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By Fahim A. Knight-El

I do not know much about the author Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, but I do know that for many years, he has been on the frontline exposing the various health and medical conspiracies. I was tuned into the Nation of Islam Saviour’s Day convention February 2015 and one of the presenters via web satellite was Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz who was being interviewed by Ashahed M. Muhammad, assistant editor of the "Final Call" newspaper and author of the book titled, The Synagogue of Satan. Horowitz book came out in 1996 titled, Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebola; Nature, Accident or intentional?, And he was talking about the AIDS and Ebola conspiracy long before this recent Ebola outbreak and scare that was taking place in Africa and was dominating headlines in American and Western governments mediums for months in 2014; moreover, the Ebola crisis had consumed the American media with the U.S. imposing travel bans to parts of West Africa, quarantines and the inequality in treatments was evident.

I wonder if Goodyear and Firestone, the two powerful rubber baron conglomerates and the blood diamond thieves were behind the Ebola crisis in West Africa. The general public often does not have a clue that it is the United States Government and its European allies who are behind many of the global political, economic and social crisis that plagues so-called Developing Nations. We also know that certain type of social disruptions and international destabilizations ordinarily will always involve covert operations of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) lurking not to far behind along with their international operatives. The CIA has been involved in biological, germ and viral warfare for a very long time with the objective of assassinating their enemies, creating mass havoc and social upheaval by using biological warfare to kill undesirables on the planet and depopulating (population reduction) the earth in particular, in areas of the world where darker people live and have vast natural resources. The former U.S. President George W. Bush and the United States Government accused the former President of Iraq of using weapons of mass destruction in killing his own people, as though, Saddam Hussein had ventured into unchartered waters and yet, they themselves have never admitted that these were well established strategies and tactics that have been used by the CIA for over fifty years and in fact, they taught Hussein and sold him his viral and germ warfare arsenal. 

For example, Africa, Asia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Central and South America, Caribbean, North America and the so-called Native Americans all became victims of germ warfare and exploitation because they lived in geographical areas where they had an abundance of natural resources and minerals (Reference: Walter Rodney book titled, "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa").

Many of these diseases and viruses, as I have stated are man made and laboratory concocted in the CIA headquarters located in Langley, Virginia with systematic intents (genocide). Our brother, Dick Gregory has always pointed these types of conspiracies out to us. The United States of America consist of a little over three hundred and fifty million people, but consumes close 60% of the world's resources and this is partially why the wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan have been on ongoing since 2001.

No, it has never been about a war on terrorism, but President Obama and the United States are continuing to foster the U.S. Government dominance (New World Order and One World Government objectives) control over Arab oil and controlling the dope trade (poppy plant an/or heroin market) that has been tied to Central Asia—Afghanistan. The Russians fought a nine year bloody war and were defeated by the Mujahideen over the poppy trade, moreover the Afghanistan terrain proved to be too much for the Kremlin. But after the 9-11 hoax the American public were duped into believing that they had to stop radical militant Islam and the U.S. propaganda machines made Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda the poster boy of terrorism (disinformation and propaganda at its best). I think former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Chaney should be charged with war crimes against humanity and now they have shifted gears to making the Islamic State (ISIS) the new 'boogie man.

The Lost-Found Nation of Islam back in the early 1980s under Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad (minister of health and former national spokesman of Minister Louis Farrakhan), and former minister of Muhammad Mosque number 4, was involved with an East African scientist and they developed a drug treatment and cure using Interferon under the brand name Immuinex and had cured many blacks who were inflicted with the AIDS virus (this treatment increased the t-cells and had bolstered the immune systems of AIDS patience. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) along with U.S. State Department threatened to bring the full force of U.S. law against the tiny Nation of Islam for so-called dispensing an unlicensed drug that had not met the clinical trials procedures; the U.S. Government imposed cease and desist orders on the NOI treatment clinics.

