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By Fahim A. Knight-El

The United States as a western nation is one of the leading nations when comes to the overall consumption of the world's resources and products, which has made us one of the sickest industrialized nations on the planet. The American people in general, are very unhealthy because of our poor diets and lack of understanding about proper nutrition. The health of the American people have become expendable in lieu of greed and profit making—money making supersedes the health and welfare of the American people in which our health care and the level of care are often determined as a business decision and is not necessarily rooted in the overall genuine health care concerns for American patience—the sick and ill. This article is not intended to be an indictment of the American medical system, but it is meant to inform people that there are some alternatives and it is found in nature. All medical doctors before receiving a medical license have to take the Hippocratic Oath, which health care professional swear to practice medicine in the highest ethical manner. The Hippocratic Oath should be renamed the Oath of Imhotep. But let me first set the historical record straight, the Greek medicine man Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.E) was not the Father of Medicine, actually he stole many of his principles from a little known Nubian from Kemet (Egypt) named Imhotep (2650-2600 BC) the Greeks referred to him under the name of Asclepus and was practicing the art of medicine and healing long before Hippocrates. He lived during the Third Dynastic period under the ruler-ship of King Zoser—Imhotep was also a master architect and engineer and built the first step pyramid of Saqqara (he was of the first known world geniuses).

The ancient healers and ancient practitioners of medicine viewed the universe (meaning its laws and energy) as being inclusive (the Europeans approach to this science was exclusive) of themselves and therefore they looked to the earth and found everything they needed to sustain themselves by complimenting mind, body and spirit with the divinity found in nature (they had the same power we ascribe to a Supreme Being, the secret is that your are God)—healing was considered a High Science and the modern propaganda machines want us to believe that herbal science and natural medicine is rooted in quackery and pseudo science. This is done to keep us coming back to the doctors for synthetic medications (pills) and continues to make the pharmaceutical companies rich.

Queen Afua in her work titled, "Heal Thyself For Health and Longevity" stated: "Healing was very sacred work in ancient times. The healing arts were reserved for priests and priestesses, medicine men and women, 'bush' doctors and other people who were respected for their knowledge in the sacred mystery systems. Likewise, healing is also a very sacred work in this present time when this planet and its people are in serious need of healing--spiritually, mentally, physically, educationally, economically—in short, totally. When the three main aspects of the human body are aligned and in proper order, we feel at peace. We are then in a state of well being. We are able to function on a much higher octave mentally, physically and spiritually. However, when these three major aspects of the body are out of order or alignment, there is then a malfunctioning and the individual needs healing, realignment and rejuvenation. When any of these areas are out of order, they affect the other areas. Body areas are interrelated and have definite effect upon each other. Oftentimes when people go to the hospitals for treatment the doctors focus on their physical ailments and never look into the mental and spiritual discord which perhaps could be the root of the illness in the first place" (Reference: "Heal Thyself For Health and Longevity"; Queen Afua; p. 156).

But I believe on a small level people are starting to wake up and are taken ownership of their health and is honoring their sacred temple (the body) by choosing better quality of foods—organic fruits and vegetables and buying from local farmers and growers (many cities and towns have farmers markets) within a 50 mile radius—this can also be seen in the booming health food market and industry in last 15-20 years. Health food Markets like WholeFoods and other health food stores are popping up throughout the country and are providing the public with alternative ways of eating and possess a wide range of homeopathic herbal treatment products. Many people desire to trust their doctors and health care professionals and no doubt some are worthy of our trust and practice their profession with the highest level of honor and integrity, but when you intertwine capitalist interest (money making) with healthcare and medicine the concept of ethics goes out the window, whose interests takes priority and how are these interest reconciled to ensure the standard of healthcare providing remains the number one ethical priority? As opposed to looking at you as a patient (a human being and not as a commodity) in which the services they render should always remain as an extension of the Hippocratic Oath they took to uphold and not allow their rendering healthcare services to be dictated more by the financial interest on Wall Street (everyone has the right to make an earnest living). Do you trust your doctors? (Reference: Farmer Will Allen: Youtube clip:

Maybe it is difficult for you to come to grasp with the fact that many medical hospitals and clinics are controlled by powerful pharmaceutical cartels and conglomerates (medical corporate monopolies that have circumvented United States anti-trust laws) they function outside the laws and rules of the U.S. they answer to no one but themselves (they too like international banks function at a high level of sovereignty) and their interest are protected by American lawmakers (the so-called voice of the American people). Thus, they have powerful political lobbies on Capitol Hill in which they make huge financial contributions to members of Congress (these gifts are often shrouded and shielded from the campaign rules and given to appear not as a conflict of interest) in order to influence legislation and public policy that is pro healthcare industry. Let me give it to you plain and simple, medicine and pharmaceuticals are big business—billions on top of billions of dollars are being generated and I am of the belief that our health, the American people’s health and the huge profit incentives have made us expendable and secondary in lieu of money making.

