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By: Fahim A. Knight-El

This Blog or article like some others that I have written will appear in a question and answer format in which I have taken some of the Building Sessions that I have had with Pan-Africanist, Black Nationalist, Muslims, Christians, Freemasons, Nation of Gods and Earths members and host of other brothers and sisters who are deemed conscious. I ordinarily receive an abundance of messages and email correspondences from Freemasons and non-Masons from within the United States and around the world. I have come to the understanding that knowledge affects people in different ways and often when a brother or sister writes me back, whether it is pro or con; it is that perhaps what I may have written had some type of impact on their thinking and they felt motivated to communicate this to me. This places me, as well as others in a unique situation, but it also requires me/us to be mindful that we are responsible for, perhaps molding and shaping the intellectual thinking of others and this is not a light weight position.

The Nation of Gods and Earths (the Five Percenters) has always embraced certain aspects of my writings and I often receive a lot of correspondence from them via Internet and I see myself as part of the Cipher (welcome to the cyberspace Parliament—peace God)—I am a student of 360 degrees of knowledge, it leads us to the understanding that knowledge is infinite and it does not terminate itself at 32 or 33 degrees and this is the mistake that many of my Masonic brothers have made and although the hoodwink and cabletow were removed as symbolic gestures and reminders during their initiation; however,, many still wander in darkness because of refusing to totally uplifting the veil (moving from ignorance which is darkness and into light which is intellect—transcendence from the physical to the spiritual) and are blind to the knowledge of self. My job is to intellectually entice them to reach higher and to truly elevate their thinking from a dead level to a living perpendicular on the square—where the square formulates the circle tying all knowledge and truth together in one unbreakable link, which is only symbolic of the infinite wisdom of the creator (meaning there is no God outside of You).

The last few years have afforded me some very good BUILDS with Brother Hakem Allah (Wise) and Brother Divine Universal Allah in Durham, North Carolina where we often delved into the 120 Degree lessons (Reference: —the Supreme Wisdom is right and exact and this much I can not deny and I therefore, I have to tilt my hat to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, all he did were to produce more Gods—Father Allah, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Minister Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, etc., therefore, I can never deny Mr. Elijah Muhammad’s teachings because early on it was the life giving teachings that set me into motion and led me toward becoming a Free Thinker. (Reference:

Yet, I am so indebt to the writings and lectures of Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannon, Ivan Van Sertima, Molefi Kete Asante, Asa Hilliard, Chancellor Williams, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Amos Wilson, Richard King, Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers, etc., the Afrocentric writers and scholars gave us knowledge which redefined our worldview and dismantled many of the lies and half-truths giving to us by a system which was motivated more by racism than telling the truth. But of recent I have received a lot of questions about my opinions of Dr. Ray Hagins and Dr. Phil Valentine in which these two individuals seem to have captivated the intellectual imagination of young so-called African-Americans who are striving for a conscious reality. This writer can not render an opinion on Dr. Hagins or Dr. Valentine (I have not done the knowledge), but the little that I do know about them, both seem committed to teaching the knowledge of self and are committed to elevating the historical and spiritual awareness of the African race (this much is good enough for me). We must support those who work diligently and are committed to delivering our people the truth and I believe both Hagins and Valentine teaches that which will help to liberate us from mental slavery—but Bob Nesta Marley said it best, “none can free our minds but ourselves”. Perhaps my reading audience would like to share their views on Hagins and Valentine and from those potential discussions may be we can determine the scholarly credibility of these two individuals. So I will be seeking their published works and video lectures for assessment and evaluation. Brother Hassan Tremble on June 24, 2011 emailed and informed me that there was a documentary titled, “Hidden Colors” directed by a brother named Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Phil Valentine was one of the personalities featured in the documentary. I must admit I did peep at an Internet testimony written by Dr. Hagins who explained his transition from an ordained Pentecostal Christian minister from Patterson, New Jersey to becoming a conscious African centered minister who discovered that he had been lied to and mislead in seminary school. Hagins learned that the story of Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph)—birth, death, resurrection and ascension was first told in Kemet in which Ausar Auset and Heru predated the virgin birth and resurrection story of the man the western world called Jesus. Reference: Fahim A. Knight’s article titled: “CHRISTMAS: JESUS—THE SUN--GOD, LIES, DECEPTIONS AND THE TRUTH I also peeped at a very spirited on line debate between Brother True Islam (aka Dr. Wesley Muhammad) and Dr. Valentine—I guess it was based on Islam’s origin and whether or not it was just a Johnny-come-lately religion. I must say Valentine was making some very convincing arguments.

The acquisition of knowledge should move us from the level of intellectual stagnation unless we become armchair revolutionaries and talk a good game, but do absolutely nothing to move Black people to the next political, economic and social level. Thus, most of our so-called Black leaders are nothing but social pimps (they have made black people slaves to the Democratic Party, we are addicted to a party that only produce false promises)—they are committed to money and materialism (this is their God) and enhancing their bottom line while the ignorant masses continues to suffer and languish in poverty (many of these Negroes leaders live in huge mansions, wear tailor made suits, sport fine jewelry, drive upscale automobiles and continue to make false promises to their ignorant flock)—having them looking up in the sky for that Mystery God that does not exist and for 450 years our lack of collective unity and progress is tied our loyalty to reactionary leaders like Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Cory Booker and yes President Barack Obama (Big House Negroes).