I have intentionally made my Blogs content political and some might view it as being quasi conspiracy theory and most of what I write is not for the weak and wimp—I pride myself in speaking truth to power, I do know that the type of unconventional information that I share, it is not for everyone that enters the Blog Sphere world and I understand this. We are moved by energy and the energy in the universe guides us in different ways and put us in different spaces; all we have to do is remain open. I know that I have digressed a bit, but here is my example, we know that HIV-AIDS in the 1980s had reached pandemic levels, in particular in Africa amongst so-called developing nations and initially the corporate media and its false propaganda created reactionary rumors that AIDS had its origin in Central and South Africa (part of the big lie theory)—the purple and/or green monkey theory. And later the focus shifted towards white gay men and African Americans in the United States were in the high incident category for receiving the blame from the likes of Reverend Pat Roberson and Reverend Jerry Falwell who portrayed the AIDS epidemic as God ‘curse’ and punishment on the so-called black and brown people who these rightwing Christian evangelist saw as the biblical forsaken, but they did not have the courage or intestinal fortitude to point to the CIA as the hidden culprits in the AIDS epidemic.

Thus, we have to rely on our social scientists, political activists, revolutionary warriors, natural healers and homeopathic experts to debunk the U.S. Government disinformation aimed at maligning our health and deconstruct the health conspiracies and have counter plans put in place to oppose their efforts to depopulate the earth (7 billion people on the planet is causing all types of problems). Our leaders must have the courage and intestinal fortitude to engage the Black community and entire community at large, in the discussion of deciphering and assessing the various big lie theories as they arise. The FDA, CDC, WHO, USDA (these agencies are in bed with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank) and the pharmaceutical companies lie, distort medical facts and even create medical crisis in order profit monetarily off humanities pain and misery (most virus and diseases have been induced). Yes, there are some herbal/natural medicines that boost the immune system in which people have been cured from all types of deadly diseases (occidental medicine is based on profit incentives). But the U.S. Government has always focused on treatment and cures from a capitalist perspective—supply and demand. Firstly, let huge numbers die and the public outcry will demand a cure and then they will reap astronomical profit margins for the medical industrial complex.

Many of our citizens of the United States of America, do not know how powerful the medical lobbies are inside the U.S. Congress and on Capitol Hill and how they use their vast financial and political influence to manipulate and shape public policy (this piece requires a serious educational orientation because all of it is interrelated and I do not have the time to give it more focus). The American people who are blind pawns also do not know how deceptive the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is and how clinical trials are manipulated by big conglomerate medical pharmaceuticals (Durham, North Carolina has one of the biggest pharmaceuticals companies in the southeast named Glaxo, Smith, Kline). It sites on a track of land named Research Triangle Park located between Durham and Raleigh) and well financed universities such as Duke University is linked to this pharmaceutical giant, and how the Center For Disease Control (CDC) are all working in cahoots together. It will take another page to discuss the influence of the likes of Monsanto and Dupont and the Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO) dynamics—they even financed the Biotechnology school at the HBCU North Carolina Central University and there are other research based companies right in Durham (Research Triangle Park) such as Bayer, Syngenta and BASF are doing GMO research and science right in our backyard (all of this is interrelated).

Nevertheless, Western medicine is often profit driven and is played out on Wall Street on the financial markets (Dow Jones Stock Exchange); it is about money and health is a distant second. I do think at times, we have to make intelligent decisions to access western medicine techniques and keep ourselves open to all the available and latest medical technology being offered by western governments. There has been a paradigm shift and there is no room for ignorance—this could be a matter of life and death; the universe is speaking to us; do you hear it?

When people have been taught a certain way, for so long, the effect of the indoctrination process can never be overlooked and/or over simplified, it is ludicrous to think that all of sudden after reading my blog or hearing the truth their conscious levels are going to be heightened or changed overnight. The 'dummying' down process is constantly being carried out via propaganda and disinformation and the negative impact is in full affect and this variable cannot be overlooked in how we process information and carry out our lives. I am just not that optimistic that the masses have the ability to be awakened in time and move beyond our sheepel status (to not think this way is a mere underestimation of the high science of 'tricknology' being played on humanity)—the food industry is political and it is capitalist inspired—no one has to take my word for it, just take some time and investigate for yourselves. Perhaps one of the biggest global trading companies in the world is named Archer, Daniel, Midland (ADM)—this one trading company controls the global food market and determines who eat and who does not eat on the planet, and of course Cargill and ConAgra also are part of this equation.

