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By Fahim A. Knight-El

African people were subjugated to 310 years of, perhaps the worst oppression that has ever been recorded in recent world history and endured the most dehumanization process to be found anywhere in the annals of time called Chattel Slavery (and European people could always disguise their religion and ethnicity and fit in with the dominant culture and society). Africans were kidnapped from their native lands and as stated above, robbed of their rights to their lands, robbed of their language, stripped of their names, denied a right to have a culture and heritage (was not permitted to embrace their rites, sacraments, relics, rituals, etc.), our women were raped and black men were lynched and castrated (reference: Without Sanctuary:Lynching Photography in America);forced to adopt the slave masters religion (we cry out for Zion). Some scholars have maintained that over 50-100 million Africans were displaced during the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Middle Passage.

Thus, African Americans over 150 years removed from Chattel Slavery have never received reparations nor have our grievances been addressed in an International Court of Law within the United Nations as a people who were subjugated to war crimes (America became great off the black human commodity of free slave labor and this gave them an economic head-start to the determent of the 100 millions victims that became human rights casualties). We built the United States of America including the Ivory Towers such as Duke University and the United States Capitol and did not have the luxury to be apart of white privilege and receive the political, economic and social advantages as other immigrants who received a royal welcome upon entering the United States of America through Ellis Island. No, my ancestors arrived to the shores of the United States by way of the slave ports of America—Charleston, Jamestown, Savannah, Mobile, Wilmington, Rhode Island, etc., in chains as slaves (and by way of the Door of No Return at Elmina Castle in Ghana and Goree Island in Senegal)—this was the greatest crime ever committed in human history. Moreover, even after slavery ended white supremacy continued to raises its ugly head with the Plessy versus Ferguson (1896) United States Supreme Court decision, which ushered in another 58 years of Jim Crow laws and legalized racial practices aimed at African American people.

This was the Black Holocaust that has been overlooked; this is my people’s history and I will always write and represent our legacy unapologetically and present the facts with candor and passion. The blood of my ancestors runs deep in me and it encompasses my DNA makeup (as well as the millions of other black people of African descent) and in every fiber of my being my ancestors speak to me through the elements and every black soul that were kidnapped, enslaved, murdered; it is their kindred spirit that has called for the universe to turn on America and Europe—my people from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, those buried in the cotton fields (America’s southern tobacco and cotton belt), those buried in the sugar cane fields of the Caribbean, Central and South America are still weeping for justice and those survivals like myself and other Diaspora Africans only remain as a reminder of the injustice. Now, this is our experience and the history that all the descendants of African people stand on.

The above social phenomenon is rooted in a complex social and political dilemma, because African people who were victimized by 310 years of Chattel Slavery (caused almost irreparable psychological damage, it robbed us of the knowledge of self and kind—in this vicious process, we lost of our land, names, religion, cultures, customs, folkway, mores, etc., in which I have mentioned in the above two paragraphs). Perhaps no other people in modern world history has been dehumanized to the extent of the African and the affect Chattel Slavery has had on the psychological development of African people for generations both past and present (reference: Joy Angela Degury: "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome" published in 2005). 

Dr. Naim Akbar books: Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery,  Know Thyself,  Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery, Visions for Black Men, who holds a Ph.D in psychology and was a professor emeritus at Florida State University and is a trained mental health expert; wrote about the post-traumatic affect that the slavery dehumanization process had on the present day African ancestral victims even in 2016 and there are other books that Dr. Akbar has published as well (Visions for Black Men ; Light from Ancient Africa and From Miseducation to Education by Naim Akbar). Thus, we cannot be fearful to call it for what it is (We have been up against the power of white world domination), which is white supremacy and it has been this mindset that has dominated the planet for last 6,000 years and within the last 500 to 600 in this modern context of the African historical slavery experience and the victimization of the indigenous people of the new world and the planet has created the present social paradigm relative to the systemic impact it continues to have on people of African descent. Thus, African people were systematically made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self. I advise my blog audience to read the works of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Book titled, The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors (she recently made her transition back to creator and the ancestors at age 83) this book is a must read in order to understand white supremacy as a genetic and political ideology and lastly Michael Bradley's book titled, The Iceman in inheritance: Pre-Historic of Western Man's Racism, Sexism and Aggression.

