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The Five Percenters (Nation of Gods and Earths): The Poor Righteous Teachers

By Fahim A. Knight-EL
The organization which is passionately named the Nation of Gods and Earths, better known as the Five Percenters was founded by Clarence 13X Smith, the Father in 1964 in New York City. Islam is defined in the Supreme Alphabet (which was actually written by Minister Malcolm X) as "I-Self-Lord-And-Master (I.S.L.A.M) and it further states in the Supreme Alphabet 'M" Master is one who KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS all things in his circumference (Atmosphere), the Master's Culture is ISLAM for ALLAH is the MASTER of THE KNOWN, and UNKNOWN."

Clarence Smith (Father Allah) was born in the rural southern town of Danville, Virginia on February 22, 1928 to Louis and Mary Smith and during the height of the Jim Crow South and like many blacks sought to migrate to the northern cities in search of social and economic parity. Clarence Smith landed in Harlem, New York in 1946, perhaps ten years after the decline of the Harlem Renaissance. It appears that in 1950 Clarence 13X joined the United States Army and fought in the Korean War, while over seas fighting in the United States arm service his wife had joined the Nation of Islam. He also became a member of the Nation of Islam under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the 1950s. Clarence 13 X was expelled from the Nation of Islam in 1963; there exist various theories and accounts about what led to his expulsion, some argue it was his disobedience towards not adhering to the Restrictive Laws of Islam. Others argue that he was questioning the divinity ascribed to Master Fard Muhammad by the Nation of Islam; in particular, Clarence 13X was questioning Master Wali Fard Muhammad's ethnic identity, which according to the teachings he was a half original man but who looked more Caucasian than black. (Reference: Lord Jamar: The 5% Album).

This allege dispute led Clarence 13X, the Father to doubt Master Wali Fard Muhammad's God-hood divinity status and questioned the religious credibility assigned to him by the Nation of Islam's theology. Clarence 13X, the Father espoused that Allah was the Original Man—black (not half original). This is what was reported to be Clarence 13X response:

"The Muslims of the Nation of Islam have never seen W.D. Fard and they worship him as Allah. But they say that they don't worship a mystery god. So you are worshipping in blind faith. Elijah said we had to stand up on our own two feet. You can bring Elijah, and any of his ministers to Rockland Palace and he will tell you that I am Allah. You or any Muslims can't judge me or my sons and your lessons say that anything made weak and wicked from the Original Man is devil, and you are running around worshipping a Half Original Man and not the Blackman." Minister Malcolm X had a tough and a no nonsense Fruit of Islam (military training of men who belongs to Islam in North America) captain named Joseph X who Minister Malcolm X brought from Detroit's Temple number 1 and who later was renamed Yusuf Shah by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Captain Shah was perhaps the mindset behind Clarance 13X being ousted from the Nation of Islam. In the Nation of Islam you are taught to obey all of those in authority over you, unless it conflicts with your religion. Clarance 13X was a member of Temple #7 New York City under Minister Malcolm X and was training as a student minister. Both Minister Malcolm X and Clarence 13X would be eventually expelled from the organization for various levels of insubordination. (Reference: Pen Black; “ Gods Earths and 85ers”).

The Nation of Gods and Earths is not that well known outside urban black America and that is not to say, it has languished in obscurity because that is the furthest thing from the truth. But this group seems to share a high level of popularity amongst many young African American youth in large urban cities like New York City, Newark, Boston, New Haven, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta and it is a hotbed in smaller New Jersey Cities such as Asbury Park and Neptune, etc., and on most of your historical black colleges and universities campuses there exist the Five Percenters. The Five Percenters have been difficult to classify because many of its young members have been known to have street gang affiliations and some view them as a group of lawless thugs and ex-convicts running criminal enterprises—selling drugs, gambling, pimping, running numbers, gang banging, ‘thuging’, etc., disguised as a pseudo Islamic religious organization called the Five Percenters. This writer does not necessarily share in that characterization of the Nation of Gods and Earths, but no doubt like all organization it has internal reactionary forces. (Reference: Michael Muhammad Knight: The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-hop and the Gods of New York).

