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By: Fahim A. Knight-El

When I reflect on the prior year of 2010, and as we embark upon the New Year 2011, it is difficult for me, to welcome the in coming so-called New Year with optimism and joy (I predict more of the same). Our nation is unjustly engaged in two unpopular wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq in which these conflicts have emotionally and economically drained the American people (who are really behind driving these wars?). Our nation, which was once politically and economically strong and prosperous, now has become weak and a shamelessly debtor nation of the world amongst the other G-7 nations. Thus, a very unfamiliar global status for one of the premier "First World" governments and superpowers of the 20th century and of all times, which was once the number one creditor nation in the world and in less than twenty-five years this reality has dissipated. The crashing of the financial markets in 2008 exposed our vulnerability as a nation. Greed has led to an unhealthy imbalance on the planet and it has interfered and disrupted the imbedded spiritual laws that govern cause and effect (we have entered into a “Karmic Cycle”).

Sir Isaac Newton popularized this principle: “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions”. What great truths. However, we know that the ancient Nubians of Kemet (Egypt) had mastered these universal principles long before Newton received the credit for this theory—here is my point, the United States has reaped havoc throughout the planet and the forces and energy that governs the universe have turned on man and the planet (man has created this imbalance and it will prove to be devastating for present and future generations to come) is letting us know in its own way that something is terribly wrong.

The social scientist and psychologist need to psycho-analyze its own public policy and establish profiles of how these variables impact and effect human behavior, as opposed to constantly looking to understand the mental state of those who commit what appears to be indiscriminate acts of violence against humanity. Perhaps, it’s the culture that is deranged and has become the driving force behind the violence that permeates America.

This writer does not look toward religion for an explanation in matters like these unlike most people who are in search of proof and evidence often turn for answers in religion. This writer does not believe that religion can give us a honest assessment or provide us with practical solutions, in which he recognized along time ago that religion was perhaps the biggest con ever to be played on humanity (it covertly works hand-in-hand with the government). Religion is designed to keep people asleep and obedient and under control and subservient to the status quo. People in America, in particular and globe in general, are presently hurting and are yearning for answers beyond their ability to rationalize their existence and purpose as human beings on earth, which has caused them to negate spirituality in their pursuit and quest to define the meaning of this thing we call life. Religion bait (sucker) them in like a vacuum and then seeks to further influence their fears by manipulating their thinking and money at the expense of their position of uncertain vulnerability and search for answers (hustle and deception is often their modus operandi).

The Pope of Roman (the Catholic Church, perhaps one of the wealthiest institutions in world—the Vatican, a city within a city) he is a masterful liar and deceiver (he prays and worship to a black Madonna and Child)—translate to mean he worships a black Mary and Black baby Jesus and come right out as though he does not have an inkling that the present Robber Barons who occupy Palestine are not the original inhabitants. He also knows that Christianity was set-up (or better yet distorted) at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. by Constantine and the version these deceivers agreed upon did not resemble the original Ethiopian (Coptic) Text, which the Coptics had thousands of years before the Europeans came in contact with the original source (they were practicing Christianity long before Christ).

The Pope also knows unless he commissions a true revision of the scriptures relative to theologically imposing addendums and appendages to include the so-called lost books of the Bible—humanity will remain at lost. Nevertheless, failure to do this will continue to perpetuate a theological dichotomy of lies and half-truths. People can no longer find comfort in religion and it’s quickly losing its appeal because the contradictions are so obvious. How in the hell can you tell me to pray and preach moral excellence and our religious leaders supports the murdering of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan (the clerics and politicians have the same agenda because they have the same master).