Kevin Trudeau in his book titled, “Natural Cures: They Don’t Want You to Know About” stated: “The pharmaceutical industry has figured ways to get the government behind them. The pharmaceutical industry uses the FDA and FTC to protect their profits and protect their monopolies. The FDA and the FTC are supposed to be protecting consumers from unscrupulous companies such as the pharmaceutical industry, but the pharmaceutical companies have figured out ways to put millions of dollars into the politicians pockets, thus ensuring that the drug companies profits are protected. When the pharmaceutical companies get politicians to require drug use or have the government buy drugs from the pharmaceutical companies as exorbitant prices, the pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars in profit and their stock prices soar. What is the incentive for the politicians to do this? (Reference: “Natural Cures: They Don’t Want You to Know About”; Kevin Trudeau; p. 37).

The large pharmaceutical companies are also tied to the top Elitist medical schools such as John Hopkins University, Stanford University, Duke University, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, University of California at San Francisco, Columbia University, University of Washington, etc., where they make large funding grants and provide other financial incentives to these teaching and research universities to substantiate their hidden agendas, thus providing them with unlimited resources to carry out medical studies and clinical trials designed to move a product through the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) process—this governmental oversight agency has been known to approve different medicines and food products (USDA) knowing beforehand that they were placing the public in danger and yet these products were allowed on the market. Who interest does the FDA works in?

Curtis Cost in his work titled, "Vaccines Are Dangerous", "We all must eliminate two myths from our minds. To begin with, just because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves some chemical for sale, does not mean it is safe! The FDA is a joke! Its real function is to give corporations the government's seal of approval to sell their poison to the public. FDA approved products are routinely pulled from the market after the corporations have had time to make their profits, and then often only after there has been an outcry about the harm the product has caused. Most people do not realize that the FDA allows corporations to do their own testing of their products and to 'honestly' report to the FDA whether the product is safe. If a corporation stands to make a billion dollars off of some new drug, common sense tells you that it cannot be trusted to report the truth. It would be equivalent to expecting a gangster to tell the truth on his taxes" (Reference: "Vaccines Are Dangerous"; Curtis Cost; p.95)

Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of Health and Human Services and her boss President Barack Obama are only puppets and agents of the pharmaceutical companies; this is equalvent to an old axiom that we use in the black community, this is liken to putting the fox in charge of the hen house. What do you think is going to occur? Many of the research doctors are constantly looking for cutting edge methods of treatments that can gain them immediate notoriety in their particular medical disciplines. Some even publish flawed medical studies, which the data gives the appearance of being empirical (measured and counted) and is so-called rooted in objective science; these highly acclaimed medical studies are always asserting that their evidence is based on the rigor requirements established in the scientific method and is beyond reproach. But in some instances the research was being manipulated by powerful pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry and although, the research may be published and appear in prestigious and prominent medical journals in which the public and academic community automatically buys into the research as having intellectual credibility, integrity and medical merit. Thus, often even the top research journals where these medical academic studies are published; the primary objective is to establish research credibility amongst their medical peers and to create a level of excitement amongst the general population as well. This will eventually lead to more profit making down the road.

For example, they are constantly and strategically telling us that they are moving closer to finding a cure for cancer when in fact they already have a cure for cancer. Western medicine is really not about cures, it is about creating and an atmosphere of panic and fear causing national and global epidemics and pandemics –if we can kill millions of people with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV-Aids, and other debilitating illnesses; these have become expendable deaths, which factors into how the pendulum will swing relative to supply and demand, in particular when it comes to the commercialization of supplying the medicine and treatment to the market. Above anything else, it is about money and not about providing cures. But some of this also factors into the depopulation schemes that are on the chessboard as well. Let them die and the public outcry will increase their stock value in monumental financial dividends. This is diabolical, but sadly to say, this is the present world that we live under. Most of the diseases causing deaths can be cut in half and even curtailed in which we could enjoy life and life more abundantly by consuming the proper foods. We are now reading about young high school athletes who are dying while participating in athletic events and only later to find out that they were afflicted with some aspect of heart disease at sixteen and seventeen years old. This was unheard of just 25 years ago.

