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by: Fahim A. Knight-El,

This writer after writing and blog publishing many articles on Freemasonry and as I have stated in the past, it is still much to learn about this ancient philosophy and it will never become an exhaustive subject; thus, I am still constantly bombarded with questions and comments from Freemasons and knowledge seekers; they are often intrigued that I have dared to think outside the box and looked at this ancient school of thought from various philosophical perspectives and have never been shy or wavering in pursing Speculative Masonic ideas and allowing my intellectual creative to be the guiding LIGHT, in particular in my pursuit of trying to understand Masonic truths and challenging some of the conventional perspectives that European scholars have written about this ancient philosophy. I have argued for many years that to truly understand Freemasonry one must fully understand and accept that it had its origins in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and without observance of this relationship renders Freemasonry fictitious and erroneous. The origin of this ancient knowledge was first taught in a systematic manner in the Egyptian Mystery System (Egyptian Freemasonry was rooted in a higher degree of mathematical codes) that wasn’t germane to Greece, Rome or England—Kemet (Egypt) predated these societies by thousands of years relative to their understanding of physics, geometry, mathematics, architect, art, astronomy, etc.

The physical evidence is still trying to be understood (assessed and evaluate by social scientist) by Egyptologist, anthropologist, archeologist and the natural scientists are still unearthing past civilizations that existed in Kemet (Egypt) for answers as it pertains to this high-tech culture that has marveled the world since the dawn of time. The Kemetic mathematical codes (are best seen in how the great pyramids were constructed) cannot be properly understood outside of a set of universal laws, which must be rooted in one’s ability to mastering the knowledge in ciphers, cryptogram, secret language, secret codes, etc., (no other society of people since the ancient Kemites have ever met this challenge and all this knowledge still remains much a mystery as it did over 3,000 years ago) this lack of modern day mental capacity to even understand the historical greatest of Kemet has baffled western scholars and social scientist in their inability to interpreted the scientific laws that governed the culture, belief systems, and the philosophical sciences, which made Kemet the perfect cultural and intellectual model that remains unduplicated in majesty and valor even in the 21ST Century. The Kemetic mathematics (went beyond the study of quantity, structure, space and change) is outside most present day scholars ability to recognize and comprehend (thus each excavation only reveals another riddle to the puzzle) and Freemasonry has only tapped into a perverted and distorted understanding of what regeneration mean (and why the dramas of birth, death and resurrection) is so important and ever reoccurring to the philosophical themes of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry in its present form has been corrupted by western culture and values—they have been bent on hiding the truth and dishonoring and tarnishing the symbols, artifacts, as well as tainting the Kemetic philosophy into Orders, we accept as Masonic authorities such as the Scottish Rite and York Rite Orders. Moreover, and just because these European based orders have so-called legitimized themselves as official Freemasonic bodies and entities—this writer knows that the knowledge, mysteries and wisdom go much further back than their historical claims.

They have systematically made European Freemasonry as a model of enlightenment and simultaneously denied that the signs, symbols and rituals were rooted in the history and culture of those Nubians who wore the title Master Builder and the Great Pyramids are the physical and spiritual evidence of their grand intellectual and architecture designs. I was a student of Dr. Yosef Ben A.A. Jochannan (author of the book “Black man of the Nile and his Family”) and he was a true Grand Master who taught how magnificent Kemet was as apart of African history and defended the geopolitical and cultural connections this land had with the entire African continent (Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop was equally vigilant in his defense of the Nubian origin of Kemet) and refuted the false contentions that ancient Egypt was part of the Middle East or sat in the Mediterranean Sea (some still even in 2011 continues to make attempts to take Kemet out of Africa) in order to deny the African contribution to world history and world civilization (the epitome of western racism) and was more apart of the Maghrib region and geographically disconnected from what they refer to as Sub-Sahara Africa. What standout in my writings on Freemasonry, is that I have chosen not to be confined to 32 degrees or 33 degrees of knowledge, we learned a long time ago that knowledge is a complete circle of 360 degrees (anything short of this renders incompleteness). I credited my understanding of this reality to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and no one has broke down Freemasonry and gave us the true meaning like Messenger Muhammad and I still remain a student of his mission and program and most of what you have credited to me, I received it from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Thus, I am not a shame to let you know who some of my teachers were.

There is a professor named Dr. Gary Lachman who posted a brief synopsis of his upcoming book on The Daily Grail (TDG) website (http://www.dailygrail.com/blogs/Gary-Lac...) titled: "The Quest For Hermes Trismegistus" in which the chapter Lachman excerpts gave me the impression that he was placing more scholarly emphasis on Greece and the so-called Mediterranean acculturation exchanges between the two societies as a primary cause for Egypt’s greatness—cultural bandits who invaded Kemet more so than acknowledging that Kemet fed cultural enlightenment to the entire world. This was my response to Dr. Lachman on the TDG forum and I am still waiting for his response: “The people of Kemet (Egypt) had a deep sense of appreciation for knowledge and the concept of language and symbolism existed beyond just the physical libraries and/or even before books were recorded. But the Metu Neter was seen inscribed on the Temples at Giza, Cheops, and Luxor and many ancient sites in Kemet. It was Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. who raided the libraries at Alexandria with an attempt to destroy and desecrate the Ancient knowledge that had existed long before Greece and Rome were even a thought on the stage of human civilization.”

