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by Fahim A. Knight-EL

President Barack Obama's 2008 presidential election over Senator John McCain, perhaps was met with the type of enthusiasm and political anticipation that was unmatched by most recent U.S. presidential elections. There were a sizable amount of variables, which contributed to these political emotions, but there was none more evident than the United States electing its first African American president in the 234 year history of our republic. This phenomena alone, created a sense of excitement and a political euphoria that reverberated throughout the world.

People were celebrating President Obama's election on all four corners of the globe (they were dancing in the streets and villages) you would have thought that a world revolution had taking place; they were anticipating a more rightly guided and moral leadership, a change from the old guard leadership of President George W. Bush, which had created eight years of political havoc around the globe.

Noam Chomsky in his book titled: "Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance" stated: "One can discern two trajectories in current history: one aiming toward hegemony, acting rationally within a lunatic doctrinal framework as its threatens survival; the other dedicated to the belief that 'another world is possible,' in the words that animate the World Social Forum, challenging the reigning ideological system and seeking to create constructive alternatives of thought, action, and institutions. Which trajectory will dominate, no one can for tell. The pattern is familiar throughout history; a crucial difference today is that the stakes are far higher." (Reference: Noam Chomsky; "Hegemony of Survival"; p. 236).

President Obama had the whole world literally in his hand and he did not seize the moment; instead his concept of change was by surrounding himself with a cabinet of Washington, DC insiders and reactionary forces from President Bill Clinton's prior administration, which was a clear indication that he had ignored the voice of the electorate who pulled the lever for him as a protest vote against the establishment and he has either naively or arrogantly overlooked the reason that American voters took a chance on electing him as a novice to the most powerful office in the world and his reward to the electorate has been betrayal.

The people in 2008 had spoken and had voted for change, but his policies are only an extension of what the American people had detested for eight years and had come to dislike under President George W. Bush. This writer believes that the people deserve much more than lies and deception, how about for once, some genuine honesty, trust and integrity?, But only one hundred percent dissatisfaction can bring about one hundred percent change. The two political party system will never be the answer to the legitimate political aspirations of the masses because they are controlled by big business (and it is their interest being represented) and the money trail may take you to some strange places.

This writer thinks that even a viable alternative Third Party system would have a difficult time surviving under American style democracy because the threat always exist of becoming co-opted by the same forces who controls the two establishment political parties and to try give the appearance of being independent of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers (this writer does not think that any person, theory or movement can escape their power and influence) will always be a stretch. These three groups decide what democracy should look like in the United States and what the global political course is going to be.

Your vote do not mean damn thing (there is no such thing within the United States policy formulation that is arrived by a democratic process, it is all contrived by the Invisible Forces and is spoon fed to the dumbfound masses). The agenda is set by them and all we are doing is following script; this is why President Barack Obama is continuing the "Bush Doctrine" because essentially he is powerless to alter our nation's direction and he does not have permission to deviate from the present course of action. There is no need to be dismayed with the puppet and not understand the power of puppeteer who is hidden behind the curtain, but is the one pulling the purse strings (this is the real power broker).

Obama early on was even being viewed and thought of by some as being a black Jesus, a savior of sought and perhaps others viewed him as being refreshing and had bought into his campaign slogan of change--lock, stock and barrel. Thus, and there were even others who believed that he had a magic wand, which to resolve all the social, political and economic problems facing America, in particular and the world in general, (how quickly have they become disappointed). The first initial mistake that the media, public and his handlers made was the lack of critical assessment (internal and external) given to President Obama during his campaign run and during his first year tenure as commander-in-chief in which he was given almost a free pass to function and operate with little opposition from the right and/or the left.

David Halberstam in his book titled: "The Next Century" stated: "Thanks to television, the national agenda becomes not what our long-range or our most pressing problems are, but those that produce the best film. This means that in a mass democratic society, the most critical part of communications circulatory system--network television--is essentially blocked. As the network news format trivializes political debate, the political system adapts to it. Serious discussion of serious issues is too complicated. Candidates and their advisers learn what the networks want: a telegenic background and a hyped-up attack or counterattack, the more simplistic the better. Television runs only ten-and fifteen-second sound bites from our leading politicians; soon the politicians begin to talk in such brief bites; finally they begin to think in them." (Reference: David Halberstam; "The Next Century;" p. 106).

It would ultimately be conservative talking heads such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly and others who inspired radical conservative groups such as the Tea Party with the political momentum that appears to have formulated into a viable protest movement, which initially began organizing around the health care debate and made their political mark and voices heard at various town hall meetings this past summer 2009.

