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Dr. Molefi Asante quoted in reference to a recent attack against him on October 22, 2007 by one of his colleagues. He stated “Many people are responding to this crazy situation from all over the world and I cannot keep up with the great spirit of the people.”

This writer purchased a book titled, "NOT OUT OF AFRICA", authored by Mary Leftkowitz thus, prior to me purchasing this book, this writer had heard about some of the controversy, which was centered on this book. This writer as an African living in America has a great deal of respect and appreciation for the African Centered movement and its scholars, but before this writer rendered an opinion or critique of this book, "NOT OUT OF AFRICA" it was only intelligent that he read the book objectively in order to examine the credibility of the scholarship.

In assessing the "Foreword" and "Introduction" section of the book, it was clear that this research was aimed at being critical of the African Centered movement in which critical analysis is not all together a negative thing and I would be the first to agree that all leaders, organizations, movements, scholarship, etc., should be subject to critical evaluation and intellectual assessment.

There are many Africans in America that do not fully embrace, agree nor accept all the intellectual contentions espoused by the African Centered Movement. But a large segment of the Africans in America do respect the African Centered scholars' efforts to rescue African history from white definition and interpretation.

Thus, this book, "NOT OUT OF AFRICA" seeks to discredit African Centered scholarship as being emotional and lacking the scientific and empirical methodology required under the guidelines for those such as historians and social scientist who write scholarly studies.
This writer received an email message on November 25, 2007 and it stated in part that “Molefi Kete Asante is the Professor of the African Studies Department at Temple University in Philadelphia in the USA. It is alleged that he was racially abused by the newly appointed Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Ms Teresa Scott Soufas. Sources informed Black Britain that the incident took place during a meeting with other staff members last month on October 22”.

“At this meeting Ms Soufas allegedly yelled at Professor Asante, pointed her finger at him and attempted to malign, terrorize and demonize him [and] made false and slanderous claims against him. The call for worldwide protests is being led by Black Nation, in Germany, an African-led organization that focuses on issues affecting the global African Diaspora.”

“A spokesperson told Black Britain that the attack on Professor Asante was all the more unfair and unacceptable since Brother Asante's achievements, figure and name have contributed to the national and international reputation and fame of Temple University in general and the African American Studies Department of Temple in particular in a unique way.”

This allege attack by Ms Teresa Scott Soufas, Dean of The College of Liberal Arts against Dr. Molefi Asante is indicative of white intellectualism using every weapon in their arsenal to punish and censor African scholars for having the audacity to rescue African history from the gamut of lies, fabrication, racism, half-truths, etc., and restore black people to their traditional and cultural greatest. This latest episode and attack against one of the premier African Centered thinkers and intellectuals in the United States and the World, is a backlash to Mary Leftkowitz academic assault on the entire African Centered Movement and its scholars back in the late 1990’s.

The email goes on to state, “Professor Asante has inspired African-Centered scholars around the globe for decades. He received his doctorate from UCLA at the tender age of 26 and is the pioneer of the doctoral program in African American studies {Temple University}. His African Centered perspective has offered an alternative academic approach to the Eurocentric ideologies that continue to provide limited learning opportunities within the field of higher education. Black Nation told Black Britain that it is demanding an unreserved and official apology to Professor Asante by Ms Soufas. It stated that such attack on Molefe Kete Asante, one of our most conscious, bold and uncompromising intellectuals, role-models, leaders and heroes is an attack against us all”.

Lefkowitz accuses the African Centered movement of being politically motivated, as opposed to being treated as an intellectual school of thought whose mission is research; she never clarified what she meant by describing the African Centered movement as being politically motivated. However, this writer is of the opinion, that all scholarship and social ideals in America are somewhat politically inspired. Why make the African Centered scholars appear as of committing an unpardonable sin?

Lefkowitz perhaps was challenging black people's right to self-determination of ideals and we had no right to develop independent thoughts without white scholars' approval.

This book gave the impression of perhaps having a Zionist Jewish agenda, no different than the Anti Defamation League (ADL) or the Simon Wiesenthal Center type propaganda. This writer considered, "NOT OUT OF AFRICA" as being reactionary scholarship with a political objective of discrediting the contributions black people made on the stage of human history.

In the "Foreword and "Introduction" Lefkowitz is attempting to incite university officials and administrators, as well as politicians to think about formulating policy and is covertly challenging the concept of academic freedom, which is granted to professors, scholars and academicians that have met the stringent requirements to be designated as a tenure professor.

