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By Fahim A. Knight-El

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President-elect Donald J. Trump immediately showed his deceptive ploy by rescinding and recanting on most of the promises he made to his voting constituents. He soften his rhetoric about building a wall around the American and Mexican boarders and controlling Mexican illegal immigrants from entereing the United States by employing arm militia groups; Trump knew that those whites who have felt disenfranchised (majority of them were angry white men, although they have always been the beneficiary of white privilege) and were angry at black and brown people whom they blamed for the economic dismantling and collapse of the United States financial markets and the U.S. manufacturing industries (and their job losses)—they were politically vulnerable and susceptible to Trump’s covert race baiting politics (reference: Wayne Allyn Root and  Roger Stone; Angry White Male: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America—and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class). Moreover, they believed that their jobs had been taking by illegal immigrants, but many of them did not understand that it was corporate downsizing and corporate outsourcing (that sent U.S. industry and jobs overseas) , which were the blame for the economic fall of America—they also did not understand that former President Bill Clinton initiated NAFTA and GATT and these reactionary public policies (and/or trade deals killed domestic American business interest and the legislation set in motion by acts of congress at the behest of international bankers and big business in conjunction with powerful political lobbies dealt a devastating blow to the United States economy in 2000 (these moves had started with President George Herbert Walker Bush in the late 1980s and in the early 1990s and Clinton took the dismantling to the next level with the passing of NAFTA). However, the rearranging of the U.S. economy was inevitable, because Industrialism as we know it had peaked 60 years ago and was on a steady decline in which Bill Clinton brought to an end.

Trump played the race card better than any presidential candidate in the last 100 years, perhaps even he did not know the level of discontent and dissatisfaction that existed throughout America amongst white voters. Many of them even decided to vote against their own political and economic interest, because deep down in their hearts believed they shared racial and ethno roots with the white billionaire Donald Trump and it was skin color which in their minds tied them together (Trump politically did nothing to alter this misnomer). Trump is a member of a low level Elitist group and as a member of the Petit Bourgeoisie class, he will never see himself as part of the poor working class Lumpenproletariat and the white skin color alliances that many of the white electorate had created in their minds was an absolute illusion and did not apply in Trump’s world and reality—Trump  was motivated by class interest and the acquisition of wealth is his primary modus of operandi, but having the white American experience he understood how to effectively use race when it was convenient in which to galvanize white voters (all white people in America know how to play this game). Trump was hitting all the white supremacy keys and cylinders and the evidence has already shown that he tricked them hook, line and sinker into a political movement. The enthusiasm and fervor resembled a Third Party political movement, but the only difference was how well financed his campaign was and it allowed him to function independent and outside of the traditional Republican Party political structure and power they have had to control Republican candidates and their message—Trump broke rank and went rogue. Trump made them believe that he shared their political, social and economic aspirations. He gave them a code word slogan ‘Lets Make America Great Again,” which to them meant they have for eight long years been politically subjugated under a Negro president in Barack Obama and they equally no longer desired to be under the dictates of another Democratic president be it black or white. Yet nor were they prepared to turn over the commander-in-chief and ruler of the so-called free world to a pants wearing white woman Hillary Clinton and Trump’s misogynist and sexist disposition did not affect his ability to even galvanize women to vote for him Matt Ferner, “Donald Trump Is Winning Because White America Is Dying” The Huffington Post The Huffington Post mortality_us_56cf8618e4b0bf0dab31838f; article on the views of Noam Chomsky February 29, 2016.
Trump was a political novice who had no prior experience in political office and he beat the republican machine (having access to wealth and resources attributed to this feat), it will eventually be the political scientist and pundits, as well as historians responsibility in the future to properly assess what Trump pulled off; we are perhaps twenty to twenty-five years removed from fully evaluating the political data in which to even begin understanding the magnitude of what Trump accomplished. It is too soon to evaluate and assess the magnitude of his 2016 U.S. presidential election because even as I write this piece Mr. Trump has not served one day in the Oval office.

The Talking Heads since the 9/11 hoax via the propaganda machines have created a fear and phobia towards Islam and Muslims and Trump was smart enough to chime into their fears by over criticizing Muslims and Islam and speaking tough language against Muslim immigration and terrorism relegating his criticism to the usual Western style propaganda and disinformation. Mr. Trump in the past has had many audiences with so many of the Islamic royal families throughout the Islamic world and he is no stranger to being a recipient of big oil money (the House of Saud). He has long standing investments in Arab oil (and is a Rockefeller puppet after all he is their candidate he was not elected but was selected in which his loyalty is to the House of Rothschild) this is why he selected oil tycoon Rex Tillerson (ExxonMobile) as his Secretary of State; this further tells us that having good diplomatic relationships with OPEC and oil producing nations was important to Trump and his empire.