This Negro (President Obama) spent 19 years under Reverend Jeremiah Wright (as a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago) and once the enemy (the bloodsuckers of the poor) got behind him he flip flopped and repudiated Reverend Wright who raised him from the dead by introducing him to a Black Liberation Theology and taught him the truth of the Bible (sitting under Reverend Wright’s teachings would be somewhat equalvent to sitting at Mosque Maryam listening to Minister Louis Farrakhan for twenty years and you will want me to believe that the life giving teachings had no effect on you; of course Wright is not a Farrakhan, but his message was provocative and insightful and far beyond that pie in the sky rhetoric—gave us a meaningful interpretation of what a social gospel should be about).

However, what Wright and Black people failed to understand was that this low level operative (President Obama) was only loyal to the House of Rothschild, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations—the real powerbrokers who are responsible for 95% of the global crisis confronting humanity. President Obama was giving a playbook and up until this point he has executed their agenda with the utmost precision and he has been more dangerous than President George W. Bush. I have always agreed with Reverend Wright’s theology and I was in agreement of his condemnation of United States Foreign Policy and his interpretation of the 9/11 hoax. If a Negro preacher truly believes in the teachings of Jesus the Christ than he/she could not in good faith morally and ethically support United States Foreign policy. What prohibits some Christians from seeing the contradictions in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars?—these wars are morally inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus (I know they are fearful of challenging the enemy). I am outraged that Black leaders are silent on issues that matters and very few have voiced any opposition to the Roman Government—pardon me for the Freudian slip, I meant the United States Government.

Kimeka Campbell: “Good Day! I read this article, posted on in 2008, and I had a question: You do an excellent job of showing the apparent 'lineage' of the Divine 9. But no credence is given to why these organizations are not actually considered Masonic Organizations which truthfully they are not. I was wondering along side of the fact checking you have done here, if you could provide more information on why these organizations are indeed NOT Masonic, and why Masonic organizations do not exist on college campuses”.

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Ms. Kimeka Campbell, I think Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities without a doubt had serious Masonic influences and roots because many of the original founders were Masons and Eastern Stars. Yet, in the early 1900s Greek/Latin (from language, history and culture) was considered to be high academic standards relative to curriculum and learning, in particular in the West”.

“Thus, one of the first white fraternities was Skull and Bones founded on the campus of Yale University, perhaps in the 1800s and some Masonic historians have traced this Order back to the Medieval Knights Templar, which was rooted in the Crusades and the fight between Islam and Christianity over Jerusalem and the Holy Land”.

“I am of the opinion, relative to the Skull and Bones, it was established as a feeder organization for the sons of wealthy and Elitist Dynastic families with the objective of teaching their young Heirs what it meant to be apart of the 'superior' race and privileged class. Thus, more so than that, it gave these aristocratic sons a working knowledge of how wealth and power compliments each other and taught them invaluable lessons in networking”.

“These Fraternities boys would eventually become international bankers, high level politicians, presidents of nations, lawyers, businessman, international diplomats, etc. They would be prepared to venture into assisting their parents (wealth building) and eventually succeeding them as the new Heir Apparent power brokers. They transitioned into Freemasons organizations and organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations”.

“Blacks/African-Americans copied and emulated these white fraternities, but lacked generational wealth to make a serious impact on the overall political, economic and social reality of black people (However, the Divine Nine historically used its miniature networking systems to create black 'Elitist' personalities and movements) what Professor E. Franklin Frazier called a black bourgeoisie class (this class became the Talented Tenth that W.E.B. Dubois made reference). So this translated into blacks attaining upward mobility and having an influence on black life, which on a small level was no different than their white fraternal counterpart”.

“Many of our early civil rights leaders and social activist belonged to one of the Divine Nine organizations. The Masons work a lot more discrete and it is not permissible for Masons to recruit and establish interest meetings (you have to ask one, to be one and recruiting is not allowed). Yet, most of your top level black leaders are Freemasons and Greek and many that serve in various capacities on the academic and university levels are Masons”.

“The Masons understand that often those who pledge Greek Lettered Fraternities will eventually make their way to the Masonic Order (its really a natural progression) and the Freemasons benefit from these college based organizations (so there is a passive relationship) and yet Freemasons can hold true to their edict of not publicly recruiting its membership and at the same time reaping the benefits relative to Greek members being covertly directed into their various Masonic Orders”.

“The college fraternities and sororities members have gone through a similar process of what the Masons and Eastern Stars go through (For example, they understand the meaning of secrecy--handshake, word, sign and most of all how important it is to protect the ancient process from the uninitiated). The pledging process is similar in some ways.

Now, Masons have no interest to functioning as Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities would on a college campus; they view themselves to be a lot more sophisticated than the average college fraternity and sorority. They also know and understand that many of your chancellors and college presidents are Freemasons and a host of others who are considered the movers and shakers in academia are Masons”.

