were invaluable because the 9/11 hoax was one of the greatest acts of deception ever played on humanity. They sold the script to us hook, line and sinker and most of us were gullible to buy it. Giuliani was so good he used New York’s finest and surrounding departments to clean-up a crime scene in record time. To alleviate any suspicion or physical evidence that the two twin towers were bombed by dynamite or some high powered explosives that caused an implosion.

Mayor Giuliani was a low-level co-conspirator in this criminal act that perhaps had a concert of players on many different layers and levels. The Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission who consist of international bankers--with deep Dynastic Families ties are the ones who decide all US presidents; it is not the electoral process (voting), nor the Electoral College, nor superdelegates that makes this determination, but a small group of powerful Elitist who functions with complete autonomy and with the utmost sovereignty.

Moreover, since Mayor Giuliani had done such a masterful job to shield the Hidden Hand, destroy the United States Constitution and implement the United States Patriot Act, which compromised all Americans civil liberties. This writer had him a sure write-in for being the next United States president, and did not necessarily think Senator Obama was on their short list, he was inexperienced and hasn't been one of the 'good ole boys' but he was Ivy League trained, an attorney and an ambitious politician. Thus, usable qualities, but the most sought-after quality is loyalty and a willingness to serve the interest of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission. This writer does not believe that Senator Barack Obama's rise to power and him potentially become the forty-fourth United States president is mere coincidental and happenstance, but his ascension has to be viewed within the dynamics of the power Elite. (Reference: G. William Domhoff; “Who Rules America)

Some people have gotten caught up in the moment that June 3, 2008 was historical and history making within United States for Senator Obama who became the first African American to receive the US presidential nominee for either party. Did he make history or was this so-called historical event being guided, directed, prescribed, and ordered by the Hidden Hand? The day after winning the nomination and given that beautiful speech in Saint Paul, Minnesota, he and Hillary Clinton the very next day spoke at an American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held forum ensuring the Jews that he was friend of Israel. But this writer would like to play a little devil’s advocate; how would it had been perceived, if Senator Obama would have met with an Arab based civic or political action group or better yet a Palestinian American group to talk about Arab foreign policy and United States diplomacy?

Senator Obama's core political base is African Americans and he has not met with or had a closed session with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and has not publicly recognize how important and vital his African American base has been to his campaign. How would it be perceived if blacks submitted and proposed a black agenda to Senator Obama? This is not to suggest that if it were not for multi-racial coalitions and alliance he would not be sitting on top as the presumptive Democratic Party Nominee. But it is clear, he like all other high profile politicians have to acquiesce to POWER.

President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton after the South Carolina Primaries tried to inject race into the campaign by comparing Senator Obama’s South Carolina primary victory to the Reverend Jesse Jackson’s South Carolina victory in 1984 and 1988. The Clintons had penciled the African American vote in based on President Bill Clinton's popularity amongst African Americans, as a loyal bloc of voters who would readily throw their support to Senator Clinton unconditionally. The South Carolina primaries had shocked the Clintons and we witness President Clinton turn another color—white.

This is the same President Clinton that supported federal and state judicial sentencing guidelines and the three strikes you’re out penal legislation that placed more black men in United States Prisons and received longer and stiffer prison sentencing under a Democratic administration. He also supported the prison industrial complex and was a friendly ally to the overall criminal justice system. However, this same Clinton pardon federal fugitive and 'metal man’ tycoon Mark Rich who had committed some big money fraud and high level white collar crimes in the United States, but absconded to Europe from the US Justice system for over a decade and a half until Clinton relieved him of his debt to society.

It was Clinton's administration that blamed the failed US welfare system on poor and oppressed people and passed legislation dismantling a system that in part aided poor women with dependent children. It was President Clinton that spearheaded the passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that led to US based companies leaving the United States for Mexico, which many US workers lost jobs.

President Clinton thought since he would have lunch almost every day at the famous Sylvia's soul food Restaurant in Harlem, New York and moved his private company into Harlem that this would lure blacks to sleep and perhaps they would forget his reactionary policies. It was not out of the ordinary to see President Clinton in a black Christian worship service, clapping and enjoying black spirituals; he appeared comfortable in black social settings. President Clinton even called on Reverend Jesse Jackson during the Monica Lewinsky ordeal and Reverend Jackson prayed for the president and acted as a spiritual advisor.

Senator Clinton even took one of the famous African Proverb sayings, "It takes a Village to Raise a Child" and titled her book. The Clintons covertly pushed the radical and controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright (this writer must admit he agreed with the majority of what Reverend had stated or what the media reported what he stated) issue out front. The Clintons did not tell the public that Reverend Jeremiah Wright had been an official guest of the Clinton White House. They knew that, if they could connect Senator Obama to his pastor’s so-called inflammatory words, it would appeal to the subliminal psyche and subconscious psyche of a society that still has historical unresolved race issues that lay just beneath the surface. (Reference: Marble Manning: “How White America underdeveloped Black America”).

