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By Fahim A. Knight-EL

This writer is baffled and a little perplexed about all the talk of how going green will facilitate in making America move more toward clean energy (renewable and safe fuel), lessening the United States energy dependency on foreign oil and simultaneously reestablishing America as an economic powerhouse. Thus, all these so-called neo-initiatives are idealistic in scope and at best lacks pragmatism.

The Bilderberger group met last month in Greece (May 14-17, 2009) and I am quite sure that these low level operatives were setting the agenda (pursuant to the orders of the hidden masters) and laying out the world’s political, economic and social discourse for the next ten years. They always meet in secret and their agenda is never revealed to the public and most ordinary citizens do not even know that this most powerful and influential organization exist.

This writer is quite sure that their convening had in depth discussions about the green economy relative to fine tuning their methods of oppression and determining the next step in the global depression, as far as either continuing the economic meltdown or give the appearance of economic recovery and stabilization. The former and the latter are within their power, but the latter will only be setting us up for a future letdown unlike any other crisis in world history. This global economic crisis that we are presently experiencing in 2009 is just a tease; the real deal is coming your way soon.

The Bilderberger membership list reads like a who’s who in politics, business, media—kings, heads of states, billionaires, fraternal heads, etc. However, the real action is not even determined by this powerful august body of men and women, but there is a hidden Elitist brain trust which has Dynastic family roots and they are ones that determine the agenda and decide the global course of humanity.

Adam Abrams is a British-American blogger, currently working as an intern at authored an article titled, “Are the people who 'really run the world' meeting this weekend? He stated: “There is no official list of who's who in Bilderberg and there are no press conferences about the meetings. This is because the group operates under the "Chatham House Rule," and no details of what goes on inside are released to the press.” “This secrecy has led to many claims that the Bilderberg Group are the world's real "kingmakers," and, some even suggest, behind the global financial crisis.” “There are also rumors concerning Bilderberg's 2008 conference in Virginia, claiming that the recent U.S. presidential election was decided upon in a secret meeting between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, courtesy of Bilderberg.”

However, to many, president Barack Obama sounds like he has a plan or is he just using politically correct language to appease the masses which to further relax us while he leads us into this new era of economic slavery, as the International Bankers continues to set the noose around our necks for next one hundred (100) years under the slogan green economy. But this writer has concluded that beneath his nicely spoken rhetoric there is no real substance, as far as resolving the short and long term economic crisis of the United States and the globe. (Reference: Alex Jones; "Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement”--DVD).

Thus, creating green jobs sounds good and gives way to environmental expediency. It is the same capitalist vipers who created this ecological imbalance, which was rooted in greed and now these invariably ruthless culprits are using environmentalist groups, eco-activist and politicians to swing the political pendulum in their favor to be in the best future position; which to continually economically exploit as we move into this new frontier (they even possess the ability to induce natural disasters and create environmental phenomenon—to move us toward various panic stages in order to manipulate the flow of money and resources). These type chessboard moves will place them at the frontend of this green economy trend in order to continually making money hand over fist. While the ignorant gullible masses are led to believe that we are in race to save the planet from global warming meltdown.

For example, how can you trust a billionaire named T. Boone Pickens, an oil tycoon to lead us into a more energy and environmental friendly era and for decades this low level operative has made billions off of offshore oil drilling and polluting the environment and wrecking the ecological system? Pickens with his wind and solar (also includes clean coal and natural gas) energy initiatives is well aware of the prediction that Middle Eastern oil in less than thirty-five (35) to fifty (50) years will be dried up and alternative energy sources is a matter of United States national security and for that matter world security.

Pickens who’s over eighty years of age, but he is laying the future financial foundation for his great grandchildren and he sees a viable and vital market and this visionary is looking to be front and center, which to capitalize off where energy is headed. We are continually eroding the ozone layer in spite of scientific warnings and mother earth according to the geo-physicist and geologist is heating up at a small but astronomical rate that will have catastrophic implications on the survival of humanity and the planet, if we do not act and make the proper changes. The science is, what it is, but the Sovereign Rulers do not give a damn about the overall welfare of the people or the planet—for the love of money, we all are expendable. (Reference: T. Boone Pickens; "The First Billion Is the Hardest: Reflections on a Life of Comebacks and America's Energy Future").

This writer thinks President Barack Obama is trying to place the best face on a devastating crisis and phenomena that was induced by the International Bankers, which functions as one of the greatest criminal cartels in history of humanity. They decide the worlds economic, political, and social paradigm shifts and they drive humanity in every direction conceivable and inconceivable in order to accomplish their goals and objectives. (Reference: Ellen Hodgson Brown; "Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free").

