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This writer wrote an article entitled "HIRAM ABIFF: SYMBOLIC OF THE BLACK MAN IN AMERICA" October 13, 2008, in which the article as far as, a thought had laid dormant inside of me for perhaps over ten to fifteen years; this is when I actually began to write the article, but just could not pull my Masonic research together in order to at least put forth a half way decent argument that would be empirical and scholarly. This writer in 2008 was contacted by an active United States Serviceman named Wayne T. Muhammad who had read some of my articles relative to Islam and Freemasonry, but he was more interested in my opinions on Hiram Abiff being an allegorical prototype of the African American experience. Mr. Muhammad was doing some writing in this area and this writer thinks that he was searching to see what other writers and scholars have said on this topic.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam have always drawn this parallel between Hiram Abiff and the Black man of America and it was always an intriguing topic for me and no doubt, it caught my intellectual imagination some years ago. No other group has taught on this aspect of Masonic History, Hiram Abiff and Black man’s plight and their sojourn in America being kidnapped from Africa and robbed of the knowledge of self as a symbolic parallel to the mythological character Hiram Abiff other than the Nation of Islam.

This writer has sat under many lectures being delivered by the late Minister Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad and Minister Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad; both of these ministers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had the ability to make Speculative Masonry come alive and could decode the symbolism and take all the Masonic lessons back to Kemet (Egypt) where our ancient ancestors had mastered Operative Masonry and Speculative Masonry.

Yes, the Egyptian Mystery Schools predated European Freemasonry by some thousands of years and the basis of modern Masonry rest upon the esoteric, occult and mythical lessons that were being observed and practice as moral lessons based on the Kemetic sciences. The Masonic regalia, rituals, signs and symbols go back to Kemet, for one to argue this is a sign of ignorance and perhaps it is this denial that has fueled Masonic racism—Royal Arch Masonry, Blue Lodge Masonry, Scottish Rite Masonry, Mystic Shrine Masonry, York Rite Masonry, etc., have an interdependency on the ancient teachings and scrolls of Kemet, without Kemet (Egypt) these Orders would have a difficult time existing.

Some scholars have tried to sum up the intellectual geniuses and the creative energy of Kemet (Egypt) by trying to interpret and explain its rituals and symbolism in books such as the “Egyptian Book of Dead” and others have turned to the “Kyballion” but the Kemtic wisdom is infinite in which it can not be contained; not even, in all the volumes of books recorded by the ancients. The Original Man was a Master Builder and had the building skills that would put an artificer and craftsman like Hiram Abiff the Widow’s Son to shame. In Masonic liturgy Hiram Abiff is considered an allegorical story and a symbolic story in which the biblical account does not go hand and hand with the Freemasonic Speculative Masonic theories.

This writer is very familiar with works of Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas; “The Hiram Key: Pharaoh’s, Freemasons, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus” and Robert Lomas: “Turning The Hiram Key”. These are new Masonic writers argue to a certain extent that Hiram Abiff perhaps was a mortal being who walked this earth, but if you are looking for a much older source who contradicts Lomas and Knight; here is one for you "Who is Hiram Abiff?" by J.S.M Ward, which was first published in 1925, and he records a number of historical characters and allegories associated with the name of Hiram Abiff that transcends many ancient societies and cultures. My Brother Zachary Gremillion author of the book titled, ”African Origins of Freemasonry” and founder and Soverign Grand Master of non-Masonic order named the Imperial Cushite Order, Ancient Grand Lodge of Khamet. Brother Gremillion always end his blog posting with this quote "Who is that its is he whom was slain that now lives". The answer to this question can only be understood, if my readers know who is the original man?

The Kemitic (Egyptians) had mastered science, medicine, architect, art, philosophy chemistry, religion (spirituality), etc. The story of Hiram Abiff, the Widow’s Son was borrowed from the ancient story of Osiris (Asar), Isis (Aset), and Horus (Huru); (the Father, Son and Holy Ghost)—the birth, death, resurrection and ascension that we attribute to Hiram Abiff, it was actually predated by some thousands of years by the Osirian Myth, even before the advent of Isa bin Yusuf or Yeshua ben Yosef (better known in the West as Jesus Christ—the so-called Son of God).
These legends were rooted in the Sun God and Solar God concepts. For example, right-minded historians and social scientists have traced these rituals and customs back to the worship of the Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice; in fact Kersey Graves in his monumental book titled, “The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors” he listed at least sixteen World Saviors that had the exact same identical advents attributed to their lives that we have associated with Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph). These are the facts and they are undisputable.