Jethro Kloss who authored the monumental book titled, "Back to Eden" he stated: "Many who violates the laws of health are ignorant of the relation of the law of living (eating, drinking and working) to their health. Until they have some kind of sickness or illness, they do not realize that their condition is caused by violating the laws of nature and health. If then they would resort to simple means and follow the—the simple laws of health that they have been neglecting—proper diet, use of pure water, fresh air, sunshine, rest, and nature's remedies, herbs, etc., nature would restore the body to its original health. Had nature been supplied with them all the time, the body would always be in good condition. When a course such as outlined above is taken, patients will generally recover without being weakened. There is a wonderful science in nature, in trees, herbs, roots, and flowers, which man has never yet fathomed" (Reference:” Back to Eden"; Jethro Kloss; p. xxx).

My daughter and I was viewing a video tape of Minister Nuri Muhammad of the Nation of Islam talking about “How to Eat to Live” which originally was a two volume book published by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I must say Minister Nuri Muhammad appears to be one of the up and coming and brightest Nation of Islam ministers under Minister Louis Farrakhan. He actually captivated the attention of my thirteen year old daughter which I was impressed that she attentively sat through the entire speech. I believe he is out of Indianapolis, Indiana and this young brother can teach (Reference: Minister Nuri Muhammad: Youtube clip:

But guess what there are some huge beneficiaries of our poor dieting—our health have been deduced to sustaining the medical profession food chain (our poor health has created massive jobs and employment opportunities for millions in the medical profession). The public poor health has ensured that the healthcare industry will remain as one of the most stable industries in America for generations to come. The Doctors and Pharmacies rather prescribe and sell you a synthetic pill that in short term may even treat the symptoms (with all types of side effects), but like any good dope pusher or drug seller the key is to keep you coming back for some more ‘legal’ dope (we wake up with a pill and go to bed with a pill). Yet, they are allowed to hide behind a medical license and operate so-called legal drug cartels while the street drug seller's enterprise is criminalized (in reality they are both drug dealers). Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Roche, Glaxo Kline Smith, Norvatis, Sanofi, Abbott Laboratories, Merck and Company, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc., these are some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world who prefer keeping the American people drugged out, as opposed to using their huge resources to promote making people healthy through food and proper diet (these companies have the power and resources to the change the United States health dilemma overnight).

The majority of all our illness can be traced back to our life styles—it is the food that is making people sick—we are eating processed food that's full of unbelievable sodium content causing high incidents of hypertension in adults and children. The beef, pork, and chicken (meat is some of the worst foods that human beings can consume and is unsafe for human consumption) are contaminated with poisonous hormones and enzymes that are having all types of affects on our internal organs which is contributing to some of the reasons children are now being plagued with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc., at very early ages.

Sister Benita Gamble of Beaufort, South Carolina owner and operator of New Body Products who specializes in herbal treatment and homeopathic medicine stated: “To overcome ailments in the physical body, begins with strengthening your immune system from naturally, organic, whole foods...these are nature's medicine... NUTRIENTS FROM THE EARTH! Also important to remember...Your body is made up of billions of cells. Like tiny building blocks, they work together to form every part of you. Cells make up your skin, bones, muscles, and organs. Your body uses nutrients to fix damaged cells, make new ones and allow the body to heal itself. Nutrients give cells what they need to work, grow, divide, and reverse disease symptoms from ill-health to wellness. There are multiple diet regimes and concepts that we adopt in regards to eating, however, the validity of these beliefs lies in the actual health of our individual body's. I have found that what the body wants has been given to us in nature, and the naturally, organic food sources works best!”

