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By Fahim A. Knight-El

This article came about do to an email that I received on April 11, 2012 from an anonymous member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., which is an African American Black Greek Lettered Fraternity and they make claim to be the oldest black Greek Lettered Fraternity in the United States of America founded in 1906. However, the oldest Black Greek Lettered Fraternity was actually the Boule possessing the Greek name Sigma Pi Phi founded in 1904, two years before Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I will not go over the significance of the Boule (actually Steve Cokely is the authority on this powerful and little known black secret society). However, as I was writing this article, I found out that our Brother, Cokely had transitioned. So I am dedicating this article to Steve Cokely who made his transition back to the Creator on April 11, 2012; I also partook and drank from his in depth fountain of knowledge. No, present day African American thinker could decode a conspiracy like Brother Steve Cokely, he was affectionately known as the “Boule Buster” and if he scored a good and valid point with the many audiences that he spoke to he would verbally yell out ‘CHECK’. The best way to honor a fallen warrior is to pickup the baton and continue running the race toward our struggle for liberation.

I refer you to my Brother M’Bwebe Aja Ishangi website: http://daghettotymz.com/rkyvz/articles/bouleseries/BCover.html, whom I believe is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Brother Ishangi stated this about my first article on the ‘Black Greeks’: “Excellent info Soul-jah!”. I very seldom desire to answer or respond to bloggers who want to engage me in dialog, but do not have the courage to identify themselves, but post their views under the heading of anonymous. This is cowardice at its best because if this person truly believed in their comments and position and had unwavering convictions, then they would openly stand by their words and not hide as a ghost. But I could not resist deconstructing his argument relative to him critiquing my article on Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities (Internet published November 23, 2008) http://fahimknightsworld.blogspot.com/2008/11/black-greek-letter-fraternities-and.html.

Anonymous: “Greetings, I know this article is a few years old and you may not ever read this but on behalf of a movement I would like to share a few words with you. Let me assure you that as your brother this is all said out of love. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. is the oldest collegiate fraternity founding by men of African Descent and it was never GREEK. Upon its inception on 1906, it has grown to be millions strong and maybe all of its members didn’t join for the right reasons, but most did. You apologized Delta sister in saying you weren’t against Black Greeks, well I took to mean that you were. Your words about Alpha specifically were without understanding its history and therefore misrepresenting its place in African American culture. Alpha Phi Alpha is not Greek but African, not Masonic, but African and its been that way since the beginning. Now as a gentleman, I read your article and so I would expect that you read on through mine. Our organizations were built out of necessity, whether it was Alpha Kappa Nu in Indiana or Omega Psi Phi in D.C. our organizations gave rise to the Black Panther Part for Self Defense, the NAACP and other organizations that are for the betterment of African's living this American experience. You Sir are wrong! You are wrong for attempting to demonize our organizations and discredit the merit of our founders.”

Anonymous continues: “You and others like you are need to read the true history of these organizations as they have little to do with "Greekdom" and more to do with Blackness, the stepping you made reference to is has African roots, the Greek letters you make reference to has Phoenician (African) roots, our rituals and tradition are none of your concern and our motives are simple and plain, we must fight until hell freezes over, then fight on the ice—Jewel Tandy Alpha Phi Alpha Founder, for our piece of this American Pie. Its almost like you are criticizing us for speaking the same English=language of the colonizer) and not accepting your role in the play of assimilation. You are wring, and your facts are not adding up, before you attack an institution that has saved the lives of millions of African American youth, consider if there was no Alpha, Kappa, Omega, Phi Beta (an not Sigma), AKA's, Deltas, Simgas (Sigma Gamma Rhos), Zeta's or members of Iota Phi Theta, then half of African American progress would not exist. We are NOT children of the Illuminati or Knights of the Round Table or any of that rubbish, we on your side fighting against them. In all due respect, go back and do your research. Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and not ashamed of it either”.

I stand by every word that I wrote, because it was rooted in historical and cultural truths. This anonymous responder, felt that I had attacked and disrespected Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and according to him, I allegedly did not present factual information about the Alphas; although, my article was not about attacking any of the Divine Nine Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities, it was more about exposing the reactionary contradictions for example, the Greek Letters—Alpha Phi Alpha (1906), Kappa Alpha Psi (1911), Omega Psi Phi (1911), Phi Beta Sigma (1914), Iota Phi Theta (1963), Alpha Kappa Alpha (1908), Delta Sigma Theta (1913), , Zeta Phi Beta(1920), and Sigma Gamma Rho (1922). All of these Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities have missed the mark to be still identifying themselves with an alien culture. The authority on the history an evolution of Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities has to be Lawrence C. Ross, Jr., who authored the definitive book titled, “The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities.”