The Caucasian history only goes back 6,000 years. So we do know this much, the original people of Kemet were not Caucasians and we further know to a great extent that the Nubians have a much older civilization than western man. So what was the likelihood of the people of Kemet being Nubians, as opposed to Caucasians (I know historian Erik Von Daniken said the ancient pyramid builders dropped out of space (lol). Second point, the works of Dr. Cheik Anta Diop and Dr. John Jackson in which both of these scholars have done monumental work in anthropology, Egyptology, archeology, genetics, race, paleontology, etc. and have verified that Kemet (Egypt) was a Nubian culture.

Here is another good source "Destruction of Black Civilization" by Dr. Chancellor Williams. He traced how in Kemet (Kemet) the darker skinned original people were pushed to the south. Now, we also know this much for a fact, the people that occupies Egypt today are Johnny-come-lately imposters along with their Semitic kith and kin those who called themselves Jews. The question that I that pose to those who opposed me is, who is the original man?

One writer gives us the linage of the people of Kemet as it is traced from the Biblical context.

According to the Bible the ancient Egyptians were descended from Ham through the line of Mizraim. Ham had four sons: Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan (Genesis 10:6). The name "Mizraim" is the original name given for Egypt in the Hebrew Old Testament. Many Bibles will have a footnote next to the name "Mizraim" explaining that it means "Egypt." The name "Egypt" itself actually comes to us from the Greeks who gave the Land that name (i.e. "Aegyptos" from the Greek). In addition to the name "Mizraim," the ancient Egyptians also referred to their land as "Kemet" which means "Land of the Blacks." Western historians, however, say that the word "Kemet" refers to the color of the soil of the land rather than its people. But, the word "Kemet" is actually an ethnic term being a derivative of the word "Khem" (Cham or Ham) which means "burnt" or "black." Ham, who was one of the three sons of Noah and the direct ancestor of the Egyptians, was black. The Bible, in the Old Testament, repeatedly refers to Egypt as the "Land of Ham" (i.e., Psalm 105:23, 27; 106:22).

Regarding the ancient Egyptians, there is also considerable historical evidence, aside from the Holy Bible, that they were of Black or Negro origin. Even today the true Egyptian is not to be found in the cities but in the country sides and farmlands of Egypt. Most of the Egyptians in the cities carry a mixed ancestry of European and Asian, but mostly Asian from the immigration and invasions of various people into Egypt throughout the centuries. Very few people realize that Cleopatra was of Greek origin because the Greeks once ruled Egypt and she was descended from one of those Greek rulers. The true Egyptian found in the countryside, however, has dark brown to black skin and very pronounced Negro features. This is particularly true the further south one travels in Egypt. It was from the south that the original pharaohs and the people of Egypt settled the land. The original rulers and builders of Egyptian civilization were of completely Black or Negro origin.

This writer had read the works of great Caucasian scholars such as Albert Churchward, Gerald Massey, Sir Godfrey Higgins, George Frazer, etc., who pointed to Kemet (Egypt) as being the cradle of civilization from which all knowledge sprung. I had also, read a book written in 1954 by George G.M. James titled, "Stolen Legacy" in which James attributes Greek Mythology as being stolen Egyptian philosophy and since Freemasonry is built on these scientific and mathematical principles this led me to investigate Kemet (Egypt) further and this is where I found the root of all Masonic teachings. Thus, for those who might not know when this writer speaks if Egypt, he is not referring to the Middle East, Egypt is in Africa.

