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By Fahim A. Knight-El

How does Black Freemasonry in the United States accommodate those black Masons who are conscious and awake and are about knowledge? I continuously receive a great deal of email messages from Freemasons who are dissatisfied with their lodge, Shrine Temple , Consistory, etc., membership and affiliations in most of the Upper Houses of Freemasonry. This Blog came about due to a disenchanted (this might actually be to strong of a word to characterize this brother’s important sentiments) Prince Hall Masonic Brother out of a PHA lodge in Baltimore, Maryland and Maryland Masonic Jurisdiction. I will call him Brother X, for the purpose of this article; Brother X (I did not get Brother X’s permission to cite him by his real name and identity and i did not know how comfortable he would be about me writing this blog with mentioning his real name and lodge affiliation. So I chose not to mention either (his real name or lodge), but after completing this Blog I am going to send Brother X a link to my Blog: . He had contacted me, about two years ago on April 13, 2009 and at that time he hadn’t been raised and I think that he was at the Second Degree and Fellowcraft stage of his travels (I did not engage him in a true Masonic dialog at that time because the Internet is not the place where we should have certain conversations). But he emailed me again on September 23, 2011, a very enlightened email, which was well written and well thought out. There was no doubt that Brother X had acquired the knowledge of self and he seem to be well read in African Centered literature and history. Yet, he chose the Path of becoming a Mason and I knew that after reading both of his email messages that he was going to have some intellectual challenges because most Black Masonic Orders are students of white Masonic thought and their Masonic foundations are built on the theories of Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, etc., which is Greek culture (the basis of all Western Freemasonry).

Dr. George G.M. James informed us in his monumental book titled, "Stolen Legacy" that the Greeks stole their knowledge from ancient Kemet (Egypt) in which Kemetic civilizations predated the Greeks by thousands of years. There would be no 47th Problem of the Euclid, if it was not for Imhotep, the world's first mathematical genius who had mastered the Square and Compass, the science of Geometry originated in Kemet (Egypt) and not in Greece. The minute that I received Brother X's email, I knew that he was an outside the box thinker and that perhaps most members of his Prince Hall lodge in Balitmore were not learned Masons, let me clarify this statement: They (PHA) are some of the most learned brothers in black America because of the quality of membership it attracts such as doctors, lawyers, professors, businessmen, law enforcement officers, judicial officials, ministers and all manners of professionals, yet most of them lack the knowledge of self and are not rooted in their culture and heritage, which makes them ill-equipped to teach that which they do not know. Some of these new wave of brothers like Brother X who are awake and are joining Freemasonry represents a new mindset and there will be many more like him who will be coming to black Freemasonry and if we are serious about retaining these type brothers, it going to require us to up our game. You have brothers who are joining the Masonic ranks who are members and/or have been exposed to the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths (the Five Percenters), Nation of Islam, Moors, Pan Africanist, Kemitic Science, Hebrew Israelites, Black Cultural Nationalist and who desire to be more than ritual Masons.

When brothers do not receive the proper LIGHT from the Worshipful Master or from the Senior Warden and Junior Warden (the principle officeholders of the lodge) and/or the Past Masters this is an outright indictment and jeopardizes the future progress of the order—these type brothers desire more than attending a lecture at Prince Hall Day and attending some backwards Church in honoring Saint Johns Day and eating a chicken dinner or a chitterling dinner afterwards. They are merely thirsty for knowledge. Where is the Masonic instructions? They want real knowledge, the type of teachings, which is rooted in the history and culture of African people. It was the works of John Henrik Clarke and Cheik Anta Diop, Ivan Van Sertima, Yosef Ben A.A. Jochannan, Chancellor Williams, J.A. Rogers, John G. Jackson and activist like Elijah Muhammad, Kwame Ture, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Malcolm X , Clarence 13X (Father Allah), Louis Farrakhan, etc., that helped to raise my conscious level and there is no doubt in my mind that true Masonic knowledge sprung from the Original man. I am one of the few black Masonic writers in all of black Freemasonry who is willing to tell the truth and stand on the truth (I do not believe in sugar coating). I do not subscribe to Eurocentric Freemasonry and my legitimacy is NOT tied to the recognition of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). How could it be when these Robber Barons raided the libraries at Alexandria in 332 B.C. and heist the Nubian knowledge and took it back to Greece and then reclaimed it as their own.