“The Greeks stole most of this ancient knowledge and took it back to Greece and proclaimed it as their own. I noticed that this excerpt that you posted did not mention the name Kemet (Egypt) not even once and if I did not have a grasp of history and geography, it would have been difficult to ascertain that you were referring to Kemet (Egypt) in this piece. The ancient coffin text and the "Egyptian book of the Dead" properly known as "The Coming Forth by Day" indicates in the ancient scrolls, that even before the language was symbolized on papyrus there was a higher system of learning being carried out in the Egyptian Mystery Schools; where the knowledge of the esoteric and occult were being spread amongst a select sector of neophytes. The real knowledge was best manifested in the sacred temples and was inscribed on the walls of the pyramids in which these were the more sacred libraries (anthropologist and Egyptologist are still digging up earth and attempting solve this ancient puzzle and riddle). Most Europeans who address topics dealing with Kemet (Egypt) often address these ancient originators of civilization from a Eurocentric perspective and this lead to the research being flawed. Note: Islam and the Arabs, Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks, etc., were all invaders. Kemet had magnificent dynastic periods that predated these robber barons.”

Lastly, once again, I believe that some of the correspondence (emails, telephone calls and visits) that I have received are just too valuable to remain as private conversations and there are perhaps many more Masons and non-Masons who have questions about Freemasonry, but just do not know where to turn and if anyone knows me I do not duck questions and I have always attempted to give honest responses to all those who have contacted me and reached out for understanding. Many Masons cannot get the answers they desire from the Blue House, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shrine, etc., and the other various Masonic Houses which they belong because so much emphasis is given to the social and not nearly enough given to Masonic intellectualism. The lodge has become more of a social club as opposed to being a place of enlightenment and where knowledge and wisdom are being dispersed.

The brotherhood of Prince Hall Affiliated Masonry and Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM) are in search of knowledge and those who are responsible for providing adequate Masonic instructions have failed to deliver and impart the necessary wisdom relative to expounding upon the mysteries. This void has led many Masons across international lines to contact me for Speculative Masonic dialogue and this is because they are not getting this from the various Craft leadership within their respective Masonic jurisdictions. However, my blog is not an indictment of Masonic instruction or to expose deficiency and weakness (my ultimate objective is to use this forum to teach and educate), but it shall serve as a challenge to all of those who were raise from a dead level to a living perpendicular on the square to be responsible for your own quest for the journey you chose to travel (it is your responsibly to take ownership over your Masonic travels and enlightenment and not to depend upon others to this for you) . My recommendation to all those who may come in contact with this article and my blog is to read and search the ends of the earth for those hidden truths and continue to perfect that Rough Ashlar.

Bro. Mario C. Williams: "Greetings Mr. Knight; while doing some research for my Grand Lodge I ran across your article titled above, I am sure you have received many positive comments regarding your article over the years but I would like to say “Outstanding Article Sir. (http://fahimknightsworld.blogspot.com/20...).

"Many of the comments you made are very true and brings to light our continued desire to be accepted by someone that continues to close the door in our face. I have lived and worked in many different countries (retired military) and find that acceptance is only a problem here in the good old USA, mainly the lower states.
You are correct when you say we need to direct our attention more toward our communities and working on our own internal relationships. We have many great scholars in our organization but it was not until you mentioned the research being conducted only covers dates and times while leaving out the more import events and accomplishments our brothers and sisters. That I realized you are correct, I have many books covering masonry form the Black Square and Compass to the recommended reading that I will list below and they all have very little about who we really are and what our organization really stands for".

"I don’t wish to take up to much of your time, so I will wish you well and ask that you and your family be safe and enjoy the season.I would like to invite your attention to a new book “Out of the Shadows” The Emergence of Prince Hall Freemasonry in America. Although it has the recognition platform there are some real advancements in the book that you may find interesting.
Stay focused sir and take care"
Mario C. Williams, 33rd
Liaison to Arkansas and Illinois
MWPHGL, Washington and Jurisdiction

Fahim Knight-El: "Peace Brother Williams: Thank you brother for your kind words and I truly appreciate you taking the time to read the article titled: “LET THERE BE LIGHT: THERE IS NO BROTHERLY LOVE BETWEEN WHITE MASONS AND BLACK MASONS”. I became a real student of the science of Speculative Masonry, perhaps over fifteen years ago and I have always enjoyed Masonic research. Perhaps a few years back, I had attended a Grand Lodge Session held in Winston Salem, North Carolina, which was presided over by our Grand Master Milton 'Toby' Fitch and the white Grand Master of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM) of North Carolina was present at that particular Grand Session. Thus, I witness our Masonic organization Prince Hall officially recognized the white AF&AM order as brothers of Prince Hall Masons on that particular day".

"There was a thunderous applauds and I was sitting way in the back of the venue where I was making mental notes as this demonstration of brotherly love was taking place. I had witness the white Masons of North Carolina each year vote down the plank to officially recognize Prince Hall Masonry as a "regular" body of Masons. Their negative vote year after year did not bother me, but their hypocrisy as Masons was bit disturbing to me. The principles of Brotherly Love, Friendship and Morality stoodout and I thought their behavior to be a contradiction to the tenets of Freemasonry. So, I decided to become proactive by writing the article, "There is no Brotherly Love Between Black Masons and White Masons" as piece to socially agitate both the white and black Masonic bodies and rattle the status quo".

"I initially sent the article to the white Grand Master of North Carolina and to our Prince Hall Masonic Grand Master of North Carolina. I wanted both of them to know that these racist motivated decisions were not rooted in the true principles of Masonry. My brother, I am of the belief that my article factored into the white AF&AM granting PHA official recognition after 200 plus years; it exposed this Masonic divide that was being driven by historical racism. But I am a proponent of us keeping our Masonic sovereignty. Thank you again good brother for your well thought out words and I remain humble".

Bro. Joseph Ferguson (AF&AM): "Great article, as usual right on point. The funniest thing is that all of us had the same question. We all were looking for more knowledge in Masonry. I read an article from a lodge in New York that posed an interesting question. Why is it that in the Black community we can't even agree on who is the legitimate Masonic source. Just something to think about".