Manly P. Hall and Albert G. Mackey and all the great Masonic writers pointed us to Kemet (Egypt) where this great craft received its origin. On the walls of the great pyramids it was inscribed "Man Know Thyself" and as a people of African descendant we had been made blind to the knowledge of self and Freemasonry or Speculative (philosophical) Masonry had enough in its teachings to verify that this society had ancient origins that went further back than 1717. The origin gave us a black reality and all the Masonic schools of thought came from African people

This writer is laying this historical foundation because we must be able to overturn the tricks, lies and deceptions that Caucasian Freemasons have infused into Masonic historical ideology giving us the false impression that it was in England in 1717 that these enlightened men where the founders of Freemasonry. Thus, starting from this historical premise, is to negate the Nubian origin of Freemasonry and it is this fuel that keeps the social and political antagonism and divisiveness that exist between Black and White Freemasonry on the front burner.

But beneath the historical social tension between the Black and White Masonic Orders are the racial rules that society at-large has played by since the 1440s when the Portuguese first ventured to the West Coast of Africa and forciable brought black human cargo to Lisbon, which led to the modern inception of a white supremacy ideology and it created a racial system of inferiority and dehumanization of people of African descent.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing in her book titled, “The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism” states: "Racism is viewed as a global behavior power system with a constant and specific set of power relationships. Racism evolved with the singular goal of white supremacy or white power domination by the global white minority over the vast non-white global majority. This 'colored global collective' has been forced into the position of relative powerlessness compared to the 'global white collective' establishing the power equation of white over non-white (W/N-W). Racism, whether consciously or unconsciously evolved as a survival necessity for the tiny global white minority, due to their genetic recessive status as albino variants (mutants) in a world of skin-color genetically dominant black, brown, red and yellow peoples”

Dr. Welsing continues: ” . . . Indeed, had the global white minority not evolved this specific system of power relationships (whites over non-whites) wherein whites control all of the behavior activity of non-whites in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war) as a survival mechanism, in the presence of the genetically dominant colored world majori­ty, the mutant albino genetic-recessive minority would finds itself genetically annihilated. That is, there would be no 'white' people except for the new mutations to albinism pro­duced by skin-melaninated or colored peoples. Thus, to pre­vent the genetic annihilation of skin whiteness, a behavior power system was evolved-the power system of racism or white supremacy domination.”

So when this writer has this type of conversation with white Masons; many can not move beyond the effect and influence that the larger society has had on their psychological orientation and worldview and they immediately become defensive and echo sentiments of historical denial. They are quick to let me know, that Freemasonry knows no color, but the principles of Freemasonry are universal and can not be confined to racial, culture, social, etc., politics; it is all embracing of the universality of all the systems of morality. They are absolutely correct, but many of them have done very little to breakdown the social barriers—their cable tow have been very short in this area of confronting Masonic racism and reaching out to their African American Masonic brethrens.

For example, eleven old Confederate states within the United States of America still practice Masonic racism and within these Masonic jurisdictions in 2009, they still do not recognized the largest black Masonic entity in the United States, which is Prince Hall Masonry (Free and Accepted Masons), but one must understand that the legitimacy of Prince Hall Masonry has never rested upon white acceptance as some of Prince Hall Masonic detractors have maintained.

Prince Hall Freemasons as an entity did not need white approval to justify their Masonic Order as being a body of “Regular” Masons—who gave the United Grand Lodge of England or any European Masonic governing Grand Orient the right to declare, which body of Masons shall be recognized as legitimate Masons?

Prince Hall Masons in the United States in the late 1920s won a Supreme Court decision which to be declared as a legal Masonic body and Masonic entity which was given the duly rights and authority to practice the rituals and tenets of Freemasonry in accordance to the ancient traditions. There is no court higher than the United States Supreme Court within the United States system of jurisprudence, but this right in reality, was established before the inception of the Magna Carta. This legal decision would render any other Masonic governing body's decision as a moot point relative to Prince Hall Masonic legitimacy; in particularly because we in the United States are answerable to the laws and enactments that are evoke on our soil—the legal decision over eighty years ago, if nothing else established Masonic legality for Prince Hall Masons (Jubilee Day) and this decision alone would have overriding any foreign entity such as the United Grand Lodge of England.

