Monday, October 29, 2012



By Fahim A. Knight-El

The United States of America is in deep trouble because of our reactionary political direction, which has taking our nation off course and the economic trick bag that Money Changers have place the U.S. and the globe in have corralled us all, and has devastated our ability to dream and hope for a better America and world (our national optimism has been shattered by these hidden evil forces). Some have already determined the 2012 U.S. Presidential election as, perhaps being one of the most important elections in our recent history (African Americans just desire to see President Obama get a second term, but others desire to see him voted out of office for what they perceived as failed policies, which according to them has set our nation back). I would have to disagree with this assertion because the dawning of a new era came and went with the election of President George W. Bush. Bush perhaps held the most significant U.S. presidential tenure of any prior or future president for that matter (next to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) who will sit in the Oval Office, he sealed the deal. What he did truly altered the course of not only American history, but world history and has literally brought us to this space and time in American history (Bush was allowed to oversee the dismantling of America and destroyed over 236 years of American sovereignty). I think President Barack Obama went into office a bit naïve and ignorant about who rules the world and although, he was strategically selected by these forces and had agreed to work on behalf of their agenda. He had no idea how powerful Henry Kissinger and Rockefellers were and eventually found out that their loyalty has always been to the international bankers and neither to concept of democracy nor to the American people. Thus, even as a Boule (the Black Elitist
Secret Society in which 33rd degree Scottish Rite Masons serves as the feeder membership to this little known powerful black society) member President Obama did not understand the concept of real power ( as I stated above initially he was naïve and oblivious).

But he has received on the job training from the Invisible Rulers and he has been co-opted; his poor African American constituents have no idea that in his world they are expendable and his real constituents are the international bankers and the Invisible Rulers. However, the unseen powers (those that governs the universal order of things) have already been set in motion and the negative harvest that we have sown is now coming into fruition; just study the mood of the ruler ship and the ordinary people, it represents clear evidence that both sectors (Democrats and Republicans—Poor and Rich—Obama and Romney) have no answers to why there appears to be a physiological and psychological imbalance affecting human behavior across the planet. They do not realize that their inner most connection to their own spirituality is no longer part of their genetic DNA because of the choices they have sought to make, which was once a predetermined modus operandi that worked in synchronization with the concept of right and wrong. Moreover, this default has led to stagnation in human relations and no longer is evolving with the positive movement of time and space relative to the overall good that exist in the universe. The United States Government is under divine chastisement and her decline in global economic and political affairs represents clear evidence. Look at President Barack Obama his direction for our nation is confused and he lacks clear direction; there is nothing that he can do to remedy our present predicament and he doesn't even understand that our government's political, economic and social course is imbalance, it will only lead to more chaos and confusion because those who are advising him are confused and are bent on opposing the universal laws (they have turned this brother into one of them).

He does not understand that the collapse of the United States economy and global economy doesn’t represent a political failure, but represents a spiritual failure. His selection to the White House has been very divisive mainly because of his race, but it easy for his enemies to hide behind a façade of political symbolism and rhetoric allowing them to shield their inner most feelings and thoughts towards having to submit to a black commander-in-chief.  Their real hand is never displayed and yet justifies their behavior and action by telling the American people that they disagree with President Obama’s political policy, but in all actuality the political filibustering is only the symptom of a much larger problem that has always existed in American politics. He is a victim of the unresolved history of American racism—he has had very little bi-partisan consensus or just political cooperation from Republican members of the Congress in my opinion because of the race factor and they conveniently hide behind the notion of politics and none of them care about the dismal state of the American people. It has become business as usual. They have very little accountability to the American people and therefore, they play games with our lives by distorting the issues and misconstruing the facts. The name of American politics is who can tell the biggest convincing lie and based on the ignorance of the American electorate it is easy to employ propaganda and disinformation and get elected to public office and sway public opinion.

Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and Republican presidential candidate characterized 47% of the American people as non-productive citizens and who were looking for government handouts—those comments should have been insulting to all of us who are hardworking and taxpaying citizens. There is no doubt that he was speaking from the gut and speaking his conscious and you and I know that in the good ole boy country club settings where the upper class and privileged consistently have these type of off the camera and off the mic conversations about how much they distained and disregard the poor and 'have nots' as human beings. Romney in this instance happened to just get caught, but many of us who are considered the poor and oppressed were not moved or rattled by these remarks. Yes, they may have been insulting, but he was given us a political and economic equation from the play book of Wall Street Bankers—which was put your money on the 53% (the dark horse) and ride the success of the stock exchange. He was actually speaking in the future and not in the now, because the prediction is that his policies if elected are going to further cripple the poor and middle class (this sector will be X out as expendable baggage). Romney’s policies will only make the wealthy richer and he doesn’t care that American corporate entities have been outsourced because he stands to be the beneficiary—he is an insider gambler.

