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                            Karma and History: How Will It Play Out? 

By Fahim A. Knight-El

          I have always been somewhat intrigued with the concept of Karma and I have equally felt that there was much more to understand about the lessons and principles that were associated with coming to know and accepting this Path of enlightenment. I have never formally studied Eastern based Religions or Philosophy (my orientation to this knowledge has been from a novice perspective, which has been inspired by my quest to find the truth and therefore over the years, I have stumbled into various Eastern Philosophies).  However, I have always believed and accepted that part of my philosophy to life (my personal journey) was based and rooted in an Eastern philosophical concept called Karma (something intuitive led me to accept this as one of the great mysteries to life and the cyclical balance that it imposed)—ancient Sages and Gurus (master teachers) who believed in Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism (Eastern Religions), etc., taught aspects of this universal principle. Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning 'action'.  Also the ancient Egyptians (Kemites) and many of the Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle employed aspects of the philosophy of Karma in their worldview, but none understood this concept better than the ancient Chinese.

This is written about in the book titled, The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy (this was stolen Asiatic knowledge by the Jews) in which the people of Kemet ( Egypt ) called the universal law of Maat (reciprocity, equilibrium, harmony, and justice)—this was the ancient form of Karma being practiced, perhaps 10,000 years before western man understood the law of Recompense and Compensation in fact, they were still wandering in the hills and caves side of Europe (engulfed in the Dark Ages) in around the Caucasus Mountains (the first of them to be raised were the Kazar Jews) Arthur Koestler in his book titled, “Thirteen Tribes” gives us this account; the Muslims who are under the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that Allah sent Musa (Moses) to bring him civilization.

This historical neglect and misunderstanding has led western man on a collision course and a rondevu with destiny and their fate in inescapable tied to this reality—the Karmic energy of universe has been gearing up against them for over 6,000 years and the evidence is clear. This government (and its cronie governments) from its inception still has a lot to answer for relative to the power of Karma (they have off set the universal balance). For example, what they have done to the Native Americans—stealing their land and intentionally affecting them with small pox and other diseases causing genocide and then relegating them to Reservations (surely causes for an answering). The United States Government broke every treaty signed with the Native Americans—they are the legal land lords of North America and South America. The history of unjust wars with the Native Americans in which has almost wiped out nations of indigenous people, in particular in North AmericaThe United States and Europe’s role in the African slave trade and the 310 years of Chattel Slavery was of equal criminal culpability; my people’s culture and traditions were destroyed; their way of life which included coming in harmony with ALL there was in the universe—the solar system, animal life, plant life, human life, it was all interconnected and interdependent on coming into the fullness of mind, body and spirit. 

Moreover, I just recently visited Charleston, South Carolina and I was on Market and Bay Street downtown Charleston right off the Atlantic Ocean in which this coastal port city was one of the slave capitols of the eastern seaboard. I as an African (so-called African American) always get this eerie feeling of deja vu when I visited these formal slave ports and it also happens when I visit Beaufort, South Carolina. I would like to share this experience with my reading audience that I had maybe about 10-12 years ago, I was attending the Gullah Festival in Beaufort, S.C. and it was probably close to 100 degrees and I know we were not to far from Port Royal or Laurel Bay. I laid on the ground exhausted from the heat, which I may have been approximately 50 feet away from the water and I drifted into a semi-conscious state and this feeling came over me as the water tide ebbed and flowed, the waters started to talk to me and the waves echoed voices, but the voices were from a distance past and I begin to cringe in pain because my dead ancestors spirits were coming alive and as I visualized across the waters their pain and suffering became my pain—I  was actually laying on holy ground where one of the greatest crimes in the history of humanity had taken place and my African ancestors had come that evening to pay me a visit (or may be I had come to visit them). I actually could hear their voices rumbling in the waves. (Here is cut by Christopher Cross titled: "Sailing"