When the French General Napoleon Bonaparte arrived to Kemet (Egypt) in the early 1800s according to the French scholar Count Volney in his book titled, "Ruins of Empires" who maintained that Napoleon blew the face off of the Sphinx because of its Nubian (Ethiopian) racial features. They still desire to hide the truth from the Original man. There are really two types of Masons those who are knowledge seekers and desire to continually elevating their conscious level by constantly desiring to purse knowledge and it's was evident that Brother X was from this class of men. Thus, I have always been very partial to this class of men because I think it is they who represents the highest aspirations of what Freemasonry is supposed to be about and anything less than this is hypocritical. These men had often acquired the knowledge of self by being awaken by the great knowledge of African Thinkers and Intellectuals—I too was touched by that school of thought that was inculcated in empirical historical theories of the African Centered concepts of analyzing our worldview by viewing Africa as a subject and not just as an object; this position was enlightening to me and it ultimately gave me a new and different paradigm as far as viewing the world.

The second group are the ones who see Freemasonry as nothing but a social fraternity (no different than the Black Greek Fraternities that you can find on most college campuses and universities, in particular Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU): Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Sigma, etc.) where partying, drinking alcohol and an over indulgence in socialized behavior. Freemasonry is supposed to be a much more serious fraternity than these college based societies. What should separate the two, is knowledge; the former desire it and latter prefer to keep the lodge ignorant and blind.

It led me to read materials that were considered outside the box and there was one brother in particular who owned and operated the Know Book Store in Durham , North Carolina, his name was Dr. Bruce Bridges and he also conducted a study group that was called the Culture Awareness Seminar and early on he became my mentor who exposed me to the power of knowledge. I was reading books written by John G. Jackson like “Introduction to African Civilization” and learning about the great African Empires of Nubia ( Egypt , Sudan , Ethiopia , etc.) and also about the intellectual and cultural and intellectual dominance of African civilizations like Ghana , Mali and Songhay. People would travel from around the world to sit under the Nubian scholars at the University of Sankore in Timbuktu . Also, there was a Nubian scholar named Ahmed Baba who owned one of the most extensive libraries in the world and scholars from Europe would come and sit at the foot of Professor Ahmed Baba; one of the top professors at Timbuktu . How could one be a student of Freemasonry and not be able to see and make the connection with these illustrious civilizations built by the Nubians? For example, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) represented one of those oldest and most splendid cultures in the history of humanity that typified the science of Operative Freemasonry and Speculative Freemasonry (the two theoretical foundations of Craft Masonry)—the testimony lies in the mathematical (scientific and spiritual codes) construction of the Pyramids.

Dr. Rudolph R. Windsor in his book titled, "From Babylon to Timbuktu" stated: "Until comparatively recent times, knowledge that black Africa was the seat of highly evolved civilizations and cultures during a time when Europe stagnated was limited to a small group of scholars. That great empires such as Ghana, and later Mali flourished for centuries while Europe slept through the Dark Ages almost has been ignored by historians. Thousands of years before that, as Rudolph R. Windsor notes in this enlightening book, civilization began with the black races of Africa and Asia, including the Hebrews, who in biblical times were jet black. Then Western Europe had no nations as such, and its Stone Age inhabitants had the crudest tools and lived in caves. Because of the scarce literature on the contributions of blacks to world civilization, most people today hold the erroneous opinion that the black races have little real history. It was not known, for instance, that the ancient Hebrews, Mesopotamians, Phoenicians, and Egyptians were black. Now, a growing body of literature is presenting the illustrious history of the blacks enormous contributions." (Reference: Rudolph R. Windsor; "From Babylon to Timbuktu"; back cover of book).