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Thank you good brother as always and the question you raised is a very good question and it is one that I think various Masonic lettered organizations need to meet on and draw up some respectful and suitable guidelines. But I do not think Prince Hall Masonry should present itself as the sole sovereign body in which to make this determination relative to other non-Prince Hall Masonic bodies being considered "regular".

Bro. John Gomez: "As Salaam Alaikum, Knowledge–Knowledge (throw back) my brother, Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather, hope all gets better soon. I appreciate you getting back to me and I look forward to hearing from you in response to my question. I spent the good part of this weekend just going over your blog. I started back from 2007 till the present and, I must say it took me back to yester year when one was so proud to wear that universal flag and spit mathematics all day. We will have much to share I am certain of that. I was reading through and came across a comment how ”AF&AM do more studying than F&AM PHA” I may share that sentiment to a point. See this whole time I thought it was just the Floridian Mentality that bred some lazy brothers. Because some of these brothers are satisfied with just calling themselves a Freemason, without doing any of the work. That mentality was not good enough on the hot sands during the building of the pyramid, it wasn’t good enough in NGE and it should not be good enough now. As I mentioned before I am originally from The Bronx, NY and as a young 5% it was in bedded in us that we must study. Do not take anything on face value. You must show and prove. That is something that to this day is a huge part of my character. I began a school of instruction at my Lodge and I am also head of the Study class for all new brothers. So I am sure that we will continue to share with each other for time to come".

Brother Treasurer John Gomez
Eugene C Johnson #318 PHA
Carl Finnerson #168 HRAM
Gibson Consistory #185
Osiris Temple #67
He died so that we may Live

Bro. John Gomez (CONTINUED): "As Salaam Alaikum,
Brother Knight, I have to admit I stumble upon your blog by accident. However true that may be, I would like to think that maybe it was just meant for me to find. A true blessing in disguise. I have bounced around from one article to the next from the beginning of 2007 to just recent. I am truly impressed by your wisdom and insight. I look forward to reading more and more. Is there a way that I can get automatic updates of your blog (how do I subscribe?)"

"I do have one question but before I ask let me shed some light on me. Originally from NY where as a young man (14) I began studying the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad via Clarence 13X and the 5 Percent Nation. Now 45 living in the Desert of Florida as a 32nd Degree Mason and the Oriental Guide of Osiris Temple #67 PHA. I see that you are about keeping it real. I can certainly appreciate that. Please keep up the great work. While reading one of your blogs I saw that you touched on a subject but did not provide much if any details, So my question is Why do we open the Shrine Temple on the First Book of Job and on the 38th Chapter of the Koran?"

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Bro. Gomez; The Ancient Arabic Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (some called it the “play house” and others called it the “fun house” of Masonry). Although, the Prince Hall branch of the Shriners had its inception in 1893 (founded by Rofelt Pasha), and his counterpart the white Shriners founded their social Shriner fraternal club (quasi Masonic) perhaps in New York in approximately 1870s. Thus, Prince Hall Shriners modeled their philosophy somewhat after the white Shriners and followed the Speculative Masonic models setup by the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; who I believe initially had been truly touched by the religion of Islam relative to its theological doctrines and its unique history relative to Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Kaaba, Qur’an, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, etc. The Islamic history and culture were empowering to those early enlightened Caucasians (Moslem Sons) and it possessed enough mystic thought and symbolism to awakening their curiosity and intrigued the Western world to embrace this faith in a secular manner (Shrine—the practice of secret Islam)".

Fahim A. Knight-El: (continued) "However, they realized early on that Islam does not tolerate a “Play House” concept—drinking, partying, committing adultery and all the negative social aspects associated with the Shrine (this conduct would be considered anti-Islamic conduct and behavior). So these initial white Shriners were challenged by Muslims from their inception as being a heretic and a blasphemous organization. The Shrine then tried to cover itself by claiming to be a fraternal brotherhood (which was steeped in charitable and philanthropy causes) and attempted to make a clear distinction and delineation between the Islamic religion (claiming that their practices and views, were never meant to associate them with Muslims and Islam and formalized religion)—Yet, the Shriners philosophical themes were/are deeply rooted in the history and theology of Islam (this is where the problem lies) and its has been difficult for them to escape these subtle associations. In various parts of the Shrine ritual, it mocks Islam and some of this no doubt would be considered anti-Islam (Muslims view the entire Holy Qur’an as a sacred text and this is not to be played with)".

"The majority of the Shrine brothers lacks the knowledge of self and kind and do not know how offensive some of the Shrine concepts are to Islam (their only argument is to hide behind the concept of fraternal organization versus religious). Thus, to Muslims this is not good enough. Now, I am not an authority on Shrine Masonry nor am I an authority on the religion of Islam, but to understand the Biblical Prophet Job is to best understand the essential principles of Islam (the revelations of both Bible and Qur’an were continuum sources of enlightenment designed to elevate humanity). Islam ultimately translate to mean submission (surrendering your will to do the will of Allah—God). No, one better typified this principle than the Prophet Job according to the scriptures (Bible and Qur’an) Job lost everything, but he never lost his faith in God and stayed committed despite of all his personal trials and tribulations".

"He was truly a servant of God and from the religion of Islam perspective, he would be considered a righteous Muslim. I think both of the widely respected and accepted versions of the Qur’an—English translations of the Qur’an authorized by the scholars Maulana Muhammad Ali and Yusuf Ali admonishes Prophet Job’s un-daunting will in their commentary as a righteous servant of God. These are just of few of my thoughts and they are not etched in stone. Some of these thoughts, I have covered in my many posted articles and blog writings. Let me know how your reading is coming along with the over 110 articles that I have published on my site. I know we will be having further dialog based on the various paths that you have experienced in New York".