          I left Beaufort on that day distraught (I wept and cried inside) and yet fulfilled because I had seen the blood of innocence colored the water and I knew their deaths and their souls would continually revisited America to reclaim the justice that only the law of Karma would decide ( Marcus Mosiah Garvey said look for me in the whirlwind). I have, perhaps only told this vision to my wife and may be to a few others; I have always accepted the subconscious as being our other reality. I left wondering what Karma would have to say about these horrific and horrendous crimes against humanity. There were a white tour guide giving some tourist the history of certain edifice in Charleston and about certain historical monuments (like most black people to them I was invisible and I stood silently) and I said to my self she didn’t tell them about the millions of Africans who landed on the slave auction blocks and the history of dehumanization of African people who were forcible brought against their will to the slave ports of Charleston. The physical buildings of the slave markets are still present and has been well preserved; I wanted to yell out to this white tour guide; tell these people the damn truth about how Africans were bought and sold as commodities and that the wealth the elite aristocrat in South Carolina has accumulated was made from the 310 years of free slave labor, but this part of the tour guide speech was white washed and to them the crime was insignificant. However, it will remain on the chessboard as long as Karma is dispersing justice.       

             The Europeans who stole the Native Americans land in North and South America and justified their imperialism by calling the Native Americans savages and heathens and depicting these highly civilized people as being sub-human (murdering them in the name Christianity and white supremacy). Moreover, this was taught in American history and western civilization and in traditional American classrooms as part of the pedagogy (the cowboys were always depicted as the good guys and Native Americans depicted as wild savages). They even taught a Eurocentric worldview that Africa was the 'dark continent' who was waiting to be civilized by the Europeans; just as the Native Americans were depicted as uncivilized heathens and pagans (although Columbus was lost when he landed on the Island of Hispaniola and thought he had arrived in India). I can give more examples of lies, half-truths and distortions that had become the norm in America academia and were taught from primary to secondary schools as the truth (I was a victim of that type learning and education and that is why I have fought so hard to debunk my American mis-education). They turned the fiction character of Tarzan and Jane into American folklore heroes creating everlasting images of a white super hero reigning as lord over the jungles of Africa who had the ability to communicate with the animals and most of all was depicted as a god worthy of worship and obedience from the so-called subhuman black heathens. 

            We cannot begin to assess the psychological damage and pervasiveness of such negative symbolic imagery has had on people of African descent.  The Christopher Columbus lie and many other "wild stories" became the standard of learning in the United States (outright lies and wild stories). I keep one of my favorite books with me at all times which was authored by Dr. John Henrik Clarke titled: “Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust” and Michael Bradley’s book titled: “The Columbus Conspiracy: An Investigation into the Secret History of Christopher Columbus”.  America is the King Pin of telling lies and justifying wild ideas. The Native Americans and other indigenous people revered that everything of creation had a divine purpose and their approach to understanding the purpose of ALL was not based on Social Darwinism and/or Survival of the fittest, but it was rooted in harmony and balance. The United States Government has created so much bad Karma and they are in a dangerous cycle—the Universe has spoken. This is why there is an increase in man’s inhumanity to man—unjust wars, wealth disparities, man made famines, etc. We have turned on ourselves and the earth and now the universe through global warming, ozone erosion, and natural calamities are examples of how the universe is turning on us because we are out of aligned with the natural order of things. 

          Healing comes from within, but oftentimes we drag bad social baggage (bad karma follows us because we consistently invite it in our lives) throughout our lives and it serves to taint our ability to formulate positive relationships on a personal level in particular and with all of humanity in general. Then we even have a further tendency at times to consciously or subconsciously embrace and adopt non-spiritualist models as our guiding sources, which ultimately plays out in reactionary social, political, economic, etc., circumstances. We embrace these interpretations and then we try to infuse these contradictory social values, mores, folklore, etc., into our lives and family structure.  I know what we have been through as a people of African descent. You do not come out 'normal' after that type of trauma which lasted for 310 years after receiving some of the worst and inhumane treatment of any people on the planet and come out unscathed. 