President Obama as our U.S. Commander-in-chief is over one of the most vicious killing machines in the world and he has plenty of blood on his hands. No. I do not want to pray with these damnable hypocrites. President Barack Obama is a liar—he promised the American people that his foreign policy would be different than President George W. Bush, but I guest APIAC has this Negro in a chokehold and he has betrayed every campaign promise that he made to the American people relative to ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They even control the flow of war images and propaganda (electronic and print) that are to be shown to the American people (we are systematically spoon fed our perspectives in order to shape and mold public opinion in their image and likeness—our thoughts aren't really our thoughts). The unmerciful killings of innocent and defenseless men, women and children that are being murdered by United States arm forces in Iraq and Afghanistan is scandalous and criminal, if the truth was revealed, it would create such a public outcry (these war atrocities are enough to make a brass monkey cry). The daily violation of Islamic culture, law and society—the raping of its women and children and ravaging and pillaging of these two Muslim societies are two of the worst criminal acts in the twenty-first century.

They filter and sanitize the news reporting to create and depict a storyline, which comforts our psychological vision (which fosters individual and societal detachment from reality) of these massive acts of violence that are enormous in nature and yet the media systematically turn them into insignificant diminutive storylines (in order to shield their crimes and control any potential public resistance). They learned this strategy and tactic from the Vietnam War where they use to show the images of thousands of U.S. soldiers who were killed by the defenseless people of Vietnam (they learned that these images were demoralizing and it effected the ultimate propaganda objective and since the Vietnam conflict, war is dealt with as a sophisticated public relations ploy) but the Vietnamese were able to challenge the U.S. military forces based on their skilled fighting techniques in guerilla warfare. The media at that time in history would televise dead U.S. soldiers returning to Dover Air Force Base (Dover, Delaware) in body bags and it was these type television images (that led to sensitizing Americans about the human tragedies associated with war) public that gave fuel to the anti-war movement of the 1960s and 1970s (damage control is high priority in the art of war in 2011).

The United States Government—CIA, U.S. State Department and the office of Homeland Security are very selective of images that are released from war torn areas (hot zones) for public consumption (they must first receive clearance from the Department of Defense). Our sensibility and our natural human instinct would reject seeing Arab children (or any children) murdered and slaughtered as innocent civilians in this so-called Global War on Terrorism, which is nothing, but a sophisticated lie to continue stealing oil in the Ramallah Oil fields and propping up a reactionary puppet government in Iraq that is surely to collapse, the minute the U.S. Forces retreat to the next foreign country to steal another nations natural resources.

The so-called Global War on Terrorism viewed from the 21st century contextual lens allows for a justification to impose "neo-neo-colonialism" rule on smaller and weaker nations with the same or similar objectives of how the Cold War (Global War on Terrorism looks a lot like the geopolitical world prior to 1989 before the Berlin Wall came tumbling down) and the international politics of old, which was rooted in imperialism and colonialism (NATO versus WARSAW Pact nations). The so-called war on terrorism also allows for nations sovereignty to be compromised while a foreign military occupier such as the United States is permitted to operate no different than past colonial masters (No United Nations intervention is forthcoming based on how the international terrorism laws are structured and formulated).

The Rockefellers are slowly raising oil prices—just reason with me for a moment, Iraq has the second largest oil reserve in the world next to the Zionist controlled and U.S. puppet nation of Saudi Arabia and yet global oil prices are increasing and it's not OPEC to blame, but the Rockefellers decide how the flow of oil will take place relative to supply and demand—they are the beneficiaries of the trillions of petrodollars by manipulating global oil resources. They play all types of games on the American people and the globe. Thanks to the Internet the reporting or certain information is not a total Blackout (or better yet a total whiteout), but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and all the other enemies of Free Speech are working swiftly to control this medium because they feel it is dangerous for the ignorant masses to have access to un-sanitized information that might wake a few of us from our slumber.