This writer has maintained unless we deal with the root cause of the problem which is racism then the social attitudes that undergirds this disease will continue to deny us the true meaning of Freemasonry and millions of its devotees throughout the world will never come to know the true realization of what Freemasonry stands for. We also make a huge mistake, when we try to pretend that racism doesn’t exist in Freemasonry; thus, this leads me directly into a conversation that I have had with a white European Mason who is a member of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Cecil Rhodes, in an article titled "Confession of Faith" stated: "I contend that we are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. Just fancy those parts that are at present in­habited by the most despicable specimens of human be­ings. What an alteration there would be if they were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence. Look again at the extra employment a new country added to our dominion gives. I contend that every acre added to our territory means in the future of birth to some more of the English race. Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the fur­therance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole' uncivilized world under British rule? Poverty is better under our flag than wealth under a foreign one. Africa is still lying ready for us, it is our duty to seize every opportunity of ac­quiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best of the most human, most honorable race this world possesses.'"

This article came about do to a lengthy dialog that I have had with a white Freemason on David Icke web site he goes by the title Grand Secretary and he professed to be from York, England and claim to be a pseudo authority on European Freemasonry. This writer and the Grand Secretary over a couple of weeks were in a dialogue relative to a Speculative Masonic topic that this writer had written titled, “Hiram Abiff: Symbolic of the Black man of America”. The Grand Secretary accused me of distorting Masonry and imploring reverse racism and although this writer knew that most Caucasians aren’t used to being intellectually challenged by people of African descent.

The United Grand Lodge of England has never been a true ally or friend to the Black Prince Hall Masonic Order and this writer was not willing to overlook the United Kingdom’s role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, which has led to the racial attitudes that many white Masons have come to embrace; even in Europe. This writer has challenged them to debunk Masonic racism and for this reason he has been ridiculed by some white Masons who refuse to let go of the past and transition their thinking into the 21st Century. The Grand Secretary and my discourse will give my readers some indication of the historical contradictions and the stereotypes, which have created Masonic misunderstanding and Masonic divisiveness between black Freemasons and white Freemasons. Some or should I say, very little of this conversation has been edited between the Grand Secretary and myself.

But this article is also written to challenge Prince Hall Masons to know that integration is not the answer to resolving this four hundred year old dilemma and we should not fool ourselves into believing that white Masonic recognition will end all of the political, economic and social problems, which exist between the two orders. Lastly, we need more black Masonic writers and historians who are willing to engage in Masonic research and began to contribute to the philosophical science of Speculative Masonic theory. I am on job, but we need help. This is a distress call “My God, My God, Is There No Help For the Poor Widow’s Son”. Sorry I can not give you the word that comes with this phrase.

Grand Secretary: God forbid, and he will.This is the most racist and disgusting corruption and misuse that I have ever had the misfortune to witness. I hope it fails, and soon. And believe me, we will stay awake.

Fahim Knight-El: Grand Secretary can you please further explain your comment before I give it response; I do not want to mis-interpreted your statement.

Grand Secretary: There is NO place for racism of any kind, anywhere on this tiny planet. We are all equal and entitled, yes entitled to be regarded, and treated as such. We must all stay awake in order to confront, fight, and emerge victorious against anything, or anybody, who treats our fellow human beings as different, or inferior, simply because of where they were born (accident of birth) or the colour of their skin. I believe that what I have said is quite clear.Free Masonry is entirely colour blind. It is the one place in this world where it is wholly irrelevant. There is NO place for it, and where there is racism the answer is certainly not to oppose it with racism of a different nature, or colour. Now you can list the Moderns Grand Lodges that are racist, and they are just as wrong as you are. Racism is NOT the answer to racism.

Grand Secretary continues: This is a treatise on the historical framework for the symbolism employed in the Moderns rituals, not Free Masonry per se. We must get over this. The Moderns form of freemasonry, as an entity, did not exist in any form prior to that meeting in the London Pub in 1717. It is, in their own words, and entirely accurate, "a product of the Enlightenment".

Moderns freemasonry is as closely connected to the Ancient Mysteries as Marilyn Monroe is to the horticulture of Ogen Melons.