The science of architecture, engineering, physics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, religion, etc, had its origin in Kemet (our Brother Anthony Browder verifies this in his book titled, “Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization”) in which true Freemasonry must be perceived and taught as a philosophy that is interdependent on various schools of thought other than Eurocentric Christianity—Kemet is the origin of it all. The Masons in American Freemasonry are beginning to isolate members in the Craft because they have gotten stuck on Christianity, the wrong type of Christianity (Thus, Constantine in 325 A.D. at the Council of Nicea set up Christianity and established a corrupt version of the Christian Creed). And many Masonic Jurisdictions are in direct violation of one of the most important Masonic Creeds (religion and politics should never enter the lodge), which Freemasonry is supposed to be a strict none religious institution (Freemasonry is not Church and it is not Bible Study)—I will never acquiesce to anything other than the universal principles. If we believe that Geometry represents the science of understanding life and next to God (belief in Deity). There is no other symbol that explores the depth of our connection with the metaphysical world and the physical world than through Geometry, which is the 7th letter of the Alpha-Bet and having great numerical significance with how our Eternal Lord laid out the Uni-Verse. All things of spiritual value is written in the Numbers and the Zodiac. Tap your brother in the lodge and tell him to wake up and truly stand perpendicular on the Square. Below is the dialog that that I had with Brother X, a Prince Hall Mason.

Brother X: (PHA Baltimore, Maryland): “Brother Knight-El, How are you? Its been a while since I wrote you last. I have been keeping up with your blogs. I recall one of the brothers mentioning that he would rather have knowledge than have a chair in the lodge. I can completely empathize with that brother. With time I've learned that a wise man considers his steps, but a fool believes anything. I did a lot of studying before ever considering the craft. There was a lot of books that shared much esoteric knowledge. However, after being raised and going to the regular meetings, it just seemed to be same ole' mundane stuff after while. All they discussed was business. It was always about a crab feast, a bull roast, a bus trip to Atlantic City, and pushing tickets. The brothers never hit on anything heavy or esoteric, yet this is an institution that prides itself in having esoteric knowledge and light. These brothers argue about ritual, but can't see what is hidden within it. The walk around like peacocks with there chests poked out and full of Masonic lapels or regalia and take pride in reciting ritual like a parrot, but have no idea what it means and are no deeper than a puddle on a city sidewalk”.

“We give praise to the Greeks in our ritual when talk about the 47th problem of Euclid, which is nothing but the Pythagorean Theorem which Pythagorus got from his twenty-five years of study in the mysteries in Kemet. They know the story of Hiram Abiff, discuss the positions of the sun at the opening and closing of the lodge when reciting the parts concerning positions of the worshipful master, Senior, and Junior wardens. They have candidates circumambulate around the lodge(following the path of the sun), but don't know what it really symbolizes. This is an astronomical science, but we never discuss these things. We raise candidates with the lions paw, but there are few brothers, who when asked, know why?”

“Masonry, much like the allegories taught in religion tells of the travel of the sun in its yearly procession of the equinoxes and the solstices. How the sun allegorically dies going into the fall (our 3 ruffians September, October, November), lies dead in the winter months (December, January, and February) , returns to life at the vernal equinox, but doesn't reach it's summit and full strength until the constellation of Leo, with it's paw, raises it back to its splendor and glory. Thus, being raised by the lions paw. Brothers argue all day about where Solomon's temple is located. However, spiritually we are taught that our body is the temple. The temple that houses the soul of man (Solomon), and to climb the winding stairs from darkness to light, or from ignorance to knowledge is to raise the serpentine fire or to climb Jacob's Ladder up the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column or until we reach the pineal gland where one receives the lost word or the king is returned to the throne of Egypt (Kemet). Solomon's name broken down phonetically SOL-OM-ON are three names of the sun as well”.

