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By Fahim A. Knight-El

President Barack Obama and his warmonger cabinet members have already decided to invade and declare war on Iran (Iran has been a big discussion in the Situation Room—the question is when will the attack begin), they have created a template and blueprint with the 2003 Iraq War as the model for future war deceptions and the toppling of their agent Saddam Hussein provided them with a new war draft (they have only received little resistance from the American people and to be quite honest with you these Devils don’t give a damn anymore about public opinion). If the United States goes to war with Iran just like Afghanistan and Iraq, it would further overly tax the America taxpayers with more senseless war debt. However, by me knowing what kind of agent Saddam Hussein was, he got very little sympathy from this writer, when his former U.S. bosses betrayed and then trampled over him. There is no doubt in my mind, that he was a ruthless United States lapdog and international agent who in the long run probably got what he deserved (but I am still saying this cautiously) and as much as I despised the United States aggression and imperialism, it was difficult for me to shed a tear for Saddam Hussein and his rogue government who spent decades on the CIA payroll and betraying the interest of Islam and the Iraqi people.

Yet, I will always stand in solidarity with the innocent people of Iraq who were guilt of nothing other than sitting on the second largest known oil reserve in the world. The innocent people of Iraq has paid a very heavy price because of the United States and Western nations greed to dominate and control the global oil resources in the region, but in particular in the Middle East and the African nations oil reserves. The Iraq War has led to over a half million Iraqis losing their lives at the hands of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. I recently heard Council on Foreign Relations agent, Senator John McCain this past week beating the war drum and using political provocative propaganda against Iran and is trying to militarily set President Obama into motion to attack Iran prior to his presidential reelection with an objective to use this deceit to derail Obama’s presidential re-election bid.

But as I have stated in recent and previous articles, lest not be confused about Obama, he has already been promised another four year presidential term (and he has been mandated by the Hidden Hand to go through the motions and appear to give credibility to the concept of U.S. Democracy—the one man, one vote scam) to over see the global affairs of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger. Lets ask the United States Government, a very simple question: explain to us in specific terms, detail and length of how and what threat does Iran poses to the United States of America. Obama knows that Iran does not pose a threat to the United States National Security interest, however, the political propaganda is getting more massive and deceitful than it has ever been in the last month and the United States military is perhaps gearing up to attack Iran. Don’t be fooled this is about gaining control over Iranian oil—I do not blame the interest holders, when are we the Sheepel who consistently allow ourselves to be duped is going to wake up from our slumber? When are we going to wake the hell up and not send our sons and daughter to fight unjust wars for the Super Elitist?

I cannot say it any plainer they are only being used as U.S. Foreign Policy Tools—better yet ask this ‘Negro’ president will he sign his daughters, Malia and Sasha over to joining the United States military infantry squads and/or if they receive a military greeting’s letter informing them that they have been drafted in the U.S. Military will he be enthusiastic about them fighting for the Invisible Rulers. Furthermore, will he patriotically send them to foreign lands to fight and die to make the world safer for democracy.

I do not view dissention as being anti-government and/or against United States Law, I see it as the highest act of freedom that we have as United States citizen and I will do all that I can to continue to fight for that right for all Americans. I do not think because a person disagrees with the policies of the American Government that this position should be viewed outside United States law because one openly expressed disagreement (or dissent) of political opinion (this is fundamentally American and the basis of how the U.S. Constitution is legally structure). This in the long run gives way to a healthier government and society. I have always cautioned my critics for using open-end loose language of implying censorship because a political pundit expresses disagreement with the Status Quo; this could one day easily and eventually backfire on them. Now, I explained in one article titled: “Freedom of Speech: No Such thing it has a Price” about the importance of Free Speech, which is protected under the First Amendment Right to the United States Constitution. I do respect the laws of my birth and home which is the United States of America and yet at the same I feel that I have the right to detest some of those same laws and render legal and political criticism without being fearful of persecution and/or government retaliation (I know there are consequences for all of us who disagrees with the status quo).