Trump’s Hidden Hand handlers have since schooled him on what it means to be the top international diplomat and the president of the United States of America—the  inflammatory campaign language was inciting and outside of the political style of the office of U.S. president (and they cautioned him on the importance of appearing to the outside world of being capable of leading the world and this is what led to his somewhat pivot). Trump also simultaneously immediately revealed his deception by filling the offices and seats in his high and low cabinet with all Washington insiders (some things will always remain the same). These are some of the same individuals that have given us a 20 trillion dollar national deficit and has led the United States into two major wars in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 (two wars that the United States are still directly and/or indirectly involved in and they have cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars—they also contributed to collapse of the United States economy in 2008 and allowed for Wall Street and the international bankers to go unchecked and unregulated (the devaluing of the U.S. currency and the global impact was systematically induced). Yet, if this crisis was induced its objective was to dismantle and realign their interest in global politics and controlling the world. Trump is a shrewd business venture capitalist and he will use the office of U.S. president (if you did not know the U.S. government is a corporation) as the most powerful CEO in the world under the title of United States president and solidify himself and his family as the new European monarch who sit in the west falsely creating the path for the establishment of the new Jerusalem in the West that will be rooted in a new dynastic bloodline equivalent to the old dynastic rulers of the world. Trump is about the accumulation of wealth and as a ruthless capitalist, he will use his new found power to go after and horde whatever wealth that has not been claimed by these vultures. Some seem to think that Trump and Vladimir Putin of Russia is a strange relationship, but these two white and Caucasian nationalist share global political views of further dominating the world in which Trump is about creating the next new business frontier and really is not concerned about the appearance of the conflict of interest. There is a very powerful small minority of Power Brokers who possess dynastic wealth and a long established Elitist and Aristocratic blood linage; For example, the Rothschilds, Morgans, DuPonts, Rockefellers, Oppenheimers, DeBeers, etc., have used their hording of the world's wealth and resources to dominate the world (they ultimately decides wars, famines, the money markets, etc., and use the likes of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to carry out these hidden agendas). The world's wealth is in the hands of the 1% and they systematically use international banking and the likes of the Federal Reserve to wreck havoc on humanity politically, economically and socially.  

Now, may be some of my critics and pundits will start to believe what I have said about Donald Trump in a previous Blog (he was not serious about convening a grand jury which to indict Hillary Clinton and locking her up; he was only appealing to the radical right). I heard Senator Rand Paul recently say that Trump received 70% of the votes in Eastern Kentucky, but admitting I know very little about the demographic makeup of Kentucky, but I knew that Senator Dr. Paul was alluding to the racial makeup of his voting constituents and, perhaps this was a blue collar region of the country that had become economically depressed at the recent collapse of American industrialism. They are probably white, undereducated, poor, coal miners, and etc., thus, in their minds they shared a racial and ethnic commonality with the white billionaire Donald Trump and although systematic practices of American style racism has always giving poor and wealthy whites a sense of entitlement; however, unknowing to many of them that the type of privilege that the likes of Donald Trump is afforded will always remain just a figment of their imagination for these poor white Kentuckians. Yet, they believed so much in white skin, it caused them to vote against their own interest and the Maestro Donald Trump has played on the white dissatisfaction unlike any recent president since Ronald Reagan. I am not downplaying the dissatisfaction that exist inside of America because it is real and this 2016, presidential election serves as proof positive that the U.S. electorate desired to take a chance on a political novice who had no prior political experience because he tapped into political and social sentiments that were 250 years old, which was appealing to the historical unsettled question of race and white fear.

President-elect Trump's presidential run appeared to have been a brilliant planned out tactic and strategy and the social and political scientist will be assessing it for next 100 years and the significant of what he did cannot be fully appreciated until enough time has elapsed. Trump's campaign slogan of "Lets Make America great again' it also resonated with a large demographic of white people who lived outside of Eastern Kentucky in other states who voted for Donald Trump and this sentiment allowed Trump to redraw the electoral map, but for discussion I am using Eastern Kentucky as a mere political pilot assessment and a model for the racial theories that I have assessed as a backdrop to this article. Trump during his campaign continually gave racially charged speeches attacking Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, women, homosexuals and host of others—it was bigotry, discrimination, and racism at its best (yet for many it was this propaganda and duping which was serving as a reminder that hadn't much changed inside of America—racism was alive and well). But may be his overt and covert racist unorthodox appeals to both conservative and liberals were speaking volumes and his attacks on pluralism and the American melting pot outweighed the struggles for freedom and equality that was led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and  the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s on one end and Minister Malcolm X on the other end. Many believed that in 2008 with the election of President Barack Obama that we had entered into a so-called post racial era (how wrong were they this African American president had been the most disrespected and ridiculed president in American history not because of his politics, but because of his race).

