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 By Fahim A. Knight-El

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Donald Trump is deeply in bed with Russian Mobsters (he has had relations with New York Russian mob crime families for many years and the cozy relationship with Putin should not be surprising). Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (this not the making of some strange bedfellows, but the same type coin with two heads); the powerful U.S. based Russian immigrants have ensured Moscow that Trump is a player and his only loyalty is to wealth building and nothing else. George W. Bush was given the assignment to assist in rearrange the world and had laid the foundation after the 9/11 hoax to even eradicate the very foundation of U.S. sovereignty, which use to be rooted in the U.S. Constitution, but these legal and jurisprudence standards of domestic rules of law couldn't serve in the interest of a New World Order agenda, which has led to it being gutted and reduced to a worthless piece of paper. Trump and Putin are shrewd business men who just happened to be globalists and international politicians. Both of them have global aspirations in desiring to positioning themselves to serve as the new world dictators over the G-20 and G-8 nations in reality, these loosely alignments of nations is only a passing resembles of how nations use to be formulated prior to the Cold War, but in today's international era which is rooted in a New World Order and One World Government dynamics these alignments are more symbolic than possessing strategic and tactical international uniformity.

But this is not to say that they represent a voidances of political, economic and social corporation relative to carrying out collaborative efforts, if necessary to achieve an international or Global goal—yet in the scheme of the old power paradigms, they have been rendered weak and less influential and are only standing on past reputations as shrinking world leaders and powers, their collective world power begin to fade after 1989 with the fall of Soviet Union style Communism, the Iron Curtain had created military domination over Eastern Bloc nations and the United States had created similar influence over NATO nations. Nevertheless, Trump and Putin have much deeper understandings that the world has changed and they both possess adaptive mentalities to get way in front of the continued world transitions. They no longer find it necessary of taking on the huge burdens of providing robust military, economic and political resources to prior allies like they had historically and previously done before the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.

This is not to say, that their global military interest have waned just to the contrary, it has subtly intensified beginning with the so-called war on terrorism. Unknowing to many that live in today's world, it is a lot more dangerous and the people are a lot more vulnerable in which because of these low intensity wars so-called aimed at combating terrorism that have dupe us and lured us to sleep and has not made the world more safer (modern Western imperialism is quietly united the Islamic world). They declared war on Islam an enemy they cannot defeat, because their motives aren’t necessarily being inspired by some single charismatic Imam or Mullah giving them secret orders to fight and oppose the West and oftentimes aren't receiving instructions from some central Islamic voice (yet western propaganda and disinformation campaigns desire to make the world believe that these motivations behind terrorism are ISIS inspired—some of terrorist incidents were no doubt tied to ISIS cells).

Their motivations are more rooted in an ideology of Pan-Islam; so, how can you defend yourself against and idea and this is the problem that Western Governments are having in their efforts to defend against so-called terrorist attacks? What they call Islamic extremism and/or radical militant Islam, the idea of itself is outside of the broad influence of ISIS in which their response to perceived western government injustice is motivated by an idea. So the United States, United Kingdom, France Italy, Germany, Turkey, Netherlands, Brussels, Spain, Greece, etc., find it shocking that in recent years their nations and people have come under attacks by so-called acts of radical and militant Islamic terrorism. Noam Chomsky, one of the most honest white intellectual that I have read in recent times, he has attempted in his scholarly writings to warm America and the west by trying to give America and the world a working perspective since 9/11 relative to the true causes and affects of global terrorism.

Trump will lead international measures to move the world towards the ultimate objective of a one world government in which he, Russia and China totally understands that the world has become more internationally complex, thus, both Trump and Putin shares objectives of neutralizing the influence of these powerful nations by moving towards eradicating the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United Nations. Trump will play a major role in restructuring the entire world, he is setting the stage and is actually playing games with the American people. Trump is focused on the global agenda and really do not care how he is being perceived in America by the people or his constituents in government. Many have reduced him down to a white supremacy racist in which he is, but Trump has bigger fish to catch and fry than debating race relations in America. The predominately white American electorates who voted and put him in office do not understand that Trump will create the biggest wealth disparities in United States history and will negatively impact white Americans and black Americans. Trump really at this point is not focused on the question of race that is truly and old paradigm, his main focus is global positioning and creating the next business frontier for himself and the Trump brand. He really do not give a damn about Russia allegedly hacking the Democratic and Republican computer networking systems during the presidential elections and campaign and committing cyberterrorism (of course he will be forced during his administration to deal with cyberterrorism coming from North Korea, China, Russia, Israel, etc., and he is smart enough to know this). It is foolish to keep asking Donald Trump to take some responsibility for these national security compromises and breaches, but I viewed it as a failure on the CIA, FBI, NSA and Homeland Security part for not having implemented a better national security cyberspace plan and defense against national or international hackers.