Mattias Gardell, a Swedish sociologist and theologian who was a visiting professor at Duke University the mid-1990s had this to say about the Nation of Gods and Earths, in his monumental book titled, In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam,  stated: "In June 1969, Father Allah was shot to death by unknown assassins. His Earliest followers, a group of nine called the First Nine Born, carried on the teachings in which a leading role was assumed by justice. In the years to follow, the Five Percenters were feared by the police to be an unruly group of black teenagers renowned for direct actions, such as muggings and bank robberies. In an FBI memo, the Five Percent Nation was said to constitute a 'mysterious armed group of Negro youth' who were 'prepared to die' fighting white supremacy. Eventually, they obtained recognition as a youth organization and municipal authorities paid for their headquarters, 'Allah School Mecca' in Harlem, until 1988. Initially a New York--based youth group, the Five Percenters had a boom in the late 1980s, with its principle missionaries in the hip-hop movement, and can now be found all over the East Coast, parts of the Midwest, and the greater cities on the West Coast. . .the Five Percenters mainly are strong among the urban youth, musicians, artists, teachers and gang members." (Reference: Mattias Gardell; "In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam" pg. 224).

The message of the Nation of Gods and Earths was definitely 'evangelized' by Hip-Hop artists such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Poor Righteous Teacher, Wu Tang Clan, Brand Nubians, Busta Rhymes, Erkyah Badu, NAS, etc. It was these rappers or Hip Hop artists that did more to promote the Five Percenters message far beyond what any cleric could have ever done standing behind a pulpit. They used perhaps the most powerful medium—music to inspire and communicate to black youth—they were teaching with their esoteric, occult and Gnostic rhymes (waling a free thinking philosophy rooted in both humanism and black nationalism) and converting thousands of youth (mainly black and Hispanic) to the Nation of Gods and Earths, as well as appealing to thousand of sympathizers that desired to take up the mantle, which to socially and politically go after those blacks who were made blind, deaf and dumb by the ten (10) percent. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad defined the job, duty and responsibility of the Poor Righteous Teachers (the Five Percenters) which is to redeem those he called the eighty-five (85) percent; in Student Enrollment he asked the question: "Who is the 85%? Answer: "The uncivilized people, poison animal eaters, slaves from mental death and power. People who do not know the living God or their origin in this world and they worship what they know not what; and who are easily led in the wrong direction but hard to lead in the right direction." (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; “Student Enrollment Lessons” for Registered Muslims).

Then the question arises, What is the Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths? This organization has not received the scholarly attention as other social and religious movements in the United States because its history and philosophical teachings being steeped and shrouded in controversy and is irreconcilable historical ties to its parent organization the Nation of Islam (lets be clear there are many philosophical differences between the NGE and the NOI the former has a secular worldview and the latter has an Islamic religious worldview). Perhaps Wakeel Allah's book titled, In The Name of Allah: A History of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters published in 2007, which represents a pulling together of scattered Five Percent lessons and history that has been effectively passed down as part of the organization rich oral tradition. Wakeel Allah is a Five Percenter and therefore his writing stands as being credible and authoritative, as well as representative of the organization's worldview. This book was forty-five years over-do and it gives the organization a legitimate documented history and theoretical reference point. No, one could have perfected the galvanizing of this oral history of the Five Percenter, but a Five Percenter. (Reference: Wakeel Allah; “In The Name of Allah: A History of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters").

