Tuesday, January 29, 2013



By Fahim A. Knight-El

This Blog/article sums up a lot of my beliefs and political positions. I have accepted the notion that there is an Invisible Hand guiding the affairs of humanity and it does not take much convincing for me to accept the inner workings and know that the power and influence of these Invisible Forces are very much real and at work—controlling and deceiving, but much about their identities are unknown to most Americans and the world. Carroll Quigley in his book titled, "Tragedy and Hope" documents the inner workings of these Invisible Rulers. Yet, many of us still desire to view these type critical assessments as mere conspiracy theory and ignorantly disqualify the possibly of pursuing an unbiased investigation to determine the merit of such claims for themselves. However, I do understand that to a lesser and/or greater degree, we all are victims of disinformation and propaganda, which shapes our worldview and determine our acceptability to truth. This posture will only continue to ensure us that humanity's enslavement will continue at an accelerated rate. For example, the evidence is clear that the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was an inside job carried out by the United States Government; this False Flag and hoax has been unlike any other political phenomenon in recent world history because it reset the global agenda and rewrote global history—the plight of the people's of the world was forever altered and people are still baffled and confused in 2013 about what has happened to them.

How could the U.S. government investigate itself? The 9/11 Commission Report was built around a fabrication of lies in order to protect and shield the real culprits (those Invisible Forces who were working from a basis of global criminal intent and with the objective being in a criminal conspiracy—this was no grand larceny case). It was easy to pin this lie on so-called Islamic terrorist (they were convenient pasties) because they have the power of persuasiveness to convince the ignorant and deflect blame from themselves. We have independent experts who have dissected this tragic event and have revealed clear solid evidence contrary to the official version that this was an organized crime scene in which high volume explosives and bombs were strategically placed in and around the Twin Towers that led to this implosion. The U.S. Government murdered over 3,000 of its citizens on 9/11, but lest not be mistaken these deaths were mere casualties of war and may be 30-40 years from now the U.S. Justice Department, CIA and the FBI will declassify some of the evidence which will support the notion that a high level conspiracy had taken place; orchestrated inside our own government. But there are still people in 2013 that cannot phantom that the United States Government would be involved in such conspiracy and their patriotism and/or duping drives them to place blinders on their eyes and live in a world of denial and ignorance. They are victims of media propaganda and it is from this reference point that the global deception started to gain momentum and the tentacles of deception wrapped itself around the whole of humanity.

Yet, there were one sector who stood to be the ultimate beneficiaries of the 9/11 hoax and that was the international bankers. They were the key players and masterminds behind the dismantling of the financial capitol (New York City) and later would charge the American people with rescuing what they had created for their economic and political benefit. Many have tried to pin the 9/11 crime on President George W. Bush and U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson or even on former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and some have even blamed this ordeal on the former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik (these were minor players and gofers). However, none of them had the sophisticated intelligence to stage and organize a crime that would go down in contemporary history as a world changing event. The 9/11 hoax was high stakes that involved international cooperation, high levels of U.S. Intelligence, office of the U.S. president, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, ATF, ranking members of U.S. Congress, all branches of the Arm Forces, local law enforcement, International Courts, Wall Street executives, Federal Reserve, certain foreign governments, etc (but I think those of us who are awake and conscious know that there were many players on different fronts relative to the 9-11 deception. Some had bigger roles and have remained in hiding since the 9-11 hoax). The only ones who did not have knowledge of this hit were the American people, who were the ultimate victims of this long arm hoax. Some years ago even I would have thought that it was crazy, ludicrous and insane that someone could accused the United States Government of such horrific crimes against the American people. But once you read the King Alfred Plan and Cointelpro and what the United States Government did to the indigenous tribal fighters, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Dubois, Black Panther Party, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Elijah Muhammad, U.S. Marxist and Socialist leaders, Assata Shakur, Robert Williams, and many others who stood up for social justice.

I know that, perhaps Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, is under constant government surveillance and many of us in Blog Sphere are also under the watchful eye of Homeland Security. There is no doubt that our computers, telephones, mobile electronics, our travels, and who we associate with are being covertly monitored by various law enforcement agencies. They monitor the Internet sites that we visit and are creating profiles and dossiers on all of us who dare to engage in truth finding and truth telling. There are a lot of white people in the United States who are dissatisfied with the United States Government and I do not want my readers to perceive my contentions as being some radical black nationalist that is angry with white people. I stand in solidarity with all who agree that the American people have been deceived by our government (this statement is being made regardless of race and class) and I stand against government repression and most of all I detest the government taking the American people's right to civil liberties (we have voluntarily surrendered our rights without a legitimate fight).