“When the body becomes sick or diseased, these moments are when the Universal energies are bringing to your attention, through your body, the need for you to take notice of, take control of and bring balance to YOUR body. I strongly recommend that you begin to incorporate grass fed, hormone & antibiotic free "red meat," free range, hormone & antibiotic free chicken eggs, juice or smoothie organic raw fruit & vegetable green drinks are your best vitamin source (not the store bottled drinks) and always include kale and a raw egg in your green drink a few times a week, coconut oil, palm oil, avocados, raw dairy/goat products for a little while. When the body's immune system becomes very weaken, organic red meats have serious Omega-3 (salmon alone is not always enough) and this meat has other nutrients the body needs to renew itself. Get on your computer and do your research...YOU MUST BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN BODY!”

It never ceases to amaze me that when you start talking to your doctor or health professional about alternative medicine, herbal science and homeopathic medicine they automatically becomes defensive (some even shutdown as though you have committed an unpardonable sin by injecting herbal treatments in the conversation) and is quick to throw out that most of the homeopathic treatments/medicines are not FDA approved (as though this is the standard for medicines on the market having credibility) and have not met the so-called stringent research test instruments to determine if it is safe for human consumption and/or will it pose a danger to public health (although herbal medicine has been proven to be a lot more safer than western medicine synthetic drugs, which millions die annually). Their denunciation of herbal medicine is rooted in their allegiance to the pharmaceutical corporate giants (and many of them are outright ignorant about homeopathic medicine because this was not part of their medical orientation and training) and a homeopathic/natural/herbal treatment are on the lower end of the profit making scale and is convenient to hide behind the FDA and bring into question that herbal products manufacturing and distribution are not regulated by government oversight. Herbal medicine is much cheaper and in some instances serve as a more effective medicinal treatments, as opposed to the total reliance on highly addictive chemical treatments (pills), which is often compounded by various side effects.

John Lust who authored the book titled, "The Herb Book" stated: "Historically, the most important uses of herbs were medicinal. For the most of his existence, man had various but limited resources for treating injuries and diseases. Separately and in combination he used any and all of the following: magic and sorcery, prayer, music, crude operations (amputations, bleeding, trepanning), psychotherapy, physical therapy (diet, rest, exercise, fresh air, water), and internal and external remedies prepared from plants, animals, and minerals. Of all these, plant remedies represent the most continuous and universal form of treatment: whatever else man may have done to themselves and to each other in the name of medicine at various times, plants were the basic source of therapeutic products for professional and folk medicine the earliest days until the twentieth century. In fact, folk medicine--the household use of simple herbal remedies--is based on word-of-mouth tradition that probably stretches in a unbroken line to prehistoric times" (Reference: "The Herb Book"; John Lust; pp. 3-4).

The western medical doctors have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (actually many of them still owe these student loan debts) in schooling and training and oftentimes their fragile egos will not allow them to succumb to herbalist and homoeopathist who did not attend traditional medical schools, but have mastered what mother earth provides to us--the science of healing and curing is tied to our ability to tap into those natural herbal remedies that our ancient ancestors used over 5,000 years ago. This does not require a medical license. The American people have become a highly addicted people to the so-called legal drug industry and it has created a massive codependency society of functional junkies who are strung out on all manner of prescription medications and keep the Kingpins—pharmaceutical companies in business and showering them in money. But the United States Justice Department will never charge the pharmaceutical companies with violating the RICO Statutes and committing conspiracy.

At times I am a listener of the Tom Joyner Morning Show (just for mere entertainment and nothing else), which is an urban syndicated radio show with millions of listeners every day. Mr. Joyner has this radio initiative called "Take a Loving One to the doctor" in theory it sounds good, but someone needs to tell this idiot that his audience (which is mainly so-called African Americans) are afflicted with the highest statistics in unemployment, under employment, no access to health care, many live below the poverty line, etc., how should this class of people who have no health care insurance take their love ones to the doctor? In a capitalist society, it cost money to go to the doctor (this system is unforgiving to the poor and the Have nots). Perhaps Mr. Tom Joyner is that ignorant and/or may be he lives in a bubble and is unaware that anywhere from 60-80 million (this a conservative figure) Americans do not have health care insurance and the higher percentage lies with so-called African Americans, poor whites and Latinos. The poor is forced to use the emergency rooms across America as their primary care for medical treatment because they do not have health care insurance to access doctors and clinics. I have a solution, if we can change how people eat and teach them how to grow their own food—teach them how to tap into Mother Nature they could experience life more abundantly. Remember this: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EI can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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