The American Government is bankrupt both financially and morally and all of this has taken a toll on the American people (when will the next unannounced shooter or mass murderer pop up and we again yell insanity?). The 2008 economic meltdown and the so-called crashing of the United States and global economy not only devastated the financial markets, but social scientist have not adequately evaluated and assessed the short and long term effects these variables have had on the mental health of society. This has led to an increase in anxiety and fretfulness that our traditional modes of how the American people made a living within a credit based system was being treaded upon. Thus, nothing prepared the American people for this sudden shift and shockwave nor was society prepared to deal with the social and psychological ramifications both short term and long term. The psychology of the nation is vulnerable and people are very uneasy about the state of domestic and global affairs. The American people feel betrayed by the false promises and the default on those promises made by the government and President Barack Obama—he has lied repeatedly to the American people and although, he inherited a decimated government from his fellow Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg comrade George W. Bush. These two global supreme entities are the invisible forces behind all misery. He still must shoulder some blame in this crisis.

I am not a student of psychology nor have I thoroughly studied the concepts of Sigmund Freud and Carl Yung in order to be considered an authority in this area of discipline. But I have always found the human mind fascinating and intriguing, and there still remains so much that we still do not know about all the intricate parts of how the human psyche functions.

But this takes me right into the Tucson, Arizona massacre or assassination attempt in which six people were killed and thirteen injured this included the killing of a federal judge and the attempt assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The allege killer Jared L. Loughner like all prior assailants of this type, they are immediately discredited and labeled a lunatic and sociopath by the talking heads and the government—they often further spruce their argument by labeling the assailant as angry, loner and was perhaps inspired by conspiracy theories, as well as assessing the Internet sites they frequent in order to establish a negative pattern to further discredit these type individuals as weird and bizarre (and capable of committing mass murder).

This public disposition immediately brings a false sense of security and artificial comfort to the American people, knowing that the authorities in less than 24 hours of these type incidents have already determined that the shooter Loughner to be so-called mentally deranged. But law enforcement always establishes this type profile (as a discrediting indicator), which to depict any person who seeks to running aloof from the established laws of the land and the norms of society—their behavior and action is never analyzed to determine, if their gripe had any substantial merit and what was it that led Jared L. Loughner and others like him off the so-called deep end? Thus, in raising certain questions and having this conversation, we are in no way condoning the violent act committed by Loughner and we condemn violence in all forms and our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims and the families of this massacre.

However, these acts of social rebellion become easy to dismiss and written off as being unprovoked acts of violence being committed by nut cases. Yet, this contention allows the government and even society to escape any culpability and not shoulder any blame for the societal anger and the overwhelming discontent that is festering in the United States. The violence that is spewing represents the symptoms of a sin sick nation in which people are launching out at any perceived symbols that represents the power apparatus (the true causes are very seldom explored and the symptoms are always given to over exaggeration).

For example, remember just last February Joseph Andrew Stack a 53 year old man flew a small plane into the local Austin, Texas Internal Revenue Service (IRS), thus killing himself and wounding two others (it is easy to dismiss this erratic behavior as an insane suicide case); it was reported that after 20 years the IRS had ripped him off and he felt driven to avenge what he perceived to be an unconstitutional shakedown agency. But perhaps Stack and many others have questioned the constitutionality and legitimacy of the powers of the IRS from its inception in 1913. Surely taxation without representation is tyranny and the question of the definition of one's individual labor versus it applicability to be subject to income tax has spewed various radical and militant schools of thought about the legality of the IRS (some have challenged the IRS in U.S. Courts declaring tax immunity and tax amnesty). This writer a few years ago viewed a documentary produced by the late filmmaker, Aaron Russo titled, "American Fascism" in which Russo's film questioned the legality of the establishment of the Federal Reserve and IRS (many do not believe that the 535 members of U.S. Congress represents the legitimate political aspirations of the masses). So they are being taxed without representation because the elected officials represent the interest of the Fortune 500 corporations and not the American people.