I received a telephone call recently from a brother, informing me that Dr. Na’im Akbar (professor of psychology at Florida State University and another one of my intellectual mentors) had joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., he was one of the most prominent Afrocentric scholars and Pan-African intellectuals in the 1990s along side Dr. Leonard Jefferies, Marimba Ani, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Ashra Kwesi, Dr. Anthony Browder, Dr. Asa Hilliard, Dr. Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan, Amos Wilson, etc. I became aware of Dr. Akbar’s writings when he used to write a column for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam newspaper titled, “Muhammad Speaks”. I have always had tremendous respect for Dr. Na’im Akbar because in his lectures he would always point us back to Kemet and in his talks and writings would often challenge the authenticity of the Eurocentric idea of hailing Greece and Rome as superior cultures to those of Kush, Nubia, Kemet and other darker people of the planet. Dr. Akbar has lectured on many black and white college campuses and is an authority on interpreting “Black Psychology” and human behavior. I must honestly admit that I was rather shocked that Dr. Na’im Akbar had chosen to become a member of a black Greek society. I will not pass judgment on Dr. Akbar because I know that he was not joining this organization out of ignorance and I also know that he was well informed and is an intelligent African centered scholar who literally can run circles around the best of minds in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

May be he will use his membership to wakeup these sleeping brothers and lead them to acquiring the knowledge of self, that they may come to a complete understanding that they are not Greeks but Africans—and are the true Fathers and Mothers of civilization. Dr. Akbar truly knows what it means to cross the hot burning sands and could give Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., a much better understanding of the Kemetic symbolism that is incorporated in their rituals and teach them what the Seven Jewels couldn’t teach them, which was to give them 360 degrees of knowledge (bring them to a complete and whole truth and not a partial truth—which is rooted in understanding the knowledge of self) and he also understands that we are presently traveling from West to East (and not the other way around) in search of our hidden wisdom and light that was stolen and corrupted by the invaders. Dr. Akbar in all reality could just refer the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., to his book titled, “Light From Ancient Africa.”

This is a heavyweight scholar and I pray that they do not stifle him because of the fear of being associated with unconventional information—he may from time-to-time introduce knowledge that may appear provocative and even radical or militant, but the knowledge that this man has in head, it’s adequate and sufficient enough to truly raise the entire Pan-Hellenic Council and its Greek members organizations to the next level. Dr. Akbar knows the truth and I am going to challenge him to use his intellectual expertise to take this/his brotherhood to next level. To whom much is given, much is required and expected of. I equally challenge the conscious Alpha men to help assist brother Na’im Akbar in the work to make our Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities better societies that is rooted in African tradition and work to see people of African descent politically, economically and socially independent and above all promote unity. Dr. Akbar also authored, “Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery,” “The Community of Self,” Natural Psychology and Human Transformation,” and “Visions for Black Men”.

Tom Burrell in his monumental book titled, “Brainwashed: Challenging the Myths of Black Inferiority” stated: Great social movements require a great change in consciousness. By fate, profession, or life experience, I am unabashedly race-conscious. Therefore, I’m calling for a new generation of race consciousness—but in a new way. Disengaging ourselves from the word ‘inferiority’ and replacing it with its opposite, ‘black superiority,’ will be just as damaging, just as illusory, and just as counterproductive for us as it has been for whites. Our mission is more complex than a label. We tried ‘Black Power’ and ‘black is beautiful.’ We’ve been emancipated, liberated, and integrated; now we supposedly live in a post-racial society. Those labels gave some of us hope and helped us feel momentarily better. None, however, have been strong enough to truly convince us that we are as beautiful, as resourceful, and as equal as whites. New race consciousness moves us beyond labeling. It’s no longer about changing our collective mindset. It’s about people dedicated to destroying the myth of black inferiority. . .” (Reference: Tom Burrell; “Brainwashed: Challenging the Myths of Black Inferiority”; p. 264).

However, to re-address what I wrote in my original article titled, "Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities: A Tradition of Mis-education" reference the link: http://fahimknightsworld.blogspot.com/2008/11/black-greek-letter-fraternities-and.html, it would be a bit redundant and serve no further historical critique or evaluation—one could just refer back to my previous article that I have cited above, as opposed to me rewriting and restating the same historical facts again because there was nothing in Anonymous rebuttal that required me to reconsider my initial analysis and assessment. I must give Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., some propos because they do include some Kemetic symbolism in their rituals such as the Great Sphinx of Giza and other relics from the history and tradition of ancient Kemet (Egypt). But here lies the challenge, if you properly understood that the Greeks were students of the Kemetic sciences and learnt their knowledge from the Fathers and Mothers of civilization; why don’t these societies correct the wrongs and chart a new course and direction for future young college bound black students to follow that would be rooted in African tradition?