Bro. Vince Jackson: "Greetings Bro. Fahim. Thought you might find this interesting. The reason I'm sending this is because of the similarities to Dr. York's case. Notice how they smeared Eddie Long's name with the child molestation to get people's emotions where they want them. Then they will come in with what the whole thing was all about in the first place, money. They said Dr. York was guilty of RICO, "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY,.....MONEY." Now, look at Bishop Long, he is guilty of mortgage fraud. See that crap? Money, money, money, money! And one last thing, since when did the U.S. Secret Service start investigating church preachers. I thought that was the F.B.I. Doesn't the Secret Service have TERRORISTS THEY NEED TO BE TRYING TO CATCH, LIKE THE ONES IN CAMP DAVID, excuse me, I meant Afghanistan? I appreciate you taking time to look over the mail I sent you a little while ago. Your insight gave me more angles to look at this whole thing. I will send you some more stuff I think you will be interested in when I come across it. Peace and blessings".

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Bro. Jackson, thank you for your response and reply. I will review the link relative to Bishop Eddie Long. Perhaps what you are saying, which are some very good points; I think the case of Yahweh Ben Yahweh back in 1990s (arrested on November 7, 1990 along with his entourage as he plane landed in New Orleans, Louisiana) exemplified the U.S. Government willingness to use the long arm of the RICO statures to fish net in black leaders, in particular and any other personalities who are preaching anything contrary to the status quo. He was one of the unofficial victims of the Patriot Act even before the laws and legislation were enacted".

"So, Yahweh Ben-Yahweh was arrested, perhaps in the early 1990s, but he became the litmus test to how these new legal strategic prosecutions would take place in high profile cases of such. Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno was one of Florida's top Federal Prosecutors and she was behind the conviction of Ben-Yahweh and her reward for his conviction was being promoted by former President Bill Clinton to the becoming U.S. Attorney General (this was the blue print that was in place when they brought Dr. Malachi Z. York-El into the U.S. Courts)".

"Thus, many high profile Christians have always believed that they were safe because their theological approach did not appear contradictory to the status quo when it came to radicalization and militancy (but the Yahweh, Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Louis Farrakhan, Huey P. Newton, Jamil Abdullah AL-Amin, Malcolm X, etc.) type leaders and their views have always posed a threat to this system since our sojourn to the Americas in 1555 as Chattels slaves)".

"Dr. York-El became a victim of Cointelpro, thus, these surveillance and government counter-intelligence programs have been on-going since the 1950s (unknowing to most Americans). They (FBI and other Federal agencies) had been watching Dr. York-El for a very long time. They systematically sent agent provocateurs and stool pigeons around him and he allowed them to penetrate his inner circle and these agents who were on the United States Government payroll were steadily compiling dossiers on Dr. York-El, which would later be used in a court of law against him".

"Dr. York-El knew and understood his nature (the enemies of the original man) and from that perspective was aware of their capabilities unlike most blind, deaf, and dumb Christians pastors, but he became entrapped by the schemes of the devil and their plot was once they got him their objective, was to never allow him to walk out of the U.S. Courts because his message was dangerous to the entire system of white supremacy. The money issue is always front and center, in particular if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cannot totally account for the amount of money that is being taking in, but must rely on an organization or leader to give them figures and tax documents relative to his personal and the organizational net worth this alone has always posed problems for the United States Government (especially if the leader or organization was black)".

"Now! Bishop Eddie Long perhaps has a legal status of being a 501-C-3R tax exempt organization pursuant to the IRS tax code. This alone gives the government total control over his money and donations and most "Negro" preachers do not know or understand the nature of the devil and Bishop Long could not phantom that he would be a target of a U.S. Government conspiracy, after all he was a so-called good Christian. Welcome to America buddy".

Bro. Vincent Jackson: "Greetings Bro. {Knight} I was on-line searching for different Shrine Temples to send this e-mail to. I think I was on a David Icke site and saw you and I think it was two different brothers debating about masonry. I must say that I was quite impressed at how well read you have dedicated yourself to have become. As I said earlier, I was looking for as many brothers' and nobles' e-mails as possible to send this out to. Reason being, I am tired and from the energy I saw spent in those two debates you were in, I'm sure you are tired as well of just that, debating. So, with that in mind, I would like for you to read this mail and tell me what your thoughts are. As I said, I have no interest what so ever in trying to see who knows the most or going back and forth over who is 'legit-clandestine' and who is not, for as I clearly point out in this mail, as you will see, all of us Negroid freemasons are 'legit.' Normally, I ask brothers to read with an opened mind and let me know what they think. After reading your debates, I know I don't have to say that to you, because there is no way you can be that well versed and not be. Peace Bro."

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Brother: Thank you very much for sending this email to me, but I think you already know that I had knowledge of Dr. Malachi Z. York-El's wealth of Masonic knowledge and I respect aspects of that which we agree on and there is much that I discard in which we disagree on. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El lingers in Federal Prison because with all his high ranking Masonic status and degrees; we all are still considered "Niggers" and captives and most of those who operate in the U.S. Jurisprudence and Judicial systems are high degree Freemasons and have swore to oaths and obligations to come to the relief of a distress brother".

"Yet, these white judges, prosecutors, lawyers, etc., overlooked their obligation to a fellow brother who said "is there no help for the poor widow's son?" The system of white supremacy has more binding right and authority amongst a people who were created to be diametrically opposed to the original man than various Masonic oaths at least within the United States of America".