Fahim Knight-El: Grand Secretary: Perhaps you are fooling yourself. I live in the United States of America where in at least 11 states, white Freemasons are still practicing racism and discrimination against African American Masons. This reality, automatically deconstructs your argument that Masonry is so-called color blind—not in the United States. Sir, you did not point out one thing that I have said in the article that was racist and unless you consider telling and exposing historical events as being a racist. Moreover, Chattel Slavery, Transatlantic Slave Trade, Middle Passage, etc., existed and happened. How is that racist? If I am only citing historical evidence. No, Sir your comments either indicate that you live in a bubble or are in historical denial. Here is my article that I wrote on Masonic Racism within the United States of America. (Reference: Journey to the East Internet Web Site link:

Note: North Carolina Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM predominately white body of Masons and North Carolina Prince Hall Masons the predominately Black Masonic body—Free and Accepted Masons (F&AM) did pass a resolution of fraternal recognition in November 2008, after over 200 years of Masonic segregation. There are still eleven (11) states, which racism and segregation still exist between the two Masonic entities.

Grand Secretary: Well do something about it that is not a racist response. Sue them to Hell where they belong. It works.What is an African American anyway?You are either an African, or you are an American, and until you drop these silly racist labels that leave you wallowing in the injustices of the past, you will never make progress.We don't have West Indian English, or a Pakistani Welshman, or an Irish Liverpudlian or a Greek Londoner. These are quite preposterous notions.An Anglo-Saxon Englishman, or Scot, or Irishman, or Welshman is someone who accepts and shares the same values and national institutions within their chosen national boundaries.America is a deeply divided nation because you do not. When are you going to stop living in the past?

Fahim Knight-El: Your response is very Eurocentric and you did not address any points that I have made. I gave you a 5,000 word article that I wrote explaining and exposing American racism in Freemasonry, which initially you stated there was no racism in Masonry. I got all types of proof and documentation that Freemasonry goes much further back than 1717; perhaps you meant this as being date when European Freemasonry originated. Moreover even Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, two European Masonic historians and writers documents that Freemasonry goes further back than 1717. What sources are you reading or is it just your Eurocentric worldview that you are coming from. Thus Give Me a minute I am going to post regarding what it means for the African living in America to look back, it is entitled, "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: Myth or Reality". I am posting it now and perhaps this will answer some of your questions relative to the African American plight.

Grand Secretary: Well this statement calls for an answer to a very important question. How can a self-started, un-Chartered Grand Lodge in England, issue a "legitimate charter" to any body?Firstly, a Charter is a legal document that may only be issued by a Monarch or a Sovereign Legislature. Secondly a Charter holder cannot, by law, issue a Charter, it may only issue a warrant to act under its Charter. Thirdly, a Charter may only be repealed by the Sovereign Legislature that issued it, or the Legislature that issued with the assent of the Sovereign power.Accordingly, the United States Supreme Court legitimised Prince Hall Free Masonry because it possessed the Sovereign power of the State. In effect, it started a completely new and legitimate American Grand Lodge, totally unconnected with English freemasonry. The Supreme Court could not, by definition, legitimise an illegal, in fact non-existent, English Charter.Similarly, and earlier, after the American War of Independence, the other American State Grand Lodges were legitimised. Beforehand they were not legitimate, they were also wholly irregular, because they were working under the false premise that their English "Charters" were legal. They were, as a matter of fact, worthless pieces of paper.Scottish warrants were of a different character.Your freemasonry is pure American freemasonry, started with proper authority, by legal Charter from your own Sovereign State. You might as well just forget what happened before the Supreme Court ruling. Film flam.

Fahim A. Knight-El: Prince Hall Masonry was considered “Regular” as early as 1784 and there is a long history of racism and social antagonism that have existed within the United States. Many freed black men fought in the American Revolution—some fought on the side of the thirteen colonies and others fought on side of Great Britain (the Crown), which helped America gain her independence in 1776.

