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Dan Brown's New Masonic Book Solomon Key


by:Fahim A. Knight

Dan Brown came to national prominence based on his book titled, “The Da Vinci Code” in which he decodes the symbolism associated with the man known as Jesus the Christ to the western world, but better known in the East as Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus the Son of Joseph). The authenticity of Jesus divinity and the misconceptions associated with his earthly existence has been shrouded in secrecy for over 2000 years; in particular how the European Bishops at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. set up Christianity and mystified the man called Jesus. We have known for a very long time that Jesus was of human extraction and he was married and had children. (Reference: “The Hiram Key” by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas and “Turning Hiram Key” by Robert Lomas)

Dan Brown’s so-called novel “The Da Vinci Code” only further exposed the erroneous belief that Jesus divinity and celestial persona was all concocted by Constantine and the Roman Catholic Church. The Priory of Sion is a Masonic styled organization and for generations has held the secret that Jesus bloodline was passed down through Mary Magdalene (Perhaps only a Masonic organization could conceal a secret like this for 2000 years) and Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci's masterful piece the last supper depiction of Jesus and his disciples actually shows a woman and some scholars of the Holy Grail maintained that Jesus was intimately involved and married to the biblical Mary Magdalene. “The Da Vince Code” was full of Masonic enigmas and brainteasers. (Reference: “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown)

Dan Brown strikes me to be an intellectual genius, and yet simultaneously an intellectual coward. This writer believes that he chooses to classify his “non-fiction” works as “fiction” and better yet as novels in order to elude and shirk scholarly requisites associated with nonfiction work as it pertains to meeting the higher standards of evidentiary proof and documentation verification. Moreover, by exposing some of the hidden inner secrets that have been tucked away by the Vatican, Christendom, Freemasonry, etc. Brown’s esoteric revelations (hidden truths) is portrayed by the Hidden Hand as one having a colorful imagination, and in the same breathe dismisses his findings as mere conspiracy theories and the discussion of truth possibilities are strategically relegated to unempirical speculation and the ignorant masses remain confound because they find more credibility in the arch deceivers spin rooms.

The rulers of this world have always been operating off a higher knowledge base, which is covertly communicated and displayed in codes, symbolisms, metaphors, cryptogram, secret language, etc. There is without a doubt that the Founding Fathers of the United States were ignited by the knowledge of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and York Rite Freemasonry in the form of Speculative (philosophical) Freemasonry (although that wisdom and knowledge never exceeded 33rd Degrees) that arrived to Europe from Kemet (Egypt). These so-called enlighten men by embracing Freemasonry delved deeper into the esoteric, occult, metaphysical sciences, etc., which externally transformed itself into mastering the seven liberal arts or sciences that under girds the philosophical foundation of Freemasonry—Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy (the number seven is a Masonic number and in numerology it is interpreted to meaning completion).

Kemet (Egypt) introduced to the world a higher form of creative and intellectual civilization. For example, the building of the Great Pyramid sits on 13 acres of land and in the center of the earth, it took two million five hundred thousands stones to construct the pyramid. Moreover, each stone weighed two and one half tons and the stones were dug from a quarry 800 miles away (some even believe that stones were transported by sound). The scholar Erich Van Danikens in his book titled, “The Chariots of the Gods” maintained that space aliens descended from outer space and they were the ones responsible for constructing these spiritual temples. The ORIGINAL MAN WAS THE FIRST MASTER BUILDER and the secret of the temple still remains a mystery today and the majesty of its architecture is unduplicated.(Reference: “Freemasonry: Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny” by Mustafa El-Amin).

Freemasonry espouses these sciences as building blocks to creating the macrocosm and microcosm universe that exist within and without the human being and the Founding Fathers embraced Freemasonry and stood as the so-called enlighten ones stimulated to lead the uninitiated (those that wallop in “darkness”). The Founding Fathers actually discovered the greatest hidden secret of all times, which is MAN IS GOD AND GOD IS MAN and the Egyptian Mystery Systems taught this reality and on the Temple walls in Kemet (Egypt) the Metu Neter (hieroglyphics) read “MAN KNOW THAT SELF” and next to that understanding, is to know that The SECRET TO FREEMASONRY, IS THERE IS NO SECRET, BECAUSE ALL THAT IS UNDER THE SUN HAS BEEN REVEALED. (Reference: “Stolen Legacy” by George G.M. James).