I stand on the fact that Kemet (Ancient Egypt) fed Greece and Roman civilizations and Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities have found themselves in a peculiar situation in 2012, because it stands as a racial, ethnic and historical contradiction for these societies to continue refer to themselves as "Black Greeks," although the largest majority of the hundreds of thousands of members that belongs to Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities are people of African descendent and have no ethnic lineage ties to Greece or Rome (now, for the record the African General Hannibal (247 – 183/182 BC) crossed the Alps with elephants into Europe and the African blood of the Sicilian Italians of Sicily is very evident that African blood runs deep in these people, however, this same African DNA can be seen throughout the majority of the southern European nations that borders the Mediterranean Sea—the kinky hair and dark skin and the overt African features came from the African blood left behind by Hannibal and his men.

It would have been their Kemetic (Egyptian) ancestors that gave the world language and symbolism—most scholars would agree that may be China is the only other nation that perhaps predated Kemet (Egypt) as the mother of civilization, but nevertheless, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Herodotus, Democritus, Solon, Lycurgus, etc., sat directly or indirectly at the foot of the ancient Nubians Sages and High Priest who were master teachers in the metaphysical sciences, spirituality, astronomy, astrology, law, architecture, medicine, religion, physics, mathematics, engineering, philosophy, biology, hydraulics, etc. There is no other known civilization other than Kemet (Egypt) that has astounded even the modern curiosity of man about the ancient past as has Kemet (Egypt) because we have come to accept that these Nubians had a much more advanced and superior culture in which the present evidence is forever being uncovered in the Ruins that depicts ancient civilizations that were royal and magnificent in scope and the longevity of the Pyramids and the ancient burial chambers are left behind as testimony of Kemet’s culture superiority—this phenomenon still have Egyptologist, historians, archeologist and pure scientist baffled about the perfection of such high technology some 15,000 to 20,000 years ago (most of this high science still remains unduplicated today).

Dr. Carter G. Woodson in his book titled, “The Mis-Education of the Negro” Stated: “The oppressor, however, raises his voice to the contrary. He teaches the Negro that he has no worth-while past, that his race has done nothing significant since the beginning of time, and that there is no evidence that he will ever achieve anything great. The education of the Negro then must be carefully directed lest the race may waste time trying to do the impossible. Lead the Negro to believe this and thus control his thinking. If you can thereby determine what he will think, you will not need to worry about what he will do. You will not have to tell him to go to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door he will have one cut for his special benefit.” (Reference: Carter G. Woodson; “The Mis-Education of the Negro”; p. 123).

The people of Kemet (Egypt) had a deep sense of appreciation for knowledge and the concept of language and symbolism existed beyond just the physical libraries and/or even before books were recorded. But the Medu Neter was seen inscribed on the Temples at Giza, Cheops, and Luxor and many ancient sites in Kemet. It was Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. who raided the libraries at Alexandria with an attempt to steal, destroy and desecrate the Ancient knowledge that had existed long before Greece and Rome were even a thought on the stage of human civilization. The Greeks stole most of this ancient knowledge and took it back to Greece and proclaimed it as their own.

Dr. George G.M. James in 1954 authored one of the most prolific books ever to be written by a so-called African American scholar titled, "Stolen Legacy" in which James definitively challenged the basis of Western scholarship who had elevated Greek Mythology above Egyptian philosophy; there was little doubt that Kemet (Egypt) had predated the pinnacle and height of Greek civilization by some thousands of years and Greek Mythology heavily borrowed from the ancient Egyptians and the foundation of their history and culture was interdependent on Egyptian philosophy. James further maintained that many Europeans and scholars from around the world studied in the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Kemet was originally a black civilization before the external invasions from foreign and alien nations and racial miscegenation—the light skinned mulatto and later the Arab Semites are Johnny-come-lately imposters who share very little to no DNA with the original man. So for young black college students in 2012 who are still pledging Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities is proof positive and evidence that we still suffer from a cultural identity crisis by still referring to themselves as "Black Greeks" and this is inexcusable and we as a people should declare a cease and desist order in name of our Kemetic ancestors. It was African people that gave the world a written language and an alphabet system, as well as a numerical system.