I was once an international trader (Progressive International Trading Company, Inc) for a number of years and we sold commodities to foreign governments and many of them made it clear that they prohibited GMO food commodities because according to them the food was not fit for human consumption and was considered undesirable and it was against their countries laws and rules to import genetically altered foods—any level of awakening and/or enlightenment on even a minuscule level relative to humanity is good, it possibly has the ability to alter the political paradigm. Although, it is necessary to having the proper and right mind, body, spirit, etc., this will encompass the path and journey to wellness, good health and even healing, it also must first encompass natural foods and an organic plant based diet which this much is nonnegotiable to moving towards healthy living. Now, many natural healers often leave the seekers of this ancient wisdom out in the cold because they are fearful that without having medical licenses or western' medical credentials to practice medicine (I personally do not accept them having to certify us because I personally have no respect for them or their Order) they are often threaten with violating U.S. law and could be prosecuted for practicing medicine unlicensed. Natural Healers are forced to use all types of disqualifiers and disclaimers in which often this raises suspicion with the consumer and this is an indication of these natural practitioners being fearful of the United States Government and its oversight agencies.

If you traveled to above mentioned lands of Africa, Australia (Aborigines) New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Central, South America and even the so-called Native Americans lands in North America prior to being displaced on reservations; they all were engaged in ancient healing practices. Thus, long before Caucasians knew anything about medicine and healing (the Hippocratic Oath they swore to in medical school was stolen from Imhotep one of the world’s first medical practitioners who was a Nubian and lived in Kemet, which the Greeks called Egypt)—the original people were one with nature and their lifestyles reflected a high spiritual connection with the universal order of things. These new generic terms such as 'organic', 'vegan', 'vegetarian' and homeopathic, etc., these words were not even in the lexicon of the original healers and if the truth be told they are mere capitalist terms, which allows them to index a market and charge the consumers higher food pricing. My family are from a little town in rural Georgia where they owned farms and grew their own food and there were less sickness because the food was being grown without artificial fertilizers, no hormones and/or enzymes injected cows, and chickens were being raised free range and not being forced fed to fatten them up for the market—I point this out because farming is a dying art (blacks are losing farmland at an alarming rate). If we are true to the concept of health and wellness our people have to be taught how to grow their own food and use this sovereignty to create better health dynamics for themselves and our people.

Our ancestral DNA and linage is without a doubt rooted in the spiritual history of the African people who were forcibly brought to the shores of the Americas from the Ivory CoastSierra Leone, LiberiaTogo, Guinea, Cameron, Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, etc., or perhaps from other African societies (Chattel slavery was one of the greatest crimes in modern history that were ever committed against humanity). This was the beginning of our sojourn as Chattel slaves and this evil and dehumanizing system lasted for 310 years. Many of our ancestors who were enslaved purchased their freedom, fugitive escapees or running ways and/or were giving their freedom by white slave masters.  Thus, and many after slavery ended up in same geographical area that they were enslaved in; some of the black ex-slaves remained settled in the Lowcountry of Charlestown, Savannah, Beaufort, South Carolina, Hilton Head, Augusta, etc., and the evidence of the impact of their influence on the culture in South Carolina and Georgia still remains evident today.

The enslaved Africans brought their religious rites, sacraments, rituals and spiritual schools of thought to this foreign land of America from Africa (they were masters of the Occult) and the language they spoke in the Lowcountry was called Geechee (a negative connotation). Our survival and salvation have always been our openness and willingness to see the Divine through the Third Eye of consciousness that is best understood by tapping into the unknown powers of the Pineal Gland—which is a higher activation of spirituality tied to our melanin content. Moreover, this has always brought us to a universal balance in our lives—the Dogons taught us this as well. The Europeans called these displaced Africans who were brought against their will to the Americas as captives and were treated as subhuman and their main spiritual system was negatively referred to as "Root Working" (the African Griots and medicine men had been practicing ancient healing for thousands of years).

I met a good brother in Savannah, Georgia named Amir Jamaal Toure he gave me a deeper appreciation of the Gullah tradition and its customs and rituals—he was much more than a tour guide (he became a brother of kindred spirit to me and my family). The Gullah people is one of the last African ethnic vestiges that survived—their language, cuisines, basket weaving—has Africa foot printed all over it. Western Christianity was not indigenous to the Africans who were brought against their will to the Americas, this religion was forced upon them in order to control their thinking and denigrate their indigenous religious practices with an objective of leading them towards being passive and obedient to their white slave masters. But many of our people in Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba, New Orleans and parts of Georgia and South Carolina—throughout the so-called “New World” held on to remnants of Vudu culture (animism) in which the Europeans have always operated on the physical plan and negating the spiritual plan, but Africans understood that we are spiritual beings. For example, that Vudu symbolism and practices of the Santeria and the Ifa Yoruba traditions are entrenched in many of the nations and countries where the African slaves were brought during the Transatlantic Slave Trade—they took their culture and traditions to these strange lands. The Africans understood what it meant to be transcendental and that time limits did not apply or matter, but the intended journey was rooted in the ancient lessons of the soul; this is where the true value of life and death lie.  