So I research and write about greats truths, that have been hidden and denied by the Caucasian or white man from our people of Nubian and so-called African descent; with the intent to transform our thinking in order to intellectually and philosophically empower ourselves to reclaim the knowledge and expertise of our Kemetic ancestors (the original master builders) who built the pyramids. We are truly at war for the minds and hearts of our people. I will continue to say and repeat over and over again, that they have systematically made us blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self, but those who have taking up the mantle to be conscious must be applauded for attempting to throw off the shackles of self-hatred, dependency, miseducation, etc., and we must continue to work to educate and liberate the minds of our people from mental slavery (this condition is much more dangerous than physical chains, because the mental oppression and imperialism is invisible). For example, we all have the job, duty and responsibility to reform and re-determine the paradigm by first being engaged in institution building and advocating unity above all else. What is the duty of the civilized man and woman? It is to teach the uncivilized.

The challenges no doubt would be great, but they could be overcome. I think that most young people (but not just young people but 85% of the masses) have been systematically dummied down due to the power of false propaganda and disinformation in which pop culture has had the greatest negative influence, in particular on shaping the ideals, minds and defining the paradigm shift in abstract terms and downplaying the seriousness of the present world and society that we now are living under. Serious critical thinking conversation about history and world events are not taking place—nor are highly charged conversation related to dissecting white supremacy is taking place and we as a race of people of African descent are not reclaiming our past glorious civilizations prior to be being made slaves and we are not revisiting the programs, stances, and political theories of our past Black Nationalist leaders who dared to confront the social models that have been rooted in white supremacy.

We can only begin to counter this by possessing a willingness to accepting the teachings of the knowledge of self and embrace the fact that Nubian people of Kemet—gave the entire world civilization and enlightenment (Kemet or ancient Egypt) taught the Greeks and Romans civilization. The solution of attempting to dismantling white supremacy must start by reintroducing global truth and work to remove the lies, half-truths and historical distortions about the role dark skinned African people have played throughout human civilizations—lets eradicate the false notion of white superiority and black inferiority. This is the first step to dismantling the idea of white cultural and historical superiority, which has created social and political racial antagonistic contradictions in humanity’s quest and pursuit to have better global human relations. We all must be willing fight white supremacy on all levels (and lets us start there in correcting the wrong and yet I do not think that any action of political or legal consequences will ever make black people whole thus only God has that power).  “White supremacy is a historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of continents, nations and peoples of color by white peoples and nations of the European continent; for the purpose of establishing, maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power and privilege”. (Definition by Mickey Ellinger and Sharon Martinas).

Many of you now know that the white man's history only goes back six thousand (6,000) years and he is a newcomer on the planet, but it was black people who invented medicine, architecture, engineering, mathematics, religion, etc., and to hail the Greek culture as superior and supreme is a historical contradiction and outright lie. I advise my reading audience to purchase a book titled, First Word authored by Kwaku Person-Lynn; the book consist of some serious Afrocentric and revolutionary essays authored by a few of our greatest revolutionary intellectuals of the late 20th and early 21st Century. The book consist of 13 essays, which stand as some of best Afrocentric writings ever compiled in one volume and written on-behalf of people of African descent and I strongly consider this valuable work as necessary readings to properly formulate the ideological and philosophical bases of reclaiming our history. These intellectual warriors layout the historical, psychological, political, religious, social and economic tools needed to alter our mis-education process and lead us to seeing the importance of totally embracing our culture and heritage. Lastly, Dr. Ashra Kwesi is one of our master teachers has done yeoman's work in the area of taking so-called African Americans back to Kemet (Egypt) and re-tracking the Egyptian Mystery Schools that predated the neophyte learning and initiations established by the Greeks under Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

White Supremacy and Eurocentrism has set false historical standards in order to make European culture appear superior to Nubian people's culture and history. They desired for us to believe that Greece and Rome were the citadel of learning and civilization, which in reality, the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptians) had a far superior history and it was Kemet and Kush that gave the world civilization. Culture is learned behavior, but it is the transformative and represent a syntheses of ones collective and individual traditions, rites, rituals, sacraments, customs, folkways, mores, etc., which builds the foundation for personal and community values. It serves as the connector of the past, present and future and it ties a people's DNA history (civilization) to every unborn generation. Moreover, culture is the sustainable life blood for a people's success and serve as their collective memory bank, which will always remain as the single most important component to a people's continued survival--it inculcates the historical linkages to past generations and serve as the roadmap to a people's collective empowerment. Culture should always be interpreted as a living document, which is always evolving within time and space. culture is the most necessary social dynamic to building and strengthen family—there is good book titled, Tribes: How Race, Religion and Identity Determine Success in the Global Economy that speaks to the importance of the culture piece, which establishes and reinforces values, mores, folkways and even lays the foundation for morality and ethics (this also lends to establishing the internal and external laws that would be use to govern).Yet, any definition we attach to family must be based somewhat on an African model.