Ralph Ellison stated, “Since the beginning of the nation, white Americans have suffered from a deep inner uncertainty as to who they really are. One of the ways that has been used to simplify the answer has been to seize upon the presences of black Americas and use them as a marker, a symbol of limits, and a metaphor for the ‘outsider.’ Many whites could look at the social position of blacks and feel color formed an easy and reliable gauge for determining to what extent one was or was not American. Perhaps that is why one of the first epithets that many Europeans immigrants learned when they got off the boat was the term ‘nigger’—it made them feel instantly American. But this is tricky magic. Despite his racial difference and social status, something indisputable American about Negroes not only raised doubts about the white man’s value system but aroused the troubling suspicion that whatever the true American is, he is also somehow black. (Reference: Ralph Ellison, “What America Would be Like Without Blacks).

Thus, any right-minded human being knows that Senator Obama should not be held accountable for others deeds and actions including those of Reverend Wright, Minister Louis Farrakhan or Father Michael Pfleger. But the manipulators of media spin and those who systematically mold and shape public opinion knew exactly what they were doing; they were playing to the raw feelings (fears) and emotions of the dominant white electorate in particular.

They knew that Senator Obama was winning many of these primaries because he had attracted and mobilized a sizable numbers of the Caucasian electorate. Senator Barack was eventually forced to address the topic of race on May 18, 2008 in Philadelphia and one would have thought this subject would have been political suicide for Senator Obama. He perhaps initially saw himself running a racially neutral campaign and although Reverend Jesse Jackson coined the phrase "Rainbow Coalition" it has been proving much more applicable toward Senator Obama's campaign. (Reference: Cornel West: “Race Matters”).

Claud Anderson his book titled, “PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America” stated, “Black leadership and their respective organizations are trapped. They have painted themselves into a corner of civil rights and integration. They have been “the hewer of wood and the drawer of water’ for every aggrieved group for so long that they can not change roles. Black leadership is being forced to represent all aggrieved groups, even if it is detrimental to their own interests. Though others practice the politics of gender, ethnicity, culture, class and language, Black leadership is prohibited from practicing the politics of race.” (Reference: Claud Anderson; “PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America” pg 219)

Reverend Jackson ran two successful presidential campaigns, but never could transcend being labeled the "black candidate". But Senator Obama is standing on the shoulders of the foundation and work Reverend Jackson put in twenty-four years ago. Jackson's 1984 campaign was derailed by Zionist Jews in the same manner that the Clintons injected race in this 2008 political campaign with the intentions of derailing Senator's Obama presidential run. But in general, the electoral was a little more astute in 2008 and the trick wasn't as affective as it was twenty four years ago against Reverend Jackson.

The Clintons may have had reasons to be dismayed and little perturbed over how a sizable amount of blacks had politically alienating them and chose to support Senator Obama over Senator Clinton. But this 2008 elections should serve as a valuable electoral lessons and in one respect; it served notice that the black vote can no longer be taking for granted. The Clintons started appealing to lower class whites; in particular those blue collar and less educated whites in rural America and even labeled Senator Obama as an Elitist. This writer could not figure out what the Clintons had in common with rednecks from West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, etc., other than the generic classification of race and identification of race--white skin color.

Many of these poor and lower class whites perhaps found commonality in identifying with the political aspirations of Senator Clinton, a white upper class bourgeoisie politician who in truth probably had nothing in common with them other than exploiting race for the benefits of political gain. But these mountaineers probably shared a little more with Senator Obama’s experiences and background, but their values, beliefs, mores, folkway, etc., were probably shaped by a culture of race and to them nothing else mattered.

Claud Anderson in “PowerNomics” stated, “Since human rely on culture for survival, culture is an essential empowerment tool. . .Culture usually refers to the norms or systems of behavior and shared values that are passed on from one generation to another. Essentially, culture is a script that is never neutral in its purposes. It either empowers or de-empowers a group. What it does to a group depends in large measure upon the position the group holds in the societal pecking order of acceptability and whether they are in an in-group or an out-group. Culture’s most important function is to promote cohesiveness and trust that bind members together through values such as group loyalty, pride and respect. It is through culture that members of a group know who and what they are, and how to behave.” (Reference: Claud Anderson; “PowerNomics” pg 35).

Senator Hillary Clinton wanted Florida and Michigan counted and they were counted and will be seated in some fashion at the Democratic convention. Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. The total number of delegates needed to secure the nomination was 2,118. Right now, Barack has the support of at least 2,179 delegates. “The Fat Lady Has Sung.” But Senator Clinton has refused to succumb to defeat and keep on throwing out that she has over eighteen million voters, as to covertly suggest that she might declare herself as an Independent presidential candidate and run against McCain and Obama or take her delegates to the Democratic Convention floor. However, it plays out the Clintons have been distasteful, arrogant, racist and soar losers. This writer does not think it would be a good idea for Senator Obama to consider Senator Clinton as a potential vice president candidate because her and President Clinton lacks loyalty and can not be trusted. But politics makes for strange bed fellows.