The Tea Party essentially represents a group of disgruntled Republicans and I do not know if they are to the right of the Republican Party or not, but if the truth be told it was not President Obama that gave the fuel to this political fire that is dividing the country, if you believed that scenario it would without doubt be the furthest thing from the truth; thus, these dissatisfied so-called patriots have risen as a backlash to the ineffectiveness of the Republican Party and President Bush to so-called articulate core Republican conservative values at the conclusion of his presidential term (it also exposed the weakness and divisiveness that exist under the leadership of RNC Chairman Michael Steele which to give the Republican Party any sustainable direction).

However, why didn't Tea Party take their signs and rhetoric to the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, DC and make a citizen arrest of Ben Bernanke (he is much more of a criminal and sinister than President Obama) for gross criminal misconduct, conspiracy, money laundering, felony thief, armed bank robbery and most of all violating the United States Constitution? When will the Tea Party demand that Merrill Lynch, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear-Stern, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Chase, etc., give the American taxpayers back their hard earned money and demand that they relinquish the mortgage held on our future unborn generations?

These are some criminals that are worthy of opposition in which this writer would have willingly stood shoulder to shoulder with Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin (co-founders of the Tea Party), as well as the other patriots in their quest for some real freedom, justice and equality. But this writer saw virtually no rallies and/or protest movements who had organized in opposition to the 1.4 trillion dollars heist that was stolen from the American taxpayers, which was initiated by George W. Bush, confirmed by congress and sanctioned by President Barack Obama. This was a cause worthy of fighting for, if they truly were concern about taxpayers dollars being spent irresponsible and imprudently.

It was easy for these damnable hypocrites to blame the poor and growling at a defenseless sector who were being characterized as seeking government handouts relative to the Obama's health care bill, which just might have benefited the poor (many of themselves were part of the working poor, middle class poor and unemployed poor). They appeared on television as almost a nostalgic scene out of the 1950s and 1960s warning us that the Socialist and Communist once again were come to get us and that Obama was a Marxist (so-called left-wing bad guy); and yet in 2008, it was not a Marxist inspired government that brought us almost to the brink of economic destruction, but it was a democratic government that was capitalist inspired (yet their ignorance have blinded their ability to see the contradiction). Where was the anger and resentment at these capitalist who robbed the American people under the financial bailout terms and have devastated the social, political and economic lives of the American people?

It was even more alarming that dirt poor Appalachian, hillbilly, tobacco chewing, snuff dipping mountaineers, etc., who were illiterate (many could not read and write) and are victims of a health care system that can not be adequately accessed without money (let's be clear this writer fully understands that the U.S. health Care debate is being formed and shaped by the powerful American Medical Association). The poor whites of this nation have been duped into believing that blacks are the beneficiary of government handouts (this becomes an artificial point of contentious antagonism--divide and conquer scheme) and yet blacks and whites in this class may share similar social and economic conditions, it is they, who believe that their privileged skin color have giving them a stake in keeping the Haves and Have nots (they ultimately serve as gatekeepers of distraction) in their respective places. Those who control our existences do not give a damn about race; they only uses it when it is convenient to herd their sheep in a certain direction.

Yet, no one compared the Wall Street Bailout to being a form of corporate welfare and these criminals are truly the bloodsuckers of the poor. Many even at this late date still do not understand that real change is not determined by those who are appointed to oversee the White House and U. S. Congress because the agenda and political direction of the country is prior approved by the Invisible Rulers and President Obama is just following orders. These decisions do not factor into the electoral process or consider to be influenced by the powerful lobbies--public policy is ultimately at their discretion.

Gary Allen and Larry Abraham in their book titled, "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" stated: "Most intellectuals, pseudo or otherwise, deal with the conspiratorial theory of history simply by ignoring it. They never attempt to refute the evidence. It can't be refuted. If and when the silent treatment does work, these 'objective' scholars and mass media opinion molders resort to personal attacks, ridicule and satire. The personal attacks tend to divert attention from the facts which an author or speaker is trying to expose. The idea is to force the person exposing the conspiracy to stop the exposure and spend his time and effort defending himself. However, the most effective weapons used against the conspiratorial theory of history are ridicule and satire. These extremely potent weapons can be cleverly used to avoid any honest attempt at refuting facts. After all, nobody likes to be made fun of. Rather than be ridiculed most people will keep quite." (Reference: Gary Allen and Larry Abraham; "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" ; pp. 12-13).