Knight-El continued: In 1775 Prince Hall and the fourteen other black military soldiers were initiated, past and raised and made Masons by a white Irish European military lodge in Boston, Massachusetts and this much we know is undeniable. This fact is irrefutable, but based on segregation and racism, American Masons did not receive black Masons as brothers of the Craft. Prince Hall petitioned the Grand Lodge of England for a charter and a Masonic dispensation to function as a legal black Masonic entity and it was granted. He received the charter for the establishment of African Lodge 459 and later African lodge number 1 was convened. Thus, with the Masonic structure in America either the initial Prince Hall lodge would have to be admitted within the body of American Masonry (white Grand Lodges) and/or function as an entity under the white Scottish Rite Masonic Order or the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (these two bodies are often interchangeably within the scheme of American Freemasonry), which was not within the rules and laws of the U.S. social structure and this also included the American Freemasonic Order.

Knight-El continued: Prince Hall charter forced him to seek to build a black Masonic institution understanding that he was not going to get any acceptance letter from the white Masonic body within the United States extending him and the other black Masons membership into their all white lodges. The Transatlantic Slave Trade relative to the United States did not end until 1807 and Africans in America at this time in history did the best they could under some unbearable political, economic and social circumstances. Prince Hall probably did not know that it was his ancestors of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) that was the first to introduced the system of adepts initiations, rituals, qualified stages of learning, etc., to the world; in particular the Egyptian Mystery System which was based on a system of Ancient Wisdom and writings that went further back than PTAH, Amen-RA and even further than the Osirian Myth. Thus, if Hall saw the Grand Lodge of England as a credible Masonic body; it was perhaps his orientation, which was no different than the thinking of most blacks who were made slaves in the Americas and who after being made free in 1865 still followed the Caucasian's culture, mores’, folkways, norms, etc., even in 2009. Prince Hall did have the vision and wither all to establish a black Masonic order that has withstood the historical test of time for over two hundred years.

Knight-El continued: Many Prince Hall Masons have sought out the true origins of Freemasonry and is breaking the Eurocentric Masonic grip that has suffocated our ability to go further and uncover more ancient systems of initiation and learning that truly predates the western world concept of Freemasonry. They only have a fraction and distorted system of Masonry. Many like myself are doing what we can to introduce brothers to this alternative view of Masonry and reintroduce him to what his African ancestor established over 20 thousand years ago in Cush and Kemet. While the Caucasian was still toiling in the Caucasus Mountains between the Black and Caspian Sea.

Grand Secretary: I am not interested in when it "was considered regular". The fact is that it was not regular until the Supreme Court Judgment.It certainly is now so there is no need to be defensive on this.And what about this "African American" nonsense?

Fahim Knight-El: Thus, everything I have given you is my words. Please show me one thing that I have given that was not my words. You have no defense for Masonic racism and I have cited you an entire article giving you my well researched article assessing and evaluating Masonic racism from its inception in the United States. Why are you keeping on trying to deny this historical fact? Fahim Knight-El: The term "African American" was derived from Europeans assault on people of African dissent robbing them of a land, heritage, culture, religion, God, folkway, mores, values, customs, and traditions, etc.; this was the negative impact of 310 years of Chattel Slavery (1555-1865). It work to strip African Americans and Africans scattered though out Diaspora of unified a nationality.

Knight-EL continued: Africans in America were denied their culture humanity. This was the greatest crime ever committed in the history of humanity. It was against the law for Africans on the slave plantation to speak their own native tongue and this evil system divided those who shared ethnic lineage. They called Blacks (Negroes) from the word "necro" which means something dead, but they have duped humanity in believing that the word Negro meant black in Latin (Spanish), but it actually meant "dead" referring to a people who were being classified from their perspective as coming from the "Dark Continent" meaning a people who had no history and gave nothing to human civilization. Yes, this type of historical onslaught, which was based in the ideology of white supremacy and by its nature left a people devastated. Although, Chattel Slavery ended in 1865 the search to reclaim an ethnic, nationality, racial and culture identity left African people in America in search of a cohesive identity and even in 2009, we have yet to achieve that objective. Blacks have attempted to make many nationality transitions. For example, from being Africans, Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-American, African American, etc., and a host of other nationalities through out their experience in America. These different nationality claims were a direct result of the effect of Chattel Slavery. Moreover, blacks in the United States have always had a culture duality—African, perhaps in genetically and phenotype our classification would be African. But on the other hand we are considered Americans (at least in legal theory) and these complex variables are more contradictory than an agreed ethnic/nationality solution relative to the Africans living in America. In the mid-1980s Jesse Jackson and other black leadership proposed and adopted the nationality classification for blacks—African American. I hope that answers your question and give you some historical background.