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,Fahim A. Knight

Sunday, June 1, 2008



By Fahim A. Knight

The Nation of Islam has always been an interesting organization to cover as a topic of discussion, as far as, its history, politics, theology, etc., and ordinarily it has always had its apologist and detractors debating either the correctness of the Nation of Islam’s theology or its historical relevance as an organization. This writer as CEO of KEEPING REAL THINK TANK I am constantly asked about whether or not there exist any affiliation between myself, the Think Tank and the Nation of Islam and this writer often does not know how people will come to associate my KEEPING IT REAL THINK Tank with the Nation of Islam; the Nation of Islam is a religious based organization and we are not. Our primary mission is research; thus, looking at issues that affect African and African Americans, I must admit we do share that common thread but most of our research is multifaceted in intellectual scope , if it had to be categorized, it would fall perhaps in the category of "conspiracy theory" (although we do not accept nor recognize that term). We have more of an on-line Caucasian audience that follows our blogs than African Americans, but our philosophical base will not change.

The Nation of Islam was founded by Master W.F. Fard Muhammad on July 4, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan. He was born in the Holy City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia on February 26, 1877 and it has been recorded that Master Fard Muhammad was in and out of America, for some twenty (20) years prior to making his presences known to the Lost-Found black man and black woman of America whom he called the ‘Lost Tribe of Shabazz’. He said, “My name is W. F. Muhammad, I came to North America by myself" to reclaim and redeem black people whom he referred to as his 'uncle' he stated, "My uncle (referring to the African American) was brought over here by the Trader 379 years ago; my uncle can not talk his own language”; “he doesn’t know he is my uncle" Master Fard Muhammad claimed to have been from the Quraish tribe of Mecca, the same ethnic group that Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) belonged. (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; “Student Enrollment lessons for Register Muslims only).

He arrived in Detroit, Michigan and took on many aliases such as W.D Fard, Wallace Douglas, Mr. Ford, etc., which to protect his identity, but he began to teach door-to-door in one of the worst ghettos in America at that time in Detroit known as Paradise Valley. Moreover, many African Americans had migrated from the Deep South—Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, etc., to big urban metropolis like Detroit (Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, Newark, Baltimore) escaping racism, Jim Crow laws and were in search of economic, political and social relief and mobility. Many of these blacks were steeped in the Christian tradition; in particular the Pentecostal Church tradition---where salvation involved fire and brimstone sermons, Holy Ghost experiences, shouting, healing, speaking in tongues, anointing, etc., were common religious practices in the Christian Southern tradition. This was the Christian tradition we lived and the Bible was literally interpreted and there was no compromise when it came to God (the father), Jesus (the Son) and Holy Ghost. They often attended Church services seven (7) days a week and many blacks took these social and cultural norms with them to the north. Thus, we witness the southern rural backwoods church transition evolved into the storefront churches in the new urban cities. (Reference: C. Eric Lincoln: “Race Religion and the Continuing American Dilemma”)

This background is important to understanding the black religious experience in America and how other social and religious institutions formulated. The sociologist C. Eric Lincoln perhaps in 1961 wrote one of the most definitive books on the Nation of Islam and Black Muslim movement; titled, "The Black Muslims in America". Lincoln had acquired a Ph.D in theology from Boston University and was given some access by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to carryout his scholarly investigation by being allowed to attend Mosque (Temple) meetings in the Boston area, to talk with Muslim believers, and had reasonable access to the Nation of Islam leadership. (Reference: C. Eric Lincoln: “The Black Muslims in America; third edition).

Minister Malcolm X, the National Representative of Elijah Muhammad who had spent considerable time in the Boston area organizing Temple Number 12 and it was Malcolm X who recommended and named Louis X (Farrakhan) as the Minister over the Boston Temple and he also gave interviews to C. Eric Lincoln.

I had the opportunity to sit under Larry 4X Prescott who now goes by the name of Minister Abdul Akbar Muhammad and he is one of the prolific Nation of Islam historians who gave a series of lectures in New York City at Muhammad’s Mosque Number 7 in the 1980s, titled, "A Concise History of Nation of Islam". This writer considers him an authority on the Nation of Islam's history. This writer was sought of disappointed that he never published the book on the history of the Nation of Islam as he promised. Minister Abdul Akbar Muhammad was recruited by Minister Malcolm X in the late 1950s and/or early 1960s and worked and served in the ministry class under Minister Malcolm X. (Reference: Abdul Akbar Muhammad: :Audio tapes “A Concise History of the Nation of Islam)

He is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the Nation of Islam history—he readily has names, dates, and events in his memory bank and can recall Nation of Islam history of forty-five years just like it was yesterday. There are many international Muslims and Nation of Islam critics who are spewing misinformation and false propaganda against the Black Muslim Movement; reading books written by Zionist Jews, black pundits, and from inaccurate Internet Blog sites and gathering false information about the Nation of Islam but speaking with authoritative voices. Minister Akbar Muhammad is a long time friend and loyalist of Minister Farrakhan. The true history of Nation of Islam has yet to be written and only a Nation of Islam insider can truly do this subject justice. (Reference: Abdul Akbar Muhammad: :Audio tapes “A Concise History of the Nation of Islam).