Freemasonry also teaches the importance of mastering the five sciences of architecture—Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite (viewed in Operative Masonry and worked in Speculative Masonry) these lessons are imparted on the second degree—Fellowcraft level. There is without a doubt that Greece and Rome were fed by Kemet (Egypt) and George G.M. James in his monumental book titled, “Stolen Legacy” thoroughly documents this history. (Reference: “The Lodge and the Craft” by Rollin C. Blackmer).

If Dan Brown truly wants know or solve the mystery to the United States Capital and its Masonic influence, which there is overwhelm evidence that leads to Kemet (Egypt) and the answers to this conundrum can be found right there, in which Freemasonry borrowed over 90 % of it present day ciphers, secret codes, rituals, etc. And the layout of the US Capitol is a miniature duplicate of landmarks found in Kemet (Egypt) before Alexander raided the libraries in Kemet (Egypt) in 332 B.C—Ramsees, Akhenaton, Imhotep, etc., had built a marvelous civilization that even when Count Volney arrived in the late 1700s he was amazed at the Majesty of Sphinx. (Reference: “African Origins of Freemasonry” by Zachary P. Gremillion).

Some scholars argue that the British settlers in 17th Century had been introduced to Freemasonry in England and on the European side, Freemasonry sought of formalized itself in around 1717 and the United Grand Lodge of England was established. Thus, the Masonic influence in the United States was here as early as the 1770 and some scholars maintain that the Boston Tea Party was initiated and instigated by Freemasons which eventually led to the American Revolution (1776). This act of economic and social rebellion aimed at the tyranny of Great Britain set the stage for Freemasons to exert political influence in America for many years to come. There is also a belief that the Illuminati under Adam Weishaupt had co-opted American Freemasonry and some believe a more sinister agenda evolved and the Founding Fathers were under the political influence of this Bavarian secret society. (Reference: “The Meaning of Masonry” by W.L. Wilmshurst).

This writer loves the gamut of literature and has a deep sense of appreciation for fictional writer’s creative, artistic, and imaginable talents to turn words into thought provoking novels, scenes, plots, settings—genre and literary exploring without boundaries or intellectual restraints, fictional writing in one sense is freedom—consisting of no confined limitations or boundaries . Webster’s Dictionary defines the word novel as, “a fictional prose work with a relatively long and often complex plot, usually divided into chapters, in which the story traditionally develops through the thoughts and actions of its characters” And define the word fiction as being “something that is untrue and has been made up to deceive people.”

Dan Brown has the autonomy of writing as a novelist and taking on serious scholarly topics that are ordinarily associated with history, religion and social science, but by classifying his works as fiction; he is not obligatory to meet the scholarly guidelines and requirements of those that write pure history. However, he has strategically given himself room for creative maneuvering which also allows him to hide behind the word “fiction” and more importantly permits him to circumvent the scientific approach to research and stringent required citations constraints, as well as meeting all scholarly objectivity prescribed by the history profession.

Historians and social scientists understand the concept of objectivity and most historians look to peer review in order gather some assessment and general knowledge about how their work is being received by the scholarly experts; because as Historians it is important to know what others think of your work and scholarship, within the historical profession. Those who write and submit scholarly papers and those who author manuscripts are all subject to peer review (positive and negative feedback)

These works like “Da Vinci Code” and “Solomon Key” by mere fictional definition do not have to meet the evaluation, quantitative and empirical academic guidelines ordinarily applied to certain type non-fictional research. But scholars like Dan Brown want it both ways, by writing aspects of legitimate and pure history which is comparative to any historian’s works, but without the benefit of historical critical analysis and review. He’s fully aware by deciding on declaring his works fiction and he doesn’t have to face off with the historians head on and defend the contentions of his theses from the basis of history.

The so-called historians then dismisses the likes of Brown as journalist (arrogantly referring to them as non-historians) with an attempt to diminish their scholarly credibility and in a sense demean them for daring to take on history half-heartily and producing “unscientific” work that is quasi-historical in intent and demeanor. Thus, he just proclaims “fiction” and all academic scrutiny dissipate in midair and he is not obligated to defend his intellectual discourse because he can just hide behind the title fiction. By definition novels do not have to be consistent with the discipline of history in accuracy or truth, as far as, meeting the standards of objectivity that is associated with developing pure empirical historical research that is void of emotionalism. Moreover, having a focus of allowing the data be the guide of the research and the determining factor of how the facts play out and this alone will determine, how the of study of events, persons and dates will be interpreted, documented and recorded as our written testimony.
Dan Brown’s new book that is projected to be in print sometime in December 2008 is titled, “Solomon Key” which he is going to illustrate the Masonic influence; in particular on the Washington, D.C. and the Capitol in general. Many Freemasonry scholars have dealt with this subject on a grand scale. The architecture and the layout of the United States Capitol were physically laid out by Masons.