"It has been just recently after almost 200 years that white Masons or let me say the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) recently recognized Prince Hall as a so-called legitimate body of Masons (for whatever this decision was worth, but in a system rooted in a pigmentocracy this was a high stakes decision). This recognition not only so-called legitimatized Prince Hall Freemasonry, but it legitimized the entire black Masonic Family (meaning even non-Prince Hall Masons) and prior to this decision all black Masons were considered to be 'clandestine' and 'irregular' this is rooted in paradigm of white supremacy".

"So, Dr. Malachi Z. York-El prior to his so-called and alleged conviction and incarceration was not considered to be a recognized Mason based on the question of legitimacy as ascribed by the powerful white Masonic Order. Thus, it is interpreted to mean they had no obligation to a 'clandestine' so-called American Negro Mason and this is part of the logic and reasoning behind Grand Master and High Potentate York-El is sitting behind bars. Yet, he can give the Grand Hail Sign—and give the various words, signs and tokens, the same ones that the founding father George Washington gave, as well as countless other Elite and influential white Masonic statesmen, but it was worthless if we are viewed as fake imitators and had no legal right to be viewed as brother Masons to white Masons".

"Dr. York-El posed a threat because he was using this so-called 'secret teachings' to free and empower a people who had lost their names, their God, language, religion, culture, folkways, mores, etc. He knew that the original man was Hiram Abiff and it was he who was hit in the head and had the knowledge taking from him, but what they feared most about a Mason like Dr. York-El was his ability to deconstruct and dismantle the very essences of European Masonry in which they have ruled over humanity for over 6,000 years with just 33rd degrees of knowledge. Ok brother that is my response to the question and statement that you posed".

Bro. Hassan Tremble: "Peace & Blessings my dear Brother, I am reaching out to you again because quite frankly when it comes Afrikans/Moors here in America that are Masons to me you always bring it home. I am a brother of the craft going on thirteen years now. I started off as a four letter but became PHA back in March of 2007, I’m glad I did I love it. Before becoming a Mason I was the biggest anti-mason primarily because of my dealings with individuals who I knew of or thought to be a Mason. It wasn’t until 1995 that I began my transition into the Afrikan conscious thought of mind. While on my journey I began to learn many things some of which changed my perception of Masonry. Forwarding ahead a few years I got with some old high school friends of mine, asked for a petition and the rest is history, I was entered, passed and raised to the Sublime Degree. As I progressed in my Afrikan Consciousness and spirituality I begin see Masonry in a whole new light but those around me are still caught up in the European Masonry fa├žade. Besides for myself since I have been traveling there is only one other brother in my original circle that have moved outside of the European Masonic school of thought and this brother is my best friend and was the best man in my wedding. This brother is the one that gave me some direction which started me on my transition, he is currently inactive at this time. Currently I am the WM of my lodge Immanuel #153 in the MWPHGL of Illinois jurisdiction. I have also journeyed through all the other houses except for the 33rd. I haven’t did anything with them on the PHA although I have been asked several times but at this point I really don’t see any reason to".

"I apologize for being lengthy I just wanted to give you a backdrop of my history. I have a brother of mine in another organization that I am also involved with called The Afrikan Village Culture Center. He lives in Milwaukee, WI and I live in Chicago, IL we talk all of the time but he has a big issue with Masonry. Sometimes I wonder if really studies like he says he does, when it comes to the Ancient Kemetic Mystery System there is no denying that the Europeans stole co-opted all our ancestors knowledge and information. His argument is that no Afrikan American/Black person should be involved in any Masonic organization. Which brings me to why I am asking for your assistance. He will not tell me why but I have a feeling it has something to do with his past experiences with other people who perhaps are Masons".

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Brother Hassan Tremble: Thank you as always for staying in contact with me and I dearly appreciate Prince Hall brothers who have accepted our history, culture and tradition (not many of us think this way); thus, as you know based on my Blog writings (research) this is both a passion and mission for me, which I have always felt there was a void and we as Prince Hall Masons had become stagnate because our Speculative Masonic philosophy was rooted in Eurocentrism and the white Masonic paradigm, as opposed to us weighing in on black Masonic ideals (this was to far and in between and it has been devastating to how Black Freemasons are viewed. Where are our Masonic scholars and researchers?".

"Thus, before I was raised, I had acquired the knowledge of self, which unlike most brother’s path to coming into the craft (I knew my history and culture). I had a huge Afrocentric library prior to my Masonic travels and my knowledge had exceeded what they were giving up in the lodge (so initially I covertly dumb down what I knew in order to not rattle the cage)".

"I stated this over and over again, that I did not come into to Masonry to be drinking liquor, chasing women and partying (the social aspect wasn’t my attraction to Masonry). I came to Masonry because I was inquisitive about the mysteries, wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, etc (this is what initially attracted me to Freemasonry). This much to me has been very disappointing and unfulfilling and my Blogs are designed to raise and heighten the consciousness of those who are truly seeking knowledge, as well as to serve notice to white Masons that we do have something to offer to the Masonic school thought".

"My brother, I appreciate the background information, it is always helpful to know and understand where a brother may be coming from. Yes, I agree with the brother and friend in Detroit who appears to be deeply involved in the Kemetic Science and what he is saying is true. The best view on this was given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his little small pamphlet titled, “The Secrets of Freemasonry” I do not know if you have read my piece titled, “Freemasonry and Islam: What do they Share” if not here is the link to that article http://fahimknightsworld.blogspot.com/20... and I kind of get into what Muhammad said about Masonry, the original man and if Masonry was suited more for the Caucasian race more so than for the original Black man".

Bro. Timothy-Bey: "Bro. Islam Fahim Bey! Good post as it relates to facebook & these other internet social networks. I have a question that maybe you can expound on for me! I have seen that the majority of Moors that's also Masons are affiliated with Prince Hall moor than any other jurisdiction of Freemasonry, in your opinion why do you think this is?"