This proposed new policy will allow universities and colleges the latitude to structure professors contracts, specifically tenure professors by granting the university the power and authority to terminate and rescind a tenure and non-tenure professor's contract, if he/she expresses theories and/or academic concepts deemed to be controversial or goes against the popular view.
The professors' tenure status and academic freedom clauses no longer will able to protect the employment status of a professor that goes against the status quo. These reactionary theories were aimed at destroying the First Amendment Right and controlling disagreeable speech, as well as the concept of Academic Freedom.

But what led Zionist controlled University officials and politicians to this desperate measure was a speech delivered by Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad of the Nation of Islam on November 29, 1993, on the campus of Kean College in New Jersey, titled, "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews". Whites and Zionist Jews denounced and repudiated Muhammad's controversial speech as being racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, etc., they felt Muhammad's speech on the college campus had gone to far and the Zionist denounce the Kean College officials for allowing this radical spokesperson on the campus. Although, the university environment is supposed to be a place where ideals are shared and debated and has never been a place comfortable with censorship. The United States Congress even drew up a resolution censoring and repudiating Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.

Lefkowitz cited Dr. Leonard Jeffries Empire State College speech as being academic irresponsible in 1991, but she did not mention her Jewish colleague Michael Levin who is also along with Dr. Jefferies on the faculty of City College and/or condemn him (Levin) for his racist and anti-black perspectives. This writer assumes in her mind, she found Dr. Levin's views acceptable and they met the requirements suitable for an academic environment.

In Lefkowitz conclusion it is clear that she desires to curtail and control outside controversial speakers from having access to young fashionable and impressionable black minds on college campuses. But more importantly these evildoers did not want public and private monies coming in the form of honorariums to black academics, scholars, black leadership, spokesperson, etc., to be used in financing organizations and movements, which the ADL and their white puppets establishment do not approve.

This is the larger argument and debate when it comes to black scholars such as: Cheik Anta Diop, George G.M. James, Khallid Abdul Muhammad, John Henrik Clarke, Yosef Ben Jochannon, Molefi Kete Asante, etc., who represent the African Centered persuasion. Whites historically have always shown fear of black people through out history that dared to define themselves.

White scholars have been collectively irresponsible and it is my belief that Zionist scholars and/or their white counterpart can't morally offer black students scholarly or intellectual direction. We can detect from this book that Zionist Jews and blacks are at war for the hearts and minds of black people; moreover, this dissertation, "NOT OUT OF AFRICA", is an open declaration of war in the arena of ideals.

Lefkowitz attacked the training and schooling of African Centered scholars, which to bring into question their academic credentials and dismiss them as being pseudo historians and researchers not worthy to be taken serious as scholars.

She claim to be concern about anti-Semitism and racism in all forms, but Lefkowitz did not mention Charles Murray's book (author of the "Bell Curve") as also deserving condemnation. Her mentality is the same of Jensen, Shockley, Bakke, etc., these racist scholars claimed to offered scientific data as proof that blacks are intellectual inferior to Europeans. Also, U.B. Phillips, a post slavery racist historian held the same contention that Africans contributed nothing towards human civilization.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked the question, "who is the original man"; ANSWER, "the Asiatic black man, the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth God of the universe." Lefkowitz is attempting to limit the black man's history to about five to ten thousand years. The black man's history has no beginning or ending, we can go back 78 trillion years ago and our documentation for this claim is written in the stars.

European history only goes back 6,000 years, thus the white man and the Zionist Jew are infants on the planet. How can Greece and Rome logically speaking compare to their fathers and mothers of civilization? Her arguments are emotional and subjective, possessing half-truths, distortions, outright lies and propaganda.

I view her as a Zionist Jew, whose making a last ditch scholarly effort to rescue a dying white supremacy society. She has forgotten for century’s western society propelled it-self on false superior premises, which led to the oppressing of darker skinned people physically, psychologically, and intellectually around the world.

And in the 21st Century ex-slaves are intellectually challenging a system of white supremacy and her writings serve as evidence that the former slave master’s children are dismayed that the ex-slaves have uncovered and rediscovered the knowledge of self.

Her research did not include European scholars such as Gerald Massey who authored the monumental book titled," Ancient Egypt the Light of the World"; He maintained that African contribution, specifically Kemet (Egypt) fed the entire world with its enlightenment. African Centered scholars were only quoting and documenting what European scholars had discovered a long time ago and the bases of their philosophy rest on these documented truths.