I will always support the United States Constitution and fight for freedom, justice and equality for all, but still lets not get it twisted, by law, I am not an American (majority of black people of African descent are not Americans, but only 5% of us know that we are not Americans). But I am one of the 40-50 million victims of Americanism—my ancestors did not get a warm welcome by way of Ellis Island (the gateway for European immigrants), we were not greeted by the Statue of Liberty (the pristine symbolic gift of freedom from France) upon their arrival to the United States—they also did not arrive to these shores on the Nina, Pinta nor the Santa Maria, but in the hulls of slave ships. So in one sense, I do not speak as an American, the laws of the U.S. have never truly recognized black people as equal citizens.  It does not matter that a black man named Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America by law even he is considered a second class citizen. Only when we declare our sovereignty as Blackmoors can we be recognized as a nationality along with other civilized nations of the earth,  although, in reality, we as Moors and indigenous people of this continent have more rights to this land than those who stole this real estate from the native indigenous people.

I too at one point in my life would have defended the government against such accusations and denounced those who would criticize the corruption and deceit of the government as being unfounded. But it was the political satirist Dick Gregory who started to open my eyes up and no one could breakdown and decode a conspiracy like Dick Gregory (his profession may have been a comedian, but Gregory was far from being a Negro clown whose mission was to entertain white folk). I can remember some years ago Gregory came to Duke University and he was touching on subjects that was being interpreted differently from the corporate media and he started to jolt my thinking and I left there as a changed student and the other person who impacted my thinking was Kwame Ture (formerly Stokley Carmichael) they were great philosophical intellectuals who taught me and others how to think outside the box.

Since 9/11, they have strategically weakened every nation’s sovereignty under the false guise of fighting terrorism. But white supremacy has a language unto itself. For example, lets suggest that what took place in Newtown, Connecticut was carried out by a person of Middle Eastern descent and who were Muslim—the corporate media would have immediately tried to tie this horrid massacre to some Islamist extremist group and these killings would have been immediately classified as a terrorist attack depicted as a hate crime (public outcry would have been tremendous against Muslims and racial and religious tension would have been at an all time high). But here is the double standard when it comes to reporting news and shaping a storyline; the Newtown killer and other United States killers of similar profiles are always labeled as psychopaths or sociopaths and mentally deranged (not terrorist), but their criminal conduct is never viewed under the scope of domestic terrorism. I guess in the United States and Europe; nationality, ethnicity and religion determine whether one's criminal conduct will be prosecuted under the stringent anti-terrorism laws as they are defined under the United States Patriot Act. Thus, not to view these acts of terror as terrorism this allows the F.B.I and C.I.A. to relax the American people and simanteously provide us with a false sense of security—we see these type killings as random and definitely not from the lens of terrorism. Lets reason with me, the killers in Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Colorado shootings, etc., and the many others that have occurred were carried out with the same intent of an Islamist Jihadist—the objective was to strike fear and terror.

But you have not seen U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder come out and say we are going to treat these U.S. born citizens who carry out these terroristic attacks against the American people no different than how the U.S. law prosecutes American citizens of Middle Eastern descent (regardless of race and religion). If Middle Easterners were alleged to have killed these innocent children in Newtown; their trial would be heard in a federal court under the legal terms of terrorism as outlined in the various anti-Terrorism laws and the United States Patriot Act in which Newtown and other crimes like them should be considered terrorist attacks by the U.S. Justice Department. But sense these type killers look like the dominant society interpreted to mean white and Christian their criminal behavior never comes under the microscope of the National Defense Authorization Act or the Patriot Act—there always seem to be a mental disconnect relative to public opinion (because the media has fed us a false image of what a terrorist is supposed to look like). The U.S. judicial system and the criminal justice systems very seldom classify these mass killers (of non-Arab descent) and killings as acts of domestic terrorism. They constantly bombard the American public with stories of terrorism, yet because the shooters in Newtown and other cities were white males, it creates this delusionary psyche in the minds of Americans; there is no way they could or even should be labeled as 'Enemy Combatants'. But if they were Arab and Muslim the United States Government would have quickly tried to depict them as Middle Eastern terrorist with connections to Al-Qaeda and/or some other Islamic extremist groups in order to hype up the foolish emotions of the American people. Feed them a healthy dosage of propaganda and they will always digest it as the truth and would fall for the duping without question.