“Let me give you a perfect example, the founder of North Carolina Central University (NCCU) was named Dr. James E. Shepard; he was the president of NCCU and was also two time Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Master for the state of North Carolina (top level Mason)”.

“I hope this response at least provide some answers and clarity to the questions that you raised. I do thank you for reading my article and giving me this feed back”.

Kimeka Campbell: “Thanks for this timely response!!! So it seems to me that from your explanation the success of the BGLOS on the level of the masonic order actually stems from a lack of substantial capital, correct? I am definitely aware of the links between all, but I am missing some crucial info like, what were some of the major reasons, because the academic/intellectual movements indicated for these divisions?”

“I also find it interesting that you see BGLOS as feeder orgs for masons/OES. I have lived in a few places in the US and there seem to be mixed messages on this matter. Some regions have no issues with your fraternal heritage when going between Bglos and masonry/OES. Other regions it is understood, rather subtly, that joining one and then the other is strictly forbidden. You must show your allegiance to one. Some of my own family members support not accepting young men especially who are of a BGLO”.

“Also, what of women in this equation? Especially black women? The women of BGLOS seem to be the furthest from the origination of orgs like these. What do you think accounts for the large separation?”

“Also, what would you say is the fundamental difference between the university/academic fraternity system for blacks and black masons?”

“Any other literature that you think may be helpful that discusses the reasons for the break offs would be greatly appreciated”.

C.B. “Shalom Mr. Knight, I pray this little note finds you in the best of spirits and health. My name is C. B. and I have been reading your blog site for several days intrigued with the wealth of information you have on Free Masonry, Islam, Kemetic teachings, etc. I was especially interested in Free Masonry and the Kemetic studies. I am not a mason, although I am definitely interested in becoming one, and don't know where to start. I live in Georgia currently and am seeking guidance as to how to become one. I'm also asking if you could point me in the right direction as to where to start on my journey to attain 360 degrees. Sir, I thank you for your time, consideration, and thoughts. May Yahweh bless you and sustain you”.

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Bro. C.B: Let me first thank you for taking the time to read my Blog work. Yes, I have dedicated a lot of research to the topic of Freemasonry because I as a so-called African American just was not satisfied with the Eurocentric version of Freemasonry and I knew that this ancient knowledge had a much older root than what they were revealing. I also knew that Kush (Ethiopia) and Kemet (Egypt) had predated European civilization and it was these set of truths that forced me to think outside the box. Thus, I had acquired the knowledge of self many years ago and after becoming a Prince Hall Freemason, I immediately saw and recognized that many of my Masonic brethren were miseducated and had bought into the European Masonic worldview”.

Bro. Joseph Ferguson: “Bro. Knight, I just read the last message I sent you and I must apologize I sent that one in a rush. What i was trying to say was that the Minister was correct in his assertion that there is a teaching in Masonry that hides the truth and we do fall for it. I pointed out the book the Hiram Key as an example because this is one of probably many books that has come out with the truth and then for some mysterious reason the (white) author turns around to discredit his assertion saying that upon further research we have found something else to suggest its beginnings were not in Africa. This point is proven, in my opinion, when the writers wrote The Book of Hiram this book generally says their first book did not research enough and Masonry has no beginnings. What sense does that make? Anyway, just wanted to clear that up”.

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Bro. Ferguson: I understood what you meant in the initial message. I too at times rush sending messages and my thoughts may be here and typing might be somewhere else. However, thank you for the clarity. I agree about Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight's book, "The Hiram Key" they really explores a lot in that book and gives up a lot of truths. I did find their analysis on the historical origin of Christianity to be accurate and compelling. Yet, with all the exploring of Constantine, Roman and Greek history, their Eurocentric worldview would not let them totally admit and acknowledge that the majority of the ancient Masonic knowledge and wisdom had its roots and inception in either Kemet or Kush (lands of black people)—I must say they did hint at this fact. There is a sizable amount of empirical evidence and data that backs this historical contention. However, racism is one thing (this disease has warped the rational thinking of most American scholar, but white supremacy is driving Lomas and Knight to deny the findings which might suggest that African people had a superior historical culture”.

Bro. Ralph M: “My brothers, Hope this finds you and yours in the best of health. Kedar and Fahim, what do you both know about "Tiahuanaco"?”

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Dr. Ivan VanSertima in his book titled, "They Came Before Columbus" in the chapter titled: "Among The Quetzalcoatls" on page 75 he talks and write about Tiahuanaco of South America--stating, "of the sun at Tiahuanaco of South America is one of several American gateways distinguished by the Egyptian winged disc symbol." Thus, there is more that might be of assistance to you in that chapter”.

Bro. Kedar Griffo: “Sounds good however the Giza plateau pyramids are aligned to the Orion star constellation which were built about 13,000 years ago being the star constellation of Orion is half way thru the 26,000 procession of the equinox. That predates the Mexican pyramids by 1000s of years. The solar observatories in African date to about 34,000 years or earlier. Check out Nabta playa for the first "Stonehenge" which is found about 150 miles south of Cairo. Additionally check out the Royal Annals as this stone shows the dynasties and pharaohs that existed 1000s of years before the first recognized dynasty with Menes aka Narner. I say that to say the knowledge was ancient in Africa when it travelled westward to America. Lastly the pyramids in Nubia (Sudan) outnumber those in Egypt and are older. By the time it reached Mexico our civilization was in decline because of the invaders and foreigners although we built those in Mexico as well”.