The world wanted a change from the backwards and straitjacket policies of Obama's predecessor President George W. Bush--which was steeped in isolationism and unwarranted international antagonism and was guided by the politics of fear. Bush recklessly and systematically, reshaped United States foreign policy after the 9/11 incident or may I should just call it for what it was, a sophisticated hoax orchestrated to set the future course of international and domestic political action (or shifting the paradigm, which has swung the pendulum to the far right) to further the agenda of the Invisible Rulers.

Bush instigated two unnecessary wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), which has cost the United States taxpayers trillions of dollars (come on lets have some tea over these travesties of injustices). These two wars are unjust and this writer can not in good conscious support the murdering and mass slaughtering of innocent Iraqis and Afghans. Thus, creating this present paradigm of Islam versus western governmental ideology or better yet good (applied to the west) versus evil (applied to Islam and the Muslim World in the East) and yet, at the same time, luring the masses of the people to sleep, while the house was being robbed with us right inside.

President Obama has flat out lied to the American people and his policy positions does not reflect or resemble the humanity that he so eloquently articulated during the campaign which captivated the imagination of American people. His polices looks a lot like former President George W. Bush and this is only an indication that they both serve one master--the Invisible Shot Callers, if your were holding onto political optimism, well the evidence is clear that we were placed further into a trick bag by electing President Obama as the candidate of change.

This writer must admit 9/11 was a masterful job of deception, its objective was to forever change global politics and to render humanity existences of having no functionality, which this neo-global transition altered fundamentally the arrangement of wealth and labor, but most all this Cabal forever destroyed the fundamental principles of democracy in which the United States Constitution was overthrown by a silent coup. We have been stripped of our rights and civil liberties. You were led and is continued to be led into believing that the "terrorist" are coming to get us and we have foolishly chosen the United States Patriot Act over our most precious document the United States Constitution .

Alan Greenspan in his book titled, "The Age of Turbulence" stated, "The new world in which we now live is giving many citizens much to fear, including the uprooting of many stable sources of identity and security. Where change is most rapid, widening disparities in the distribution of income are a key concern. It is indeed an age of turbulence, and it would be imprudent and immoral to minimize the human cost of its disruptions. In the face of the increasing integration of the global economy, the world's citizen face a profound choice: to embrace the worldwide benefits of open markets and open societies that pull people out of poverty and up the ladder of skills to do better, more meaningful lives, while bearing in mind fundamental issues of justice; or to reject that opportunity and embrace nativism, tribalism, populism, indeed all the 'isms' into which communities retreat when their identities are under siege and they can not perceive options. There are enormous obstacles facing us in the decades ahead, and whether we surmount them is up to us." (Reference: Alan Greenspan; "The Age of Turbulence;" p. 18).

It was one of my ancestors who was a freed African slave named Crispus Attucks on March 5, 1770 that became the first "American" (unknown martyr) to die at the Boston Tea Party during the initial stages of the American Revolutionary War. Attucks was a black patriot who made the ultimate sacrifice for liberty and American sovereignty, but not many modern day patriot have never heard of this black American patriot.

President Obama's strategist and advisors have yet to continue to remind Americans that he inherited this political, economic, and social mess, but based on the criticism that he has received in one year of being in office, you would have thought that he created the present political predicament. But in all fairness, I do not believe any president that proceeded to be elected after George W. Bush would have been able to immediately render the type of political, economic and social results that would have satisfied the American people during these induced turbulent times. The international bankers and the Federal Reserve have literally bankrupted the United States and our nation was experiencing the second Great Depression, which was being disguised under the covert language of being deemed a recession (what is the differences when the global colateral damage is the same?).

The American people should have been outraged long before the Invisible Rulers placed their pawn Barack Obama at the helm of their ship, the handwriting had been on wall for a very long time. His State of the Union speech gave the appearance of a deflated and defeated president and many are starting to debate will he be just a one term president. Many of his pundits cite the recent elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts as signifing President Obama's political demise and is even starting to view him as a political liability, as we draw closer to the congressional mid-term elections.

President Obama is starting to understand and come to grips with the political complexity of a beaurocracy that has always been much bigger than the political aspirations and/or optimism of U.S. Presidents. He has had to wrestle with processes and procedures. But I am somewhat dismayed at the Tea Party and these so-called patriotic liberty movements because of the obvious hypocrisy. The problems we are experiencing in 2010 within the United States did not necessarily originate with Preident Obama and the Democratic party. It was not Obama who worked to compromise the United States Constitution--this was in the making as early as 1967 (he was just a little boy) and came into complete fruition under the watchful eye of Bush II (2000-2008).