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Thank you brother for this good question. Let say this right off the back and it is not to slight any other Masonic Orders or Brothers who are non-Prince Hall Masons who are part of this Cushite Forum. I have never allowed these artificial Masonic barriers of who is deemed "regular" or irregular" relative to Freemasonry enter into my thinking, which in my opinion is designed to create disunity within the overall ranks of the Freemasonic Brotherhood. But I have had some passionate debates with non-Prince Hall Masons as it pertains to the question of legitimacy; thus, let it be known that Prince Hall Masons should not act as an authority on which Masonic Order is "clandestine" and which lodges should be accepted as "regular' Freemasonry. Thus, if you are referring to the term Moor as a Nationality (meaning Moorish American) and having affiliations with the Moorish Science Temple of America, I would not say that Moors belonging to MSTA are more affiliated with Prince Hall Masonry. Yet, I have met a sizable number of brothers who entered Freemasonry prior to their coming into the knowledge of self and joined MSTA after their Masonic initiation in which they did not feel the necessity to relinquish their Masonic membership because the Moorish worldview is not in contradictory to origin of the Masonic worldview. Moreover, there is an interdependency and correlation relative to both claiming aspects of the Ancient knowledge".

"There are some small cells in Prince Hall Masonry who know and accept that we are the original people of the planet and make every attempt to practice African Centered principles relative to embracing the knowledge. Now, if you are using the term Moor in its most broadest context as it relates to defining the African American (non-affiliation with MSTA); it is my opinion, that in most cities and towns Prince Hall Masonry is visible and for better or worst, it has always carried a high reputation in the so-called African American community (in particular amongst petiti-Bourgeoisie Blacks) and Black people looked at PHA as having a brand name (it attracted the social mobile class such as judges, lawyers, police officers, bankers, school teachers, politicians, etc., any many non-social mobile blacks joined because of allege influence and power these brothers had (traditionally speaking). But take for example, depending on what city or community you may live in which the visibility of Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic lodges (AF&AM) or International Free and Accepted Lodges just lacked appeal in certain geographical regions of the country. There were very few visible Moorish Freemasonic Rites lodges and by Prince Hall Masons being the largest black Masonic organization in America, it has reaped the membership benefits".

Nanya Asumu El: "Peace. I had read one of your articles about the free and accepted masons and your views on Dr. York. Very interesting and i wanted to know if you had any historical information on Noble Drew Ali. For there is a lot of confusion concerning his history, his Masonic affiliations, etc... I was trying to conduct a research on him and the early M.S.T.A Have found no records of the Cannanite temple or anything prior to 25 or 27. If there is any info that your willing to share please do so. Peace~ Nanya Asumu El."

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Brother: Nanya Asumu El: I am actually just receiving your email; it actually was relegated to SPAM mail and from time to time I do check my SPAM mail and saw this message from you. So, I do apologize for not getting this message when you sent it on December 6, 2010. My point I was not being disrespectful by ignoring your message, I just do not know why it was shot to my SPAM mail. Here is my recommendation relative to your research, I am part of the Ancient Kushite Site in which a lot of Moors, Masons, Muslims, Hebrews, Kemetic Science, etc., are a part and knowledge is being dispersed on a high level. There is a heavy Moor representation that is part of the site and a lot of positive building takes place. There is one brother whom I respect dearly his name is Brother Sheik Robert Stone-El who is part of the site and is a very knowledgeable Moor. The brother who is the owner of the site his name is Brother Zachary Gremillion who authored the book titled "African Origin of Freemasonry". Lastly, I recommend that you join the site: Here is the link
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CushiteMas...">http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CushiteMas...">http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CushiteMas...Bro. Dasun Allah: "Peace, We are in agreement on many levels. Mind detect mind. I am not bound to any one school of thought either, although The Nation of Gods and Earths, Supreme Math and Alphabets, and 120 are my foundation in High Science. We are given 120 degrees, it is up to us to add on to complete that cipher of 360 degrees, including the 120 of understanding, the best part. I would appreciate exchanging ideas and viewpoints with you".

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Bro. Dasun Allah: Brother I am honored and humbled by your reaching out. I am always encouraged by other enlightened bloggers, in particular those who have acquired the knowledge of self and understand our collective plight relative to our job, duty and responsibility to the 85% those who were systematically made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self. So I am open to BUILDING and as a student of the knowledge I am equally open to learning. Thus, as stated initially I write to give our people a serious perspective in which I have no other choice, but to stand on truth and do all I can in the way of truth. Some time this position can render you unpopular and even ostracize you for standing perpendicular on the square (this is a small price we pay for freedom). Let’s continue to build and make knowledge BORN".

Bro. Dasun Allah: "Of course. So, how did you come into your present mindset and level of craft?"

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Brother: I have traveled various paths, which led me to different truths and validations and simultaneously, it also caused me to reevaluate and reassess and debunk some earlier positions that I may have held. This eventually led me to becoming a Free Thinker and an outside box thinker who is not bind to one school of thought. Lastly, I started to see that organized religion was failing humanity and this led me to spirituality. I began writing over twenty years ago and may be about five years ago I started Internet blogging in which I have always offered alternative viewpoints, I desired to get people to think and to be conscious about their reality. This still remains my present plight".

Entered Apprentice: "Greetings bro knight, I'll get right to the point a week ago i was accepted in East Gate Lodge here in Houston...week from tonight I'm to return wearing all black waist down and white t-shirt..my father was a mason-True Level Lodge...he passed away in '91 but before he did he brought it up again...i read a whole lot online but can you drop a little knowledge and insight(direction)...please recommend 3 books(not necessarily for beginners but illustrated/wisdom)...this i sincerely want. thanks---Shalom...once I saw a pyramid online upside down with a figure on top, what reference does that have?"