We have to ask ourselves whether not the Timothy McVeighs and Terry Nichols (who committed mass murder in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building) on April 19, 1995 or back on November 5, 2009 Nidal Malik Hasan who shot up the military base at Fort Hood Texas (turned on his fellow soldiers). What are the lessons beyond the propaganda? We have witness violent school incidents like what took place on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado or what took place at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Perhaps these incidents of violence are mere coincidental carried out by psychologically deranged individuals. Perhaps we should take a moment to assess and evaluate and look to understand the mindset of these individuals and seek to gather a better understanding and not always take the government version at face value—I believe some of these type crimes are more of an indictment on society (these are crimes of social and political disillusionment).

Some might recall back on August 21, 1992, in Ruby Ridge, Idaho the incident involving Randy Weaver (a known militia man) where heavily armed U.S. Marshal’s and government officials unjustly killed his son and wife in a shootout on his private land (I do not have time to recap this story just Google search his name and do your own investigation and research). Many believe that the U.S. Government can not escape culpability relative to this present day climate of hate—the hate that hate produced. Also, the government created a similar incident on April 19, 1993 in Waco, Texas with David Koresh (a militia proponent and a Messianic religious leader) who headed an organization named the Branch Davidians; the ATF unjustly killed seventy-six people in a blazing inferno on the compound in which many believe the fire was intentionally set by U.S. Federal agents. (once again Google David Koresh and do your own research).

Last, but not least, on May 13, 1985 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a Black Nationalist organization named MOVE headed by John Africa was bombed to death by Philadelphia police department along with special agents assigned from the federal government (this bombing at that time was un-precedent). This was a horrid crime committed on innocent members of the MOVE organization, which led to the unjustified killings of 11 people—men, women and children and destroyed 65 homes. This reactionary atrocity took place at the helm of Black Mayor named Wilson Goode (once again part of your assignment is to Internet search John Africa and the MOVE organization).

What do these crimes truly tells us about our nation and society? America has become a social tender box and is exploding on herself—people feel betrayed by our government (and may be these acts of violence are the new sedition and treason that we should come to expect in the future). Although, as I have stated above, the status quo would prefer for us to view these incidents as mere isolated incidents that are being carried out by mentally deranged individuals (in some cases they are absolutely correct, but in some of the other cases that have I cited above, it is kind of difficult to determine if the police were the mentally deranged ones—Ruby Ridge, Idaho, Waco Texas, Philadelphia and John Africa and the MOVE Organization). We as the public should always demand for nothing short other than the truth and a full and complete investigation in these type matters and not be swayed by the winds of emotions (government rhetoric and propaganda).

Lastly, this writer will never dismiss the possibility that perhaps these incidents of violence are being systematically staged (out of Langley, Virginia) and orchestrated by the FBI and CIA in order to induce panic and fear, but the ultimate objective is to shape and mold public opinion and influence public policy. The Jared L. Loughner incident in Tucson, Arizona will no doubt fuel, the debate relative to gun control and during emotional times like this, it is easy for the powers-that-be to sway and manipulate public opinion (the dumbfound masses do not know whether they are coming or going). The United States Government has had it sights on repealing the Second Amendment (giving the citizens the right to bear arms) of the United States Constitution even before John W. Hinckley, Jr., attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981—gun control has been high on the government’s agenda. The 112th U.S. Congress with its number of Tea Party members who aspire quasi-militia and patriot philosophical views and who are proponents of being constitutional constructionist and wholeheartedly believe in the citizens right to bear arms (the first official duty of these new congressional patriots was the out loud reading of the United States Constitution on the floor of the congress).

This writer is assuming this gesture was a public reaffirming of their loyalty to protect and defend the United States Constitution. Also, many of them, already believe that the United States Government is to involved in the personal lives of its citizens relative to the question of civil liberties and the consistent infringing on State Rights by the federal government and much as the Tucson, Arizona massacre was horrendous and unconscionable, I do not know if Rand Paul and the good ole boys are willing to put down their guns for the sake of a legislative truce. But to ask them to support gun control legislation in my opinion is a huge political stretch.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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