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Bro. Kedar this was very good information; I agree that the history tells us that Kemet and Kush fed the world (perhaps with the exception of China there was no civilization older). The Olmec Heads of Mexico and the replica miniature pyramids in Central America and South America; in particular the culture of the Mayas speaks to the transference of the Nubian culture making its way to the Americas across the Atlantic Ocean and was received by the Native people as being in the image and likeness of Black Gods (they constructed images and statues to reflect the people they came in contact with and the majesty they possessed—look at the African physicality of these relics). The Solar Deities were best personified in Kemet and although, the ancient people of the Americas had developed systems of measuring time and calendar—charting the sun, moon, and stars. However, in my opinion, this phenomenon was not necessarily just indigenous to African people because Native Americans Folklore tells us just the opposite (the interdependency factors and variables can not be overlooked, but questions always arise how much of this influence was external and how much evolved as just pure internal enlightenment)”.

Bro. Ralph M: “Brethren, How do we know if there was an ocean to cross during that time? What if the continents were locked together?? What if there was such thing as Edgar Cayce always preached??”

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Bro. Ralph your comment takes me back to what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught, which was the entire planet was once called Asia (—West Asia and East Asia) and the Western scholars believe that at one time in history these continental land masses (the seven continents including the lost land of Atlantis) were not separated by water and geographically were one continued land mass (Pangaea theory). Some argue that these lands that sat on plates over millions (or may be billion or even trillion years ago) shifted or separated and this gave way to the platonic theory concept, which explains that the planet of land masses were typographically connected and unified. No one better articulated this than the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I think the historical timeframes and the evidence and data would perhaps suggest that Kemet as a culture might be recorded anywhere from 4000 B.C years to 10,000 B.C. years (some even suggest this history goes back 20,000 B.C. years) and no doubt the plates had shifted by this time and the waters we know today had separated these massive land masses. Therefore, I think the transference of this knowledge was over the Atlantic ocean as we know it today and the Nubians and those who occupied the Americas received it in this fashion, but orientation was simpler than we know because the DNA and the collective consciousness of the two people were intact because essentially they were kith and kin and essentially the same people. However, the waters may have separated the people and cultures, but the historical and culture connections of these ancient civilizations were never lost and those who are committed to research and study understand this reality”.

Bro. Kedar Griffo: “It's older than 10,000 years, the Sphinx has water erosion which dates back to at least 10,000 years ago. Additionally, the Sphinx was aligned to the Star Constellation Leo which would have been the age we where under 10,000 ago. We're going into Aquarius next year, leaving Pisces, before that was Aries during the time the jews claimed to be in Egypt and prior to that was Taurus and the Bull, the Apis bull of Egypt which is also called the Brahma bull, Brahma and Abraham, see the similarities. Prior to that was the twins, Aset and Asaru, then Cancer, and then Leo (the sphinx, Har Em Akhet). They Egyptians were master astronomers and created symbolism based on the Denderah calendar which is older than the Europeans want to admit. Again if you notice during each age, the ruling deity used the symbolism of the zodiac. For Taurus the Apis Bull which is associated with Ptah and Osiris, for Aries was the Ram or Amun, yet when Ankhenaten changed it to Aten, they knew he was wrong because the deity was Amun, the ram. After him came Haru-Heru-Horus and the fish and bird symbolism which was copied by the Christians. Now if you look at other cultures, they do not go no further than the age of Taurus which was roughly 6,000 years ago, but we can go back to at least the age of Leo which was over 10,000 years ago. This is why cattle are sacred to Hindus, as it was to the Hebrews according to the bible”.

“Remember the procession travels backwards one degree every 72 years and it takes 2160 years to go thru each zodiac sign and 26,000 for the entire procession. Multiply 5 x 2160 and you get 10,800. As they uncover more of our history, you'll find even more ancient artifacts. This is confirmed with the Royal Annals which again gives you the names of the Rulers/Pharaohs prior to Narmer/Menes. As well as Nabta Playa, which is aligned to Orion which again is the half way point of the 26,000 procession. Lastly, remember they teach about a scorpion king, well Scorpio is at least another 6,000 years prior to Leo, so now, you're reaching 17,000 years. Yes THEM taught this, but Asia ain't even an Asian word, so what was the land called prior to Europeans naming it Asia?”

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: This is what I liked about the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he referred to us, the Black man, as the original man (meaning his origin goes further back than any other race and essentially he was the first man). My brother, so often, we vacillate between using words and phrases that are not indigenous terms. For example, the name Sphinx, Pyramid, Egypt or Egyptian all these names we use were not indigenous names to the original people who occupied the Nubian land of Kemet; thus, these were Greek terms and surely the people of Kemet predated Greek civilization by 3500 years. So it is even historical inaccurate to identify these ancient people by the names of their invaders. We often use the term and name "Africa" to identify this continent and fail to realize that Africa has it origin with a Spanish/Portuguese cartographer (map maker) named Leo Africanicus.

