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By Fahim A. Knight-El

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I think that enlightenment and awakening are the highest forms of human evolution and these two lofty positions of elevations challenges us to be able see ourselves and the world from multi-dimensions and not allow propaganda and disinformation to lead us to the slaughter and hopeful obtaining truth will further move us as individuals and as humanity beyond our Sheepel status, which has been preordained by the forces of evil. Humanity must awake from their slumber and challenge this recklessly political, economic and social course that is being driven by those bent on creating a new rulership (or slavery). I found a paper in my library on the Club of Rome, it was an analysis pertaining to the mindset of Dr. Aurelio Peccei and I do not know, if these words that I am going to quote from this paper were words and thoughts extracted from one of his written books  titled, Human Quality (Pergamon international library of science, technology, engineering and social studies) that was published in 1977 and/or his book titled, Chasm Ahead , published in 1969.

Peccei stated: “The solution to these crises can be developed only in a global context with full and explicit recognition of the emerging world system and on a long-term basis. This would necessitate, among other changes, a new world economic order and a global resources allocation system. . . The futility of narrow nationalism must be appreciated. . . Global issues can be solved only by global concerted action. . .A world consciousness must be developed  by which every individual recognizes his role as a member of the global community. . .A keen and anxious awareness is evolving to suggest that fundamental changes will have to take place in the world order and its power structures, in the distribution of wealth and income, in our outlook and behavior.”  

The invisible chains have already been put in place in which they are using social media, music, education, religion, pop culture, GMO nutrients and various dummying down processes to master and control the thinking of the entire globe. Someone has to be willing to speak truth to power (when we awake from our slumber, which pill are we going to take, the red pill or the blue pill). Some of us have come to see the light and have chosen enlightenment over darkness. Enlightenment comes about not just through books and/or obtained intellect through life experiences, although these variables do play apart, but the path to enlightenment is rooted in the universal order of good and it becomes a way of life (is humanity willing to surrender to something greater than our fragile egos).

Humanity is suffering, because of the absences of love and it has created an imbalance on the planet. Love does not allow for starvation, poverty, and want—it should move us to fight and challenge wealth disparities in order that all of humanity can share in the bountifulness of mother earth. There is no selfishness associated with love, it meets everyone with open arms. We were taught self-hatred and were robbed of the ability to love ourselves, women and our children—so  we the people of African decent and in particular, those living in the Diaspora must first be taught how to love ourselves; moreover, this love must be taught through our history, culture and heritage in which to eventually get us back to the true principles of universalism that encompass love. Our love in this day and time must be RACE FIRST. Raise the RED, BLACK AND GREEN.

I know that Minister Louis Farrakhan does not agree wholeheartedly with Donald Trump. But Minister Farrakhan was interviewed by Alex Jones a few weeks ago in Chicago and did make some conciliatory political statements towards Mr. Trump, but we should not take nor view those comments out of political context. Minister Farrakhan likes the fact that “the Donald” is not a life long politician and although, he has said some offensive things towards Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, etc., Farrakhan sees Trump as the lesser of the many evils embraced by the Hidden Hand agenda candidates on stage—Democrats and/or Republicans. He took a similar position when Ross Perot ran for president (1992 and 1996).

Farrakhan knows that all these candidates are controlled (pawns) by the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. Minister Farrakhan also knows that our vote and the electoral process doesn’t mean a damn thing in which the president of the United States is SELECTED AND NOT ELECTED and the next commander-in-chief has already being chosen by the Roundtable and he/she has taking their oath to never betray the Invisible Rulers and only to serve as a front-man to keep the 1% Dynastic Family rulers hidden and empowered (these things are oblivious to most Negro leaders, but the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad know these things). Farrakhan likes the raw unadulterated approach that Donald Trump brings to the campaign and not necessarily endorsing the 'Donald' for president or supporting Trumps overall political planks.