Dr. C. Eric Lincoln lived and worked in Durham, North Carolina at Duke University as a professor emeritus and I had the opportunity to visit his home and the university and talked with him extensively about the Nation of Islam movement before his death. He coined the phrase "Black Muslim" and although many Nation of Islam members historically speaking took issue with his book and his historical contentions. It still remains as the first scholarly dissertation ever written on the Nation of Islam. I know both Minister Louis Farrakhan and Imam Warith Mohammed considered Dr. Lincoln as a friend of Islam. (Reference: Jabril Muhammad; This is This One: The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad; We Need Not Look for Another!”).

Master Fard Muhammad used the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur'an and some of Nation of Islam detractors have characterized Master Fard Muhammad as perhaps being from Pakistan because he introduced the Muhammad Ali translation of the Holy Qur'an and in America the Yusuf Ali translation of the Holy Qur'an was widely accepted amongst American Muslims. The Ahmadiyya Movement followers of Gullam Ahmed were the first Eastern group of Muslims who befriended blacks and made an attempt to introduce Islam to African Americans. Master Fard Muhammad based on American standards of race categorization looked white and Caucasian, but Elijah Muhammad taught that he was a half original man (Asiatic black man). Thus, he had a white mother and a black father. (Reference: Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad and Jane Idleman Smith; “Mission to America: Five Islamic Sectarian Communities in North America”).

In a society where race mattered more in the 1930s than perhaps in 2008, he came like a thief in the night; looking like the dominant white society but had an interest in elevating the African American race from their depressed and downtrodden—social, political and economic condition. He went door to door as a silk salesman teaching black people that before Chattel Slavery (1555-1865) they had a splendid and glorious history under the banner of Islam in the East and were from lineage of royal kings and royal queens. He taught them the importance of adhering to Islamic dietary laws and began to constantly win the confidence of some black people in Paradise Valley. (Reference: Nasir Makr Hakim: “The True History of Master Fard Muhammad’).

This writer heard Minister Abdul Akbar Muhammad state that prior to Master Fard Muhammad's mysterious disappearance he had converted over eight thousand blacks to the Islamic religion. Some historians maintained that in 1930 or 1931 he met Elijah Poole who was born on October 7, 1897 in Sandersville, Georgia (1897-1975). Poole and his growing family had migrated to Detroit from Macon, Georgia or Sandersville, Georgia. Poole was poor, destitute and unemployed. Poole met Master Fard Muhammad at a public meeting and immediately embraced Master Fard Muhammad teachings and even recognized him as the Savior. (Reference: Abdul Akbar Muhammad: :Audio tapes “A Concise History of the Nation of Islam).

Poole became very close with Master Fard Muhammad who taught Poole for three and one-half years day and night. Master Fard Muhammad initially renamed Elijah Poole, Elijah Kareem and told the believer here is Kareem. Master Fard Muhammad also gave his complete full name, which was Wali Fard Muhammad—Wali translated from the Arabic language means friend, Fard--means obligatory and Muhammad--means one worthy of praise and praise much. Moreover, in 1934 W.F. Muhammad turned the Nation of Islam's ministry and organization over to Elijah Kareem and Elijah said he accompanied W.F. Muhammad to the Airport where he boarded a flight to Mecca, which to be never seen again and has been cause for a lot of historical speculation over the years. (Reference: Elijah Muhammad: “The Supreme Wisdom: Solution to the so-called Negroes Problem”)

Elijah Kareem eventually changed his surname to Muhammad after his teacher W.F. Muhammad. Elijah Muhammad experienced serious threats and opposition from internal rival leaders within this fragile organization right after W.F. Muhammad disappeared and these threats eventually forced Muhammad to move out of Detroit and he went from city to city quietly propagating Islam. The writer personally met two of the old pioneers in Washington, DC backed in the early 1980s named Benjamin Muhammad and his wife Clara Muhammad; they housed Elijah Muhammad back in the late 1930s and early 1940s. This unique couple were probably in their late 80s and 90s when I met them and that has been over twenty-five years ago. (Reference: Jabril Muhammad; This is This One: The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad; We Need Not Look for Another!”).

Elijah Muhammad was convicted in 1942 of military draft evasion for refusing to being inducted in the U.S. Arm Forces and fighting in World War 11; although, he was a Conscientious Objector based on being Muslim and believing in the religion of Islam and he was forty-four years of age. He served about five (5) years in a Federal Prison in Milan, Michigan. His wife Clara Muhammad kept the organization alive during his untimely incarceration. (Reference: Clifton E. Marsh: “From Black Muslims to Muslims: The Transition from Separation to Islam 1930-1980).