Grand Secretary: I have NOT denied that there has been Masonic racism but "black Masonry" is racial segregation based upon the colour of ones skin and THAT is racism too. That was the point of my statement and question.I stand by what I said about the continuation of racial stereotypes in the United States of America. The day you can simply say "I am an American" and forget the African bit, then your country will be a lot healthier.Nationality classification? Why do you need it? This is 2009. When was slavery abolished?And by the way, the word "negro" refers to people who originated from the Niger Delta, the word Niger meaning "black" in the Latin tongue. I agree entirely with kasalt. I don't know who is filling your head with this racist nonsense, but it has nothing to do with the root necro, or death. Who told you this then? Whoever it was, I suspect was trying to wind you up for some reason.Please forget race, America. Treat everyone as an individual, as an equal, and you won't go far wrong. Fahim, your national and cultural identity is that of an equal American Citizen, and may God bless you for that.

Fahim Knight-El: No, African American identity will always be viewed separate and apart from what you describe as Americanism (they are two distinct people and cultures). You are asking 40-50 million Africans living in America to forget their cultural and nationality and accept Americanism. No, Sir what you are proposing is insane and represents cultural destruction. We will never fully embrace our former slave master’s culture, as our own for the social harmony of this nation called America. I explained to you, the entire "African American" concept (your are still in denial of this historical reality) you can accept it or leave it alone.

Knight-El continued: No European in York, England has the moral authority to assign Africans in America a nationality; thus, England was one of the perpetrators of the criminal act, in particular their role in Transatlantic slave trade. This is why we stand with the Muslims and Islam in the United Kingdom; they will continue give UK hell. This should be your concern in the UK, in particular, how are you going deal with militant and radical Islam? You have no knowledge of the history and plight of black Americans. Here is a link that explains the word "Negro" and its origin from our perspective and not the from the Eurocentric worldview. Please take a minute and view the link and let me know your thinking. Black Freemasonry was only a reaction to white Freemasonry, which was racist to its core. Now, I am not willing to continue to debate ignorance. I have giving you facts and history—your approach now boarders on a racist disposition.

Grand Secretary: Fahim, I feel so very sorry for you if you believe even 1% of what you have posted. Africa is clearly not a nation, or a culture. It is, as a matter of fact, an entire continent consisting of a large number of very disparate countries, cultures, political systems, religions, tribes and peoples, white, black, or any colour that you might care to mention.America is obviously in for some very difficult times due to blind racial prejudice from people with your twisted mentality, irrespective of your race, creed or colour.Thank God I am a typical mongrel Anglo-Saxon Englishman who will, unfortunately, have to witness the inevitable bloody outcome.Please do not claim to be a Freemason Fahim, because this you could never be, whether Modern or Ancient.This just shows what can happen when freemasons mistakenly pursue an open door policy after having comprehensively ditched its sound moral base. What a monumental mistake was made in 1723 (the first Anderson Constitutions).This is a VERY serious, and IMHO highly dangerous development, and a further quite frightening corruption of the tenets of a Free Mason.

Fahim Knight-El: Here you go again with a White Supremacy perspective; Africa is in the condition it is in because of European imperialism and colonialism, which has led to the raping and robbing of Africa's resources by past and present European powers. You have a habit of making the criminal the victim and the victim the criminal. I can just cite the Berlin Conference 1884-1885 where Africa was divided and partitioned by the European powers in which nations and people were separated to benefit the colonial masters. Sir, no European is in a moral position to judge the continent of Africa based on their roles or their ancestor’s role in the greatest human tragedy/crime ever recorded in human history.