The reality is that after November 6, 2012 presidential election nothing is going to change for the masses of the American people whether Obama remains in office or Mitt Romney wins the election. The rules are stacked against the voices of the American people, who in the hell understand these complex super pacs and the Electoral College—the popular vote do not mean a damn thing but the Sheepel is running around rallying people and claiming voting to be our civic duty—they do not understand that they are tools working towards their own enslavement. There are no undecided voters; every person knows who they are voting for and these CNN reports of undecided voters are just mere television entertainment. I would like to vote for a redistribution of the world’s wealth in which that 47% percent that Romney dismissed will have the same legitimate opportunities of the Rothschilds (make no mistake about these global moguls they are in a class by themselves in which these other names are only servants of the Rothschilds), DuPonts,, Vanderbilts, Stanfords, Gates, Kennedys, Buffetts, etc., they are not in the class of the J.P. Morgan family or the Rockefellers, DeBeers, Oppenheimers, etc., it is a little embarrassing for me to even mention them in the same breath of the Invisible Rulers.

Voting will never give the American people the control over their destiny because of the above mentioned men who stands in the way of humanity’s desire for freedom, justice and equality; therefore, real power for the masses will forever remain illusive and imaginary. I think Romney was being quite honest about his feelings towards the 'have nots' although many of this class appears to the general public as Elitist, but in all actuality he and others like him are just low level operatives (pawns) that possess no real power to alter the paradigm shift—he and President Barack Obama are only front men for the Invisible Hand neither are the true decision makers. They can only do what they are being told and it does not matter about Romney's business background and his promises to restore the American economy this is outside of his power. I will tell you that even if Romney wins the U.S. Presidential elections the national deficit will continue to escalate, the national unemployment rate will increase and job growth will decrease until those vipers who have the U.S. and global economy in stranglehold decides to release us from this deadly economic predicament, then nothing is going to change regardless which candidate sits in the White House.

How quick have the right gotten amnesia, it was President George W. Bush, a Republican president at the helm that steered this nation to its lowest peak since the 1929 Great Depression, but all that Obama and Romney is talking about is nothing but smoking mirrors, it sounds good because people are looking for something to hold on too—even if it is a lie. But once you come into the knowledge of self, it becomes an immediate sense of personal empowerment which begins to take place and you see things different. It starts the process of moving us away from the power, influence and control of the 10% (Bloodsuckers of the Poor). The 10% has ruled this world order for over 6,000 years and he is a master of tricks and lies. It has become a struggle of good versus evil in which requires us to have patience with people who are wandering in darkness and have been duped by western media and propaganda. I learned so-much from reading the book titled, "The Art of War' authored by Sun Tzu about character and the strategy of thinking things through. We the 5%, those of us who have been raised from a dead level and who rejects the teachings of the 10% have a job, duty and responsibility to go after the 85% (the masses). This is not an easy task because we have been systematically made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self. Thus, whenever you are organizing people, it can become frustrating, but we must exert patience and love for our people regardless of their mental state. It is life experiences which prepares us to be good stewards and examples for others to gravitate towards. I learned through these various experiences that if I was going to be of value to myself and service to others that I had to alleviate my ego. So where I am in space and time today is the result of a long journey and maturation process. When you wake up from your slumber you see the world differently.

However, Romney has tapped into perhaps that 53% dissatisfaction sector who is frustrated with how the government is going and although he is appealing to a patriotic view of a nostalgia driven class of people relative exciting the right with pure raw emotionalism and giving them outdated solutions; this type of rhetoric is unlike Kryptonite they gain strength and belief that the old America will one day return. He is quasi following the Tea Party’s initial strategy in 2010, which was to appeal to the historical fears of a certain sector of the American people. I do agree with my detractors that race is often used as a distraction (this is being done systematically), but that does not eliminate the divisive motivations and the effectiveness to sway people as a tactic and strategy to accomplish certain political goals, in particular in America and it also speaks to race being unresolved in the United States. The Tea Party initially was using covert forms of racism to appeal to that demographic which became their base. They have toned down the initial racial rhetoric, but we still have a lot of suspiciousness relative to their political agenda. President Obama and the Democratic Party initial were very passive about all the problems that he and his administration inherited from the Bush Administration in which his passive strategy has literally backed fired in their faces (the midterm elections was proof positive of this reality) because they did not take the opportunity to exploit and exposed the hand that George W. Bush left him with.