Big Mike 19: What's up Square, I bring you greetings from Mt Hermon #002 in Atlanta, Ga (AF&AM). I appreciate your willingness to communicate with a brother regardless of affiliation (3 vs 4 letter). I have 2 questions: 1) Are you familiar with a court case AF&AM vs Prince Hall circa 1910? My understanding is that Prince Hall lost on appeal and 2)Is it possible that JGJ received a charter from another country (Romania)? I look forward to hearing from you.

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Bro. Bryant: Thank you good brother for reaching out. I think you already know Prince Hall Masonry version of John G. Jones being a former suspended PHA Mason who left the organization not in good standings and it has been this historical controversial that has spewed debates on both sides of whether or not Bro. Jones' Masonic lineage is "regular' or 'irregular' relative to his Masonic claims”.

“I have had many discussions with AF&AM brothers about this historical controversial and often from the Prince Hall perspective, it is maintained that Bro. John G. Jones did not have an official charter decreed upon him by an official Masonic entity”.

“Now, Brother for me, this is where it gets a little sticky, in particular for us African American Masons who ancestors arrived to the Americas as captives and prisoners of war. We look for Caucasian Masonry—the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) as the official legitimate Masonic body who so-called has the determining authority to declare what Masonic bodies would be consider "clandestine" and "regular".

“This is atypical behavior of the Mis-Education of the Negro, as Dr. Carter G. Woodson defines this type of thinking. We do not consider ourselves to be 'official' or 'legitimate' unless we have the approval and sanction of white folk (a condition of mental slavery). So as a Prince Hall Masons, I would argue that Bro. John G. Jones had every right to exercise a sovereign mind and establish his own AF&AM organization outside of white approval or PHA Black approval”.

“I do not think there is any credible documentation that Bro. Jones received a Charter from Romania or any other European Nation. He was a high ranking Prince Hall Masonic official from the state of Illinois who had acquired all the knowledge from all the Masonic Houses both practical and philosophical and knew how to set-up and structure a Masonic organization and he did just that”.

“But here is my argument, the Europeans stole and corrupted this ancient knowledge from Kemet (ancient Egypt) and I maintain that it's insane for us to be looking for some white (Romania) or British (UGLE) Masonic entities to validate our Masonic reality. This knowledge belongs to the Black man and whether you are AF&AM or PHA, it is our duty to reclaim what's rightfully ours. My brother, I have written so many articles designed to teach all my Masonic brothers to look beyond the lies and distortions of western Freemasonry”.

“In the early 1900,s Caucasian Masons took Prince Hall Masons and Shriners to court claiming that Prince Hall Masonry was 'clandestine' " ... the White Masonic Order lost their legal battle to the Black Masons and on June 23, 1929, the United Supreme Court handed down the decision that guaranteed that Prince Hall Masons and Shriners had all the rights as a fraternity to appear in public and in private to practice the time honored traditions of Masonry”.

Bro. Joseph Ferguson: “Beautiful response. We may or may not agree about the legitimacy of AF&AM, but the bigger issue is what you stressed. Why do black masons have to run to the white mason who stole our legacy to make us legitimate. I feel that we ourselves should settle that discussion. I believe PHA is the first legitimate black Masonic group period. All of us should be holding you guys in high regard and settling our differences instead of UGLE. Just my opinion great article, as always...”

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Thank you brother Ferguson; I never miss an opportunity to stress black Masonic unity. Our agreements should be bigger than PHA disagreement about the historical legacy of Bro. John G. Jones. We should be seeking unity with other Black Masonic organizations and look to close ranks”.

Bro. Joseph Ferguson: “Bro. Knight you really need to look at yourself. Anytime you can talk and have discussions with both sides of an issue you are blessed. As you know we have very many Masons, but there are few Masons out there. It takes men like you to make it happen...”

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: Thank you Brother Ferguson; I am just getting back to the computer. Yes, I am truly humbled by your compliment and I try to do my best to be objective as possible because there is to much raw emotionalism on both sides of this issue and it gets us nowhere other than creating Masonic division.

Bro. Joseph Ferguson: “I have thought about your words today. The thing that really keeps me going is that one day Black Masonic groups will find common ground. Brothers just don't understand when you glorify UGLE you down grade your African inner self. I live and pray I will be around to see us all in one room rejoicing like we have found our brother in the rubblish after many years of looking. To the dream I hope will become reality…”

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Brother Ferguson: The question of our division has to be traced back to our psychological and sociological conditioning during Chattel Slavery (not to make excuses nor claim victimization). They institutionalized and bred us toward self-hatred and we were forced to accept the slave masters who were white as being superior and 'godly' (anything black was considered as being inferior). My brother this behavior pattern went on for 310 years and yet we are over 150 years removed from this brutality, it still haunts us as a race of people in 2011. The slave masters ruled based on his system of division and if any slave showed any tendency of advocating unity he or she was beaten and possibly killed. If I could make a decree on our Masonic order, I would impose that every Masonic Brother prior to being raised to the sublime Degree of Master Mason would be required to read Dr. Carter G. Woodson's book titled, "The Mis-Education of the Negro" (first published in 1933). I believe that it’s time for AF&AM and PHA to breakdown these artificial barriers, which keeps us divided and to establish common ground for the sake of our future. Just imagine if we broke the cycle and our children and grandchildren could have an example of unity before them, which revealed that black folk (the Masons) came together in a collective and unified manner. Thus, this could be inspiring for generations to come”.