Now, you would think with having access to the World Wide Web (Internet) and having access to global information at our fingertips that things would be a little tilted toward the common man and woman to better understand the complexity of the world based on the volume of information that is being readily made available to humanity. Yet, it seems to only to revert us back to a similar mental paradigm of how we viewed the world prior to this age of global information. I am not optimistic that the Internet has made us any smarter or more astute in our political, economic and social assessment on world affairs.

If no one else will, let me be the first one to label what took place in Newtown was an act of terrorism and terrorist attack carried out my an American militant. For example, why was not Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols labeled as white Christian extremist and terrorist who in reality had the same objective as an Islamic militant Jihadist—death to America, but in a white supremacy society these variables get overlooked because no flag waving good ole white boy would attack his native country of America and have no fear of impunity. Let me go on record, I do not condone violence of any kind and I view all violence as being deplorable. This is why I cannot agree with the United States and Israel threaten and plotting against Iran and President Ahamadindjad; I also cannot agree with the United States and the Western Governments instigating the civil conflict in Syria because these conflicts and wars are about white western Governments using their will and military might to strategically, tactfully, politically and economically control the entire Middle Eastern region and North Africa and sub-Sahara Africa—they now basically controls the entire Maghreb area of North Africa.

The recent attack on Mali was calculated in which France and the United States assured themselves of having future access and control over this poor and defenseless nation's resources. France was exercising its colonial authority and was reminding these black African Muslims that their self-determination and sovereignty would always be an extension of French authority. Also, British Petroleum (BP) a major Seven Oil Sisters corporation was not going to allow so-called Muslim extremist in Algeria to disrupt their oil flow and American hostages and others became expendable in this recent conflict. They were not going to allow anything to disrupt the flow of oil and the revenue it generates and they demanded that their puppet President Abdelaziz Bouteflika bring a resolution to the Algerian crisis by any means necessary. Many of the foreign nationals who were working in Algeria were Central Intelligence Agents working in collaborating of intelligence gathering and assisting BP and the other Seven Oil Sisters in stealing the vital natural resource on the planet. BP does not give a damn about the lost of hostage lives (this is secondary to oil wealth)—take  it from me there is not a sovereign government nowhere in the world that is more powerful than British Petroleum (BP) and this corporate government stands above all nations laws and their jurisprudence system and answers to no one. Who do you think the Rockefellers and the Rothschild answers to?

They make us believe that it was Islamic extremist who detested French invasion of Mali and these so-called extremist took over the Algerian Amenas oil field as protest and denunciation of French troops seizing upon Northern Mali. But knowing these people to be masters at inciting and inducing conflicts one cannot help to believe that this entire ordeal was to justify France occupation of the sovereign nation of Mali and used Algerian props as decoys to create in one's mind as an example of the potential for the propensity of violence and terrorism, which could engulf the entire North and West African region, if France and the West do not deal with Al-Qaeda terrorist cells on the African continent. It is this type of disinformation and propaganda that garnished international public support and this continues to allow theft by deception.

It is not OPEC or some other international bureaucratic entity that controls the global oil commodity. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Argentina, and even Iran are subjects and pawns; I think we at times give Hugo Chavez and even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to much credibility—they are definitely the lesser of the two evils, but the global oil business and global natural resources are in the hands of a small minority and their biographies or pictures will never be seen in the Fortune 500 magazines. They control all nations Gross Domestic Products (GDP) from behind the scene. Many of the Al-Qaeda schisms are counterrevolutionary and are being financed by the CIA and the US. State Department and trained under the direct guidance of the Pentagon, but this is their way to continue justifying an escalating military budget at the expense of the American taxpayers, as well as justify fighting an imaginary enemy and war that has been created in the Situation Room.