Allen E. Roberts in his book titled, “The Craft and Its Symbols: Opening the Door to Masonic Symbolism” he reproduces a picture for Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Company it stated, “Shown above (the actual photo depicted in the book) is President George Washington, in full Masonic regalia and surrounded by brother Master Masons, laying the cornerstone of the United States Capitol Building on September 18, 1793. It is believed that during these ceremonies he used the square and level to lay the stone according to traditional Masonic rites. This cornerstone laying is one of the most important events in the history of Masonry in the United States.” (Reference: “The Craft and Its Symbols: Opening the Door to Masonic Symbolism” by Allen Roberts).

The majority of the so-called founding fathers of these United States were Freemasons. For example, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the Capitol were designed based on construction style and philosophical outlook indigenousness to the East. There appeared a recent article on internet titled, “US Author to Unveil Washington's Masonic Past” authored by Virginie Montet.

The article gives the readers somewhat a prelude to Brown’s book as stated above titled, “Solomon’s Key” stated, “The first US president after whom the city is named, George Washington, was a Mason, as were his fellow founding fathers James Madison and Benjamin Franklin, plus James Hoban, the architect of the White House. The broad steps, stone sphinxes and colonnades of a Masonic temple dominate a corner of 16th Street near the city center -- one of a number of Masonic lodges in the capital -- and just a stone's throw from the White House. Elias cites theories that the city's streets themselves are laid out in the shape of secret Masonic signs. "It may be a coincidence, but there are indications that are difficult to ignore," he said. Establishing the nation's capital, George Washington is said to have demanded that it be laid out in a symbolic square. "It's fascinating. If you take an aerial view of Washington, you cannot but see the perfect square and the compass which are the universal symbols of Freemasonry ... meaning rectitude and equality," he said. "Was it on purpose? I don't know, but I think it's difficult to ignore those mysterious aspects," he added. "It adds another level of mystery to the city of Washington." The shape of a square and compass is also formed by drawing a line on the map between two of the city's major landmarks, the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, and along the walls of the White House and the Jefferson Memorial.” (Reference: “US Author to Unveil Washington's Masonic Past” by Virginie Montet).

Brown set out to prove that the Capitol from its monuments, architecture style, and the position of certain streets are tied to Masonic occult and esoteric ideology. He was very successful with his book titled, “The Da Vinci Code” and in fact the book ranks number 14 in the history of best sellers all time list. Brown’s book eventually made its way to the big screen and he made a sizable amount of money for that non-fictional novel. But the curator and archivist Mark Talbert for the George Washington Memorial Museum in Alexandra stated that he was anxious about Brown’s new Masonic novel. I have had email contact with Talbert back in the summer in reference to his 5000 Masonic book collection. He stated, “"I'm nervous about it because I don't think he does very good research," Talbert said of Brown and his new book.”But fiction writers are fiction writers.”

Anthony Browder in his book titled, “Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization” he stated, “There are a number of cities and monuments in the United States that were influenced by Nile Valley architecture and symbolism. Probably one of the most easily recognizable symbols can be found in the nation’s capital, Washington, D. C. Of all the monuments that could have been built to honor George Washington, one has to wonder why and obelisk was selected. It is not a structure indigenous to the United States, nor does it represent the cultures of France, Germany, Britain or any other European nation. The obelisk’s relationship to Egypt, Egypt’s relationship to Masonry and Masonry’s relationship to George Washington and the Founding Fathers provides the only logical reason for the selection of the obelisk as a fitting memorial to George Washington.”

Browder goes on to state, “The Washington Monument was completed on December 6, 1888. On that day, a Masonic ceremony was performed to formally dedicate the memorial to George Washington. This structure is 555 feet 5/8 inches and is the tallest obelisk in the world. Current architectural restrictions in the District of Columbia forbid the construction of any building taller than 13 stories. The unique height regulation has been in effect since 1894, when objection was made to the height of the newly completed Cairo apartments and hotel in Northwest Washington.” (Reference: “Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization” by Anthony Browder).
The Capitol City is geographical set-up on the points of the square and compass and we are taught in Masonic History that King Solomon’s so-called Temple had different gates—East, West, South, and North gates. The three conspirators who murdered Grand Master Hiram Abiff tried to bury his body in different parts of the Temple and it was King Solomon who sent trackers out in the four directions to seek and find those responsible for kidnapping Hiram Abiff and disrupting the unfinished work left on the trestle board.