The International Bankers have always been behind all the worlds philosophical and economic concepts and even the trend of going green, is really their idea and no doubt, they will be the ultimate beneficiaries. They systematically uses the media as a propaganda ploy, as well as talking heads (who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberger agents) to sensitize the ignorant masses into accepting their agenda under the auspices that it is their own agenda and most are unaware that our thoughts have been co-opted by a powerful and influential body of Sovereign Rulers.

The so-called going green and creating green jobs is nothing, but a sophisticated money making hoax and scheme being led by Money Changers to further enslave us (by divvying up labor and resources amongst this wealthy ten percent) and defining the new enslavement terms. The new arrangement between wealth-labor-resources is geared towards decreasing humanities ability to possess anything tangible or have value therein. (Reference: Daniel Estulin: "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group).

Thus, have you noticed that the Money Changers (Rothschilds agents) are literally buying up all the gold and in urban America and rural America (and in Canada and European countries) there are shops everywhere with signs stating, "we buy gold in exchange for cash”. The Rothschild agents are even putting on lavish gold buying conventions in four and five star hotels (advertising by infomercial) and they are steadily luring the masses into relinquishing their precious metals for the valueless currency in return—United States Dollar (USD) and unknowing to the ignorant is that they are giving up hardcore currency that will have value even after they dismantle the monetary system as we know it (they have determined that gold will remain as a viable commodity and as a medium of exchange that will not be effected by the new economic arrangement). The Money Changers are going to declare all U.S. Currency as being valueless and unredeemable (fools gold).

Perhaps this will give you a much clear perspective on why the Thirteenth Tribe is buying up all the gold trinkets and do not mind paying what appears to be comparable USD for all the gold that one can muster up for sale. They are baiting and switching and once they can get most of the minuscule gold (or other precious metals) from the masses, they are going flip the script (institute the Amero) and declare the U.S. Dollar as a worthless piece of paper, as well as other world currencies—you will possess the worthless paper (unredeemable currency) and they will have acquired all the gold, which in essence is the real money. Perhaps you might not know this, there are only three real currencies that have value—Oil, Dope, and Gold/Silver.

The International Bankers operates in concerted efforts and each link is connected to insure financial supremacy and global control over humanity's monetary system, which is the life blood of a nation to maintain stability—those that determine the flow of money holds the guardianship and key to a nation's political success and failure. The Rothschild's sons have spread their tentacles around all seven (7) continents and are behind every economic blunder the world-over. (Reference: Fritz Springmeier; "Bloodlines of the Illuminati")

They will continue to dupe us into believing that we should become more environmentally friendly (of course this sounds reasonable and practical) and many naturalist, New Age Thinkers, radical environmentalist groups, etc., (gophers) are pushing a political agenda which is really a disguised economic agenda (the Invisible Rulers operates off sheer greed and profit motive incentives) shrouded in the sanctity of possessing aspirations of saving mother earth, which appears to be in tune with saving humanity and all other vital life forms.

But many of these advocates do not have a clue about this small powerful invisible minority who are behind wrecking the United States and the world economy. President Barack Obama is just a puppet on a string and he is just doing as he is being ordered and is no way involved in the process of the real decision makers (they do not grant this privilege to their low-level operatives) this status is reserved for a select Elite that has Dynastic Family lineage. (Reference: Webster Griffin Tarpley; "Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography").

The United States has become a dependent nation. For example, there are very few products that are stamped with the trademark made in the United States of America (USA) in which this reality alone has created over 80% of America's economic woes (this is not rocket science). We (United States) presently produce and manufacture very little of what we consume as a nation and our government who has been manipulated by the wickedly wise, actually sold the economic interest of its people ninety-six years ago.

They have altered the U.S. labor dynamic by enticing illegal immigrants from Mexico (neo-slaves) as the new labor force and wage earners which has systematically dismantled and worked to compromise the American labor force and capitulated corporate interest to unreasonable heights. The ability of labor to impose consequences is no longer perceived as a bargaining chip to slow corporate induced reactionary momentum (the new slaves were happy with their status and was not going to do anything to jeopardize this master to slave relationship). The Sovereign Rulers understood best that these people coming from Developing Nations would not contest U.S. slave wages in comparison to the below poverty and the economic depressed conditions they left in the developing nations of their origin.

The 21st Century immigrants (in particular those from Central and South America) have been used as cannon fodder and in many respects they weaken U.S labor and compromised labor's ability to negotiate the best deal in the interest of wages and working conditions for the least of these. The new "Third World" slaves were no match for their corporate Elitist Masters and this depression is evident of the betrayal.