Those who manipulate humanity are still running circles around 85% of the world's population even in 2013. Moreover, as I have stated above France attacked the defenseless African Nation of Mali, but these maneuvers are consistent with western nation’s recent imperialism motives in North Africa (although Mali is considered West Africa) and a former colony of France and justifying these military moves by once again telling the public that this defenseless African nation had Al-Qaeda cells harboring on its soil and had become a base for so-called Islamic militants and terrorism (massive lies). France attack on Mali had very little to do with combating radical Islam and/or militarily suppressing Al-Qaeda cells, but Mali has the third largest tapped and untapped gold reserves in Africa behind Ghana and South Africa. Mali also has bauxite, iron ore, base metals and phosphate deposits and has diamonds and uranium, copper, Bauxite, zinc, etc; so we must put France's attack on Mali in its proper political context and perspective. I will tell you straight up, it had nothing to do with terrorism and Al-Qaeda, but the attack on Mali was about France controlling the natural resources of this Western African State. This move weakened the political and economic strategies of the African Union (former organization of the Organization of African Unity) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) but strengthen the European Union by dividend of Mali’s natural resources.  

Europe is suffering for the same reasons the United States is suffering (our suffering is rooted in the Federal Reserve), the Bank of England and the mother of the Central Banks, which is the Bank of International Settlements located in Basel, Switzerland are the culprits in Europe’s suffering. France does not have a well developed and comprehensive fuel source, it does not have a domestic oil source and the Western Governments have created a false template of justifying their acts of aggression and imperialism by throwing out the name Al-Qaeda. We must wake up from our slumber. Thank you for sitting in our cyber classroom and understanding False Flags 101.

Fahim A. Knight-El, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@ yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Thursday, January 10, 2013



By Fahim A. Knight-El

I think this year 2013 is going to prove to be more challenging for grassroots humanity because the Invisible Hand has put all the political, economic and social pieces in place in order to downgrade humanity to their least common denominator (slave). President Barack Obama’s 'election' and/or 'reselection' represented a continued investment by the Hidden Hand, they put up over a billion dollars to ensure that his presidential win would be indisputable over Mitt Romney and not to receive anything from such a hefty investment would be viewed as being unimaginable. Moreover, someone stood to be the ultimate beneficiaries of this billion dollar presidential venture. I understand that both political parties and their lobbyist had interest in which they are mere by-products of corporate money; the two parties combined actually invested over a few billion dollars to insure that their candidate would win a job that only pays four hundred thousand dollars annually. But the economic and political residual implication cannot be measured by dollars and cents nor from an on the surface political prism when it comes to wearing the title of president of the United States of America (it is truly a big front global bully pulpit with expansive influence and power). Some have demonized President Obama as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and his persona is symbolic of the anti-Christ.

However, the real anti-Christ has always been shielded and hiding for over 6,000 years (most laypersons and most scholars have no idea who the true anti-Christ is and those who do know are to scared and cowardly to point them out). They have front people that do their bidding and they have always possessed the money and power which to deceive the whole of humanity. It is actually a war going on that has pitted good versus evil—this paradigm is often interpreted from the realm of theological reasoning because often the Bible is the only acceptable reference book that the Western world has to rely on when it comes to delving deep into the religious occult, Gnostics and esoteric meaning of historic and current world personalities as well as events. There is no doubt that what we see on the surface is only a figment of our imagination and the illusive science of ‘symbology’ is often left to the wise amongst us to interpret.

I am not an authority on the Luciferian theories, beliefs and overall concepts (but some see the Luciferian Order as an organized body of men and women bent on evil). But there are various themes. If one views it from a dogmatic Christian perspective theme in which their interpretation is shrouded in points of scripture references dealing with the so-called anti-Christ ("the devil").  This sector points out in biblical scriptures certain persons, places, dates, etc., who fits into their religious and theological paradigms as being evil and have an agenda opposite of God. Their teachings and motives are diabolically opposed to the inherently good that we have come to associate with the concept of God (everything that is good). Others view Freemasonry as an Order (is considered being part of a Luciferian agenda) that is the so-called main scheme for carrying out a Luciferian agenda who are bent on usurping and replacing the United States Constitution with an Oath Taking illuminati prototype government. Moreover, that is based on Freemasonry tenets of so-called disavowing the so-called true and living God and Jesus and leading humanity toward embracing a symbolic universal concept and demonstrating very little allegiance to the concept of Christianity, and Democracy. They further believe that the eroding of freedom of speech, freedom of movement and most of all an assault on American civil liberties (is a systematic ploy of evil) that is leading to the moral and ethical decay of the social fiber of America and civilization in which they believe this movement is pushing us more toward a One World Government and a New World Order and a Luciferian type Government.