Lefkowitz deceitfully rearranges ethnic assignments; moreover, if a fact of history favored black people, she would determine that the said contributions must be attributed to Semites, but she was actually pointed to the Khazars and the Ashkenazi Jew, which is the European imposter Jew (The so-called Semites are Arabs, Jews, Africans and other people of color). But to be scholarly truthfully the term Semitic is defined as a body of Mediterranean languages and has nothing to do with race, but her designation was geared towards discrediting Africans of their place in history by disguising significant contributions under the code name "Semites".

Those who are Biblical scholars and students of the Bible know that Prophet Noah so-called had three sons Shem (Semite lineage, the so-called Jews), Ham (Hamities, the so-called African lineage) and Japheth (Japhites, the so-called Caucasian lineage). Noah was of African descent, so what does that tell you about the above race classifications?

Lefkowitz refers to Egypt as being geographically part of the Near East, but to my last viewing of the world's map, it was clear to me that Egypt sits on the continent of Africa, which is north east Africa and in reality, there is no place on the map called the "Near East" and only the man made Suez Canal separates Africa from the so-called Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.
Her knowledge of Freemasonry, its history, philosophy, mission, ritual, etc., were treated very poorly and left the readers with a confused and vague understanding of this complex fraternal order. The Ancient Arabic Order Imperial Council Nobles of the Mystic Shrine was incorporated on June 6, 1876.

If she would have thoroughly done her homework, she would have found as indicated in the Masonic (Shriners) name stated above, which is associated with higher degree Masonry; specifically those that have acquired the 32nd and 33rd degrees put more philosophical emphasis on Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, etc., as opposed to Egypt.

The Muslim (the religion of Islam) and/or Islamic Holy Kaaba shrine is somewhat revered on this (high degree Masonic) initiation level much more than Egypt. The High degree Masonry known as Shriners claim to have originated in 644 A.D. along side Prophet Muhammad's son-in-law Ali Ibn Talib, the so-called founder of Shia Islam. So the Egyptian Stolen legacy concept was not indigenous to true Masonic teachings.

Every High Degree Mason's (shriners) goal is to pay respect to Allah, the God of the Muslims by making the holy Pilgrimage to Mecca and like the Muslims circumambulate the Kaaba in ritualistic form (I will at some point Post the relationship between Islam and High Degree Masonry) . George G.M. James was not influenced by Masons because most African Centered scholars would not accept Mecca because of its Arabic and Islamic cultures, which may be perceived as being alien to the African Centered audience, but Ancient Egyptians of antiquity are perceived as being black.

Most African Centered scholars and scholars in general, view Egypt as pre-dating Mecca in valor and civilization. I said all of that to say this; Egyptian Mystery Schools were not patterned after Masonic initiation rites as Lefkowitz maintained, but all of Africa operated off a system of MAAT (JUSTICE, MORALITY, BALANCE, RECPROCITY, etc.) that stems from greater universal laws.

It has been European aggression and their inhumanity to man that fostered a George G.M. James or a Molefi Asante into existence. She fail to understand that African Centered thought is an answer to white intellectual racism that has always described Africa as the "Dark Continent" and black historians through out history have always rose to challenge this type white supremacy ideology.

We are historical and present day victims but "NOT OUT OF AFRICA" portrays us, our scholars and black people in general, as the criminals just because we dare say that Africa is the cradle of world civilization.

This writer is ashamed of big white America; a nation built on 310 years of black injustice and has the nerve to be crying unfair play in the university classrooms. We remember Professor Lefkowitz just a few years ago denouncing, attacking and repudiating Dr. Tony Martin who served on the faculty with her at Wellesley College because he used the book titled, "The Secret Relationship Between Jews and Blacks" written by the Nation of Islam's Historical Research department in his classroom discussions.

"NOT OUT OF AFRICA" in my opinion, is part of a neo Zionist onslaught aimed at destroying truths in the name of censoring free speech and controlling scholarship. She could have kept this venom to herself because black people do not need white scholars and Zionist Jews speaking and defining history for us. African Centered scholars and movement have no ulterior motives or political agenda other than rescuing our history from the lies and distortions giving to us by white America.

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at fahimknight@yahoo.com.

Fahim A. Knight

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WOW! Deep! keep writing! Some of us are seekers of the truth such as yourself! I am a Communication Studies Grad student with an emphasis on intercultural comm. I am studying Dr. Asante. More Power to you for speaking your mind!