This writer in about 1993, wrote and published a book on Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam titled, "In Defense of the Defender: The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad" Thus, I spent many hours surveying and reading the now vast body of literature on the Nation of Islam and as a social scientist evaluating and assessing the gamut of scholarship on the Nation of Islam---from the apologist and pundits perspective. Thus, what this writer found interesting was how the Nation of Islam historically sustained itself against United States Government opposition and form mainstream Islam. For example, there were earlier groups like the Moorish Science Temple of America, which was founded by Noble Drew Ali in 1913 in the City of Newark, New Jersey. Ali was the first Black Muslim leader to introduce Islam to black America in a formalized organizational manner. They barely survived after US Government attacks. (Reference: William H. Banks, Jr.; “The Black Muslims”)

Ali was born in 1886 in Cherokee, North Carolina and worked on the railroad line where he traveled throughout America. This writer and the historians are unclear whether or not he met Muslims from the East while traveling and did someone introduce him to the Oriental Mystic Sciences. But some historians maintained that Ali traveled to Egypt and Morocco and was initiated into the Egyptian Mystery Schools and was so-called commissioned by the High Imams of Egypt and Morocco to come back to North America and teach the blacks ex-slaves in America, Islam. (Reference: C. Eric Lincoln: “The Black Muslims in America; third edition).

But there is an equal and plausible contention, that Ali may have received his Islamic worldview from the Masonic school of thought—the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (the African American Shrine Organization) was founded in 1893 and the belief is that Drew Ali was actually initiated in the 32nd Degree and 33rd degree of Freemasonry, as well as initiated in the Mystic Shrine and this is where he received some of his knowledge relative to Islam. The Moorish Science Temple philosophy does have some similarities to the Speculative side of Shrine Masonry. Ali authored a book titled, “The Circle Seven: Holy Koran” there is little doubt that this book was inspired by Masonic Speculative philosophy and at the same time Ali was accused of plagiarizing the “Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ”. written by Levi H. Dowling. (Reference: Peter Lamborn Wilson: Sacred Essays on the Margins of Islam).

Noble Drew Ali's slave name was Timothy Drew, but he eventually adopted Abdul Sharrieff Ali as his Islamic attribute---holy name. The title Noble is a titled that Shrine Masonry uses to refer to brothers that have been initiated into the Mystic Shrine. Ali is of interest for a number of reasons; he so-called received an official governmental charter from President Woodrow Wilson, recognizing the Moorish Science Temple of America as a sovereign Islamic group and recognized that black Americans had a duly legalized nationality called Moorish Americans. This nationality or racial/ethnic recognition according to Ali afforded blacks certain legal and constitutional rights and even recognition within United Nations based on blacks’ linage being tied to the Moors of Africa. (Reference: Robert L. Uzzel, "The Moorish Science Temple: A Religion Influenced by Prince Hall Masonry”).

The Moors of North Africa had a splendid and glorious history, where Tarik Ibn Zaid in the 8th Century took civilization to Europe who were experiencing the Dark Ages. Some argue that W.F. Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad borrowed a lot of its teachings and theology from Ali and the Moorish Science Temple. Ali was murdered in 1929 and his organization, yet still around, but has not risen to the status of its former glory. (Reference: John G. Jackson and Willis N. Huggins; “A Guide to Studies in African History).

Also, there was Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a Jamaican immigrant who came to America in 1914 and who studied Islam and Pan Africanism under an Egyptian scholar who lived in London named Duce Muhammad Ali and eventually founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Garvey was inspired by Booker T. Washington, the founder of Tuskegee Institute who preached self-reliance and the importance of blacks embracing vocational and technical training over a classical liberal arts education (Reference: Fahim Knight: Article; "W.E.B DUBOIS AND BOOKER T. WASHINGTON: THE GREAT DEBATE" ).

Garvey at the peak and height of the UNIA movement, it was recorded that he led the largest mass movement of blacks—five million, in the history of black America. Garvey did not teach Islam, but he taught Pan-Africanism and Black Nationalism. He popularized the Back-to-Africa movement; although there were others such as Paul Cufee, Martin Delaney, George Padmore, Henry Highland Garnett, Bishop McNeil Turner, etc., that had advocated this type of African nationalism some years before Marcus Garvey.(Reference: Edmund David Cronon, "The Black Moses: The Story of Marcus Garvey and the Negro Improvement Association").