          The first route to healing is to admit that you have a problem and allow your focus to be on a HIGHER POWER other than yourself, then only can healing began to take place. The biggest hurdle that we have to overcome in the United States and Europe is the position of historical denial in which they have never fully taken responsibility as culprits and co-conspirators in the greatest crime ever committed against humanity. My Blog and other truth tellers have always tried to be honest and not sugarcoat the truth by providing unedited facts and documentation which to give them the tools to recognize and identify that they have to look at the man and/or woman in the mirror and decide to deal with what they see and not continue this destructive path of their ancestors by deciding to work on changing the path and may be altering the historical Karma. Only then can this course truly lead to Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility. The ancients did not need holy books to impart this divine wisdom, it was rooted in the nature of man/woman, but over time we truly have deviated from the universal laws. However, our ultimate fate will forever be tied to Karma and if we fail to recognize it there is no doubt in my mind that, it will eventually come to recognize us. Here is cut song by Lionel Richie titled: "Still" 

          I actually wrote some of these exact words in my last article/Blog titled, “Obama and Romney: It is Going to get a lot Worst Before it gets any Better” in which I initially had started writing this article before I started the above said one (but the creator led me to complete the Obama and Romney piece first) and I extracted some of the below words and placed them in that article in order to get it to flow better. The unseen powers have already been set in motion and the negative harvest that we have sown is now coming into fruition; just study the mood of the rulership and ordinary people, it represents clear evidence that both sectors have no answers to why there appearws to be a physiological and psychological imbalance affecting human behavior—The entire political process is nothing but a sophisticated game and scam that is being played on the ‘have nots’ designed to keep the 99% powerless with a voting lever in one hand, which assures they remain happily powerless—after all they voted. Perhaps many are oblivious to this fact and do not understand that voting will not change the condition of the masses of people (voting is designed to keep the masses pacified). It’s only an illusion. Power has always been about maintaining privilege and class and not about the true essences of how democracy is going to be carried out (this is secondary). The Republicans and Democratics are one in the same; the two party system was not designed to ensure democracy, but to only give the appearance of providing the American people with so-called political options and alternatives

          They do not realize that their inner most connection to their own spirituality is no longer part of their genetic DNA, which was once a predetermined modus operandi to work in synchronization that has now become stagnated and no longer is evolving with the movement of time and space. The United States Government is under universe chastisement. Look at President Barack Obama his direction for our nation is confused and he lacks clear direction; there is nothing that he can do to remedy our present predicament and he doesn't even understand that our government's political, economic and social course is imbalance, it will only lead to more chaos and confusion because those who are advising him are confused and are bent on opposing the universal laws (they have turned this brother into one of them). He does not understand that the collapse of the United States economy and global economy doesn’t represent a political failure but represents a spiritual failure. President Barack Obama has aged and increasingly grayed, he has lost his youthful appearance in less than four years; some would attribute these physical changes to stress and age, but Homeopathic scientist would attest that his body is being depleted of Nutrition deficiency - Vitamin B, Iron, Copper and Iodine.

          Manly P. Hall who authored a profound book titled, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, stated this about Karma, “It is the law of compensation, which demanded that the individual pay in full for the indiscretions and delinquencies of the past”. Moreover, this is interpreted by me to mean in its simplest form, "What Goes around Comes Around”. I have always been intrigued by the notion that if you intentionally caused a negative action, I have always believed that somewhere down the line something of equal negative magnitude is going to happen to you. Sir Isaac Newton stated: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Some philosophers and scholars refer to this theory as cause and effect.

          Although, Karma is not necessarily a religious concept, it does remind you of the consequences of right and wrong; no different than what the three major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam teaches about morality and ethics (right and wrong). Knowing how Karma works, it teaches us to be conscious of our conduct and behavior because I believe that it is one of the most divine principles of spirituality and I do not want to be in conflict with the energy of the universe. I did learn early on from the Christian Bible that we should do unto others as we would have them to do unto us. If we desire good and positive energy to come back to us then we should give off positive energy. I accept that sometimes Karma comes around in cycles by revisiting our family lineage and we may pay for something that our ancestor may have done over one hundred to two hundred years ago in which the sins of the fathers revisited the sons.
         But some would argue against the law of Karma as being unscientific , I don’t know why because what do we think about when something bad happens to us out of nowhere, even if it appears coincidental (Karma teaches that is not coincidental or even incidental) to use a biblical phrase you are probably reaping what you have sown. However, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think that Karma has come into play in my personal life; my subconscious mind starts to recall and play back my life in real time and reminds me of my good deeds and my bad deeds. It doesn’t always happen right away but it happens. If people believed in Karma, I think we all  would be better people because Karma can act as your consciousness and keep our ego in check and cause us to be better human beings (I know it has worked for me in many different instances). I think if humanity studied and embrace the principles associated with Karma, it would make all of us better people relative to being fully aware of our actions and behavior towards one another. If we fully understood how beautiful the reward is for being respectful, employing justice, equality, fairness and doing nothing that would bring pain or hurt to another human being, it will always be nothing but good in return.