Our spiritual world is empowered by thoughts as well as all reality, but not many human beings are willing to allow themselves to move beyond what they can see, feel, taste, hear and smell on the physical plain and not allow themselves to experience the five senses on a much deeper level. All of the senses are manifestation of thought and human reality exists, because of an inclination to create a world and society that is geared towards mastering physical reality. The ancient civilizations such as the ancient Kemites (Egyptians), Mayas, Native Americans, Dogons, Druids, Chinese, Indians, etc., had evolved 10,000 to 20,000 years ago to a higher form of civilization and most ancient societies shared certain social threads in which they saw themselves as miniature microcosm Beings that were connected to the larger macrocosm universe in which they were not afraid to embrace the divine laws of the universe. Western man/woman has continued to ignore this holistic approach to life and view the universe as though it functions separate and independent and without direct or indirect bearing on our physical survival—the universe is the only true sovereign entity—if the two most important laws that governs the universe, which is motion and order, ever becomes compromised our insignificance and vulnerability as human beings (lower species) would be exposed and there wouldn’t be anything we could do alter our ultimate demise.

Values (this is our moral compass) are those norms that governs persons, family, community and society attitudes, as they are closely related to the social, spiritual, political and economic outlook of our being. Thus, that is weighed into how we view at ourselves and the world, and often it determines things ranging from how we raise our children, how we view marriage, friendship, how we exercise authority, how we view religion.  And often we allow values to become the driving force of how we critically view others and often it is a challenge to be less judgmental to people who are different and may not share your culture (the best example and/or model of a structured system of values is encompassed in the so-called 42 Negative Confessions). Also, how we determine what is good and bad is rooted in learned behavior and I think values are interchangeable and predicated on the foundation of culture (it is one of the connective components of culture), which teaches and affirms what is dear to a person and people's understanding and acceptability of the principles of MAAT these divine lessons allows us to tap into our own humanity and we should use them to build solid relationships that are principle based.

Humanity is suffering because of the absences of love and it has created an imbalance on the planet. Love does not allow for starvation, poverty, and want--it should move us to fight and challenge wealth disparities in order that all of humanity can share in the bountifulness of mother earth. There is no selfishness associated with love it meets everyone with open arms. We were taught self-hatred and were robbed of the ability to love ourselves, women and our children--so we the people of African decent and in particular, those living in the diaspora must first be taught how to love ourselves; moreover, this love must be taught through our history, culture and heritage in which to eventually get us back to the principle of universalism that encompass love. Our love in this day and time must be RACE FIRST. Raise the RED, BLACK AND GREEN.

Destiny: Is when a person and/or collective group embraces a conscious prescribed route and it determines where a people are headed (which should be determined outside of the Mystery God concept and fulfilled by the God inside of us). It is built around past, present and future potential that often will encompass the economic, social and political aspirations of people (for better or worse). And is tied to ones personal and collective preparation, which translate into the potential of success and/or failure. If we desire to have a certain destiny outcome than our collective work should reflect a model built around a vision that lays out what our future will look like beyond rhetoric.

I wrote an article on Kemetic Symbolism a few years ago, because I desired to show and prove that there were some in depth sacred geometry that needed to be explored, talked about and reveal that came out of Kemet, which has been adopted by New Age movements and secret societies and most of the visible and not so visible symbolism were shrouded in mystical and mythical coded allegory, which went beyond what meets the naked eye. I had the privilege to set under Brother Ashra Kwesi some years ago and I see him as one of my teachers. He used to live in Los Angles and was the facilitator of a powerful and enlightened Afrocentric study group; thus, truly one of our master teachers. This world's order is being manipulated and the Hidden Hand is being empowered by those variables that cannot be readily deciphered by the masses. I do not think that it was coincidental when people are led to my site and articles, because of where we are in space and time (there is absolutely nothing coincidental or even incidental about space and time) is where we ought to be—this is led by the Creator and is ultimately outside of our control. The 'dumbying' down process is so vast in America and wide spread amongst the masses in general our ultimate duty is to work tirelessly to break the bonds of mental slavery and work to moving us more towards liberation.