Most of our leaders are agents of the Illuminati and take sworn oaths to serve their masters (I do not desire to veer off into some spooky subject) but there is actually a secret chamber in the Biltmore Estate (Vanderbilt Estate House) in Ashville, North Carolina that is reserved every three years for some of the most powerful Invisible Hand Elitist who functions as the brain thrust of the Roundtable. Many of their faces are never shown in public and their identities are shielded from the public record; this meeting is beyond the agendas of the leaders that represent the old G-8 and and/or G-20 nations (these seemingly powerful world leaders are only puppets and are not the true global decision makers, but they give the public appearance as being the movers and shakers)—it is the Hidden Elitist sector who actually determines the course of humanity.

The below mentioned low level operatives are not even permitted to be in the same room with the Hidden Hand Elitist families unless they are taking orders and following instructions and this includes members of the powerful aristocratic families such as: the Astors, DuPonts, Bundy, Collins, Reynolds, Van Duyn, Russell, Onassis, Freeman, Kennedy, Li bloodline, etc., although, they on the surface represent bloodlines of wealth and privilege. It’s a huge mistake for those who delve into decoding conspiracies to try to incorporate the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds into this second tier of front billionaires and/or trillionaires—these two families are in a class unto themselves and have very few rivalries. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg, Club of Rome, Illuminati, the Priority of Sion, Trilateral Commission, etc., exists and functions at the pleasure of the Hidden Hand.

The government functions off a system of numbers that is rooted in ancient codes that were established in the Kemet better known as ancient Egypt, but they would like for us to believe that the ancient Greeks were the masters and originators of this science and numerical system (even the Mayan civilization borrowed their calendar and calculation of time from Kemet and my research and study has proven that the Nubians had crossed the Atlantic an introduced various sciences ranging from architecture, astronomy, hydraulics, etc., to the indigenous people of Central and South America). This is part of the basis of why over 25 United States presidents have been Master Masons and Shriners (and most was 33rd degree Freemasons)—they represent a class of men and women who had come in contact with ancient wisdom that has allowed them to rule and dominate over other nations for over 6,000 years (America’s first President George Washington was a student of this wisdom and knowledge). Many of our elected officials in the United States Congress are very familiar with the religion of Islam because they are members the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Muslim Sons who practice Al-Islam in secrecy). They teach directly from the Qur’an and yet make the people believe that Islam is the enemy of America, but in secrecy they pray to Allah and admonish Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (PBUH) and Khalifah Ali Ibn Abi Talib (associated with Shia Islam). This is what High Degree Freemasonry teaches.

Now, lets go a little deeper into this knowledge and Speculative Masonic philosophy. The fez (the headdress of the Shriner and Muslim) is rooted in ancient Islamic mysticism, but I will not go into that, I will interject some African American Islamic history to this overall subject. There is a group of early Muslims in America called the Moorish Science Temple of America founded by one Prophet Noble Drew Ali (Abdul Sharieff) in Newark, New Jersey in 1913. He introduced the Islamic fez to his followers as a connection to the long lost Islamic heritage of the so-called American Negro (African American) whom he referred to as Asiatic and more importantly Prophet Ali gave the so-called American Negro (African American) a legitimate nationality whom he identified as Moorish American. Thus, maintaining that the so-called American Negro (African American) were direct descendents from Morocco (Chattel Slavery left us as a scattered and divided people who was not permitted to rally around a culture and heritage).

Those who denied us this right understood that we were the Grand Architects of the Universe and the original man. This was one of the world's best kept secrets relative to a people who for 310 years were stripped of the knowledge of self, land, language, culture, religion, etc. They stole our history and identity; moreover, essentially they stole our birth rights and the proof of this is rooted in the Masonic liturgy and ritual—we taught them how to tie the camel and respect the shrine of Islam. The so-called American Negroes (African Americans) were historically made vagabonds of the earth (we are now a people without a true and legitimate homeland). Some believe that Prophet Ali was taught philosophy, religion, science, etc., within the Mystery Schools of Egypt in which he was commissioned by the high Imams and Sheiks to return to North America and teach the so-called American Negro (African American) Islam.