The Elders in our community were wise on many different levels in which survival and innovation were matters of high priority. Black people who were made slaves in America and those born during segregation had no choice, but to practice herbal and root medicine because based on the racist social climate at that time (Jim Crow laws). It was difficult for black people seeking treatment and medical attention in traditional white hospitals and clinics. Many were farmers and clearly understood the science of agriculture, food growing, canning and as well as which foods and herbs were better suited for medicinal purposes (they could actually go deep into woods and/or forest and bring back a cure and treatment remedy for any illness)—they embraced Mother Nature. They were scientist and this amongst our people is becoming a lost art. The Talking Heads and propagandist can be very skillful at how they strategically and tactfully use the English language. For example, referring to Herbal medicine and Homeopathic treatments as alternative medicine, when has something from the earth (the mother of it all)—the root (earth based vegetation and herbs) essence of medicinal healing is being referred to as something less than authentic and less efficient.

But often we have on-going health issues that negatively manifest itself and once illness (viruses, diabetes, heart disease, Kidney Disease, pulmonary diseases, obesity, cancers, etc., starts to dangerously attack our bodies) this is when our health gets the most attention from us, which at times can be life or death. It is often after we have been diagnosed with various health ailments, it is when we make the decision to make life style changes, (black men fit this demographic more so than black women).

Thus, taking ownership of your health, is a conscious decision (or lack of), but many of us do not know where to start; for example, one of the best natural healing and herbal curing manuals that was ever written was a book, I received over 35 years ago titled, Back to Eden: Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Natural Food and Home Remedies Since 1939; authored by Jethro Kloss and there was another informative wellness guide titled, The Herbal Book and of course Queen Afua book titled, Heal Thyself: For Health and Longevity. The Original and Indigenous people's of the earth have always been masters of the Occult; thus, having always received the earth in its fullness and understood that the universe as being an extension of their own existence (the macrocosm and microcosm dynamic) and they extracted the good of the earth—herbs and natural growing plants that in their environment appeared to be wild and to them of an alien culture served no purpose, however, the original man knew how to manipulate natural vegetation into substances to be used for healing and treatment (they relied on mother earth for medicinal solutions and answers); all the food grown or slaughtered was for the cultivation and extension of life (nothing was wasted or horded).

Now, what are the biggest obstacles to healthy living and wellness; propaganda and disinformation should never be underestimate, in particular western media and the subliminal affect it has on all of our decision making processes (the food advertisement is designed to create psychological triggers to jolt our memory every time we get hungry—it is designed to gets us to see McDonalds, Popeye’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hardees, Churches Chicken, Domino Pizza, Papa John Pizza, Taco Bell, etc., and the subliminal persuasion keeps us in making poor dietary decisions and ultimately these type foods and diets causes us to spend small and large amounts of money with hospitals, doctors and clinics, as well as buying synthetic medicines (and becoming prescription dope addicts and feigns)—this is all by design.

Here is the question, how much of our natural foods do we grow? or have we become totally depended on our open enemies to feed us, if so this is a gross contradiction—big food market chains such as Whole-Foods or Trader Joes are supplying us (we do not own farms and grow what we eat—both Elijah Muhammad and Marcus Garvey declared that we should get some of this good earth that we can call our own). Moreover, many of us do not know how our physical and psychological bodies work and why and how we could maximize our life health potentials by knowing the benefits of eating wholesome foods, organically grown fruits and vegetables and these wholesome practices could keep us away from the doctor and save us thousands of dollars (and expand our life expectancy, whatever that mean). Let’s be clear no one has a monopoly on homeopathic medicine and natural cures (or the science of healing) they were gifts from the Gods and are as old as the sun, moon and stars; my indigenous ancestors brought these sciences from Africa to the so-called 'New World' over 600 years ago.