Bro. Joseph Ferguson: “The brutal thing about this was in the sequel when they claimed to go to the beginnings of time they still could not acknowledge that civilization started in the East. When we say that Kemit was the 1st civilization we are also saying that before Kemet our race was prevalent in the world. Stories like Gilgamesh printed by the Sumerians were really stories written by or ancestors not theirs. I do agree that there had to be other religious customs before Kemit, however, the Masonic Ritual we all use matches exactly with he Egyptian Civilization, there is no doubt. I think our people on the other side of the tracks know if they say that is true then they would have to go back even further to establish we were here longer that the even give us credit for. Let me leave you with this. Now, me being Christian will take this, but people do not get it when I tell them the following. If you take the bible and line up the places and people they talk about from Adam to Jesus you find something interesting. First, the majority of the most prominent character in the Bible are Black and most of the events take place in Africa. Why is it so hard to get people to see that. Because we have been trained in the white Jesus picture we will not admit to ourselves that our so called teachers were wrong. Even worse, very few ministers acknowledge those facts. In Dallas, where we have all of these Mega-Churches only one minister takes on that subject Rev. Freddie Haynes. Everybody else is as quiet as a church mouse”.

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “I always get a good chuckle at most white scholars when it comes to them being objective relative to the history of African people. Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. Josef Ben-Jochannon, Dr. John G. Jackson, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, etc., and African-Centered scholars and historians have proving without a shadow of doubt that the original man was the Black man and although, they desire for us to make racial, ethnic, geographical differences because we might appear in Sumer, or in Australia as the Aboriginal, Hijaz (ancient Saudi Arabia), Babylon (Iraq), or Abyssinia (Cush and/or Ethiopia), etc. And they strategically used these artificial labels and racial indexing to affirm (our division and deny us a sense of homogeneousness) and at the same time discredited Kush (perhaps one of the oldest Black civilizations) recorded in the annals of time in which Kush (spoken of in the Bible) fed Kemet (ancient Egypt) and all other civilizations sprung up from their mothers and fathers to claim certain aspects of the knowledge. They never desired for us to see ourselves from the prism of a racial and cultural synthesis (a as a unified people) of the connectedness of our DNA (genetic testimony) and did not matter, which continent you found the black man we are indeed one people; there was a cultural and racial linkage with their African ancestors who originated in East Africa. But the white supremacy mind desire for us to accept his intellectual system of racial indexing in which he is a master of divide and conquer (and a master at tricks and lies). For example, he renames people, places and alters their history for his benefit—they called us Africans (named after the Spanish or Portuguese cartographer Leo Africanius). The original man predates these ethnic and racial indexing. I think when you systematically rob a people of their culture and heritage for 310 years (1555-1865) and impart in them, that they and their ancestors made no worthwhile contribution to human civilization this is the worst sort of lynching. Yet, in so-called 1865, they removed the physical chains, but replaced them with something a lot more powerful and devastating and more sinister, which was the invisible chains of mental slavery (this was revealed in the Willie Lynch letter—it does not matter to me whether or not this letter was fact or fiction). My brother, I know for some of us it is a hard pill to swallow, but many of our Christian clergy and ministers have been thoroughly brainwashed and when you condition a people to view God, the Prophets, Angles and Savior as being White the effect of this can longstanding. Dr. Carter G. Woodson once stated you do not have to tell him to go to the backdoor, he will voluntarily go to the backdoor and will even cut one out if one does not exist. Dr. Naim Akbar writes about it in his book titled, "Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery”.

Tara Omar: Hi Fahim: “My name is Tara Gregory. I have been researching my Gregory family and discovered that my gg-grandfather, Robert B. Gregory, was a Freemason. He was from Chickasaw, Houlka County, Mississippi. I have no idea if he was a Christian, Jewish or Muslim and since my grandparents and father are all dead, I can't ask them. I have been Muslim for 15 years and have some nagging in the back of my mind that Robert's father, Monro Balam, might have been a Muslim and Allah knows best. I have lived and visited countries in the Middle East and I get told often that I look Egyptian. Matter of fact, some of the Egyptians I see could well be one of my family members! I have yet to conduct a DNA test to narrow down the origins of my ancestors. Anyway, if you go to this link, I have a picture of Robert B. Gregory's gravestone...”

“It clearly shows the emblem of a Freemason. I am told it is a common one but I'd like an expert opinion. What I'd like to know is: 1) Do you know anything about African-American Freemasonry in Mississippi during the 1800s through early 1900s? 2) Does the emblem on my gg-grandfather's gravestone show the Masonic order he fraternized? The level he was at? 3) Do you think with my gg-grandfather being a Freemason, that it was likely he was actually a Muslim, even a closet Muslim? Any information you could enlighten me with would be appreciated!”