Donald Trump being elected to the office of president is not the answer to our problems as black people and most white people do not understand that his wealth is only an extension of Henry Kissinger and the Hidden wealth holders; Trump will continue working in the interest of the superrich and the wealthy and he will only acerbate the wealth disparity that exist between the ‘Haves and the ‘Have nots.’ Thus, he is an Elitist billionaire and will continue cutting deals with those hidden entities that rule America and control the Globe. Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, a life long Democrat, who along with her husband William Jefferson Clinton has been very good low Level Operatives to the Invisible Rulers and have also catered to big business and Wall Street (all the presidential candidates are tied to Wall Street). It has been reported that Goldman Sachs has paid Mrs. Clinton over $650.000 in one honorarium to deliver a speech (perhaps that is the going rate for these calibre low-level operatives), but the logical questions has to be what has she signed on to and promised these type international bankers for this type hefty money (I will tell she has signed on to be the best lobbyist in shielding the bankers and putting forth and passing public policy that supports the international bankers interest, if selected to sit in the Oval office). 

Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders, Mark O’Malley, etc., all of them are low-level operatives and pawns. It was President Bill Clinton and his public policy that helped dismantled America’s corporate sector by destroying the United States workforce and markets by creating cheaper international markets and outsourcing business opportunities to so-called “Third World” and “Developing Nations” (he also destroyed programs that were geared towards aiding the poor). He lobbied to get the North American Free Trade Agreement passed and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) passed designed to manipulate and exploit Latin American labor and export American jobs and business South of the Boarder (they also have had their eyes on oil found on Mexico sovereign territory and Canada has found more oil further up in North America). Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton are premier political opportunist, if she becomes president, she will only use the Oval Office as a big bully-pulpit to foster her and Bill’s self-interest, thus creating more economic opportunities for the former President Clinton’s Global Initiative project.    

We now live in a society that has entered into a new political, economic and social paradigm, which has evolved along side globalism and the age of information. This transition somewhat had its beginnings with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, which brought an end to the Cold War and ultimately led to the changing of world orders. “A cold war or cold warfare is a state of conflict between nations that does not involve direct military action but is pursued primarily through economic and political actions, propaganda, acts of espionage or proxy wars waged by surrogates. The surrogates are typically states that are "satellites "of the conflicting nations, i.e., nations allied to them or under their political influence. Opponents in a cold war will often provide economic or military aid, such as weapons, tactical support or military advisors, to lesser nations involved in conflicts with the opposing country” (Reference: .

This research topic will not focus on the Cold War (1945-1989), because, this writer did not find it necessary to review the history of the historical events of World War I and World War II. Historians would agree that Europe had experienced a lot of social, political and economic strife since World War 1 (1914-1919) and World War 11 (1939-1945), but to understand what brought us to the Cold War Era one must glimpse at the prior history of Germany, in particular and Europe in general. Most historians have blamed Germany as the main cause of World War 1 in which this war had a devastating affect on people and the economy, in particular the loss of human life and the drainage of resources on European societies. The big Allied Nations such as Great Britain, France, Italy and the United States after the war and Germany’s defeat; these superpower desired to create a new Europe by implementing a new international diplomacy course that would be rooted in non-war treaties designed to put forth peace initiatives over war. They were more interested in creating new European societies that would coexist without the threat of military intervention of neighboring European nations and allowing disputes to be heard pursuant through diplomatic channels.

This writer thinks this era between 1925-1936 became once again heightened and volatile with the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party (actually properly called the National Socialist German Workers' Party) being voted into office in 1933 and also reentering the international scene was the Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini. These warmongers were moved by the quest of patriotic nationalism and quest to recreate Europe, in particular Germany and Italy in general, as dominant military forces. Many Germans felt that the Treaty of Versailles had unjustly robbed Germany of its sovereignty and its right to self-determination.

Fast forwarding, but after the Cold War ended in 1989, it left the United States and Europe in an international and political flux; this would eventually lead to the establishment of the European Union (the first step towards creating white global nationalism), which was created to booster the European Common Market and, the Bank of England and the United States Federal Reserve Systems realigning themselves to recreate global markets (designed to control and value world currency--these alliances back fired because China has emerged as a world superpower) that would plicate the One World Government agenda in which Islam would become the new patsy. They needed to create new enemies in order to sustain and expand Capitalism, because the truth of the matter is Capitalism was a dying system. They systematically initiated the war of propaganda against Islam—mischaracterized Islam as a terrorist faith bent on destroying the West and used propaganda and disinformation to create a new enemy in the minds of the American people and the world. They staged 9/11 and the bombing of the World Trade Center and staged the so-called collapse of the United Stated and Global economy in 2008. This was used to only intensify the War on Islam and create a new level war economy. 