The Nation of Islam was founded by Master Wali Fard Muhammad on July 4, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan, but it was Noble Drew Ali of the Moorish Science Temple of America in 1913 in Newark, New Jersey that first introduced the religion of Islam into the African American community whom they both called the Asiatic Black man. This writer will not go into the history of the Nation of Islam, but the readers can refer to this writer’s article on June 1, 2008 titled, The Nation of Islam: A Concise History; A True Account” http://fahimknightsworld.blogspot.com/2008/06/nation-of-islam-concise-history-true.html The Nation of Gods and Earth (the Five Percenters) might-be one of the least known Islamic organizations (this identity is being used loosely and cautiously because many Five Percents do not consider themselves Muslims, they make every attempt to distance themselves from the Nation of Islam) in America. Yet, there are other members of the Nation of Gods and Earths that quasi embraces the Nation of Islam. However, their ideological lexicon is somewhat inextricably tied to the religion of Islam, but mainstream Islam views both, the Nation of Islam and the Nation of Gods and Earths as heretical because its founder Clarence 13X metamorphosed after his defection from the Nation of Islam and revealed himself as Allah, the Father. The teachings of mainstream Orthodox Islam and according to the Holy Qur'an would condemn this idea as setting up partners with Allah (God) and Allah has no associates nor could Allah appear in the person of a man.

This transition that Clarence 13X, Father Allah made was no different than what the Nation of Islam teaches relative to Allah who came in the person Master W. Fard Muhammad. There had been other so-called incarnated prophets such as Father Divine, Daddy Grace, Noble Drew Ali, and Charles T. Russell, etc. The Nation of Islam's organizational founder Master Fard Muhammad prepared many lessons such as the "Student Enrollment," Supreme Mathematic, Actual Facts, etc., in which only registered Muslims had access to these teachings. These "Lessons" were originally given to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as part of his examination by Master Fard Muhammad (where he was taught day and night for three and half years).

In the "Student Enrollment" it asked perhaps the most essential question relative to the Five Percenters ideology: Who is the Original Man?: Answer: The Original Man is the Asiatic Black man, the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth, God of the Universe" So the Five Percents refer to each other as God (and they greet each other by saying "Peace God"). In the "Supreme Mathematics" lesson it stated: "Allah is God. The Supreme Being, Black man who is the original is God, Allah, lord of all the worlds, supreme ruler of the universe which is everything-sun, moon and stars (god is the sun in the solar system, the woman is the moon, and the child is the stars). The best part which shows God's power. God is one. God is life, God is Love, God is intelligence. God is one who possesses the supreme power and force to govern all things in existence. (The Universe which is everything) God is able to do all things."

In Elijah Muhammad's book titled, Message to the Black Man in America, first published 1965; this book consists of thirteen (13) chapters and eight-two (82) subchapters. Moreover, The first thirty (30) pages, deal with the concept of Allah (God) because Muhammad felt that it was essential that the Asiatic Black man and woman—the tribe of Shabazz had to have a clear perspective on who God was and his origin. Muhammad takes us back 76 trillion years ago to the origin of God, at least when he decided to will himself out of total triple darkness. Thus, he teaches us the true reality of God. Muhammad asked the question, "Who is that Mystery God?" or "Is God a Spirit or a Man?" These two questions still have the scholars and layman baffled. (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; “Message to the Black Man in America").

The Nation of Gods and Earth (Five Percenters) derives its name, philosophy and the basis of the organization's theory from certain aspects of the "Student Enrollment" the lesson states: Question: Who are the 5% On This Poor Part of The Earth? "They are the poor righteous teachers who do not believe in the teachings of the 10%.; and are all wise and knows who the living God is and teaches that the living God is the Son of Man; the Supreme Being, the black man of Asia;. and teach freedom, justice and equality to all the human families of the planet earth; Otherwise known: as civilized people, also as Moslems and Moslem sons." (Reference: Elijah Muhammad; “Student Enrollment Lessons” for Registered Muslims).