What people are missing in this debate is that all the social, political, and economic matters facing America and the globe were induced by the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission (they are the real culprits). The collapse of the global economy, housing market, bailouts and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were being guided by the Unseen Hand. Mitt Romney and the Tea Party desires for us to believe that so-called entitlements to the poor and oppressed are wrecking our government and nation and this distraction keeps the real power brokers in deep hiding. The Tea Party is nothing but another front for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. These strategies have been well documented in the book titled, "Tragedy and Hope" and in the book titled, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy". There is no such thing anymore in the United States that even resembles a democracy. Our government has quietly shifted towards being a Fascist government and makes people believe that they live in a participatory governmental system. Many people have forgotten that Al Gore won the U.S. Presidential race in 2000; he had acquired more of the popular vote than George W. Bush. Gore also won Florida, but the Hidden Hand was prepared to seat this ex-CIA director’s son as their low-level operative. So Jeb Bush (brother of George W. Bush) was the Governor of Florida and they duped the Florida voting process and left the electorate disenfranchised. Gore took his case to the United States Supreme Court and lost. However, people did not know that this was a perfect example of the inner workings of the Hidden Hand and the Invisible Rulers (our vote did not mean a damn thing).

I must tell my readership straight up that voting is not going to change our condition as a people. Most of our politicians are more about window dressing and they serve one interest and one constituency that is the Invisible Rulers. Our politicians are poor examples of leadership; they are nothing but prostitutes who serves the highest bidder and this assessment even includes President Barack Obama. There were two books that opened my eyes to the power of this Hidden Cabal: John Coleman's book titled, "Committee of 300" and "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham are two great sources to decoding and untangling the Hidden Hand. Both candidates know that China has its foot on our necks and Romney has huge investments in China. It's laughable and contradictory to hear him and President Barack Obama talking about getting tough on China when a huge portion of the American debt is owned by China. They both know that manufacturing and industrialized plants are never coming back to the Unites States—these type business have been permanently outsourced to the Far East and Central America—those over the age of sixty five witness American industrialism at its peak and at a blink of an eye witness its decline. 

Alvin Toffler in books titled, "Future Shock", "Powershift: Knowledge, Wealth, and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century" and "Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave" were given us a glimpse into a changing world, but the United States and its people are such an arrogant nation that they have been blinded by their own pompous view of the world and totally ignored signs that we were in a global transition, a changing of the guard. The U.S. Government carried out 9/11 as a political ploy and perquisite to dismantling the entire concept of American democracy; no doubt this was a masterful ploy, it lured us to sleep relative to the National Security piece and now we stand as a shattered nation—dreaming about how good we had it pre-9/11. Both presidential candidates have been given the agenda and have sworn to carry it out. Okay cast your votes, but understand that we are only going through the motions.

Fahim A. Knight, Chief Researcher for keeping it Real Think Tank located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,

Fahim A. Knight-El


D. McAuliffe said...

After the results of the election, I must admit that I was initially relieved and even somewhat happy to see Obama "win." Jubilation and joy were all over my Facebook news feed and the media. Then I stood back and separated myself from the crowd and remembered the reality: voting doesn't matter. Let me put that differently: in this day and age and in this political system, the popular vote ultimately has no bearings upon who will become the next president. I felt like shouting this to the world but I remained quiet and watched the celebration unfold. I realized that not only do most people disagree with me when I express my opinions regarding voting, but that the best way to expose the truth is not by being the lone dissident shouting "the apocalypse is nigh" from atop a soapbox. As your post states, we have have to deal with the programming of our people in a patient and delicate way. If the people were to discover the truth suddenly and abruptly, there would be mass chaos. I have come to learn that the most effective means to bring about change in the minds of people is to try to put things in terms relative and relevant to those people's lives.

Pardon the ramble, this topic just evokes a lot of strong emotions in me.

Good post brother Fahim.



Thank you good brother for the comment. Yes, I understand the euphoria (I as a so-called African American could totally relate to the experience that shared); I stayed up late last night watching the results. Thus, my wife and daughter went on to sleep, but I wanted to see and hear the end results for myself. But remember I had been telling those on this Blog that President Barack Obama had already been 'selected' for a second presidential term; this decision was decided before any electoral ballots were cast. However, like you, although, I know the truth (meaning our vote do not mean a damn thing); I still felt good inside knowing that this African American brother will get a second term in spite of American style racism. But most Blacks do not know or understand that President Obama is a pawn for the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission. And I must submit to you nothing is going to change for the 'Have nots' because just like Governor Romney his interest is serving as a buffer between the Dynastic Families and the International Banking Houses. I am not optimistic about his reelection, because I know that all we did yesterday by voting was a mere political pacification for the masses who still believe that we live in a democracy.

Fahim A. Knight-El