Trump has loaded his cabinet with ultra conservative patriots, just look at how many U.S. Generals that will serve in his cabinet (he also understands the importance of having competent people in place to make the tough decisions, because you cannot accumulate wealth without being able to defend it). Trump also understands that he is going foster hostile international business (global based corporate monopolies) takeovers of the oil trade domination and this is why he chose ExxonMobil oil tycoon Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State, this patriot is tough as they come and rest to sure he is a true diplomat and knows how to get things done internationally through hook or crook. He is a rugged capitalist and Trump will use him both in a governmental official capacity and in a private capacity while serving as the Secretary of State in order to cut high volume future  business deals for the Trump brand—you see Trump is already looking down the road and really do not have time for government bureaucracy and political gridlock. And while commander-in-chief, he will use the White House and the Oval office only to amass huge amounts of business opportunities for himself that will transition into unspeakable wealth when his two terms as United States president is up and over. His children have been entrusted over his many conglomerate business enterprises and Trump will be using them as fronts also to cut deals while Tillerson is dinning with trade ambassadors and Heads of State, he will be setting the business table for the Trump corporation. Thus, can anyone else see this trickery and deception?  

Now, African Americans have focused their attention on Senator Jeff Sessions congressional confirmation hearings to head the United States Justice Department because of his past racist and white supremacy views, but I find Tillerson a lot more dangerous and disturbing than Senator Sessions at least with Sessions you kinda know what you are getting. But to turn over the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. military forces over to Trump, the U.S. Generals, his children and Tillerson this is a very dangerous time in American history, because they all are motivated by greed and nothing else matters other than money and wealth accumulation  Trump has never been interested in serving as America's forty fifth president, a position that only pays 400,000 dollars annually (surely money cannot be his motivation because this is chump change to a billionaire like Trump, so common sense would say to us he must have other ulterior motives)—President Obama was not in the same class as Bush, Clinton nor Trump and he saw the Oval office as a salaried job and was entice to know that he would be getting a lifetime pension (as a Federal employee), lifetime health care insurance, and around the clock secret service protection after he leaves the Oval office for the rest of his life and to him this represented a good benefit package (this is the negative drawback for an African American, U.S. president that did not come from generational wealth).

Obama will draw decent money after office by giving speeches and raking in huge honorariums and will make a few millions upon writing his memoirs and by consulting international bankers on Wall Street. The white boys came into office as multi-millionaires and after serving as United States president expanded their net worth exponentially. They had built alliances with the Rockefellers and with the likes of Henry Kissinger and untold wealth were made available at their disposal. Donald Trump truly understands the game and knows how it is played and even as a billionaire he will reap huge financial dividends from every corner of the earth. His interest in serving as commander-in-chief is to sit in the most powerful seat in the world and utilize this as a potential advantage to dictate his own economic interest without impediment. No other job or corporate decision maker wields this type of power.

Trump was chosen over Hillary Clinton because he was the perfect fit based on his ambitions and ruthlessness to further carry out the New World Order agenda in which the international bankers and the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission and the various Hidden Hands entities; systematically appointed him. This was not to suggest that Hillary Clinton would not have been a good Hidden Hand candidate, because she and Bill Clinton both were very loyal servants. They allowed Bill Clinton to use his Global Initiative Foundation to created tremendous economic and financial opportunities for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and some of these deals were cut by Hillary Clinton when she served as U.S. Secretary of the State (the Clintons as a team have made large sums of money in which most of Bill’s transactions were diverted to Swiss bank accounts). But they chose to go a different direction by appointing Donald Trump as their man.  But let's not get it twisted in one sense Trump has no real autonym and he will be carrying out their Global agenda, which is pushing the Hidden Hand mandates towards world domination by continuing to expand their wealth and natural resources interest in which undoubtedly Trump shares.

The European dynastic royal families and the international bankers have become disturbed that China has a monopoly over the gold and has taking huge amounts of this precious metal off the market; most of the gold currency after 9/11 was removed out of the Chinese Central Banking system and was taking to ancient hidden vaults outside of Beijing and only the Elitist Chinese Royal families have knowledge and access to this unaccountable wealth. They will use Trump's business skills to negotiate and attempt to convince China by promising them unlimited access to oil as collateral and offering them an expansive interest in Dope, Inc., these offers will be made available to entice the Chinese to relinquish some of that gold (China does not have any interest in U.S. dollars and leveraging this weak currency in the global market because it has very little value) . These will be secret proposals and agreements made by ExxonMobil executive and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who has oil interest around the world from the Persian Gulf to Central Asia, Argentina, Canada, Mexico and Africa—China will be able to have a bigger seat in the oil and drug trade markets in order to fuel it's massive human population, industrial complex along with its military complex. This will enhance their future international security interest.