The United States entered into a series of wars and conflicts in the early 1990s, in particular in Desert Storm and Desert Shield and with the Afghanistan (2001) and two years later the Iraq War (2003) these invasions have led to many of us into believing that the U.S. and her European Allies (France, United  Kingdom, Spain Germany and Israel) had ulterior motives other than national security interest such as taking over these nations natural resources and establishing themselves as permanent occupying military forces in these vital strategic regions of the world. Most Americans believed that Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden posed an eminent danger and threat to the United States national security interest. This culminated with the attack and bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 (President Barack Hussein Obama has been more dangerous to world peace than both George W.H. Bush and George W. Bush). Yet, they awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing other than being the first black president.

Thus, after living through the 9/11 hoax and critically studying this event, which killed of over 3,000 American citizens and our ongoing conflicts with so-called radical Islam and Muslim extremists, it was this event that led me to begin to think deeper about being an American and the question of patriotism. This writer believes that patriotism is rooted in ones loyalty to something greater than themselves. It first must be tied to a theory and belief that there is nothing greater to uphold than a willingness to pledge allegiance to a God, people, nation, flag and causes in which one is even willing to live by and/or die by. This theory also must built around past, present and future potentials that will often encompass the economic, social and political aspirations of people (for better or worse). And is tied to ones personal and collective preparation, which translate into the potential of success and/or failure. If we desire to have a certain destiny outcome than our collective work should reflect a model built around a vision that lays out what our future will look like beyond rhetoric. This disposition should be undergirded and supported by one also embracing nationalism and are willing to up hold the values, standards, principles, laws, codes of conduct and all that governs our jurisprudence system without compromise. There is no room for treason and betrayal, if our sovereignty is rooted in the fundamental principles of Freedom, Justice and Equality.

Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King stated: "The solution to these crises can be developed only in a global context with full explicit recognition of the emerging world system and on a long-term basis. This would necessitate, among other changes, a new world economic order and a global resource allocation system. . . The futility of narrow nationalism must be appreciated. . .A world consciousness must be developed by which every individual recognizes his role as a member of the global community. . . A keen and anxious awareness is evolving to suggest that fundamental changes will have to take place in the world order and its power structures, in the distribution of wealth and income, in our outlook and behavior".

Here we are that lost sheep of Israel; thus, you can find that true lost tribe right here living in America and scattered throughout the Disapora, who were cut off from their true Hebrew Israelite heritage and land over 4,000 years and went in bondage in a strange land that was not theirs for over 400 years ago (the true biological linage to King David and King Solomon, you are speaking to one). Who were kidnapped robbed from their homeland, cut off from ethno-family linage, robbed of their language and culture, and still remain displaced in a foreign land and has been unjustly prosecuted and afflicted for 400 years. If you are connected to this lost original Nubian Hebraic tribe and you can prove that you are a descendant of mine and then we must be family.

But no other people fit that historical and biblical description, but so-called American Negro in America (there are some imposters out there). Our culture is transformative and syntheses of our traditions, rites, rituals, sacraments, customs, folkways, mores, etc., which builds the foundation for personal and historical values. It serves as the connector of the past, present and future and it ties a people's DNA history to every unborn generation. Moreover, culture is the sustainable life blood for a people's success and will always remain as the single most important component to a people's continued survival—it inculcates the memory bank and roadmap to a people's collective empowerment (culture should always be interpreted as a living document, which is always evolving within time and space).

This writer thinks that for real patriotism to exist in America 2016 there must be a level of tolerance that is taught on the primary school levels in which young impressionable minds are exposed to the diversity of cultures, races, nationalities, religions, etc. Also alleviate the negative stereotypes and propaganda about people who may differ from us and allow the American people to have a dissenting voice and create more avenues where ideals, thoughts, opinions, beliefs and differs of philosophy and views can be freely and openly debated not just in the ivory towers, think tanks, corporate media, but on the grassroots level. People need to know and understand why we should and/or should not back our government foreign policy agenda and is it worth risking our lives in the name of false flag waving by suiting up militarily and going to foreign battle fields to fight for causes that are in the interest of the super Elite and those who control systematic tentacles of Western Capitalism)—many U.S. soldiers are haunted upon returning home their patriotism is shattered and brought into question after witnessing the injustices being inflicted on innocent civilians in the Middle East and Central Asia (wars are never fought in the interest of the poor and have ‘nots’). The teachings of civics and social studies have to be improved to reflect that paradigm shift that has taking place and we have entered into a New World Order, that is more dangerous and volatile than when Americans fought the Revolutionary War, Civil War and when the Founder Father set down in 1787 and finalized framing the United States Constitution.