The Nation of Islam and the Nations of Gods and Earths share commonality and an affinity towards the "Lessons" but the interpretation of the "Lessons" is for the most part, is where the two groups part company (the NGE under Father Allah created a set of catechism lessons known as the 120 degree lessons) . The Nation of Gods and Earths use the "Lessons" more as a secular tool, which to Build a scientific, logical and mathematical philosophical reality and explanation for every thought that governs the universal order of things. The Nation of Islam teaches that Mathematics is Islam and Islam is Mathematic, but the "Lessons" are used and taught to reaffirm the Nation of Islam's theology and justify the two God-like minds in Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad. These "Lessons" must-be recited 100 correctly at the satisfaction of the Department of Supreme Wisdom before you can move on to said lesson number one.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated in "The Theology of Time" lectures that: "After learning Mathematics, which is Islam and Islam is Mathematics, it stands true, you can always prove it at no limit of time. Then you must learn to use it and secure some benefit while you are living, that is luxury, money, good home, friendship, in all walks of life. Sit yourself in heaven at once! That is the greatest desire of your brother and Teachers. Now you must speak the Language, so you can use your mathematical Theology in the proper terms, otherwise you will not be successful, unless you speak well, for she knows all about you." What is the Mathematics for today? The Nation of Gods and Earths must master the 12 Jewels of Islam--knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Love, Peace and Happiness in order build a new civilization. (Reference: Elijah Muhammad—Edited by Abass Rassoull; “The Theology of Time").

The Five Percenters have replaced the Nation of Islam's religious theology with the "Lessons" which is perhaps viewed by them as high science with an empirical frame of reference that can be counted and measured. The Supreme Mathematics, The Supreme Alphabet, The Student Enrollment (1-10)* The Lost Found Muslim Lesson No.1 (1-14)* English Lesson C-1 (1-36)* The Lost Found Muslim Lesson No.2 (1-40)* The Actual Facts* The Solar Facts. The Nation of Gods and Earths are not bind by the Restrictive Laws of Islam and each Five Percenters have free realm to interpreted the "Lessons" and build towards his/her own personal understanding without the restraints of religious organizational dogmas and tenets, but functions more as a culture and a way of life.

There is a new book titled,Nation of Islam Decoded: The Sciences of Mankind seems to at least possess a very interesting title. This writer is very familiar with a lot of the Nation of Islam scholars, but is not familiar with this author Anthony Muhammad and his work. I think the book is 76 pages and I personally do not think one can adequately and substantially decode all those topics that the trailer mentions in such a minimum amount of research space. Although, the Nation of Islam's theology and the "Supreme Wisdom" lessons are very comprehensive and intriguing. This writer wonders, what their perception is as hierarchical leaders within the Nation of Islam relative to a book titled, “Nation of Islam Decoded”.

This writer over the many years has had the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the Nation of Islam top scholars and ministers such as Minister Jabril Muhammad (Perhaps authored one of the most definitive books on the Nation of Islam theology titled, This Is The One: We Need Not Look To Another), Minister Abdul Akbar Muhammad, Minister Abdul Allah Muhammad, Minister Tynetta Muhammad, Dr. Adul Alim Muhammad and many more of the organizations top intelligencer. The Nation of Islam founder Wali Fard Muhammad gave teachings what he described as being "Right and Exact" and his mentor the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would argue that the "Life Giving Teachings" do not need any "decoding". I just do not think you can evaluate and assess all those subjects in seventy six pages; in particular not in an empirical research study that requires heavy citations. However, I must admit it is refreshing to hear and see younger Nation of Islam scholars delving into the research side of Nation of Islam's theology and philosophy.

The Nation of Gods and Earths understand the question given in the Student Enrollment: “What is the duty of a Civilized Person?” Answer: “To teach the uncivilized people who are savage, civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself; the science of everything in life, love, peace and happiness." However, many of these young Gods and Earths do find an affinity towards Minister Louis Farrakhan and the present day Nation of Islam. The Nation of Gods and Earths' Hip-Hop artists do sample Farrakhan's speeches on their albums and they identify with his willingness to speak truth to power and respect his ability to speak 'science'. There are very few black leaders in America that command the respect of the Nation of Gods and Earths—Farrakhan is one.