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Ms. Omar: Let me first state, that I am not an expert on Mississippi history or how Freemasonry evolved in that geographical area. But you know that Prince Hall Freemasonry was established around 1784 in which this African-American Masonic order became the first chartered Masonic lodge under the auspices of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)”.

“Now, remember, although, the Irish and British had informally/formally introduced Freemasonry into the Thirteen colonies and had Masonically raised many white men into the brotherhood of Freemasonry and It would be the same Irish brethren (revolutionary war military soldiers) that raised Prince Hall and a number of black Masons (who were revolutionary war veterans) along with him, which gave rise to Black Freemasonry in the United States at least in theory. However, American style racism did not allow enslaved Blacks or Free Blacks to join white dispensation or chartered Masonic lodges”.

“But there were some white American Scottish Rite lodges that did permit free blacks membership into their white lodges. Let me assume that your great grandfather based on the time of his birth and death lived during the segregated Jim Crow Era and since Prince Hall had established the all black Masonic order in Boston that initially was African lodge #459 that became African Lodge number 1 (Grand Lodge) in which all subordinate black Masonic lodges and persons of African descent became affiliated based on that said time period”.

“So based on deductive reason, we can highly assume that your great grandfather was a member of the black Masonic Prince Hall Order. But let me inject this point, if he was a by-product of miscegenation and/or mulatto black and could pass for white then there is a possibility that he could have been a member of a White Mississippi Masonic Lodge (based on light skinned pigmentation)”.

“You might be familiar with Abdul-Rahman story that aired on the PBS documentary titled, "Prince Among Slaves" in which this Muslim Prince was captured in West Africa and kidnapped and taking to Natchez, Mississippi. This story alone tells us that Muslims and Islam were in Mississippi amongst the slaves who were brought there to pick cotton and other cash crop commodities”.

“Thus, without a doubt your family could have Islamic roots. But I must say to you, no other people on the planet earth were totally robbed of the knowledge of self and this has made it very difficult to trace our lineage and roots back to a tribe, language and the land of our origin outside of knowing that our ancestors were kidnapped from Africa. The slave masters did not keep records of which tribe or people from whence we came the African slave. We were only considered Chattel and a commodity, our historical origin and culture was not important to be relished and passed on. This has rendered it very difficult to trace our roots because there were very poor records kept on the slaves”.

“The only Grand Lodge under the jurisdiction of P.H.A that does not bear the title of Prince Hall is The Stringer Grand Lodge of The State of Mississippi. Named after a stalwart in Prince Hall masonry in the State of Mississippi, this is still a legitimate and recognized Prince Hall Grand Lodge”.

“Perhaps one of the most legitimate sources on understanding the evolution of Prince Hall Masonry in the United States would have to be Joseph Walkes’ book titled, "Black Square and Compass: 200 Years of Prince Hall Freemasonry" reference pages 81-83 and there is another book that many black Freemasons have discredited because they argue that the research is shoddy titled, "Official History of Freemasons Among the Colored People in North America" authored by W.M. H. Grimshaw. I have found some sound documented facts and truths relative to the evolution of Black Freemasonry in the United States within this book”.

“The gravestone emblem shows that your great grandfather was at least a Master Mason (A Blue Lodge Third Degree Master Mason) and one could assume that Masons presided over his funeral relative to giving him a full Masonic Burial. But also he could have been a Shriner (Muslim Son those who practice Islam in secret) and was very much familiar with Islam. You might want to visit the Prince Hall Affiliated Grand Lodge of Mississippi and see what you can dig up”.

“Lastly, Minister Louis Farrakhan organization the Nation of Islam has written a very compelling book that delves into a lot of African American history in Mississippi titled, "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews" Volume 2. Farrakhan scholars do a reasonable good job with slavery in Mississippi”.

Talentedone 77: “Hello Fahim, I would like to ask you a question in assume you will give me a honest answer in response. I have joined the prince hall masons and I'm suppose to be up for my 2nd degree this Monday 5/16/11 i feel that I'm walking into something which I know is very deep and I know the blood oaths have a very deep meaning behind them. Are Prince Hall Masons working for white supremacy, the vatican to keep african people in slavery? I know I can learn what they are teaching without joining but I like the fact of the brotherhood business network of success but I'm not down with selling my soul for riches and fame. I heard by 2012 or something that white supremacy. I came across that white supremacy want all africans exterminated not sure if that's true. I know that europeans are worshiping african ppl and african ppl are worshiping the european it has been reversed around. Please give some feedback on this thank you”.