King Solomon was eventually informed that Hiram Abiff was found murdered and buried in a shallow grave. BUT IT WOULD BE KING SOLOMON WHO APPLIED THREE GRIPS AND ON THE THIRD GRIP, HIRAM ABIFF WAS RAISED FROM A DEAD LEVEL. Dan Brown choosing to title his book “Solomon Key” was perhaps based on the essentiality of King Solomon and his KEY role in the modern evolution of Freemasonry and lastly KING SOLOMON gave the Masons the “substitute password” which so-called revived the Craft. There is a lot of allegory in this legend. (Reference: “Who was Hiram Abiff” by JSM Ward).

Ed Decker who authored the book titled, “The Dark Side of Freemasonry” stated, “I discovered in Washington, D.C. that the streets around the White House were laid out by a Masonic Architect, and they are laid out in the form of the Goat of Mendes and compass and square of Freemasonry. The Capitol building and its streets actually form the Goat of Mendes, and the square and compass of Freemasonry intersect the Washington Monument right in dead line with it. The left leg of the Masonic compass sits on top of the White House, and the right leg sits on the Jefferson Memorial.” (Reference: “The Dark Side of Freemasonry” by Ed Decker).
Brown’s proposed new novel “Solomon Key” in order to make a serious impact will have to delve deeper than re-exposing the Masonic Architecture layout of the Capitol because this is erstwhile revelation. For example, why did the so-called Founding Fathers thought it necessary to construct the seat of the United States Government in relationship to Masonic Code? What can we ascertain from these Freemasonic edifices as far as, ideological and philosophical intent of the Founding Fathers?

Browder Stated, “In 1790, a permanent site was chosen for the capital of the new nation. One hundred square miles of rural land from Maryland and Virginia banks of the Potomac River were ceded for the creation of the new Federal City. George Washington was responsible for determining that the new city would be diamond shaped (ten miles on each side) and tipped so as to include as much of the port city of Alexandria as possible. The square shape of the city and the horizontal, vertical, perpendicular, and diagonal streets, along with its many circles, represent just a portion of the Masonic symbolism which went into its creation.”

The Declaration of Independence was inspired by Masonic Free thinkers and the jurisprudence system as well. Paul Foster Case authored the pamphlet titled, “The Great Seal of the United States” stated, “Seven signers of the Declaration of Independence are known to have been Freemasons.Probably there were more, but in those days lodge records were not so carefully kept as now, and research by competent Masonic Scholars has failed to produce adequate evidence to support the claim, sometime advanced, that a majority of the Continental Congress of 1776 were members of the Craft. Yet we know that the great leaders of the Revolution, civil and military, were Freemasons, and many were as prominent in the fraternity as they were in the affairs of the new nation.”

This perhaps got by a lot of people; moreover, at the swearing in of the 109TH United States Congress, Congressman Keith Ellison, Democrat from Minnesota who is Muslim and of the Islamic faith became a lighten rod for controversy. Congressman Ellison desired to be sworn in on the Islamic Holy Book which is the Holy Quran rather than the Christian Holy Bible. The neo-conservatives, Rightwing Christian Evangelist and the Israeli Lobby used media propaganda (electronic and print) to persuade the American people to view Congressman Ellison requested to be sworn-into public office on the Holy Quran as being sinister. He was immediately nabbed as being un-American and it created a false sense of patriotism and the question of First Amendment Rights along with debates relative to the separation of Church and State arose.

It was Congressman Virgil Goode out of 5th Congressional District of Virginia who was leading this charge against Congressman-Elect Ellison and openly condemning the religion of Islam for the problems we are experiencing in the United States. Congressman Goode showed very little religious tolerance for Islam and Ellison, in fact the majority of the Congressman Goode’s remarks were steeped in bigotry, ignorance and misconceptions. Goode’s position was the epitome of political hypocrisy because the majority of his Congressional constituents were Masons and was very familiar with the Holy Quran and they themselves had taken Masonic oaths on the Holy Quran at their Mystic Shrine Temples and the book sits on the alter as part of the GREAT LIGHT.