Shahid M. Allah in book titled, “Take A Second Look” this is a relatively small book, but it’s a powerful tool for breaking down and understanding not only Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities but he uses the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and other theoreticians to decode symbolism—relative to numerology, alphabets and hidden riddles behind secret societies and he shows the interconnectedness with myths, rituals, folkways, customs, etc.—this brother is cracking atoms. He stated: “W.M. Finders, the author of “The Formation of Alphabet” (London 1912), informed the public that the Egyptians had markings on the back of tiles which they used on rare occasions to calculate scientific problems. Sir Finders says that this script presumably was known in Egypt for thousands of years. But, it was never used to write down an Egyptian text. Later on the Phoenicians and the Greeks received this script from the Egyptians. Hence, what the people of Greece claim to be their own alphabet finds it’s origin in Ethiopia and Egypt” (Reference: Shahid M. Allah; “Take A Second Look”; pp. 69-70).

The ancient coffin text and the "Egyptian book of the Dead" properly known as "The Coming Forth by Day" indicates in the ancient scrolls, that even before the language was symbolized on papyrus there was a higher system of learning being carried out in the Egyptian Mystery Schools; where the knowledge of the esoteric and occult were being spread amongst a select sector of neophytes. The real knowledge was best manifested in the sacred temples and was inscribed on the walls of the pyramids in which these were the more sacred libraries (anthropologist and Egyptologist are still digging up earth and attempting solve this ancient puzzle and riddle). Most Europeans who address topics dealing with Kemet (Egypt) often address these ancient originators of civilization from a Eurocentric perspective and this lead to the research being flawed.

Why would not these Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities change their organizational identities to reflect their own culture and heritage? I recommend that these Black Greek organization adopt Kemetic symbols from the Medu Nater (the name of the original language of Kemet that Europeans falsely misnomer as hieroglyphics—this is a Greek terminology) and prove to the world that we have moved beyond our indoctrination and mis-education by renaming our so-called Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities to Nubian Kemetic Lettered Fraternities and Sororities. Not to do this is convincing evidence that our minds are still under the psychological control of the Eurocentric persuasive power and worldview.

White Elitist college societies and orders, perhaps with the establishment of the Skull and Bones Fraternities founded in 1832 in which African American Fraternities and Sororities modeled and emulated themselves after these white Elitist college societies. This was, one of the first white college fraternities was Skull and Bones founded on the campus of Yale University, and some Masonic historians have traced this Order back to the Medieval Knights Templar, which was rooted in the Crusades and the fight between Islam and Christianity over Jerusalem and the Holy Land. I am of the opinion, relative to the Skull and Bones, it was established as a feeder organization for the sons of wealthy and Elitist Dynastic families with the objective of teaching their young Heirs what it meant to be a part of the 'superior' race and privileged class. Thus, more so than that, it gave these aristocratic sons a working knowledge of how wealth and power compliments each other and taught them invaluable lessons in networking”. These Fraternities boys would eventually become international bankers, high level politicians, presidents of nations, lawyers, businessman, international diplomats, etc. They would be prepared to venture into assisting their parents (wealth building) and eventually succeeding them as the new Heir Apparent power brokers. They transitioned into Freemasons organizations and organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations..

The majority of white based Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities did not allow black membership into their fraternities and sororities from their initial inception, thus, overtly discriminated against blacks seeking admission into these feeder Elitist college societies that were designed for the white aristocracy and privilege. Blacks in 1832 at the establishment of Skull and Bones on the campus of Yale University were still considered Chattel Slaves (1555-1865), but after passing of the Thirteenth Amendment (1865) to the United States Constitution, which so-called freed the slaves, it still did not necessarily equalize the playing field. Although, from 1865-1877, it was called the Reconstruction Period in which many blacks rose to political and economic prosperity during this historical time period. But in 1896 with the Plessy versus Ferguson decision the practice of segregation became a legal institution in America pursuant to this United States Supreme Court Ruling.

Lawrence C. Ross, Jr. in his book titled, “The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities” stated: “Secret societies in 1906 provided the support structure for students on the Cornell campus. Besides the benefit of finding students common interest, secret societies such as fraternities and sororities also provided students with housing, study groups and a social environment in which students could grow with others. However, since African American students were excluded from these organizations, there was literally nowhere for these African American students to turn except inward for solutions.” (Reference: Lawrence C. Ross, Jr.; “The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities”; p.6).