“I got frustrated with masonry for a minute. There are only a few brothers that I can count on one hand who really and truly study for esoteric truths. I realized before coming in to the lodge that the continual search for truth is a path that is less traveled, but I'm ok with it. I don't discount the brothers in the lodge. I know that everyone comes to the craft for different reasons. However, I have mentioned that there is more to it than just hustling tickets and crab feasts/bull roasts/cook outs. There is more than going over to the Shrine and drinking until you're incoherent. I have mentioned in lodge meetings that young brothers desire esoteric knowledge and they are guaranteed to come in and do an about face when hearing the same ole' surface level information. However, I know that I am here for a purpose, and I am going to get all I can get. I know that no institution has a monopoly or holds all the light in the word. A true traveler seeks knowledge where he may find it. I will continue to climb until enlightenment and oneness is reached. I've learned to build with those who want to build with me, respect all, and keep it moving”.

“With that said, I have recently petitioned the consistory. I wanted to know what books would you recommend before going in? I have “Morals and Dogma” and started reading through some of it as pike discusses the esoteric apsects from degrees 1 to 32. I read through some of Corrine Heline's book Mystic Masonry and Bible. There's a section where it goes over a summary of the degrees in the consistory and their symbolism. She speaks of traveling from Babylon (bondage and ignorance) to Jerusalem (liberation and enlightenment). I already know that a city often symbolizes a state of consciousness. I picked the Secret Teachings of All Ages back up and started looking at the chapter on The Tree of Sephiroth because I know that to climb the Kabbalistic tree is synonymous with moving through the chakras or climbing Jacob's Ladder until we reach the crown where enlightenment is achieved and one's consciousness is expanded.
I was thinking about purchasing Scottish Rite Masonry vol. I and II by John Blanchard or possibly a book called Ordo Ab Chao by an anonymous author. were two others that peaked my interest which were: The 32 Secret Paths of Solomon: A New Examination of the Qabbalah in Freemasonry
A Textbook in Advanced Masonry

Fahim A. Knight-El: “Good evening Brother, it has been a long time and yes I do remember and recall our correspondence, perhaps two years ago. I believe at that time you had not been raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Let me first, let you know that I feel and share your frustration and your assessment and analysis is also shared by many others around the country who are part of the Masonic family. I am going to give it to you as level and square as possible, which is when you have acquired the knowledge of self and kind prior to attaining the three Blue Lodge Degrees, it is difficult to buy into ignorance because your level of study is diverse relative to ‘symbology’, occult, esoteric, Gnostic, etc., and possessing the knowledge and understanding that it has been empirically proven that ancient Kemet (Egypt) was the cradle of intellectual civilization where this sacred knowledge was developed and disperse by Nubians (Black Africans and not Europeans). Many of our Masonic Lodge brothers who are principal officeholders have been mis-educated, what Carter G. Woodson called the "Mis-education of the Negro" and many refuse to take the scholarly journey to do the research and tie the science of Speculative Masonry back to Kemet (Egypt) and make the knowledge live and breathe amongst the Craft. Thus, this would aid in retaining an active membership as opposed to having an inactive lodge of dues payers who are financial, but beyond that have no obligation to doing the work that is required to make a lodge successful on many different levels”.

“Many like my self came to Freemasonry because we heard that there were some great truths and knowledge being imparted (this pricked our inquisitiveness). Knowledge is power. Moreover, because there is no real interest in research and study, the Masonic Houses have become a revolving door—there is nothing to hold the newly raised Master Mason's interest and it does not take long before a brother(s) to become disenchanted. Some of us who are voted and elected to serve in the East (Worshipful Masters) are often unqualified to hold such illustrious position and in most Prince Hall and Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic jurisdictions these position are bestowed and granted based on internal power clicks and often there is no qualification (or mandate) that will require that the Worshipful Master has acquired an extensive knowledge base, which is rooted in the history, culture and tradition of African people”.

“You are right, often we can demonstrate our ability to master the Ecce Orienti Masonic rituals (and can recite these lessons with precision and perfection), but lack the intellectual ability to interpreted, decode and breakdown the intrinsic meaning and message behind these physical lessons and be able to see their spiritual significance (this is the duality that has gotten lost). So the LIGHT of Masonry has become dimmed because it is an organization that is being led by ego-driven personalities who are motivated by the lust of power and it's their ignorance that has taking Freemasonry off its course. Yet, there is so much written and given in our various obligations that we affirmed to uphold and we did come to Freemasonry on our own Free Will and Accord (we asked one to be one) in which this is our institution and I believe change could take place in small increments”.