The Elitist even double crossed the American people, he was having his cake and eating it too; thus, he found an even better and more profitable arrangement (outsourcing)—external slaves in the Far East and in Central and South America (they signed up for the ball and chain on the lands of their own countries of origin) where it was not required to immigrate to the United States for their servitude assignment.

The outsourcing and the downsizing of American jobs found a labor market without boundaries where cheap labor was plentiful (the Elitist made huge profits in these poor foreign nations they could advert the U.S. regulatory rules, laws, standards, etc.). Yet, they are blaming the subprime housing collapse and the global economic depression on us peasants, as though we factored into this crisis and some of us are dumb enough to believe that our little low level financial action contributed to this fiasco. The gross negligence rest on the shoulders of Dynastic Families propensity for greed and they induced this crisis to further reach their long arms into our pockets. They (the powers-that-be) also knew and understood many years prior to implementation that this trend would have tremendous long standing adverse effects on the United States economy and its people. Moreover, where we are today was well thought out and anticipated by this den of thieves.

This writer can remember studying basic economics some years ago on the university level and he could never totally grasp the logic of why the United States Government and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) would financially compensate U.S. farmers as an incentive not to grow certain cash crops. It was even more disturbing to find out that, if the U.S. accumulated an agriculture surplus, it would dispose eatable food commodities by dumping it in the bottom of the ocean (shrewd way of controlling the market).

President Obama knows that his green plan of utilizing solar, wind, coal, etc., to re-stimulate the U.S. economy is a long term solution and in reality, we might not see any tangible results relative to the Green Economy for next twenty-five years. The only ones who can truly solve this present day economic depression are the Sovereign Rulers because they are behind inducing this money crunch and they are the masters over the money game. Obama and Bernanke (I put more credence in the Federal Reserve Chairman because on some level he understands the duping, but the president signed on out of ego and the perceived lust for power)) are deceptive decoys and they fully understand that they have no power to ignite money and resolve the world's economic crisis.

We are such a gullible people that this pawn is attempting to use the same language and strategy that President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced over seventy-five years ago under his New Deal plan, which so-called elevated and rescued America from the Great Depression of 1929 (this crisis was also induced by the International Bankers). This is a different America than the one Roosevelt inherited in 1932 and the old solutions that President Obama is trying to infuse will prove to be economically and politically futile and have no real merit in the 2009 worldview.

The economy has become highly technological and digital and most of all, it does not resemble anything like the world we left behind under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The building and construction of roads and bridges are not the ultimate answers to reestablishing the United States economic prowess. Obama is not going to tell the American people, that America has been for sale for a longtime and the economic interest of our nation is no longer in the hands of the American people or the elected bureaucrats. Why does not President Obama put Americans back to work by giving TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) money to American entrepreneurs who establishes manufacturing businesses inside the country?

This is the only economic solution that will truly put America back on a positive economic course. The entire Green Economy having one of its essential components being relieving the U.S. of its dependency on foreign oil this does not begin to scratch the surface of the web of deception. They do not tell you that the International Bankers control all the Oil Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Therefore, it is not Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Morocco, Nigeria, Venezuela, Libya, Equatorial Africa, etc., that determines the foreign exchange for a barrel of crude. The leaders of these oil wealth nations are powerless, as far as determining the wealth beneath their feet. OPEC takes its marching orders from the Rothschilds—banking family extraordinaire. (Reference: Carroll Quigley; "Tragedy and Hope").

But the Sovereign Rulers at a whisper and at the stroke of a pen can infuse the money back into the global financial reserves and no president or so-called sovereign world leader has it within their so-called realm of power to determine the money dilemma. This level of sophistication is beyond the capability of Heads of States to intellectually conceive (they are to busy being driven by the perception of power) this reality because of the level of machination and complexities of the tentacles of power, it is unattainable for them to be able see the symbol and the decoy. (Reference: Jim Marrs; "The Rise of the Fourth Reich).

This global economic crisis is not about a shortage of currency because with the exception of China and the Kremlin, the majority of the global currencies are valueless—they are kept afloat based on U.S. and European financial markets giving the perception of strength, durability, stability, etc., in particular recently having created a false reality (possessing more bark than bite).

The International Bankers, the International Monetary Fund, and World Bank were more interested in controlling supply and demand (there was never any concern about hunger and poverty, this has always been the least of their concerns) but in particular always creating variables whereas our demand for goods and services exceeded our supply (the slave to master relationship and sheep herding at its best).