Therefore, expanding the Trump dynasty and empire, he is actually trying to bring us up to a learning curve, which is, there will be no such thing under the New World Order rules that governs conflict of interest and nepotism—this is why Trump recently said he could serve as U.S. president and run his company simultaneously. Trump and Putin as I have stated above, are  restructuring the Global landscape and repositioning the geopolitical structures to exclusively benefit their interest, but these moves would allow them to be able to impact weaker nations international sovereignty and not having to deal with international law pursuant to international rules established in the U.N. Charter or any other international overseer. This objective is was clearly right out of the New World Order playbook in which globalism will create no need for an international police force apparatus; because one of the objectives is to alleviate borders and erode the concept of international sovereignty. For example, the concept of international waters rules and geographical parameters would become obsolete and will hold no jurisdictional credence and intervention will be viewed in the same manner and no rule or international Agency of enforcement would be applicable and this would allow the powerful nations do as they please without the threat of outside intervention (surely dangerous times).

The World Order will be about passive domination, which Russia still having territorial expansionism on their minds and annexing weaker boarder nations will continue to be on their long and short range agenda and this last incident in 2014 involving the invasion of Ukraine was a perfect example of such aspirations, they were in clear violation of international law by invading it's neighbor and wasn't concerned about the United States power and interests or the U.N. Security Council. Russia viewed President Barack Obama as weak and they were going to continue to test the waters by invasions like Ukraine and they equally understood that the international consequences would be minimum at best. Russia wouldn't be deterred by the potential of U.S. sanctions and embargoes because America had lost respect as a world superpower amongst the nations of the earth. The international bankers had deprecated America's economic influence and power, thus other nations no longer feared the international consequences of not siding with the U.S.

Lastly, Russia also understood the post variables and international ramifications of the Berlin Wall collapsing in 1989 of ending the Cold War, and the 9/11 crisis these two incidents have led us into a new era in which militant and radical Islam and its relationship to terrorism has become the order of today. Thus, these phenomena created an urgency coming from the west to act and react with responses that prior to 9/11 would perhaps have meant diplomatic intervention as opposed to declarations of war. The United States under President George W. Bush implemented foreign policy that fostered militarism over diplomatic peaceful resolutions (he was atypical warmonger).  The U.S. Government and its foreign policy incited the Taliban of Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda of the Middle East who had created Islamic loyalty amongst Arabs, Pakistanis, Africans and Eastern Bloc Muslims and Muslims almost on every continent who had dismissed ethnic and nationality as barriers and deterrents and begin to rally and unite around the common enemies of Islam, which was the United States and its Western Allies.

They were fueled by western military aggression first in 1990 Desert Shield and 1991 Desert Storm and, although, both conflicts along with Saddam Hussein versus the Kuwait Monarch in which all parties were corrupt to the core and were being propped up by U.S. oil interest and petroleum companies such as British Petroleum out of the United Kingdom and ExxonMobil were behind the United States and it's coalition nations who lined up to so-called halt and combat the military aggression of Iraq and Saddam Hussein and deter their invasion of Kuwait—this eventually led to the big U.S/Iraq war in 2003. It would be these two incidents that begin to change how International law would forever be altered, but in reality they attempted to established this as an international precedent in 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia, they were using these low intensity military invasions tactics and strategies to combat radical Islamic cells and even imploring highly trained U.S. Rangers and U.S. Navy Seals and it was failure. General Mohammed Adid along with the rugged Somalia terrain proved to be more challenging for the U.S. and this tiny Muslim nation of Somalia had scored a huge moral defeat known around the world as Black Hawk down. The Somalians were actually high-jacking shipping vessels who had containers, which was transporting and smuggling contraband oil from Iran, dope poppy plants and pure heroin in which the Clinton and Bush cartels were moving huge amounts of dope from South East Asia across the Indian Ocean route. Donald Trump will only take up where George Herbert Walker Bush, the former CIA director and U.S. president, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush and last but not least Barack Hussein Obama all left off and continue the plight of stealing wealth and creating massive propaganda and disinformation ploys which to hide behind.  

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at  

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