“Someone years ago planted the seed in me by introducing me to Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. John G. Jackson, etc., and I eventually heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad these enlightened stars (suns) shined upon me and eventually caused the seeds in me to take further root and germinate. My brother, where we are today does not mean that this is where we are going to be tomorrow. Our job, duty and responsibilities are to impart this knowledge to any brother who might have that tentative ear to listen and just plant seeds. The Masonic bureaucracy, it is what it is, and perhaps, if brothers like me and you can stay engaged and put knowledge in other brothers hands (introduce them to African centered books)—invite them to conscious and Afrocentric forums outside the lodge and be there to further connect the dots for them; may be we can slowly alter the paradigm (at least I desire to be optimistic). We should establish study groups where Speculative Masonry comes under the scrutiny and critique of it relations or non-relations to the Kemitic sciences and go after the origin of the symbolism and dismantle this Eurocentric version of Freemasonry. I came to Masonry for enlightenment because I initially identified the visible symbols as having an ancient origin. I have conveyed too many brothers that I did not come to Masonry to be involved in drinking beer and whiskey—partying seven days a week and delving into an abundance of social nonsense. Ok brother here is a quick response to your correspondence and Brother X keep on walking and traveling the path that you have chosen. Your knowledge is irrefutable, but sometime we have to demonstrate patience with our brothers and ask the Creator to help guide them to become better men and better Masons”.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El


Anonymous said...

Greetings Brother Fahim!

I commend you on your level of knowledge in reference to various fields of study. Particularly that of Freemasonry.

I am a researcher in the field of Freemasonry and my studies have led me to over 20 years of research.

Through my research, i have learned that Pike were the tip of the iceberg in reference to revealing serious knowledge concerning the origin of the truest degrees. Also read his other works Masonic Origins and Book of Words.

Their exist a side of Freemasonry called Cryptic Degrees. These degrees are the foundation of Freemasonry and can be found in the tomb of Seti 1. The various chambers reveal the oldest origins of the modern or replicated origins of Freemasonry.

The highest lessons in reference to the Cryptic Degrees relate to the Brain. There are Nine Temperaments of the Brain. Likewise in the Cryptic Degrees, there are Nine. There are Nine Faculties of the Brain and Colors corresponding. Three of these semi faculties are called knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Likewise their are three primary colors. From these three primary colors derived five and thus Seven, then 9.

From this knowledge of Nine,the Sephiroth were developed among the Kushites, also called the Ennead by the Greeks. The Nine Temperaments of the Brain represents the Sephiroth. From this knowledge developed other Sciences we see today in Freemasonry and subordinates of the Craft. The idea of Electricity, Magnetism, Mesmerism,Hypnosis, Sublimation are the highest levels of the Craft.

Pike manipulated the doctrines of Amen Ra and corrupted the origin of Freemasonry. He also displayed racist views in reference to the Ethiopians. However, he did give the Ethiopians credit for creating the Zodiac and the concept of the seasons,etc. Likewise he versed it with racial overtones. Morals and Dogma.

Unknown said...

Hotep my brothers. The science of " engineering, physics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, religion, etc" may not have originated in Ancient Kemet. It may have predated the unification of upper and lower Kemet (by the true first pharaoh and high priest of Khem "Aha") by much older civilizations from Ancient Nubia,Kush,and equitorial and Southern Africa. These older civilizations paved the way for the high culture that culminated in Ancient Kemet. Ancient Kemet, according to Dr. Ben Jochannan, was the last of the great Nile Valley civilizations to develop. From my current understanding,Imhotep was the first true known architect and multi-genius known to have been recorded in history. His cut stone pyramid and complex at Saqqara was unlike anything ever done before in architectural history. In the building of this complex it has been said by Dr. John Henrik Clarke and others that this was the beginning of the "Masonic" order. It was created by Imhotep to teach moral,spiritual, and scientific principals of the "Great Architect" of the Universe.