 I am of the opinion that it just goes to show you that Karma is not a latent force, but it is an active force of reward and retribution. This is not something that you want to mess with by disturbing its ability to render evenhandedness in the paradigm of right and wrong. However, as I have stated above we as a nation and as human beings are so arrogant and selffulfilling and ego-driven that we have lost the ability to associate and/or connect our most recent and past fate to Karma. Now, my mind immediately begin calculate and make a summation when things go wrong in my life and I consciously ask myself was that the power of Karma taking place right before my eyes (we are nothing but energy). I will always see Karma as being real and my respect for these invisible powers will forever keep me balanced and mindful of whatever I do of good or bad, it will return in like fashion. Please take a moment to think and reflect on these last two paragraphs and internalize what I have written. 

Fahim A. Knight, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,

Fahim A. Knight-El


Anonymous said...

Theres only so much wrong doing can take place before something or someone explodes,,,
The western world has definately run it's course,,,it can't carry on,,,to be honest I think it had already run its course before it had even started on Africa the Americas India and Australia,,it had already wiped out the northern tribes,,,most of the people unconsciously enslaved serfs,,,
Taking orders from inbred so called royal aristocracy,,,And the church
The Village elders done away with,,people lied int a docile state,,severed from their connection to the land,,,

The systems going down,,,but All of us what ever creed or color have to actively embrace that with all our hearts,,,

The karmic principle of say a whole village somewhere starving to death,,,and someone turning round and saying they were all evil in another life,,,,I cannot subscribe to,,,or a bunch Paedofiles raping and killing a small child then someone turning round and saying oh its the childs fault,absolutely no way,,that is just savage mutilation,,,,
I suppose in another way it could be karma as in,,it is the responsibility of community's to sniff out the monsters and deal with them before things like that happen,,,I could never blame the child,,,,,,

Also when a community has only enough money to feed half of its people,it makes sense that in those conditions crime is going to take place,,,is it the fault of the people,,I would say no,,,those conditions bring the worst out in people,,,You see it on every council estate in england

How could I blame the African for being slaved,,,,,no,,
I have to blame the westerner for not dealing with the tyrant in the first place,,,,,

Wish I could fully explain my view on karma,,,,
But it's late and I need to go to sleep,,,

Mr knight,,,respects to you and your people,,,



Thank you Neil; some of what you have shared, is highly valid and as a rational person and human being, I find it difficult to totally disagree with you. Yet, my internal spirit has always reminded me of the law of Recompense and Compensation, which are the root and the bases for the principles of karma. I truly believe there is good karma and bad karma (positive and negative forces and/or attractive and opposite polarities). Science gives us these lessons in the universal law of cause and effect. I do believe in incarnation and retribution is tied to a higher system of morality (right and wrong deeds) in which we would have to answer for, in this life or the next life. Yes, some human suffering is a direct consequence of their karma (and yet I must admit on a personal level this is the difficulty that I have at times relative to embracing all the principles of karma) those points you made in your assessment lends itself to being valid and credible. I do not claim that karma does not having any flaws or is above critical analysis. It’s just hard for me accept that we can commit wrong and not be punished by the divine laws of the universe (now, I know this point sounds a lot like religion).

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

D. McAuliffe said...

The idea of karma is just one of the many ancient ideas that has managed to elude us. We seem to understand things only in material terms, i.e., if I put my hand on a hot stove I will get burned, but we fail to comprehend the immaterial realities of life of which karma is a part. A negative action will lead to a negative consequence, be it on this physical plane or on a finer plane of existence. Peace.


Peace: Bro. McAuliffe point well received and accepted. I would add that if we as human beings carried out doing good deeds this will translate into good karma coming back our way; thus, no different than us doing negative deeds. I do believe in the universal law of cause and effect. Now, I just do want to sound to "Churchy" in writing on the subject of karma or even giving these explanations.

Fahim A. Knight-El