The late Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, former national spokesman of Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam was loved and endeared by the Five Percenters; Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad commanded the attention, honor and respect of the Nation of Gods and Earths unlike any Nation of Islam spokesperson before or since. He spoke their language and understood their culture and Dr. Khallid Muhammad subsequently recruited many of them to the Nation of Islam and when he was suspended from the Nation of Islam in 1994, he took many of them over to the New Black Panther Party. Dr. Muhammad understood the complexity of ten (10) percent that is spoken of in the "Supreme Wisdom Lessons" that entity that has a stranglehold on all of humanity. This was really the part of the theological equation that got Dr. Muhammad ostracized and ridiculed; was his open exposure of the Zionist (the 10%), very few desire to tackle this sector because of the inordinate amount of power and influence they have over humanity.

Question: who is the 10%?—Answer: “The rich, the slave makers of the poor; who teach the poor lies to believe that the almighty true and living God; is a spook and can not be seen with the physical eye. Otherwise known as the bloodsucker of the poor." Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad had inspired rap artists like Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Paris, X-Niggas, Professor Griff, Prince Hakim, etc. Here is Dr. Muhammad exposing that 10%, “Meaning whatever they did, they did it for themselves first and they used us so that we could clear a path for themselves. Let us go on. In the words of Kaufman, "The Jewish struggle for equality and fair treatment was linked to the struggles of Blacks for greater opportunity". It was not a struggle of Equals Jonathan Kaufman, the White Jew says. "Jews did not consider their plight equal to that of Blacks, but they recognized in the Black struggle for Rights an elements that could benefit them and condition with which they could sympathize; accordingly, several rich and powerful Jews among them prominent leaders of the U.S. Zionist Movement co-founded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The NAACP founded in 1909, got its first African-American Chairperson in 1975." It was in 1975, before you had a Black Chairperson of the NAACP and it was founded in 1909. Did you hear me? After the death of Chairman Kevi Kaplan, a Boston Jew. The NAACP's highest honor, the Spingarn Medal, is named after one of its earliest Jewish leaders ----- Joel Spingarn. "Jewish influence in African­-American affairs climaxed in the Civil Rights Era of the 1950's and 1960's." When according to Jonathan Kaufman, the White Jew in Broken Alliance, "three quarters of the funding raise." How much? "Three quarter of the funding raised by the three major Civil Rights Organizations: The student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Congress for Racial Equal­ity (CORE) and Martin Luther King, Jr. (SCLC) Southern Christian Leadership Conference, came from Jewish sources. (Reference: Khallid Abdul Muhammad: “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews”: The Kean College Speech—Union, New Jersey).

Jewish influence in the movement was personalized and per­sonified by Stanley Levisohn, one of King's {Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,} two closest advisors, the other being Andrew Young. Levisohn drafted King's speeches, handled his finances and served as his chief strate­gist. This coalition of un-equals came under stress, severe stress after the mid 1960's when Black Power came to town empha­sizing Self-Reliance and African-American control over their organizations. Much of this comes to us from Blacks and Jews News and Dr. Tony Martin has done much of this research for us. But we are drawing here from Mr. Jonathan Kaufman of Broken Alliance. Brothers and sisters, "these African-American assertions of independence didn't sit well with Jews, who had grown accustomed to over lordship of the Civil Rights Movement. Not to mention great influence in the economic life of the African-American Community. While pockets of Jewish Liberalism remained, the dominant Jewish posture was now characterized by the demise of benevolent paternalism and its replacement by aggressor hostility to continuing African-American progress. The new policy brought some impressive Jewish victories as Jews leveraged off of their great influence with the United States Polity to thwart the rising ambitions of Black folk. In 1968, Jews defeated the efforts of Blacks in America in Brooklyn, New York to control the education of their own [Black folk] children in the Ocean Hill n Brownsville Affair. In 1977, the major Jewish Organizations included themselves as 'friends of the court" in the BAKKE case to defeat Affirmative Action programs for Black people, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and Native-Ameri­cans. (Reference: Khallid Abdul Muhammad: “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”: The Kean College Speech—Union, New Jersey).