This dynamic has allowed the ruthless International Bankers to leverage their influence (exert power and possessing no fear of consequences) to serve as sovereign dictators over determining the value of currency and at the same time manipulate resources and money by driving inflation and creating burgeon interest rates—they often translate this variable into panic and fear, if humanity shows any opposition or resistance other than being good obedient slaves (they possess the tools of whopping us into shape). The destroying of surplus food commodities is a sure indication of controlling the profit margin—moneymaking is above allowing the market to be saturated on the supply end and as well as not giving the masses low cost and cost efficient products, of course this type of thinking benefits the long arm of their criminal cartel.

The United States at its peak was at one time the number one creditor nation in the world and in less than forty (40) years, we have descended to become one of the number one debtor nations of the world. The last eight presidents or better yet since 1913, America sold its soul to the devil (the International Bankers) in which the United States President Woodrow Wilson and the U.S. Congress allowed the International Bankers to put the U.S. citizens and the globe in a stranglehold and sadly to say, there is no escaping their power and influence (the Bible says who can make war with the beast other than God Himself). (Reference: G. Edward Griffin;”The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve").

The U.S. financial markets bailout was a stickup by a shrewd gangster called the Federal Reserve, a consortium of twelve (12) privately owned Central Banks and they function without legal boundaries and they are financially choking the American taxpayers to death. The deceived ignorant desire to dismiss this truth by convincing the other ignorant masses that this type research is conspiracy theory and holds no validity. Yet, President Obama and the U.S. Congress have no legal authority or lawful jurisdiction over the Federal Reserve (fact or fiction?)—the printing of money and interest rates are in the hands of the Rothschilds and their sovereignty is all powerful. How in the hell is this conspiracy theory when this writer always cite sources where my readers can verify the truth for themselves? (Reference: Eustace Mullins; "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve")

This writer does not have a post graduate degree in finance and/or economics, but in the short term, he could solve this economic crisis that the United States is faced with by bringing manufacturing and factories back to the U.S. as a first step and allow them to once again aid us in becoming a key player in the major means of production and distribution. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), North American Treaty (NAT), etc., not only have negated the United States, Canada and Mexico sovereignty, but it altered the balance of economic power forever. (Reference: Lou Dobbs; "Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas").

If this present economic crisis doesn’t wake us up and begin to see the handwriting on the wall, I do not think nothing else will—many have lost their jobs and unemployment continues soar, their homes have been foreclosure on, many have lost their pension plan benefits, lost health insurance benefits, etc., and see no way out of this covert entrapment. But have never had the intestinal fortitude to ask the question, how did we get into this predicament?

William Cooper (author “Behold the Pale Horse”), David Icke (author “The Biggest Secret”), John Coleman (author “The Story of the Committee of 300”), John L. King (author “Chaos in America”), William Guy Carr (author "Pawns In The Game"), Gary Allen and Larry Abraham ( authors “None Dare Call it Conspiracy”), etc. Yes, this writer is thoroughly convinced that these above cited writers and social scientist have provided us with the knowledge to answer the question of, how did we get into this predicament? Through meticulously and tedious research they have unraveled the web of deception and put names, persons, and places in there proper historical and schematic perspective, which places us on the board of players, not as ignorant gophers. But have the ability to wisely use and defend our position and maneuver and yell out CHECKMATE.

Fahim A. Knight-EL Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-EL can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-EL


Denise said...

Greetings to Mr. Knight and all who read his Insight!
I was searching for studies on the effect of the exponential research and concurrent introduction of technology on cultural development, especially as it relates to the effect on children (becoming "human/humane, morality, compassion, etc.). At first I thought this link to be simply word or tag related and was about to pass, when something (unknown) gave me a tug. After reading several of Mr. Knight's blogs, I was stunned to see how his analyses of "global mischief" (my emphasis) related/mirrored my original search. I will not bore the good readers here any further except to ask them to please, please WAKE UP. As Mr. Knight has discovered, there is a fifth column at work in the USA. They have been sharpening their claws even prior to FDR's "administration". I am as guilty as anyone as I have refused to indulge in conspiracy thinking. But the call from the watchtowers (as if war, corruption, financial misdeeds are not enough) have been many/varied (think "The Matrix""). We are not mindless bots. We are a nation of people who have faced without flinching the scum seeking our destruction: the Minute Men, Lincoln, MLKing, et al. But we have grown SOFT. It is time to put our armor on once again. READ, THINK, READY. And most of all "STAY AWAKE"!
Thank you Mr. Knight


Thank you Denise for your kind words and thoughts. I am definitely humbled by your accolades. Your analysis is timely and accurate. Many still remain asleep and it is always refreshing to meet a free thinker as yourself. This Blog was established to prick our consciousness in which to get us to start thinking outside the box. Thank you again for visiting my blog and perhaps you will continue to visit my site from time to time.

Fahim A. Knight-EL

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