The so-called war on terror and terrorism have to be an intellectually engaging conversation (and critically assessed and critically evaluated) thus when there is objective critical analysis being rendered (not persuasive propaganda or disinformation giving to mislead the American people and the globe). It allows for the American people to determine whether, we can embrace and/or trust that our government and nation has provided us with all the facts relative to the true motives behind these induced wars and conflicts, as well as any other matter (foreign or domestic). Until the U.S. Government does this, they do not deserve to have our un-daunting loyalty, which to uphold, defend and protect the United States Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies.

This can only take place, if we begin to truly educate the American people on matters of Homeland Security, U.S. Patriot Act, Military Commission Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Anti-Terrorism Act, etc, (and remove the cloak of secrecy) and how the U.S. Government has created a police state (with the militarization of local police departments) in the name of national security interest in which has absolved it citizens of civil liberties (these are truly dangerous times). They have rendered the U.S. Constitution as a worthless and useless piece of paper. It is our duty to re-inspire our citizens to study the brilliance of the Founding Fathers and the framers of the U.S. Constitution—this possibly will reinvigorate a new generation of patriots that will have no interest of becoming an enemy combatants or joining onto America's enemies. They will be more interested in upholding the freedoms that were initially guaranteed to all so-called Americans base on law and constitutional jurisprudences. Thus, there will be no more need to administer oaths and swear-ins but our loyalty and patriotism will forever be rooted in our hearts.

Many dissident voices such as Bloggers (conservatives and liberal agendas), public intellectuals, theologians, activist, academicians, etc., are under constant government surveillance (perhaps many of you have demised the warnings from Edward Snowden about the illegality of National Security Agency (NSA) and its operations of wiretapping and illegal gathering intelligence on ordinary citizens, but this former Central Intelligence Agent was not protected under the Whistleblowing laws, rules and policies. His case represents that no one is safe or immune--the revised recent laws have been carefully crafted and constructed to entrap by attempting to engage dissident voices in conversations about ISIS, radical militant Islam, terrorism, etc.,(the First Amendment Right to freedom of speech does not exist anymore). Yet, we still must always work within the law and be conscious about the long arm of U.S. law; these agent provocateurs and government instigators are working in cyberspace and are using the wide and long brush stroke of Homeland Security (counterintelligence and surveillance) to serve as coercers and paid informants (no I am not an ISIS sympathizer nor am I apart of any anti-United States Government group) are infiltrating certain groups and organizations. They are seeking ways of how they could arrest those who dare to speak truth to power—the federal government already has sealed indictments and grand jury’s in place (in order to arrest many of us and handout long term prison sentence and destroy ones credibly through lies and false allegations) aimed at those who dare to raise dissident voices (not that any of us would have broken any laws).

Nevertheless, some of us do understand the complexity of the world in which we now live to that extent of not trying to overly simplify our present space and time relative to the Fascist world we live under today (no one will be allowed to challenge the New World Order and the One World Government Agenda). They have established clear precedents of how they are going to deal with us: International law will not apply, Hague Convention will not apply, U.S. Constitution will not apply, international courts will not apply, etc (mass incarcerations and concentration camps are already in place and prisons camps like Guantanamo Bay in Cuba have been set up all over the world). May be some of us are just that na├»ve and do not understand the new global rules and order. In the United States, we have to deal with the U.S. Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Military Commission Act, Anti-Terrorism Bill in which they can declare any dissident voices such as: David Icke, Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan and many others as an Enemy Combatant and could be placed in prison today and unjustly incarcerated for speaking the truth. These are truly dangerous times that we are living under.  Big Brother has his eyes on all of us.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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I enjoy reading your pieces. Very real, informative and insightful. I AM a soul who is awakening to my spirit and true source/essence of who I AM. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Keep up the good work.