This writer in the mid-1990s purchased a book titled, "The Problem Book" that was authored by Dr. Malachi Z. York, formerly known as As-Sayyid Al-Imaam Isa Al-Haadi Al Mahd former leader of the Nubian Islaamic Hebrews (better known as the Ansaaru Allah Community). Imam Isa took his followers and organization through many philosophical and ideological transitions and eventually renamed his followers Nuwaubians and set-up his headquarters in the little small town of Edenton, Georgia. He is presently serving over 120 years in Federal Prison. Dr. York's book to me appeared to be a good effort of pulling together this rich oral tradition of scattered Five Percent lessons that were often being passed down as hand written dictations and notations. But most Nation of Gods and Earths committed the lessons known as the 120 to sheer memory and could recite them verbatim with unimaginable accuracy. This writer believes that the Five Percenters attacked Dr. York and in response to their attacks Dr. York compiled and edited all the Five Percenter's teachings in his book titled, "The Problem Book" which to exposed the Five Percenters.

This is what Dr. York stated, "The Basis for Myself, Dr. Malachi Z. York, Putting Together This Book Is Quite Simple. With My Experiences From The 70's On With Those Who Call Themselves The 5% Nation And Whatever Branches They've Broken Off To Now. I've Seen One Thing That Stayed The Same. The Leadership Or Elders Control Most Of The Lessons, Photostats, Mistypes, Misprints And Distribute Them In Small Portions To Its Members. I use To see This On The Streets. Why Is It They Won't Put All The Lessons Together In One Book? Very Few 5% Have Any Lessons. Most 5% Were Exposed To The Teachings In The Prisons. None Taking The Time To Sit Down and Collect All The Lessons And Plus Lessons And Put Them In Book Form So That Each Member Can Study and Decipher For Themselves". (Reference: Malachi Z. York; "The Problem Book").

York further stated, "By Putting This Book Out, In No Way Do I Want To Give The Impression That I Consider Everything In It To Be Factual And True. No, I Put This Book Out That The Young Would Get A Fair Chance At Studying It As Well As Putting It In Hard Cover Gives It A Chance To Get In The Hands Of Many Others Who Would Not Attend Ciphers Or Parliaments Or Dare To Come Down Into Harlem, To Visit Mecca. This Way The Book Can Last Forever And Be On The Shelves Of Schools, Libraries, And In Personal Homes As A Reference To A Group Of Young Black And Latino Americans Who Have Been Influenced By Islamism And Another One Of Its Many Sects." (Reference: Malachi Z.York; "The Problem Book").

This writer as CEO of the KEEPING It REAL THINK Tank has been building with a young brother in Durham, North Carolina off and on for about three years by the name of Hakem Allah and another young brother by the of name Kwadjo Bediako, both have helped me to understand the Nation of Gods and Earths just a little better. They have talked openly with me about the Nation of Gods and Earths philosophy and ideology; although we do not agree on everything and I am quite sure some of what I have written, they might not agree with, but they would have to accept the fact that this is my perspective and my build. These two Gods are not responsible for any of my intellectual shortcomings or perceived inaccuracies. This writer also gathered a lot of knowledge from a writer who is probably a Nation of Islam member named AKIL who authored, "From Niggas to Gods"; Vol 1 and Vol 2, but the writer's style is indicative of the Five Percenters common sense, but mathematical reasoning.

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at fahimknight@yahoo.com.

Fahim A. Knight-EL

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