Also, what eventually became known as historical black colleges and universities (HBCUs) were coming into existence in the late 1800s and early 1900s and at the turn of the 20th Century Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities sprung up as well. These societies in many ways were like their white counterparts they too recruited petit bourgeoisie well-to-do black students, but many of today’s young neophytes members do not know that for decades probably up until the 1960s and beyond that the majority of the Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities would conduct the brown paper bag test in order to determine membership suitability and if a potential candidate’s skin was darker than the brown paper bag they were denied membership because these societies catered to curly head and light skinned African Americans—the more you looked like the ex-slave master's children the better chance one had of gaining membership into these societies. The Chicago University trained sociologist E. Franklin Frazier wrote about this class of blacks in his book titled, "Black Bourgeoisie". Some of the most influential and prominent African Americans belong to these college societies and they wail a lot of power and influence in black life even after college. Blacks/African-Americans as I stated above copied and emulated these white fraternities, but lacked generational wealth to make a serious impact on the overall political, economic and social reality of black people (However, the Divine Nine historically used its miniature networking systems to create black 'Elitist' personalities and movements) what Professor E. Franklin Frazier called a black bourgeoisie class (this class became the Talented Tenth that W.E.B. Dubois made reference). So this translated into blacks attaining upward mobility and having an influence on black life, which on a small level was no different than their white fraternal counterpart.

The Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities without a doubt had serious Masonic influences and roots because many of the original founders were Masons and Eastern Stars. Many of our early civil rights leaders and social activist belonged to one of the Divine Nine organizations and were Freemasons. The Masons however work a lot more discrete and it is not permissible for Masons to recruit and establish interest meetings on college campuses (you have to ask one, to be one and recruiting is not allowed). Yet, most of your top level black leaders even today are both Freemasons and Greek and many who serve in various capacities on the academic and university levels are Masons”. The Masons understand that often those who pledge Greek Lettered Fraternities will eventually make their way to the Masonic Order (its really a natural progression) and the Freemasons benefit from these college based Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities organizations (so there is a passive relationship) and yet Freemasons can hold true to their edict of not publicly recruiting its membership and at the same time reaping the benefits relative to Greek members being covertly directed into their various Masonic Orders.

The college fraternities and sororities members have gone through a similar process of what the Masons and Eastern Stars go through (For example, they understand the meaning of secrecy--handshake, word, sign and most of all how important it is to protect the ancient process from the uninitiated). The pledging process is similar in some ways. Now, Masons have no interest to functioning as Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities would on a college campus; they view themselves to be a lot more sophisticated than the average college fraternity and sorority. They also know and understand that many of your chancellors and college presidents are Freemasons and a host of others who are considered the movers and shakers in academia are Masons.

The Pan-Hellenic Conferences and the coming together of Black Greek organizations where the "Divine Nine" works together in the area of promoting academic achievement, community service, citizenship, networking, etc., represent an area of progressiveness and no one can deny the good that Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities do and have done historically in helping to elevate the African American race. I still maintain that the Greek Letters should be changed and abolished today and new African based symbols must be adopted to reflect the tradition and culture of African people and I make no apology for this position.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@ yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El


Divine King Allah said...

Peace my Brother
Hats off to well put together piece of "stand your ground" writing. I recall a piece by Bill Cosby on the Boule who himself is a member of. It would now become once again interesting to read that piece, now that I have grown in Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding! I have heard from other members of these Greek Letters Frats tell that the term "Boule" comes up time and time again in their rituals (if that is what their called). Also at time even shouting as if giving praise to the Boule. Thank you for this piece my brother.

Divine King Allah


Peace: Brother Divine King Allah, thank you for your kind words of solidarity. Many of my Brothers and Sisters of the Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities do not have a clue when it comes to the subject of the Boule. This is the powerhouse of all so-called African American societies. Its membership really is a whose who in Black America. I know for a fact, our Black Mayor Bill Bell of Durham, NC is a Boule member. Thank you brother for your insight; thus you words gives us a better outer sight to connecting the dots and decoding the complexity of the Boule subject. Bill Cosby Ummm!!!!!!

Hotep and Peace,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Anonymous said...

Greets Bro Fahim
I am Ras Yohannes and i am a mexican american rasta, and i love your works and wrtings i man would like to talk u more and reason your one deep dude.
peace and blessings

Anonymous said...

my site


Jah Rastafari:
All Praises due to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I King of Kings Lord of Lords The Conguering Lion Of The Tribe OF Judah. Thank you Brother Ras Yohannes for your kind words and I truly appreciate you respecting my knowledge, but all praises is due to the most High. Yes, I am always open to communicate with like minds. Thank you for posting your FaceBook link.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between Prince Hall Masonry which received it's Warrant from white Europeans (GLE) and Black Greek organizations that patterned themselves after white Greek letter organizations?