I was a serious student of Afrocentricity, and at that time there were two big major African-centered organizations one was called Association for the study Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC), which included a whose who relative to our revolutionary warriors and intellectuals and the second organization was called the Melanin Conference and I linked up with these two research associations early on, because of the African research that was being conducted in which they viewed Africa as a subject rather than an object this was cutting edge African-centered studies: the Clarkes, Jochannan, Asante, King, Carruthers, Amos Wilson, Na'im Akbar, Mualana Karenga, Marimba Ani, Leonard Jeffries, Ivanvan Sertima etc., were some of my teachers in which these scholars were writing and publishing books dealing with African contributions to world civilization in which a lot of emphasis was being placed on Kemet (ancient Egypt)—Cheikh Anta Diop called it African Origins of Civilization: Myth or Reality. So I actually joined both of these African centered associations and would travel to various cities attending conferences and constantly purchasing materials to enhance my knowledge (I worked to become a student of the knowledge). These great enlighteners gave me enough to fly out of the nest and develop and grow, because of the nurturing they provided me with. I also had very good relations with the Nation of Islam and I would go to the temple and hear the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (and must tell you this: the Nation of Islam's teachings and Elijah Muhammad's theology and philosophy, perhaps have had the greatest impact on my life and I would not be where I am to day in my thinking, if were not for Muhammad's Life Giving teachings). Dr. Ben-Jochannan who was serious critic of Islam, but before he got sick an incapacitated and made his transition he turned his entire and extensive library over to Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Dr. Yosef A.A. Ben Jochannan first published the Book titled, Black man of the Nile and His Family in around 1973. Here is the first point of clarity; the Arabs did not arrive or invade Kemet (ancient Egypt) until the 8th Century A.D. which means the greatness of Kemet and the Egyptian Mystery Systems were not destroyed by the Arabs, because they did not arrive into Kemet until much later A.D. within the modern era. The Greeks were there thousands of years before the Arabs. These so-called Arabs were a mix and miscegenated people who originally were dark skinned, broad nose and kinky hair "Negroids"—you can still find these Afro-descendent Arabs in Yemen and Oman and living in the Desert of Saudi Arabia (the Saud family and the Wahhabi Muslims are imposters who stole and pushed the original African people off much of the Arabian Peninsula), but through race mixing the Arabs in which Saudi Arabia used to be geographically connected to the original continent of Africa (what Dr. Ben called Akebuland) was separated and geographically placed in the so-called Middle East (they were not Asiatics in the truest sense of ethnic-race classification, but Elijah Muhammad and Noble Drew Ali both called us the Asiatic black man). However, the Arabs did not destroy the mystery system most of this was done prior to their arrival in the late 600s-700s A.D. But like the European Christian missionaries the Islamic missionaries too had a devastating affect on the continent of Africa--North Africa, East and West Africa relative to plundering, raping and robbing which led to culture disruption and negatively affected political continuity. Their main objectives was also black slavery during the Trans-Sahara Slave Trade and imposing Islam (missionaries) on the indigenous people of that region and exploiting the commercial interest, they had in these black lands, which were rich in both in human and natural resources. Mansa Musa of Mali in 1324 made an Islamic Hajj to Mecca and took hundreds of thousands of tons of gold as a gift to the Arab Muslim ruling class. This gave the Muslim Arabs a glimpse into the wealth and riches that were part of the western African empire.

But Egypt had been under external assault by the Semites (Jews in particular) Phoenicians, Greeks, etc., (long before Arab colonist and enslavers arrived). Yet that is not to say, that upon the Arabs arrival that they did not desecrate the sacred temples and claim the history of Kemet as their own and simultaneously and erroneously claimed kinship to the original Nubians who occupied Kemet and all of North Africa. The great Pyramid of Giza and the pyramids in general, should be the eight and ninth wonders of the world (in my mind these sophisticated black people and their science should place them number one on the list based their high tech culture). Now, when I speak of Egypt lets be clear I do not mean some Mediterranean mulatto people who are light skinned with Caucasian features—these are imposters.

George G.M. James in his book titled, Stolen Legacy gives us the Egyptian Mystery Systems (he attributes the greatest esoteric, occult and Gnostic schools of thought as being indigenous to Egypt in which all of humanity owes a debt of gratitude). These neophytes that were taught in the Egyptian Mystery Schools could run circles around the Eurocentric trained Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts, and Master Masons who received the sublime degrees in Europe and the United States and even around us after moving upward to the honorary 33rd degree; they taught and understood that true knowledge is found in the unbreakable circle of 360 degrees Cipher (which makes up of all the points on the square and compass). The quest and search for knowledge is infinite (it has no beginning or ending). The beauty of being enlightened, it allows us as Free Thinkers to tap into the power of the Third Eye and ignite the power of Pineal Gland—and lead to a melanin explosion, which expands mental peripheral vision of thought, which to explore and question, as well as build on the knowledge and wisdom of our ancient ancestors, that has been presented as empirical evidence and I view their truth and knowledge as being irrefutable.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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