Perhaps some whites were hearing a message from Trump of turning back the clock (to a time in American history where slavery, racism, Jim Crow and racism reigned high) and many whites believe that they have the right to take back America (whatever that means to them); I never knew they lost America. White Hate groups viewed Trump's victory as a victory of white power and neo-Nazi groups were celebrating his victory, but unlike them Trump is not interested in embracing the ideology of white separatist groups despite of his campaign messages and he definitely does not support initiating a race war and declaring certain American states and territories a white nation and supporting a white nation succession mandate and movement this is beneath this man’s agenda. Yet, many white separatist have hailed Trump as their shining White Knight. Trump is an equal opportunity exploiter and capitalist, he is not concerned about color and race, he sees markets, money and opportunities; and he knows that it will not be politically and economically beneficiary to embrace backwards thinking; although, he intentionally during the campaign fed the white power groups a heavy dose of racially seasoned red meat (the white separatist have misread Trump he is both an integrationist and separatist and a staunch patriot). But Trump will exploit them no different than he has done to the people in Mexico, China, India, Vietnam, Eastern Europe, etc., for him it’s about finding cheap markets and cheap labor to expand the Trump brand.   

Now, as I stated above ‘many whites believe that they have the right to take back America (whatever that means to them); I never knew they lost America. This is the most asinine and etho-racist statement of white neo-manifest Destiny that could ever be made in 21st century and Charles Darwin perhaps would be applauding this present day mindset. The last time I checked North America and South America belonged to indigenous Native Americans from which the Europeans stole this land; this sacred land has been cursed because the thievery and genocidal acts committed against the Native Americans and the Native Americans have unloosed the Gods of Elements (fire, wind and water to remind the Robber Barons of their power to invoke ancient spirits some centuries later. The enemies are now in Cannonball, North Dakota where big oil is attempting create a five state oil pipeline with no respect of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe where sacred burial grounds have been bulldozed and the stealing of oil rich land that rightly belong to Native Americans who by U.S. Federal Law has been declared sovereignty —and a nation within a nation. I am here to warn the white man in the United States of America that the injustice committed against our red skinned and black skinned Native American family who are of Muurs (Moorish) descent is being weighed in the balance and Justice will prevail.

The Native American people possessed spiritual kinship with ancient descendants of occult societies perhaps even outside of our recognized galaxy. I think there are many levels of reality, but we have been brainwashed to only focus on the "Here and Now" due to the influences of western propaganda and disinformation. The practices of evilness have brought an imbalance to the global axis in which now polarities positive and negative energy (forces) no longer are viewed as being necessary and complimentary (although science sees the poles as being oppositional) entities designed to create balance in the universe. The macrocosm universe is affecting and dictating the microcosm universe, which has always told us that we have the ability to realign ourselves with the good in the universe and to affect positive universal change. A segment of the Native American people of the Americas for the most part have met up with their transmigration souls and some those that have chosen to reincarnate themselves to come back as earthly vessels who had incomplete and unfinished work on this planet called earth. We can just look around us and we can feel that the universe appears to be imbalance (we might not be able to articulate it in words but we know deep down inside something is wrong) which ultimately has effected humanity's ability to create and sustain healthy relationships, our health and wellness is being effected, money and wealth have been redefined, our spiritual houses of worship is failing us .i.e., religion, etc., they have many ways to control us and create human robots and then set us up to becoming prime targets for indoctrination. Yet, there are people out there who know this and have committed themselves to change this paradigm and are functioning from a higher vibration and energy to help awaken people to the TRUE REALITY OF GOD.

Trump as an agent for the House of Rothschild and Carlyle Group has no real interest in building a wall to keep Mexican immigrants out (Trump need them as cheap labor to tend to his massive real estate properties and militarizing the United States boarders is not going to happen and forcing Mexico to foot the bill; is not going to happen nor having a polarizing and antagonistic relationship with Islam and the Muslim world—these issues were toxic based on racial and ethnic scapegoating and Trump understood that when all fails in America feed the ignorant a heavy dose of race baiting politics and this allowed him to move the sheeple to the voting polls. President-elect Donald Trump is about money and expanding his wealth base; I saw a recent news clip talking about a top international Muslim and Islamic ambassador booking a convention at Trump’s new extravagant hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC., the first international dignitaries of the Royal Family of Bahrain, which are Muslims and Islamic who ventured into Trump’s den as his official guest (these Arabs are filthy rich and Trump will be a good servant and oblige them in meeting all their material and food apatite and I am willing to bet you Trump sees gold and silver and mineral rights and has forgotten the mean spirited things he said about Muslims). Trump understand the economic complexities of the world much better than we give him credit for and that all the anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric is now out the window; he is going to be the consummate diplomat. The invitation read:  “On the occasion of the forty fifth national day of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the seventeenth anniversary of his majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s accession to the throne,” the invitation begins, “Ambassador Abdulla Al Khalifa cordially invites you to a national day reception. This alone should tell you Trump is only playing Chess with the American people and the globe.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

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