Some historians make claim that Elijah Muhammad was a member in both the UNIA and the Moorish Science Temple of America. This writer has not fully substantiated such claims. However, there is no doubt that Nation of Islam borrowed some of the Nationalism concepts from these two fore-organizations. Garvey taught "Africa for the Africans at home and abroad" and called for African unity under the banner of “One God, One Aim, and One Destiny”. Garvey purchased ships with the intent of engaging in trade and commerce with Africa. He also was in discussion with the Liberian Government for acquiring land for which to relocate black Americans. (Reference: Amy Jacques-Garvey; “Philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey”).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation worked to sabotage Garvey and his UNIA movement. It was a young federal agent named J. Edgar Hoover in the 1920s who worked to prosecute Garvey of mail fraud. Elijah Muhammad taught a religious nationalism that also called for worldwide black unity under the banner of Islam. He also advocated that blacks pursue political, economic and social independence from the dominant white society. He advocated self-reliance above all else and preached thriftiness and the importance of doing-for-self. Muhammad's bootstrapped philosophy resonated with a lot of poor and oppressed blacks in the 1950s and 1960s. Thus, it was not until Minister Malcolm X began to preach and it was his efforts that led to attracting middle class and educated blacks to the Nation of Islam. Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes spearhead a documentary titled, "The Hate, that Hate Produced" and it was this program aired in the early 1960s that brought the Nation of Islam to the national attention of white America. (Reference: Fahim Knight; “In Defense of the Defender: The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad”).

The Nation of Islam experienced its biggest growth periods between the years of 1965-1975, post Minister Malcolm X era. The Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad built a 70 million dollar empire by 1975. The Nation of Islam was engaged in millions of dollars international fish trade arrangement with the nation of Peru. Muhammad owned a bank, had a printing press that published the "Muhammad Speaks' newspaper, owned a clothing manufacturing, restaurants and eateries, purchased various real-estate ventures, etc. (Reference: Clifton E. Marsh: “From Black Muslims to Muslims: The Transition from Separation to Islam 1930-1980).

The Nation of Islam's theology from its inception has always been controversial, Muhammad taught religious nationalism and was critical of the white society for the past injustices perpetrated against the black race. It was this black-white dynamic, in particular the racial injustice that was created by Chattel Slavery (1555-1619) that stood as the driving force behind the Nation of Islam's theological worldview. The Nation of Islam's theology was rooted in the black experience and it was designed to address the political reality of a western society that were the purveyors of violence and injustices through out the world. (Reference: Nasir Makar Hakim; “The True History of Elijah Muhammad: Messenger of Allah”).

Mainstream Islam as practiced in the East and the Islamic world condemned the Nation of Islam's teachings as being heretic and un-Islamic and very much unorthodoxy. But most of the international Islamic leaders: Hafez al Assad, Yassir Arafat, Muammar Qadaffi, and later Muhammad Anwar Sadat all kept a diplomatic and cozy relationship with the Nation of Islam’s patriarch, Elijah Muhammad.

This writer also had the opportunity to sit and gave his assistance to a history professor at North Carolina A&T State University named Claude Clegg and presently on the faculty at Indiana University at Bloomington. Dr. Clegg approached me during the research phase of writing his book and needed assisting in reaching out to former followers of Nation of Islam members who were part of the organization before 1976. Clegg went on to author a book titled, "An Original Man: Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad" published in 1997, it actually became the first scholarly research biography done on Muhammad. Clegg explained to me that he made attempts to reach out to the Nation of Islam hierarchy, but to no avail, and was rebuffed by top level officials under Minister Louis Farrakhan. Clegg cited me in his book but was very critical of my work. However, the Caucasian Swedish sociologist and theologian Matthias Gardell who was serving as a visiting professor at Duke University (Durham, NC) and authored the scholarly study titled, "In The Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan" were given access to the Nation of Islam. (Reference: Claude Clegg; "An Original Man: Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad").

Muhammad taught that his teachings could be summed up in six words, "except your own and be yourself." He authored his most definitive treatise in 1965 titled; "Message to the Blackman in America" this book explains the Nation of Islam's theology in great detail. Muhammad taught separation and was opposed to Dr. Martin Luther King's call for integration and Civil Rights. He called integration a hypocritical trick; thus, he proclaimed the black man and woman of America to be the seed of Abraham and chosen of God according to the Bible in the book of Genesis and for that contention, the Zionist Jews back in the early 1960s labeled the Nation of Islam as an anti-Semitic organization. Muhammad said blacks were that people who were in bondage for 400 years who were kidnapped and taking to a strange land--America. (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; “Message to the Black of America”)

J. Edgar Hoover and FBI in the 1960 and 1970s under Cointelpro, a counter-intelligence program sent agent provocateurs and infiltrated to the Nation of Islam in order disrupt and neutralize the leadership. FBI director Hoover was obsessed with the "rise of a black Messiah" that could unify and electrify the masses of black people. Hoover also, spied, wiretapped, and eavesdropped on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a non-militant integrationist leader who supported mainstream ideas, but nevertheless he was scrutinized and was constantly under FBI surveillance just like Elijah Muhammad. Through the 1966 Freedom of Information Act some of the FBI Files were released to the public, which Hoover had accumulated massive surveillance documentation on all black leaders and organization from the most conservative to the most radical. (Reference: Baba Zak A. Kondo; “Unraveling the Assassination of Malcolm X”)

Elijah Muhammad died in 1975 and at the Nation of Islam's national Savior's Day Convention, it was publicly announced that Elijah Muhammad's next to the youngest son, Wallace Deen Muhammad would be succeeding his father as the new leader of the Nation of Islam. This decision was publicly endorsed by the Muhammad Royal Family and Nation of Islam ministerial hierarchy.