President Obama’s ruthless Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (she is worst than a trained killer and assassin) knows that international embargoes and economic sanctions are ineffective within today’s global paradigm, in particular when it comes to isolating oil producing nations, because the oil commodity is beyond sanctions based on global need and its often western consumption that weakens these type international embargoes and sanctions—they have always violated international law when it comes to the acquisition of oil. For example, Libya under the leadership of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was afflicted with United Nations and United States imposed sanctions for decades, but France and Italy, two close United States Allies were steadily buying Libyan crude under Qaddafi's ruler-ship, like there was no tomorrow. When it comes to oil there are no true friends or permanent enemies (just paying customers) and within the recent schemes of United States diplomacy they cannot sit idly by and wait on sanctions, embargoes and talk diplomacy to weaken a nation that they might-be in conflict with. The short and long term measures of international sanctions have been proven to be ineffective in so-called punishing international leaders and nations for demonstrating bad behavior (they now send Drones as their latest attack weapons).

International imposed sanctions failed in Bosnia, Libya, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Syria, Somalia, etc. But after the disposing of Saddam Hussein in 2003, they decided to change strategies and tactics; however, I keep reiterating that after the 9/11 hoax everything on the national and global scene changed forever. They have used the 9/11 hoax to transition the thinking of the people (to unconditionally support the New World Order and the Global Agenda) and overturned what was once considered at least being publically ethically and morally wrong for the government to openly talk about killing and assassinating Heads of State, this was unheard of just twenty five years ago. We can remember just yesterday that the president in order to declare war would have to seek approval from the United States Congress (so-called representatives of the people) not that this procedure really meant anything, but it did give the appearance of balancing authority and establishing a checks and balancing process.

But we know that all wars are declared outside of the Oval office and Capitol Hill—who gets jumped on are decisions made by the heads of the Dynastic Families. The sad thing is that most people do not have a clue about what is taking place. Let me interject this, no one is safe anymore and we have allowed our government to venture into a Fascist paradigm in the name of fighting international terrorism and so-called radical Islam. They can now make political and military decisions without the consent of the American people—these are truly dangerous times that we are living under and they are about to get a lot more dangerous. The American public for decades was shielded from having firsthand knowledge of knowing about the possibility of a hit on a Head of State or some other sensitive target—these covert operations were under the secret guidance of the Central Intelligence Agency. 9/11 has changed all of this.

Many do not yet realize that we have had transitioned into a quasi police state pursuant to some of the new reactionary laws, legislation, enactments and Executive Orders such as the United States Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act. We have to take into account the legal and political climate that we live under. The United States Justice Department, Central Intelligence Agency, State Department, local police departments and the business of U.S. National Defense have been empowered with unlimited authority since the 9/11 hoax.

But many people, scholars and laymen alike who venture into this type of research are constantly leaving a window open when it comes to the question of Dynastic Family Rule and their global domination (I often use my research and evidence to closed the door—because it is proof positive that the evidence lead us directly to the door steps of the Conspirators). Now, there are some that still seem to be a bit unsure of whether or not there exist a present motive for these Invisible Rulers to still exist and operate —I maintain that their motive have been the same throughout human history i.e. power and greed this has been their consistent Modus Operandi.

The evidence is clear that there is a small Cabal of men and women who seek to shape, guide and determine the global affairs of humanity. Some will always try to dismiss this type conversations/research as mere conspiracy theory, and then seek to minimize the credibility and accuracy of who is behind the curtain (it is this contention that keeps the puppeteers shielded in disguise).

For example, the economy did not collapse because of coincidental economic circumstances or because of the housing market going belly up and/or the Wall Street (Fortune 500) international banks defaulting because of the national debt and reckless consumerism. Let me ask a question, who do we owe the debt to and who is behind the debt? Yet, someone had the power to call the debt-in and then even had the ability pass it on to the American taxpayers (perhaps 3-5 generations of unborn Americans have already accumulated a debt that they did not incur) the bailout of the international banks was criminal and a stickup of the American people.