Also, Congressman Ellison in a sense was no better than his critics; they questioned him on his affiliation with the Nation of Islam as headed by Minister Louis Farrakhan which this writer believes that at some point he was affiliated with the Nation of Islam, but assured his enemies that he was never a part of Farrakhan’s organization. However, this writer thinks he lied about his involvement with Nation of Islam who the Zionist has characterized as an anti-Semitic organization; in order to appease the Zionist Jews who were hot on his political trail he categorically denied any relations to the Nation of Islam.

The majority of yesterday and today’s politicians were/are Freemasons and many of them are HIGH DEGREE MASONS which at the 32nd Degree styled as the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret and the 33RD Degree styled Sovereign Grand Inspector-General and on the York Rite side the Knights Templar Degree can petition membership into the Mystic Shrine which is based entirely upon Islamic principles and theology. This writer is not going to go to far into this, but the readers can Blog Search an article this author wrote a few months back titled, “Freemasonry (Moslem Sons) and Islam: What do they Share?”

These politicians that condemned Congressman Ellison because he desired to take his private oath ceremony on the Holy Quran, but they were playing political games with the American people and saying what was politically expedient. The politicians understood that the majority of the American citizens had been duped by the 9-11 hoax and the radical Muslim Cleric Osama Bin Laden, along with Islam had been made a scapegoat for a criminal act they did not commit. Therefore, the political castigating of the Muslim Congressman Ellison was playing to fears of the ignorant American masses.

The majority of the United States politicians are very familiar with the Muslim’s Holy Book, the Holy Quran because they themselves had taking HIGH DEGREE MASONIC OATHS ON THE QURAN IN THEIR MASONIC LODGES AND SHRINE TEMPLES. We have had about 20 or so American presidents that have been Masons and as many vice presidents; either this is mere coincidental or these power symbols have found something compatible with the teachings of Freemasonry that compliments their quest for power and ruler ship over the uninitiated.
Masons may meet on the SQUARE AND DEPART UPON THE LEVEL and whatever those pristine lessons that encourages MORALITY, FRIENSHIP AND BROTHERLY LOVE, it has sparked so-called enlighten men to build and formulate the United States Capitol in messianic symbolism. The book, “Solomon Key” will not unlock the intent of these great hidden mysteries because behind the mysteries are DYNASTIC FAMILIES with real names and they have pulled the purse strings on all world events. This writer is quite sure that Dan Brown even writing as a novelist will be required to shield the names and identities of some of the faceless powerful players. The Bible in Luke 11 & 9 stated, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall opened”. POWER CONCEDS NOTHING WITHOUT A DEMAND. (Reference: “The Committee of 300” by John Coleman).

Tynetta Muhammad stated, “In the layout of the basic scheme of buildings and landmarks in the central part of the Capital, we can draw lines on a map connecting the Lincoln Memorial on the West to the Washington Monument in the center to the US Capitol Building on the East. This would represent the base line of a pyramid. If we were to draw a line East from the US Capitol Building to the White House, which is North of the Washington Monument, we would have drawn the Northeast side of the pyramid. Drawing a line from the Lincoln Memorial going North, again towards the White House, we would access the Northwest side of the pyramid. The position of the Jefferson Memorial in alignment with this pyramidal shape envisioned above would symbolize the position of the Sphinx acting as a guardian over the secret wisdom of all ages.”

Brown has chosen to title his book “Solomon Key” either he is going to go after the legend that King Solomon’s Temple was totally destroyed and rebuilt in Jerusalem (And The US Capitol is perhaps representative of King Solomon’s Temple). The present day Muslims and Jews are fighting over ownership of this sacred Temple that is coded in the Knights Templar Red House lessons , which is the steeped in the Masonic right to exist. It is all correlated to this un-collaborated illusion, legend and allegory that serve as the cement that has held this fraternal order together for centuries. Who will give the world THE REAL WORD (TRUTH)? (Reference: “Freemasonry Interpreted” by Martin L. Wagner).

Lastly, since the Dan Brown’s book “Solomon Key” has yet to be published and in one sense, it is totally unfair to render a critique of a book that you have yet to read, but the publicist has given the public some idea of what Brown is attempting to uncover. But the readers should know that it’s perhaps common knowledge that the United States Capitol was laid out by Freemasons and the gamut of Masonic influence runs deep in the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch of our government. Thus, everywhere you turn there is Masonic influence at the highest level.

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,

Fahim A. Knight

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