People that are looking to cure themselves need natural healing guides and at least some references, which identify what herb treatments, are available and the illnesses it is designed to treat. We also need to know what and how to utilize this powerful knowledge for health and longevity (we cannot leave this up to a Lost-Found member who have been robbed of the knowledge of self to ascertain and access this vital information). All the ancient Sages and Gurus taught aspects of the healing sciences from Buddha to Muhammad, and Yashuaa Ben Yosef (Jesus the Son of Joseph) known in western society and culture as the Christ; he had mastered to art of performing miracles in which healing was practiced by Jesus. Queen Afua stated in her book titled, Heal Thyself—“All religious and holy people and ancient spiritual masters of days gone by have shown us the truth and the way; that the foundation for liberation is to fast, to pray and to purify. The ancient masters did not eat of the flesh. They were vegetarians. They were clean. We too must now walk in their footsteps. This way of living holds all the keys for peace on earth, for the healing of the planet and humankind".  

If we are serious about transitioning individuals into proper dieting/health/natural cures/healing and enlightening them to the outstanding health benefits of how to eat to live. It cannot be a matter of us stating that I told them over the years as though this excuse is suffice, but I still find it incumbent upon us who have been blessed to receive all this bountiful wisdom and knowledge—to be reminded to whom much is given, much is required and expected. The Supreme Being will ultimately hold us accountable and we should have a duty and responsibility to measure and evaluate the effectiveness and/or ineffectiveness of the information that we provide people; however, by judging our present day predicament of continued poor health, it appears we have not received the ancient lessons well.

We have to make our health, our national security issue and it should not be about how many times we have told them and yet we still suffer from high incidents of all types of aliments (hypertension, cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, lung diseases, kidney disease, etc.) which are killing us at a higher percentile rate than other ethnic groups; moreover, I do applaud those like Dr. Sebi for sounding the alarm for so many years, but this not a time to quite, we are deep in the fox hole and all hands are needed to be on deck to resolve our political, economic and social issues.

So I am a supporter of being redundant, because I view it as a very effective teaching method—to go over and repeat the same information, which might allow one to get it on the third or fourth attempt (some pedagogy experts view this method as essential to learning). Dr. Sebi (a natural Healer) is one of our best master diet teachers who espouse healthy living, homeopathic treatments, natural healing, etc. But there are levels of consciousness and many in the black family have been made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self. This creates psychological barriers because the dummying down process along side of western propaganda can be lethal, which at times prevents us from accessing and tapping into the various thoughts/energy that are often being conveyed by the practitioners of truth and this fosters stagnation, because to arrive at certain realties, it often requires a process and this will often mandate aspects of change. We are not, where we are by coincidence, but some of us have chosen to properly educate ourselves by researching and some time its just life circumstances that brought us to where we are in our present time and space.

I know that there is a powerful God in my life equation (I do not mean that mystery God or that Spook God that does not exist), He will always remain the ultimate Healer and he uses us as only vessels of the manifestations of his power and will, it his force and will that shapes the destiny of humanity (we have no healing authority and/or power without his permission). The Omnipotent One allows us to use his healing sciences to restore and revitalize human bodies in order to give life and life more abundantly.

I have studied the Black Panther Party For Self-Defense model and Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale would advocate that before you can move a person to revolutionary politics they have to be properly educated (Brother Kwame Ture said the same thing). And I am blessed to have come in contact with Elijah Muhammad and these Angles gave me a conscious level and a foundation to stand upon (they gave me the knowledge of self as a foundation to see all things spiritually, politically, economically and socially).

Lastly, I going to briefly mention how dangerous vaccinations are, in particular inoculating our babies (do not get your babies vaccinated) and how dangerous and poisonous flu shots are and I know 99% of the time I am going to get some emotional and unintelligent negative responses, but unless I educate the people that I am trying to reach, they are going to say Brother Fahim A. Knight-El is crazy, and they will never understand my position on vaccines because they have been duped by western propaganda. Surely long term breast milk is better for our babies and toddlers than artificial milk or cow's milk and all the healing the baby needs are in breast of the Goddesses of the universe, if the mother is consuming natural foods and products to sustain herself and offspring—the baby should never get sick. All praises due to Allah for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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