President Obama so-called represented change and people bought into the idea that he possibly had the ability to move the nation and world to greater heights; after all, he could not have been any worse than George W. Bush. President Obama appeared a lot more intelligent than his predecessor --good looking, charming, charismatic and believable. The United States who has one of the worst race relations history in the world relative to its significant role in Chattel Slavery (1555-1865); thus, even decided to give an African American the opportunity to become president of the United States. This writer never thought that he would see this in this in his life time because of the racial politics within the United States. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things President Obama was set up to fail even before he got started.

He was proceeding after President Bush who spearheaded (let may say frontman) this nation into one of the greatest economic depressions in the history of the United States, as well as was the chief architect of two major wars--Iraq and Afghanistan. President Obama inherited a formula for political disaster and his advisors had set the bar so high that he thought that in one or two years many of the issues plaguing America would be manageable and under control rather quickly. President Obama's lack of political experience would serve as double edge sword. His willingness to serve was out of a sheer innocent optimism (not really he was handpicked by the CFR, Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission) and he had no fear of what was around the corner.

Obama perhaps after one-year on the job as commander-in-chief, he was in for a rude awakening. His advisors allowed him to become to overly exposed and every damn issue that came about, they felt the urge to continually trot him out in public televised forums and they did not realize that this is why you have a presidential cabinet and political advisors/secretaries, a body of expertise and intelligentsia whom you have hired to articulate the president's political theories and philosophy. The office of president of the United States has always had this aura, and mystique perhaps sinced 1780s, which was steeped in the mystery of power and appeared beyond our abilty to having the president accessible in order to address every issue. This demystification has compromised the commander-in-chief's ability to be viewed as a strong and un-bowed leader. It has cheapened what it means to be the U.S. president.

If there were issues germane to Homeland Security; why did not they defer those concerns to the secretary of that department and not have the president responsible to appearing before the media and the American people on issues that could be handled by his advisors and cabinet secretaries?

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-EL


kenny's sideshow said...

The tea parties actually started with the Ron Paul movement and as you know the platform has now been hijacked.

Last year on April 1 I attended an early version tea party in Murfreesboro, TN and came away with some 'hope.' The Republicans had already begun their infiltration but after the scheduled speakers it was an open forum. Anyone who wanted to speak could get up and do so. Some of those who did were anti-Federal Reserve, anti-Bush and of course anti-Obama but there was no censorship. You would have liked it. You could have had your say in front of several thousand folks. Like it should be.

Now I'm seeing on Fox News right now that the 'tea party leaders' are meeting with Republican operatives in Washington and still trying to call it grassroots. I'm sure no mention of the Fed's crimes will take place.

So Fahim, where do we go from here?


Good afternoon Kenny and thank you as always for your insightful comments.

Thus, you know that I respect and appreciate the work of Dr. Ron Paul and have exposed my audience to his political position, in particular his opposition to the Federal Reserve.

I believe all protest movements, patriots and strict constitutionalists should be working to dismantle this agency (this is the root cause of humanity's problems) and reclaim our currency and monetary system.

This is the cancer that is killing humanity and causing massive human suffering--that is carried out domestically and globally in our political, economic and social systems.

I do not know if we can trust Sarah Palin and a bunch of disgruntled Republicans to be the stewards of change for the masses of the American people.

Thus, I would equally admit that I would not feel comfortable with delegating that same responsibility to so-called liberal Democrats.

Kenny, I believe that both corporate sponsored parties have hijacked our Democracy, but at the same time government agent provocateurs have already infiltrated the Tea Party and even their agenda will ultimately benefit the powerful status quo.

But hailing Sarah Palin as one of faces and voices of the Tea Party at their latest convention in Nashville a couple weeks ago seemed a bit contradictory (she was the vice presidential candidate for the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberger agent John McCain). This alone was a give away and did not do much to booster their credibility with Free Thinkers like myself who like to look at things outside the box.

Also, the demographics left a lot to be desired. I think the days of mass movements are over and we have to think in terms of building cells and continue to educate people with the right information.

This we have to do with our families and local communities--this is where the real organizing must take place.

Let's continue to remain open and continue to dialog with each other and be willing to offer critical analysis and assessment when needed. Sometime it is valuable to expose the internal antagonistic contradictions that exist in these mass movements in which most of them will prove to be Elitist Centered.

I think those of us who are conscious have a role to play and I am still trying to define my role as an individual. But I am willing to fight for Freedom, Justice and Equality.

Kenny, I do not claim to have the answers to these complex problems and issues, but I remain open to ideals other than what is being fed to us by the corporate media.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-EL