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Good Brother: I ordinarily, tell each potential brother who is seeking to join Prince Hall Masonry and/or any other group or organization to do their own personal due diligence. Now, with that being stated Black (or African American) Freemasonry has no ties to Satanic worship or the Illuminati, but I do believe that there are powerful influences that operate within various secret societies (circle within a circle, within a circle), which are Invisible to the ignorant mundane and is part of the Hidden Hand (the true rulers over humanity). These societies have no real use for laymen Freemasonry such as Prince Hall Masonry and Black Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry other than creating a deception amongst the general public in which those who have not been initiated into these front orders assume that these visible societies are where the real power lie and do not understand that these organizations serve as distractions (the real power is hidden under many layers of deception). The Masonic Oaths that you will obligate yourself to, are ancient oaths that Europeans introduced into Masonry in 1717 and may be even in the 11th Century during the Crusades—the Knight Templars and Jesuit movement (they being physical people and not spiritual people felt it necessary to impose blood oaths, which was consistent with his nature and physical reality). These oaths back then were to ensure that the utmost secrecy of the rituals and Order were preserved and no uninitiated person would be allowed to attain this knowledge unless he arrived at it in the proper due and ancient form and these oaths (obligations) over the centuries have made their way into the ritual of modern Freemasonry (our pundits propagandize that modern Freemasonry still carry out these penalties if a brother betrays the solemn obligations he affirmed to uphold). Let me assure you that these penalties have been reduced to mere symbolic gesture and have no intent relative towards enforcement. Yet, in a symbolic way it is to remind the candidate as he travels upward Jacob Ladder of how sacred the knowledge is and it is also to teach him that your word is your bond and before I should let my word to fail; I would give you my life. Thus, each degree is design to impart to the candidate above all else, is that one should desire to pursue character building over anything else”.

Talentedone 77: “Blessings to you Brother Fahim I thank you much for the response. Most of the stuff that Prince Hall Masons learn or know I've been studying on my own and learning every day I'm focus & consciously awaken. Indeed I need to due my own personal diligence. The Lodge want me to proceed with the 2nd degree Tuesday, so your advice is for me to learn it myself. B/c in Masonry there really isn't not secrets or besides the dirty works one(s) may due. All the knowledge is encoded within the Africans DNA by our Ancestors. We just have to learn and know thyself. So say for instance if I was a Master Mason I wouldn't be able to speak about Ancient things and our Ancestors or liberate African people etc. So by Prince Hall having it's origins from Europeans is there a "true" Freemasonry that is originally from Kemet/Africa? You know about Sara Suten Seti, Kali Muhammad etc. and his movement for African liberation”?

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Good Brother: I have written extensive pieces on Freemasonry and its relationship to Kemet. I must tell you that as a Prince Hall Mason; I learned a long time ago how to think outside the box (Masonry has the potential to lead one to a vast and wealth of knowledge). I have worked overtime to bring the ancient original knowledge (which was taught in the Kemetic Mystery System) to the Craft and challenged the Eurocentric version of Freemasonry in which most Black Masons follow. We need more brothers who are part of the Craft that are willing to research and educate our Masonic brothers beyond what we learn in Scottish Rite and York Rite Masonic Orders (these speculative Masonic schools of thought have limitations). Here is a link to an article that I have written on Masonry that you might find quite interesting. . Ok good brother, I remain open to further dialog”.

Bro. J. L. “Brother Fahim, I'm reading your piece on Freemasonry and Islam. It may take a few days as I want to absorb sections and then return to continue reading. As I attempt to put the puzzle together in my own mind, can you comment on the connection between Kemetic Science and Islam? Several years ago, I considered joining the Islam faith, then the masons. I decided to hold off on the masons because it appeared that Kemetic Science held the original knowledge of the ancient Kemites and it would be best to go directly to the source. Can you help me tie the story together regarding Islam and Kemetic Science? Perhaps I will find the answer as I continue to read- if that is the case, just let me know. Do you have a similar piece on the 5% Fruit of Islam compared to pure Islam?”

Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El: “Peace Brother J. L. thank you for taking the time to read my article on Freemasonry and Islam (some of your questions might be answered in that article. I do know that it is a lengthy article). The science of Kemetic philosophy goes much further back than the organized religion of Islam and as you know the Kemites under Akhnaton (who predated Moses were practicing monotheism long before the so-called Judea era--European Judaism). So Judaism, Christianity and Islam borrowed the majority of their precepts and dogmas from more ancient belief systems. Yet, I think that black specific Islam (Moorish Science, Nation of Islam, Nation of Gods and Earths) have probably done more to embrace a connection with Ancient Kemet (Egypt) relative to advocating and accepting that the original man's history, culture and tradition goes much further back than 6,000 years (moreover it would make perfect historical sense to do so); thus this alone requires them to view Kemet as part of the original man's ability to create a sophisticated high-tech civilization and no other civilization better displayed the creative and intellectual genius like the pyramid builders. So there is a quasi effort to tie Islam (black Muslims teach that Islam represents 360 degrees of knowledge) to the original genius of the Ancient Nubians. Whether I agree totally with their discourse is sort of irrelevant because I can respect their efforts to at least not overlook Kemet like many Sunni and Shia Islamic believers (those who follow the Islamic precepts revealed to Prophet Muhammad according to the Qur'an). Yes, I have written extensively on Freemasonry, Islam and Kemet as well as the Five Percenters. Just Browse my older archive posts. Here is the link to my article on Kemet and Freemasonry: . Here is my article on the Five Percent Nation: and here my article titled: Freemasonry: Questions and Answers: and another titled: Who is Hiram Abiff? Good brother I have written so much on the topic; It’s all on my Blog. Please take your time and go through them and upon completing and/or before completing if you have a question just hit me back. Shem Hotep, Bro. Fahim A. Knight-El”

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at fahimknight@

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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