Knight-El continued: Thus, the principles of Freemasonry were hypocritical because Americans and some Europeans nations prohibited a fellowman membership into white Masonic lodges based on skin color and this was wrong yesterday and it is wrong today. This isn't anything Fahim A. Knight-EL invented or created, but it was an agreed system to deny blacks membership because white Freemasons saw themselves as being ethnic superior. I have been on a campaign to expose this Masonic hypocrisy and break up that good ole boy network. You are still in denial of Masonic racism based on your comments. Your argument is weak and has no basis. Sir, everyone knows that there would not have been a need for two distinct Masonic fraternal orders black and white, if it were not for racism—practice by our white Masonic brothers.

Grand Secretary: There is a need TODAY for an end to racism. I demonstrated against the policy of separate development in South Africa. I did not do that in order to support the same policy in America.Your thinking is way out of date my brother.

Absolutely correct about Hiram Abiff except the rituals were developed by the white, European, Huguenot Minister, Dr Theophilus Desaguliers, between 1720 and 1730.These references to a fictional character called "Hiram Abiff" were first documented in France in the rituals of a non-Masonic organisation known as "The Sons of Solomon". This is where it is believed, Desaguliers discovered them, and in the absence of the rituals for the key "Master's Part" denied to him, introduced the fiction of Hiram Abiff.

Fahim Knight-El: Sir, Racism is a disease and this disease has even spread itself to the Masonic Order, in particular within American Masonry. Thus, as I stated before we will never let this issue go until the other 11 States in the United States abandon their racist practices against black Masons. How can one still call themselves brother Masons and so-called embrace the principles and still stand as one of the few institutions in America that stills overtly practice racism? What part of this social dilemma that you do not understand? The white Masons are practicing apartheid right inside the Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Order (AF&AM), Scottish Rite and York Rite Orders in America. Do not attack me but go on a campaign to force your white Masonic brothers to end this unjust and deplorable and racist disposition, which stands as a Masonic contradiction. We will always oppose this type of behavior. I as a Masonic researcher will not let our white Masonic brothers off the hook. America in general, still remains a racist nation and Freemasonry as an institution in the United States reflects the larger social order.

Grand Secretary: Sue them to Hell, and at the same time replace them with fully integrated Free Masonry. Show the world by your example. You can do it.

This is probably true, but we must never allow racism without confronting it head on as being totally unacceptable thinking and behaviour.It should be made a criminal offence to handicap any other human being because of their race or their colour.We cannot stop fools from thinking (or not thinking as the case may be) but we can legislate for wrong-doing, and we should. Never give up trying to change society for the better. It is your duty as an Anglo-Saxon Englishman.

Fahim Knight-El: Grand Secretary stated: "King Solomon's Temple is NOT central to the ancient and original form of Anglo-Saxon Free Masonrie, represented by the Grand Lodge of All England. It cannot be, because Free Masonrie is pre-Davidic." Grand Secretary: Just a comment that King Solomon's Temple is central to the Moderns form of freemasonry represented by the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the Grand Lodge of Ireland, and the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of America.King Solomon's Temple is NOT central to the ancient and original form of Anglo-Saxon Free Masonrie, represented by the Grand Lodge of All England. It cannot be, because Free Masonrie is pre-Davidic.

Fahim Knight-El: I wrote this article titled, "King Solomon's Temple the Basis of Freemasonry" a few months ago and have written a few subsequent article relative to Freemasonry since this one. I am not an authority on British or European Freemasonry. I do not think the UGLE or any Grand Orient should be the final regulatory entity on establishing Masonic "regularity". Masons come to the Masonic lodge from different religious backgrounds and experiences, but religion and Masonic teachings have some common threads—however, true Masonic philosophy (Speculative Freemasonry) is more rooted in the ancient philosophies that pre-date the three major Western religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These organized religions and their governing texts Torah, Gospel, and Qur'an; they borrowed their religious themes from more ancient sources. So Masonry embraces the ancient philosophy and not necessarily the religious schools of thought, which will only divide humanity. The Great Architect of the Universe implores Deity and this statement alone is in recognition that religion in of itself is shallow. Deity is known by many names and is received in different ways and manner relative to a culture and society—this is what Freemasonry embraces and anything less than this causes confusion.

Grand Secretary: Please carefully read our website. All is there, including a mountain of sources, references and attributions. I hope that this helps.

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at

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