Let me digress a bit: One must agree that Chattel Slavery was a crime, which had taking place with the so-called black man and woman of America that has for the most part left us with the historical inability to track our family lineage beyond the 1800s (large scale plantation slave records were not recorded on black slaves; although some of the early U.S. Census reports do list slaves in some detail, but only described as property). This crime has led us to being semi-vagabonds on the earth who are constantly in search of an identity and nationality--when you rob a people of their land, names, God, culture and heritage, etc., and declare it illegal to identify with our native tongue and tribes this has left us forever in search of a long lost heritage (many of us find comfort under the banner of Islam, Moor, Hebrew Israelite, etc., these religious and nationality labels is a direct result of the affects of Chattel Slavery). Sidebar note: Minister Silis Muhammad (leader of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in Atlanta) was doing some very interesting work on the level of the United Nations in the area of human rights. But he initially was met with many legal obstacles because blacks, Negroes, Afro-American, African Americans, colored people, etc., had no legal or recognized identity in which would allow our grievance to be heard on the United Nations level. He had to declare us under the nationality title of Afro-descendants.

However, there is a school of thought that Prophet Noble Drew Ali was a 33rd degree Mason and member of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (African American Shriner’s organization) and he received his knowledge and teachings from the Freemasonic school of thought (I must admit there are some striking similarities of the two organizations). Ali followers would refute this argument as being baseless and historically unfounded. Nevertheless, the Shriners, which is an auxiliary body (house) of the Freemasons in which the Shrine theme and philosophy is heavily rooted in Islam and in the Muslim customs, rituals, mores, folkways, tradition, etc. The Shriners have borrowed and is interdependent on the Islamic worldview, which gives meaning to this order.

The Fez was borrowed from Morocco, Africa, but symbolic from Prophet Drew Ali's perspective, it signified the royalty and majesty of the noble culture of Islam and how the Moors (Africans) brought Europe out of the Dark Ages and renewed the spirit of civilization in European society. Ali taught that the Moorish Tassel on the Fez must be free swirling representing that knowledge is 360 degrees (an infinite circle) and unlike the Shriners who pinned their tassel down on one side--this is only symbolic that the Shriners only have 32 and 33 degrees of knowledge which renders them incomplete. For example, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit; so the Masons and Shriners have not thawed out yet, they are still frozen—(1/3 degree of knowledge this has them blindly searching for the true meaning of Hiram Abiff, the Master Builder who was hit in the head and brought on a westerly course).

The United States of America claims to be a Christian nation and one could easily see how inconsistent our domestic and foreign policy is with biblical ethics and moral principles and yet we claim the Bible as the center of our moral compass (the epitome of hypocrisy). These damnable hypocrites in 2008 bailed out Wall Street and international bankers, but have the no sympathy for the ‘have nots’ and the least of these. What is Christian about using drone warfare and killing innocent people in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. It indicates that the U.S. doesn't have that ability to fight a conventional war on the ground anymore and engage in guerilla warfare, but the unilateral use of drones is proof positive that our commander-in-chief is a coward. What is Christian about 6 million prisoners languishing in local, state and federal jails inside the United States and many are political prisoners? The U.S. has the largest population of prisoner than any other so-called Western civilized nation. How do we reconcile U.S. poverty, but send anywhere from three billion to sixty-four billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel? How do we reconcile our national debt crisis other than paying lip service toward balancing our 16 trillion dollar national deficit? I will always stand with the poor and oppressed against corporate interest and greed and against these powerful political lobbies that are allowed to manipulate the American taxpayers and hold us hostage for daring to criticize this senseless public policy.

They ended the year 2012 by dangling the Fiscal Cliff over the heads of the American people (these front-men are masters of inducing artificial crisis) and started 2013 with the same fear tactic of threatening American people with the Fiscal Cliff catastrophe because the U.S. Congress allegedly cannot agree on a financial strategy and compromise to address the national debt, taxes, government spending and decide which direction the nation is headed for at least the next four years. Now, tell me don't it make perfect sense that those in the upper echelon tax brackets should be mandated and required to pay a higher tax rate, if you are serious about balancing the budget and saving America from economic decline. But they are systematically passing the debt onto the poor and 'have nots' because our elected officials work in the interest of the money class and I must tell you neither party Democratic or Republican party is truly interested in resolving the national deficit—the national deficit equation is not just an escalating numerical figure, it is the substantive fuel that keeps the those who manipulate global economy, as a well oiled machine which thrives and evolves off a debt base market system and the money market system serve as their personal bank. It is profitable to those who are the masterminds behind orchestrating the national deficit.