The younger Muhammad had always had a difficult relationship with his father and his teachings; he was punished numerous times for insubordination and was even ex-communicated a few times for organizational disobedience. Wallace Muhammad after six months of being the leader began to make drastic theological changes and organizational changes--he began to slowly move this once proud Black Nationalist organization toward Sunni Orthodox Islam, it went through various name changes, as well as ideological changes.(Alex Haley: “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”)

This writer has had the opportunity on numerous occasions to attend public speeches delivered by Imam Warith Mohammed (formerly Wallace Deen Muhammad). He appears to be very passionate about his Islamic mission, but he is for the most part, apolitical and his message often lacks relevance to the social, political, and economic crisis that faces African Americans and his message does not resonate beyond his loyal organizational base. He appears to be an Islamic spiritualist that has lost sight of black reality in order to pursue the needs of humanity.

Imam Mohammed is nearing seventy-five years of age and his Muslim American organization after thirty-five years is still fragile and lacks leadership direction. Imam Mohammed teaches Qur'an and if nothing else has brought a better understanding of Qur'an, Sunna, Hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Islamic religion as it is taught in the East. In 1977 splinter groups and sects began to take issue with Imam Mohammed dismantling the Nation of Islam and his mischaracterization of his father Elijah Muhammad’s teachings. (Reference: Silis Muhammad; "The Wake of the Nation of Islam").

Minister Silis Muhammad leader of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the West declared what he called a "spiritual war" against Imam Mohammed, which he explains in his book Titled, "The Wake of the Nation of Islam". Minister Silis Muhammad actually separated himself from Imam Mohammed prior to Minister Louis Farrakhan who in September of 1978 made a public break from Imam Mohammed's teachings and organization. Both Minister Silis Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan reclaimed Elijah Muhammad's program, theology and mission, which to rebuild the Nation of Islam in Elijah's name. (Reference: Mathias Gardell: “In The Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan).

However, they both had their own interpretations of Elijah Muhammad's teachings and mission. Minister Silis Muhammad mission took him to
Atlanta and Houston and Minister Louis Farrakhan's mission took him to Chicago where he eventually reclaimed a lot of the old real estate and property that were once owned by Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. Minister Farrakhan purchased most of the properties from Imam Mohammed's bankrupt organization; such as the old cathedral style edifice (once Temple Number 2 owned by Elijah Muhammad), which was refurbished now stands as Farrakhan’s Flagship Mosque on Stony Island Avenue and was renamed Mosque Maryam. Farrakhan also repurchased Elijah Muhammad's home in the Hyde Park section of Chicago. (Reference: Mathias Gardell: “In The Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan).

Minster Farrakhan perhaps came to national prominence during Reverend Jesse Jackson’s 1984 presidential election and served as the voice that attracted the militant-radical left into supporting Jackson’s campaign for president of the United States of America. Farrakhan was well respected by the black community; he was charismatic and perhaps one of the greatest orators in the history of black America. He stomped for Reverend Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition and Operation PUSH and won Jackson credibility and new allies from the radical left. Jackson had won a few southern political primaries and for a political novice, he was doing quite well against some well financed and formidable opponents. (Reference: A. Marshall; “ Louis Farrakhan: Made in America”)

Jackson was rallying in New York City and during a private off the camera conversation, he referred to New York as “Hymietown” (a racial slur referencing Jews and the inordinate amount of power and influence they wield over New York). Milton Coleman, a black news reporter for the Washington Post heard Jackson make what was perceived as an anti-Semitic remark; although, it was supposedly said off the record and in a private conversation, but the opportunistic Coleman reported and made public Jackson’s remarks. (Reference: A. Marshall; “ Louis Farrakhan: Made in America”)

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), the Jewish Defense League, Jewish Defense Organization, etc., and a host of other radical Jewish organizations began to attack Reverend Jackson labeling him, a Jew hater and anti-Semitic and would show-up at all his political rallies with signs that read “Ruin Jesse, Ruin”. Jackson and his family began to receive death threats against his life. Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam started providing around the clock security for Jackson and although he was a presidential candidate the United States Secret Service initially refused to provide Jackson with a security detail team. (Reference: A. Marshall; “ Louis Farrakhan: Made in America”)

Farrakhan warned the Jews and white America that blacks will not stand silent by and watch Reverend Jackson become assassinated. Speaking from his Final Call Administration building Farrakhan was talking about the Third Reich and reference Adolph Hitler as being “wickedly great”. He further stated that the Nation of Israel has not had any peace in forty years and she will never have any peace, because there can be no peace structured on injustice, thievery and lying and using God’s holy and righteous name to shield your dirty religion. Farrakhan also said Milton Coleman one day when we come to power a traitor like you we will soon punish you with death. This is my recollection of 1984 and the chain of events. The Zionist Jews jumped all of Minister Farrakhan and eventually Jackson was forced to repudiate his long time friend and comrade. (Reference: A. Marshall; “ Louis Farrakhan: Made in America”).