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Good Brother, let me first, thank you for your correspondence. Now, if I am reading your message correctly, you have been initiated into the First Degree. But at that point your Worshipful Master should have giving every new candidate a new name, which is Caution and each Entered Apprentice should be told not to this discuss Masonry until the Square and Compass is placed in the right, complete and full points/positions. So some of this is only offered to the Candidate after he is raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. So I would rather that you posed these questions after you have been raised from a dead level to a living perpendicular on the square. How a candidate is brought into the lodge is not up for discussion on the Internet, at least not with me. I remain open to this conversation as you travel upward. Remember Caution is an EA name. Question: Is your lodge Prince Hall Affiliated?"

Entered Apprentice: "Peace to you brother Fahim; thanks for responding so promptly...did a split shift so late when got in...no not initiated yet but accepted and Thursday coming initiation to be conducted...never intended to spill anything online just read so many your different blogs...(not to mention all those other characters/fakes/haters)...i chose you to reach out to for specific reason...my main concern and thank you again is source material that is trustworthy...recall i wanted 3 book titles that you would trust...there are multiple dozens online...umpteen sites...just needed a little steering before commitment..are you allowed to recommend books...heading back to work...hope to have a response after 6pm".

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace good Brother; thank you again for reaching out to; I respect you for that. However, as a newly candidate, we shouldn't confuse the potential candidate with bias or un-bias information. Thus, Freemasonry is best understood via the dramatization of the ritual and trust me no book is going to prepare you for the experience that will take place that night. I know you are a wise and perceptive brother and you already have access to hundreds of books and sources that I cited throughout my articles posted on my Keeping it Real Blog site relative to Freemasonry. So this much I already know. Yet, I would like to see you Entered, Initiated, Passed and Raised before I recommend a few good books (you would appreciate them more and make the immediate connection with your experience). You are going to have plenty of information that is going to require you to commit to memorization and you are not going to have time for nothing else as you go through this process. Freemasonry is an intense study process. Ok brother those are my thoughts and as stated in my first response I remain open and look toward further dialog".

Entered Apprentice: "Greetings and Peace bro. Fahim...you may recall a previous text or 2 ago concerning my initiation this past Thursday...it was all U said it would be and more...if you recall I mentioned my Dad was a mason who passed in '91 and i mentioned to a brother after the ceremony that i'd be looking among Dad's belongings for several books of his which my Mom kept till her passing in '09....they were adamantly against this...yet I was only given a pamphlet/printout /illustration...as an only son I'm gonna retrieve them...or no...thanks and did you get 2 previous texts...1 earlier today and another 3 days ago...I'm reading Poor Blind Candidate for a 2nd time...Shalom Good Brother".

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Congratulations on your initiation (Entered) in which you were symbolic brought from darkness to LIGHT and remember each brother and fellow were brought this same way before you and I. The First Degree (Entered Apprentice) is perhaps in my opinion on of the most important degrees (and definitely one of the most beautiful degrees) that can be bestowed on the candidate. You were divest of all Metallic substance (there is so much in this symbolic process and you will come to know why I am placing emphasis in this area). My condolence to you relative to your dad a MASON and BROTHER he has been rewarded to travel to that undiscovered place that No Traveler Return. No, I did not receive any emails from you last week; if you would like to; you can re-forwarded them to me. Yes, my article the "Poor Blind Candidate" is a very good one for newly initiated Masonic candidates".

Entered Apprentice: "Peace be unto you my Brother; thanks for the congrats and encouragement...how and where do i uncover the symbolic meaning of being" divested of all metallic substances"? You recall last E-mail i mentioned my Dad's books...well i found them-Duncans Ritual of Freemasonry and Look to the East(ritual of the 1st 3 degrees)...Years ago I heard a Police Constable(you know how they hang out at certain corner stores)say that his Captain was his sheepmaster but it didn't mean anything then...Thursday night it was mentioned in a circle of brethren...are you able to provide any insight".

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace good brother being divested of ALL METALLIC SUBSTANCE is deeply rooted in Masonic principle, but after you were stripped of all metals; someone covered this request during your transition from darkness to Light; thus, as you travel in life and meet the destitute (your Masonic brothers and humanity) you will recall what and why these lessons were imparted to you; that is all I will say about that. But as you take the next two steps after demonstrating Masonic proficiency all of this will eventually connect itself. I fail to mention in the earlier correspondence that as the only SON of your decease father you are definitely entitled to his jewels, books, aprons, etc. (we often advise a widow to only turn this over once the SON has reached the level of Master Mason). Now! We do not accept Duncan Ritual or Lester Looking to the East as legitimate Masonic monitors in that these books can be purchased over the counter. We are only instructed in the ECCE (Ecce Orienti: Rites and Ceremonies) which is written in code and taught in code".

Sister Salome Solomon: "Dear Mr. Knight,I want to say thanks for your writings on TDG. I came across it while doing a search.
The other day, I was telling myself for the umteenth time "No more books? I must stop buying all these books, where does it all lead, its just some never ending path! And what's the point when I have no teacher?"

"Then I've also, been curiously wondering why I have this desire for Islam that I though had vanished from my mind but has mysteriously reemerged in my consciousness. It's like something keep telling me that that is a path I must undertake--but I don't know what for or even how. Do I just walk into a Masjid one day?"

"I tend to imagine that my personality, and my universal outlook on religion, spirituality would not allow me to fit into an Islamic community or Masjid. Yet, something in me wants to experience Islam but I do not know where to begin. I've had a Koran for many years, I sometimes read it".