Some have tried to get me to see and understand that President Obama's appointment being the 44th president is written in biblical scripture and he represents the anti-Christ. Many have failed to understand that the Bible has been tampered with by the enemies of truth in which my teacher referred to it as the poison book. Yet, I do know that many scholars and religious scientist (or theologians) do not have the ability to decode the hidden symbolism behind scriptures and lack the knowledge to get truly behind the biblical metaphors, allegories and get to the root of humanity's problems which are man made (I was taught that the Bible is 2/3 prophecy). Who was King James? Who was/is Christ because, if there is an anti-Christ, we must first determine who was the real Christ and further determine did a man called Jesus ever lived and walked this earth? (I have my doubts). The image they gave us of Yeshuaa Ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph) is a flatted out lie (the image of Jesus given to the the Western world was only a figment of imagination of Leonardo da Vinci), it took me many years of personal experiences and investigation that has brought me to this current space and time.

I read alternative reading sources in search of discovering the truth. Thus, in many of my Blogs, I have cited sources and various reading materials which assisted me in uncovering the Invisible Hand and often they now present the truth in plain and clear vision, but people are so distracted that we do not take the time to decipher what is taking place all around us. Also, ignorance comes at high premium and those who manipulate our lives desire to keep us in darkness because they are the ultimate beneficiaries—those of us who have raised certain questions are often dismissed as mere conspiracy theorist in which the ignorant buy into the propaganda and even become more comfortable with their cannon fodder status. Thus, sadly to say, I think our concept of change can only be visualized through the barrel of a gun and brute force. Perhaps these mental visions are images drawing from the Cold War Era, which has lured humanity to sleep relative to the present day subconscious warfare, mind control and the sophisticated methods they are using to herd us in one direction without firing a shot and they have gotten us so conditioned that no force is necessary. In fact, the propaganda and disinformation techniques they use have been proven to be more effective than imploring the war machines and is not to negate the fact that military machines will continue to play a pivotal role in determining the present course of global history. We can just look at the examples that have been set in the Middle East—Iraq, Afghanistan and North Africa which is an indication that Western Governments are, perhaps more militarily active than they were during the Cold War period.

But those who over 50 years of age possess what appears to be a permanent mental fixation on how the world used looked under Eastern European Fascism as it was carried out by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Nazi Germany, and Italy—Tanks, military, and armament build-up was the order of the day, which was visible overt symbols of oppression and repression from World War II to 1989. Until the collapse of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics—this demised truly marshaled in a new era of international politics (many have yet to come to the realization that the world has made a transition into Globalism and One World Government). But today’s tyrants have the same objectives as the pre-Cold War leaders, but are carrying out their global agenda in an invisible way (different strategy and tactic but with the same and/or similar outcomes). Many have still yet to look objectively and critically at our world since September 11, 2001 and dissect the social, political and economic impact the 9/11 hoax had on laying the initial premises and foundation for where we are right now in space and time.

Humanity may never recover from the 9/11 duping, it indeed was a masterful plan of deception because it led to the visible rearrangement of the entire world. For example, how we view the United Nations, sovereignty, international peace, war, international banking, global finance, global resources, freedom, corporate downsizing, national security, the environment and ecological system, education and training, outsourcing American economy, etc., were directly impacted by this new structuring, but this was done with the hidden Cabal serving as the beneficiaries and to the detriment of the masses. I vehemently, stand by my contention in particular, when you assess the erosion of the world's civil liberties and the downgrading of the United States Constitution in which the United States has become the so-called international police force of the world. The U.S. Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (this reactionary legislation and executive orders have given them unlimited power) is a page right out of the Fascist playbook. All they have to do is label you and/or me a terrorist (they do not need proof) and the repression has no restrictions. The American people and humanity has no Rights. Gone!

The government has the right through various international Patriot Act agreements to extradite suspected violators from Europe and/or any place in the world and bring you before American style justice and you will not be privy to due process of the law. The world's citizens are more restricted today than anytime in the history of modern society. Our movement as so-called free human beings has being compromised and they justify this by continuingly duping the people into believing that they are under the eminent danger of radical Islamist and Muslim extremist that requires so-called more national security measures to be imposed and with each national security initiative that is implemented, we lose larger portions of our civil liberties. It is these type measures that keep quietly moving us even closer to a police state. The United States has something call Marshal Law and we are just one step away from that declaration. The real culprits are hidden behind layers, upon layers of covers and deceptions, but are ruling over humanity with an iron fist. Moreover, you can not judge these modern plotters by looking for the visible, it is the invisible which receives little attention and this is where the duping is being organized and implored. Wake up from your slumber and welcome to the conscious classroom—Decoding 101.

Fahim A. Knight-El, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@ yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El