Minister Farrakhan’s popularity amongst black America soared in 1985 he spoke to over thirty-five thousand blacks at Madison Square Garden New York City amidst heavy Zionist Jewish opposition led by Mayor Edward Koch. But blacks came out in wholesale numbers to hear what Farrakhan had the say and he became the preeminent black leader in America. Farrakhan had many brushes with the Jews perhaps none more painful than the controversy created by his former National Spokesman Khallid Abdul Muhammad at Kean College in Union, New Jersey. This writer had also known Minister Dr. Khallid Muhammad for some while and he has always represented that militant and radical version of the Nation of Islam’s theology, but it was acceptable. Dr. Muhammad referenced himself as being “Farrakhan’s Flamethrower” and indeed he was just that. However, in 1994 he was delivering a speech titled, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”, in which the Nation of Islam Historical Research Department had written a book of the same title. Dr. Muhammad quoting from a flier that was handed out by Jews at the Kean College stated: (Reference: Khallid Abdul Muhammad: “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: The Kean College Speech”).

"The biggest historical controversy rest on Jewish commercial involvement in the Slave Trade. This book claims that the Jews were the main beneficiaries of the Slave economy, but the established historical record finds only about two percent Jewish involve­ment." Don't misunderstand guy, our position, that was two percent too many. "Still probably all Jewish Slave Traders combined didn't buy and sell as many slaves as did the firm of Franklin and Unsel, the largest Negro traders in the South. Furthermore, The Secret Relationship has explicitly drawn on the rhetoric of White Supremacist, who hatred for Jews, is matched only by their contempt for Blacks. The stereotypes of both minorities have a haunting similarity”.

“The truth is that all of the European Powers were involved in the Slave Trade and it was supported by nearly all White Americans, including Protestants, Catholics, labor and business, North and South. And Slavery in North America predated the first Jewish emigration by over thirty years. Moreover, a broader historical context, finds only minor role of Jews in the Slave Trade, but a profound role of Jews in the struggle for Civil Rights. Some even gave their lives and many saw the inside of Southern Jails. The record for working together for social justice is much broader than the negative incidents of this book focus. The whole record should not be forgotten” Reference: Khallid Abdul Muhammad: “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: The Kean College Speech).

Dr Khallid Muhammad reads, “Throughout the history of the practice, (Jews and the African Slave Trade), Jews have been involved in the purchase and sale of human beings. This fact is confirmed by their (Jewish) own scholars and historians. Whose scholars and historians? In his book, A History Of The Jews, Solomon Grayzel, a Jew, states that "Jews were among the most important Slave dealers". What did he say? They were among the most important, what? In European Society. Lady Katie Magnus writes that in the Middle Ages, "the principal purchas­ers of Slaves were found among the Jews.

“They seem to be always and everywhere at hand to buy and to have the means equally ready to pay." Henry L. Feingold and they are always looking for gold, stated that "Jews who were frequently found at the heart of commerce, could not have failed to contribute a proportionate share to the Slave Trade directly or indirectly. Solomon Grayzel, A History Of The Jews: From Babylonian Exile To The End Of World War II, Philadelphia Jewish Publication Society of America Page 312. Lady Katie Magnus outlines of Jewish history, and it goes on to tell you, the different Jewish publishing houses that published it, but it also tells you that it could be founded in the "Jewish Encyclopedia" New York and London, and it goes on to tell you which edition,? What page? What volume?” (Reference: Khallid Abdul Muhammad: “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: The Kean Speech College).

It was this speech that eventually severed Farrakhan’s and Dr. Muhammad’s relationship. Minister Farrakhan rebuked his National spokesman and suspended him for not representing the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the best manner. Yet, he said he stood by the truths Dr. Muhammad spoke. Minister Farrakhan and Dr. Muhammad’s relation became strained after the Kean College incident. Dr. Muhammad joined and became one of the leaders and spokesman for the New Black Panther Party and took many dissatisfied Nation of Islam members with him. This writer had an opportunity to sit and talk with Dr. Khallid Muhammad numerous times at the Blacknificent Book store and Culture Center in Raleigh, North Carolina headed by Dr. Kamou Kambon. Dr. Khallid had strong convictions and was unapologetic for his allege anti-Semitic remarks.

Minster Farrakhan in 1995 called and led perhaps one on the largest protest and demonstrations in American history called the MILLION MAN MARCH at the capital Washington, DC where over two million black men came to demonstrate unity and to accept Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility. Farrakhan also won new allies from around Africa and the Islamic World. The Nation of Islam still remains as a viable presences in the black community, but as Minister Farrakhan stares his own mortality in the face and the Nation of Islam has to be thinking about a viable successor to Minister Farrakhan whose perhaps seventy-five years of age. (Reference: Kim Martin Sadler; “Atonement: The Million Man March).

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

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