The power and deceit of the Federal Reserve (a private money changer institution, which has no legal ties to the United States Government) that wears the title “Federal”, but function outside of the rules, enactments and laws of the United States Congress and even the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has no legal obligation to report nor answer to the United States president. And since the Federal Reserve is a private corporation who owns and control the Federal Reserve?

Thus, for many years, its Board of Directors were a secret (and even the Twelve Central Banks that make up the Federal Reserve was once a big secret until it was exposed and uncovered) and even today Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court nor the Executive branch of the United States Government can call for an audit or even conduct a due diligence oversight of the Federal Reserve (this private ‘government’ entity functions with immunity and sovereignty) and also it has been proven that the Federal Reserve Act was unconstitutional.

Who are the hidden names and faces that posses the power to dictate the United States and global monetary policy and has the ability to continue print Fiat money and worthless currency to the detriment of American citizens? They control global interest rates and inflation and determine who eats and who starves. What has been the political and economic consequences of what took place in 1913 on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia in which the international bankers conducted a silent international coup d' tat and literally subverted the United States Constitution and gained total control over our system of money.

May be some of you think these events still fit into the category of "historical possibilities" and/or even conspiracy theory. U.S. Currency was once backed by gold and silver, but in the 1930s someone had the power to move our monetary policy off the gold standard, which is interpreted to mean that our U.S. Currency is valueless. Almost every political, economic and social crisis is induced and is not happenstance occurrences that have set these things into motion. But who has the power to do that? We did not arrive at our economic depression in 2008 (yes we are in a depression which in reality is no different than the Great Depression of 1929 and not a recession they use certain language to keep us Sheepel under control and in lax mode) because of bad domestic and international investments. These chain events were orchestrated by the Hidden Hand.

I read a recent blog article were George Bush was listed in the line up next to the Rothschilds (I immediately started laughing because someone was giving the public gross false misinformation). Let me clarify for my reading audience that George Bush and all of his prototypes are nothing but low lever operatives and agent provocateurs who work for the likes of the Rothschilds and the Twelve Dynastic Families who rules the world. It was an insult to see some of the billionaires listed in the link as being on the same power line with the Rothschilds (believe me they are not). I refer you to more accurate sources if you truly desire to understand the Circle, in a Circle, within a Circle (the true Hidden Hand)—George Soros or George Bush can not even shine the shoes of the Dynastic Family members.

The first book that I would recommend to you all is John Coleman's book titled, "The Committee of 300", Larry Abraham and Allen's book titled, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" and Carroll Quigley’s book titled, "Tragedy and Hope" these sources will give you a much better understanding of the faces and the power schemes that truly rule the world. I think that many are still not clear on whether a not there exist a present day motive for the Invisible Hand to still exist and operate behind the cloak of darkness—there is, it’s the same one that they have been operating off for centuries, which is power and greed.

I cite the above sources because they will provide my reading audience with a better understanding of this complex issue at hand. I am very passionate about this subject and I do not think there have been many more so-called African American bloggers that have been as passionate about this subject as I have and I am not making these points from some ego driven mindset. I know that the evidence is empirical and objective enough to demonstrate proof positive that our history and world events are being induced by hidden external forces.

I don’t think that the Club of Rome, House of Rothschild, Carlyle Group, Bilderberg, Milner Group (the Round table), Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral commission and there are many other hidden elitist subsidiaries that are under their control is just a part of my imagination, but these forces are real. Many people use the term Illuminati in a broad sense because it sounds like something cute and New Age to echo, but in reality do not have a clue to what they are talking about. Some even try to connect Open Freemasonry as the foremost Illuminati organization the world-over today and ignorantly talk about secret societies in the same breathe; moreover, many do not have a clue that the power Elite uses organizations as Freemasonry as mere fronts—they do not factor into real power dynamics.