"I had a friend/teacher once. We were together only a few years. He was actually a metaphysician/healer (turned out that he was also a Freemason -past, past, past, past Master he once told me, and although he was an ordained minister he never started a church, he did not even go to church and he was Muslim) that last part puzzled me a little back then because his business where he practice healing/occult arts in Neark, NJ was called House of Osiris and Isis. I used to wonder how it all came together--how me made it all one".

"As I'm writing to you now, I'm beginning to see that maybe I should not be frustrated or confused by the ecclectic collection of spiritual books that I started collecting since I was a teenager, starting with the Bhagavda Gita. It gets very frustrating not having a teacher. Reverend EL also shared with me something you shared in your blog--that when the student is ready....He told me that I don't need to travel to far off lands or have a guru to attain wisdom. He told me briefly of how he had a guru once--and years later I realized he was giving me a lesson for my future".

"There have been times when the Master has appeared to me usually heard but not seen (seen only once) and I realize that teachers come into our lives in corporeal forms as well or in any form that nature manifest whether a bum an infant an animal or the ocean, I have gotten wisdom in a split second by witnessing such as these BUT I feel that I need a teacher, like Reverend EL was to me--someone to ask questions or to guide me to knowledge. I have so many books".

Like you, I have had many books that I could not read for many years-if I tried I could not comprehend them, and then one day I'd be led to pick up that book and begin reading and studying natural as ever. I know I'm guided, but I feel isolated like a hermit much of my life because its just me and my books-- frankly, think of them [books] as my friends/family--I wouldn't want to live without the wisdom they impart".

"I guess I'm writing to acknowledge you as a kindred spirit, I guess. And also to acknowledge you for taking the time to put the information, knowledge, wisdom on the web as you have. I've printed Freemasonry and Islam: What do they share? and a couple others that you wrote so that I can go back and read at my leasure. But, you made me realize today my desire to discover Islam is not a step off my path, its acually the next step and the Master/Teacher hasn't literally appeared to tell me to take that step but has been speaking it to me for a few years now. The universe has not forsaken me, rather, it is my own ignorance that has been stopping me. Maybe the teacher is somewhere I need to go to meet him/her. You have been my teacher this morning, the universe has used you to assist me in my search. I thank God and I thank you for being a useful servant in His kingdom. Sincerely, Salome Solomon"

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Peace Sister Solomon: I first, would to like once again thank you for contacting me and reading my articles on the TDG Internet forum. I have traveled many paths and still remain open to other paths that the creator may lead me toward in the future. I must say, each path, was a necessary step in my spiritual development; it was the lessons and experiences gathered, which became the ultimate benefit for me. The first lesson that was imparted, it took me over twenty years to grasp and come to the realization of the interconnectedness of the divine principles of truth. We often search outside ourselves looking for answers—these longings often lead us to organized religion and we began to embrace external concepts while our deep spiritual inner self suffers and our development does not reach its full potential. Our lives become cycles of incomplete energy and there is always a yearning to make ourselves whole".

"I think Islam like the other two Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism and Christianity) Traditions could be beautiful experiences for those who seek these formalized paths. My sister you should pursue that Islamic yearning, but based on how you describe where you are in space and time; its not difficult for me to be honest and say that organized religion will be to confining to person that has reached the spiritual development of where you are".

"You already know and probably have anticipated what your Islamic experience is going to be because you are Free Thinker. When you have studied eastern based philosophy and thought—there is a certain spiritual freedom that comes with this paradigm and it is difficult to overlook the internal spiritual beauty that embodies a non-confining set of ideals. Western religion and thought binds and put us in mental constraints and I think you have had enough experience with the Metaphysics to know that we as a macrocosm body (entity) is linked to the microcosm—small heavenly bodies".

"Our quest should be to find and embrace all divine laws and universal truths—and let this be our source and guide, and negate artificial schools of thought. Yes, indeed if Islam is calling you, why not answer the calling? But the most spiritual of all the Islamic faiths is Sufi Islam. It just requires you finding a Mosque or Masjid and walking in and at least answer that inner voice that is leading you toward this path (perhaps there is a lesson that the Divine desire to impart to you".

"I must admit traveling certain spiritual paths can be a lonely journey and often isolation is one of those human variables at time that is difficult to grasp because we seem to think, perhaps it is us and not willing to accept the consequence that it could be them (stay on your path). The Creator leads and guides who he/she pleases and there is no mistake of what you are doing right now and maybe you are ducking your life purpose".

"You are vessel that can be used to bring humanity to a certain spiritual understanding; I hear a liberated soul; do not let all that positive energy go to waste—those books (knowledge) came to you for a higher purpose, but you need to implement that wisdom to better yourself and everything around you. You are Sage and Guru; my sister you do not need a teacher, you are the teacher. Thus, your words are words that reveal that the Master has already spoken to you. You have a mighty and divine assignment (but it is really simple--TEACHER, TEACHER TEACHER). Now, please accept this assignment honorably and go out an enlighten humanity".

Ancient Sky Man: "Fahim,I enjoyed your post. The Ancient Egyptians ascribe their civilization to something . . do you know what and who? Also, what's the Egyptian name for Hermes (as Hermes Trismegarus is Greek)/ All a matter of degrees".

Fahim A. Knight-El: "Thank you Ancient Skyman; Hermes Trismegarus had many attributes, thus he is best personified as Thoth and also known in the Hebrew (Jewish) legends as Enoch. He is also allegorically explained in the personification of Mercury. Those of us who study Kemetic studies know him best under the name of Tuti. The name Hermes according to scholars like Dr. Manly P. Hall gives the etymological root of the word (name) Hermes deriving from "Herm" a form of CHiram and you could see why and how this fits into the Masonic worldview. Now, the first part of your question I do not totally understand or may be I do know how to answer it. So I will allow others to weigh in on this discussion as well".

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@ yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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