The American revolution, in particular was a well organized and crafted ploy and it did not represent the changing of power and rule, it gave the appearance of a break between Great Britain and its colony nations, which eventually became the United States of America—the merchant class eventually under Mercantilism and the War of 1812 went to war again to regain international money interest. Some historians have traced and documented that it was Freemasons who actually led and were the focal point of the American Revolution because it was they who led the instigation of the war under the guise of the Boston Tea Party.

Let me drive this point home, the United Grand Lodge of England was established in 1712 or 1717. The British was already big in the Occult, Esoteric and Gnostic societies—they left the United States in charge of one of their Masonic brethren named George Washington, the first president of the United States of America who was initiated into the brotherhood of Freemasonry, his ultimate loyalty would be more to the United Grand Lodge of England, perhaps than to the interest of the newly formed citizens of this newly established Republic and just coincidental the allege Illuminati agent Weishaupt formed the "Order of Perfectibilists" on May 1, 1776.

Who gave the United States order of Freemasonry their charter and did Washington and the many other (Founding Fathers) Freemasons who helped frame the United States Constitution were they directly under the influence of the British Invisible Hand? At times these Orders are deeply intertwined with the covert schemes of the Dynastic Families and the Bank of England that was established in 1694, which makes it second oldest central bank in the world.

The Federal Reserve somewhat modeled itself after its mother bank, which is the Bank of England these two nations are/were inseparable even to this date. The British Royal Dynastic Family and the Paul Warburgs, J.P. Morgans, Harrimans, etc., and many U.S. Banking Houses were directly tied to the wealth of the Bank of England. This was all part of the duping and deconstruction of a once stable and viable United States Market and economy (the Invisible Hand and the international banks often induces misery in which they financially profit even off the worst of crisis), it also led to us importing more than we were exporting creating deficits that has left our nation and economy upside down. The Elitist made these moves on the chessboard out of greed and the American people do not have a clue as to what has happened to them. We the useless eaters have become obsolete in the larger scheme of things.

But I think if we are making the argument from the rugged views of western capitalism and social Darwinism—this perspective renders less optimism for humanity relative to the question of economic, political and social justice. Some Western scholars who question and oppose my research is done from a basis of emotionalism and cannot phantom that we have been played on—their opposition often speaks to the raw emotions of western man's instincts which have governed their social behavior and global interactions since they have been on the planet (during the duration of which his 6,000 year history speaks for itself). This (Western) psychological paradigm has been more rooted in greed and exploitation—many native and indigenous people lived in harmony under a system of justice and equality; they accepted and embraced the importance of the universal laws, these societies would only kill to supply and sustain their existence as members of the food chain, but the hording of resources was outside of these many nations social structure.

What else can be driving the collapse of humanity other than greed (which is rooted in a false class system and structure), but there is enough resources to allow all of humanity to not go to bed hungry, have adequate health care, access to clean and sanitized water, livable housing and suitable shelter, etc. The lack of humanity to have access to food, clothing and shelter is being done, because someone is the beneficiaries of humanity's misery and it’s profitable to keep a segment of humanity in this predicament. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once stated that he knew something was wrong when he realized that over 70 percent of the earth was water and we have to pay for water. The western media demonized him as a communist for relating to something inside him that led him to challenge what was ethically and morally wrong. It had nothing to do with a Marxist analysis.

I think we have had some good examples of human beings who saw the world beyond the rugged individualism that many of us have come to accept as the 'norm'. Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, etc (there have been many countless more of the human family who are faceless and nameless that arrived at the same conclusion) where human examples embraced a high level of spirituality and left us with examples of models of human excellence.

My worldview has been determined outside of how we in the West perceive authority, wealth, power, class, etc., in which it is these things that have fostered and contributed partially to the behavior that I have described above and has created an antagonistic contradiction throughout human history. I am optimistic that we as human beings who are Homo Sapiens Sapiens still have the ability to transition beyond a survival of the fittest paradigm (the planet is turning against us and this is evidence that something is terrible wrong, but we still have a choice which to line ourselves with the natural order of things or be destroyed). I think we have the potential to rise above this model.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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